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Wilson Family

History of the surname Wilson. This distinguished surname, having more than seventy Coats of Arms, and with as many notable entries in the “Dictionary of National Biography” is of early medieval English origin although recorded throughout the British Isles. It is a patronymic form of the male given name Will, itself a diminutive of William. Introduced into England by William, Duke of Normandy, and known to history as “The Conqueror” , William soon became the most popular given name in England. The Norman form and that borne by the Conqueror, was “Willelm”, a spelling adopted from the Frankish Empire of the 8th century. The name is a compound which originally consisted of the elements “wil”, meaning desire, and “helm”, a helmet which offered protection. Early examples of the surname recording in England include: Robertus Willelmi in the Domesday Book of 1086, whilst in 1341 Robert Wilson was recorded at Kirkstall, Yorkshire, the patronymic form of the name having emerged some seventeen years earlier (as below). One of the earliest emigrant to the New World was John Wilson, recorded on a register of “those living in Virginia on February 18th 1623”. One of the most illustrious bearers of the name was Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, general and governor of Gibraltar, who in 1801 received the rank of baron of the Holy Roman Empire. *The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Willeson. This was dated 1324, in records of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire. This was during the reign of King Edward 11nd of England, 1307 – 1327. © Copyright: Name Orgin Research 1980 – 2010.

The following details are of the Wilson families who lived in and around Grewelthorpe.Please contact the site if you can add to this page.

Last update Nov. 2020.
The grave of Thomas Wilson. of Hackfall House Grewelthorpe who died 26.9.1874 age 80 [Born 1794]. This memorial is in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

