West Riding House of Correction

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Wayside Cross

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Wayside Cross

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Churchmen in Grewelthorpe

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ARP wardens and other volunteers.

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1939 Register for Grewelthorpe.

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Grewelthorpe Inclosure Award

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Major William Thomas Buxey.

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Hidden bottle in Church

Improvements to the church reveal a hidden bottle in 1880. .. read more..

Grewelthorpe Ghost stories

Ghost stories from Grewelthorpe. .. read more..

War Memorial

War Memorial

Two people from Grewelthorpe were killed in action during the two World Wars. Their details, war grave information and links to information about their service is detailed in this article… .. read more..

The Canadian Emigrant

The Yorkshire Gazette printed the following account in January 1852, received from an unknown emigrant to Canada. .. read more..

French War Escape Hero lived in Grewelthorpe.

A French artist called Roger Murrell who escaped from France at the beginning of the war lived in the Hackfall Inn Grewelthorpe in 1952. .. read more..

A Racehorse called Grewelthorpe

Mr C.H. Jolliffe had a racehorse called Grewelthorpe by Hackthorpe & Antidote. It came 5th in the village nursery handicap at Leicester at the Autumn meeting 1888. .. read more..

Fingerfield farm Grewelthorpe

In 1822 Directory. Gentleman of Fingerfield was George Horner. George Horner senior was buried on 30 May 1821 aged 89. In his will, made 1817, he left to his son George his messuages, lands and tenements in Grewelthorpe, with 3 closes called Horner Close and 10 acres at Mickley. .. read more..

Electoral Registers Grewelthorpe

Data from the 1835, 1848 Poll books, 1906 and Electoral Registers .. read more..

Robbery in Grewelthorpe 1849

A daring robbery was committed at the house of Mrs Blackburn, grocer of Grewelthorpe on Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning. .. read more..

Brewers & Innkeepers of Masham and surrounding area

Research on ‘brewing’ in Masham and came across Henry Lofthus (Lofthouse) who I had identified as a brewer. Henry was listed many times in connection with various inns where he provided surety to a number of innkeepers .. read more..

WW2 Bombers crash in area

Halifax Bomber Crash At Galphay. When Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) airman arrived in England they were sent to training units, which in this case was 1664 Heavy Conversion Unit at Dishforth, where they are formed into crews and trained on the Handley Page Halifax. .. read more..

William George Leathley

Two local residents have visited The Thiepval Memorial to pay their respects to William George Leathley who was a casualty of the first day of the battle of the Somme. .. read more..

Edgar Chapman

Edgar Chapman has been recognised for a simple act repeated each year until his death in 1952. He simply helped to keep the Leeds Pals memorial in good order. .. read more..

Houses in 1911

Some of the houses in Grewelthorpe as shown on the 1911 census. .. read more..

Grewelthorpe 1911

In 1911 there were 111 inhabited houses and 6 uninhabited houses . There were 8 buildings which were not dwellings. e.g. The Church, Chapel, School, reading room. 2 Butcher’s shops and Fruit shop & outbuildings. .. read more..


There have been a number of directories over the years which list trades people living and working in Grewelthorpe. .. read more..

Boxing Match

The match was to be between Jem Belcher, the English Champion and Joe Berks and lead to the Riot Act being read in Grewelthorpe. .. read more..

Workhouse Inmates

Workhouse inmates born in Grewelthorpe and nearby villages. Recorded on various census returns. .. read more..

War Time in Grewelthorpe

War Time in Grewelthorpe

World War 2 Village life. Researching in the local newspapers before and during the second World War we can see how the war affected village life. .. read more..

Calverley Diary

Extracts from Frederick Clarkson Calverley’s diary written in the late Victorian period. These extracts have been provided by Carolyn Waters and have been selected as they contain references to Hackfall and Mickley. .. read more..

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion

This is an attempt to produce some form of history for the Grewelthorpe branch of the Royal British Legion. . .. read more..

Time Line

We are lucky to have a wealth of early historical information on Grewelthorpe and Bramley Grange due in part to the involvement of Fountains Abbey. Here is a time line of major events in the village’s history. .. read more..

School History Part 1.

Grewelthorpe National school started in 1876. .. read more..

School History. Part 2.

School History. Part 2.

Details of Teachers and Employees of Grewelthorpe School from 1876. .. read more..

School History. Part 3.

School History. Part 3.

Corporal Punishment in school .. read more..

School History Part 4.

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Grewelthorpe Women at work

The census returns show work available for women in Grewelthorpe. .. read more..

Beggars Bush Farm

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Grewelthorpe Reading Room

Grewelthorpe Reading Room

Grewelthorpe had a reading room and games room situated in an old cottage near Crosshills. .. read more..

Evacuees. World War 2.

For a small village like Grewelthorpe a lot of children were evacuated to the village in World War 2. .. read more..

Census Statistics

Grewelthorpe Census records provide us with many statistics. .. read more..

Old School &, Village Photos

Memories of Grewelthorpe school. .. read more..

Wills. 1600 - 1860

In the name of God, Amen, I Christopher Jaques of Fingafield House in the township of Grewelthorpe & County of Yorkshire, yeoman, being very old and weeke of body, but of perfict mind and memory, .. read more..

Roll of Honour WW2

Men & Women of Grewelthorpe School & Parish who served in Her Majesty’s forces in WWII .. read more..

Roll of Honour WW1

Inside St. James’s Church, Grewelthorpe there is a framed document called “The Scrap of Paper” It is a Roll of Honour of men who have answered their country’s call in defence of a Scrap of Paper. .. read more..


Grewelthorpe residents have never been slow to organise a party when the nation has been celebrating some great event like a royal wedding or coronation, or marking the end of a conflict. .. read more..

Bramley Grange

From the Domesday Book: \r\nIn Brameleia 2 curacates (about 120 acres) of land to the geld (tax). There is land for one plough. .. read more..

Water for Grewelthorpe

Up to the late 1890’s Grewelthorpe people had to rely on natural springs for their drinking water. .. read more..


Records show that Grewelthorpe had a small Methodist Society of 11 members in 1795 which came into being as a result of the visits by John Wesley to this locality. .. read more..

Civil War Hoard

A hoard of coins dating up to 1644 was found at Ellershaw farm near Grewelthorpe in 1991. The hoard consisted of 302 silver coins including groats, six pences, shillings and half crowns. .. read more..

Grewelthorpe Pond

Grewelthorpe Pond

This postcard of the village pond is believed to be from the early 1900s. If you have accurate information on the date please let us know using the form below. .. read more..