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Simpson family

Details of the Simpson family living in the Grewelthorpe area according to the census returns.

Mack sent the following comments in November 2011.
I am doing some research on the Simpson Family in Harrogate. David Simpson Atkinson was the son of Sarah Atkinson, nee Simpson, who in turn was the daughter of David Simpson, thrice Mayor of Harrogate. David Simpson was a builder who developed the Duchy Estate in Harrogate and Laid the foundation stone of the Royal Hall. Her grandfather was James Simpson, again a local builder, Improvement Commissioner, and twice Mayor after Incorporation in 1881. Both were prominent and well respected aldermen and freemasons.

Latest update. April 2021.

ADA S. SIMPSON. Born C.1877 Felixkirk. Dau of John & Ann.
ANNIE E.SIMPSON. Born 12 June 1863. A widow Living Holly Cottage Grewelthorpe in 1939. Mother of Frederick T. Simpson.
ELIZABETH ANN SIMPSON. Born C. 1895 Grewelthorpe. Dau of John & Annie Elizabeth.
FRED SIMPSON. Born 11 May 1879 Sutton. Son of John & Ann. Dairy Farmer. In 1939 a widower living Mowbray View. with sons Thomas & Ivan.
FREDERICK T. SIMPSON. Born 4 March 1904. Agricultural tractor driver. Living Holly Cottage with his Mother Annie E. Simpson. in 1939.
HARRY SIMPSON. Born C.1883 Sutton. Son of John & Ann.
HERBERT T.SIMPSON. Born 9 Sept 1906. Married to Hilda [born 1912] Farmer at High Missise Farm in 1939. Had Hens, Pigs & Dairy according to 1939 reg.
IVAN J. SIMPSON. Born 17 July 1925. Son of Fred of Mowbray View.
JAMES ED. SIMPSON. Born 20 Nov 1908. Married to Ellen [born 1908]. Dairy farmer at Low Agra Healey in 1939.
JOHN SIMPSON. Born C 1832 Masham. Living Shipton 1891 married to Ann [b1821] of Overton.
JOHN SIMPSON. Born C.1835 Thirlby. Farmed at Oak Stile Grewelthorpe in 1891. married Ann [bC1839] Dalton.
JOHN SIMPSON. Born C. 1870 Sutton under whitestone cliff. Married Annie Elizabeth of Harome. Lived Camp Cottage Grewelthorpe in 1901.
JOHN WILLIAM SIMPSON. Born 7.8.1898 Grewelthorpe. Died 1975. Son of John & Annie Elizabeth. Married to Mary Esther. Farmer living Wath in 1939.
JOHN SIMPSON. Born 1927. Thirsk. Died 2006 Baldersby, Son of John William & Mary Esther.

John Simpson.

JOHN E SIMPSON. Born 12 May 1938. Son of Herbert & Hilda of High Missise Farm.
JOSEPH E. SIMPSON. Born C. 1867. Son of John & Ann.
MARY HANNAH SIMPSON. Born C.1882 Sutton. Son of John & Ann.
MARY ESTHER SIMPSON. Born 16 Jan.1896 Grewelthorpe. Dau of John & Annie Elizabeth. Married John Wm. Simpson.

Mary Esther Simpson.

MINNIE SIMPSON. Born 18 May 1879. LNER Office clerk. A widow living Ripon 1939.
NELSON J.SIMPSON. Born 29 Nov 1874. Retired Living Miners Arms Greenhow Hill in 1939.
RICHARD SIMPSON. Born C 1871. Died 6.11.1941 Ripon workhouse. Heart failure. Address given Mowbray View Grewelthorpe. Buried in Ripon.
RICHARD SIMPSON. Born C. 1873 Sutton. Servant at Bramley in 1891.
ROBERT SIMPSON. Born C.1836 Masham. Son of Thomas [Seedsman] & Maria. Living Hurworth 1891 a Gardener. Married to Sara Ann [b1838] of Barwick in Elmet.
Had 3 children Louisa [1870] Florence [1876] & William [1879].
THOMAS R. SIMPSON. Born 14 Sept 1921. Son of Fred of Mowbray View.
WALTER SIMPSON. Born 2 April 1913. Son of Minnie [LNER Clerk] Gardener In Ripon 1939.
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