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Neave William Thomas

Information is needed about WILLIAM THOMAS NEAVE. He was born in Grewelthorpe [Azerley] in 1884.

His parents were GEORGE & MARGARET NEAVE. and they lived for a time at Cow Mires, Azerley with Margaret’s Father Thomas Hammond.In 1911 the family were living in Ripon. George [age 54], a farmer, was from Lincolnshire and Margaret Hammond [age 51] was from Killinghall. William Thomas was 27 [assist. farmer] and there were 3 sisters Anne aged 28,[dressmaker] Mary aged 16 [Milliner’s shop assistant] and Elsie aged 14. George & Margaret had had 8 children. 1 had died before 1911. They were married in 1882.

During the First World War, William was a Private in the Machine Gun Corps, Infantry division, and he was killed in France on 24th March 1918. He enlisted in Ripon.

The Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association are asking for further information so that he can be commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Any one with further information is asked to contact us.