ANN WILSON. Buried 17.3.1724 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William of Grewelthorpe.
ANN WILSON. Born 1757 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
ANNIE E. WILSON. Born C.1876 Kirkby Malzeard. Niece of Sophia & James living with them in 1881 in K.Malzeard.
ANNIE WILSON. Born C. 1888 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Jane Calvert.
CAROLINE WILSON. Born 1864 Snape. Married Abraham Eden in 1885 in Grewelthorpe. 4 children. Caroline was a widow in 1901.
CATHARYN WILSON [Nee Dick]. Married Charles W. Wilson in 1955.
CHARLES WILSON. Born C. 1872 Dallowgill. Died 1931. Married to Hannah Watson. of Kirkby Malzeard in 1900. In 1901 he was a Printer’s Engineer’s clerk in Otley.
CHARLES THOMAS WILSON. Born C. 1873 Snape. Son of George [shoemaker] & Mary. Married in C1898 to Sarah Jane Knox of Northumberland. in 1911 they had 8 children. Living The Grange, Grewelthorpe.
CHARLES WILSON. Born C. 1889. Son of Richard [Gamekeeper]& Eliza. Living Ilton 1891.
CHARLES JACKSON WILSON. Born C.1896 Masham. Died 1932. Son of James & Sarah Jackson. Lived at The Grange, Grewelthorpe. Charles Jackson Wilson served during WW1 and was awarded the Military Medal & Distinguished Conduct Medal.
CHARLES LAMBERT WILSON. Born C 1901 Grewelthorpe. Son of Charles Thomas & Sarah Jane of The Grange, Grewelthorpe.
CHRISTIANA WILSON. Born 1748 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
CLARA WILSON. Born C. 1879 Kirkby Malzeard. Niece of Sophia & James. Living with them in 1881 K.Malzeard.
CYRUS WILSON. Born C1859 Masham. Son of Thomas the carter & Ellen.
DORA WILSON. Born C.1900 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles Thomas & Sarah Jane. of The Grange Grewelthorpe.
ELIZABETH WILSON. Buried 15.11.1728. Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe.
ELIZABETH WILSON. Born 1743 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
ELIZABETH WILSON. Born C. 1831. Dau of Thomas & Hannah Hudson. Married ? Walker.
EMILY WILSON. Born 20 Oct. 1858. Living west end Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.
ESTHER WILSON [Nee Craggs]. Born 16.4.1748 Healey. Died 2.2.1831 Masham. Married George on 13.4.1773.
ESTHER WILSON. Born 1750 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
ESTHER WILSON. Born 19.5.1800 Masham. Dau of George & Elizabeth Fenwick. Married Robert Steward. on 19.6.1819.
ESTHER WILSON. Born C.1841.Masham. Dau of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
EVA WILSON. Born C. 1896 Ringbeck. Dau of Thomas & Jane Calvert.
FRANCES WILSON [nee Kay]. Born 1717. Died 26.4.1797. Married George of Masham on 26.11.1740.
FRANCES WILSON. Born 1745 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
FRANK WILSON. Born C.1885 Grewelthorpe. A cattleman on a farm in Dishforth in 1901.
FRANK WILSON Born C1892 Masham. Son of Richard [Gamekeeper] & Eliza. Living The Mount Ilton in 1901.
GEORGE WILSON. Born 1715 Masham. Married Frances Kaye. of High Burton, Masham on 26.11.1740.
GEORGE WILSON. Born 31.5.1745 Masham. Died 31.1.1818 Masham. Son of George & Frances Kay. Married Esther Craggs.[1748 -1831] of Healey.
GEORGE WILSON. Born 22.5.1774 Masham. Son of George & Esther Craggs. Married Elizabeth Fenwick. of Low Ellington, on 8.9.1777.
GEORGE WILSON. born C. 1829 Boroughbridge. Married Mary of Snape [b.1830] Lived at The Grange Grewelthorpe. George was a shoemaker.
GEORGE WILSON. Born C. 1849 Masham. Son of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
GEORGE WILSON. Born C. 1862 Snape. Son of George [shoemaker] & Mary. servant in 1881.
GEORGE WILSON. married [1] Elizabeth Haw. They had 5 children. After Elizabeth’s death George married [2] MARY LAMBERT. They lived in Grewelthorpe.
GEORGE M. WILSON. Born 10 March 1911. A police constable. PC 261. North Riding Constabulary. Married to Barbara [born 1911]. Living Police House Church St. Bedale in 1939.
HANNAH WILSON. Dau of William Wilson of Bishopside near Pateley Bridge. In 1862 she was charged with the attempted murder of a male child she had given birth to. She had hidden the baby in a water closet at Glasshouses Mill. The child was saved. She was sent for trial at York Assizes. [Ref Yorkshire Gazette May 1862.] The verdict against her was for concealing a birth, because the baby had survived.
HANNAH WILSON. Born C. 1878 Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Charles of Dallowgill. Living Otley 1901.
HANNAH WILSON. Born C. 1891 Ringbeck. Dau of Thomas & Jane Calvert. Living Ringbeck in 1901.
HERBERT WILSON. Born C.1879 Redcar. Son of Thomas & Jane Calvert. Living Grewelthorpe 1881.
ISABELLA WILSON. Born C 1910 Grewelthorpe. dau. of Charles Thomas & Sarah Jane of The Grange, Grewelthorpe. Married James Verity. son of John Verity. of Kirkby Malzeard. in June 1938. After marriage lived in Kettlesing.
JAMES WILSON. Son of James, a Pensioner in the Royal Sappers & Miners. James lived Campsall he was also a Private in the Royal S&M. Married on 21.6.1853 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Ann Umpleby. dau of Thomas, Innkeeper at Laverton.
JAMES WILSON. Born C. 1851 Masham. Son of Thomas the Lic. Victualler. of Bruce Arms, Masham. and husband of Sarah Jackson. of Grewelthorpe [Married 11.10.1888] A Retired book keeper in 1891. In 1901 He was Inn keeper in Masham.
JAMES WILSON. Born C.1856 Kirkby Malzeard. Widower in 1881. Living with sister Sophia in K.Malzeard.
JAMES WILSON. Born C1861 Masham. Son of Thomas the carter & Ellen.
JANE WILSON [nee CALVERT]. Born C1851 Thornton Watlass. Wife of Thomas of Richmond.
JANE ANNIE WILSON. Born C1865 Laverton. Dau. of Edwin [Schoolmaster in Laverton]. Married Hiram Watson. in 1894.
JANE DAWSON WILSON. Born C.1877 Redcar. Dau of Thomas & Jane Calvert. Living Grewelthorpe 1881. Married on 10.1.1903 at Kirkby Malzeard to Bertie Henry Hobson. from Ainderby Steeple. Son of Robert Hobson. Witness Thomas Wilson.
JOHN WILSON. Bap 1654 K.Malzeard. Son of John & Margret of Mickley.
JOHN WILSON. Born C 1820 Masham. A Tailor. Son of William & Nancy.
JOHN WILSON. Born C.1834. Son of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
JOHN WILSON. Born C.1881 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Jane Calvert. Living Grewelthorpe 1881.
LAMBERT WILSON. Born C. 1871 Snape. Son of George [shoemaker] & Mary.
MARGARET WILSON. Born C.1847. Dau of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
MARGARET ANN WILSON. Born C. 1870 Ripley. Dau of Thomas of Kirkby Malzeard. Dom.Servant in Ripley 1891.
MARTHA WILSON. Born C. 1836. Dau of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
MARY WILSON. Married on 16.9.1710 at Kirkby Malzeard to Christopher Adamson. of Mickley.
MARY WILSON. Born 1741. Died 1743 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
MARY WILSON. Born 1753 Masham. Dau of George & Frances Kay.
MARY WILSON. Dau of William a stonecutter from Hartwith. Married John Walshaw. a Corn Miller from Hartwith son of Thomas also a corn miller. Marriage at Kirkby Malzeard church on 4.2.1850. [Ref. K.Mal.Par Reg.]
MARY WILSON. Born C.1859. Dau of James a Corporal in the Royal Engineers. Married on 10.5.1882 at Kirkby Malzeard church to John Reginald Goodwin. a Draper from Hulme. [b.1860] son of George Goodwin. a Jeweller.

