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Kitchen family

Details of the Kitching or Kitchen/Kitchin families in Grewelthorpe area.

Mary Thompson of Burn Brae, Grewelthorpe married a policeman Henry Kitchin.

Mary Kitchen [nee Thompson].

AARON KITCHIN. Born C1852 Whixley. Son of William [millwright] & Jane Robshaw.
ANNIE KITCHIN. Born 21 May 1883. Died Sept 1962. Dau of Kelita Bell & Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney. Married Richard Smith. of Acomb.
CHARLES KITCHIN. Born 11 March 1896 Hay a Park. Died 23 Sept 1977 Knaresborough. Son of Kelita Bell & Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney. Married Annie Wilson. in 1925. Was an ARP warden in 1939.
ELIZABETH KITCHIN. Born June 1888. Coneythorpe. Dau of Keita Bell & Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney.
ENOCH KITCHIN. Born C1857 Whixley. Son of William [millwright] & Jane Robshaw.
ETHEL KITCHIN. Born 19 June 1913. Dau of Thomas [Police Officer] & Emily Barker.
FREDERICK CONYERS KITCHEN. Born 1844 Leeds. Died 1911 Harrogate. Married to Frances Emily from Horsforth in 1868. He was a leather factor.
HAROLD STUART KITCHEN. Born C1872. Son of Fredk Conyers & Frances Emily.
HARRIET KITCHIN. Born C1860 Whixley. Dau of William [millwright] & Jane Robshaw.
HENRY KITCHIN. Born 20 July 1890. Coneythorpe. Died 27 March 1965. Son of Kelita Bell Kitchin and Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney. He was a policeman. Married [1] Mary Jane Wormald in 1914. She died in 1950. He married [2] Mary Thompson of Grewelthorpe in 1953.
JOHN KITCHIN. Born Sept 1886. Died Dec 1893. Son of Keita Bell. & Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney.
KELITA BELL KITCHIN. Born 13 June 1862 Whixley. Died 1947. Son of William Bell Kitchin. and *Jane Robshaw. *Married to *Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney.*of Ireland in 1882 in Wetherby. Living in Park Row, Knaresborough in 1911. They had had 9 children 2 had died by 1911. In 1939 a farmworker & a widower living with his son Charles & Annie who had a smallholding in Nidderdale. Probably Knaresborough area.
M.KITCHEN [Captain RFA] Son of Frederick Conyers & Francis Emily of Harrogate. Mentioned in despatches 1917. Had been on active service from almost the beginning of the war. [Ref. Harrogate Herald 1917]. A partner in the engineering firm John King & Co. of Leeds. He had a commission in the Territorial Army.

Captain M.Kitchen.

THOMAS KITCHEN. Born C1866 Masham. Grandson of Joseph Kitchen Beerhouse keeper.of Rotherham. Married to Grace about 1896. In 1911 after 15 years of marriage they had no children.
THOMAS KITCHIN. Born 20 July 1890. Coneythorpe. Twin of Henry. Died June 1970. Son of Kelita Bell. & Elizabeth Kate Mulrooney. Married Emily Barker. in 1912. Had 6 children. In 1939 a Police Officer on the Railway in Kingston upon Hull.
WALTER KITCHIN. Born Dec 1897. Knareesborough. Son of Kelita Bell Kitchin & Elizabeth kate Mulrooney. Married in 1926 in Knaresborough to Margaret Hebden.
WILLIAM BELL KITCHIN. Born C1818 Wetherby. A millwright living Whixley in 1871. Married to Jane Robshaw of Whixley.

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