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Gill Family

Last update Feb. 2021.

The Gill family name was found in Yorkshire after the battle of Hastings 1066.

Letter from Nickie Robinson [Feb 2021}
My Great, Great, Great Grandfather – Seth Hall Grassam (sometimes spelt Gresham) married a ‘Mary Salmon Gill’ she was born c.1859 and according to census records in 1901 was living in Cleveland Street, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Seth was originally from Spalding and married Mary, in we think 1881. They went on the have 5 children – Nellie, Dennis Robinson, Thomas Edward, Phebe Annie Barley and Ella between 1882 and 1890.
I was trying to follow back the Gill line but can’t find anything.
She has an unusual middle name (or possibly prefix to the surname) have you seen her on your searches at all?
Any information would be appreciated and anything I find later would be happy to share.

If you can help Nickie please contact the site.

Letter from Phil Horey [January 2021] He is seeking information about Thomas Gill of New York Mills & Birchwood Summerbridge.
It is believed that Thomas committed suicide in C1900. Has anyone information or confirmation of this event.
Please contact the site if you can help.

Letter from Charlie Gill January 2019. If you can help please contact the site.
I’m trying to figure out if I’m Irish or Scottish. Last name is Gill. George Gill was born 7 December 1819 in Gifford England and died 23 Feb 1895 in Green Wisconsin. His son, Edwin Robert Gill was born January 22 1843, in Yorkshire, England and died 7 March 1876 in Maryville Missouri. I’m told he got on the boat coming to America in 1841 which is interesting given his year of birth. It would be the first of a kind if true. Edwin’s son was Gordon Granville Gill, 1869 – 1960. I was born in 1955, meaning I was five when he died. There is a picture of me with his wife, my great grandmother.
Sorry, that is all I have. Now, is my father’s side Irish, Scottish, or most properly, English.
Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
From Charlie Gill II

Son of Charles Gill I
Grandson of Charles Granville Gill
Great grandson of Gordon Granville Gill
who was the son of Edwin Robert Gill
who was the son of George Gill.

Letter from Martin Senecal May 2015. if you can help him please contact this site for his address.

Hello, my great grand father was Albert Edward Gill. His parents were from UK George Edward Gill married to Annie Still, I think they got married in Darlington but born in Leeds. I am Canadian. They came here around 1910. I thank you for help with the Battle.

Recorded in the Domesday book in 1086. Henry Gille moved the family to Cumberland in 1200 and the family gave its name to the village of Gilsland. was wondering where could I find who are George’s parents and so on.

Martin Senecal

Reply from Wendy Niven July 2016. with information for Martin Senecal.

Thanks to Elaine Utting for photos and information about the Gills of Hackfall house. Dec 2014.

Letter from Lyn Hansch in Australia. July 2014.
My Gill line is from Leeds Yorkshire England.
John Gill born 1620 Headingly Yorkshire married Mary Threshe 1656 Yorkshire.
Son Mark Gill born 1658 died 1705 married Kathryn Day. This Mark Gill was the sheriff of Yorkshire then Lord Mayor.
2 sons Thomas 1684 & John 1686
Thomas born 1684 died about 1720 married Mary? One son Charles born 1717 died 1783 married Ann Beedom
They had 5 children
William born 1748 married Elizabeth Johnson
Daughter Ann Gill born 1771 married William Brown My GGGGGrandparents.
Their son John Brown/e the eldest of 18 married Isabella Chapman my GGGGrandparents. Their son John went to Australia.
John Brown changed his name to Browne when he became a famous artist and antiquarian.
Hope this helps a bit with your Gill family history.cheers Lyn from Australia.

Letter from Sylvia Gill October 2013.
My g.g.grandfather was William Gill, baptised 27 June 1830 Aldfield, illegitimate son of Isabella. From research at Northallerton, in the Ripon draft of baptisms and burials 1790-1812, I found Isabella baptised 1 Jan 1804, daughter of Matthew Gill of Sawley. Unfortunately, no mother was named.
Other children of Matthew Gill of Sawley, with baptism dates, are:
George 30 March 1800
Hannah 21 February 1802
Margaret 5 October 1805 (daughter of Matthias)
Ann 3 May 1807
Ellen 12 February 1809
James 22 April 1810
Other researchers have Lydia Grange as the wife of Matthew but I have found no evidence for this. Nor have I found a link between my Matthew and the Matthew Gill who married Margaret Beckwith in 1776 and Ann Othick in 1788 but I think it highly likely they are the same family, perhaps father and son. I look forward to further discoveries.

Letter from Alan Singleton. July 2015. The family seem to be from York.
William Brown married Ann Gill in 1792, they had a number of children:-
John 1793-1877 who married Isabella Chapman they added an E to Brown.
William1794-97, – George 1794-97 – Jane 1798-1808 – Ann 1801 – William 1803 – Isabella 1805 ‘ 87 – Elizabeth 1906
Charles 1808 – Jane 1810 – George 1812 – Mary 1813 – Mry 1813 – Isabella ‘ 1815 – Eliza 1817 – 18 and probably four more.
Hope this helps.
Alan Singleton formerly of York, now resident in Lincoln

The following information is taken from Parish records, From School and Census records. Parish Council records and memorial inscriptions found in the churchyard.
If you find any of this information helpful in your genealogical research I would love to hear from you. Also if you have any further information to add to the article please email me.

