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Thackray Family

History of the Thackray surname.

The most common spellings in Yorkshire are Thackray, Thackeray, Thackwray with Thackrah, Thackrey, and Thackery being less known names; according to research by Colin Shelley on

But I have used the same spelling of “Thackray” throughout on this Grewelthorpe webpage to keep it simple …

This unusual name is of Old Norse origin and is either a locational or a topographical surname. If the former, it derives from the place called “Thackray” in the Parish of Great Timble, in West Yorkshire which has now been submerged in the Fewston reservoir. The placenames’ meaning and derivation are from the Olde Norse elements “thak”, meaning thatching, reeds and “(v)ra”, meaning a nook or corner. The topographical surname denotes one who lived at such a “nook or corner” – “where reeds for thatching grew”. The name development has included John Thackerowe (1548, Yorkshire). James Thackerey (1602, ibid.) and Thomas Thackwray (1613, ibid.).
On February 10th 1642, John, son of John and Ann Thackray was christened at St. Andrews, Holborn, London. The marriage of Robert Thackeray and Margaret Eaton took place on July 22nd 1688 at St. Mary’s, St Marylebone Road, London. Probably the most famous bearer of the name was the novelist William Makepeace Thackeray (1811 – 1863), author of “Vanity Fair” (1848).
The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John de Tha Kwra, which was dated 1379, the Yorkshire Poll Tax Returns. during the reign of King Richard 11, Richard of Bordeaux, 1377 – 1399. © Copyright: Name Orgin Research 1980 – 2010.

And, it is good to be aware to the different spellings of Thackray variations on historical records, this unique surnames phonetic pronunciations were trusted & accurate BUT sadly the recording & transcribing in written form was problematic, based on the language & education backgrounds of the cleric/clerk doing the writing under the rule of Roman Latin, Viking-Norse, Norman French before English became the norm with King Henry VIII after 1506?

As in the extensive records for Yorkshire between 1500 to 1900 there are the following 35 spellings to consider :- Thaccuraye, Thackara, Thackaray, Thackarie, Thackarowe, Thackarray, Thackary, Thackeray, Thackere, Thackerey, Thackerow, Thackerowe, Thackerrye, Thackerway, Thackery, Thackewary, Thackewherry, Thackewray, Thackrah, Thackray, Thackrey, Thackuary, Thackwary, Thackwerry, Thackwra, Thackwraie, Thackwray, Thackwraye, Thackwrey, Thacwarie,Thacwerey, Thacwraie, Thakarraye, Thakarraye, Theykare … which makes for challenging family research!

Last update June 2019.

The following information is relevant to Thackray families from the Grewelthorpe area. Records taken from Parish Registers. School records. Census and Memorials. Some records spell the name Thackwray ot Thackeray. But I have used the same spelling throughout.
Bramley Grange and Kexmoor are areas of Grewelthorpe. See items in History section of this web site. If you find this article helpful, or if you have any information to add I would love to hear from you, please contact me.

Letter from Warren Thackwray Sept. 2018. Our “Thackwray-Thackeray-Thackray+” YDNA surname project was approved by on 20th Sep 2018, this project is an important Yorkshire origin legacy project and we need help to create awareness of this project amongst these Yorkshire origin surnames !
As our surname research history shows the variation in spellings of this surname has occurred often

eg:- Thackwray, Thackeray, Thackray, Thackerray, Thackuray, Thackerey, Thackary, Thackwraye, Thackrey, Thackery, Thackory, Thacerey, Thakkerey, Thackrah, deThakwra, Thakvra …
- in fact, there are family trees with different spellings between father, son & siblings,

- this surname name originated in the North of England,
- most of us will have at least one Thackwray-Thackeray-Thackray+ variation antecedent born in the Yorkshire, England hotspot !

  • read research by Jonathon Thackray –
    - even William Makepeace Thackeray’s Great Grandfather Thomas Thackeray was born in Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire, England.* view –
    Today we are scattered in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand
    and we have difficulty researching our ancestors before 1800 due to these spelling variations on old handwritten documents …

Today we can easily solve the mysteries of our surname by a Y-DNA surname project, and link family branches globally and possibly prove our links to the migration of the Vikings !

I need a few co-administrators for this YDNA project, Is there an active Thackray researcher who may be intrigued by this exciting project .

Please join our Y-DNA project, we need current Yorkshire based family branches to join this interesting project, along with those scattered worlwide, to prove all surname variations are linked, and to help branches worldwide find their origin branch locations for their family trees.

Letter from Warren Thackwray in South Africa May 2017. All the Thackwrays in Southern Africa descend from one William Thackwray’pioneering family who were part of the 1820 British Governments SponsoredSettler Scheme to South Africa :- William Thackwray born abt 1779 ….. unknown parents ?, unknown date orplace of birth ? BUT we assume Yorkshire area most likely ?- Dorothy Pownall his wife was baptised on 20th Dec 1773 at the ChurchHulme, Cheshire (Her parents are James Pownall who married Ellen Barnet on1st February 1767 at Sandbach, Cheshire).- in 1802 William Thackwray married Dorothy Pownall on the 3rd January 1802at All Saints, Isleworth, Middlesex, England.- from 1802 – 1815 all their children were born Church Hulme, Chesire,Salford, Manchester & Sheffield, Yorkshire.- in 1819 William & Dorothy Thackwray and all their children sailed on the ship for Algoa Bay in South Africa as pioneer settlers 1820 BritishGovernments Sponsored Settler Scheme.197 years later William Thackwray’s descendants have grown large in numberand are now all over the world but we are missing our family link to the Thackwrays of Yorkshire We need the Yorkshire Thackwrays to assist by helping us find our origin’sto do this we need to find. William Thackwray’s baptism or birth record around 1779 ?- Then hopefully his parents names and their parents … and so on ? We would also propose starting a “Thackwray Surname Project” the Thackwray Surname Project is free to set up and administer- all we need to do is get a few different Thackwray male names carriers tosubmit a Y-DNA test from Yorkshire to compare against South Africa, Canada,Australia & USA…. the Y-DNA test accurately traces back the male DNA gene back 1000’s of years …. which means Thackwrays around the world finally have the chance to find their origins and matches to original Yorkshire families. Please consider this as a chance to give all your far flung Thackwrays around the world a chance to find their original home family … with a little information or a Y-DNA sample in a Thackwray surname project.
Kind regards Warren Thackwray

Another contact from Warren November 2017.

