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Imeson Family

The following information has been taken from Grewelthorpe Parish Registers, School & Census records and Memorial Inscriptions in Grewelthorpe & Masham Churchyards. & IGI. If you find the following helpful in your own research or if you have anything to add, I would love to hear from you.

Letter from Jemima Burrell [August 2019].
If you can help please contact the site.

I have recently found an old bible, inscribed ‘Mary Imeson, Masham, Easter Day April 7th 1890’. I’d be happy to post the bible, it is falling apart as you might expect, if you are interested in it or are interested in the genealogy of the original owner. I am in Ulverston, Cumbria, so I am not sure how the bible would have come to be on my book shelves, it will have been acquired by my late grandad I think.
My Mum said she found it in her grandad’s things – he was a methodist, John Wilkes. I wonder if it was given to him by someone.

Letter from Anne Wigle Occhipinti [May 2018]. To contact Anne.
See pictures below of Ann Imeson & husband William Gaines.
Ann Imeson (b. in Kirkby-Malzeard, Yorkshire, England on 17 Mar 1814)
She was the mother of Jane Gaines 1829-1901 …who later became the wife of
John Wigle together they (John and Jane/Ann’s daughter) had 12 children in Windsor, Ont. Canada…one of whom was my great grandfather-
Elihu Wigle Elihu married Alice Burkholder and they had son named John Harold Wigle
John H. Wigle married Camilla Stodgell (Wigle) and they had my father John …and a daughter…
Elizabeth (Betty) who later married Ross Mingay. My father married Barbara Bevington (Wigle).
Mom and dad…Barb and John …had 3 children…Janis Wigle-Zimmermann, Anne Wigle-Occhipinti (me) and John Wigle III.
I also wish to share with you that recently we discovered that my Great-Grandfather
*Elihu Wigle*…married another woman at the same time…(he gave the second wife a made-up name of Elmer Wright). Elihu and Marie Hoerner Wright had an 11 year marriage and 3 children -all took the last name Wright. When Marie discovered Elihu was married to another woman (Alice Burkholder Wigle) and had a son via her (my grandfather/John H. Wigle) she ended the relationship and moved to Saginaw, Michigan.
We would have discovered none of this without the wonders of 23 and Me and DNA testing!!! We all have new cousins now…and they are great folks.

Sharon Lipsit posted the following January 2018.
I am descended from George Metcalfe and Mary Imeson. Mary was a daughter of Jonathon Imeson and Mary Siddall. My family ended up in Kent and Essex Counties, Ontario, Canada, although several of Mary’s siblings ended up in the USA.

Lisa Nillson posted the following in Jan 2018.
I have the Imeson line traced back to Matthew Imeson (1634-1691) and Jane Cowper (1634-1687). I have Matthew’s father, Thomas b. 1605 Roomer, Masher,[Masham] Yorkshire, England. the Imesons moved to Grewelthorpe in the early 1700’s… but I would have to double check! I am so excited this is going to be amazing! My mother Margaret (Imeson) started this a few years ago and I picked it up where she left off after she passed away in August of 2016. We are the line that settled in southern Alberta. Thomas Angus moved to Kenex Alberta in 1909 and started the settlement there. He then went off and fought WW1 where he met Lillian Randel Gower, (who was a widow), a nurse who helped him recover from his wounds after the battle of Pachendale when he was wounded in the chest. My Grandfather Harry Angus was born in Luton and then came back to Canada and became a farmer…

Shirley Stothers in Canada would like information about the family of William Gaines who married Ann Imeson [b.1814]. Reported in 2017 that Shirley has died.

Michael Peel writes, I have an interest in William Gaines who employed a relative George Metcalfe as blacksmith apprentice (1841 census) and took him to Canada in 1842 on the sailing ship Alfred.

Lisa Nilson from Canada writes August 2012. What a lovely website, I am helping my mother trace my grandfathers family history. Right now we are as far back as Joshua Imeson B. prior to 1730 married Jane Popplewell December 1745. I currently live Victoria, BC, Canada. I have some information that is after 1854 that traces the family to Essex County Ont. Canada, and then to Lethbridge Alberta Canada, and then to Luton Bedfordshire. I noticed that a Mr. Allan Donat has posted some great information about our family and is a direct descendant and family relation to us here in Canada. If you have any more information about the Imeson family prior to 1730 or a possible contact that would be greatly appreciated. If you can help Lisa please contact the site.