MARY WILSON [Nee ?]. 1890 a Glass & China dealer in Masham. Ref. Bulmer’s 1890 Directory.
MARY ELIZABETH WILSON. Born C.1890 Seacroft. Dau of James [the Grocer] & Sarah A. [nee?] of Grewelthorpe.
MARY ELEANOR WILSON. Born C. 1898 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles Thomas & Sarah Jane. of The Grange, Grewelthorpe.
NANCY WILSON [Nee?] Born C1790 Idle. Wife of William the woolcomber.
NANCY WILSON. Born C 1855 Masham. Dau of Thomas the carter & Ellen.
REBECCA WILSON. Born C.1839 Masham. Dau of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
RICHARD WILSON. Born C1816 Masham. Masons Lab. Married to Susan of Calverley.
RICHARD WILSON. Born C.1832. Son of Thomas & Hannah Hudson.
RICHARD WILSON. Born C. 1862. Gamekeeper in Ilton 1891. Married to Eliza from Well. Living Mount Cottage, Ilton 1891.
RICHARD WILSON. Butcher in Masham, Silver Street 1890. -Ref. Bulmers Directory.
RICHARD LAWRENCE WILSON. Born C1897. In 1910 he was a messenger boy in Masham. Height 5ft 6”.. Light brown hair. Blue eyes with pale eyelashes. Fresh complexion. Scar above his knee. Enlisted 1914 for 2nd Bt. Dorsetshire Regt. Private. No.9058. Son of Richard Wilson [Gamekeeper]of Snaith. & Eliza. He travelled to Bombay & Mesopotamia. He was slightly wounded in 1914. Then hospitalised with colitis in 1915.
He had their permission to enlist age 17yrs. In 1917 he was wounded, posted as missing & presumed dead in 1918.
RUTH WILSON. Born C 1853 Masham. Dau of Thomas the carter & Ellen.

