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Coldbeck Family

Listed alphabetically. Ref, Parish, Census,School records & Memorial Inscriptions [M.I.] The information is being constantly updated so is worth more than one visit. Last update April 2021..

Maren Sims in New Zealand sent the following request in January 2012.My name is Maren Sims (nee Coldbeck) my father was Leon Edward James Coldbeck born in New Zealand in 1913, his father was Issac James Coldbeck. I do not as yet have his date of birth.I am just starting on our family tree and came across your wonderful website with lots of Coldbeck information.Does anyone know of any Coldbeck’s going to New Zealand in the late 1800’s?Our daughter now lives in England in Cheadle and as we will be visiting her later this year thought that this area would be included in our visit.If you can help Maren please contact the site.

Thanks to John Coldbeck for additional information.

Karina Grindale has been researching the Grindale/Grundill family for some time. They are related to the Coldbeck family thro’ the marriage of Ralph Coldbeck & Ann Grindale in 1772. In Ralph’s will dated 1808 he mentions an Elizabeth Coldbeck and John Beck who reside in Masham in a house leased by Ralph Coldbeck. Karina needs help with these 2 people, who are they, why are they residing in the same house. Any help would be appreciated.To contact Karina

Thanks to Edwin Rooks for information about William Robinson Coldbeck. 1869-1950. and other members of the family.

Thanks to Martin Harrison for information about Alfred Burton Coldbeck b.1867. and his family.

Comment sent by Larry Dunn: According to information on Coldbeck history on it seems Ralph Coldbeck married Ann Ingleby at Ripon on 24 Nov, 1767 and their daughter Elizabeth was “Baptized . 4.1.1769 Littlethorpe (Ripon) Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married Dec. 1789 Masham to George Gumdill.
Later living with John Beckwith. of Masham.” I assume that Ann (Ingleby) died leaving Ralph a widower. He remarries Ann (Grindale) Dawson a widow at Swinton on 25 Aug, 1780.
Ann Grindale married Thomas Dawson at Masham on 27 Jan 1772 and her first two children were Jane (1772) and Mary (1775) born in Ripon. I don’t have the date of Thomas Dawson’s death. So the remaining five children of Ralph Coldbeck were with Ann (Grindale) which exlains the 12 year gap between Elizabeth (Ingleby) Coldbeck and John Coldbeck Bap. 27th Feb. 1781 at Swinton.Mary (Dawson) Coldbeck aged 26 married on Nov 12th 1803 John Ingleby ploughmaker aged 24 at Masham. (Parish Records) According to the Ingleby family history, “John Ingleby born C.1781. Carpenter & Plough maker, lived Ilton cum Pott, married Mary. b.1781.
Mary died in Pateley Bridge”. These ages are incorrect as John would have been born c 1779 if he was 24 at his marriage in 1803 and his wife Mary would have been born in 1777 if she were 26 at the time of her marriage. So Mary (Dawson) Coldbeck was unrelated by blood to her elder sister Elizabeth (Ingleby) both having different parents.I am trying to establish a connection between John Ingleby of Kirkby Malzeard and Masham to the Ingleby line at Pateley Bridge. I don’t know if Ann Ingleby of Littlethorpe (Ripon), Ralph Coldbeck’s first wife, is related to the Ingleby line at Pateley Bridge. I also don’t see a connection between Mary (Coldbeck) Ingleby and Pateley Bridge, so why would she die there. According to the 1851 census:Living Dwelling 29, Ilton Cum Pott, Bedale District, Healey St. Paul parish, , Yorkshire, EnglandJohn Ingleby, male, head, age 76, born 1777 Kirkby Malzeard, occ.- ploughmaker.
Mary Ingleby, female, wife, age 76, born 1775 Ripon. Thomas Ingleby, male, brother, age 76, born 1775 Kirkby Malzeard, occ- pauper (formerly fellmonger).
Ann Ingleby, female, g-daughter, age 13, born 1838 Kirkby Malzeard, scholar.
According to the death register John Ingleby died iin 1857 Bedale, Yorkshire- North Riding at approximately 78 years of age if he was really born in 1779 for the 1851 census. I have no date for Mary Ingleby’s death. If anyone knows of a connection between John Ingleby of Kirkby Malzeard and the Ingleby line at Pateley Bridge I would appreciate finding out. There is a Beckwith connection to the Ingleby’s of Pateley Bridge as Thomas Ingleby married Jane Beckwith in 1779 at Kirkby Malzeard. The Beckwith family is from around Grewelthorpe remember. They had two sons named John, one born 1780 and dying 1783 and another born 1783 with no known death date. Could it be the John Ingleby of Kirkby Malzeard born around 1780 is the same John Ingleby born in 1783 at Pateley Bridge?

