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Ingleby Family

Historical information about the Ingleby surname.
This name, with variant spelling, Ingliby, is of English locational origin from Ingleby, is of English locational origin from “Ingleby”, a parish in the North Riding of Yorkshire or from any of the several places thus called in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. The place name is so called from the Old Norse “Englabyr”, “Engla” meaning “of the English” plus “byr” a “settlement”, hence “a settlement of the English”. One, Thomas de Ingelby appears in the “Feet of Fines for Yorkshire” (1280).
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The following details are of Ingleby family members living in and around Grewelthorpe.
Information taken from census records. Parish records & Memorial Inscriptions. M.I.
Last update Oct 2020.

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Letter from Karl asking for help. [Nov 2019]
Hi have you heard of maria ingleby 1846 born in grawelthorpe Yorkshire her husband was William Henry walker from sowerby Yorkshire. They had 6 kids all from leeds Yorkshire any information would be great thanks karl .

Letter from George Lang [Nov 2019].
I am assisting my wife Lesley Lang nee Ingleby with her family history It would appear that her grandfather was born in Deighton. I would be most grateful if you could shed any light on the Ingleby Family in Laverton and Grewelthorpe.

The data George sent with this letter has been added to the page. If you can help George please contact the site.

Elaine Kippax would like to hear from anybody researching Elizabeth Margaret Fryer Ingleby b.1881 and that line of the family.

Comment from Jasmine Marshall. Although trying to trace my Barker ancestery, I have been sent the following information from a collaborative member on the site I use because we do have an Ingleby in the family.
I am informed that there was a John Ingleby born 1809 in Kirkby Malzeard who married an Alice ? and who had the following children betwen 1837 – 1849.
Hannah 1837, Harriet 1841, Annas 1842, Willis 1845, Alice 1847 and Eliza 1849.
I am not sure if this will assist anyone but you never know. However, if there is anyone out there who can help me with my Barker/Cundall connections (Dallowgill, Kirkby Malzeard,Grewelthorpe, Knott Farm)and surrounding area, I would be very grateful to hear from them.

Thanks to Rae Johnson for letting us update this site with his family tree. He would like to receive information about Susanna Ingleby born 1784.

ADA INGLEBY. Born C.1876 Skelding. Dau of John [1845] & Sarah [1841].
ALBERT INGLEBY. Born C.1879 Galphay. Son of Willis & Jane Webster. Living Goldsboro 1891. married *Jane Dean. 1907.
ALICE INGLEBY. Bap. 31.1.1847 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Alice Pearson. of Galphay. Married George Millson. in 1873.
ANN INGLEBY. Married Ralph Coldbeck. on 24.11.1767 in Ripon. Had daughter Elizabeth Bap. 4.1.1769 Littlethorpe.
ANN INGLEBY Spinster in 1790 Married Thomas Almon cordwainer of Masham.
ANN INGLEBY. Born C1814 Foulgate Nook. Dau of John & Susannah Burton.
ANN INGLEBY. Born C. 1817 Grewelthorpe. Buried 30.4.1837 Kirkby Malzeard.
ANN INGLEBY [nee Jackson]. Born C. 1817. Died 1891 Bramley Leeds. Wife of John the Carpenter. Married 20.3.1838 Kirkby Malzeard. Living in Grewelthorpe in 1841. A widow in Wortley, Leeds in 1891.
ANN INGLEBY. Born C1838 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1912. Darlington.Dau of John & Ann Ascough. Married Peter 1857. Married [2] Benjamin Dempster in 1895 Durham.
ANTHONY COLDBECK. Lived Masham. Made his will 18 March 1818. Witnessed by Ann Coldbeck & Joseph Burrill. Excerpt of will….
This is the last will & testament of me Anthony Ingleby of Masham. Husbandman. I give to my son William
all my household furniture & the sum of £5 stirling. All the rest of my personal estate – - I give and bequeath to my good friend Nicholas Carter.
Mentions a daughter Esther.

