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Pickles Family

History of the surname Pickles.
This interesting name is of early medieval English origin. It is topographical for someone who lived by a small field or paddock. The name derives from the Middle English word “pightel”, meaning a small enclosure.
Topographical names were among the earliest group of surnames to be created in England and other countries in Europe, as they became necessary, since both natural and man-made features in the landscape provided instant and easily recognisable identifying names for the inhabitants of the small communities of the Middle Ages.
The modern surname can be found as Pickles, Pickless, Pickle and Pighills, and is recorded mainly in Yorkshire. Early examples of the name recording include the marriage of Thomas Pickles and Sarah Tennard at Bingley, in Yorkshire, on January 28th 1649. whilst Ronald Pickles, a famine emigrant, sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship “New World” bound for New York on June 7th 1847.
The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard de Righkeleys. This was dated 1379, in the Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire. during the reign of King Richard 11nd, known as “Richard of Bordeaux”, 1377 – 1399.
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Letter from Fran MacHardy July 2014.

Message: Hello, I am wondering if anyone might know of a John Pickles, born in Bradford, director of Fleming Reid and co, wool merchant, who moved from Yorkshire to Gourock, died at Hilden,(house name?) Ashton, Gourock in 1929. His wife was Louisa Pickles (formerly Feather) and she died in Bradford (?) in 1944. They had one child only, a son, Frank, who would have been my grandfather, but he died young, at 50, leaving a wife and 3 schoolgirl daughters. Frank served with the Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Chamber of Commerce division) in WW1, and following the war became a journalist in London. I am trying to find out more about John Pickles and specifically whether he had any siblings?

If you can help Fran please contact the site.

The following information relevant to the Pickles families from the Grewelthorpe area has been taken from Parish Registers, Census & school records, Memorials in churchyard etc.
Last updated Jan. 2019.
If you find it helpful or if you have anything to add please contact me.

AMELIA ANN PICKLES. Born 11.3.1901 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Joseph & Lucy. Started G/T school 23.4.1906.
BEATRICE ADELAIDE PICKLES. Born C1900 Harrogate. Dau of George & Caroline. Ran a millinery in Harrogate. Married to Frederick Matson. Lived together in Nottinghamshire.
CHARLES PICKLES. Born C. 1805 Hampsthwaite. Buried 26.4.1893. Gamekeeper & Workman for Lord Ripon. Husband of Esther Jackson of Grewelthorpe.
CHARLES PICKLES. Born C. 1840 Grewelthorpe. Died 1914. Son of Charles & Esther Jackson. Married Matilda Baul. in 1872. Moved to Southport in 1891. Farm Manager.

Charles Pickles.

