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Dawson family

Surname Dawson.
The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas Daweson, which was dated 1326, in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire, during the reign of King Edward 2nd, 1307 – 1327.
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Details of the DAWSON. family living in and around Grewelthorpe. Information taken from census returns, parish registers etc.

Letter from Dr. David K Smith [Dec 2020]
Robert Dawson married Elizabeth Smithson, who was my maternal grandmother’s cousin and are in your list
They had two sons: (1) Frederick (5 months old in 1891 census) who is not in your list. He appears in the 1901 census living at 18 Mayfield Grove, Harrogate and in 1911 as Electrician for Corporation (presumably Harrogate) still living at home at King Edwards Drive Harrogate I have a photo of him with my grandparents; I do not know what happened to him.
(2) Walter born 3rd December 1892 who is in your list. Also in 1901 census and 1911 census living at home and employed as Solicitors’ Clerk As your list shows, he died of wounds in France in December 1915. My archives have cuttings from a local newspaper about his death, with a picture, and the original letter from no 22 General Hospital in France to Mr Robert Dawson from the matron referring to Walter’s death and burial. And, most bizarrely, a paper serviette printed specially for his 21st birthday (which I assume came from my grandmother)
Robert Dawson died in 1920. He is listed in the censuses as follows: 1881 at 9 Cambridge Court Bilton living with his brother as apprentice to mason (Brother Charles is listed as Stonemason) 1891 at 3 Woodbine Terrace Bilton listed as Stone Mason 1901 at 18 Mayfield Grove as Builder and Contractor 1911 at King Edwards Drive as Stone mason and stone merchant
According to my mother’s notes about her childhood, Robert Dawson’s business was responsible for building houses in King Edwards Drive and Albert Road in Bilton (my mother and grandmother insisted that their address was Albert Road Harrogate, not Albert Road, Bilton, Harrogate, because they preferred the upmarket address!
So, I am not a descendant of any Dawson family, but grandson of a cousin of Frederick and Walter.

John Dawson wrote January 2018.
Hello I came across your website recently as I have been collating information gathered by a cousin of mine many years ago, into a meaningful family tree format. He traced back via the father of the father of the father and so on to the middle of the 16thC.
I would be happy to share it with anyone (it’s on a big Excel file which I have devised myself).
Please contact the site for John’s address.

Thanks to Patricia Waller for information about the 17th century Dawsons. She would like to have information on Thomas & Elizabeth Hunt. and their family.

If you can add to this page please contact us.

Last update July 2020.

FEMALE DAWSON. Born 18.7.1741. Dau of Charles b.1711.
ADA DAWSON. Born C1877 Harrogate. Dau of Charles [stonemason] & Margaret Abbey.
ALICE DAWSON. Born C1871 Harrogate. Dau of Charles [stonemason] & Margaret Abbey.
ANN DAWSON. Married William Chapman both of Ripon Parish on 27/9/1665.
ANN DAWSON. Buried 3.2.1718. Kirkby Malzeard. Lived in Grewelthorpe.
ANN DAWSON [Nee?]. Died 3.9.1748 Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of Thomas.
ANN DAWSON. Born 25.9.1726 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Thomas.
ANN DAWSON. Born 1845 Ripon. Dau of Richard & Mary Bonwell.
ANN ELIZA DAWSON. Born C 1850. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of George & Isabella Bonwell. She was a dressmaker unmarried in 1891.
ANN DAWSON. Born C. 1859 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Richard [Farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. Housekeeper for her Father in 1881 in K.Malzeard. In 1891 Married Elijah Alloway [Holloway]. of Knaresborough.
ANTHONY DAWSON. Buried 8.11.1687 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
ARTHUR DAWSON. Born C1868 Harrogate. Son of Charles [Builder] & *Margaret Abbey.
AUGUSTA DAWSON. Born 1822. Died 1878. Dau of William Dawson esq. of Azerley Hall. Married George Kitchingman of Carlton Husthwaite. 30 March 1846. {Ref. Leeds Mercury 1846} In 1871 they had 7 children. Living at Sowerby.
CATHERINE DAWSON. Bap. 28.6.1673 Ripon. Dau of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
CATHERINE ISABELLA DAWSON. Born C 1856 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of George & Isabella Bonwell. Married in 1876 to Richard Hodgson. of Harrogate.
CHARLES DAWSON. Buried 6.2.1696 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
CHARLES DAWSON. Buried 8.12.1696 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
CHARLES DAWSON. Born 7.7.1711. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Hunt.
CHARLES DAWSON. Born 18.7.1736. Son of Charles b.1711.
CHARLES DAWSON. Born C.1841. Died 1903 in Harrogate. Son of Richard & Mary Bonwell. in 1866 he married Margaret Abbey. [b1866]. Charles was a stonemason. Brother of Robert.
CHARLES O.DAWSON. 1896 Harrogate. Electrician. In 1901 he was living in Bridlington. It is possible that this is Charles Oram Dawson mentioned below.

