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Metcalfe Family

Last updated March 2021.

History of the surname Metcalfe.
This very interesting surname recorded in the spellings of Medcalf, Metcalf and Metcalfe, is English. It is chiefly recorded in the county of Yorkshire, and there have been claims that it represents the very first hereditary surname. This is arguable, but there is no doubt that it was one of the very first. It is probably topographical, but may be occupational, and in either case derives either from the Olde English pre 7th century word “mete” meaning food or meat, plus “cealf”, a calf, with the translation of “a calf to be fattened for eating (at the end of the Summer)”, or when the first element is written as “med” it may derive from “mead”, and describe a pasture or meadow where calves were fattened. Early examples of the surname recording taken from authentic survivng rolls and charters of the medieval period include: John Medcalfe who appears in the register of the Freemen of the City of York in 1463*. William Metcalf, married Marageret Stansfield at Kippax, Yorkshire, on October 12th 1596. and Michill Metcalfe of Norwich aged 45, his wife Sarah and eight children, who left England to settle in Boston, New England, in 1635. *The first recorded spelling of the family name is possibly that of Adam Medecalf. This was dated 1301, in the Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire. during the reign of King Edward 1st, 1272 – 1307. © Copyright: Name Orgin Research 1980 – 2010.

The following information relevant to Metcalfe families from the Grewelthorpe area, has been taken from Parish Registers, School and Census Records , Newspapers etc.

Thanks to Sue Hall for information about Barbara Metcalfe and her family. [March 2021]

Letter from Roberto Sapia in Italy May 2020.
I have a “historical find” here in Rome. is a fireplace clock, still fully functional after my careful overhaul, which bears a brass plate that says “Presented to Mr. & Mrs. H. Metcalfe. As a token of esteem from the Teachers an Scholars of Fearby Wesleyan Sunday School . March 1927 “.
I cannot determine, based on the genealogy in, which Metcalfe is referable to but I think it can be an interesting element. To the clock I added inside, in a very “light” way, a laser beam which, reflecting on the pendulum and projecting itself in front of my bed, produces a rather interesting “hypnotic” effect.
Well, thanks for your attention and … sincere congratulations for the care of the site on Grewelthorpe: done very well, with great accuracy and dedication, with a lot of VERY interesting news: History is made this way too!
I add two photos of the clock.
Best regards.
Roberto Sapia – Rome

Can any one help with this clock.

Reply from Sam Metcalfe [Dec.2020].

In response to the letter regarding the clock.
It belonged to my great Grandparents Harold and Kathleen. Who for a time lived at one of the village farms in Fearby before moving to Snape lodge when my Grandfather (Douglas Metcalfe) was 9. When they retired they moved to Whitclife lodge in Ripon. I spoke to my dad (Richard) about the clock this morning, he says he remembers it, amazing to think it’s made itself over to Italy!!! The cherished possession of a gift from the Wesleyan chapel seems to fit the profile to, as the only quote I know of my Great Grandfathers was “Yer shouldn’t send your children t’ Sunday school….. yer should teck em!
Thanks for keeping history alive
Sam Metcalfe. High Lindrick farm. Ripon.

Letter from Kathy Derene June 2019.
—My great grandfather, Robert Metcalfe, was from Grewlethorpe. He was born in 1870 and died at a young age in 1903 in Wisconsin. His father was William Metcalfe, born in 1833.
An old Bible recently given to me by my uncle is inscribed with the following note: “Given as a reward to W. Metcalfe on leaving the Wesleyan school, Grewelthorpe, 1884.”
The Grewelthorpe website has an interesting discussion of Methodists in the community and the history of the Wesleyan church, but does not mention the school. Do you know anything about the school? I think that in 1884, William would have been 51 years old, a bit too old to be a student at the school.

Reply from Barbara June 2019.

I am almost sure that the school mentioned would be the Sunday school attached to the Chapel. If you look at the picture on the web site in the history section under Methodists you will see the 1 storey building to the side of the Chapel. This was always called the schoolroom. When I first came here it was used as a village hall. We now have a new village hall and the old schoolroom is a private house. As you say William was an adult so he may have been the Sunday school teacher.

Letter from Anne Chainey April 2019. I have started looking into my family history on my fathers side & wondered if you had any information relating to Ellen Metcalf, daughter of Thomas Metcalf & Elizabeth Fryer, born 1796 in Kirkby Malzeard. Ellen married Edward Thorpe on 23 Nov 1820 in Leeds. They were living in Warthermaske in 1851 & both were buried in Masham churchyard, Ellen died 21st March 1875, aged 78. Any information would be gratefully received. Kind regards Anne Chainey granddaughter of Nellie Thorpe of Ripon.

The following reply came from Ryan Ellis [June 2019.] Hopefully they will get together.

We are direct descendants of Ellen Metcalfe born approx 1796 in Kirkby Malzeard who married Edward Thorpe in 1820. We are struggling to find any further info relating to Ellen on various ancestry sites.

We notice you have had a letter from Anne Chainey in April 2019 who is looking for exactly the same info as we are. Do you know if anyone has responded to her request or could you possibly put us in touch?
Ryan & Catherine

If you can help Anne or Ryan please contact the site.

Letter from Kath Brooks Jan 2019.
Ellen Metcalf married Thomas Britton Kirk in Leake on 1 December 1845. Her father’s name was John Metcalf, given on the marriage record. Grewelthorpe is recorded as her place of birth in the census of 1861,1871 and 1881. I have not yet found any more information but understand that Metcalf was a very common farming name in North Yorkshire.
If you can help Kath with more information please contact the site.

Letter from Allison Drake. October 2017. Hi I am researching Metcalfes and thought I would update share my findings with you.
Mary Metcalfe born c 1812 – 1816 of Grewelthorpe married William Metcalfe born c 1814 of Ripon.

I have the marriage cert for 1840 which states Mary dau of John Metcalfe Labourer and William son of Bartholomew Metcalfe. Tailor.
1841 They are at Allhallows, Ripon – William, Mary and Sarah (5). (Sarah Ann Metcalfe married Wm Balk in 1858 and has 3 brothers with her in Leeds in 1861)
1851 They are at Metcalfes Yard Allhallows Ripon – Wm, Mary, Richard John Mary Thomas & Margaret (Margerets BC shows her being born in Stammergate, Ripon to Wm and Mary)
I believe Mary died in 1856 which matches your data.

I lose Wm and the two girls – although Margaret my 2 x GGMother married Joseph Clarke in 1868 in Askrigg.
If anyone can add to this it would be appreciated.
Please contact Allison via the site if you can help.

Lynn Moralee writes in Feb 2015. I am descendant from Thomas Metcalfe who was executed for coining in 1709. I’m struggling to take his line further back.I have his father as John, born 1630 – ( I have him born in Leeds, death 1700 in Healey which fits better!) I have not managed to track down a name for his wife, I have some names for parents but I’m really unsure of the connection. They are, Thomas Metcalfe 1600-1665 Grace Armytage nee Rockley (her second marriage) b.1614 They were married in Rockley.Can anyone help at all

Response from Linda Pritchard. August 2020.

In reference to Lynn Moralee’s research: I am currently researching the Wintersgill family. I believe that Robert Wintersgill, my 8th Great grandfather, was also executed for high treason along with Thomas Metcalfe in 1709! Robert’s son, Thomas, married someone called Jane Metcalfe – Is this Thomas’ daughter Jane? Making both Robert and Thomas my 8th Great grandfathers!
I have recently returned from a holiday in Skipton. It is my intention to learn more of the history of the area around Masham prior to returning in the near future.
Linda Pritchard.

Ben Yielding would like information about the line of Matthew Metcalfe Bap. June 1788 son of George of Blackhill, Grewelthorpe. To contact Ben

Thanks to Kathy Derene for information about *Robert Metcalfe& [1870-1901] and family who emigrated to Glen Haven in Wisconsin. To contact Kathy with information

Thanks to Sandra Compton for the information about Henry Metcalfe and his father Wilks Metcalfe. She would like to hear from anyone with further information on this family.

June Howells sends the following request for information.In the Parish Records of Kirby Malzeard I located the birth of my ancestor Joseph Pickersgill baptised 1803 son of George of Grewelthorpe. I also located the marriage of a Mary Metcalf to a George Pickersgill which took place in 1799. Joseph married Ellen Hood of Baldersby at Helperby and had their two first children Bap. there. Mary 1833 and George 1835. The family then moved to Dewsbury where on the 1851 census Joseph said that he was born at Ploverhill, Thorpemore. As the Metcalf’s lived at Ploverhill Farm Galphay I am assuming that it could be there. Does any one know about this family?

Thanks to Christine Wadsworth for information & photo about James the gamekeeper at Scriven.

Thanks to James O’Conner for the following letter. January 2013.
First, thanks for spending so much time compiling such a comprehensive site especially as it’s been fascinating for my own research.
Re your Metcalfe page, the name of which I am a descendant, I can fill in a few blanks/details:early 1900’s.
The family of Thomas and Ellen Metcalfe, both born 1857ish. Ellen is nee Richmond, daughter I think of Nathan Richmond b 1817 and Ellen. Thomas & Ellen Metcalfe had the following children, 2 of whom are not listed on your page.
Elizabeth b 1883.
Annie b 1886.
Alice, also known as Nellie, b 1888.
Thomas b 1893, d WW1.
James b 1895, d WW1.
Bell, b 1898.
Doris b 1901, d 1971.
Lived at Red House Farm, Winksley – largely unchanged even today – until both Thomas and Ellen died within months of each other in 1940. Ellen was said never to have got over losing her two sons in WW1 (my great uncles, whom I was named after!). My grandmother was Doris Metcalfe. She married Harry Connor (b 1903, Ripon) in Ripon Cathedral in Nov 1925.
My trail on the Connor side is highly intriguing. My father always thought he was an O’Connor and seemingly never knew his own father’s history or even that his father changed his name from Connor to O’Connor around 1926. It’s only now I’ve discovered this and the facts that my father would have had uncles/relations he never knew about. I wonder if through any of your records there are references to the Connors of Ripon?
Regards James O’Connor.
If you can help James, please contact the site.