ANTHONY INGLEBY. Born C.1816 Ilton. Married to Ann [b.1821 Ilton]. Living Sharow in 1891.
ANTHONY INGLEBY. Born C.1856 Copt Hewick. Son of Anthony & Ann. Living Sharow in 1891.
BEATRICE CLARK INGLEBY [nee Fryer]. Born C.1851 Sawley. married to John [b1841][The Farmer] of Skelding near Grantley.
BERTHA INGLEBY. Born C. 1890 Eavestone. Dau of William & Eliza Jane.
CATHARINE INGLEBY. Born C.1858 Dallowgill. Buried 9.11.1859.
DAVID INGLEBY. Born C.1819 Skelding. Married to Mary Ann [b.1821 Skelding]. David was a widower in 1901.
ELENOR INGLEBY. Born C. 1836. Ilton. Dau of Esther. Married ? Coldbeck. Widow in 1861. Mother of William & Esther.
ELIZA JANE INGLEBY [Nee Umpleby]. Born Sept. 1854 Eavestone. Wife of William from Sawley.
ELIZA INGLEBY. Born C. 1879 Skelding. Dau of |John [1845] & Sarah [1841].
ELIZABETH MARGARET FRYER INGLEBY. Born C. 1881 Skelding. Dau of John & Beatrice Clark Fryer. Schoolteacher in 1901.
ELIZABETH INGLEBY. Bap. 15.4.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Alice Pearson. of Laverton Quarry. Married William Watson. in 1871.
ELIZABETH INGLEBY. Born C. 1859 Dalton. Unmarried servant at Mill Farm Azerley in 1881.
ELIZABETH INGLEBY. Bap. 30.10.1864 Dallowgill. Dau of Matthew & Elizabeth Lofthouse.
ELIZABETH ANN INGLEBY. Born C. 1875. Eavestone. Dau of William & Eliza Jane. Dressmaker at Castiles in 1901.
ELIZABETH INGLEBY. Born C. 1876. Dau of Wilfred. Married on 11.4.1903 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Fred Lofthouse. see Lofthouse page. Witness at marriage. Mary Annie Ingleby.
ELLEN INGLEBY. Born C.1866 Laverton. Died 1910 age 44yrs, Buried Laverton. Dau of George & Mary Tebb. Married Thomas Ellis. in 1892.
EMMA INGLEBY. Born C.1871 Skelding. Dau of John.
EMILY LOUISA INGLEBY. Born C. 1889 Eavestone. Dau of William & Eliza Jane.
ERNEST INGLEBY. Born C.1868 Leeds. Died 1923? Son of Thomas & Sarah A.Lodge. Married Clara Elliot. b.1882-1967.
ETHEL ALICE INGLEBY. Born C. 1881 Eavestone. Dau of William & Eliza Jane. Unmarried living at Castiles in 1901.
ETHEL INGLEBY. Born 24 Dec 1924. Dau of Herbert Parker Ingleby & Ethel Tomlinson. Married Norman D.Williams. in 1948.
ESTHER INGLEBY. Born C 1811 Ilton cum Pott. Mother of Elenor.
ESTHER ANN INGLEBY. Born 1862. Lived Grewelthorpe. Died 1.3.1917 Ripon workhouse. Buried 9.3.1917 Grewelthorpe.
