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Kendray family

Research started by Barbara Bradley in October 2018 after finding information about Thomas Kendray of Grewelthorpe.
Updated May 2020.

A book has been handed to me containing details of money collected in the village.
One page is as follows:-
1st January 1821.
This contains an Account of all sums of money left to Charitable Uses in the Township of Grewelthorpe in the County of York, specifying the particular lands out of which the same are payable and the periods of there [sic] Receipt and Distribution in each year, and an Account of the poor Persons to whom each Charity is disposed of is kept in an old Book belonging to the Township deposited in a Box in the possession of Thomas Kendray who is employed as Clerk by the Township.

Not a lot of information is available about Thomas.

Thanks to Trevor Kitchen for information about Elizabeth & Francis Kendray. Feb 2019.

Information found in Census returns and Parish Registers.

ALICE KENDRAY [nee ?] Born C. 1793 Grewelthorpe. Died August 1863. Married to Thomas. [Ref. 1861 census].
ELIZABETH KENDRAY. [NEE?]. Born C1803. Married to Francis.
ELIZABETH B. KENDRAY. Born C. 1829 Grewelthorpe. Died after 1901. Dau of Thomas & Alice. Dressmaker in 1861. Married James Thackray in 1878. James was 28 years older than Elizabeth and he died in 1885.
FRANCES KENDRAY. Born 4 Nov 1838. Kirkgate Leeds. Died Dec 1856. Buried 25 Dec 1856. Dau of Francis & Elizabeth.
FRANCIS KENDRAY. Born C.1803 Greenwich. Died 9 May 1861 Grewelthorpe. M.I. Son of Thomas & Marjery. Married Elizabeth from Leeds.[born C1803] on 7 May 1832 at Kirby. Living Grewelthorpe in 1861 at Carr Brook. Elizabeth died March 1879.
FRANCIS KENDRAY. Bap 23 OCT. 1834. Son of Francis & Elizabeth. Died 16 July 1857 Stockton.
JAMES KENDRAY. Born C1832 Mickley. Bap. 13 Jan 1833. Died 1899 York. Son of Francis & Elizabeth. Married Mary Ann Pearson. of Knaresborough in Oct. 1860.
JAMES KENDRAY Labourer of Ripon was charged in 1872 with poaching. Found guilty and sent to House of Correction for 6 months hard labour. [Ref. Knaresborough Post ]. Again in 1873 he was fined £20 for poaching.
JANE KENDRAY. Born C1821 Died Nov. 1852. Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Marjery Kay. After birth of dau Mary. Married Thomas Wells. of Nosterfield 7.11.1850.
LILIAN KENDRAY. Born March 1876. Died May 1951. Australia. Dau of William Thomas & Matilda Lofthouse.
MARJERY KENDRAY. [NEE ?]. Married to Thomas. Buried 14 Feb 1858. Grewelthorpe.
THOMAS KENDRAY. Born C. 1799 Thirsk. Buried 23 May 1863.Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Frances Kitchen. Married to Alice from Grewelthorpe. Farm Labourer. Alice died 3 months after Thomas.
THOMAS KENDRAY. Born C1776 Thirsk married Marjery Kay. 22 June 1815. Father of Francis. Died 3.2.1853. Living Grewelthorpe in 1841.
WILLIAM KENDRAY. An Ag. Labourer living with Thomas Kendray & Alice in 1841. Age about 30.
WILLIAM THOMAS KENDRAY. Bap. 18 Dec 1842 Mickley. Died 1888 Ashton under Lyne. Son of Francis & Elizabeth. Married Matilda Lofthouse. of Laverton. He was a gamewatcher.
Report in Knaresborough Post 1870.
William Kendray of Laverton was charged with assault on Susannah Bolton wife of Charles Bolton off Azerley.
The argument was over a hare which had been caught in a trap. The case was dismissed with no charge.

If you can add any information about Thomas Kendray in Grewelthorpe, please contact the site.


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