Letter from Jane Teskey in Canada Sept 2012.
Comment: I would love to share with anyone. My husband is Mark Teskey son of Mary Frances Isabell Imeson Birth 31 MAR 1919 in RR 1 Staples, Ontario, Canada , Death 4 JAN 2003 in Alvinston, Ontario, Canada . who was Daughter of James Ethel Bert Imeson Birth 20 FEB 1883 in Mersea Township, Essex, Canada, Death 11 JAN 1959 in Lot 20, Con 10 Mersea Twp. Essex Co. Ontario, Canada who was Son of Christopher John Imeson Birth 10 MAR 1855 in Mersea Twp., Essex County, Ontario, Canada, Death 23 MAR 1925 in Mersea Twp., Essex County, Ontario, Canada father was Joseph Imeson Birth 10 APR 1825 in London’s Lane, Yorkshire, England, Death 16 APR 1911 in Con. 10 Mersea Twp . Essex Co. Ontario who was Son of Jonathan Imeson Birth 7 NOV 1787 in Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England. Death AFT 1842 in Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine, USA. He was the son of Matthias Imeson Birth 26 Mar 1750 in Kirkby-Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Death 18 Apr 1812 in Kirkby Malzeard, Grewelthorpe, Yorkshire, England. I see Ken Imeson has Jonathan Imeson having 13 children I have 16. Can anyone help.

Jane Teskey in Canada writes again in Feb. 2014. 1) William Gaines who employed a relative George Metcalfe as blacksmith apprentice (1841 census) and took him to Canada in 1842 on the sailing ship Alfred. The fact is that George Metcalfe married Mr. Gains wife (Ann Imeson )sister Mary Imeson 1825 – 1858 they had 4 sons and 6 daughters2) William Gaines 1810 – 1881 death. Ann Imeson Birth 17 MAR 1814 in Kirkby-Malzeard Yorkshire, England Death 1 APR 1882 in Mersa Township, Essex, Ontario they had 2 sons and 7 daughters

Jane Teskey has now started an Imeson group page on facebook.

Researched started by Barbara Bradley. Last Updated June. 2020.

ALBERT IMSEON. Bap. 18.6.1853 Pateley Bridge. Ref. IGI.
ALEC IMESON. Born 2.4.1896. Son of Frederick. Started Grewelthorpe school 26.9.1904. Came from Batley. Returned to Batley in 1905.
ALICE MAY IMESON. Born 8.5.1899.Dau of Frederick. Started Grewelthorpe school 8.8.1904.Left 1905 to return to Batley. In 1906 Alice was back in Grewelthorpe school.
AMMIE IMESON. Born C. 1877 Knaresborough. Dau of James & Frances. Living Knaresborough 1891.
ANN IMESON. Bap. 24.8.1692 Swinton, Masham. Ref. IGI.
ANN IMESON. Born 1814. Masham. Died 1.4.1882 Ontario. Dau of Jonathan & Mary Sidall. Wife of William Gaines. B. 1810 [Methodist] 3 children Jane, Ann & Hannah. See notes from Michael Peel & Jane Teskey above. Jane Gaines 1829-1901. married John Wigle. They had 12 children in Ontario Canada. See letter from Anne Wigle-Occhipinti above. Thanks to Anne for following pictures.

Ann Gaines nee Imeson. William Gaines husband of Ann.

ANN IMESON. Bap. 25.2.1825 Bedale. Ref. IGI.
ANN IMESON. Age 25 in 1841 census. Described as an Ag. Labourer.
ANN IMESON. Born C. 1851. Heslington. Dressmaker. Wife of Gregory. Living York 1881.
ANNIE IMESON. Born C. 1849. Cheshire. Wife of a Tailor.
BENJAMIN IMESON. Born C. 1828. Son of Jonathan & Mary.
BETTY IMESON [Nee Carter]. Born C.1789 Low Ellington. Died 5.4.1840. Wife of Matthew. Buried Masham.
BETTY IMESON. Bap. 18.1.1817 Masham. Dau of Matthew & Betty Carter. Married John Jackson miller of West Tanfield. in 1840.
CATHERINE IMESON. Born C.1807. Buried 28.10.1873. Lived Middleham.
CHARLOTTE IMESON. Born C. 1797. Mickley. Dressmaker.
CHRISTOPHER IMESON. Bap 15.6.1662 Roomer, Masham. Son of Matthew & Jane Cowper. [Ref.IGI].
CHRISTOPHER IMESON. Bap. 13.12.1751 Kirkby Malzeard. Died Sept. 1825 Fewston. Son of Joshua & Jane Popplewell.
CHRISTOPHER IMESON. Born C. 1834. Died June 1870 Canada. Son of Jonathan & Mary.