FANNY INGLEBY. Born 3 Dec 1864. A widow Living Galphay 1939.
FLORENCE MARY INGLEBY. Born C.1883 Thornton Watlass. Dau of Willis & Jane Webster. Married [1]*Alfred Boocock.* in 1906.
Married [2] Frank Blytham. in 1913.
FRANCIS INGLEBY. Born C.1868 Skelding. Son of John & Sarah. Married Sarah E.[b.1876] of Fearby.
FRANK PARKER INGLEBY. Born C1872 North Stainley. Son of William Parker Ingleby and Sarah. Wood feller and wood turner.
GEORGE INGLEBY. Married Mary Tebb in1861 Ripon Cathedral. Parents of Ellen & Richard.
GEORGE PARKER INGLEBY. Born C1841 Kirkby Malzeard. son of William Parker Ingleby & Sarah. Living K.Malzeard in 1911. unmarried.
HANNAH INGLEBY. Born C. 1855 Winksley. Dau of Joseph [The shoemaker] & Harriet.
HAROLD INGLEBY. Born 1895.Kirby Moor. Buried 21.8.1896.
HARRY INGLEBY. Born 26 August 1895. Married to Eva Holdsworth.. A gardener living Ripon in 1939.
HERBERT INGLEBY. Born C.1877 Eavestone. Son of William & Eliza Jane. Living Castiles in 1901. Herbert married Mary Ann Swires. [b.19.9.1880]of North Oak, Fellbeck.
HERBERT PARKER INGLEBY. Born 13 March 1884 Mickley. Son of William Parker Ingleby & Sarah. Married to Ethel Tomlinson. Living North Lees 1939. Incapacitated.
HERCY MINA INGLEBY. Born C.1889 Burneston. Dau of Willis & Jane Webster.
HORACE INGLEBY. Bap 11.12.1880 Grewelthorpe. Son of Willis & Jane Webster. Innkeeper Royal Oak Grewelthorpe. Living Goldsborough 1891. married Eliza Jane Burton. in 1904.
ISABELL INGLEBY [Nee Webster.]. Born C. 1844 Sawley. Dau of ? & Dorothy Webster. [b. 1806 Dallowgill.] Married to William of Knaresborough.
ISABEL INGLEBY. 18 July 1882 Living Galphay 1939. With possibly dau. Muriel.
ISABELLA INGLEBY. Born C. 1892 Sawley. Dau of James & Isabella.of Low Woods.
JAMES INGLEBY. Born C 1849 Sawley. Married to Isabella of Fellbeck. Living Low Woods Sawley.
JANE INGLEBY. Born 1472 Ripley. Died 1525. Married Robert Constable. of Flamborough.
JANE INGLEBY. Born C.1762. Lived Mickley. Buried 14.1.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
JANE INGLEBY [nee Webster]. Born C. 1851 Grantley. married Willis the innkeeper in 1879. Dau of William Webster.
JOHN INGLEBY. Buried 4.3.1800 Grewelthorpe.
JOHN INGLEBY. Born C.1777. Died 1857 Bedale. Carpenter & Plough maker. Lived Ilton cum Pott. Married Mary Dawson Coldbeck. see Coldbeck page. b.C1777. Mary died in Pateley Bridge.