SARAH WILSON [nee JACKSON]. Born C.1845 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Mary Jackson. of Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of James the Inn keeper.
SARAH A.WILSON [nee ?]. Born C.1866 Grewelthorpe. Married James Wilson. [b.1858] a Grocer lived Seacroft in 1891.
SARAH JANE WILSON {nee ?}. Born 10 Aug, 1868, Walker Northumberland. Married in C1898 to Charles Thomas of The Grange, Grewelthorpe. A widow in 1939.
SARAH ELLEN WILSON. Born C1880 Masham. Adopted by Sergant & Mary Grainger. a Tailor in Ripon. She married John Thomas Wright. of Thirsk in 1906. They had 2 children in 1911. John & Olive.
SOPHIA WILSON. Born C. 1855 Kirkby Malzeard. Unmarried dressmaker in 1881 Kirkby Malzeard. with brother James and 2 nieces.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C 1795 Studley Roger. In 1871 he was living unmarried, in Hackfall House, Grewelthorpe. He was the gatekeeper & Overlook of Hackfall grounds.
REV. THOMAS CHARLES WILSON B.A. Of Kirkby Malzeard married Emma Hinscliffe. of Leeds [dau of Thomas] 0n 3rd September 1840. Ref. Hull Packet.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C1806 Masham. Brewers Lab. Married to Ann of Rawdon.
THOMAS WILSON. Born 1811 Masham. Married [1] Elizabeth. Married [2] June 1864 to Harriet Teale Widower in 1891. Licensed Victualler at Bruce Arms, Masham. [Ref. Trevor Kitchen] April 2018.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C.1810 Masham. Married on 27.7.1828. Hannah Hudson. [b.1808] of Bradford.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C 1823 Masham. Woolcomber. Son of William & Nancy.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C.1825 Kirkby Malzeard. Gen. Laborer in Ripley in 1891. with 2 children Margaret & William.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C1832 Masham. Carter. Married to Ellen.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C.1839 Richmond. Farmer. Married to Jane Calvert. of Thornton Watlass. Living Grewelthorpe 1881.
THOMAS WILSON. Born C. 1844. Masham. Son of Thomas & Hannah Hudson. Married Ellen Pape. of Dewsbury on 19.9.1868.
THOMAS WILSON. In 1890 Bulmers Directory. Town Crier for Masham. Also a Flour dealer.
THOMAS WILSON. Landlord of the Bruce Arms, Masham in 1890. Ref. Bulmers Directory.
THOMAS WILSON. Landlord of the Old Oak Inn, Low Laithe near Pateley Bridge, in 1900. On 23 June 1900 he was assaulted by Fred Wilson of Glasshouses & Bertram Storey of Pateley Bridge. [Ref. York Herald July 1900]
THOMAS E.WILSON. Born C.1890 Masham. Son of James [Book keeper] & Sarah Jackson.
WILLIAM WILSON Of Grewelthorpe In 1738 he was publicly whipped for stealing yarns and materials to the value of 20/- from William Collier. At Wakefield quarter sessions He pleaded not guilty but was found guilty,
sentenced to whipping and commited until he could find sureties for 1 year.

WILLIAM WILSON. Born C1793 Leyburn. Woolcomber & Sexton. Married to Nancy of Idle. Living Millgate Masham 1851.

WILLIAM WILSON. Born C. 1873 Ripley. Son of Thomas. A Groom at Ripley in 1891.
WILLIAM WILSON. Born C. 1875 Masham. Son of Thomas & Jane Calvert. Living Grewelthorpe 1881.
WILLIAM WILSON. Born 3 Feb 1875. Lived Burton on Ure Masham. Joined metropolitan police in 1900. Retired in 1925. Unmarried retired police constable living Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.
WILLIAM WILSON. Born 24 Sept 1902., Grewelthorpe.Son of Charles Thomas & Sarah Jane of The Grange, Grewelthorpe. Married to Gertrude [born 1905]. Brother of Isabella. Gave her away at her wedding in 1938.see newspaper report following.

Newspaper report dated 12 April 1968. Grewelthorpe couple hoping for US holiday.Mr & Mrs William Wilson whose farm at The Grange, Grewelthorpe with 42 acres, 31 head of Friesians, farm implements and poultry appliances was offered for sale on Wednesday by Basil Johnston of Boroughbridge, hope to set out on June 6th for their 1st holiday in 30 years. It depends however on the report of a doctor after a medical check up on Mrs Wilson. They have been at The Grange since 1942 and they hope on June 6th to be on their way for a 9 week holiday to see their family in Long Island & Detroit USA. At 65, Mr Wilson reckons it is time he retired. “It’s been a 12 hour day 7 days a week.” he said. After the holiday he intends to return to the farmhouse. He has retained 2 acres just to keep himself busy.The Wilson family has a long association with the area. Mr Wilson’s Grandfather lived at Snape, and his Father moved the few miles to Grewelthorpe. Now Mr Wilson’s son and his family also have a house in the village. Also dwellers in Grewelthorpe until their move to the USA in the 1920’s were Mr Wilson’s 2 sisters and his brother. They have paid odd visits to this country over the years, and one sister even bought a house in Harrogate for her retirement before packing up and leaving again because she didn’t like the climate. Mr Wilson has always wanted to see his relatives in their homes and promised when he retired he would do so. “Now they’re keeping me to my word” he said.

The Grange. Grewelthorpe.