AGNES GILL [nee Pickersgill] Born C. 1834.Grewelthorpe. Married James Gill the shoemaker. Living Azerley in 1891.
AGNES GILL. Born C. 1900. Laverton Dau of John [Gamekeeper]& Janey.
ALICE GILL Born C1862 Hartwith. Dau of Margaret of Dacre.
ALICE M.M.GILL Born C1888 Thruscross. Dau of John Wm [Hemp spinner] & Ellen.
ALICE MARY GILL. Born C1899 Nosterfield. Dau of Thomas [roadman] and Ann. Living Aiskew in 1911.
ANNE GILL. Born 1707 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James & Anne Flesher.
ANN GILL. Born 1756 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1842 K.Malzeard. Married Peter Lofthouse.
ANN GILL. Born C. 1763. Buried 19.5.1841 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Mickley.
ANN GILL. Born C. 1771. Lived Dallowgill. Buried 8.7.1817.
ANN GILL. Born C 1806 K.Malzeard. Dau of Charles & Dinah Tanfield. Married William Sanderson Smith. in 1833 in York.
ANN GILL. Born C.1807. at Carlsmoor. A house servant in 1851.
ANN GILL. Born C. 1832 Skelton. Wife of Thomas.ANN GILL. Bap. 31.10.1844 Kirkby Malzeard. dau of John [The Mason] & Eleanor. Possibly buried 2.2.1846. [K.Mal Par. Reg]
ANNIE GILL. Born C1860. Died 9.6.1925. M.I. Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Ann Gill [nee Foggin]. Wife of Jonah Leathley. of Grewelthorpe.
ANNIE E.GILL Born C1871 Hartwith. Servant in 1891 for Charles Gill [hemp spinner].
ANNIE GILL. Born C. 1904 Laverton. Dau of John [Gamekeeper] & Jane.
ARTHUR WILLIAM GILL Born 22 Sept 1878 Ripon. Varnish maker. Married to ]1]Sarah Elizabeth. [2] Lillie Elizabeth. In 1953 he sailed on SS Uganda to Beira Mozambique.
BARBARA M.GILL. Born 5 July 1927. Dau of Lamartine & Mary. Married Alvey E. Woffindale in 1947 in Thirsk area.
BERTHA NEWTON GILL. Born C1854 Craike. Brother of Robert Newton Gill.
BETTY D.GILL. Born 14 Oct 1921. Married Charles R. Vallance. in 1949. Lived Ripon in 1939
BURTON GILL. Born C. 1883 Fearby. Son of William [Innkeeper] & Elizabeth Burton.
CHARLES GILL. Born 1735 Kirkby Malzeard. Died Feb 1766. Son of John & Isabel Moor. Married in 1761 to Mary Mawson.
CHARLES GILL. Born C. 1779. Buried 29.6.1845 Kirkby Malzeard.
this may be the Charles who married Dinah Tanfield. in 1801. Their eldest daughter married George Crabtree of Kirkby Malzeard. She died 24.10.1864. She was the niece of Richard Tanfield Esq. of Brighton. [Ref. York Herald Nov. 1864].
CHARLES GILL senior. Stonemason at Kirkby Malzeard. (1822.Baines Diretory).
CHARLES GILL junior. Stonemason at Kirkby Malzeard.
CHARLES GILL Born C1825 Pateley Bridge. Widower living Swallow Hall Haertwith. in 1891. Mechanic in a Hemp Mill.
CHARLES GILL. Born C. 1831. Buried 26.8.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
CHARLES GILL. Born 1849 Thornthwaite. Married to Jane of Hartwith. Hemp spinner. New York Mills Summerbridge in 1901. See item on New York Mill at end.