Ad in Knaresborough Post 1896.

CHARLES ORAM DAWSON. Born C1871. Son of George [Builder]. Married Anne Maud Turner in 1897. at St.Peter’s Church Harrogate. He was a hotel proprietor.
CHARLES ROBERT DAWSON. Born C1895 Harrogate. Son of Herbert [Builder] & Elizabeth Ann. In 1911 he was a bricklayers apprentice.

CHRISTIAN DAWSON. Bap. 6.1.1665 Ripon. Dau of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
CHRISTOPHER DAWSON. Bap. 14.1.1661 Ripon. Son of John.
CHRISTOPHER DAWSON. Made his will 19.12.1668. He died 1668. Yeoman of Carlsmoor. [Ref. Masham Peculier Wills].
DOROTHY DAWSON. Bap. 2.12.1676 Ripon. Dau of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
EDITH DAWSON Born C 1886 Mickley. Dau of Frank [Coachman] & Elizabeth.
ELIZABETH DAWSON. Bap. 15.5.1698 Kirkby Malzeard. Twin of Sarah. Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth of Grewelthorpe. ELIZABETH DAWSON. Died 12.2.1724 Dau of John.
ELLEN DAWSON [nee?] Born C1867 Masham. Married to Richard [or Robert] H. 1893. In 1911 an apartment house keeper in Harrogate.
EMMA JANE DAWSON. Born 1853 Leeds. Dau of George & Isabella Bonwell.
ETHEL DAWSON. Born C1908 East Tanfield. Dau of Frederick & Annie.
EVA ELEANOR DAWSON. Born 6.8.1898 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1986 Devon. Dau of Richard H. & Ellen. Married in 1920 to Stanhope Augustus Beckham. of Kent.
EVERARD DAWSON. Born 26 Aug. 1909. A pigman married to Sarah E. [born 1911]. Living Snape Lodge in 1939.
FRANCIS DAWSON. Buried 11.12.1676 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe.
FRANK DAWSON Born C1853 Kirby Moorside. A domestic service coachman. living Mickley in 1891. Married to Elizabeth of Wixley.
FREDERICK HENRY DAWSON. Born C1876 East Tanfield. Married in C1906 to Annie of Kirkby Malzeard. Living in Well near Bedale with 2 children in 1911.
FREDERICK DAWSON. Born 1890. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Smithson.

Frederick Dawson.

GEORGE DAWSON. Born 1558 Azerley. Son of Gilbert & Catherine. Married Margaret Conyers.
GEORGE DAWSON. Bap. 25.7.1675. Buried 31.7.1675 Ripon. Son of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
GEORGE DAWSON. Married Judith 13.11.1677. Kirkby Malzeard.
GEORGE DAWSON. Buried 15.12.1672 Kirkby Malzeard. Husband of Judith. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
GEORGE DAWSON. Bap. 26.9.1675 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Charles & Anne. of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg].
GEORGE DAWSON. Born C.1822 Skelton. Son of Charles & Rebecca. Married
[1] Isabella Bonwell. of Kirkby Malzeard in 1848. Married [2] Martha Oram. of Bristol in 1860. He Died in Harrogate in 1889. He was a prominent personality in Harrogate. Alderman George Dawson added materially to the architecture of the town. He built the Post Office buildings, known as Prospect Crescent, Cambridge Crescent, rebuilt the Crown Hotel, the Crown block, and some of the finest residences. A passionate Methodist preacher of the hell-fire school, Dawson himself threw drunks and hecklers from his meetings, and allowed nothing to stand in the way of his plans to beautify Harrogate. On the eve of his Mayoralty in 1889, he died of overwork at his mansion in Victoria Avenue, Vanderbilt Court, where today a plaque records his life and achievements.
His first venture was to buy Ashfield House (now the home of Harrogate Toffee) and to incorporate it in a new parade of shops which ran from Montpellier Gardens to Montpellier Road. His scheme was under-capitalised and heavily mortgaged, but he managed to complete it by economy and hard work. Dawson himself set up a blacksmith’s forge on the site, and sharpened the workmen’s tools himself. He went on to build much of Parliament Street, James Street, all of Cambridge and Prospect Crescents, Swan Road, Crescent Road, Crown Place, and several fine villas. He was probably the best builder Harrogate has known, and his partnership with architect Hirst of Bristol produced some of the town’s finest buildings.

