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Peacock Family

Information about the Peacock family living in and around Grewelthorpe.
Page started Sept 2014. Updated June. 2019.

Thanks to Phreddy broekhuijsen on information about Matthew Dobson Peacock.
[June 2019] Matthew Dobson Peacock was a twin with Ann Johnson Peacock they were born on 29 febuary 1856, which he often joked about him being 4 times yonger than most.
You say he was born in 1837 which would make him 98 when he died in 1935 , this can’t be true Matthew became the famous horse trainer and lived at the manor house, Middleham.

Grave link: He was married twice 1879 sarah kershaw (1856-1890) 1894 Margaret Winn (1856-1931) Matthew Dobson Peacock was the son of Matthew Peacock(1797-1872) & Martha Dobson(1819-1888) Hope this is of use in your research. If you need any more information on the Peacocks let me know.

ADA PEACOCK. Born 1896 Kirby Moor. Dau of William & Elizabeth.
ANNIE ELIZABETH PEACOCK [nee?]. Born C1878 Middlesmoor. Married to John William [Dairy worker]in C1900. This is possibly the dau of Matthew Dobson Peacock & Sarah Kershaw who died 24 May 1911 age 23.
BARBARA PEACOCK. Born 1821. Died 19.10.1878. Dau of Jonathan & Mary Atkinson. Witness at marriage of sister Jane. Married Matthias Ascough. in 1849.
ELLA PEACOCK. Born C1893 Masham. Dau of John [the carter] & Elizabeth.
ELIZABETH PEACOCK. Born 1860 North Stainley. Dau of William & Elizabeth Frances Dovener.
EMMA PEACOCK. Born 1889 Kirby Moor. Dau of William & Elizabeth.
EVA MARY PEACOCK. Born C1900 Middlesmoor. Dau of John William [Dairy worker] & Annie Elizabeth.
FRANK PEACOCK. Born 1899. Died 15 March 1905 age 6. Son of Matthew Dobson Peacock & Margaret.
FRANCIS PEACOCK. Born 1901. Son of Henry & Polly Skaife.
FRED PEACOCK. Born C1883 Kirkby Malzeard. Working for Hannah Petty [farmer] in 1911 in K.Malzeard.
GEORGE PEACOCK. Born C1846 Masham. Son of William & Mary. In 1861 living at Crathorne Mill House . Brother John was a miller.
HARRY PEACOCK. Son of *Matthew Dobson Peacock” he was a horse trainer in Middleham. Got his license in 1932.
HENRY PEACOCK. Born 1874 North Stainley. Son of William & Elizabeth Frances Dovener. Married Polly Skaife. on 14.2.1898 in Bolton.
JANE PEACOCK. Dau of Pickering & Hannah Wintersgill.
JANE PEACOCK. Born 1822. Sutton Grange. Died 13.12.1903 Leeds. Dau of Jonathan & Mary Atkinson. Married 15.8.1846 to Thomas Edwin Craven. Sister of Barbara.
JOHN PEACOCK. Born 1841 Azerley. Son of Jonathan & Mary Atkinson.
JOHN PEACOCK. Born C1856 Exelby. Married in C1889 to Elizabeth of Snape. In 1911 he was a carter. with 2 surviving children in Masham.
JOHN PEACOCK. Born 1869. Son of William & Elizabeth Frances Dovener.
JOHN WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born C1879 Kirkby Malzeard. Married in C1900 to Annie Elizabeth. He was a Dairy worker probably at Kirkby Malzeard Dairy.
JOHN WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born C1879 Stockton on tees. Died Sept 1931 age 52. Worked for 21 years for Walker & Wilson wholesale newsagents in Darlington. Became a manager and then a traveller for the firm. He was Vice President of the National Deposit friendly society. In 1920 he was President of the National Assoc. of clerks to Insurance committees. He was a Free Mason in Northallerton. He was a Methodist.
JOHN PEACOCK. Born C1890 Masham. Son of John [The carter] & Elizabeth.
JOHN WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born 1901 Bradford. Son of Henry & Polly Skaife.
JONATHAN PEACOCK. Born 1786. Died 1848. Married to Mary Atkinson. Lived Kirkby Malzeard.
JONATHAN PEACOCK. Born C1821 Masham. Died 1872 Australia. Son of Pickering & Hannah Wintersgill.
He was killed by a tree falling on him. Married to Jane Harkness of Leyburn in 1842. It is thought he emigrated in about 1857. His death cert. shows he had had 16 children.