Our 1820 settler forefather William Thackwray b. abt 1779 married Dorothy Pownall b.1777 and had 7 children in Greater Manchester – Salford & Hulme and Sheffield, Yorkshire between 1802 – 1815.
In 1819 he and family left as pioneering settlers to Algoa Bay, South Africa with the British Government Assisted Settler Scheme.

We have proof of his wife and children’s birth in the above-mentioned places BUT William Thackwray’s parents, siblings, baptism. birth are still unknown ?

So collaboration with UK based Thackwray variation surnames, and starting a Y-DNA data base linked to a surname group. will help solve our William Thackwray’s family origin ?

Please join and highlight our family FB group on ?

“Thackwray – Thackeray – 1820 Settler extended family tree from South Africa”

Kind regards

Warren Thackwray
Blythedale Beach, KZN, South Africa.

Another letter from Warren in South Africa – June 2019.

Our 1820 South African Settler – William Thackwray.
- is now verified as being baptised in 1779 in Wetherby with father “John Thackeray – Labourer”
- we verified this fact via an 1826 Letter in Kew National Archives where William’s sister Mary Greenwood nee Thackwray applied to emigrate to the Cape Colony with her husband & 10 children to join her brother!
- thus we found Mary Thackwray’s 1784 Baptism in Wetherby with father John Thackwray
- research shows father John could be Thackeray, Thackray and so we accept Thackwray as our current surname BUT realise pre-1779 it was spelled differently clearly?

Now, GEDMATCH DNA matches to other family trees link us to many family trees with Thackeray, Thackray & Thackwray all going back to Petrus Thackeray b. abt 1520 most likely in Fewston? – d. 1568 Cowthorpe.

The research theory is Petrus Thackeray was born in Fewston and was a Catholic, who left and settled in Cowthorpe, due to the religious conflict in the North of England after 1534 – which was the date The English Church renounced papal authority when Henry VIII failed to secure an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon which started the religious conflict in the Thackeray Hamlet of Fewston … and thus Petrus Thackeray settled in Cowthorpe for a peaceful and better life?

Can your research group give any thoughts on Petrus Thackeray being born Circa 1520 within or close to the Fewston area?

As your Grewelthorpe Thackray would have origins from Fewston’s old Parish of Great Timble, and so Petrus Thackeray b. cira 1520 should be part of your ancestoral family tree as well?

Thanks to Warren for all the data relevant to William Thackray who settled in South Africa.
He also sent the following family register.

Letter from Jenn Thackwray in Canada. July 2015.
My name is Jennifer Thackwray, the furthest I’ve been able to get back with source documentation is John Thackwray(1762-1848) who married Mary Pearson. My father was Ian Thackwray (5 Jun 1942 Leeds – 25 Jun 2010 Ontario, Canada), his father was Ralph Thackwray (11 Sep 1909 Guisborough – 4 Jan 1779 Ontario Canada) m Maisie Boddy in Leeds. Ralph’s father was Ralph Herbert Thackwray (15 Dec 1884 – 16 Feb 1944) who married Jane Hannah Spetch in 1908 Holbeck. Ralph Herberts father was Ralph Thackwray (11 Dec 1843 – 10 Aug 1905) who married Jane Meadows Kirk in 1866. Ralph’s father was David Thackwray (26 Apr 1809 – 18 Nov 1876) who married Jane Brown in 1842 (her first marriage was to Peter Johnson). David’s parents were John Thackwray (1762-1848) and Mary Pearson. I know that Ralph Herbert Thackwray’s sister Mary Elizabeth married twice, the first time to a George Clark — they had two children, Lottie, and Teresa. When George Clark passed away Mary married Isaac Calvert Cooke and they had two children, Elsie and George. Isaac and, Mary owned the Code and Lobster Inn in Staithes and it was passed down to Teresa Cooke. My father and his parents recalled fondly going to Staithes and that Auntie ‘Teesee’ owned the Code and, Lobster. My email address is, I live in Canada so I’m not able to get to the archives in Yorkshire. I also don’t have any photos of my ancestors —- I’d love to be able to share faces with my children. More than anything I’d love to have contact with ‘Thackwray’ descendants as my father was an only child and his father was the only brother that lived or had children. Feeling like I’m missing out on some great reunions over there lol. Love to hear from family.Kindest regards,JennIf you can help Jenn, please contact her or this site .

Letter from Christine Steele [nee Thackray] about her branch of the family.The Albert Thackray in your ‘Grewelthorpe’ listing was my father. He was Frederick Albert, known as Bert, born 7th Feb 1910 just younger than his twin sister Nora. They were born at Rodwell House Pateley Bridge and had an older sister Madge.They were the children of William (Will) and Annie Rose who are interred in Pateley cemetary.Of Will’s first family I knew Robert Thackray who was living in Pateley in 1967 – I think never married and no issue. There was Thomas who served with the West yorks regiment and was killed on the Somme (High Wood) in WW1 and Will married to Susan. Will and Susan had one son Charles Edward who I knew well and who died in 1963 – he had served in WW2, never married and in later years lived in Whixeley. One of the daughters Hannah (i remember her)married Charles Dowzall and lived in leedsBert, my father married Mary Marshall of Hedge Nook Cottage Dallowgill in Kirkby Malzeard church I think in 1939, they lived initially in Wath, then moved to Scawton North yorks where I was born in 1944 and then to Brandsby. Bert died in 1984 and his sister Nora (Glasshouses) I think in 2001. Nora’s 2 daughters live in the Pateley area.If you have any further in formation about William’s family with Jane I would be delighted to hear it.
Yours sincerely Mary Christine Steele (nee Thackray).

Thanks to Mike Lever for information about Samuel William Thackwray and his family.