George Dawson. 1822-1889.

The grave of George Dawson [1822-1889] in Harrogate.

GEORGE DAWSON. Born C.1849 Died 1891. Son of Richard & Mary Bonwell. On 24 Dec 1868 he married Eleanor Bowman. at Reg. Office in Leeds. They had a son Robert. George was a stonemason. Lived K.Malzeard. His wife died Sept 1889 age 42. {ref. York Herald Sept. 1889}
GILBERT DAWSON. Died 28.12.1587 Azerley. Married Catherine Conyers. of Bolton.
GILBERT DAWSON. Made his will 28.9.1644. He lived in Grewelthorpe. [Ref. Masham Peculier Wills]
HARRY DAWSON. Born C1870 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Eleanor.
HARRY DAWSON Born C1883 Boston Spa. Son of frank [coachman] & Elizabeth.
HERBERT DAWSON. Born C1870 Leeds. Son of Charles [Builder] & Margaret Abbey.

Confectioner in Harrogate.
Ad in Knaresborough Post 1912.

ISABEL DAWSON [Nee ?]. Died 15.10.1764 Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of Thomas.
ISABEL DAWSON. Born Sept. 1877 Ripon. Started Grewelthorpe school 5.5.1884. left in 1889. In 1891 she was living with her aunt & uncle James & Ann Bulmer in Grewelthorpe.
ISABELLA DAWSON. Born C. 1858 Ripon. Dau of Richard [farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. She was an unemployed dom. servant in 1881 in Kirkby Malzeard. In 1891 she was in service in Harrogate.
JAMES DAWSON. Born C. 1853 Ripon. Son of Richard [Farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. Living Grewelthorpe 1861.
JAMES DAWSON. Born C1880 Kirkby Malzeard. Nephew of Charles Dawson [builder] in Harrogate 1891.
JANE DAWSON. Bap. 12.9.1665 Ripon. Dau of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
JANE DAWSON [Nee ?]. Buried 27.8.1692 Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of Richard. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
JANE DAWSON. Born C1859 Masham. Daughter of Ann of Kirkby Malzeard. Married Isaac Dickinson. of Harewood.
JOE DAWSON Of Harrogate. Son of Charles Dawson. Seaman in WW1. Cutting below dated 1915.