Thanks for Letter from Geraldine Huppe. February 2014. Mary Jane Metcalfe, born Dec. 21, 1878, Middlesbrough, was my grandmother.
She was the daughter of James Metcalfe, policeman, born Kexmoor, Kirkby Malzeard, son of George Metcalfe and Ann (Nancy) Astwood, and Isabella Calvert. daughter of Isaiah Calvert and Mary Cartwright. Mary Jane came to the US (New Hampshire) in 1903 and married her 2nd husband, James Richards, born 1872, Middlesbrough, son of James Richards and Isabelle Coverdale.
Then in 1908 she married my grandfather, John Aubrey Fanning, in New Hampshire. James Metcalfe, police sergeant, son of George Metcalfe & Ann Astwood, was born Dec. 2, 1830, Kexmoor, Kirkby Malzeard. He died Apr. 18, 1891, 5 Newton St., Middlesbrough. He married Isabella Calvert, March 5, 1872, St. Johns, Middlesbrough. Robert William Metcalfe, born 1870, Grewelthorpe. went to Wisconsin to join his aunt Jane Metcalfe. Jane was the wife of John Metcalfe, son of George Metcalfe & Ann (Nancy) Astwood. I don’t know who Jane’s parents were.

Eugene Metcalfe responded in Jan. 2015. I don’t now who Jane’s parents were. but Roberts parents were William & Grace who were my great grandfather & grandmother . Hope this helps a little.

Request for help from Ian Soanes in Kent. October 2015.I have been doing some family history research for a friend and have hit a brick wall with a Thomas Metcalfe. He died on 13 Jun 1959 in Leeds at age 75. This means he was born about 1884 and I’m pretty sure he was one of the Thomas Metcalfes born in Ripon around then. All I know about him is that he married Elsie Mary Allen in 1931 and had 9 children (one in Richmond District and the rest in Leeds), and that he lived on a farm when he was young, and that he is buried at Sharow Church, Ripon.
The only Metcalfe I have found in Galphay in the census records is a Thomas Metcalfe (b. c1821 at Azerley Grange, Laverton), who lived at Plover Hill Farm, Galphay with his wife Dinah Moorhouse for many years. This family is mentioned in your list on the Grewelthorpe website.I have assumed that ‘my’ Thomas (1884) is a grandson of Thomas and Dinah but try as I might I can’t pin down the birth, parents or census records (1891-1911) for ‘my’ Thomas. This is where I need your help.
If you can help Ian please contact the site.

Peter Hannam would like any information about – Eleanor [Nellie] Hannam – who married – Fred Metcalfe – in 1903. please contact the site if you can help.

Thanks to Malcolm Hyman for information about John Metcalfe & Ann Taylor. Sept. 2016.

If you find this article helpful in your own research, or if you have any information you would like to add, I would love to hear from you.

ADA METCALFE. [Possibly nee Graham] Born 29 Sept 1869. Colsterdale. Married William the joiner in 1891 A widow living Fearby in 1939. with dau. Elsie.
AGNES ANN METCALFE. Born C.1845 Grewelthorpe. wife of C.L. Metcalfe born Shropshire in C.1845. Living in Darlington in 1901.
ALICE METCALFE. Born C1536. Wife of Thomas. of Grewelthorpe. Ref. Borthwick Institute DC.CP 1574/3A.
ALICE METCALFE. nee Matison. Born C.1832.Cheapside. Dau of James Matison of Kent. Wife of William born 1825.
ALICE METCALFE. a.k.a.Nellie. Born 1888. Dau of Thomas & Ellen Richmond.
ALICK METCALFE. Bap. 27.3.1880. Son of William (the joiner) & Elizabeth.
AMY METCALFE. Born C 1885 Fearby. Dau of Stephen [Innkeeper] & Ann.
AMY METCALFE. Born C 1904 Healey Cote. Dau of William the joiner & Ada.
ANDREW METCALFE. Bap. 9.9.1821 Aldfield. Son of Thomas & Mary of North House.
ANN METCALFE. Born C. 1777. Buried 13.8.1852. Sister of Esther.
ANN METCALFE. [nee Binks.] Born C. 1807. Grewelthorpe. Dau of William Binks of Thirsk. Widow in 1851.
ANN METCALFE. Born 23.8.1810 Masham. Died 18.1.1869 USA.Dau of James & Elizabeth Kirkland. Married John Stephen Moody. of Masham on 17.10.1833. Emigrated to New Orleans USA on 22.6.1842.
ANN METCALFE [Nee ?] Born C.1812. Buried 3.10.1888 Dallowgill. Lived Swetton. Dallowgill. Possibly the wife of William who died 1887.
ANN METCALFE. Born C. 1817. Ellington. Widow of publican. Possibly the Royal Oak, Grewelthorpe.
ANN METCALFE. of Grewelthorpe. Banns read for marriage to William Allanson. of Kexmoor in Dec. 1872.
ANN METCALFE [nee ?]. Born C1832 Buckden. married Joseph [b1813] Lived Syke House, Laverton in 1871. A widow in Azerley in 1881.
ANN METCALFE. Bap. 26.9.1839 Masham. Buried 1.4.1875 Ripon Cathedral. Dau of Henry & Elizabeth Johnson. Married John Grebby. Farmer of Well. On 26.5.1863.
ANN METCALFE. Born C. 1842. Aldershaw. Buried 4.2.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Age 6.
ANN METCALFE. Born C. 1858. Grewelthorpe. Domestic servant at Hutts Farm. Unmarried in 1881.
ANN METCALFE. Bap. 20.5.1860 Dallowgill. Dau of Thomas & Dinah of Lady Hill Dallowgill.
ANN METCALFE. Bap. 27.7.1861 Kirkby Malzeard. dau of George & Ann of Braithwaite Hall.
ANNA MARIA METCALFE. Bap. 24.1.1876. Dau of Elizabeth of Bramley.
ANNIE METCALFE. Born C1845. Died 1899. Lived Swinton Park near Masham. It was reported in the Leeds Times that she had fallen from her bicycle in September 1898 and died three months later.
ANNIE METCALFE. Born C. 1883 Harrogate.Dau of Mary.
ANNIE MECALFE. Brn 1886. Dau of Thomas & Ellen Richmond.
Born 13th March 1896 died 10/06/1983 Annie was twice married firstly to Richardson who was a potter that was involved in Littlethorpe Potteries in Ripon. Annie married Stanley Metcalfe when she was 24 as she was then a widower. Annie’s parents Albert Edwin and Eliza Kitson were from Halifax area they used to run the Soil Hill Pottery. Albert Kitson was a well known potter. Annie had 3 Children Barbara Metcalfe Born 25th May 1923 and died July 2005, Olive Gertrude Metcalfe born 20/05/29 and died in 1964 in a car crash and a brother John Howard Albert Metcalfe who died age 13 in 1935.

Annie Metcalfe [nee Kitson]. [Thanks to Sue Hall for photo.]

ANTHONY METCALFE. Bap. 9.10.1791 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1851. Son of Thomas & Sarah of Bramley, Grewelthorpe. Married Margaret Pheason. in 1830. He was lock keeper and ferryman at Westwick near Ripon. Had a son Anthony who became a sailor and emigrated to US.
ANTHONY METCALFE. Born C. 1820. Bramley Grange. Buried 2.8.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.
ANTHONY METCALF. Born 11.12.1827 Westwick. Died 20.11.1888 Idaho USA. Son of Anthony & Margaret Pheason. Went to sea very early and had many adventures all over the world before emigrating to USA . Married Mary Ann Reeder. of Suffolk. They had 11 children. They had a homestead in Idaho. Their son William David was a farmer and state senator. Thanks to Cindy Huffaker for this data.

Anthony Metcalf and Mary Ann Reeder.

ANTHONY METCALFE. Born C. 1835. Buried 10.1.1864 Dallowgill.
ARTHUR METCALFE. Born 28 Nov 18??. Married to Constance [born 1905]. He was an estate mason living Fearby in 1939.
ARTHUR METCALFE. 25 March 1902. Married to Ruth [born 1901] Farmer at Stone Fold Ilton in 1939.
Born 25th May 1923 Dau Stanley & Annie Metcalfe who used to own the large furniture shop Metcalfes of Ripon where Barbara and family worked, the shop which was next to Ripon Cathedral, was their family business. Prior to the furniture shop Barbara had sold and demonstrated Singer Sewing Machines. Barbara was married twice firstly to Colin Hall whom she had three children Christopher born 15/7/1957 who died in Childbirth, she had two other sons Nicholas & Simon . Later Barbara married Wilfred (Bill) Fisher. Barbara died July 2005.
Barbara had a sister Olive Gertrude Metcalfe born 20/05/29 who died in 1964 in a car crash and a brother John Howard Albert Metcalfe who died age 13 of meningitis in 1935.

Barbara Metcalfe. [Thanks to Sue Hall for photo]

BARNETT METCALFE. Born C.1864 Laverton. Son of Joseph & Anne. Was a servant at Braithwaite Hall, Azerley in 1881. Died 22.12.1930 in Ripon workhouse. Stomach cancer. Buried Kirkby Malzeard.
BELL METCALFE. Born C1898 Winksley. Dau of Thomas & Ellen Richmond.
BERTIE METCALFE. Born 1881. Harrogate. Son of Mary.
BETSY METCALFE. Born C.1840. Dau of Margaret & John ? 1841.
BLAND METCALFE. Born C. 1851. Fearby. Dau of Mary. Joiner & Wheelwright living Grewelthorpe in 1911. Unmarried.
CATHERINE METCALF. Born C. 1881 Azerley. Grand dau of Thomas & Dinah.
CHARLES FOSTER METCALFE. Born C 1889 Masham. Son of Thomas Foster and Margaret Jane Mudd. In 1911 he was a Chemist’s assistant.
CHARLES WILFRED METCALFE Born 1891 Died 1962. Son of John James Metcalfe & Hannah. Brother of Stanley of Ripon.

Charles Wilfred Metcalfe. [Thanks to Sue Hall for photo]

CHARLES METCALFE. Bap. 2.1.1905 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas Edward [The miner] & Ruth of Carlsmoor.
CHRISTOPHER METCALFE. A Collier in 1730’s working in Colsterdale.
CLARA METCALFE. Born 5.1.1886. Dau of William [carpenter] & Lizzie Pickles. Started Grewelthorpe school 1891. Left village 1896. Parents living Kirkby Malzeard 1901.
Letter from Cathy McGhee.
Clara Metcalfe She was born 1885 in Grewlethorpe her father was William When she got married to my grandfather Walter Harrison in 1907, William was down as a Joiner? They lived in Liversedge, West Yorkshire. She had a brother who owned one of the hotels in Harrogate. Does anyone know anything about the family. She was my paternal Grandmother Many thanks Cathy
Can any one help?