Thanks to Margaret Kelly [nee Thackwray] for the following information re. William Thackray. “Elizabeth Mann was my 2x great grandmother. I think the William Thackray she married in 1818 was not William son of John from Aldfield, but another William, born about 1795, who was a butcher. I haven’t been able to identify where this William came from, but the other witnesses at their wedding were Richard Thackray and Thomas Hawkesworth, so I have a hunch that he may be an unrecorded son of Richard Thackray and Ann Frear, as a Richard Thackray was also witness to the marriages of their other three sons. There is also a Hawkesworth connection to this family. Elizabeth & William’s children were baptised at Winksley and later Kirkby Malzeard (information from cds of Ripon Cathedral & Ripon Chapelries records from Ripon Historical Society). I have the family bible which lists the children’s births. William died at Winksley 13 April 1840 aged 45of Scarlatina, and Elizabeth died 15 December 1852 of congestion of the brain. My great grandfather, also William, registered her death.The other William, of Aldfield, also married an Elizabeth , but this was Elizabeth Severs. They were living in Sawley in 1860 when Elizabeth died – I have a photo of her gravestone which was kindly sent to me by another internet contact.I would be most grateful if anyone could shed more light on my William.

An update from Margaret Kelly March 2014. I have an update on William Thackwray born c.1795 who married Elizabeth Mann. Thanks to the marvels of google, I came across the Dallowgill website, where I found the will of Robert FRYER of Ringbeck & Greygrith 1761-1839, Will made 1833 proved 1839, Among the bequests listed are, “I give and bequeath unto my Sister Ann Thackwray the wife of Richard Thackwray one Annuity or clear yearly sum of Nine pounds the sum of Two hundred pounds to be paid to and equally divided amongst Thomas, Richard, John, William, James and Ann the six children of my said Sister Ann Thackwray”. This is Ann nee Frear / Fryer, married to Richard Thackwray 15 Dec 1783 at Ripon. I still haven’t found William’s baptism record, but have found his siblings’ baptisms on the Ripon Cathedral cd. I am therefore fairly confident that my hunch was correct, and my great great grandfather William was the son of Richard and Ann.

Letter from Celia Pollington in Feb 2013. I too am descended from William Thackray and Elizabeth Mann. On my tree we have John Thackray C 1738 Ripon (possibly Aldfield) married to Beatrice Rogers. They had 2 children Christiana bap 29/1/1764 and John bap 28/12/1762. He married Mary Pearson in Ripon on 23/11/1795 mary was born 1771 and died 1833 and they are both buried in Winksley Churchyard. John and mary were farmers and they had 9 children of which William was number 2. He married Elizabeth Mann in Ripon on 18/8/1818. Elizabeth was born in Winksley. Williams occupation was down as butcher. William and Elizabeth had 7 children and Edward their first born is my ancestor. He married Elizabeth Park In Ripon Cathedral along with his brother Robert who married Ann , Elizabeths sister. A joint wedding. Elizabeth and Ann were the daughters of Thomas Park innkeeper of the Half Moon Inn in Fellbeck. Celia Pollington nee Hutchinson

Thanks to Lynn Butters the GG Grand daughter of William Thackwray b 1848. for contacting us with data. Aug. 2016.

Last update. May 2020.

ALBERT [Bert] THACKRAY. Born 7.2.1910. twin of Norah. Died 1984. Son of William & Annie Rose Page. Born at Rodwell House, Pateley Bridge. had an older sister Madge. Bert married Mary Marshall of Hedge Nook Cottage, Dallowgill in Kirkby Malzeard church. C1939. they lived Wath and then Scawton North.
ANN THACKRAY. Born 29 Jan 1806. Salford Manchester. Died 15 April 1859. King Williams Town Eastern Cape South Africa. Dau of Settler William 1779-1829. She married Edward Driver. They had 12 children and many descendants.

ANN THACKRAY. born 1825. bur. 22.5.1876. wife of Robert Thackray of Fellbeck.
ANN THACKRAY. born 1841 died 16.8.1854 at Winksley. Buried Grewelthorpe M.I. Dau of John & Margaret from Bramley Grange. See photo of grave at end.
ANN THACKRAY. Born C.1849 Winksley. Dau of Joseph [Boot & Shoemaker]. Possibly married Matthew Binks. in 1870. [See Binks page].
ANN THACKWRAY of Grantley married John Brogden cabinet maker of Ripon in Ripon Cathedral on 2 Dec. 1871. [Ref. Knaresborough Post 1871].
ANNE THACKRAY. born Eavestone. dau of William & Jane of Bramley Grange.
ANNIE THACKRAY. [NEE?]. Born 3 Feb 1868. A widow living with Emily Buckle at Bramley View Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.
ANNIE ROSE THACKRAY [nee PAGE.] Born 21.4.1880 Banbury Oxon. Died 28.9.1964 Glasshouses, Pateley Bridge. 2nd Wife of William of Bramley Grange.
ANNIE THACKRAY. born 1881 dau of James & Elizabeth.
ANNIE ELIZABETH THACKWRAY. Bap. 19.9.1897 Aldfield. Dau of Joseph & Ann of Studley.
ANNIE THACKRAY. Born 28.6.1903.dau of John & Sarah Ann of Folgate Nook, Bramley Lane, G/thorpe. Started school 1911 left 1917.
CHARLES E. THACKRAY. Born Jan 1st 1909. Unmarried Gardener living Holly Cottage Hartwith in 1939.
CHRISTIANA THACKRAY. Bap. 29.1.1764 Dau of John & Beatrice Rogers.
CHRISTIANA THACKWRAY. Born 31.3.1803 Aldfield. Dau of John & Mary Pearson.
DAVID THACKRAY. Born 26.4.1810 Aldfield. Died 18.11.1876 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson. Married to Jane Brown. from Winksley. [b.1811]. Farming in Winksley 1861.
DAVID THACKRAY. Born C. 1845 Winksley. Son of David & Jane.
DAVID THACKWRAY. Bap 15.4.1894. Died March 1895 Aldfield. Son of Joseph & Ann of Studley.
DORIS THACKRAY. Of Sunny Bank, North Leys, Ripon.Died June 20th ? Left £19,594.71 gross. She left her clothing to the South London Mission,other effects & personal legacies totalling £5,250 and the residue equally between Sawley Methodist Chapel, Allhallowgate Methodist Church and the District Blind Soc. The guide dogs for the Blind Assoc. The Methodist Homes for the aged, The Methodist local preachers Mutual Aid Assoc and the RSPCA.
DOROTHY THACKWRAY. Bap. 18.8.1605 Ripon Cathedral. Dau of Walter of Thorp.
DOROTHY THACKRAY. Born 7 May 1804. Salford Manchester. Died 23 June 1864. (daughter of 1820 Settler William Thackwray b.1779 in Wetherby – d.1829 Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape, South Africa). Married Rev. James Allison.
DEATH 23 JUN 1864 • Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa (… traveled South Africa as a Wesleyan Missionary … one adopted daughter only).