JOHN DAWSON. Bap. 20.12.1659. Ripon. Son of John.
JOHN DAWSON. Married Jane Bradwith. Both of Ripon parish on 10/10/1665
JOHN DAWSON. Married Mary Hobdon. both of Ripon Parish on 16/6/1667.
JOHN DAWSON. Died 11.3.1688. Lived at Brimham, Pateley Bridge.
JOHN DAWSON. Bap. 25.2.1705 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg].
JOHN DAWSON. Born 14.3.1733. Died 14.3.1734. Son of Charles b.1711.
JOHN DAWSON. Born C. 1847 Ripon. A servant carter in 1861 in Grewelthorpe. Son of Richard & Mary Bonwell. Worked for the Ascough family in 1861.
JOHN RICHARD DAWSON. Born 1896 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Richard H & Ellen.
JOHN DEARLOVE DAWSON. Born C1910 East Tanfield. Son of Frederick & Annie.
JUDITH DAWSON [nee ?]. Buried 19.8.1657 Kirkby Malzeard Wife of George. Lived Grewelthorpe.[Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
LEONARD DAWSON. Bap. 11.7.1674 Ripon. Son of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
LEONARD DAWSON. Married Alice Cookson. Both of Ripon Parish on 7/7/1685.
MABEL DAWSON. Born C1892 Harrogate. Dau of Herbert [Builder] & Elizabeth Ann.
MARGARET DAWSON. Bap. 30.4.1671 Ripon. Dau. of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
MARGARET DAWSON. Of Grewelthorpe married Roger Reynard. of Kirkby Malzeard. on 11.9.1688. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
MARY DAWSON. Bap. 19.4.1656 Ripon daughter of Robert of Breckamere Hall.
MARY DAWSON. Bap. 17.8.1667 Ripon. Dau of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
MARY DAWSON. Born 23.9.1750 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Thomas.
MARY DAWSON [Nee Bonwell]. Born C. 1821 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1879. Wife of Richard the Farm Bailiff.
MARY DAWSON. Born C. 1851 Ripon. Dau of Richard [Farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. Lived Grewelthorpe 1861.
RICHARD DAWSON. Born C.1656 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Judith. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
RICHARD DAWSON. Made his will in 1628. He was a yeoman of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. Masham Peculier wills].
RICHARD DAWSON. Buried 2.11.1672 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Charles & Anne. Lived Grewelthorpe.[Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg].
RICHARD DAWSON. Buried 30.6.1693 Kirkby Malzeard. Possibly the husband of Jane. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.] Made his will and it was proved 13.6.1693. Described as a yeoman of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. Masham Peculier Wills].
RICHARD DAWSON. Born C1781 Masham. In 1851 he was a wool comber living with relations Thomas & Jane Hill. in Horton.
RICHARD DAWSON. Born C.1817 Skelton on Ure. Died 1900 in Harrogate. Son of Charles & Rebecca. Living Grewelthorpe 1861/71. Kirkby Malzeard 1881. Husband of Mary Bonwell. of Kirkby Malzeard. [Mary was sister to Isabella who married George Dawson]. Richard was a farm bailiff. He married [2] Jane Pember. in 1887 aged 70. Brother of George the builder.
ROBERT DAWSON. Born C1824 Masham.
ROBERT DAWSON. Born C1862 Masham. Son of Robert. Farmer married to Mary of Pickering.
ROBERT DAWSON. Born C. 1863 Grewelthorpe. Died 1920. Son of Richard [Farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. In 1888 he married Elizabeth Smithson. of Pateley Bridge. he was a stonemason in Harrogate. Brother of Charles. Had 2 sons Fredk. & Walter.
ROBERT H.DAWSON. Born 1870. Son of George & Eleanor Bowman. Married Ellen ? of Masham.
SAMUEL DAWSON. Born 29 Nov 1891. Electrician living Ripon in 1939.
SARAH DAWSON. Bap. 27.3.1654 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard & Jane. of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg]
SARAH DAWSON. Bap. 15.5.1698. Twin of Elizabeth. Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Maleard P.Reg].
SARAH DAWSON. Born 29.3.1739. Dau of Charles b.1711.
STEPHEN DAWSON. Bap. 26.12.1658. Son of Robert of Breckamere Hall, Ripon.
THOMAS DAWSON. Married Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Ripon on 27/7/1660.
THOMAS DAWSON. Bap. 13.11.1663 Ripon. Son of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Ripon.
THOMAS DAWSON. Died 26.2.1745.
THOMAS DAWSON. Bap.27.7.1701 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas of Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Mazeard P Reg.]
THOMAS BONWELL DAWSON. Born 23.8.1863 Grewelthorpe. Son of Richard [Farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. Started Grewelthorpe school 22.1.1877 having come from a Dame school. His address was Bramley Grange. In 1899 he married Gertrude Scott. He was a carpenter & House furnisher in Harrogate.
TIMOTHY DAWSON. Born C. 1867 Grewelthorpe. Son of Richard [Farm Bailiff] & Mary Bonwell. In 1881 he was a stable boy in Masham. In 1893 he married Elizabeth Angus. He was builder in Harrogate in 1911. Brother Of Charles.
WALTER DAWSON. Born 3.12.1892 Harrogate. Killed at Flanders in WW1 20.12.1915. Private in Prince of Wales West Yorks. Regt. Reg. No. 2235. Son Of Robert & Elizabeth Smithson.

Walter Dawson.

Newspaper cuttings re. Walter Dawson of Harrogate.

WILLIAM DAWSON. Bap. 11.9.1654 son of Robert Breckamere Hall.
WILLIAM DAWSON. Bap. 12.6.1670 Ripon. Son of Thomas & Anne Nicholson. of Bondgate Green, Ripon.
WILLIAM DAWSON. Lived Azerley. Married to Margaret who died 19.9.1658.
WILLIAM DAWSON. Married Emily ? Hill. Both of Ripon Parish on 16/1/1678.
WILLIAM DAWSON. Buried 30.10.1653 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe. [Ref. K.Malzeard P.Reg.]
WILLIAM DAWSON. Lived Azerley Hall in 1822. [Ref. Baines Directory.] Married to Anne. According to a newspaper report. His wife had a son in Feb 1826. Anne survived Wm and remarried Edward Pullen esq. of Guisborough. Anne died in 1838. [Ref. Leeds Mercury] Feb. 1838.
WILLIAM DAWSON. Born C1844. Ripon. Son of Richard & Mary Bonwell.

Dawsons of Grewelthorpe listed on the Claro Wapentake Hearth Tax list. Lady Day 1672.