CLARICE IVY METCALFE. Born C 1898 Healey Cote. Dau of William the joiner and Ada.
DAVID METCALFE. Bap. 9.4.1864. Lawnwith Kirkby Malzeard. Died 14.10.1938. Funeral G/Thorpe Church. Son of William & Mary. 1911 Living Glen Cottage in Grewelthorpe. Grewelthorpe Parish Councillor from 1910-1919. See Obit at end.
DORIS METCALFE. Born C1901 Winksley. Died 1971. Dau of Thomas & Ellen Richmond. Married Harry Connor. of Ripon in 1925. [See letter from James O’Connor above.]
DORIS ADINE METCALFE. Bap. 9.8.1903. Dau of William (the joiner) & Elizabeth.
DORIS METCALFE Born 29 Oct. 1922. Living Pear Tree Hse Darley 1939. Sister of Hilda. laundress.
ERNEST METCALFE. Born C1900. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William [carpenter] & Lizzie Pickles.
EDEN METCALF. Born C 1857 Dallowgill. Dau of Francis & Mary.
EDGAR METCALFE. Born 4.1.1896. Bap. 8.3.1896. Son of William(the joiner) & Elizabeth Pickles. Started Grewelthorpe school 1902. Killed in WW1.2.Feb 1917. 3996 Private Edgar Metcalfe. Born at Grewelthorpe and was living at Azerley Chase, Ripon when he enlisted in Ripon. Private Metcalfe died of wounds on 2nd February 1917 and he lies in Varennes Military Cemetery on the Somme. He died leaving £4. 16shillings and 6d to his parents William, a Carpenter and Lizzie. He is remembered on a plaque on the wall in Mickley Church. Unveiled in 1938. [Thanks to Dr. Mason of Mickley for this data].

EDWIN METCALFE. Born C.1837. Winksley. Working Spring Hall, Grewelthorpe in 1851.
EDWIN METCLAFE. Son of William. Brother of John William.
EDWARD METCALFE. Bap 9.9.1787 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1853 Grantley. Son of Thomas of Grewelthorpe & Sarah Ward. Married Mary Varley. in Ripon Cathedral in Feb 1814.
EDWARD METCALFE. Born C. 1846 Aldfield.
EDWARD METCALFE. Born 25 Sept. 1905. Married to Sarah [Born 1919] Dairy farmer at Yew Tree Farm Fearby in 1939.
EDWARD METCALFE. Born 21 Oct. 1914. Unmarried in 1939 living Swetton.
ELEANOR METCALFE. Bap. 24.3.1771 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Joseph & Mary.
ELI METCALFE. Born C. 1857. Ellingstring. Son of Jonah & Dorothy. Living East Witton 1871.
ELISABETH METCALFE. Bap 10.12.1691 Dau of Thomas [coiner] & Jane Thorpe.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Bap.4.9.1772 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Joseph & Mary of Grewelthorpe.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born 1782. Died 1830. Dau of Thomas & Sarah Ward. Married William Beck. of Grewelthorpe on 19.7.1802. had 11 children. Lived Laverton.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born C.1793. Kirby Hill. Wife of James.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born C. 1813. Colsterdale. Wife of James. Living Kirkby Malzeard 1851.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born C1837 Masham. Married John Bould. a house painter of Masham. Had 2 children Isabelle Metcalfe Bould. b.1868. & Thomas b 1872.
ELIZABETH BOLTON METCALFE. Born C1843 North Stainley. Dau of George. Married on 11.6.1870 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Robert Baul. a shoemaker from Galphay. [b.1843] son of James Baul. the Blacksmith.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Bap. 1.12.1850. Dau of Richard & Dorothy.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born C.1850 Grewelthorpe married Henry Cundall in 1881 and lived Greygarth Dallowgill up to 1901 census. Had 6 children.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born C. 1853 Grewelthorpe. Servant at Laverton in 1881.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Bap. 4.6.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Thomas & Dinah.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Bap.1.4.1856 at St. Mary’s, Masham. Dau of Henry & Elizabeth Johnson. Married John Grebby. (brother-in-law) on 29.8.1878 by licence at Leeds Register Office.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born C.1872. See Lizzie.
ELIZABETH METCALFE. Born 1883. Dau of Thomas & Ellen Richmond.
ELIZABETH M. METCALFE. Born 23 Oct 1919. Ripon. Dau of N.B.Metcalfe [shopkeeper] & ? Walker. Shop assistant in drapery dept. Married in 1958 to Alfred Renton.
ELLEN METCALF. Born 1796. Died 21 March 1875. Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Fryer. Ellen married Edward Thorpe. in Leeds on 23.11.1820. [see letter from Anne Chainey above.]
ELLEN METCALFE. Buried 25.1.1805 Kirkby Malzeard.
ELLEN METCALFE. Born 1837.Grewelthorpe. Buried 24.3.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.
ELLEN METCALFE. Born C1849 Dallowgill. Dau of William & Ann.
ELLEN METCALFE [Nee Richmond]. Born C1857 Galphay. Died 1940. Wife of Thomas. Living Red House Farm Winksley in 1911. See James O’Connor letter above.
ELLEN METCALFE. Bap. 25.10.1868. Dau of Richard & Margaret
ELLEN METCALFE. Dau of Matthew of Bramley Grange. Married James Haw. son of Thomas Haw of Bramley Grange. on 24.11.1845 at Kirkby Malzeard. Witnesses Thomas & Hannah Metcalfe.
ELLEN METCALFE. Grand daughter of James the Gamekeeper & Mary. Married Arthur Toft. Nov 1901 in Castleford.
ELLICK METCALFE. Born 22.1.1880 Grewelthorpe. Son of William & Elizabeth. Servant at Dallowgill in 1901.

Ellick Metcalfe.

ELSIE METCALFE. Born 13 Nov. 1901. Dau of William the joiner & Ada of Fearby. Unmarried in 1939 living with Mother.
ENA METCALFE. Born C1906 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William [carpenter] & Lizzie Pickles.
ERIC METCALFE. Born 27 March 1916. Son of Margaret E. Living Syke House Laverton helping his Mother in 1939.
ERNEST METCALFE. Born C.1900. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Lizzie.
ESTHER METCALFE. Born C.1771. Buried 22.4.1853. Mother of Stephen.
ESTHER METCALFE. Born 17 July 1887. Housewife living The Villa Bedale in 1939.
FANNY METCALFE. Dau of Thomas of Kirkby Malzeard. Married William Waite. son of William Waite. of Kirkby Malzeard. on 5.12.1845 at K.Malzeard church.
FANNY METCALFE. born C.1847. Grewelthorpe. Wife of Robert. Living Grewelthorpe in 1901.
FRANCES METCALFE. Born C. 1853. Richmond. Wife of Robert the Blacksmith.
FRANCES E. METCALFE. Born 16 Feb 1880. In 1939 a widow living Crab Lane Knaresborough. Died 1959.
FRANCIS METCALFE. Bap 24.5.1779 Kirkby Malzeard.Son of Robert of Galphay.
FRANCIS METCALF. Born C1826 Ramsgill. Married Mary of Coverdale. Lived Quarry House, Laverton in 1871.
FRANK METCALFE Born 1894. Son of John James Metcalfe & Hannah. Brother of Stanley of Ripon. In 1911 he was a road surveyor’s clerk.

Frank Metcalfe. [Thanks to Sue Hall for photo]

FRED METCALFE. Born 14.11.1877. Bap.29.3.1878. Died 1950. Son of William (the joiner) & Elizabeth. Thackray Fred a Poulter at Sawley in 1901. 16.12.1903 married Eleanor Hannam.[Nellie] of Grantley. Nellie died in 1970 aged 92.

Fred Metcalfe 1877-1950.