Dorothy Thackray 1804-1864.

DOROTHY THACKWRAY. Bap 25.5.1900 Markington. Dau of Robert & Ada Gardener. of Hob Green, Markington.
DOUGLAS THACKWRAY. Son of Samuel William & Sarah Prest.
EDEN THACKRAY. Born 1866 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rebecca Metcalfe.
EDWARD THACKWRAY. Born C 1845. Lived Dallowgill. Died Feb 1921 Ripon workhouse. He had senile decay. Buried Pateley Bridge.
ELEANOR THACKRAY . born 2.12.1890 dau of William & Jane, landlord of Crown Hotel, G/Thorpe. Came to G/Thorpe from Middlesmoor, Pateley Bridge. Started school 2.5.1904. In 1911 she was helping in Crown. Died March 1937. Wife of Robert Frankland. see Obit on Frankland page.
ELEANOR THACKRAY. Born C. 1839. Wife of George Ascough. see Ascough family details. Married 30.4.1864 in Kirkby Malzeard.
ELLEN THACKRAY. Born 1769. Died 1847. Married Joseph Lonsdale. of Sawley in 1791. They had 10 children.Report in York Herald 4 June 1842. A youth calling himself Michael Murray, and stating that he came from Leeds, was brought up by Mr Collinson, charged with having on the previous day picked the pocket of a young woman, named Ellen Thackwray, who resides in the neighbourhood of Kirkby Malzeard. From the evidence, it appeared that she and her sister Isabella Thackwray, who lives at Winksley, attended the Ripon market, the day before, during the forenoon the latter gave to the prosecutor, a purse containing two sovereigns, tor the purpose of paying some rent as she returned home. She put the money into her pocket, and there it remained until the afternoon, when both sisters went to a stall in the market place, and purchased some treacle beer , whilst drinking it, Isabella Thackwray observed the prisoner who stood near them, look very earnestly at her sister, and at last saw him remove her shawl and draw the purse from her pocket. Before she could apprize her sister of the theft, the delinquent had made good his escape. The prisoner was apprehended at Knaresbro’, along with his father and brother, the former was committed for trial, and the two latter remanded as accessories.
ELLEN THACKRAY. Born C1839 at Eavestone. Dau of James & Mary. Married on 30.4.1864 at Kirkby Malzeard church to George Ascough. [b. 1838] son of John Ascough. see Ascough page.
ELLEN THACKRAY. Born C. 1853 Grantley. Died 1932 Pateley Bridge. Dau of George & Rebecca Metcalfe.. She married Thomas Millward. [1846-1885]. in Pateley Bridge in 1870.
ELLEN THACKRAY. Born 1855 at Eavestone. Dau.of Robert & Ann.
ELLEN THACKRAY. Born C.1889 Wath. Bap. 26.9.1890 Sharow. Dau of Robert & Mary Jane. Living Stonebeck 1901.
ELI THACKRAY. Born 1865 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1915 Leeds. Son of George & Rebecca Metcalfe. Married in 1887 to Christiana Elizabeth Porter. in Leeds.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born 1855 at Eavestone. Dau of Robert & Ann.
ELIZABETH BEAUMONT THACKRAY. nee Ascough. Born 1829 in Grewelthorpe. Buried 12.5.1923. Wife of James Thackray. M.I.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born C.1850 Winksley. Dau of David & Jane.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born 1857 Kirkby Malzeard. wife of James Thackray of Kexmoor.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born 1878 at Grewelthorpe dau of James & Elizabeth of Kexmoor.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born 1884 married Mark Bell of Ramsgill in 1905.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born 21 April 1926. Dau of Herbert & Annie. of Ilton. Married ? Barker.
EMILY THACKRAY. Born 1857. Dau of George & Rebecca Metcalfe. Married in 1873 to [1] David Light. Married in 1885 to [2] Robert Young.
EMMA THACKRAY. Born 1859 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1881 Pateley Bridge. Dau of George & Rebecca Metcalfe.
ERNEST THACKRAY. Born and died 1896. Parents lived Bramley Grewelthorpe.
ERNEST THACKRAY. Born 20.11.1915. Buried Mickley 29.8.1992. Son of George. Started school in April 1922, left district shortly after. Lived Clayton Farm Mickley when he died.
ESTHER THACKRAY. Born C.1894 Stonebeck. Dau of Robert & Mary. Living Stonebeck in 1901.
ETHEL THACKRAY. Born 26.3.1898. dau of John & Sarah Ann. Started school April 1904. Caught Scarlet fever in epidemic which swept the village in 1906. Living Foulgate Nook with parents 1911.
FLORENCE E. THACKWRAY. Born 4 Sept 1910. Living Dallowgill 1939.
FRANCES THACKRAY. Born 8.3.1900. Dau of George & Mary Ann Thackray. Died 18.11.1947 Grewelthorpe. See Obit. on Trenholme page. Married William Leonard Trenholme. Lived Mowbray Hall, Grewelthorpe. See grave on Trenholme page.
FREDERICK THACKRAY. Born 1870 son of James & Elizabeth of Kexmoor.
FREDERICK ALBERT THACKRAY. See Albert {Bert}b. 1911 above.
GEORGE THACKWRAY. Son of Samuel William & Sarah Prest.
GEORGE THACKRAY. Born C.1824 in Sawley. Died 1902. Son of James of Warsill. Married Rebecca Metcalfe. [b.1825.] in 1843. Farmer at Bramley Grange. Had 9 children.
GEORGE THACKRAY. Bap. 19.10.1851 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rebecca Metcalfe. of Bramley Grange.
GEORGE THACKRAY. Born 1868 in Grewelthorpe. Buried 3.9.1938 M.I. Son of James & Elizabeth of Kexmoor. Married Mary Ann. Farmed Bramley Grange & Ilton. Lived Lake View Grewelthorpe. Retired 1924. Breeder of Half breed Masham lambs. Won the Jubilee Cup for his lambs. Methodist Chapel steward. Secretary of the Trustees.
GEORGE THACKRAY. Born 1896 in Grewelthorpe. Son of John & Sarah Ann. 1911 worker on parents farm at Foulgate Nook. Bramley.
GEORGE THACKWRAY. Born 12 June 19?? Living Dallowgill in 1939.
GEORGE THACKRAY. Served in WW1. Name on honours board in Grewelthorpe church.
GEORGE WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born C.1922. Killed in a Tractor accident May 1943. Son of Herbert Thackray of Highfield House, Ilton.
GERTRUDE THACKRAY. Born 18.2.1901 dau of John & Sarah Ann of Bramley Grange. Started school 23.4.1906. Living Foulgate Nook with parents in 1911.
HAROLD THACKRAY. Born 24 Dec 1914. Living Westfield Hse. in 1939. A Painter & Radio salesman. Unmarried.
HARRY THACKRAY. Born 16 June. 1880. General Labourer living Hill Top Farm Grewelthorpe in 1939.
HARRY THACKRAY. Born C 1898 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Richard Thackray of Bland Close, Ripon & Jane Ellen. Married Janet A.Goundry dau of Joseph Goundry of Grewelthorpe June 1946. {Ref. 1901 Sawley census.}
HELEN THACKRAY. Born 3 Nov 1809 Salford Manchester. Died 15 July 1810. Manchester. Dau of Settler William [1779-1829].