JONATHAN PEACOCK. Born 1824 Azerley. Died 29.3.1886. Swetton. Kirkby Malzeard.
Son of Jonathan & Mary Atkinson. Married Elizabeth Hodgson. in 1851. In 1859 Lived Bull Ing. Kirkby Malzeard.
JONATHAN PEACOCK. Born 1854 Galphay. Died Dec 1931 Ripon. Son of Jonathan & Elizabeth Hodgson.* Married in 1877 to Jane Umpleby. Lived Laverton.
JONATHAN LEONARD PEACOCK. Born 1877 Carlsmoor. Died 1952 Claro District. Son of Jonathan & Jane Umpleby.
LAWRENCE PEACOCK. Born C1887. Died 1 Feb 1900 age 13. Son of Matthew Dobson Peacock & Sarah Kershaw.
LEONARD PEACOCK. Born 27 July 1880. Died 17 April 1950 Grewelthorpe. He died at Bush Farm, Grewelthorpe, the home of his daughter. {Ref. Yorks. Post]. Married to Ada A.[born 1876] of Japonica Cottage, Laverton. Interred Kirkby Malzeard Churchyard. A sheep farmer living Laverton in 1939.
LESLIE PEACOCK. Born 25 Jan 1907. Dairy Farmer married to Eva [born 1913]. Living Ringbeck 1939.
MARGARET PEACOCK. Born 1827 Azerley. Married in 1858. to John Wright. see Wright page. In 1901 she was a widow living with her daughter’s family the Gills. in Grewelthorpe
MARY PEACOCK [nee ATKINSON]. Born 1794. Married to Jonathan Peacock.
MARY PEACOCK. Born 1818 Azerley. Died 1902 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Jonathan & Mary Atkinson. In 1871 she was living with sister Barbara & the Ascough family in Grewelthorpe.
In 1901 she was unmarried living with Thomas & Mary Gill in Grewelthorpe. She shares a grave with John Wright of Grewelthorpe. Her brother in law. See Wright page.
MARY ANN PEACOCK. Born 1851 Studley. Died 1901 Pateley Bridge. Dau Of William & Elizabeth Frances Dovener. Married in 1873 to Thomas Skaife. Lived Bishop Thornton.

MARY PEACOCK. Born 1852 Galphay. Dau of Jonathan & Elizabeth Hodgson.
MATTHEW D. PEACOCK. Born 1797 Died 1872. Married to Martha Dobson. Martha [Patty] Peacock died 3.10.1985 age 101yrs.
MATTHEW DOBSON PEACOCK. Born 29 Feb 1856 Spennithorne. Died 1935. Son of Matthew D. & Martha Dobson.. Twin of Ann Johnson Peacock. Horse racing trainer in Middleham Yorkshire. Married [1] Sarah Kershaw. & [2] Margaret Winn. see letter from Phreddy broekhuijsen above.

Matthew Dobson Peacock in 1932 at Thirsk races.

M.D.Peacock and son Harry Peacock in 1932. [Ref Leeds Mercury Nov 1932]
Successful horse trainers.

MATTHEW JAMES PEACOCK. Born C1881. Died 3 July 1951 age 71. Son of Matthew Dobson & Sarah Kershaw. Married to Jane Ann who died 26.12.1981.
PICKERING PEACOCK. Born 25 Aug 1771 West Witton. Died 31 Jan 1840 Healey Masham. Married *Hannah Wintersgill.*of Masham in 1805. They had 8 children.
ROBERT PEACOCK. Born C1806 Masham. Died 1852 Bradford. Son of Pickering & Hannah Wintersgill.
ROBERT E. PEACOCK. Born C1880 Masham. He was a draper in 1911. Unmarried. Market Place Masham.
ROBERT EDWARD PEACOCK. Born C1883 Masham. Married in 1908 to Elizabeth of Grewelthorpe. In 1911 he was a grocer on Silver St. Masham.
SARAH J. PEACOCK. Born C1847 Masham. Dau of William & Mary. Living Crathorne Mill in 1861. She married Richard Wakin a miller. Living in Norton Durham in 1891. Her Mother Mary lived with her.
SARAH PEACOCK [NEE Kershaw]. Born 1856. Died 7 May 1890. First Wife of Matthew Dobson Peacock.
WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born 1806 Masham. Died 1875 Australia. Son of Pickering & Hannah Wintersgill. Married to Rebecca Taylor. they had 11 children. He was a wool comber.
WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born 1829 Azerley. Died March 1911. Son of Jonathan & Mary Atkinson. Married Elizabeth Frances Dovener in 1853.
WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born C1856. Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Elizabeth. of Kirby Moor. Farming Kirby Moor in 1911. They had had 9 children. 7 alive in 1911. It is possible this is William shown below. Not proved.
WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born 1857. Son of William & Elizabeth Frances Dovener.
WILLIAM PEACOCK. Born 1881 Swetton. Son of Jonathan & Jane Umpleby.