CHARLES L.GILL Born 1881 Dacre. Son of Charles & Jane. Hemp Spinner. in 1901.ept 18
CHRISTINE JENNIFER GILL. Born 17 Sept. 1935. Dau of Frederick & Barbara. of Summerbridge. Later married ? Schofield.
CHARLOTTE GILL. Born C. 1883 Wathermarske. Dau of Thomas & Mary.
CHRISTOPHER GILL. Bap. 26.12.1771. Son of Christopher of Kirkby Malzeard.
CHRISTOPHER GILL. Bap.2.11.1773. Son of Christopher of Galphay.
CHRISTOPHER GILL. Born C. 1853 Aldfield. Married to Mary E. ? born Guiseley in 1856. He was schoolmaster at Aldfield school.
CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM GILL. Son of George Gill of Staveley Mill. Clerk & Steward of County Durham Mental Hospital at Sedgefield. Was in RAF in WW2.
CLARE GILL. Born 8.12.1875 Bap. 10.12.1876. Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Ann. Father a Gamewatcher. First school was Old Dames School. Started Grewelthorpe school 25.4.1881. Left 1886. In 1891 was a land agent clerk in Ripon.
CLARICE GILL. Born 29.11.1893. Bap. 24.12.1893. dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House. Started school 16.2.1897.
DIANA GILL. Born C.1777. Buried 2.5.1848 K.Malzeard.
DONALD VALENTINE GILL. Born 14 Feb 1907 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James [Shoemaker] & Mary Ann. Married to Clara B. Dairyman, cheesemaker living Well House Kikrby Malzeard in 1939.
DORIS M. GILL. Born 20 Aug.1903. Dau of Ellen of Rose Cottage. Married ? Prentice.
DOROTHY GILL. Born 1733. Died March 1817. Dau of John & Margaret Poole. Married Christopher Lofthouse. in 1760.
DOROTHY GILL. Born C. 1905 Kirkby Malzeard. dau of James [Shoemaker] & Mary Ann.
DOUGLAS GILL. Born 19 June 1935. Son of Harry & Ellen. of Sykes Farm.
EDITH MARY GILL. Born 1900 Masham. Dau of Mark Walter [woodman] & Annie Eliz.
EDWARD GILL. Born C.1828 Fearby. Married to Mary of Ilton. Living Strawberrie Villa, Ilton in 1891.
EDWARD GILL. Farmer at Sykes Farm Ilton, & Hill Top Farm Fearby. Father of Florrie. Brother of George. This is possibly the Edward born C1870 living Ilton in 1891.
ELEANOR GILL. Born C. 1803. Buried 23.2.1845 Kirkby Malzeard.
ELEANOR GILL. Born C. 1840. Buried 9.8.1846 K.Malzeard.
ELIZABETH GILL. Died May 1714. Mickley.
Inventory of her goods at death.
Purse 6/4d.
In the fore house 2 Tables. 4 chairs and 1 long settle 6/8d
In the horsehouse. 1 dresser 5/-.
In the parlour. Brass & Pewter and other items 6/9d
One bedsware and 1 bed and small linen 15/-
1 Table & 1 little press. 1 form & 3 buffet stools. 2 chairs & 2 spools and other household items. in the chamber 10/6d.
1 bedboard & 1 chaff bed 1 pair of panyers and small bedding. 5/6d
In the low parlour. 1 bedboard & 1 feather bed. 1 old coverlet & 1 blanket. 13/-
4 chairs & 2 little tables. 6/-
In the low end. 1 buffet stool. 1 butter bowl. 3 old bottles. 1/8d. Total £4. 16s 5d.
Debts and funeral expenses £5 6s 6d
ELIZABETH GILL. Dau of Charles [The Mason] of Kirkby Malzeard. Married on 26.4.1838 at Kirkby Malzeard to James Crabtree. a shoemaker from Catterick.
ELIZABETH GILL. Born Mickley. Banns read for marriage to Edward Dawes. of Grewelthorpe in Feb. 1864.
ELIZABETH GILL. Born C1789 Sawley. Died April 1851 Grantley. Dau of Matthew & Ann Othick. Married in 1809 to Thomas Clark. of Grantley.
ELIZABETH GILL. Married on 4.11.1797 at Kirkby Malzeard to Thomas Thwaites. a Mason.
ELIZABETH GILL. Born 1833 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1912 Australia. Dau of John & Eleanor Hutchinson.
ELIZABETH GILL. Born C1841 Sawley. Dau of George [shoemaker] & Sarah.
ELLEN GILL. Born C. 1769. Buried 4.4.1851 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref.Par.Reg].
ELLEN GILL. Bap 12.2.1809. Dau of Matthew Gill. of Sawley.
ELLEN GILL [NEE?]. Born 7 Sept.1868. Widow in 1939. Living Rose Cottage Ilton. Smallholder.
ELLEN GILL. Born C. 1881 Fearby. Dau of William & Elizabeth Burton. Married to John Edward Rodney. of Hexham in 1904.

ELLEN GILL. Born C. 1908 Laverton. Dau of John [Gamekeeper] & Jane.
ESTHER GILL. Married on 16.6.1798 at Kirkby Malzeard to William Hayton. a Cordwainer. Witness Charles Gill.
ETHEL GILL Born C1885. Thruscross. Dau of John Wm. & Ellen.
ETHEL RACHEL GILL. Born 1885 Fearby. Died 1941 Swinton. Dau of Thomas & Margaret Barr. Married 1905 to Robert Lambert.

Ethel Rachel Gill.

EVELYN GILL. Born 9.11.1906.Bap.9.12.1906. Dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. Started school 1.4.1913. Left 1914. Bridesmaid for Florrie Gill [her aunt] in October 1937.
FRANCIS GILL. Married in 1695 to Jane Richmond. in Kirkby Malzeard.
FLORRIE GILL. Dau of Edward Gill of Hill top Farm Fearby. Late of Sykes Farm Ilton. Married John Metcalfe. of Swinton Grange Farm, Masham. at St. Paul’s Church Healey on 23.10.1937.
F.W.GILL Born C1875 Son of Charles. of Woodfield House, Summerbridge. Died 1896 of rheumatic fever.
FRANK WATSON GILL. Born C. 1906 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James [Shoemaker] & Mary Ann.
FRED GILL. Born C1872. Died 1942 Starbeck near Harrogate. He worked for LNER for 44 years.
FREDERICK W.GILL Born C1876 Thruscross. Son of Charles [hemp manfct] & Jane.
FREDERICK MORTON GILL. Born 27 April 1904. Married to Barbara Jackson [born 1906]. He was a director of Thos Gill & Sons. Living Prospect House Summerbridge in 1939.
FRED T.GILL. Born 24 March 1912. Boot and shoe repairer married to Mary.[born 1915]. Living Laverton 1939.
GEORGE GILL. Bap 30.3.1800 Sawley. Died 1883 Sawley. Son of Matthew & Ann Othick. Married Sarah of Farnham or Ferrensby. He was a shoemaker.
GEORGE GILL. Born C.1817. Son of William of Azerley. George was a carpenter. he was a widower when he married Elizabeth Shaw [nee Lancaster] on 3.9.1870 at Kirkby Malzeard church. She was a widow [b.1814] dau of James Lancaster.
GEORGE GILL. Son of Ingram the butcher of Azerley. George was a miller. He married Martha Moorey. of Azerley dau of Thomas, on 6.2.1841 at Kirkby Malzeard.
GEORGE GILL. Born C. 1852. Aldfield Spa. Caretaker of the Hackfall. This could be the following George. Dates need to be checked.
GEORGE GILL. Born C. 1861 Aldfield. Died 1912. Son of Thomas & Ann Foggin. Hackfall caretaker. Married Margaret Ann Wright. in C1888. They had 9 children in 1911. Living in Hackfall House, Grewelthorpe. Moved to Farsley. After George died the family moved to Stanningley.
GEORGE GILL. Born C1862 Sawley. Grandson of George [shoemaker] & Sarah.
GEORGE GILL. Born C. 1881 Wathermarske. Son of Thomas & Mary.
GEORGE ROBERT GILL. Born C1881 Masham. Son of Robert Featherstone Gill. & Mary Ann of Clifford. Not sure which of these Georges married Eva.
George Gill. Married Eva of Bedale C1910. Living Gebdykes. Bedale in 1911.
GEORGE GILL. Died 29.6.1912. M.I.