HENRY RICHMOND THACKRAY. Bap. 6.1.1850 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Margaret.
HERBERT THACKRAY. Born 9 Nov. 1895. Married to Annie [born 1898]. Living Highfield House Ilton in 1939. Farmer.
ISABELLA THACKRAY. Born 1835 at Eavestone. [1851 census].
ISABELLA THACKWRAY [Nee ?]. Buried 22.8.1854 Winksley. Wife of Joseph.
JAMES THACKRAY. C1521 Mentioned in Borthwick Institute cause papers as a tithe farmer on behalf of Fountains Abbey. farmed Kirkby Malzeard.
JAMES THACKRAY. Born 1800 at Warsill. Farmer at Kexmoor. Married [1.] Mary of Sawley. [2.] Elizabeth Beaumont Ascough.
JAMES THACKRAY. Born C1800 Sawley. Died 13 April 1885. Married Elizabeth Betty Kendray. in 1878.
JAMES THACKWRAY. Born 4.6.1804 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson.
JAMES THACKRAY. Born 8 Jan 1815. Sheffield. Died 1 Nov 1854 Grahamstown. Eastern Cape. S.Africa. Son of Settler William [1779-1829]. He had 6 children was a war hero and elected to the 1st Cape Colony Parliament in 1854].

JAMES THACKRAY. Born C. 1839 son of James & Mary of Kexmoor. Married on 12.11.1866 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Elizabeth Watson. [b.1844] son of John Watson. of Thwaite House.
JAMES THACKRAY. Born 1846. Died 1901 Pateley Bridge. Son of George & Rebecca Metcalfe. Married [1] in 1868 to Margaret Hullah. [1842-1891]. Married [2] in 1892 to Allinson Lowcock. [1864-1941].
JAMES THACKRAY. Born 1848 at Eavestone son of George & Rebecca. A carter in 1861 census.
JAMES THACKRAY. Born C. 1854 Winksley. Son of David & Jane.
JAMES THACKRAY. Bap. 15.8.1858 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Richard & Mary of Warren Lane.
JAMES THACKWRAY. Bap. 28.7.1891 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James [the Blacksmith] & Mary Ann of Kirkby Malzeard.
JAMES THACKRAY. Born C.1898 Fountains Earth. Son of Robert & Mary Jane.
JAMES THACKWRAY. Bap 13.5.1900 Aldfield. Son of Joseph & Ann of Studley.
JAMES R.THACKRAY. Born 18 Jan 1916. In 1939 unmarried. Farmer with small holding at Throstle nest farm Holebottom.
JANE THACKRAY. Born C1764. Married William Walker. lived Constable Burton.
JANE THACKRAY. Born 1789 at Middlesmoor wife of Thomas Thackray the butcher.
JANE THACKRAY [nee?]. Born C.1810 Ripon. Married to David [Farmer in Winksley].
JANE THACKRAY. Born C. 1825 Biggin. Dau of Thomas. married on 5.5.1856 at Kirkby Malzeard church to John Watson. [b.1828] son of John Watson. of Kexmoor.
JANE THACKRAY. Born 1833 at Eavestone dau of James & Mary.
JANE THACKRAY. Born 1839 at Hauxwell. Wife of William Thackray, Farmer at Bramley Grange.
JANE THACKRAY. Born 1846 at Kirkby Malzeard. Buried 24.1.1867. Grewelthorpe M.I. dau of John & Margaret Bramley Grange. See photo of grave at end.
JANE ELLEN THACKRAY [NEE?]. Born C1878. Died 26 August 1947 Ripon. Wife of Richard Thackray. of Kirkby Malzeard. Buried K.Malzeard cemetery.
JANE THACKRAY. Born 1887 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Robert & Mary Jane. Living Stonebeck 1901.
JANE THACKRAY. Born 17.4.1895. dau of William of Crown Hotel, G/Thorpe. Started school 19.4.1904.
JANET THACKRAY. Dau of Joseph Goundry of Grewelthorpe. Wife of Harry Thackray, Ripon. Married June 1946.
JANE THACKRAY. Born C. 1833 dau of James of Kexmoor. Married on 9.11.1858 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Thomas Watson. [b.1829] son of John Watson. of Kirby Moor,
JINNIE THACKRAY. Born C. 1896 Middlesmoor. Dau of William [Innkeeper] & Jane. Living Crown Hotel, Grewelthorpe in 1911.
JONATHAN THACKWRAY. Married 28.11.1708 at Kirkby Malzeard to Jane Braithwaite.
JOHN THACKWERAY. Bap. 2.12.1604 Ripon Cathedral. Son of Rici Thackweray of Sawley.
JOHN THACKWRAY. Born 1732. Died 29.1.1771 Aldfield. Son of Jonathan & Beatrice Richmond. of Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Beatrice Rogers. of Aldfield.
JOHN THACKWRAY. Born 18.9.1762 Aldfield. Bap 28.12.1762. Died 11.5.1848 Winksley. Son of John & Beatrice Rogers. Married in 1795 to Mary Pearson. of Pateley Bridge.
JOHN THACKWRAY. Born 11.8.1796 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson.