Grave of Christopher Imeson in Canada.

CLARICE IMESON. Born C. 1880 Knaresborough. Son of James & Frances.
DAVID IMESON. Born 31 Oct 1823 Grewelthorpe. Died 9 Sept 1917 Canada, Married in 1846 to Elizabeth Moseley in Canada. Had 5 children. David and his 6 brothers sailed to Canada taking 6 weeks. They were stone cutters. David’s first job was on the Walland Canal. He also worked on the Fort at Detroit and in the stone quarry at Amherstburg. He bought 100 acres in Essex County for $160. The land was all bush. He made a clearing and built a log house. Later he built a brick house which is still there. Thanks to Wheatley & Area historical society for this data.
David Imeson 1823-1917.

DONALD IMESON. Born 4 March 1908. Haulage contractor living Snape Bedale in 1939.
DOROTHY IMESON. Born C1725 Ripon. Died 1790 Ripon. Dau of George [1692-1769]. Married Christopher Mudd. on 5.4.1743. Had 2 children. Elizabeth [1749-1819] & Jane.ELEANOR IMESON. Born C. 1845 Grewelthorpe. Servant at Laverton parsonage in 1861.
ELIZA IMESON. Born.C.1827or 1847 Grewelthorpe. Died 11.12.1876. Buried 15.12.1876. M.I. Wife of Thomas. Spring House.
ELIZA MARY IMESON. Born C. 1850 Grewelthorpe. Died 15.2.1877. Dau of Thomas & Eliza.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Born 1.5.1658 Roomer.Masham. Dau of Matthew & Jane Cowper.
ELISABETH IMESON. Born 17.9.1687 Masham. Dau of Robert [b.1664] & Elizabeth Fox.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Bap. 21.10.1744 Swinton. Dau of Matthew & Jane Turnbull.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Born C1767 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1769. Dau of Joshua & Jane Popplewell.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Born C.1769. Ilton. Died 31.8.1821.Masham.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Bap. 7.11.1773 Sourmire Masham. Dau of Robert & Eliz. Walton.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Born 1785 Kikrby Malzeard. Died 1863 Masham. Dau of Joshua & Jane Popplewell. Married Matthew Marsden. in 1807.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Born C. 1825. Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of James. Widow in 1871. A charwoman.
ELLEN IMESON Born 1817 Mickley. Died 1901 Grewelthorpe. Married William Binks.
ESTHER IMESON. Born C. 1815. Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Eliza.
ESTHER CARTER IMESON. Bap. 15.10.1815 Masham. Dau of Matthew & Betty Carter. [Ref. IGI].
FRANCES IMESON. Born C. 1846 Marton cum Grafton. Wife of James.
FRANCIS IMESON. Born C.1839. Son of Ann.
GEORGE IMESON. Born 1692. Died 1769.
GEORGE IMESON. Born C. 1802. Mickley. Wood Turner. Husband of Margaret.
GEORGE IMESON. This may be the same as above. In 1820 he provided the boring & cutting equipment for the Brown Beck High Shaft pit in Colsterdale.
GEORGE WILLIAM IMESON. Born C1907 Stockton on Tees. Son of Tom & Emma Wray. [iron moulder].
GREGORY IMESON Born 1763. Died 1844 Mickley. Married [1] Isabella Gatenby. [2] Judith Faubert.
GREGORY IMESON. Of Mickley. Married to Margaret. Newspaper report dated 18 Dec 1841 follows.