Grave of George Gill in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

GEORGE GILL. Born 19 Nov 1910. Married to Elsie [born 1907]. Proprietor of Stump Cross Caverns on Greenhow Hill.
GEORGE GILL Born July 1911. Son of Maggie M Gill. Summerbridge. Solicitor.
GEORGE B.GILL. Born 1 Sept. 1912. Farmer married to Esther. Living Highfield House Bedale in 1939.
GLADYS ELLEN GILL Born 1915 Dau of Thomas W. & Mary Alice. Married in 1945 to Statton?
HANNAH GILL. Married August 1807 at Pateley Bridge to Jacob Dickinson. a mineral adventurer. Ref. The Hull Packet Newspaper.
HANNAH GILL. Bap 21.2.1802 Sawley. Dau of Matthew Gill & Ann Othick.
HARRY GILL Born C1859 Hartwith. Son of Margaret of Dacre. Hemp spinner and twine manufacturer. in 1891.
HARRY GILL. Born 5 July 1900. Married to Ellen Eliza. [born 1901]. Farmer at Sykes Farm Ilton in 1939.
HENRY GILL. Born C. 1767. Buried 9.3.1845 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Carlsmoor.
HENRY GILL. Born C. 1836. Buried 22.6.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.
HENRY GILL. Born C. 1836. Buried 12.6.1851 Kirkby Malzeard. [Par.Reg].
HERBERT GILL. Born C1900 Masham. Son of Lammantine & Mary Jane.
HONOUR GILL. Dau of Charles a Mason in Kirkby Malzeard. She married William John Croft. a Plumber in Kirkby Malzeard son of James [Plumber] on 15.8.1844 in Kirkby Malzeard church.
Witnesses at marriage were Charles, Maurice & Sarah Gill.
HONOUR GILL. Bap. 13.10.1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [The Mason] & Mary.
ISABEL GILL. Bap. 1.11.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [The Mason] & Mary.
ISABELLA GILL. Bap 1.1.1804 Sawley. Dau of Matthew of Sawley. Possible the Mother of William bp. 1830.
ISABELLA GILL Born C1864 Hartwith. Dau of Margaret of Dacre.
JAMES GILL. Born C.1800. Buried 15.4.1860 Mickley.
JAMES GILL. Born C. 1807. Buried 7.12.1890.
JAMES GILL. Bap 22.4.1810. Son of Matthew of Sawley.
JAMES GILL. Born C. 1813 Kirkby Malzeard. Unmarried labourer living Azerley 1881.
JAMES GILL. Born C1827. Buried 7.9.1850 Mickley.
JAMES GILL. Born C. 1831 Fearby. Son of John [shoemaker].Husband of [1] Agnes Pickersgill. [2] Sarah Orton [nee Prest]. widow of Laverton. Married on 2.12.1903 at Kirkby Malzeard. Cream cheese maker and shoemaker. Lived Azerley Hall 1881.
JAMES GILL. Born 27.12.1869. Son of Thomas& Ann of Hackfall House.Started school 13.11.1876 after being at Kirkby Malzeard school. Left school in 1883.
JAMES GILL. Bap.23.1.1876. Son of James & Agnes Pickersgill. Father a shoemaker. Also a shoemaker himself in 1901.
JAMES GILL. Born C. 1876 Laverton. Died 1937 Church Street, Kirkby Malzeard. see obit at end. Married in 1903 to Mary Ann [b.1880] Normanby. In 1911 living with wife and 5 children. Boot repairer & Postman,
JANE GILL. Born 2.3.1729 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 10.4.1793 Grafton. Dau of John & Margaret Poole.

Report in Leeds Intelligencer in September 1777.