JOHN THACKWRAY. Born 8 SEP 1802 • Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England (son of 1820 Settler William Thackwray b.1779 in Wetherby – d.1829 Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
DEATH 28 FEB 1828 • Ecca Forest, Fish River, Eastern Cape, South Africa (… killed by an Elephant while hunting … not married & no descendants

JOHN THACKRAY. Born 1814 at Laverton. Buried 25.7.1893 Grewelthorpe M.I. son of Thomas the butcher & Jane. Married Margaret of Grantley. see photo of grave at end.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born C.1843 Winksley. Bobbin Turner. Son of William & Ann.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born C.1847 Winksley. Son of David & Jane.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born C. 1852 Winksley. Son of Joseph [Boot & Shoemaker]
JOHN THACKWRAY. Bap 30.9.1855 Sawley. Son of Richard & Mary.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born 1857. Bap. 26.4.1857. Buried 16.5.1876. Son of John & Margaret of Bramley Grange. See Photo of grave at end.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born July 1866. Married to Elizabeth [born 1868]. Market Gardener living Ripon 1939.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born 1880.Bap 16.1.1881. Son of Robert & Mary Jane of Bramley Grange.
JOHN THACKRAY. Born 1873 son of James & Elizabeth of Kexmoor. Living Foulgate Nook, Bramley in 1911. Married to Sarah Ann of Kirkby Malzeard. Married C.1896. Had 5 children. 1 died.Sarah died 9 Nov 1948 at Viaduct Lodge, Norwood Bottom, Otley. Interred at Farnley. She was a widow.
JOHN D. THACKRAY. Born 22.Oct.1917. Son of Samuel W. & Selina Prest. In 1939 he worked at the Ripon Militia Camp as a Labourer.
JOHN WILLIAM THACKRAY. Bap. 25.10.1942. Mickley. Son of Ernest & Mabel. Lived Church View, Mickley.
JONATHAN THACKWRAY. Born 1685. Died 1754 Kirkby Malzeard. Married Beatrice Richmond. of Kirkby Malzeard.
JOSEPH EBENEZER THACKRAY. Born 1 May 1812. Sheffield. Died 8 March 1867 Cradock. Eastern Cape. S.Africa. Son of Settler William [1779-1829]. He had 9 children and many descendants. A farmer. Shopkeeper and war hero.

Joseph Ebenezer Thackray 1812-1867.

JOSEPH THACKRAY. Born C.1813 Winksley. Boot & Shoemaker. JOSEPH THACWREY. Born C. 1818 Pateley Bridge. 1851 in Leyburn Master saddle & harness maker.JOSEPH THACKRAY. Born C. 1847 Winksley. Shoemaker. Son of Joseph [Boot & Shoemaker]. Living Winksley 1861.
JOSEPH THACKRAY. Bap.3.12.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rebecca Metcalfe. of Bramley Grange.
KATHLEEN THACKRAY. Born 25 July 1904. In 1939 a schoolteacher living at Kirkby Malzeard parsonage.
LAURA ANN THACKRAY. Born 1879. Bap. 27.7.1879. Grewelthorpe. Dau of Robert & Mary Jane. Living Stonebeck 1901.
LAURA THACKRAY [NEE?]. Born 22 Jan 1910. Married to Samuel Alan. Living Princess Terr. K.Malzeard in 1939.
LEONARD THACKRAY. Born C1855 Winksley. Son of Joseph [Boot & Shoemaker]. Living Laverton unmarried in 1871.
LOUIE THACKRAY. Born 8 April 1923. Eldest dau of Mr Herbert Thackray & Annie of Highfield House, Ilton. married Francis Thomas Graham younger son of Mr. H.Graham of Grimesgill, Healey. At Park Street, Methodist Chapel Masham in January 1949.
MARTHA THACKRAY. Bap. 1.2.1857 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard & Mary of Warren Lane.
MARY THACKRAY. Bap 13 June 1784 Wetherby. Dau of John Thackray. Married Joshua Greenwood. on 16 Sept Bramham. They had 11 children. all born in Yorkshire.
MARY THACKWRAY [Nee Pearson]. Born 1771 Pateley Bridge Died 9.8.1833. Buried Winksley. Dau of William Pearson. married John Thackwray on 23.11.1795. had 9 children.
MARY THACKWRAY. Born 8.8.1806 Aldfield. Dau of John & Mary Pearson.
MARY THACKRAY. Born 1802 in Sawley. Wife of James of Warsill.
MARY THACKWRAY [nee ?]. Born C1830 Grewelthorpe. Buried 4.2.1899. aged 69yrs. 2nd wife of Robert [b1826].
MARY JANE THACKRAY. Born C. 1831 Eavestone. Dau of William & Anne. Married John Baul. 25.8.1852. See Baul family details. Sister of William Thackray of Bramley Grange. 1881 census.

Mary Jane Thackray – see Baul page for her family photos.