If you can help Larry please contact this site.

Letter from Lynda Divers July 2013.I visited Grewelthorpe cemetery today to try and gather information about my ancestors so I have found this website very useful.I am the Grand daughter of Charles Albert Coldbeck & Great niece of Doris Coldbeck so if I can be of any help or assistance in filling in any gaps please let me know.My Great Great Grandfather was Albert Edward Coldbeck?! My name is Lynda Divers (nee Coldbeck) and I am the daughter of Kenneth Coldbeck, son of Charles Albert Coldbeck. My brother is Martin Andrew Coldbeck. My fathers brother is Lawrence Coldbeck, obviously also son of Charles Albert Coldbeck.I have one daughter Charlotte O’Loughlin but my brother has two children bearing the Coldbeck name, Edward Thomas Coldbeck Aug 203 Correction from Martin, his son is Edward William Coldbeck. and Rachel Ann Coldbeck.I think I found the grave of my Great Grandfather today, Charles Herbert Coldbeck?The grave of my Grandfather Charles Albert Coldbeck is in Ripon cemetery.Anyway thank you again for supplying all the information on this website.

Thanks for Letter from Lesley Wood on 1st June 2014. Just had a brilliant read of the Coldbecks – I will contact you again. I am the daughter of William Jackson Coldbeck DFM and remember visiting my Grandad’s stepmother in Grewelthorpe [Lillie] known by my dad as Auntie Lillie as she was in a second marriage and too young to be called Grandma!!! I met or knew a number of people mentioned – Somewhere I have a little history with a photo at a farm with one person named as granny Thackrey – will try and find it. The site brought back loads of memories – it was always said that Robert Coldbeck painter used to decorate at Swinton Castle we may find out if it is true ( Robert father of my grandad). Unfortunately our immediate family Coldbeck name will die out as my dad and his brother although they had a son each, one has no children and the other had a daughter. I am Lesley Anne (Coldbeck) now Wood b,25.2.1945 Brother David John Coldbeck b.1.10.1946 Sister Janice May Coldbeck now McCormick b 12.1.1953