JANE GILL. Born 1799. Died 1879 Ripon. Dau of John & Ellen Bland. Married in Kirkby Malzeard to Peter Cartwright. on 11.9 1819.
JANE GILL. Born C. 1872 Swinton. Dau of Thomas & Mary.
JOAN E.GILL. Born 15 April 1939. Dau of Fred [shoe repairer] & Mary. Later married ? Fawcett.
JOHANNIS GILL De Silsden. Born 1667 Azerley. Died 1717 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Isobel Bayoke. Married Mary Overend.
JOHN GILL. Mashamshire. In 1690’s his house was searched as he was suspected of sheep stealing. Stamps & Dyes for coining were found and he was hanged for high treason at York.
JOHN GILL. Born 1695 Bradford. Died 1774 Kirkby Malzeard area.
Illeg. Son of Johannis Gill de Silsden & Mary Overend. of Kirkby Malzeard. Married [1]*Margaret Poole.* in 1720 in Kirkby Malzeard.
Married [2] in 1730 Isabel Moore. of Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN GILL. Born C. 1769. Buried 2.6.1850 Galphay. [Ref. K.Mal.Par.Reg.]
JOHN GILL. A Mason. Married on 5.11.1796 to Ellen Bland.
This could be JOHN GILL. Born C. 1771. Buried 12.2.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. Par.reg.]
JOHN GILL. Born C.1786. Buried 29.11.1861 Mickley.
JOHN GILL. Born C. 1801. Son of Henry of Dallowgill. Buried 8.9.1817.
JOHN GILL. Born C1802 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 6.6.1857 K.Malzeard. Son of Charles & Dinah Tanfield. Married Eleanor Hutchinson. of Kirkby Malzeard in 1827.
JOHN GILL. Born C. 1806 Asenby. Died 1866 Fearby. Son of Thomas & Ann Russell. Married to Ellen Margaret of Fearby.
JOHN GILL. Born C. 1834. Buried 20.5.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN GILL. Born C. 1834. Buried 19.9.1852 Kirkby Malzeard. [Par.Reg].
JOHN GILL. Son of Charles. Father & son were Masons in Kirkby Malzeard. Married on 16.4.1853 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Margaret Chandler. dau of Henry Chandler. of Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN WILLIAM GILL Born C1852 Thornthwaite. Hemp & Tow spinner. Married to Ellen of Thruscross.
JOHN GILL. Born C. 1863 Grewelthorpe. Farm Lab. & Gamekeeper in Laverton. Married in 1889 to Jane [b1868] Newcastle on Tyne. In 1911 in Laverton with wife & 4 daughters.
JOHN WATSON GILL. Bap 27.7.1862. Son of James & Agnes Pickersgill. Father shoemaker. Married Janey from Newcastle. Living Laverton in 1901.
JOHN GEORGE GILL. Born C. 1869 Ilton. Son of Edward & Mary. Living Strawberrie Villa Ilton in 1891. Married Ellen of Bramley Grange.
JOHN GILL. Born C1872 Masham. Road roller driver in 1911. married Jane Elizabeth of Aldborough in 1903. had dau Florence born in Cumberland. in 1905.
JOHN C. GILL. Born C. 1877 Fearby. Died 1925 Fearby. Son of Thomas & Margaret Barr.
JOHN HENRY GILL. Born C. 1889 Fearby. Son of William [Innkeeper] & Elizabeth Burton. 28 Aug 1917 Killed in WW1. Service No 1176. 10th West yks Regt.
JOHN WILLIAM GILL. Born C1893 Nosterfield. Son of Thomas [roadman] and Ann. he was a domestic gardener in 1911. in Aiskew.
JOHN JAMES GILL. Born C. 1895 Laverton. Son of John & Janey. Living Laverton in 1901.
JOSEPH GILL. Born C1792 Bishop Thornton. Died Aug 1786 Staveley. Son of Matthew & Ann Othick.
JOSEPH GILL. Bap. 8.12.1811 Kirkby Malzead. Son of James of Kirkby. [Ref. K.Malz. Par. Reg].
JOSEPH GILL. Born C1846 Sawley. Son of George [shoemaker] & Sarah.
JOSEPH GILL. Born C1857 Hartwith. Son of Margaret of Dacre. Hemp spinner and twine manufacturer. in 1891.
JOSEPH A.GILL Born C1888 Hartwith. Son of Charles [hemp spinner] & Jane.
JOSEPH ARTHUR GILL. Born C1910 Masham. Son of Mark Walter & Annie Eliz.
JULIET GILL. Born 6.2.1902. dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House. Started school 1.5.1905.
KATHLEEN GILL. Born C. 1910 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James [Shoemaker] & Mary Ann.
LAMMARTINE HARNEY GILL. Born 17 Aug 1865. Masham. Living Wathermarske 1891. servant. A Hotel prop. living in Ripon in 1911. Married Mary Jane [born 1866] in 1893. They had 4 children Mabel. Laura Barbara & Herbert. In 1939 he was listed as blind.
LAURA GILL. Born 7 June 1896 Masham. Dau of Lammartine & Mary Jane. Unmarried in 1939.
LAURA MARY GILL. Born C. 1908 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James [Shoemaker] & Mary Ann.
LAWRENCE GILL. Born 19 Feb 1918. Son of Thomas W. & Mary Alice. Dairy farmer in 1939. Summerbridge.
LUCY MAUDE GILL. Born C1908 Masham. Dau of Mark Walter & Annie Eliz.
MABEL GILL. Born C. 1846 Dau of William the stonemason Kirkby MMarried Harold Wrigley Horrocks of Newport alzeard. Married on 31.12.1866 at K.Malzeard church to George William Bolton. [b.1845] son of George Bolton.
MABEL GILL. Born 20.7.1889. Bap.18.8.1889.dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. Father a Keeper of Hackfall.. Started school 26.6.1893. Left 1904. Monmouthshire.
He was a Botanical Brewer making aerated water. He was the son of John Thomas Horrocks.

Mabel Gill with her mother Margaret Ann nee Wright.