FRED METCALFE. Born 1 June 1903. Son of George. Farmer married to France H. [born 1908]. Living Dowgill Farm Summerbridge in 1939.
FREDERICK EDEN METCALFE. Born 20 July 1915. Died 1989. An accountant married in 1939 to Lavinia Muzeen.[born 1916]. Living Ripon 1939.
FLORENCE METCALFE.[Nee ?] Died in March 1984. Husband of J.Metcalfe of Low Skelding Farm.
FLORENCE MARY METCALFE. Born 19 September 1914 Harmby. Dau of John William & Annie Carroll.
GEORGE METCALFE. Son of John. Widower from Bramley Grange when he married Fanny Yeoman. dau of Henry from Bramley Grange. They married on 7.12.1857 at Kirkby Malzeard church.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born 1721 Healey. Died 1803. Son of Thomas & Mary Askwith.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born 2.4.1747. Masham. Married Jane Mallaby. in 1777.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born 3.11.1783. High Knowle, Masham. Bap. 3.10.1784. Died 17.12.1847. at Masham. Son of George & Jane Mallaby of Masham. Married Nancy Ann Astwood at Masham 21.1.1810. Had 9 children.
GEORGE METCALFE. Bap. 10.4.1791 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas of Bramley, Grewelthorpe.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born C. 1793. Grewelthorpe. Husband of Isabella.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born C.1796. Buried 23.7.1873. Mickley.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born C1796 Yorkshire. married to Ann of Kirkby Malzeard. Ref 1841 census.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born C. 1810. Son of John & Martha. Farmer. Widower in 1851.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born 1818 Grewelthorpe. Married Jane Metcalfe. of High Knowle Masham. on 6.3.1840.
GEORGE JOHN METCALFE. Born 8.4.1824 Yorkshire. Died 9.12.1904. Buried Romney Ontario, Canada. Married Mary Imeson. [b. 6.4.1825] Had dau. Hannah 1852. [See also Imeson page].
GEORGE METCALFE. Born C. 1826. Apprentice Blacksmith. 1841.
GEORGE METCALFE. Son of John. Widower from Bramley Grange when he married Fanny Yeoman. dau of Henry from Bramley Grange. They married on 7.12.1857 at Kirkby Malzeard church.
GEORGE METCALF. Bap.30.8.1855 Mickley. Son of James the shoemaker & Eliza.
GEORGE METCALFE. Bap. 15.6.1862 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas & Dinah of Lady Hill, Dallowgill.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born 21 April 1862. Married to Elizabeth [born 1872]. A retired roadman living Plain Tree Winksley in 1939.
GEORGE METCALFE. Born 30 Aug. 1873. Farmer. Widower in 1939 living Dowgill Farm Summerbridge.
GEORGE METCALFE. 1890 A seedsman and gardener in Masham. Ref. Bulmer’s 1890 Directory.
GEORGE W. METCALFE. Born 11 May 1901. Son of Sarah [Innkeeper] Disabled. Living Healey in 1939.
GEORGE HENRY METCALFE. Bap. 25.11.1907 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas Edward [The Miner] & Ruth of Carlsmoor.
GEORGE W. METCALFE. Born 16 April 1935. Son of Fred & Frances of Dowgill Farm.
GERTRUDE METCALFE. Born 1883. Dau of John James Metcalfe & Hannah Eliz. She emigrated to Canada with her husband. Sister of Stanley of Ripon.
GODFREY METCALFE. Born C. 1890 Ellingstring. A Butcher’s Assist.son of William [b1849] & Jane.
GRACE METCALFE.[ Nee ?]. born C. 1836. Masham. Wife of William the Grocer.
HANNAH METCALFE [Nee?] Born C. 1763.Pateley Bridge. Widow in 1851.
HANNAH METCALFE. Born C. 1764. Buried 9.11.1853 Ilton. [Ref. Par.Reg.]
HENRY METCALFE. 1832 Bought a pew in Masham Church for £16. Ref. History of Masham. 1865.
HENRY THOMPSON METCALFE. Bap. 14.11.1841 Masham. Died 25.7.1873 Masham. Inquest 26 July 1873 – Cause of death, Temporary Insanity, Acidum Hydrocyenicum. Burial 27 July 1873 at St. Mary’s, Masham. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Johnson.
HANNAH METCALFE [Nee?]. Born C. 1821 Nidderdale. Widowed Housekeeper for a farmer in Ringbeck. K.Malzeard in 1881.
HANNAH METCALFE. Born C1818 Bedale. A widow she Was the landlady of the Kings Head at Fearby in 1881. She was fined £1 for keeping her house open after midnight.
HANNAH METCALFE. Born C. 1827. Azerley. Dressmaker. unmarried in 1871.
HANNAH METCALFE. Born 21.6.1852 Ontario Canada. Died 28.7.1927 Windsor, Essex. Dau of George & Mary Imeson. of Yorkshire. Married Benoni Mallot 28.9.1874 Gosfield, Ontario, Canada. [This data from A. Donat].
HANNAH METCALFE. Bap. 17.8.1856 Dallowgill. Dau of Thomas & Dinah. of Lady Hill, Dallowgill.
HAROLD METCALFE. Born 10 Sept 1891. Died 1971. Married to Kathleen [born 1916]. Farmer living Snape Lodge Bedale in 1939. [See letters re. clock at top of page.]
HILDA METCALFE. Born C. 1893 Ellingstring.dau. of William [b1849] & Jane.
HELEN METCALFE. Bap. 3.6.1849 Dallowgill. Dau of William & Ann.
HENRY METCALFE. Bap. 2.3.1780.Masham. Died 9.4.1864 Masham. M.I. St. Marys Church, Masham. See photo of grave at end. Son of Wilks & Ann Thomson. Married Elizabeth Johnson. of Well. on 6.6.1839.
The following research on Henry supplied by Sandra Compton.
Henry Metcalf was the only child born to Wilks and Ann(née Thomson) Metcalf that my research has established. He was baptised on 2 March 1780 at St. Mary’s, the parish church of Masham in what was the North Riding of Yorkshire, now North Yorkshire. At the time of Henry’s baptism Wilks and Ann, who had married the previous year in Danby Wiske, were living at Low Ellington, a farm settlement just over two miles north west of Masham in the valley of the River Ure. Neither of them appear to have been Masham people. In later life Henry said his father was a farmer.The next references to Henry that I have found come from the Trades Directories of the time. Holden’s Directory for 1811 has Henry Metcalf (he would have been 31) entered as a Grocer and Draper in Masham. Baines Directory of 1823 for Masham gives Henry, aged 43, as a Grocer and Draper. Eleven years later Pigot’s 1834 Directory for Masham has Henry, aged 54, entered twice – as a Grocer and Tea Dealer and as a Linen and Woollen Draper, both operating from the Market Place.Henry’s father Wilks, had died aged 76 on 1 August 1819 and was buried in Masham Churchyard on 3 August.
On 6 June 1839, aged 59, Henry married for the first time. His bride was Elizabeth Johnson, the 27 year old daughter of a farmer. Henry and Elizabeth married in St. Mary’s Church, Masham and interestingly Henry gave his rank or profession as Gentleman. Later that month on 23 June Henry’s mother Ann died aged 89, twenty years after the death of her husband.Henry and Elizabeth’s first child, Ann, was born and baptised on 26 September 1839 at St. Mary’s, Masham.In White’s 1840 Directory of Masham Henry is no longer entered as a shopkeeper but as a gentleman.On the 1841 Census Return Henry stated that he was of independent means.
He was living with his wife and daughter on the north side of Masham Market Place. A 13 year old servant girl, Elizabeth Rafter. lived with them. A son, Henry Thompson, was born and baptised at St. Mary’s on 14 November 1841. In 1844 when Wilks, their third child, was born Henry again gave his status or profession as gentleman. A fourth child, John, was baptised on 27 June 1846 but died on 25 November 1848 aged 2. John was buried with his grandparents, Wilks and Ann, in Masham Churchyard where there is a headstone and still legible monumental inscription giving these details.The 1851 Census Return recorded Henry 71, Elizabeth 38, the three children – Ann 11, Henry 9 and Wilks 7 and a 17 year old general servant Mary Place. living in Masham.
On this occasion Henry gave his status as Landed Proprietor.A fifth child, Elizabeth was born and baptised at St. Mary’s on 1 April 1856, when Henry was 76.The 1861 Census Return shows the family living in Park Street, Masham. Henry was 81, Elizabeth 50, Ann 21, Henry 19 – a farmer of 10 acres and Elizabeth 5. Living with them was an 18 year old house servant, Mary Banks. Henry gave his status as Retired Grocer.
Wilks had left home and was living in Ripon, apprenticed to a Linen and Woollen Draper.On 23 May 1863 Henry’s daughter Ann married John Grebby. a farmer from Well, at St. Mary’s, Masham. Henry’s will dated 12 December 1863, appointed his wife Elizabeth, daughter Ann Grebby. and a friend, Henry Calvert. a Masham solicitor, as executors and trustees.
Henry died on 9 April 1864, aged 84, and was buried in Masham Churchyard on 15 April. He was buried alongside his parents and son John. There is a headstone with a still legible inscription saying, ‘In Remembrance of Henry Metcalf of Masham who died on 9 April 1864 aged 84’.Henry left a detailed will. He died owning property and land, to all intents and purposes a fairly wealthy man. Everything was left to his wife and children. There is no indication that Henry had been born into a prosperous family. It seems that he must have spent his bachelor years working hard to establish himself as a shopkeeper/businessman and that his success was based on his own efforts and qualities.

HENRY METCALFE. 1832 Bought a pew in Masham Church for £16. Ref. History of Masham. 1865.
HENRY THOMPSON METCALFE. Bap. 14.11.1841 Masham. Died 25.7.1873 Masham. Inquest 26 July 1873 – Cause of death, Temporary Insanity, Acidum Hydrocyenicum. Burial 27 July 1873 at St. Mary’s, Masham. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Johnson.
H. METCALFE. Lived Manor Farm Fearby in early 20th century. He was a lay preacher on Wesleyan Methodist Circuit.
HERBERT METCALFE. Born 19 May 1886. Married to Elsie [born 1886]. He was a master printer living Ripon in 1939.
HILDA METCALFE. Born C. 1893 Ellingstring.dau. of William [b1849] & Jane.
HILDA METCALFE Born 29 Dec 1917. Living Pear Tree House Darley 1939. Married ? Whitley. Laundress.
HORACE METCALFE. Died Jan 4th ? age 74yrs. Husband of Martha. Lived 41 Princess Rd.Ripon. Labourer. Left all his bed and household linen to the WRVS and the residue equally between the Nat.Society for Cancer Relief and the R.N.I.B. Left £9,777.55 gross.
ISABEL[LA] METCALF. Bap.18.6.1854 Mickley. Buried 23.8.1854 Mickley. Dau of James the shoemaker & Eliza.
ISABELLA METCALFE. Born C.1802. Clifton. Wife of George.
ISABELLA METCALFE. Dau of John of Kirkby Malzeard. Married Joseph Wigglesworth. son of Benjamin of Thornthwaite. on 26.8.1848 at Kirkby Malzeard.
ISABELLA METCALFE. Born C. 1832.Sharow. Wife of Thomas.Living High Knowle Ilton [widow] with dau. Mary in 1891.
ISABELLA METCALFE. Born C. 1839 Grewelthorpe. Wife of James of Kexmoor. Living Middlesborough 1891.
ISABELLA METCALFE. Born C. 1862 Laverton. Dau of Joseph & Anne.
ISABELLA METCALFE. Bap. 4.9.1864. Buried 26.11.1882. Dau of William ( the Grocer) & Grace.
ISABELLA M. METCALFE. Born C1889 Fearby. Dau of Stephen [Innkeeper] & Ann.
ISA METCALFE. Born C.1880 Grewelthorpe. Maleservant living North Stainley in 1901.
ISAIAH METCALFE. Born C.1835. Grewelthorpe. Husband of Hannah of Leeds. Living Liverpool in 1871.
JAMES METCALFE. Born 9.3.1783 Masham. Died 27.11.1850 Masham. Son of Thomas & Sarah Ward. Married Elizabeth Kirkland. of Burneston on 22.4.1809.

JAMES METCALFE. Born C.1789. Ilton. Husband of Elizabeth. Pauper in 1851.
JAMES METCALFE. Born C. 1791. Buried 7.3.1852 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref.Par.Reg.]
JAMES METCALFE. Born C 1798. Lived Fearby. Buried Masham 21.4.1836 age 38. [Ref. Parish record]*JAMES METCALFE.* Born C. 1808 Grewelthorpe. Husband of Mary born Masham C. 1810. Living Scriven 1871.
JAMES METCALFE. Bap. 8.12.1811 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. Par Reg]
JAMES METCALFE. Born C. 1813. Bramley Grange. Husband of Elizabeth. Living Town St. Kirkby Malzeard in 1851.
JAMES METCALFE. Born 3.2.1811 Grewelthorpe. Died 5.9.1878. Son of James & Margaret Sessions. Gamekeeper for the Scriven Park estate in 1851 at Appleby Carr. married to Mary Atkinson of Ilton. Had son James also a gamekeeper.