This probably refers to Gregory listed below.
GREGORY IMESON. Born Mickley. Bap 10.7.1811 K.Malzeard. Son of Gregory of Mickley. & Judith. Ref. K.Malzeard Par.Reg. Married to Margaret Cartman of Laverton. He was a wood turner [1851 census]. In 1861 he was an ironmonger’s labourer.
GREGORY IMESON. Born C. 1853 Grewelthorpe. Died 1921. Son of Gregory & Margaret. Grocers Assist. Husband of [1]Ann. Living York 1881. In 1911 With wife [2] Jane of Knapton. Married 19yrs. in York.
HANNAH IMESON. Wife of Matthias the stonemason.
HANNAH IMESON. Born C.1796. Widow in 1871.
HANNAH IMESON. Bap. 22.8.1819. Masham. Died 21.11.1840 Dau of Matthew & Betty Carter. Buried Masham.
HANNAH IMESON. Born C.1782. Buried 20.2.1858. Wife of John.
HANNAH IMESON. Born C.1786.Buried 27.9.1871.Wife of Matthew.
HANNAH IMESON. Born 1820 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Jonathan & Mary Siddall. Married William Thompson. of Newcastle and in 1861 was living in Canada. Died 1904 in Canada.
HELLEN IMESON. Bap.24.4.1757 Kirkby Maleard. Dau of Joshua & Jane Poppewell.[Ref.IGI].
HORACE IMESON. Born C. 1885. Knaresborough. Son of James & Frances.
ISRAEL IMESON. Born C 1831. Innkeeper at Cross Keys Inn Bedale. Married to Sarah Ann.
JAMES IMESON. Born C. 1822. Buried 29.5.1860. Son of Matthias & Hannah. Husband of Elizabeth. Stonemason.
JAMES IMESON. Born C. 1847 Grewelthorpe. Husband of Frances of Marton cum Grafton. Living Knaresborough in 1891.
JAMES IMESON. Bap. 15.12.1855. Buried 7.7.1857. Son of Gregory a Turner. & Margaret.
JAMES IMESON. Born C.1875. Son of James & Frances. Living Knaresborough in 1891.
JAMES IMESON. Born C. 1876. Stepson of James Holdsworth and his wife Jane. Possibly James’s mother. Grandson of James (deceased) & Elizabeth.
JANE IMESON. Bap.15.8.1652 Roomer. Masham. Dau of Matthew & Jane Cowper. [Ref.IGI].
JANE IMESON. of Swinton married Christopher Jeffe of Swinton 1.5.1700.
JANE IMESON. Bap. 5.10.1690 Swinton Masham. Dau of Robert & Eliz. Fox. [Ref. IGI].
JANE IMESON. Born 29.5.1742. Died 6.12.1743 Swinton. Dau of Matthew & Jane Turnbull.
JANE IMESON. Bap. 20.12.1761 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Joshua & Jane Popplewell.[Ref. IGI].
JANE IMESON. Born C1787 East Witton. Dau of Thomas & Mary Ascough. see Ascough page.JANE IMESON. Born C. 1828 Mickley. Dressmaker. Dau of Charlotte.
JANE IMESON. Born C. 1840. Dau of Ann.
JANE IMESON. Died as infant. Buried 16.12.1851.
JANE IMESON. of Grewelthorpe. Banns read for marriage to Timothy Cumbers. of Mickley in August 1851 at Grewelthorpe.
JANE IMESON. Born 1860.Grewelthorpe. Bap. 12.2.1860 Dau of James (stonemason) & Elizabeth. Wife of James Holdsworth ?
JEM IMESON. Born 9.1.1876. Son of Jane. Started Grewelthorpe school 14.3.1881. left and was re admitted 13.6.1889.
JOHN IMESON. Bap. 17.11.1688 Swinton. Masham. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Fox. [Ref. IGI]
JOHN IMESON. Bap. 17.6.1710 Kirkby Maleard. Son of John.
JOHN IMESON. Born C1721 Grewelthorpe married Sarah Gill of Kirkby Malzeard 4.12.1746.
JOHN IMESON. Bap.25.8.1754 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Joshua &*Jane Popplewell.*
JOHN IMESON. Bap 7.11.1779 Grewelthorpe. Son of Matthias. Poss. the same John as next item.
JOHN IMESON. Born 1780. Buried 1.5.1859. Husband of Hannah. Ag.Lab.
JOHN IMESON. Born 14.2.1830. Died 13.7.1912. Son of John & Hannah. married C1864 Louise Thair of Ontario Canada. [Ref.IGI].
JOHN IMESON. Born C. 1844. Mickley. Son of George (Woodturner) & Margaret.
JOHN IMESON. Born C. 1850 Grewelthorpe. Son of James (Stonemason) & Elizabeth. Living with uncle William the Tailor in Knaresborough 1861.
JOHN THOMAS IMESON. Born Nov. 1866 York. Son of Thomas .Nephew of William & Ellen Binks. Started at Grewelthorpe school 23.7.1878. Left in 1881.
JOHN ARNOLA IMESON. Born C1897 York. Son of Gregory & Jane. Grocer in 1911. in York.
JOHN F.IMESON. Born 12.12.1876. Lived Harrogate in 1930’s / 40’s. Manager of Midland Bank Harrogate. Married to Kate Jackson Imeson. who born 1880 died in 1942. [Ref. Hgte Herald June 1942.]