Alphabetical list of Coldbecks.
FEMALE COLDBECK. Born 1746. Buried 22.4.1807 High Ellington, Masham. Dau of George & Alice King.
ADA COLDBECK. Bap. 24.1.1859 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James & Elizabeth of Missise.
AGNES COLDBECK. Born C1820. Living Grewelthorpe in 1841. She was a straw bonnet maker.
AGNES COLDBECK. Bap. 11.7.1860 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James & Elizabeth of Missise.
AGNES ANNIE COLDBECK. Born 1872 Grewelthorpe. Died 1960 in Leeds. Dau of James Joshua & Jane Ann Welford. Married Arthur James Cooper. of Bramley in 1897. Lived in Bramley in 1901.
AGNES MARTHA COLDBECK. Born C. 1907 Masham. Dau of Alfred Burton & Mary Louisa Clarke.
ALBERT EDWARD COLDBECK. Born 5.9.1880. Died 16.12.1940. Son of James & Mary Jane Mann Started school 12.4.1886. Left school 1890. A Grocer & Farmer. Married Jessie Brotherton[b.1881] in 1907. Had 1 dau in 1911. [see photo of grave below].
ALFRED BURTON COLDBECK. Born 23 Feb 1866 Grewelthorpe. Son of Ralph. [bC1847] & Margaret. Husband of [1] Phyllis Harriet Warrior. married 3.1.1885. [2] Married in 1899 to Maria Louisa Clark. [b C1874 ]Masham. A groom and gardener living Cross,The Hill, Masham in 1901. Alfred was a gardener & seedsman in 1911.
ALICE BURTON [Nee Clarke]. Born in 17th century. Died 23.2.1715 Sowerby. Married John of Sowerby. Had 5 children. Eliz. Christopher. Dorothy. Wm & George.
ALICE COLDBECK [Nee King.] Born 1714 Died 1789. High Ellington. Masham. 2nd Wife of George [b.1697]
ALWYN LESLIE COLDBECK. Born April 1918. Died 22 Jan 1919. Son of Annie Jane Coldbeck.
AMELIA ISABELLA COLDBECK. Born C1889 Grewelthorpe. Dau of John Henry [the builder] & Jane.
ANN COLDBECK [Nee Ingleby]. Born mid 18th century. Married Ralph Coldbeck on 24.11.1767 in Ripon.
ANN COLDBECK. Bap. 9.2.1725 Sowerby. Dau of Christopher [b.1683].
ANN COLDBECK. Bap. 3.3.1771 Littlethorpe. Buried 25.8.1778 Masham. Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby.
ANN COLDBECK. Bap. 29.5.1784 Ripon. Died 11.4.1821 Ripon. Dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
ANN COLDBECK. Bap. 26.6.1785 Swinton. Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married [1] 18.4.1805 in Masham to Anthony Hill. [b.1774] Married [2] ????
ANN COLDBECK. Born 1851 Masham. Dau of Ralph & Mary of Masham.
ANN MARY COLDBECK. Bap. 16.3.1856.Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Charles & Hannah Beaumont Atkinson. Married [1] Goldfinch. Widow in 1881. Married 2. John Charles MONKHOUSE. Farmer Leighton.
ANN COLDBECK nee GRINDALE. Wife of Ralph Coldbeck. Mother of Mary wife of John Ingleby.
ANNIE COLDBECK. Born C.1873 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Thomas & Mary Ann.
ANNIE JANE COLDBECK [Nee Taylor]. Died 24.1.1919. Lived Virginia House, Grewelthorpe. 1st Wife of Horace. Will probate to Robert Henry Taylor.[joiner] & William Jesse Coldbeck.[warehouseman]. £445.13s.2d.

Grave of Annie Jane Coldbeck and her baby Alwyn Leslie Coldbeck in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

ANNIE COLDBECK. Born 17 Dec 1886. Bap. 2.5.1896. Bramley Grange died 1971 dau of Robert & Ruth Thackray. Robert a painter. Mar.John Ascough. (1883-1974) 7.12.1910. See photo of John & Annie on the Ascough page.
ANNIE ELIZA COLDBECK. Born 17.7.1887 Bap. 7.8.1885.Tanfield. Dau of Alfred & Phyllis Harriet Warrior. Living Masham 1891.
ANTHONY COLDBECK. Bap. 15.4.1889. Son of James & Mary of Hutts Farm. [Poss.William Anthony]*ALWYN LESLIE COLDBECK.* Born 28.3.1918. Bap 19.5.1918. Died 22.1.1919. Son of Horace & Annie Jane. Horace was a carpenter.
AGNES ANNIE COLDBECK. Bap. 3.3.1872. Dau of James Joshua & Jane Ann. James a tinner.
ARON COLDBECK. Born 1814 son of John & Susannah Burton. [Another source has this child as Anne Coldbeck and yet another thinks it is Jane].
AUGUSTA COLDBECK [Nee Lupton]. Born 12.12.1863 Easingwold. Married William Robinson Coldbeck on 26.11.1892 at Ripon Cathedral.
BEATRICE MAY COLDBECK. Born C. 1900 Masham. Died 1960 Australia. Dau of Alfred Burton & Mary Louisa Clarke Married Edmund Henry Knight.

Beatrice May Coldbeck.