Grave of James & Mary in Knaresborough cemetery.

JAMES METCALFE. Born 2.12.1830. Grewelthorpe. Died 1840. Son of George & Ann Astwood.
JAMES METCALFE. Born C 1831 Fearby. Married Jane of Carthorpe.
JAMES METCALFE. Born 2.12.1830. Kexmoor. Died 18.4.1891 Middlesborough. Husband of Isabella Calvert. married 5.3.1872 St. Johns Middlesborough. Lving Middlesborough 1891 a retired police sergeant.Thanks to Geraldine Huppe for this data.

JAMES METCALFE. Born C. 1847 Masham. Head Gardener at Swinton Garden House in 1891. Married to Annie of Berkshire.
JAMES METCALFE. Born C1848 Scriven. Son of James [Gamekeeper.] married Elizabeth of Pateley Bridge. In 1891 he was a Colliery labourer near Pontefract.
JAMES THOMAS METCALFE. Born C.1860 Reeth. Eldest son of John & Dinah Metcalfe. of Town End Hall Reeth. Died Laverton Dec. 1937. Age 77. see Obit at end.
JAMES METCALFE. Born C. 1866. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Mary.
JAMES METCALFE. Born C. 1880. unmarried. Under gardener at Palace Gardens North Stainley in 1901. Possibly the son of James of Scriven.
JAMES HAROLD METCALFE Born 1885. Died 1948. Son of John James Metcalfe & Hannah. Brother of Stanley. He was a house furnisher. 2nd marriage in 1919 to Gertrude Annie Florence Soper.

James Harold Metcalfe. [Thanks to Sue Hall for photo].

JAMES METCALFE. Born C1895 Winksley. Son of Thomas & Ellen Richmond. Joiners Apprentice in 1911. Killed WW1 on 27.9.1915 in Flanders, France.He was in the 12th Batt. Prince of Wales own West Yorks Regt. Number 14652.His name is on the Loos Memorial.

Loos Memorial. France.

JAMES METCALFE. Born 14 April 1906. Son of William. [Born ]. Dairy farmer Married to Florence [Born 1907]. Living Low Skelding in 1939.
JANE METCALFE. Bap March 1700/1701? Dau of Thomas [coiner] & Jane Thorpe.
JANE METCALFE. Born C. 1722. Died 17.1.1777 wife of Francis. M.I. Masham Churchyard
JANE METCALFE [nee Mallaby.] Born 1756. Died 1808. Wife of George. Married 31.3.1777.
JANE METCALFE.[Nee ?] Born 2.9.1818 High Knowle, Masham. dau of George /*Ann Nancy Astwood*. Jane married George Metcalfe. 6.3.1840. Possibly the Jane that was buried Kirkby Malzeard 19.5.1848 age 29.
JANE METCALFE. Born C.1819 Died 29.5.1900. Mowbray Cottage, Grewelthorpe. Dau of Matthew & Hannah Pearson. Married on 24.10.1839 at Kirkby Malzeard to David Richmond. son of John. See Richmond page.
JANE METCALFE. Born C. 1833 Stonebeck Down. Dau of John the shoemaker. Married on 20.12.1854 at Kirkby Malzeard church to William Gill. [b.1826] son of Edward Gill.
JANE METCALFE. Born C.1839. Buried 29.4.1873 Mickley.
JANE METCALFE. Born C. 1856 Fearby. Dau of James & Jane.
JANE METCALFE. June 1859. Banns read at Grewelthorpe for marriage to Christopher Prest.
JANE METCALF. Born C.1861 Dallowgill. Dau of Francis & Mary. Living Quarry House Laverton in 1871.
JANE METCALFE. Born C.1866 Masham. Dau of Thomas & Isabella.
JANE ANN METCALFE. Born C.1875. Ilton. Unmarried Domestic servant at Dallowgill in 1901. Married 24.4.1905 at Kirkby Malzeard to Richard Gregg of Kirkby Malzeard. [b.1873] son of George. Eliza Metcalfe. witness at wedding.
JANE METCALFE. Born C. 1826. Dau of George & Isabella.
JANE METCALFE. Born C. 1833. Dau of Ann.
JANE METCALFE. Bap. 23.7.1857 Dallowgill. Dau of Thomas & Dinah.
JANE METCALFE. Bap. 1.4.1860. Dau of George & Frances. Farmer. Nook House. Grewelthorpe.
JANE METCALFE. Born C. 1860. Dau of Thomas & Dinah Moorhouse. of Plover Hill, Kirkby Malzeard. Married on 2.3.1885 at Kirkby Malzeard church to William Richmond. [b.1863] son of David Richmond. see Richmond page.
JOHN METCALFE Married Cattran Wintersgill at Masham on 30 May 1678. Lived Healey.
JOHN METCALFE. Bap 11.10.1683 Masham. Son of John & Cattran Wintersgill of Healey.
JOHN METCALFE. Bap 29 Aug 1702 Possibly the Son of John & Jane Beckwith.
JOHN METCALFE. Born 15.8.1717 Knaresborough. Died 1810. Buried Spofforth Churchyard. Known as Blind Jack. He was a road builder. Caught smallpox aged 6 and was left blind. Married Dolly Benson. dau of landlord of Royal Oak, Knaresborough. He built 3 mile road between Harrogate & Boroughbridge. In his life he built 180 miles of roads and bridges.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C1767. Buried Masham 16 July 1849. Married Ann Taylor. of Ilton cum Pott. on 14 December 1801. John was 34 and Ann 31 at the time of the marriage.Ann was baptised at Masham on 15 September 1770 and was the daughter of John and Ann Taylor of Ilton cum Pott. Ann was buried at Masham on 22 September 1849.
JOHN METCALFE. In 1770’s he was a collier working at Healey Pasture End below Agra Crags. In 1782 he worked at Gollinglith Ridge in Colstersale looking for a coal seam.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1780. Husband of Martha. Possibly the John that was Buried 30.3.1848 Age 68. Lived Grewelthorpe.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1782. Lived West End Pateley Bridge.. Buried 4.1.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1785. Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 3.12.1837 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas & Sarah Ward.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1808. Grewelthorpe. Buried 1.11.1837 Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN METCALFE. Born 13.7.1813. Masham.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1817 West End, Pateley Bridge. Buried 12.4.1836 Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN METCALFE Born 1821 Ripon. Tailor. Married to Mary A of Littlethorpe.
JOHN METCALFE. Bap. 12.10.1823 Aldfield. Son of Thomas & Mary of North House.
JOHN METCALFE. Of Carlsmore – a Joiner. In 1841 was charged on the information of George Umpleby a game watcher. with having on the night of 29th Sept. using a net for destroying game in a field occupied by Wm. Burrell. in Laverton. Metcalfe was sentenced to 7 days in prison. [Ref. Yorks Gazette Oct 1841.]
JOHN METCALFE. Born C.1826. Shoemaker in 1841.
JOHN METCALFE Born C1827 Tanfield. Brother of Ann Gregg [nee Metcalfe]. Living Mickley 1891.

JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1835 Healeugh. Married Dinah of Hurst. Lived Townend Hall, Reeth in 1881. Father of James Thomas the clock repairer of Laverton.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C.1840/2, Son of Richard of Healey. Husband of Ann Lye. Married in 1872.
JOHN METCALFE. Born 1844 Ripon. Son of William & Mary. 1861 Felt worker in Leeds.
JOHN METCALFE. Bap. 25.1.1846. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George [The Farmer] & Jane of Bramley Grange.
JOHN METCALFE. Bap. 27.6.1846 at St. Mary’s, Masham. Died 25.11.1848 aged 2 years 9 months. Burial 26 Nov. at St. Mary’s, Masham. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Johnson.
JOHN METCALF. Bap. 30.6.1847 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Mary of Grewelthorpe.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1849 Aldfield. Son of William & Nancy.In 1861 he was a Bobbin Turner in Winksley.
JOHN METCALF. Bap. 6.3.1853 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas & Dinah. Unmarried Joiner, Living Azerley 1881.
JOHN METCALFE. Bap. 20.8.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg. Son of Martha. Father was Thomas Geldart. Martha was a servant at Braithwait Hall.
JOHN JAMES METCALFE Born C1855. Ripon. Probably son of John [Tailor] & Mary of Littlethorpe. Cabinet maker. Married to Hannah Elizabeth Greenwood of Pudsey in 1881.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C.1869. son of William Metcalfe (Shoemaker) & Elizabeth Warriner. Living Middlesmoor 1871.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C1864 Fearby. Farmer. Son of Mary [born 1833]. Married Jane from London.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1870. Lawnwith, Kirkby Malzeard. Died 2.5.1937.M.I. Blacksmith. 4th Son of William & Mary. Husband of Martha.[Married 1910] Lived Lake Terrace, Grewelthorpe. see photo of grave at end. Martha was from Croft Spa. [ref.1911 census]
JOHN METCALFE. Born C. 1871. Bolton Yorks. son of Mary born C.1843.
JOHN METCALFE. Born C.1880 Grewelthorpe. Living North Stainley as an under gardener aged 21 u/m at Palace Gardens in 1901.
JOHN WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C1875. Married 24 August 1910 to Annie Carroll. in RC Church Richmond. Lived Masham. He was a grocer. Enlisted 17 July 1917 [age 40] at Richmond into East Yorks Regt. Record No. 138896. Returned home 1919.
JOHN METCALFE. Born 8 April 1876. A farmer living Middy Carr Bank Sawley. in 1939. A widow.
JOHN G. METCALFE. Born 4 Feb 1887. Joiner & Wheelwright in Laverton in 1939. MARRIED TO ELIZABETH.[Born 1894].