CHARLES PICKLES. Born 1887 Laverton. Son of John of Ingerthorpe & Mary.
CHARLES H. PICKLES. Born 10.9.1899 Grewelthorpe. Son of Joseph & Lucy. Lived Chapel Row, Grewelthorpe. Started Grewelthorpe school 30.4.1904.
DAVID PICKLES. Born C1873 Wath. Son of James & Mary Graham. Shepherd in 1901.
EASTER [ESTHER] PICKLES. Born C. 1812. Buried 16.3.1892. Wife of Charles.
EASTER ELIZABETH PICKLES. Born 20.5.1896. Manchester. Dau of Joseph & Lucy. Started Grewelthorpe school 7.5.1900.
ELIZA PICKLES. Born C. 1851 Ripon. Dau of Robert [Farmer] & Hannah.
ELIZABETH PICKLES. Born C. 1843 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles & Esther Jackson.
ELIZABETH PICKLES. Bap. 5.11.1871. Dau of Esther. Grand dau of Charles & Esther Jackson Started Grewelthorpe school 22.10.1877.Left 1884.
ELIZABETH IRENE PICKLES [Rene] Only Dau. of J.Pickles of Crosshills Grewelthorpe. Married Cyril J. Clarkson. of Camp Farm, Grewelthorpe in October 1949. Had a brother J.R.Pickles. Elizabeth served 4yrs in the land army and was a confectioner in Masham. Report of wedding in Ripon Gazette 13.10.1949.
EMILINE CLEMINSON PICKLES. Born C1868 Harrogate Dau of George & Caroline.
ESTHER PICKLES. Bap. 20.4.1856 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Charles & Esther Jackson of Grewelthorpe. Married George Park Kirkby. in 1877 from Bishop Thornton. George died 1909 in Durham.
ESTHER JANE PICKLES. Born C. 1860 Crakehall. Died 1914. Dau of Jonathan [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Spence Married Henry Boggit in Rochdale.
ETHEL MAY PICKLES. Born 11.9.1905. Dau of Joseph & Lucy. Started school 1.4.1913. Left 1915.
FLORENCE PICKLES. Born 15 July 1916. Bap. 10.9.1916 Dallowgill. Dau of Leonard Shaw & Maggie of Skelding, Grantley. Living Azerley Grange in 1939. Later married ? Sidgwick.
FREDERICK PICKLES. Born C. 1877 Haworth. Head Teacher at Grewelthorpe school from 18.2.1901 to approx. 1914/15. Started at £90 per annum.
GEORGE PICKLES. Bap.31.10.1852 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Charles & Esther of Grewelthorpe. Farm servant for James Beckwith Spring Hall Grewelthorpe in 1871.
Married Caroline from Bradford C1890. In 1911 he was a sewage waterman working for the corporation. Living Weigh Cottage. Ripon Rd. They had 4 daughters.
HANNAH PICKLES. Wife of Robert the Farmer.
HILDA MAY PICKLES. Born 8.9.1903. Dau of Joseph & Lucy. Started G/T school 3.4.1911.
JANE PICKLES. Bap.19.9.1847 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles & Esther Jackson Possibly married John Sly. [b.1849].
JANE PICKLES. Born C. 1853 Ripon. Dau of Robert [Farmer] & Hannah.
JAMES PICKLES. Born C.1838 Sharow. Son of Robert [Farmer] & Hannah. Lived Glen Cottage. Married MARY GRAHAM. of Grewelthorpe on 31.1.1863 at Wesleyan Chapel Ripon.
JAMES PICKLES. Born 1894 Ripon. Died 1944 West Tanfield. Married Hilda Baul. Served in WW1.
JOHN ROBERT PICKLES. Born C.1847 Markington. Son of Robert {Farmer} & Hannah.
JOHN J. PICKLES. Born C1870 Wath. Son of James & Mary Graham.
JOHN ROBERT PICKLES. Born 9 Jan 1886 Laverton. Son of John of Ingerthorpe & Mary. Dairy Farmer Married to Hannah [born 1890].
JONATHAN PICKLES. Born C. 1838. Grewelthorpe. Died 2.2.1871. Buried 5.2.1871. M.I.Grewelthorpe. Blacksmith. Son of Charles & Esther. Husband of Mary Ann Spence.

Grave of Jonathan Pickles. Grewelthorpe churchyard.

