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Wells Family

Wells family crest.

Details of the Wells family from the Grewelthorpe area.Information taken from Census and Parish records and newspapers.
Last update May 2020.
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ANN WELLS. Bap 10.7.1753 Azerley. Dau of Richard.
ANN WELLS. Bap. 18.8.1754 Azerley Lane House. Dau of Richard.
ANN WELLS. Bap. 7.7.1799 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William.
ANN WELLS. Born C. 1826 Nosterfield. Visitor to the Coldbeck household in Grewelthorpe in 1851.
BEATRICE WELLS. 1841 – Was a house servant to Sarah Wellburn of Kirkby Malzeard. Miss Wellburn had a seminary for the education of young ladies. Beatrice was summoned for assaulting her mistress. She was fined 10s. [Ref. Yorks. Gazette Oct 1841.]
BRIAN WELLS. Born 1935. Son of Stanley & Hilary. In Ripon 1939.
CATHERINE WELLS. Bap. 3.5.1751 Azerley. Dau of Richard.
CHARLES WELLS. Born 1758 Markington. Died 1823 Nosterfield. Son of George & Ann. Married Mary Watson. of Nosterfield on 14.10.1780.
CHARLES WELLS. Born C. 1856 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Jane Benson. In 1871 he was an apprentice carpenter in Wath. In 1891 he was living in Leeds with his wife Mary Eleanor Hodgson. and 7 children. He was a Joiner & Undertaker. Died 6.7.1932.
CHRISTOPHER WELLS. Died 22.3.1657 Cowmires, Galphay. Son of Ffrancis.
CHRISTOPHER WELLS. Born C. 1795. Lived Melmerby. Died 31.7.1862 in Ripon workhouse. Son of William & Frances.
CHRISTOPHER WELLS. Born 1869 Melmerby. Died 1941 Dalton. Son of Richard & Esther Kendall. Married in 1896 to Elizabeth Taylor. of Baldersby.
ELIZABETH WELLS. Born C1761. Buried 4.3.1849 Grewelthorpe aged 88.
FLORENCE MARY WELLS. Bap. 7.9.1873. Grewelthorpe dau of Thomas & Mary Ann.
FRANCIS WELLS. Living in Galphay in 1609. Son of Thomas & Ellen.
GEORGE WELLS. Born C. 1714 Missise Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1781 Markington. Son of William of Winksley. Married C 1739 to Ann.
GEORGE WELLS. On 28.3.1749 Married Mary Hanley. both of Grewelthorpe parish.
GEORGE WELLS. Born 8 Dec. 1871. Married to Amelia [born 1869]. He was a sexton. Living North Rd. Ripon in 1939.
GEORGE RAYMOND WELLS. Born 1901 Rainton. Son of John Wm. Kendall Wells & Lydia.
HANNAH WELLS. Born C. 1835 Nosterfield. Visitor to the Coldbeck household in Grewelthorpe in 1851.
HENRY WELLS. Born 1841. Buried 14.1.1847 Kirkby Malzeard. age 6.
IRVIN WELLS. Born 1896 Mickley. Died 1991. Son of William & Amy Eleanor Graham.
JAMES WELLS. Born C. 1838. Buried 9.10.1838 Dallowgill aged 9 months.
JANE WELLS [Nee Kendray]. Born C. 1819. Grewelthorpe. Buried 10.11.1852 Grewelthorpe. M.I. Dau of Thomas & Margery Kendray. Married to Thomas Wells.
JANE WELLS. Born C 1835 Masham. Living Grewelthorpe in 1861.
JOHN WELLS. Buried 11.11.1809 Grewelthorpe. Son of William.
JOHN WILLIAM KENDALL WELLS. Born 1864 Melmerby. Died 1943 Thirsk. Son of Richard & Esther Kendall. Married Lydia [born 1863]. in 1897.
JOHN WILFRED WELLS. Born 1899. Rainton. Son of John Wm. Kendall Wells & Lydia.
MARGERY DE WELLS. Born 1350 North Elmsall. Died 26.5.1422 Masham. Dau of John [4th Lord] Welles & Maud de Ros. Married Stephen le Scrope. on 15.12.1376.
MARY WELLS. Born C. 1749 Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Mary Hanley.
MARY WELLS. Buried 31.10.1842 Kirkby Malzeard. Infant.
MARY WELLS. Bap. 5.11.1852 Grewelthorpe. Buried 20.3.1853. Dau of Thomas & Jane Kendray.
MARY JANE WELLS. Bap. 2.9.1885 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles & Jane of Durham.
MITCHELL WELLS. Born 1792 Wath. Died 1873 Galphay. Son of William & Frances. Married in 1814 to Barbara Peacock. of Kirkby Malzeard.
REGINALD WELLS. Born C. 1898 Mickley. Died 1990. Son of William & Amy Eleanor Graham. of Mickley.
RICHARD WELLS. Born 1826 Masham. Died 1890. Son of William & Elizabeth Harker. Married in 1852 to Esther Kendall of Masham.
ROBERT WELLS. Born 1576. Died 1644 Galphay. Son of Thomas & Ellen. Married to Dorothie.
STANLEY BERESFORD WELLS. Born 1902 Rainton. Died 4 March 1976. Son of John William Kendall Wells. & Lydia.
STANLEY WELLS. Born 20 Dec 1907. Married to Hilary[born 1903]. Living Ripon 1939.
STEPHEN WELLS. 1782 Grewelthorpe Inclosure Award. He had land [2roods & 24 perches] at Low Moor, Nutwith.
THOMAS WELLS. Born C.1539. Died 1597 Galphay. Tenant farmer married to Ellen.
THOMAS WELLS. Born C1783 North Lees. Died 1859 Nosterfield. Son of Charles & Mary Watson. Married Ann Dorothy of Ripon in C1807.
THOMAS WELLS. Bap. 1.7.1804 Grewelthorpe. Buried 22.10.1809. Son of William.
THOMAS WELLS. Born C.1816 Nosterfield. Died 25.5.1885 Tanfield. Son of Thomas & Ann Dorothy of Ripon. Ag Lab. Married to [1] Jane Kendray. from Masham. on 7.11.1850. Married [2] Jane Benson. in 1854.