JOHN WILLIAM METCALFE. Lived Bedale. August 1893 Banns read at Grewelthorpe for marriage to Mary Ann Bulmer of Grewelthorpe.
JOHN METCALFE. Born 2 Nov. 1894. Married to Edith [born 1908]. Shepherd living Roskill Bedale in 1939.
JOHN WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 29 April 1896. Farmer at Swinton Grange Farm Masham. Son of William Metcalfe. Brother of Edwin. Married Florrie Gill. on 23.10.1937 at Fearby. Farmed at Hilltop Farm Ilton in 1939.
JOHN HORACE METCALFE. Born 2 Jan. 1917 Harmby. Son of John William & Annie Carroll.
JOHN F.METCALFE. Born 3 Oct 1921. Son of N.B Metcalfe & ? Walker. Post office sorting clerk in 1939 in Ripon.
JONAH METCALFE. Son of Matthew of Grewelthorpe. Married Dorothy Carling. Dau of Godfrey Carling of Grewelthorpe. on 12.4.1847 at Kirkby Malzeard church.
JONATHAN METCALFE. Son of Peter of Fellbeck. Married Mary Horner. dau of John Horner Gamekeeper at Fountains Earth. Married on 12.5.1845 at Kirkby Malzeard.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Died 1777/8 Grewelthorpe. Husband of Mary.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born C. 1751. Lived Mickley. Buried 10.2.1821. Ref. Kirkby Malzeard Parish reg.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Bap.15.2.1778 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Joseph [deceased] & Mary. Grewelthorpe.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born C.1813 Buswick. Married to Anne of Buckden. Lived Syke House, Laverton in 1871.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born C. 1822. Lived West End Pateley Bridge. Buried 10.3.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Age 24.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born C. 1842. Son of Matthew. Married on 25.5.1863 to Elizabeth Chaffer. at Kirkby Malzeard church. Joseph was schoolmaster. Elizabeth [b.1844] dau of Thomas Chaffer. They were living in Easingwold in 1901.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born C. 1856 Aldfield. Son of William & Nancy. Living Winksley 1861.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born C1858 Bedale. In 1911 he was a plate layer on the railway. He married Violet of Masham in 1890. They had 4 children. 2 had died in 1911.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Bap. 19.10.1879. Son of William & Mary. Bramley Grange.
JOSEPH METCALFE. Born 11th Oct. 1901. Length man for WRCC. Married to Dorothy born 1903. Living Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.
LAURA ANN METCALFE. Bap. 21.8.1883. Dau of William (the joiner) & Elizabeth. Grewelthorpe. Servant at Maryfield 1901. Her Father William was prosecuted in 1895 for not sending Laura to school.
LAWRENCE METCALFE. Born 29 July 1911. Son of William [carpenter] & Lizzie. Ag Lab living Bradley Hse. Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.
LEONARD METCALFE. Born 29 Oct 1933. Bap. 4.2.1934. Son of Doris May. In 1939 living with James & Florence at Low Skelding.
LETITIA METCALFE. Born C. 1868. Kirkby Malzeard. Died November 1937. Dau of William & Mary. Married John Barker. who died in 1901.[See Barker page]. Lived Crosshills Grewelthorpe. Was Sunday school teacher & PCC member. Sister of David.
LILLIAN METCALFE. Born C 1884 Fearby. Dau of Stephen [Innkeeper] & Ann.
LILLIAN METCALFE. Born 18 May 1928. Dau of John [the shepherd] & Edith of Bedale. Married ? Palmer-Rudge.
LIZZIE METCALFE [nee Pickles] Born 7.10.1871. Grewelthorpe. Wife of William the Carpenter.Living Kirkby Malzeard 1901.& 1939.
MADGE METCALFE. Born C1865 Healey Cote. Dau of William the joiner and Ada.
MARGARET METCALFE. Born 1849. Ripon. Dau of William & Mary.
MARGARET METCALFE. Born C 1865 Dau of James & Jane. Living Low Worsall 1871.
MARGARET METCALFE. Born C1879 Skipton on Swale. Dau of Thomas & Catherine.
MARGARET E. METCALFE [NEE?] Born 10 Nov 1913. Living Syke House Laverton in 1939. Had small holding.
MARGARET ADA METCALFE. Born 3 Sept 1939. Dau. of Edward & Sarah of Yew Tree farm. Fearby.
MARIA METTCALF. of Masham . Spinster. Will made 1704. Probate date 3 Jan 1706.
MARK METCALFE. Born C.1838. Fearby. Grandson of Richard Bland (the Carpenter) & Elizabeth Bland.
MARK METCALFE. Bap 27.10.1872. Son of Richard & Margaret.
MARK W. METCALFE. Born 21 May 1880. Ripon. Coal yard worker. Son of Thomas & Mary. Living Bondgate, Ripon 1901. 1939 shown married to Mary E. [born 1890]. and 2 sons Frederick & Thomas.
MARTHA METCALFE. Born C. 1780. Wife of John. This is possibly the Martha Metcalfe. Buried 2.3.1854 aged 75 of Bramley. [Ref. Par.Reg].
MARTHA METCALFE. Born C. 1835. Dau of George (Blacksmith) & Ann. Grand dau of William Binks.
MARTHA METCALFE. Born C. 1838. Dau of Margaret & John ?. 1841.
MARTHA METCALFE. Bap. 30.5.1847. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of George & Jane of Bramley Grange.
MARTHA METCALFE. Died October 4th ? in hospital age 62. Wife of Horace of 41 Princess Rd.Ripon.
MARTHA METCALFE. Born 29 Sept. 1884. Died July 1962 age 77. Widow of John of Lake Terrace Grewelthorpe.

MARY METCALFE. Bap 3. Dec 1698 Dau of Thomas [coiner] & Jane Thorpe.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1737. Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 14.4.1821. Ref. Kirkby Malzeard Par. Reg.
MARY METCALFE. Bap. 12.3.1770 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Joseph & Mary.
MARY METCALFE. Bap. 14.3.1776 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Joseph & Mary.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1789. Lived West End. Pateley Bridge. Buried 29.7.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Age 57.
MARY METCALFE. Buried 1.7.1802. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Andrew of Grewelthorpe.
MARY METCALFE. Born C1812 – 1816 Grewelthorpe. Dau of John. Married William Metcalfe in 1840.
MARY METCALFE. Born 31.12.1815. Kexmoor. Dau of George & Ann. married Thomas Scurrah a wool sorter in Masham.on 18.11.1843. at Kirkby Malzeard church.
MARY ANN METCALFE. Bap. 23.8.1818 Aldfield. Dau of Joseph [weaver & bleacher] & Ellen.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1822. Grewelthorpe. Living in Fearby in 1871. Wife of William, Carpenter from Healey.
MARY METCALF [nee ?]. Born C1822 Coverdale. Married Francis Metcalf of Ramsgill. Living Quarry House, Laverton in 1871.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1825. Lived Thornthwaite. Buried 28.3.1846 Kirkby Malzeard Age 21.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1825 Grewelthorpe. dau of Matthew of Hackfall, Grewelthorpe. Married on 9.10.1866 at Kirkby Malzeard church to William Wright. [b.1823] son of Leonard Wright.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1826. Laverton. Unmarried house servant in 1861.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1838. Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of William the farmer.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1844. Dau of George of Bramley Grange.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1843/4 Grewelthorpe. Living Bilton Harrogate in 1891. with children and nephew.
MARY METCALFE. Born 1845 Ripon. Dau of William & Mary.
MARY JANE METCALFE. Born C1845. Buried 21.9.1907 Dallowgill.
MARY METCALFE. Dec.1859 Banns read at Grewelthorpe for marriage to Thomas Gill. of Kirkby Malzeard.
MARY METCALFE. Born C.1858. Ripon. Wife of Thomas the Carter. Living Bondgate, Ripon in 1901.
MARY METCALFE. Born C. 1862 Healey. Dau of Thomas & Isabella. Living High Knowle Ilton in 1891.
MARY METCALFE. Bap.9.6.1867 Dallowgill. Dau of Thomas & Dinah of Lady Hill.
MARY METCALFE. Oct. 1875.Banns read at Grewelthorpe for marriage to Thomas Pickersgill of Kirkby Malzeard.
MARY JANE METCALFE. Born C.1879 Middlesborough. Dau of James of Kexmoor & Isabella Calvert. of Grewelthorpe. Married John Thomas Goodfellow. of Middlesboro. in 1899. had son James Goodfellow.[1899-1939]Mary Jane Metcalfe, born Dec. 21, 1878, Middlesbrough, She was the daughter of James Metcalfe, policeman, born Kexmoor, Kirkby Malzeard, son of George Metcalfe and Ann (Nancy) Astwood, and Isabella Calvert. daughter of Isaiah Calvert and Mary Cartwright. Mary Jane went to the US (New Hampshire) in 1903 and married her 2nd husband, James Richards, born 1872, Middlesbrough, son of James Richards and Isabelle Coverdale. Then in 1908 she married John Aubrey Fanning, in New Hampshire. Thanks to Geraldine Huppe for this information.
MATTHEW METCALFE. Born C. 1752. Buried 13.12.1849 aged 87. Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref.Par.Reg].
MATTHEW METCALFE. Bap 15.6.1788 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 3.6.1871 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George of Well House, Blackhill, Grewelthorpe. Married Hannah Pearson.
MATTHEW METCALFE. 1808 was Parish Clerk in Masham. He was present at the buriel of Miss Hardcastle which took place at 8p.m. by torchlight. He was master of the Masham Charity School and received charity money £24.12s.4d. per annum to teach 35 children from Masham Parish. Ref. 1865 History of Masham.
MATTHEW METCALFE. Born C1828 Masham. Married to Mary A. Hardy. of Wolviston. [Dau of John & Hannah Hardy] Matthew was a Brickmaker in Sedgefield in 1861. with 3 children. Hannah, Frances & Robert. In 1871 had also Eleanor, Matthew, George Hardy & James, born Embleton. George H. moved to Pennsylvania and was killed in a coal mining accident in 1908.
MATTHEW METCALFE. Born C 1829 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Ann of Kirkby Malzeard. Working as an Ag. Lab at Swinton in 1851.
MATTHEW METCALFE. Bap. 7.12.1861 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Mary of Lawnwith, Kirkby Malzeard.
MATTHEW PERCY METCALFE. Bap.9.5.1869 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas & Dinah of Lady Hill.
MATTHEW METCALFE. Bap. 6.4.1876 Dallowgill. Son of Edwin & Mary Jane.
NANCY METCALFE. Born 14 April 1802. Bap. 19 April 1802 Masham. Dau of John & Ann Taylor. Nancy married John Tennant at Masham on 10 January 1824. She was buried at St. Mary, Masham on 22 July 1880.
NANCY METCALFE. Dau of Peter of Laverton. Married on 15.10.1853 at Kirkby Malzeard to William Stephenson. of Hartwith son of Duke Stephenson.
N.B.METCALFE. Born 2 Jan 1882. Ladieswear shop keeper in in Ripon in 1939. Widower. Wife ? Walker.
OLIVE METCALFE. Born 20 May 1929. Dau of Stanley & Annie of Ripon.
PARCIVAL METCALFE. Bap 9. Dec 1694. Son of Thomas [coiner] & Jane Thorpe.
POLLY METCALFE. Born C. 1854. St.Helens. Dau of Hannah the dressmaker.
RAYMOND METCALFE. Born 1900 Wisconsin. Son of Robert & Emma Foehringer. Married Lillian Walz. had 3 sons. Robert: Eugene: Russell.
REBECCA METCALFE. Born 1825. Dau of Peter & Mary Wood. Married George Thackray. of Bramley Grange. [See Thackray page] Had 9 children.
REGINALD METCALFE. Born 22 Nov 1895. Married to Margaret [born 1901]. Leighton Reservoir keeper. Healey in 1939.
RICHARD METCALFE. A saddler from Healey. Father of John Metcalfe.
RICHARD METCALFE. Born C1784. Died 27.11.1842. Son of James of Masham. Was apprenticed to Mr. Bucktrout. of Bedale to learn to be a house painter & sign painter. he was however an accomplished artist. He was paid 15 guineas for painting the Kings Arms in Masham Church.
RICHARD METCALFE. Born 1842 Ripon. Son of William & Mary. 1871. Drayman in Bradford.
ROBERT METCALFE. Born C. 1781. Lived Azerley. Buried 15.6.1841 Kirkby Malzeard.
ROBERT METCALFE. Born C. 1841 Masham. 1851 in Leyburn Workhouse.
ROBERT METCALFE. Born C. 1844. Grewelthorpe. Blacksmith. Son of George & Isabella. Husband of Frances[b.C1843] of Richmond. Married C1874. No children. Living Grewelthorpe in 1911.
ROBERT METCALFE. Bap 19.8.1863. Son of William & Grace. Farmer.
ROBERT WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1870. Grewelthorpe.Died 24.5.1901 aged 31 in Wisconsin. Son of William (the grocer) & Grace. Robert emigrated to Wisconsin to join his aunt Jane Metcalfe. the wife of John, the son of George & Ann [Nancy] Astwood. He married Emma Foehringer. Had son Raymond b. 1900. See Obituary at end. See note from Eugene Metcalfe at top of page and letters from Kathy Deverne.
ROBERT METCALFE. was Victualler of “The Board” Grewelthorpe. 1822 Baines Directory.
ROBERT METCALFE. Born C. 1872 Galphay. Son of Thomas & Catherine.
ROBERT METCALFE. Born 29 April 1882. Farmer. In 1939 living Thornton Lodge Finghall. Married to Esther M. Clarkson.[born 1880]. Had brother William [born 1893].
RONALD D. METCALFE. Born 7 Feb. 1931. Son of Reginald [reservoir keeper]& Margaret.
RUTH METCALFE. Bap. 15.4.1906 [Easter Sunday] Dallowgill. Dau of Thomas Edward [The Miner] & Ruth of Carlsmoor.
SARAH METCALFE. Born C. 1758. Buried 33.1.1846 age 88, Kirkby Malzeard.
SARAH METCALFE. Buried 17.1.1796 Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of Thomas of Grewelthorpe.
SARAH METCALFE. Bap.19.9.1810 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John of Low Bramley, Grewelthorpe.
SARAH ANN METCALFE. Married William Balk in 1858. See Allison Drakes letter above.
SARAH A. METCALFE. Born C. 1871 Galphay. Dau of Thomas & Catherine.
SARAH A. METCALFE. Born C1887 Fearby. Dau of Stephen [Innkeeper] & Ann.
SARAH J. METCALFE. Born 22 Jan 1874. Innkeeper At Black Horse Inn Healey in 1939.
SARAH GRAHAM METCALFE. Born C1893 Healey Cote. Dau of William the joiner and Ada. Dressmaker in 1911.
SARAH GRACE METCALFE. Born 17 May 1911 Richmond. Dau of John William & Annie Carroll.
Born 03/11/1889 died 28th June 1963 Stanley was married to Annie Kitson . Stanley was the son of John James Metcalfe and Hannah Elizabeth. Stanley was in the Merchant Navy working with Turnbull Scott
he sailed from Whitby. He was a sewing machine salesman then owned Metcalfe of Ripon who made cabinets and sold furniture. Stanley was from a family of six, James Harold Metcalfe 1885-1948, Gertrude Metcalfe b 1883,
Winifred Metcalfe who emigrated to Canada b 1897, Charles Wilfred Metcalfe b 1891-1962 and Frank Metcalfe b 1894.