MABEL ANNIE GILL. Born 7 Jan 1894 Masham. Dau of Lammartine & Mary Jane. Married Percy J. Wharton in 1948.
MABEL ALICE GILL. Born C1906 Masham. Dau of Mark Walter & Annie Eliz.
MARGARET GILL. Born 1725 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Margaret Poole.
MARGARET GILL. Born 2.3.1743. Married in 1763 to Job Raynard. in Kirkby Malzeard.Information from Grace Raynard. Margaret was her gggg grandmother.
Magaret & Job Raynard and 2 sons Job & Daniel lived in Schenectady New York USA. Part of the English army. They had a dau.Sarah who died young. Margaret had another son Bromley William Raynard. in 1775. Job died 6months later. Margaret then married David White. in 1776. He was in the army and a widower with 3 sons. In 1783 they left New York on the “Clinton” and landed in Shelburne Nova Scotia. They later settled in Plymouth Nova Scotia. Grace would love to hear any further information about Margaret.
MARGARET GILL. Born C.1801. Aldfield. Buried 25.3.1882. Mother of Thomas Gill.
MARGARET GILL. Bap. 5.10.1805 Dau of Matthias. [See letter at top of page]
MARGARET GILL [Nee?]. Born c1825. Dacre. A widow living Prospect House Hartwith in 1891.
MARGARET GILL. Born C. 1830 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John the Mason. Married on 3.2.1853 at Kirkby Malzeard to John Bonwell. a Mason. [b.1831] son of Timothy Bonwell. of Kirkby Malzeard. Witness Sarah Gill.
MARGARET GILL. Born C. 1855. at Aldfield. dau of Thomas & Ann.
MARGARET ANN GILL [Nee Wright]. Born C. 1864 [ still alive in 1960] of Grewelthorpe. Dau of Margaret Wright [b.1828]. Wife of George of Hackfall House. Married in C1888. Had 9 children in 1911.

Margaret Ann Gill age 94. and taking tea with the Mayor.

MARGARET ANN GILL. Bap. 20.3.1870. Buried 31.10.1874. Dau of James & Agnes Pickersgill. Shoemaker.
MARGARET H.GILL [NEE?] Born 16 April 1886. Living Birchwood Summerbridge 1939. Mother of Peter.
MAGGIE GILL. Born C.1898.Laverton dau of John [Gamekeeper] & Janey.
MARIA GILL. Born C.1839. Buried 15.3.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
MARION GILL. Born Bradford. Bap. 28.11.1858 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg. dau of Ellen of K.Malzeard.
MARJORIE GILL. Born 30.3.1904.Bap.24.4.1904. Dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House. Father Keeper & Caretaker of Hackfall. Started school 3.4.1911. Left 1914.
MARJORIE E.GILL. Born 25 November 1923. Dau of C.A.Gill of Harrogate. Married October 1946 to Stanley Irving. of Cumberland. Her sister Doreen was bridesmaid. Two brothers William and Albert were bestman and groomsman.

Marjorie Gill & Stanley Irving. 1946.