JONATHAN IMESON. Bap. 7.11.1787 Grewelthorpe. Died USA. Son of Mathias & Hannah Wood. Husband of Mary Sidall. Married 1810. had dau. Hannah [b1820]
JOSEPH IMESON. Born C.1815. Died 9.8.1895. Buried Masham. Husband of 2 wives both called Mary Ann.
JOSEPH IMESON. Born 10 April 1825. London Lane, Yorkshire. Died 16th April 1911 in Ontario Canada. Son of Jonathan Imeson. Married Oct 1845 to Fanny Mosey from Hull. He was an active member of the Orange order. Brother of David & John. all born in Yorkshire. They had 5 children.

Joseph & Fanny and their children. William. Jane. Christopher. Mary & David.

JOSEPH IMESON. Age 15 in 1841 census. Son of Jonathan & Mary.
JOSHUA IMESON. Born C1726 Grewelthorpe. Died 1782 K.Malzeard. Married 1.12.1745 Jane Popplewell. of Mickley. See letter from Lisa Nilson at beginning of this page.
JOSHUA IMESON. Born 1797 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 4.1.1879 Canada. Son of Matthias & Hannah Wood. JUDITH IMESON. Born C.1779. Buried 20.6.1869.

LEILA IMESON. Born C 1871 Knaresborough. Dau of James & Frances.
LILY (Lillie) IMESON. Born 17.10.1879. Step daughter of James Holdsworth & his wife Jane Imeson.Grand dau of James (deceased) & Elizabeth.
LINTON IMESON. Of Burneston. In 1880+ Farmer.
MAGGIE IMESON. Born C. 1869. Warrington. Dau of Annie the Tailor’s wife.
MARGARET IMESON. Born C. 1803. Sawley. Wife of George the Woodturner.
MARGARET IMESON. Born 27 June 1926. Living Ripon 1939. In 1950 Married Robert A. Colman.
MARMADUKE IMESON. Bap 18.8.1700 Swinton. Masham. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Fox.* [Ref.IGI].
MATTHIAS IMESON. Born March 1750 K.Malzeard. Died April 1812. Son of Joshua & Jane Popplewell. Married Hannah Wood. in 1778. in Kirkby Malzeard.
MATTHEW IMESON. Born C1785 East Witton. Son of Thomas & Mary Ascough. see Ascough page.
MARY IMESON. Born C1747 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Joshua & Jane Popplewell.
MARY IMESON. Bap. 5.12.1762 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Joshua. [Ref.IGI].
MARY IMESON. Bap. 15.4.1821 Masham. dau of Matthew & Betty Carter.
MARY IMESON. Born 6.4.1825 Yorkshire. Dau of Jonathan & Mary Siddall. Married George Metcalfe. [born 8.4.1824 – died 9.12.1904]. Mary & George moved to Ontario, Canada and had dau. Hannah. [born 21.6.1852 Canada – died 28.7.1927 England]. Had 4 sons & 6 daughters. See letters at top of page.See Metcalfe page. Thanks to A.Donat & Jane Teskey for this data.
George Metcalfe husband of Mary Imeson.