CHARLES COLDBECK. Born 1822 Bap.1824 Bramley. Married Hannah Beaumont Atkinson. from Wakefield in 1853.CHARLIE COLDBECK. Born 1824. Son of John & Susannah Burton.
CHARLES COLDBECK. Born C 1825. Buried 23.5.1894 aged 69 [Memorial in churchyard] =M.I. Married Hannah [b.1821] Malton. see 1891 census. Gen.Labourer.
CHARLES TURNER COLDBECK. Bap. 8.5.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg. son of Jane of Bramley Grange, Grewelthorpe.
CHARLES COLDBECK. Bap. 3.10.1857 Kirkby Malzeard..Son of Charles & Hannah Beaumont Atkinson. of Grewelthorpe.
CHARLES HERBERT COLDBECK. Born 9.12.1869. Died 21.1.1950. Son of James & Mary Jane Mann of Bramley Grange. Married Mary Jane Brown[b 24.11.1875] in C1892. 1911. Living Low Bramley with 2 children. In 1939 living Cross Hill Grewelthorpe.
CHARLIE COLDBECK. Bap20.5.1891. son of John Alfred & Freida. John a farmer.
CHARLES ALBERT COLDBECK. Born 24.8.1903. Bap 20.9.1903. Grewelthorpe. Died 1995. Son of Charles Herbert & Mary Jane Brown. Lived Bramley Lane. Started school 3.4.1911. Left school 1917. In 1918 he was with Mr. Lumley of The Hollies, Shaw Mills, Harrogate.[Info. taken from old postcard]. In 1931 Married Eva Ashby. [born 1904]. In 1939 lived North St. Ripon a Labourer.

Charles Albert Coldbeck.
CHARLES FREDERICK COLDBECK. Born C. 1911 Masham. Son of Alfred Burton & Mary Louisa Clarke.
CHRISTOPHER COLDBECK. Born 1683 Sowerby. Buried 26.12.1727 Sowerby. Son of John & Alice Clarke. He had 3 children. John. Ann. Jane.
CHRISTOPHER COLDBECK. Born 1.8.1739 Sowerby. Buried 29.7. July 1802 at Sykes House, Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth.
CHRISTOPHER PICKERSGILL COLDBECK. Born C1809 Masham. Son of Ralph & & Ann Pickersgill.* Husband of Eleanor Forbes. Father of Isabella born C.1835. Masham. He was a plumber, glazier & tinner.
CHRISTOPHER COLDBECK. Born C.1894 Fenwick. Grandson of Joshua [The Plumber] & Jane.
CLARA COLDBECK. Born 3.7.1888. Bap. 15.7.1888 Died 1973. dau of Robert & Ruth Thackray. Farmer Laverton. Started school 4.7.1892. Left school 1899. Married 1.] Harry Ellis. in 1919.Married [2] John Thomas Ashby. Flour mill screensman. Lived Birstwith.
DAVID JOHN COLDBECK. Born 1.10.1946. Son of William Jackson Coldbeck & Doreen May Scaife.
DORA ANN COLDBECK. Born 13.2.1876. dau of William. Started school at North Stainley. Started Grewelthorpe school 6.12.1881. Left 1888 aged 12 yrs.
DORIS COLDBECK. Born 11.11.1905. Bap 4.3.1906. Grewelthorpe. Died 1996. Dau of Charles Herbert & Mary Jane Brown. Started school 1.4.1913. Left in 1919. Married Edwin Ellis.[born 1902] in 1931. Lived 4 Lake Terr. Grewelthorpe. See Photo at end.
DOROTHY COLDBECK. Born 2.11.1686 Sowerby. Dau of John & Alice Clarke.
DOROTHY COLDBECK [Nee ?]. Born C.1799 Burton Leonard. Mother of William [b.1838] Grewelthorpe. Widow, Living Elingstring 1891.
DOROTHY COLDBECK [Nee ?]. Born C. 1809. Burton Leonard. Died 3.12.1896. Wife of William. Lived Boltby near Thirsk. M.I. A widow in 1891 living with son William & Elizabeth Swires. at Warren House, Ellingstring.
DOROTHY A. COLDBECK. Born C.1876. Galphay Wood. Dau of William & Elizabeth Swires. Lived Cayton Grange, South Stainley 1881. Ellingstring 1891.
EDITH MARY COLDBECK. Born 8.7.1911. Bap. 6.8.1911.Died March 1951. Dau of Charles Herbert & Mary Jane. Started school 8.4.1918. Left in 1925. went into Home service. Married Harold Dunkley. of Buck House Farm, Laverton.Funeral report as in Ripon Gazette March 22 1951.Mrs Edith Mary Dunkley. wife of Harold Dunkley, Buck House Farm Laverton died in Harrogate General Hospital on Wed. last week at the age of 39. A daughter of Mrs Coldbeck & the late Mr H.Coldbeck. of Grewelthorpe. Mrs Dunkley was a member of Laverton Methodist Church and Ebenezer Women’s Bright Hour. Her husband a well known local preacher, farmed at Bramley, Grewelthorpe before going to Laverton. Interment at Kirkby Malzeard cemetery Chief mourners were .Mr H.Dunkley. – husband. Mr & Mrs E. Ellis. – brother in law & sister. [Eddie & Doris] Mr & Mrs A. Coldbeck. – Brother & sister in law.
Mrs Coldbeck. was unable to attend.
EDWIN COLDBECK. Bap. 8.12.1852 Kirkby Malzeard.. Son of James & Elizabeth Nelson. of Missise. Husband of Elizabeth Ann Garrett.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Born. 6.4.1680 Sowerby. Dau of John & Alice Clarke.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. [Nee Prince]. Born 1747. Died 9.3.1818. Buried Ripon Cathedral. Married to William 1747-1806.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Born 21 May 1766 Ellershaw. Dau of John & Elizabeth. Quakers.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Bap. 4.1.1769 Littlethorpe. Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married Dec. 1789 Masham to George Gumdill. Later living with John Beckwith. of Masham. See Ralph Coldbeck will at end.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Bap. 17.12.1775 Ripon. Buried 13.5.1843 Cathedral Ripon. Dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK [nee Burton]. Born 28.11.1812.Foulgate Nook. dau of John & Susannah Burton.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Dau of Ralph. Was a housekeeper. Married on 10.2.1838 at Kirkby Malzeard to Jonah Jackson.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Born C. 1827 Fearby. Widow in 1891 in Grewelthorpe.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK nee NELSON. Born C. 1828. Wife of James Coldbeck. Farmer of Laverton.
ELIZABETH ESTHER ISABEL COLDBECK. Born C. 1829. Died 12.9.1888 aged 59yrs. Wife of Henry Coldbeck. M.I.