Grave of Thomas Wells in West Tanfield churchyard.

THOMAS KENDRAY WELLS. Born C. 1850 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Jane Kendray. In 1871 he was a lodger in Linthorpe with other lads from Grewelthorpe. He was a Joiner.
TRISTRAM WELLS. Died Dec. 1676 Galphay. Son of Ffrancis. See note at end re. Masham Peculiar Court judgement.
WILLIAM WELLES. Bap 1654 Kirkby Malzeard Son of William & Anne of Galphay. [Ref Par Reg].
WILLIAM WELLS. Born C1678 Winksley.
WILLIAM WELLS. Buried 13.8.1728 Grewelthorpe. Lived Azerley.
WILLIAM WELLS. Bap.9.9.1755 Azerley. Son of Richard.
WILLIAM WELLS. Born C. 1769 Died 1825. Will proved Masham Peculiar court on 15.3.1826.
WILLIAM WELLS. Bap. 30.7.1797 Grewelthorpe. Son of William.Will proved in Masham Peculiar court.
WILLIAM WELLS. Born C. 1769 Died 1825. 15.3.1826 . Married to Elizabeth.
WILLIAM WELLS. Born C1801. Died C1858? Ripon. Married to Elizabeth Harker. of Constable Burton. married in 1823 in Masham.
WILLIAM WELLS. Buried 5.12.1809 Grewelthorpe. Son of William.
WILLIAM WELLS. Born C. 1813 Masham. Living in Bilton, Harrogate in 1891. Widower. Grandfather of James & Annie Wetherhead.
WILLIAM WELLS. Born C. 1821 West Tanfield. Died 1892. Son of Thomas & Ann Dorothy. Married in 1846 to Nancy Waterhouse.
WILLIAM WELLS. Born Mar 1863 Kirklington. Died 4.2.1925 Lincs. Son of William & Nancy Waterhouse. Married to Amy Eleanor Graham.

Excerpt from the Will of Alice Chapman of Wathermarske.
1634 CHAPMAN Alice of Wadermarske, widow (Wells legatees) 1 December…. Item I give to my three daughters Jennet Rainsforth Anne Wells and Elizabeth Hawe all my beddinge and Close with wollinge and lininge with hemp and lyne Item I give to Anne Wells my daughter an Almerie which is in my sonne Johns house… … Item I give all my sheep to my grandchildren and John Elliner children equally to be divyded amongst them…

8th May 1665. Masham Peculiar Court hearing in Masham…….office of the judge against Thomas Wells. of Grewelthorpe, Tristram Wells of Gaughey [Galphay] & Edward Monncton. of Dallowgill for working on St. James’s Day. Thomas & Tristram confessed and were discharged with a warning.