JOHN INGLEBY. Born C.1799.Grewelthorpe. Tailor. Married to Mary [b.1799 Leeds]. Had son William. [b.1834] Leeds.
JOHN INGLEBY. Born C.1809 Kirkby Malzeard. married Alice Pearson. of Aldfield in 1838. [Dau of William Pearson.
Had following children. Hannah 1837, Margaret 1839. Harriet 1841, Annas 1842, Willis 1845, Alice 1847 and Eliza 1849. & John William 1852, [Data from Jasmine Marshall] See note at top of page.
JOHN INGLEBY. Born C.1814. Died 1871. Son of John & Mary Dawson Coldbeck. Carpenter living in Grewelthorpe in 1841. Married to Ann Ascough in 1835 and had daughter Ann. Married [2]to Ann Jackson. on 20.3.1838 Kirkby Malzeard. They had 9 children.
JOHN INGELBY. Born C.1841 Skelding near Grantley. Married to Beatrice Clark Fryer.[b.1851 Sawley]. Farmer.
JOHN INGLEBY. Born C.1845 Skelding. Farmer. Married to Sarah [b.C1841 Grantley].
JOHN INGLEBY. Born C. 1852 Winksley. Son of Joseph [the shoemaker] & Harriet.
JOHN INGLEBY. Born C.1854 Horsforth. Son of John {the Carpenter] & Ann Jackson. Stonemason in 1891.
JOHN W.INGLEBY. Born 1870 Leeds. Died 1934. Son of Thomas & Sarah A.Lodge. Married Annie Lodge. b.1868.
JOHN WILLIAM INGLEBY. Bap. 5.10.1873 Laverton. Son of William & Sarah Ann Stubbs. Farm servant in Grewelthorpe in 1891. Married Sarah Etta Sutcliffe. in 1896.
JOHN PARKER INGLEBY. Born C1879 North Stainley. Son of William Parker Ingleby & Sarah.
JOHN THOMAS INGLEBY. Of Burn Bridge. Farmer in 1942. Report in Harrogate Herald [1942] where he sued another farmer over the sale of heifers.
JOHN THOMAS INGLEBY. Born 18 June 1892. [Possibly same J.T Ingleby of Burnbridge.] He was a master cattle 1939 Married to Linda A.
JONATHAN INGLEBY. Born C. 1837 Copt Hewick. Unmarried Ag. Lab living in Grewelthorpe in 1861.
JOSEPH INGLEBY. Born C.1826 Eavestone. Shoemaker. Married to Harriet of Laverton. living Winksley 1861 with 5 children.
JOSEPH INGLEBY. Born C. 1858 Winksley. Son of Joseph [the shoemaker] & Harriet.
JOSEPH INGLEBY Born C 1883 Sawley. Son of James & Isabella of Low Woods.
LILLIE INGLEBY. Born C. 1879 Eavestone. Dau of William & Eliza Jane. Unmarried living Castiles in 1901.
LUCY INGLEBY. Bap 25.8.1865 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Ruth. Farmer at Ramsgill.
MABEL ALBERTA INGLEBY. Born C.1886 Burneston. Dau of Willis & Jane Webster. Married George James Martin. in 1913.
MARIA INGLEBY. Born C. 1839. Grewelthorpe. Dau of John the Carpenter & Ann Jackson.
MARY INGLEBY. Married on 7.3.1797 at Kirkby Malzeard to John Day. a Papermaker.
MARY ANN INGLEBY. Born C.1834 Grantley. Dau of William of Skelding. [b1810]. Married John Greensit. in 1852. Mary a widow in 1891.
MARY INGLEBY. Born C.1850 Grewelthorpe. Dau of John [The Carpenter] & Ann Jackson.
MARY INGLEBY. Born C.1850 Grantley. Dau of Joseph [the shoemaker] & Harriet. Living Winksley 1861.
MARY INGLEBY. Born C.1854 Copt Hewick. Dau of Anthony & Ann. Living Sharow 1891.
MARY INGLEBY. Bap 25.12.1863 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Ruth. Farmer at Ramsgill.
MARY INGLEBY. Bap. 4.9.1873 Dallowgill. Dau of Richard & Mary.
MARY ANN INGLEBY. Born C.1873 Skelding. Dau of John [1845] & Sarah [1841].
MARY E. INGLEBY. Born C1882 Sawley. Dau of James & Isabella of Low Woods.
MATTHEW INGLEBY. Born C. 1826. Buried 22.5.1868 Dallowgill.
Married Elizabeth Lofthouse.
MURIEL INGLEBY. Born 2 Jan 1911. Possibly dau of Isabel. She was a music teacher in 1939 living Galphay.
PERCY INGLEBY. Born C1885 Thornton Watlass. Son of Willis & Jane Webster.
RHODA INGLEBY. Born 26 Feb 1888. A cook at Grantley Hall in 1939. Unmarried.
RICHARD INGLEBY. Born C.1863 Skelding. Son of David & Mary Ann. Married to Annie Elizabeth. [b.1858] from Wathermarske.
RICHARD P.INGLEBY. Born 8 Feb 1865. A retired gamekeeper living in Ripon in 1939. Widower.
RICHARD INGLEBY. Born 1872. Died 1931 North Shields. Son of George & Mary Tebb.
ROBERT INGLEBY. Born C.1811. Buried 10.11.1876. Wakehill, Dallowgill.
Report of inquest in Knaresborough Post.
An inquest was held at the Royal Oak Inn Grewelthorpe. on the body of Robert Ingleby of Dallowgill, Farmer aged 65years. It appeared that on the previous day the deceased had left his house in good health to go to Middleham Moor Fair. He started from Dallowgill in a wagonette with 13 other persons. On arriving near Grewelthorpe the deceased was taken suddenly ill. and died before any help could be obtained.
Verdict. died of disease of the heart.