MARY IMESON. Born C. 1837. Dau of Ann.
MARY IMESON. Age 55 in 1841 census. Wife of Jonathan.
MARY IMESON. Age 20 in 1841 census. Dau of Jonathan & Mary.
MARY ANN IMESON. Born C.1810. Died 18.10.1870. Buried Masham. First wife of Joseph.
MARY ANN IMESON. Born C.1834 Died 29.9.1886. Buried Masham. Second wife of Joseph.
MARY EMMA IMESON. Born C. 1860 Grewelthorpe.Dau of Thomas & Eliza.
MATTHEW IMESON. Born 13.11.1634 Roomer. Masham. Died 1691. Son of Thomas [b.1605] Roomer. Married Jane Cowper. [b.1634 – 1687]. Had 7 children. See message from Lisa Nillson at top of page.

MATTHEW IMESON. Born 18.11.1659 Roomer. Masham. Son of Matthew & Jane Cowper.
MATTHEW IMESON. Born 13.3.1698 Swinton. Died 14.4.1776. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Fox. Married Jane Turnbull. on 16.4.1730 Kirkby Malzeard.
MATTHEW IMESON. Bap. 1.12.1734 Swinton Masham. Died 11.12.1816. Son of Matthew & Jane Turnbull.
MATTHEW IMESON. Stonemason. Made will 29.5.1811.Will proved 9.12.1824.
MATTHEW IMESON. Bap. 22.10.1780 Low Ellington, Masham. Son of Robert & Eliz. Walton.
MATTHEW IMESON. Bap. 21.1.1823 Masham. Son of Mathew & Betty Carter.
MATTHEW IMESON. Born C. 1781.Died 18.11.1866. Buried Masham Husband of Betty.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Bap. 25.3.1750 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 18.4.1812. Son of Joshua & Jane Popplewell. Married Hannah Wood. On 12.10.1778. had son Jonathan. b1787.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Bap. 10.4.1791 Grewelthorpe. Buried 11.7.1869. Son of Matthias.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Born C1812. Died 1877 Canada. Son of Jonathan & Mary Siddall. Married Ann Towler. in Ripon England.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Born C.1825 Leeds, Tailor. Married to Sarah from Warsill. Living Knaresborough 1861. Uncle of William & John Imeson from Grewelthorpe.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Born C. 1826. Son of Matthias (the stonemason) & Hannah Wood.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Age 30 in 1841. Stonemason. Husband of Hannah Wood.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Born C. 1849. Bap. 28.7.1850. Son of George (Woodturner) & Margaret.
MATTHIAS IMESON. Born 31 July 1856. Retired laundryman living Silver Street Masham in 1939.
NELLIE IMESON. Bap. 25.7.1880. Dau of Jane.
NEWSOME IMESON. Born Oct. 1876. Died 1961. Son of Matthew & Elizabeth Ann Newsome.*1915 Corporal in 3rd West Yks Regt. Injured in Hand and arm in Oct 1915 in Dardanelles. Former employee of Harrogate Co-Op Society. Married *Sarah Hannah Dew. in 1899.

Newsome Imeson 1915.

PEGGY IMESON. Bap 1.7.1781 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Matthias.
PETER IMESON. Bap. 15.1.1826 Masham. Son of Matthew & Betty Carter. [Ref. IGI].
RALPH IMESON. Bap. 2.9.1832 Kirkby Maleard. Died C1860. Son of Jonathan & Mary Siddall. Married C.1858 Ruth Margaret Vester. of Ontario..
ROBERT IMESON. Bap.12.6.1664 Swinton. Son of Matthew [b.1634] & Jane Cowper. Married Elizabeth Fox. in 1685 in Masham. Had 8 children.
ROBERT IMESON. Bap 5.1.1696 Swinton Masham. Son of Robert & Eliz. Fox.
ROBERT IMESON. Bap.8.4.1738. Died 13.3.1815 Masham M.I. Son of Matthew & Jane Turnbull. Married Elizabeth Walton. of Bedale on 27.3.1769. She died 13.3.1815. Masham M.I.
ROBERT IMESON. Bap.14.7.1771 Moorheads Masham. Son of Robert & Eliz. Walton.
ROBERT IMESON. Bap. 2.4.1818 Masham. Son of Matthew & Betty Carter.
ROBERT IMESON. Born 1844. Died 1875. Married Elizabeth Leathley. [see Leathley page].
Report in Richmond & Ripon Chronicle March 1875.

Robert Imeson is declining farming at Fingerfields Grewelthorpe and wishes to sell the whole of his valuable farming stock by auction on March 9th 1875.