JONATHAN PICKLES. Born C. 1856 Ripon. Son of Robert [Farmer] & Hannah.
JONATHAN PICKLES. Bap. 6.6.1869. Son of Jonathan [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Spence. Started Grewelthorpe school 13.11.1876. Left in 1881.
JOSEPH PICKLES. Bap. 10.6.1860 Grewelthorpe. Died 20.1.1932. M.I. Grewelthorpe. Served in WW1. Son of Charles[Gamewatcher] & Esther. Married Lucy of Dallowgill in C1895. he was a Rural Postman.
JOSEPH PICKLES. Born 6.11.1907. Bap.8.12.1907. Son of Joseph & Lucy. Started school 1.4.1914.
KATHLEEN LENORA MARY PICKLES Born 7 Dec 1919. Died 29 Aug 1995 Grewelthorpe. Lived at The Reddings. Grewelthorpe. Married to Robert.
LEONARD PICKLES. Born 22 Dec 1884. Married to Margaret [Born 1887]. A dairy farmer Living Azerley Grange in 1939.
LOUISA PICKLES. Born C 1868 Wath. Dau of James & Mary Graham. Married ? Storry. Had dau. Maud b. 1897.
LUCY PICKLES. Born C. 1873 Dallowgill. Died 1.7.1914.M.I. [Grewelthorpe churchyard] Wife of Joseph.
MARY PICKLES. Lived Grewelthorpe Had illeg son Robert Bap. 8.9.1811 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. K.Malzeard Par Reg.]
MARY ANN PICKLES. Born C.1839 Sharow. Dau of Robert {Farmer] & Hannah. . Wife of Jonathan the Blacksmith
MARY PICKLES [Nee GRAHAM.] Born C1841 Grewelthorpe. Wife of James of Glen Cottage. Married 31.2.1863 Ripon. Widow in 1911 lliving with Dau Mary Jane.

MARY PICKLES. Born C. 1845 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles & Esther Jackson. Married [1] ? Aveyard. She was widowed by 6.2.1871 when she married George Thirkill. [b.1841] see Thirkill page.
MARY PICKLES [Nee ?]. Born C1860 Masham. Married to John of Ingerthorpe. Had 4 children.
MARY ELLEN PICKLES. Born C. 1863 Leeds. Dau of Jonathan [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann.
MARY JANE PICKLES. Born C1880. Dau of James & Margaret Graham. Married Herbert Maxwell Wood. of Laverton. in C1906. Living Copt Hewick in 1911.
MARY JANE PICKLES. Born 12.3.1898. Bap. 10.5.1898. Dau of Joseph & Lucy. Started G/T school 7.4.1902 left 1906. In July 1906 she got 6 months leave of absence from school because of her delicate health. A leaning towards consumption. In Sept. 1906 she returned to school much better.
MATILDA PICKLES [nee Baul]. Born 1854 Died 1909.Dau of John Baul & Mary Jane Thackray. Wife of Charles Pickles. Married in 1872.
OLIVE M. PICKLES {nee Johnson}. Born 22 Dec 1918. Cheese dairymaid living Quaker Terr. Masham in 1939. Unmarried.
POLLY PICKLES. Born 25 Aug.1872 Grewelthorpe. Bap 1.12.1872 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1953. Dau of Charles & Matilda Baul. Married David Bruce. jeweller. Living Southport in 1901.

Polly Pickles

RHODA PICKLES. born C 1882 Laverton. Dau of John of Ingerthorpe & Mary.
ROBERT PICKLES. Born C.1811 Grewelthorpe. Illeg. son of Mary of Grewelthorpe. Farmer. Husband of Hannah of Ripon.
ROBERT PICKLES. Born C. 1851. Son of Charles & Esther Jackson
ROBERT PICKLES. Born C1867 Kirkby Fleetham. Son of James & Mary Graham.
ROBERT PICKLES. Born C. 1886 Laverton. Died Feb. 1940. Lived at The Laurels Laverton all his life. Church and PCC member.
ROBERT CHARLES PICKLES Born 7 Dec 1917. Died 2007.Son of Frank & Amelia Charles. In 1939 in Harrogate Chemists assistant. Married to Kathleen. Lived at The Reddings. Grewelthorpe.
SHAW PICKLES. Born C 1884 Laverton. Child of John of Ingerthorpe & Mary.
STANLEY PICKLES. Born 25 July 1911. Son of Leonard & Margaret of Azerley Grange.
VICTRESS B.C.PICKLES. Born 1905 Harrogate. Dau of George & Caroline.
VIOLET MAY PICKLES. Born C1894 Harrogate. Dau of George & Caroline.
WIDOW PICKLES. Married George Thirkill. his second wife. In mid 1800’s.

Researched by Barbara Bradley. Last update April. 2021.

Below. Chapel Row, Grewelthorpe. Where Joseph & Lucy Pickles lived in late 1890’s.