MARY THACKRAY. Born C. 1839 Winksley. Dau of Joseph [Boot & Shoemaker]. Unmarried in 1861.
MARY THACKRAY. Born 1844 in Fellbeck dau of George & Rebecca Metcalfe. of Bramley Grange. Buried 10.3.1852 age 8. [Ref.Par.Reg.]
MARY ANN THACKRAY. Born 1849 at Eavestone. Dau of John of Bramley Grange.
MARY JANE THACKRAY. Born C. 1850. Bap. 13.6.1852 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard & Mary of Warren Lane. Married on 28.3.1872 at Kirkby Malzeard church to William Topham. [b.1845] son of Thomas Topham. of Galphay.
MARY JANE THACKRAY. Born C. 1856 Fountains Earth. Wife of Robert. Living Stonebeck 1901.
MARY ANN THACKRAY. Bap. 24.2.1861 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Margaret of Bramley Grange.
MARY THACKRAY. Bap. 1.11.1861 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard & Mary of Warren Lane Kirkby Malzeard.
MARY E. THACKRAY. Born 22 March 1875. A widow living Galphay in 1939.
MARY ANN THACKRAY. Born 27.2.1898 dau of William & Jane of Crown Hotel, Grewelthorpe. Came from Middlesmoor. Started school 19.4.1904. Living Crown Hotel in 1911.
MARY THACKRAY. Born 16 Aug. 1924. Dau of Herbert & Annie. of Ilton.
MARGARET THACKRAY. Born 1821 in Grantley. Buried 19.2.1871. Grewelthorpe M.I. Wife of John of Laverton. See photo of grave at end.
MARGARET THACKRAY. Born 9.6.1898. dau of William & Jane of Crown Hotel, Grewelthorpe. started school 2.5.1904. Living Grewelthorpe in 1911.
MAGGIE THACKRAY. Bap 30.4.1882. dau of Robert & Mary of Bramley Grange. Living Stonebeck in 1901 as a dom.servant.
MARJORIE ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Born 7.1.1904 Rodwell House Wath. Died 11.10.1961 Headingley Leeds. Dau of William & Annie Rose Page.
NOEL THACKRAY. Born 26 July 1920. In 1939 A joiners labourer at the Ripon Militia camp. Living The Green Grewelthorpe.
NORA THACKRAY. Born 7.2.1910. Died 2001 Glasshouses.Twin of Albert. Dau. of William & Annie Rose Page. Born at Rodwell House, Pateley Bridge. had an older sister Madge. Nora had 2 daughters.
NORMAN THEODORE THACKWRAY. Born 4 Nov 1892. Bap. 19.11.1892 Winksley. Son of John & Ellen of Grantley. Married to Annie [born 1895]. An estate horseman. In 1939 living Church View Sawley.
PETRUS THACKRAY. born C1520 Poss. Fewston. Lived Cowthorpe. Died 1568. See letter from Warren Thackwray at top.
POLLY THACKRAY. Dau. of William of Bramley Grange & 1st wife Jane? Wife of Alf Moore.
RALPH THACKWRAY. 18.4.1801 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson.
REBECCA THACKRAY [Nee Metcalfe]. Born 1825 at Fellbeck. Wife of George of Bramley Grange.
REENY THACKWRAY. Dau. of Samuel William & Sarah Prest.
RICHARD THACKWRAY. Married 15 Dec 1783 to Anne Frear [Fryer]. see letters at top.
RICHARD THACKWRAY. Born C 1821. Buried 25.6.1898 Sawley. aged 77. Lived Grantley.
RICHARD THACKWRAY. Born C1841. Died 1855 age 14. Lived Kexmoor.
RICHARD THACKRAY. Born 1842 at Eavestone. Son of James & Mary of Kexmoor.
RICHARD THACKRAY. Born 1850 in Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Margaret.
RICHARD THACKRAY. Bap. 26.12.1860 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg. child of Ellen of Kexmoor.
RICHARD THACKRAY. Born 1861 at Kexmoor. Son of James & Mary.
RICHARD THACKRAY. Born C. 1861 Middlesbro. Died October 1937. Lived Bramley. Buried Kirkby Malzeard.RICHARD THACKRAY. Born 1876 in Grewelthorpe son of James & Elizabeth of Kexmoor.RICHARD THACKRAY. Bap 16.9.1883. Son of Robert & Mary of Bramley Grange.
RICHARD THACKRAY. Born C. 1885 Bramley Grange. Living Ramsgill in 1901 as unmarried Dom.Servant.ROBERT THACKWRAY. Born 31.8.1799 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson.
ROBERT THACKRAY. Born C. 1809. Son of William. 1st wife died before 1852. He Married as a widower on 3.11.1852 at Kirkby Malzeard to Mary Ann Thackray. [b.1822] dau of George Thackray. Both lived at Ramsgill.
ROBERT THACKRAY. Born 1827 at Eavestone. A Farmer.married Ann of Fellbeck.
ROBERT THACKRAY. Born C. 1837 Winksley. A Carter. Married Martha Burton. [b.1840]. They Lived with her Mother in Winksley in 1861.
ROBERT THACKRAY. Born C1845 at Kirkby Malzeard. Married Mary Jane of Pateley Bridge. Living Stonebeck 1901.The above is possibly the Robert Bap. 1.2.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Margaret.Reported in York Herald. Jan 1881. Robert Thackray [groom] of Kirkby Malzeard was sued by Wm. Stephenson of Pateley Bridge. The sum of £28.12s.6d. the balance of money for travelling an entire horse.Mr Stephenson was awarded £3.18s with costs.

ROBERT THACKRAY. Bap. 16.12.1855 Winksley. Son of David & Jane of Winksley.
ROBERT THACKRAY.[MPS. MLVS.] Born in York. A shorthand writer and teacher of advanced phonography. In about 1876 he founded the “York school of Shorthand.” In 1880 he went to London and became well known for teaching shorthand. He was a strict vegetarian, a staunch teetotaller and would not take alcohol even in illness. [Ref. Yorkshire Gazette 1890].
ROBERT THACWRAY. Husband of Ada Gardener. lived Hob Green Markington. Died C1900/1901.
RUTH THACKRAY. Born 1864 at Eavestone. Died 24.10.1917.M.I. dau of William & Jane of Bramley Grange. Married Robert Coldbeck.
SAMUEL THACKWRAY.* Born 4.10.1813 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson.
SAMUEL THACKWRAY. Born 28.12.1850 Winksley. Son of David & Jane Brown. Married in 1872 to Ann Wintersgill. of Masham.
SAMUEL WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born 16 July 1880 Winksley. Farmer in Grewelthorpe. Married in 1908 to Selina Mary Prest. of Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Samuel & Ann Wintersgill. In 1939 he was a Hind. lived Cliff House. Grewelthorpe.
SAMUEL THACKWRAY. Son of Samuel William & Sarah Prest.
SAMUEL ALAN THACKRAY. Born 3 Oct 1914. Coal and Milk delivery driver married to Laura. Living Princess Terrace Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.
SARAH ANN THACKRAY. Born 1874 at Kirkby Malzeard. Married John Thackray, Farmer of Grewelthorpe.
SELINA MARY THACKRAY[Nee Prest]. Born C. 1879. Died 12.5.1939. Dau of Robert Prest & Sarah Rock. Lived Cliffe House, Grewelthorpe. Funeral at Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of Samuel W. Thackray Farmer in Grewelthorpe.
SHEILA R. THACKRAY. Born 24 Aug. 1933. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Samuel Alan & Laura. Later married ? Hammond.
THOMAS THACKRAY. Born 1787 at Eavestone. Butcher & Farmer. Married Jane of Middlesmoor.
THOMAS THACKRAY. Born 1844 at Kirkby Malzeard. Grandson of Thomas the Butcher. Son of John of Laverton.
THOMAS THACKRAY of Bramley Grange Grewelthorpe married on 27 Oct. 1884 at Ripon Reg. Office to Hannah Mary Jeffery of Grewelthorpe. [Ref Knaresborough Post 1884].
THOMAS CLARK THACKWRAY. Born 26.7.1855. Died 1856. Son of William & Elizabeth of Winksley.
THOMAS THACKRAY. Born C. 1865 Lofthouse, Pateley Bridge. Died Jan 1940 Masham. Lived in Masham. Blacksmith. See Obit at end.