ROBERT IMESON. Born C1872 Masham. A butcher’s assist. in Middlesborough in 1891.
ROBERT IMESON. In 1891 he was an auctioneer in Masham.
SARAH IMESON. Bap 11.4.1714 Kirkby Malzeard Dau of John. [Ref.IGI].
SARAH IMESON. Born C. 1820.Warsill. Married Matthias the Tailor from Leeds. Living Knaresborough 1861.
SARAH ANN IMESON. Born C. 1848 Grewelthorpe. Died 28.1.1914. M.I. Dau of Thomas & Eliza. Unmarried in 1901.
STEPHEN IMESON. Born c. 1836. Buried 7.9.1838. Grewelthorpe.
THOMAS IMESON. Bap.5.12.1693 Swinton. Masham. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Fox. [Ref. IGI].
THOMAS IMESON. Bap. 16.6.1732. Died 29.4.1806. Son of Matthew & Jane Turnbull. [Ref.IGI].
THOMAS IMESON. Bap. 22.6.1746 Kirkby Malzeard Son of Joshua.
THOMAS IMESON. Born 16.6.1748 East Witton. Married Mary Ascough. in 1784. see Ascough page.
THOMAS IMESON. Bap.17.9.1775 Sourmire, Masham. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Walton. [Ref. IGI].
THOMAS IMESON. Bap. 28.4.1793 Grewelthorpe. Son of Matthias.
THOMAS IMESON. Born C1805 K.Malzeard. Bap 7.7.1811. Died 1840. Son of Jonathan & Mary Sidall.
THOMAS IMESON. Born C. 1818 Fearby. Died 12.10.1887. M.I. Proprietor of Land. Spring House, Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas of Grewelthorpe. Married Eliza Ascough. dau of Matthew Ascough. the Fellmonger of Grewelthorpe. Married on 13.10.1846 at Kirkby Malzeard.
THOMAS IMESON. Born C. 1837. Mickley. Son of George(woodturner) & Margaret. Thos. An apprentice woodturner.
THOMAS HARDACRE IMESON. Born 1 Jan 1879 Knaresborough. Son of Matthew & Elizabeth Ann Newsome. Married Jane Ann Shuttleworth. of Northallerton.
TOM WILLIAM IMESON. Born C 1881 Ripon. Married to *Emma Wray*in 1903. In 1911 he was an iron moulder in a foundry. Living Ripon.
THOMAS IMESON. Born 19 Dec 1895. A caretaker in Ripon in 1939.
WALTER H. IMESON. In 1873 of Windsor Castle Inn Dishforth. was fined for allowing 3 cows to stray on the highway at Marton le Moor. [Ref. Knaresborough Post Sept 1873].
WHITELOCK IMESON. Born C.1839 Swinton. Died 21.11.1841. Buried Masham. Son of Joseph & Mary Ann.
WILLIAM IMESON. Born 17.4.1654. Bap. 23.4.1654. Roomer Masham. Son of Matthew & Jane Cowper. [Ref.IGI].
WILLIAM IMESON. Born 1748 Bedale. Died 1831 Masham. Son of William & Hannah Kiplin.
WILLIAM IMESON. Born C1810. Son of Jonathan & Mary Siddall.
WILLIAM IMESON. Born C. 1836. Buried 2.3.1840. Grewelthorpe.
WILLIAM IMESON. Born C.1841. Mickley. Son of George (woodturner) & Margaret.
WILLIAM IMESON. Born C. 1848 Grewelthorpe. Son of James (Stonemason) & Elizabeth. William a coach builders apprentice in 1861 living in Knaresborough. Nephew of Matthias (The Tailor) & Sarah.
WILLIAM LINTON IMESON. Born C1867 Bedale. Died 1908 aged 48. Son of Israel [Innkeeper] & Sarah Ann.
Married to Ann Marie Weet in 1892. He was a compositor at a Printing works in Derbyshire.
WILLIAM IMESON. Born May 1883 .Bap. 10.11.1886. Stepson of James Holdsworth & his wife Jane Imeson. William started Grewelthorpe school 20.8.1888. Left 1897 to start work.
WILLIAM GREGORY IMESON Born C1894. Son of Gregory & Jane. A grocer in 1911 in York.

An ad in the Richmond & Ripon Chronicle 1886.