MARK WALTER GILL. Born C1868 Masham. 1890. A Fishmonger in Masham Market Place. Ref. Bulmer’s 1890 Directory. In 1911 he was a woodman on an estate. married to Annie Elizabeth of Thirsk. in 1891. They had 10 children. 3 died.
MARK WILLIAM GILL. Born C1899 masham. Son of Mark Walter [woodman] & Annie Eliz.
MARTHA GILL. Born C. 1878 Swinton. Servant in Ilton in 1891.
MARY GILL. Born 1693 Azerley. Dau of Johannis & Mary Overend.
MARY GILL. Married on 18.5.1710 at Kirkby Malzeard to George Watson of Ripon.
MARY GILL. Born 1731 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 10.4.1793 Grafton. married to John Richmond.
MARY GILL. Born C. 1761. Buried April 1838. Lived Carlsmoor.
MARY GILL. Born C1791 Pateley Bridge. Married July 1807 to John Marshall. a mineral adventurer aged 19. She is described as “a decent young lady with a good fortune”. Ref. Leeds Mercury newspaper.
MARY GILL. Married on 25.4.1798 at Kirkby Malzeard to James Holdsworth.
MARY GILL. Married on 26.1.1799 at Kirkby Malzeard to George Grimpton. of Kirklington.
MARY GILL. Born C1800. Buried 28.6.1850 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref.Par.reg]
MARY ANN GILL. Born C. 1823. Buried 10.3.1836 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Laverton moor.
MARY GILL. Born C. 1832.Grewelthorpe Wife of Thomas the stonemason.
MARY ELLEN GILL. Born 1837. Buried 4.4.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.
MARY SOPHIA GILL. Born C Sept1842. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Eleanor Hutchinson.
MARY GILL. Born C1844 Sawley. Dau of George [shoemaker] & Sarah. [Ref 1851 census].
MARY ANN GILL. Bap. 27.7 .1845 Kirkby Malzeard. Illegitimate dau of Martha Gill of Laverton.
MARY ELLEN GILL. Born 1866 Darlington. Dau of Thomas & Mary Metcalf.
MARY GILL.[Nee ?]. Born C1884 Mickley. Married to Thomas [coal miner] living Prudhoe in 1911.
MARY E. GILL. Born 3 Aug. 1906. She was an unmarried domestic servant living Fearby in 1939.
MATTHEW GILL. Born 1737 K.Malzeard. Died June 1821 Blubberhouses. Son of John & Isabel Moor.
MATTHEW GILL. Born C1756. Died May 1811 Sawley. Married [1] Margaret Beckwith. in 1776 at Sawley. [2] Ann Othick. in 1788.
MILDRED GILL. Born 23.12.1896. Bap.7.2.1897. Dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House. Started school 23.4.1900.
NANCY GILL. BAP. 26.7.1770. Dau of Edward of Kirkby Malzeard.
NANCY GILL. Born C.1801. Buried 17.10.1861. Mickley.
NATHANIEL GILL. Born 4.5.1865.Aldfield. son of Thomas & Ann of Hackfall House. Started school 13.11.1876. After being at Kirkby Malzeard school. Left school 1879. Became a woodman.
NORA ELIZABETH GILL. Born 1904 Masham. Dau of Mark Walter & Annie Eliz.
PAULINE GILL. Born 12 Feb 1935. Dau of Donald & Clara. Later married ? Bowen.
PETER C. GILL Born 23 May 1922. Son of Magaret of Summerbridge. Apprentice Textile engineer 1939.
RACHEL GILL. Born C. 1835 Fearby. Died 1870 Durham. Dau of John & Ellen Margaret. Married 1861 to Thomas Gatenby. of Masham.
RAYMOND GILL Born C1891 Summerbridge. Son of John Wm [hemp spinner] & Ellen.
REBECCA GILL. Born C. 1811 Kirkby Malzeard. Married William Robson.
RICHARD GILL. A collier in 1721. He sank the shaft at Gollinglith mine in Colsterdale. With another man he was paid £3.10s. for the work and then 2d. per corf for all the coal he could raise. [A corf was a basket used for removing coal from the pit.]
RICHARD GILL. Born C1821. Buried 12.6.1837 Kirkb Malzeard.
RICHARD GILL. Born 24.1.1867. Aldfield. son of Thomas & Ann of Hackfall House. Started school 13.11.1876 after being at Kirkby Malzeard school. Left school in 1881.
ROBERT NEWTON GILL. Born 1845. Easingwold. Died 10 Feb 1873 of Typhoid fever. Buried Knaresborough Parish Church. He was Captain of the of the 17th West Riding [Knaresborough] Yorkshire volunteers. He was also a solicitor and registrar. Married to Lizzy. from Hartlepool. A very large funeral procession progressed through Knaresborough bringing the town to a standstill. A volley of shots were fired over the grave after the service.
ROBERT GILL. Born C1851 Sawley. Son of George [shoemaker] & Sarah.
ROBERT FEATHERSTONE GILL. Born C1854 Durham. Married Mary Ann of Clifford. Lived in Masham in 1891. he was a railway engine driver, living in a cottage near the station.
ROBERT W.GILL Born 6 Nov 1895. Married to Doris [b.1902]. Company director Summerbridge in 1939.
RUTH GILL. Born 30.8.1830. Died 17.3.1912 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Eleanor Hutchinson. Married Thomas Hall. of Galphay.
SARAH GILL. Of Kirkby Malzeard married John Imeson of Grewelthorpe on 4.12.1746.
SARAH A. GILL. Born C. 1844 Fearby. Dau of John & Mary Godfrey. of Leeds.
SARAH GILL previously ORTON [nee Prest]. Born C. 1850 Laverton. dau of George Prest [gardener.] Was a widow when she married James Gill. in 1903 at Kirkby Malzeard.
SARAH ELLEN GILL. Bap 25.12.1864. Died Aug. 1922. Dau of James & Agnes Pickersgill. Shoemaker. Married Thomas Cartman. in Nov 1888 in Ripon.
SARAH GILL. Born 9.4.1877.Dau of Sarah of Hutts Farm. Started school at Sweet Street, Holbeck. Started at Grewelthorpe school 25.4.1881
SARAH GILL. Born C. 1878.Grewelthorpe dau of Thomas & Mary Metcalfe.
SARAH ELIZABETH GILL [nee ?]. Died 30 Jan 1934 Ripon. 1st wife of Arthur Williams Gill varnish boiler.
THOMAS GILL. Bap 1654 K.Malzeard. Son of Thomas & Mary of K.Mal. [Ref Par Reg]
THOMAS GILL. August 1693. Was paid for installing a pump at a cole mine in Colsterdale.
THOMAS GILL. Had allotment in 1782 Grewelthorpe Inclosure Award. At Mawcaw. Highmoor. 36acres 0rood 20perch.
THOMAS GILL. Yeoman of Stainmoor. Had land at Bramley Grange. Made will 6.8.1803. Will proved 18.2.1804.
THOMAS GILL. Born 11.6.1834. Kirkby Malzeard. Stonemason. Died 23.10.1883. Married Mary Metcalfe. of Grewelthorpe. Banns read December 1859.
THOMAS GILL. Born C. 1831.Mickley. Died 10 March 1899 Studley Park.. Husband of Ann Gill from Skelton.

Grave of Thomas & Ann at Aldfield.