Stanley Metcalfe [Thanks to Sue Hall for photo].

STEPHEN METCALFE. Born C.1807. Schoolmaster. Son of Esther. Unmarried in Kirkby Malzeard 1861.
STEPHEN METCALFE. Born C1858 Masham. Cattle dealer in 1881 living with his widowed Mother Hannah [landlady]. In 1891 he was Innkeeper at Kings Head in Fearby. Married to Ann.
THOMAS METCALFE. Of Grewelthorpe. Married to Alice.[b1536].
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 11.3.1660 Healey. Son of John [b.1630]& Jane. Married Jane Thorpe. at Masham in 1691. Was executed in 1709 for high treason for coining. [see letters at top of page from Linda Pritchard & Lynn Moralee].
THOMAS METCALFE. Bap. 13 May 1693. Died 27.Feb 1785 Masham. Son of Thomas the coiner & Jane Thorpe. married Mary Askwith. of Masham in 1720.
THOMAS METCALF. of Pateley Bridge Married May 1817 to Mary Hawkridge. of Pateley Bridge. Ref.Leeds Mercury Issue 2708.
THOMAS METCALFE. born C.1753. Died 22.4.1774. Son of Francis & Jane. M.I. Masham Churchyard.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 7.4.1754 Masham. Died 1823 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Jane Handley. Married [1] Sarah Ward. of Masham on 23.11.1780. Married [2] Elizabeth Fryer. of Grewelthorpe on 2.7.1796.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C. 1756. Lived Bramley Grange. Buried 28.10.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
THOMAS METCALFE. Bap.10.2.1788 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas of Bramley Grange, Grewelthorpe. & Sarah Ward.
THOMAS PROCTOR METCALFE. Born C. 1821. Winksley. Unmarried Carter & Farm servant in 1861. Married Catherine born Healey in 1837. Lived Sceif House, Azerley in 1881 with wife & 4 children.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C. 1821 Azerley. Son of Matthew of Lawnwith. Farmer at Plover Hill, Azerley 1881. Married to Dinah[Diane] Moorhouse. [born Laverton 1825.] dau of John Moorhouse. Gamekeeper at Laverton. Marriage on 4.10.1852 at Kirkby Malzeard Church. Witnesses William & Mary Metcalfe.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 23.5.1826. Kexmoor. Died 8.1.1884. Son of George & Ann Astwood.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C1839/40. Biggin Grange. Buried 21.2.1840. Kirkby Malzeard.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C. 1843. Bramley Grange. Son of James & Elizabeth. Living Kirkby Malzeard in 1851. It is possible this is the Thomas who died in 1863 and was buried 30.6.1863 in Dallowgill.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 1845 Ripon. Died 1904 Ripon. Son of William & Mary. Married Mary Ann Marriner. in 1873. Thomas was a railway plate layer in 1901.
THOMAS METCALFE. Bap. 17.9.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Richard & Dorothy of Bramley Grange. Carter. Husband of Mary. Lived Bondgate Ripon in 1901.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C 1865 Byholme. Son of James & Jane. Living Low Worsall 1871.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C.1858 Laverton. Died 1940. Son of Joseph & Anne. Living with widowed Mother in Azerley in 1881. Married Ellen Richmond. of Galphay in 1882. Living Red House Farm Winksley in 1911. had 7 children. [See James O’Connor letter above]
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 15 May 1860. Married to Eleanor [born 1859]. Retired in Galphay in 1939.
THOMAS FOSTER METCALFE. Born C 1861 Masham. Draper & Boot Dealer on Silver Street Masham.
Married on 8 April 1882 to Margaret Jane Mudd. of Masham. They had 4 children.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C. 1865. Ilton. Married on 1891 census.
THOMAS EDWIN METCALFE. Born C. 1876 Baldersby. Son of Thomas & Catherine.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 30 May 1881. Wheelwright & firewood dealer. In 1939 living Killinghall. Married to Alice [born 1882].
THOMAS METCALFE. Born C1893 Winksley. Killed WW1. Son of Thomas & Ellen Richmond.
THOMAS METCALFE. Bap. 2.1.1905 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas Edward [The Miner] & Ruth of Carlsmoor.
THOMAS METCALFE. Born 4 Sept.1933. Bedale. Son of John [the shepherd] & Edith.
VIOLET METCALFE. Born 14 August 1898. Dau of Thomas & Eleanor. in Galphay in 1939.
WILKS METCALFE. Born C.1743. Died 1.8.1819 M.I. St. Marys Masham. Married to Ann Thomson. of Danby Wiske.on 13.5.1779. she died 23.6.1839 age 89. Son John died age 2years.
See Photo of grave at end.
Research into Wilks Metcalfe provided by Sandra Compton.
Wilks Metcalf must have been born around the year 1743 for when he died in 1819 he was said to have been 76 years old. I have not been able to find any reference to his birth.His unusual Christian name suggests that he was connected to the family of William Metcalfe who died in Burneston, about six miles north east of Masham, in 1737 and had descendents (and probably antecedents) carrying the name Wilk(e)s for many generations. So far I have not been able to find a direct link to that family.
The first reference to Wilks that I have found in public records is his marriage to Ann Thomson on 13 May 1779, after banns, at Danby Wiske, a village about three miles north west of Northallerton in what was the North Riding of Yorkshire, now North Yorkshire. At the time of his marriage, when he was about 36, Wilks was resident in the parish of Worsal, a very small settlement in the valley of the River Tees about ten miles north of Northallerton.
On 2 March 1780 a son, Henry, was baptised at St. Mary’s the parish church of Masham. At this point Wilks and Ann were living at Low Ellington, a farming settlement just over two miles north west of Masham, in the valley of the River Ure. The only reference I have to the possible occupation of Wilks is that when Henry married in 1839, long after the death of his father, he gave his father ‘s rank or profession as farmer. No other children were baptised at Masham.Wilks died in Masham on 1 August 1819 aged 76. He was buried in Masham Churchyard. There is a headstone with a still legible monumental inscription saying, ‘Sacred to the memory of Wilks Metcalf of Masham who departed this life 1 August 1819 aged 76 years. Also of Ann his widow who died 23June 1839 aged 89 years. Also John Metcalf their grandson who died 23 November 1848 aged two years and 9 months.

WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 25.12.1722. Masham. Son of Thomas & Mary Askwith. Married in 1751 to Jane Handley. [b.1726].
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1768. Buried 30.4.1851 aged 83 Ilton. [Ref.Par.Reg.]
WILIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1802 Fountains Earth. Married to Nancy of Stonebeck Up. [b.1813].
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 30.3.1811 Masham. Bap 28.4.1811. son of George & Ann Astwood. Married Rachel Elizabeth Curtis 28.9.1840. William Died in USA 14.9.1871.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C.1812. Buried 5.4.1887 Dallowgill. Lived Swetton, Dallowgill.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 1814 Ripon. Son of Bartholomew Metcalfe. Tailor. Married Mary Metcalfe of Grewelthorpe. [b.C1813] in July 1840. see letter at beginning of page from Allison Drake.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1821. Son of James & Elizabeth.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1825. Kexmoor. Husband of Alice of Cheapside.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1826 Kirkby Malzeard. Widower living alone in 1891 in K.Malzeard.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1831. Azerley. Farm servant at Bush Farm. unmarried in 1881.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 1833. Son of George & Isabella. Brother of Robert the Blacksmith. Married on 24.8.1861 to Grace Trevor of Masham. Grocer & Cream Cheese maker. Possibly had 7 children. Robert 1870: Matthew: Ed: John: William: George & Isabella 1864.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1835. Kirkby Malzeard. Husband of Mary. Farmer Bramley Grange.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1837. Grewelthorpe. Son of George (Blacksmith) & Ann. Grandson of William Binks of Thirsk. Husband of Elizabeth Warriner. dau of George (The schoolteacher) & Mary Warriner. from Middlesmoor. William a shoemaker.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1842 Son of John. Living Leeds when wed. Married on 31.3.1866 Kirkby Malzeard church to Maria Reynard. [b.1844] dau of George the shoemaker in Kirkby Malzeard.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1843. Son of John the Carpenter. Kirkby Malzeard. married on 23.5.1868 at Kirkby Malzeard church. to Elizabeth Hill. [b.1843] dau of John a Gardener in Kirkby Malzeard.
WILKS METCALFE. Born 28 January 1844. Bap. 24 March 1844 at St. Mary’s, Masham. Died 3.10.1885 North Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Johnson. Married Jane of Newton-le-Willows on 6 June 1865 at the parish church of St. Patrick, Patrick Brompton.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1849. Grewelthorpe. Son of Jonah & Dorothy. Living East Witton 1871 – 1911. Married Jane of East Witton in 1874. They had 7 children. 6 living in 1911.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1852 Aldfield. Son of William & Nancy. Living Winksley 1861.
WILLIAM YEOMAN METCALFE. Bap. 24.2.1856 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Frances Yeoman. of High Bramley This is probably the Wm who died in Ripon workhouse 7.12.1942. gangrene of foot & Senile decay. Buried Kirkby Malzeard by his sons. Address given as Kirkby Moor.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 4 Sept 1856. Swinton. Possibly died 1942. Son of Ann the Publican. Possibly the William, husband of Lizzie Pickles. [born 7.10.1871] a Carpenter. living in Bradley House Kirkby Malzeard in 1939. Banns read Grewelthorpe Sept.1894. William & Lizzie were married 1895. They had 5 children. 2 had died by 1911. when they were living at Azerley Chase.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C1862 Masham. In 1911 he was a Cinder Drawer in Coke Ovens. Living Fearby.

A man would fill a metal box, roughly 2 storeys high, with coal dust and then the whole lot would be set on fire. The extracts were tar, sulfate of ammonia & benzine. Benzine would be sent to the refinery for refining into petrol/gasoline. The majority of men would suffer with chest/breathing problems from the smoke and fumes given off during this process. The Coke [Cinder] Drawer was the person pushing the coke out of the oven when it was ready.

WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1863. Masham. Farm servant at Mowbray Hall Grewelthorpe in 1881.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C1865. Fearby. Married Ada from Colsterdale in C1891. He was a joiner. Living Low Healey Cote in 1911.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Bap. 9.10.1864 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas & Dinah. Witness at wedding of sister Jane & William Richmond. on 2.3.1885.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Bap.26.3.1867. Buried 28.3.1867. Son of Richard & Margaret.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1868 Pateley Bridge. Nephew of Mary Metcalfe born C.1843. Living Hgte. 1891.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born C. 1872. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Mary. In 1911 living at Glen Cottage Grewelthorpe with his Brother David. Both unmarried.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 13 May 1881. 1939 living High St. Leyburn. Roadman NRCC. Married to Ethel.
WILLIAM M.METCALFE. Born C 1890 Fearby. Son of Stephen [Innkeeper] & Ann.
WILLIAM EDWARD GRAHAM METCALFE. Born C1906 Healey Cote. Son of William the joiner & Ada.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Born 3 May 1971. A Farm Carter. Living with James & Florence in 1939 at Low Skelding.
WILLIAM METCALFE. Sept/Oct 1877 Banns read at Grewelthorpe for marriage to Elizabeth Thackray both of Grewelthorpe Parish.
WILLIS BROWN METCALFE. Born 1922. Son of Harold & Kathleen of Snape Lodge .
WINIFRED METCALFE. Born 1897 Ripon. Dau of John James Metcalfe & Hannah Eliz.

Obituary of Robert Metcalfe. 1870-1901. Submitted by Kathy Derene. Aug. 2009.
Sudden Summons. Robert W. Metcalf was born in England on May 23, 1870, emigrated to America in 1894 and came directly to relatives at Glen Haven, Wisconsin, where he died, May 24, 1901, at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Jane Metcalf. At the time of his death, which was entirely unexpected, his wife was visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Foehringer, a few miles from Cassville. Mr. Metcalf was in his usual state of health and only spoke of not feeling well at eleven o’clock Thursday evening but laughed at the idea of calling a doctor. The man to whom he spoke at that time went up stairs to bed and on coming down in the morning saw Mr. Metcalf lying on the floor with his head on a pillow. Thinking him asleep the man went about his work at the barn and returning found the sleeper in the same position and on attempting to awaken him, found that it was the sleep of death. A physician was summoned and relatives and neighbors apprised of the sudden summons. His young wife, to whom he was married about two years ago, was expecting her husband to come after her and the baby, Raymond, but instead received the shocking news of his death. The funeral was held at the Metcalf home on Sunday afternoon, the Glen Haven camp M.W.A., of which the decedent was a member, having charge of the funeral, Rev. Phillips of Cassville was the officiating minister, and members of the Ramsey church choir assisted in the service by singing. Floral emblems adorned the casket. Interment in the yellow school house cemetery. F. Eckstein of this village was the undertaker.

Obituary in Ripon Gazette 9.12.1937 For James Thomas Metcalfe. 1860-1937.The death has occurred of James Thomas Metcalfe age 77 a native of Reeth. Eldest son of John Metcalfe of Town End Hall, Reeth. James apprenticed as a Joiner. He had an interest in repairing clocks especially Grandfather Clocks and he partly traded in them. Some of his clocks were sent to America. He had a quiet disposition. His wife died a few years ago. He came to Laverton 11 years ago. [1926] and he bought the business off the late James Wright.

Obituary in Ripon Gazette 20.10.1938. of David Metcalfe 1864-1938.The death has occured of David Metcalfe age 75 of Cross Hills Grewelthorpe. He was the second son of the late William Metcalfe of Bramley Grange. He was keenly interested in local affairs and held a number of public offices. He was Past Churchwarden. Chairman of the Parish Council retiring 1935. A trustee of Grewelthorpe Charities. He was well known in agricultural circles and farmed at The Glen until 1933.

Grave of John Metcalfe in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

Grave of Henry Metcalfe of Masham. 1780-1864. St Marys Churchyard Masham.

Grave of Wilks [1743-1819] & Ann Metcalfe [Nee Thomson].[1750-1889]
St Marys Churchyard Masham.

Report in Pateley Bridge newspaper April 1879.

Wm Metcalfe carrier of Grewelthorpe was charged with being drunk in charge of a horse and cart on the highway leading from Kirkby Malzeard. Fined 16s. including expenses.

Report in Northern Echo. Jan 1870.Wm Metcalfe carrier of Grewelthorpe was convicted in the mitigated penalty of 10s + 10/6 costs for allowing his horse & cart to stay an unreasonable amount of time on the highway in Kirkby Malzeard.

Report in Knaresborough Post Jan 1871.
Wm Metcalfe Carrier and Butter Factor of Grewelthorpe was summoned by Thomas Thompson of Swinton. Sergeant of police for poaching. He was found to have 2 hares and nine rabbits hidden in a locked box on his cart. The case was dismissed on a point of law.

Report in Yorks Post. Feb 1881.Wm Metcalfe of Grewelthorpe ,Farmer, was summoned for having on the 11th inst. moved 3 cows without the necessary license. He had taken the cows some 60-70 yards along the highway to a pond. He alleged the gate to the farmyard had been left open, and the cows got out without his knowledge. The Chairman said the law did not acknowledge mistakes, and that the order of the Privy Council should be obeyed, He was fined 2/6d with 11s costs.

Report in Knaresborough Post August 1885.
William Metcalfe of Grewelthorpe, labourer, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on 15th August.
Fined 2s.6d and 13s costs.

Report in Leeds Intelligencer January 1839.Thomas Metcalf and Thomas Wood, for stealing, at Azerley, a quantity of wheat, the property of John Nicholson, and several fowls, and a piece of canvas, the property of John Blackburn, of Laverton. Imprisoned six months to hard labour. —