ROSANNA INGLEBY. Bap. 4.3.1849 Dallowgill. Dau of Matthew & Elizabeth Lofthouse.
RUTH INGLEBY [nee ?]. Born C. 1842. Died 11.6.1869. Buried 17.6.1869. Grewelthorpe. M.I. Wife of William, Farmer at Ramsgill.
SARAH INGLEBY. Born C. 1835 Pateley Bridge. Dau of Margaret [b.1813] of P.Bridge. Married ? Bales.
SARAH INGLEBY. Born C. 1841. Died 6.7.1902. Galphay Woods.
SARAH INGLEBY [nee?]. Born C1848 Spennithorn. Wife of William the Blacksmith.
SARAH INGLEBY. Born C.1849 Boroughbridge. Son of John [The Carpeneter] & Ann Jackson.
SARAH E. INGLEBY [nee ?]. Born 19 May 1874. A widow living Galphay in 1939.
SOPHIA INGLEBY. Born C.1848 Grantley. Dau of Joseph [the shoemaker] & Harriet. Living Winksley 1861.
SOPHIA INGLEBY. Born C.1862 Leeds. Died 1915 Hunslet. Dau of John [The Carpenter] & Ann Jackson. Married Samuel Simon. of Bradford. b.1857-1921.
SUSANNAH INGLEBY (nee ?). Born C.1784. Buried 11.7.1867 Dallowgill, married John Ingleby Born 1781-death 1841
SUSANNAH INGLEBY. Bap. 28.10.1860 Dallowgill. Buried 16.4.1878. Dau of Matthew Ingleby & Elizabeth Lofthouse. Lenterstone, Dallowgill.
THOMAS INGLEBY. Born C. 1775 Kirkby Malzeard. Brother of John the ploughmaker. Fellmonger altho in 1851 he was a pauper living with his brother in Ilton cum Pott.
THOMAS JACKSON INGLEBY. Born C.1841 Grewelthorpe. Died June 1870 Bramley Leeds. Son of John [The Carpenter] & Ann Jackson. Married Sarah A. Lodge. 1842-1906 of Leeds.
THOMAS INGLEBY. Born C.1850 Copt Hewick. Son of Anthony & Ann.
THOMAS HARRY INGLEBY. Born 9 Nov 1928. Buried 25.12.1988 Grewelthorpe. M.I. Son of Harry [gardener]& Eva Holdsworth.. Living Ripon in 1939. Married Margaret R. Bain. in 1858.
WALTER HENRY INGLEBY. Born 12.10.1869. Bap. 21.11.1869 Dallowgill. Son of William & Sarah of Stubbings Dallowgill.
WILFRED INGLEBY. Born C1848 Skelding. Son of David & Mary Ann. A Castrator. Living with parents in 1871.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C.1810 Skelding. A widower in 1891 in Laverton living with his widowed dau. Mary Ann Greensit.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C.1821 Ilton. Blacksmith in Grewelthorpe in 1861. Married to Sarah of Spennithorn.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C.1834 Leeds. Son of John of Grewelthorpe [Tailor] & Mary. William was a Lithographic Draughtsman.
WILLIAM PARKER INGLEBY. Born C1842 Kirkby Malzeard. Married c1864 to Sarah of Harrogate. Living North Stainley in 1891. Had 7 children, 1 had died by 1911.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C1842 Skelding. Son of David & Mary Ann. Living Oak Tree House, Skelding in 1871 with his parents.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C.1843 Knaresborough. Married to Isabell Webster. b. 1844 Sawley.
WILLIAM ATKINSON INGLEBY. Bap. 13.10.1844 Grewelthorpe. Son of John [The Carpenter & Wheelwright] & Ann Jackson.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C. 1852 Sawley. Farmer at Castiles. Dallowgill in 1901. Married to Eliza Jane of Eavestone.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born 1855 Grewelthorpe. Grandson of Robert Firby. Living in Grewelthorpe in 1861.
WILLIAM INGLEBY. Born C. 1859 Ilton. Unmarried in 1911 living Bramley Grange as a coachsmith with his sister Ester Ann Coldbeck.
WILLIS INGLEBY. Born C. 1846 Laverton. Farmer & Innkeeper at Royal Oak, Grewelthorpe in 1881. Married to Jane of Grantley.

Oak House Grewelthorpe which was originally The Royal Oak Inn.
Willis Ingleby was Inn keeper in 1891.