THOMAS GILL. Born C. 1833 Fearby. Died 1902 Fearby. Son of Thomas & Ellen Margaret. Married Margaret Barr.
THOMAS GILL. Born C. 1838 Carlsmoor. Married to Mary of Melmerby. Living Swinton with Wathermarske 1891.
THOMAS GILL. Born C1861 Masham. Married to Ann Elizabeth of Aiskew in C1887.he was a road man working for the Council living in Aiskew in 1911. They had only 3 of their 6 children still living in 1911.
THOMAS GILL. Born 2.10.1867. Bap. 3.11.1867. Son of James [the shoemaker]& Agnes Pickersgill lived Azerley . Started school 14.3.1877. Left 1881. Brother in law of Sarah Cartman. A boot and shoemaker in 1901. married on 23.12.1903 at Kirkby Malzeard to Elizabeth Ellen Waite. [b1870] Winksley. dau of William a shoemaker. In 1911 Eliza was a grocer & Thomas a shoemaker in Laverton.
THOMAS GILL. Born C1868 Hartwith. Son of Margaret of Dacre. Married to Minnie. Living Summerbridge 1901 Corn Miller.
THOMAS W.GILL Born 13 Dec.1883 Dacre. Son of Charles & Jane. Living Summerbridge 1901. Married Mary Alice. Poultry farmer in 1939 in Summerbridge.
THOMAS SWALES GILL Born 14 Sept. 1915. Married to Mary Elizabeth [b.1913]. Living Harrogate 1939 Fishmonger and poultry shop assist.
VERA GILL. Bap.18.10.1908. Dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House.
WALLACE GILL. Born C1847 Easingwold. Brother of Robert Newton Gill. Solicitors clerk. Knaresborough.
WILLIAM GILL. Born 1700 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Johannis & Mary Overend.
WILLIAM GILL. Buried 23.2.1721 Kirkby Malzeard. Bastard son of Rose of Grewelthorpe.
WILLIAM GILL. Born C. 1807. Buried 7.1.1840 Kirk by Malzeard. Lived West Tanfield.
WILLIAM GILL. Born C. 1826 Stonebeck Down. Son of Edward. married on 20.12.1854 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Jane Metcalfe. [b.1833] dau of John Metcalfe. Shoemaker.
WILLIAM HUTCHINSON GILL. Born 21.7.1828 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Eleanor Hutchinson.
WILLIAM GILL. Bap 27.6.1830 Aldfield. Illeg. son of Isabella.
WILLIAM HENRY GILL. Born C1835. Died April 1895 Harrogate. Son of John Gill [Miller].He was a solicitor. Former mayor of Wakefield. He married July 5 1866 to Annie Kemp.
WILLIAM CHENERY GILL. Born C1846 Masham. Married to Margaret of Gateshead.C1889. Had no issue. A Painter on the railways, living Darlington in 1911.
WILLIAM GILL. Born C. 1855. Died 30.3.1875. Buried 1.4.1875. M.I. Son of Thomas & Ann of Hackfall House.
WILLIAM GILL. Born C. 1857 Fearby. Son of Thomas & Margaret Barr. Married to Elizabeth Burton. Inn keeper at Black Swan Fearby in 1891.
WILLIAM GILL. Bap. 3.11.1872. Buried 4.11.1874. Son of James & Agnes Pickersgill. Shoemaker.
WILLIAM GILL. Born 20.10.1899. Bap.14.11.1899. Died 1980. Son of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House. Started school 25.5.1903. Married and lived in Farsley & Bradford.
WINIFRED GILL. Born 5.1.1892,Bap.14.2.1892. Dau of George & Margaret Ann Wright. of Hackfall House. Father a caretaker of Hackfall. Started school 13.8.1894. Left 1906. In 1911 she was a shop assistant. unmarried living at Hackfall House, Grewelthorpe with her parents. She married 23 Sept 1915 in Farsley to Frank Horrocks Brother of her sister Mabel’s husband. He was a ginger beer maker in 1911.

OBITUARY For James Gill. 1876-1937.
As reported in Ripon Gazette Jan or Feb. 1937.
The death has occurred of an old inhabitant of Kirkby Malzeard. James Gill. of Church Street age 61years. He was a well known character in the district being village post master for 23 years and then covering an outside round to Dallowgill for 12 years. He retired 2 years ago [1935] .
Noted for a ready wit and good humour. In boyhood he joined Kirkby Malzeard sword dancers and 2 of his sons have followed in his footsteps. He was a good cricketer and a splendid quoits player. He served in HM Forces in the Great War. He was born in Laverton. His wife died 10 years ago. He leaves 4 sons and 4 daughters.
Chief Mourners.
Mr John Gill [brother].
Mrs J.Metcalfe [daughter].
Mrs G. Blades [daughter].
Mrs. A. Baines [daughter.]
Mrs N. Carling.[daughter.]
F. Gill: D.Gill: H.Gill: & A.Gill [sons].

The Gill family of Hackfall house. and later the 4 girls with Mother [Margaret Ann Gill nee Wright].

Entry in Graces Guide to Businesses 1914.
Thomas Gill & Sons. Hemp & Tow spinners & twine manufacturers.
New York Mills. Summerbridge.
Established 1868 by Thomas Gill Continued by his sons. Present principals are Charles Gill, John William Gill, Joseph Gill & Harry Gill. The Gill family of the present partners commenced spinning in the beginning of the 18th century. Premises extend over 6 acres. Staff 110.

The settlement originated as terraces of weavers’ houses around a flax mill built by William Hebden in about 1814 on agricultural land by the River Nidd. In 1834 the mill was acquired by Francis Thorpe of Knaresborough, who renamed it New York Mill. By 1834 Thorpe was employing 150 people at the mill. In the 1870s the export of yarn declined, and the business failed in 1883. In 1889 the Gill family bought the mill, rebuilt it and replaced the old water wheels with a water turbine. In 1891 they installed a second turbine to provide the first electric light in Nidderdale. The Gills started to spin yarns of hemp for the production of twine. They modernised the mill in the 1930s, and in the 1960s started to spin artificial fibres for carpets. The Gill family sold the mill in 1968, and the new owners closed it in 1980. The property has now been converted into a small industrial estate.

The following information was sent by Chrisie Gill, Florida USA. Oct 2010.

My name is Chrisie Gill and I live in the US. Currently I am contacting as many people aspossible regarding the Gill Genealogy project.
I wish to bring to the attention of Gill families and others the information in the paragraph below to help inform
them about the project.
We are encouraging any and all men of the surname Gill, McGill, Gilliam etc. to participate in the DNA genealogy project.
This cheek swab Paternal DNA test will help link Paternal famly lines across the miles. We especially encourage those Gills that may have
the trait of having a white streak(s) in their hair since birth or teen years (often occurring on the right front quarter of the head), as well as the trait of a cowlick.
I do not have any connection to other than I am a member who happens to have gotten my family to complete the test and havealready linked very closely with another family because of it. We are trying to trace our families oversees and so far no luck.
With the DNA testing, it may just give us a link to trace our families from the opposite end, since we are at a brick wall as far as their immigration to the U.S.
Thank you for your time,
Chrisie Gill
Florida, USA.