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Mann Family

History of ther surname Mann.
Recorded as Man, Mann and the patronymics Manns and Manson, this is an English surname. It has several possible origins. The first being from the pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon and Old German word “mann” meaning man, and probably used as a nickname for a fierce or strong person or for a man as for some reason, contrasted with a boy.

Alternatively the source could be from the pre 7th century English personal name “Mann”, which was still in use in the 12th Century. Although the exact sense is not always clear, and varied by circumstances, it is generally accepted that the meaning ranges from friend, associate or foreman, to servant, but it also may be feudal and correspond to such a phrase as “homo Bainardi”, the man of Bainard, one who owed Bainard service of some sort. Another possible origin is from the French province of Maine, as in Johannes de Mann of Yorkshire in the Poll Tax rolls of 1379. Early examples of the surname recording from church records include Robert Mann who married Avis Hankel at St. George the Martyr, Canterbury in 1577, and Daniell Manns a witness at St James, Clerkenwell, in 1720.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of William Man. This was dated 1185 in the register of the Knights Templar, for the county of Yorkshire. during the reign of King Henry II nd of England, 1154 – 1189.

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All the following information, relevant to Mann families from the Grewelthorpe area, have been taken from Parish Registers, Memorial Inscriptions (M.I.) in Grewelthorpe churchyard. Records of Masham Peculiar Wills,and Census records. If you find this article helpful or if you have anything to add please contact me.

ALICE MANN [nee?]. Buried 8.10.1805 Grewelthorpe. Wife of Thomas.
ANN MANN Of Grewelthorpe married Thomas Tomlin Blacksmith on 1 Sept 1769. [see Tomlin tree]
ANN MANN. Bap. 7.1.1791 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas.
ANN MANN. Born C. 1792. Kirkby Malzeard. Buried 29.5.1860. Wife of John the molecatcher. Lived Galphay.
ANN MANN. married MATTHIAS ASCOUGH. Fellmonger of Grewelthorpe on 14.5.1814.
ANN MANN. Born C.1848 Grewelthorpe. Died 1914. Dau of Anthony & Frances Lofthouse. Married Charles Lofthouse. in 1868.
ANTHONY MANN. Born C. 1783. Grewelthorpe. Died 7.10.1851. Buried 12.10.1851. M.I. Farmer. Husband of *Frances Lofthouse(Fanny).*of Dallowgill. Married 1843. Lived Camp Farm Grewelthorpe. Owned land at Bramley Grange and Riddings. Made will 30.8.1851. Will proved 25.10.1851.
CATHERINE MANN. Widow of Hutts Grange, Grewelthorpe. Made will 10.5.1716. Will proved 15.10.1718. Probably the widow of Marmaduke.
DOROTHY MANN. Bap. 1.3.1767 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Edward.
DOROTHY MANN. Spinster of Grewelthorpe. Made will 2.1.1778. Will proved 21.1.1778.
EDITH MANN. Buried 19.10.1704. Lived Bramley Grange.
EDWARD MANN. C 1525. Son of John & Joan. Husband of Agnes. Lived Bramley Grange in 1525.
EDWARD MANN. Born C. 1750 Ripon. Father of Elizabeth.
EDWARD MANN. Born C. 1755 Ripon. Married Anne Jacques.
EDWARD MANN. Bap. 1.10.1780. Grewelthorpe. Son of John. Married to Jane. Widower in 1851, Possible the Edward Mann who was buried in Grewelthorpe 29.11.1851. age 71. [Ref. Par. Reg[.
EDWARD MANN. Owned land in 1782 Enclosure Award at The Nook, Foulgate, Low Moor. Grewelthorpe. 3 acres.0rood 19perch. Also land at Town Waste, Low Moor. 8 perch.
ELIZABETH MANN. Born C. 1792 Ripon. Died Dec 1852 Winksley. Dau of Edward Mann. Married William Thackray. a butcher. on 18th May 1818. Hannah Mann. was a witness. [See Thackwray page for sources]
ELIZABETH MANN. Born C. 1809 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Edward & Jane. Married William Lancaster.
FRANCES MANN. Died 1604. Wife of William of Bramley Grange. Brass plaque in Kirkby Malzeard church to mark death.
FRANCES MANN. Born C. 1806 Dallowgill. Died 31.1.1885. Buried 4.2.1885. M.I. Wife of Anthony.
JAMES MANN. Grandson of Anthony & Frances of Camp Farm Grewelthorpe.
JANE MANN. Born C. 1784. Buried 14.2.1847 Grewelthorpe age 63.
JONATHAN MANN. Farmer of Grewelthorpe. Made will 12.5.1834. Will proved 7.1.1835,
JOHN MANN. 15.5.1525. Leased a Grange at Bramley from Abbot Marmaduke & the Convent of Fountains. Husband of Joan.
JOHN MANN. Lived in Grewelthorpe in 1672. (Hearth Tax records)
JOHN MANN. Yeoman of The Hutts, Grewelthorpe. Owned lands at Swinton, North Stainley, Ellershaw and Bramley Grange. Made will 20.9.1699.Will proved 17.1.1700.
JOHN MAN. Buried 9.6.1722 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe.
JOHN MANN. Born. C. 1774. Grewelthorpe. Buried 4.4.1858. Molecatcher. Husband of Ann.
JOHN MANN. Bap. 3.11.1776 Grewelthorpe. Son of John.
JOHN JACKSON MANN. Farmer of Mowbray Hall Farm, Grewelthorpe. Made will 16.6.1856. Will proved 30.12.1856.

Report in Leeds Intelligencer Jan 1846.
In Jan 1846. John Jackson Mann of Grewelthorpe, Farmer, was charged by his servant Wm Dodds with dismissing him from his service. Mrs Jackson it seems had dismissed the lad for some trivial matter
but John had agreed to take him back. He was ordered by the court to return.

MARMADUKE MANN. Gentleman of The Hutts, Grewelthorpe. Buried June 1719 Kirkby Malzeard. Will proved 30.9.1719.
MARY MANN. Bap.3.6.1762.Grewelthorpe. Dau of Edward.
MARY MANN. Bap 28.8.1764 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Edward.
MARY MANN. Bap. 9.1.1787 Grewelthorpe. Twin dau of John. Sister of William.
MARY JANE MANN. Born April.1846.Grewelthorpe. Died Sept 1900. Dau of Anthony & Frances Lofthouse. Married James Coldbeck. in 1868.
RICHARD MANN. Buried 18.11.1802 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas.
T. MANN. Born C1752. Died 5 May 1833 age 81 in Grewelthorpe. Father of Mr Mann. [Butcher.] Ref. Yorks Gazette 1833.
THOMAS MANN. Bap. 25.2.1786 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas.
WILLIAM MANN. Lived Bramley Grange. Husband of Frances. He died 1594 and has a brass plaque in Kirkby Malzeard church to mark the event.
WILLIAM MANN. Lived in Grewelthorpe 1672. (Hearth Tax records)
WILLIAM MANN. Gentleman of Bramley Grange made will Nov.1699. Buried 4.11.1723 Kirkby Malzeard.
WILLIAM MANN. married MARY CLARKSON. A widow of Grewelthorpe 19.6.1746.
WILLIAM MANN. Buried 4.1.1756.
WILLIAM MANN. Bap. 9.1.1787 Grewelthorpe. Twin son of John.
Brother of Mary.
WILLIAM P. MANN. Born C. 1815 Grewelthorpe. Son of Edward & Jane.

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