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Tomlin family

Details of the Tomlin family living in the Grewelthorpe area. Latest update Jan 2021.
Information taken from census records etc.

See also details of the Tomlin family on the page dedicated to Jane Blackburn on this site.

Thanks to Alison White for information about the Tomlin family.

ALFRED TOMLIN. Born C1867 Grewelthorpe. Died 18 June 1925. Son of Mark [Tailor] & Frances. Became a Tailor. In 1911 he was living with his uncle Samuel. Married Ada Simpson. in 1922.
ANN TOMLIN. Born C 1836 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Mariah.
ANN TOMLIN Buried 12 April 1842 K.Malzeard.
ANNE MARIA TOMLIN. Born 12.March 1865. Manchester. Dau Robert & Jane Ann Hammond. Grand dau of William Hammond. [Ref 1871 census] Married Robert Henry Taylor in 1888 in Chorlton Manchester.
3 children Annie Jane Taylor b.C1889. Rose Tomlin Taylor b.C1892. Margaret Tomlin Taylor b.C1898 Grewelthorpe. [Thanks to Alison White for this information].
ARTHUR TOMLIN. Born C 1867 Grewelthorpe. Died 21 April 1928 Lancashire. Son of Mark [Tailor] & Frances. a Carpenter Apprentice in 1881. Married to Margaret Francis in 1892. Had dau Ethel.b. 1899. In 1911 he was a joiner at loco works.
EDITH TOMLIN Born 25 May 1919. Died 1998. Dau of Ernest & Mary. Married in 1941 to Stanley Kewish.
EMMA JANE TOMLIN. Born C1877.Grewelthorpe. Dau of Mark the Tailor and Frances. Still unmarried in 1911. living with parents.
ERNEST TOMLIN Born 10 Feb 1895. Married to Mary A Reynolds Dairy farmer at Waterfall Farm in Masham in 1939.
JANE ANN TOMLIN [nee Hammond]. Born C1842 Grewelthorpe. Died 1872. Manchester. Dau of Wm & Ann Hammond. Married in 1864 to Robert Tomlin. Had dau Anne Maria b.1865. see Hammond page.
JOHN TOMLIN Born 28 Feb 1894 Masham. Died 1970. Son of Joseph & Edith.
JOSEPH TOMLIN. Born C1770. Middlesmoor. Died 1842. Farmer in Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Sarah Stott. of Stonebeck up. Had children Robert b.C1821 died 1923. & Sarah who married *Robert Lofthouse.
JOSEPH TOMLIN Born 1875 Finghall. Married to Edith. A joiner for N.E.R. Living Darlington 1901.
MARIA TOMLIN. Born C1807. Died Oct 31st 1884 [Ref Knaresboro Post]. Wife of Thomas.
MARK TOMLIN. Born C1838 Grewelthorpe. Died 1913. Son of Thomas & Mariah. Married in 1863 to Frances Webster of Sawley. Dau of Thomas Webster & Dorothy Lofthouse. He was a Tailor & Draper and had a shop in Grewelthorpe. He was also a Wesleyan Preacher.
PHYLLIS TOMLIN Born 12 March 1810 West Witton. Died 7 May 1892. Dau of Marmaduke & Phyllis Walker. Married in 1844 to Robert Wardell of Pannal.

Phyllis Tomlin.

ROBERT TOMLIN. Born C1839 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Mariah. Married Jane Ann Hammond. in 1864. He was a joiner.
ROBERT TOMLIN Born C1821 Died 5 May 1923. He left his entire estate to his only child Anna Maria Taylor [see Anna Maria Tomlin above.]
SAMUEL TOMLIN. Born C1842 Grewelthorpe. Died 8 July 1920. Son of Thomas & Maria.
SARAH TOMLIN [Nee Stott.] Born 1778 Stonebeckup. Died 1859 Pateley Bridge. Dau of Mark Stott & Helen Hammond. Married to Joseph Tomlin. Farmer.
THOMAS TOMLIN. Blacksmith. married Ann Mann of Grewelhorpe. 1 Sept 1769.
THOMAS TOMLIN Born 1769 Bap 28.Nov 1769. Son of Thomas {Blacksmith].
THOMAS TOMLIN. Born C1801 Grewelthorpe. Bap.1809. Son of Thomas [b.1769]. He was a Tailor married to Maria.
THOMAS TOMLIN. Born C1848 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Mariah.
WILLIAM TOMLIN Farmer of West Witton. Died 1718. His brother Leonard was executor of his will. He was left house and land. His sister Mary was left his house and contents and also land. An inventory of his goods and chattels which included all his stock. realised £59.9s.

Report in Richmond & Ripon Chronicle June 1872.
For Sale. A Tailor’s sewing machine. [Thomas’s Principle] in working order. Apply Thomas Tomlin & Son, Tailors, Grewelthorpe.

Latest update Jan. 2021.


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