Report in Darlington & Stockton Times Oct. 1911.
Thomas Thackwray blacksmith of Masham was fined 5/6d for riding a bicycle on the footpath from Fearby to Masham. In his defence he said it was because the roads were dirty.

THOMAS THACKRAY. Born C. 1889 Bateley Carr. Son of William [Innkeeper] & Jane. He was a fruiterer in 1911. Unmarried. Living Crown Hotel, Grewelthorpe.
THOMAS THACKRAY. Born C.1896 Stonebeck. Son of Robert & Mary Jane.
T.H.THACKRAY. This cup has been spotted on a website auction site. The inscription reads.
From the Inhabitants of Pateley Bridge.
In recognition of services
Rendered during the Great War.
West Yorks.

If anyone can explain what this is about and who the recipient was, please get in touch.
Thanks to Ben McKenzie for spotting this and sending it to us.

VIOLET T.THACKRAY. Born 13 Jan 1925. Dau of Norman & Annie. Married ? Pickersgill.
WILLIAM THACKRAY. baptised 20 June 1779 in Wetherby, Yorkshire. Son of John . Travels around England frequently for his apprenticeship, marriage & work as a “Wheelwright, Master carpenter & agricultural implement maker” before he sails for South Africa in 1819 …
- 1801 married Dorothy Pownall 27 Dec 1801 near London in the All Saints, Isleworth, Middlesex, England,
- 1802 is in Church Hulme, Cheshire which is the Pownall’s home county where their 1st child is born,
- 1803 to 1809 is living and working in Salford, Manchester where 4 children are born,
- 1812 to 1819 is living & working in Sheffield, Yorkshire where 2 children are born
… so our William Thackwray is Yorkshire young man with his early life sandwiched between Wetherby & Sheffield between 1779 & 1819 before he sails away to South Africa
… sadly William Snr. Thackwray was killed by Chiek Faku while on a trading mission 28 SEP 1829 • by the Umzimvubu River near Port St Johns, Eastern Cape, South Africa … leaving his young settler family to fend for themselves only 9 years after arriving in South Africa.

WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born C1795. Died 13.4.1840 age 45 of Scarlatina. He was a butcher. he married Elizabeth Mann. in 1818. see letters from Mgt Kelly.& Celia Pollington. at top of page.

Bible page showing children of William & Elizabeth Mann.

WILLIAM THACKWRAY. Born 7.3.1798 Aldfield. Son of John & Mary Pearson. Married Elizabeth Severs. see letter from Mgt Kelly at top of page.

Grave of Elizabeth Severs. wife of William Thackwray.

WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born 8 May 1808. Manchester. Died 31 Oct 1829 Grahamstown. Eastern Cape. S.Africa. [stabbed by Hottentots aged 21] Unmarried. Son of Settler William 1779-1829.

WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born C. 1807 Winksley. Married to Ann born Azerley in 1804.
WILLIAM THACKWRAY. Born C1820. Buried 21.4.1893 Winksley. aged 73.
WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born C.1833 Eavestone. Farmer at Bramley Grange Grewelthorpe. Married C1861 to Jane of Hauxwell. They had 2 children, 1 died. In 1911 living with granddau Annie & husband John Ascough. Married about 1910.
WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born 1848 at Bramley Grange. Bap. 11.6.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Margaret. Married 1871 to 1st wife Hannah Hannam.Born 1849 died 1888. Had 3 sons, 5 daughters. 2nd wife Annie Rose Page. Had 3 children. {Bert, Nora & Madge}. Wm & Annie Rose interred Pateley Bridge.
Letter from Lynn Butters 2016.
William Thackray born 1848, son of John and Margaret. His first wife was Hannah Hannam born 1849. They married in 1871 and she died in 1888. He is my GG Grandfather.

WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born C. 1848 Winksley. Son of David & Jane.
WILLIAM THACKRAY. Born C. 1861 Middlesmoor. Married to Jane of Middlesmoor. he was butcher and landlord of Crown Hotel, Grewelthorpe in 1911. had 5 children in 1911.
WILLIAM R.THACKRAY. Born 1 Oct 1896. Married to Lily M.[born 1893]. Gardener living East Lodge Grantley Hall in 1939.

Obituary in Ripon Gazette dated 18.1.1940 for Thomas Thackray. 1865-1940.The death of Masham Blacksmith.Mr Thomas Thackray of Swinton Terrace, Masham died in Masham aged 75years. He lived in Masham for over 50 yrs Having been born in Lofthouse near Pateley Bridge. He worked for the late Henry Atkinson and then for Messrs. Theakston until about 12 years ago when failing eyesight caused him to retire.

Grave of George & Mary Ann in Grewelthorpe Churchyard.

Grave of John Thackray 1814-1893 in Grewelthorpe Churchyard.

Grave of Ann, Jane, John, & Margaret [Mother] Thackray of Bramley Grange.