Document relating to Elizabeth wife of Henry. 1882.

ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Born C1847 Dau of John of Kirkby Malzeard. Married on 21.1.1871 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Barker Thwaites. [b1848] Shoemaker at Kirkby Malzeard.[See Thwaites page].
ELIZABETH COLDBECK[nee SWIRES.]. Born C. 1849 Sutton Grange. Wife of William. Lived Cayton Grange, South Stainley 1881 census. Living Warren House, Ellingstring 1891.
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Widow. Sawley. Died 12.5.1920. Left £1515.5s. Probate to Dorothy Ann Kitching. wife of Robert Bentley Kitching. & Elizabeth Jane Stead. wife of Richard Stead..
ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Born 19 April 1875. Died 5.4.1971 aged 95yrs. Wife of Robert Coldbeck. M.I. A widow living Rose Cottage Grewelthorpe in 1939.
ELIZABETH J. COLDBECK. Born C. 1884 Masham. Dau of William & Elizabeth Swires. Living Ellingstring 1891.
ELLENORE COLDBECK [nee ?]. Born C. 1836 Mossmire Ilton. A widow in 1891 Living Mossmire House Ilton in 1891.
EMMA COLDBECK. Bap. 3.5.1862 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James & Elizabeth of Missise, Laverton.
ESTER ANN COLDBECK. Born C. 1860 Ilton. Dau of Ellenore. In 1911 living as an unmarried housekeeper with her brother William Ingleby.
FLORENCE ELLEN COLDBECK. Bap. 15.11.1885. Tanfield. dau of Alfred & Phyllis H.Warrior. Living Masham 1891.
FLORENCE MARY COLDBECK. Born 27 April 1907. Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1998. Dau of Albert Edward[Grocer] & Jessie Brotherton. Married Harold Gibson in 1938.
FRANCES COLDBECK. Bap. 5.12.1789 Swinton. Buried 30.8.1795 at Sykes Hse. Masham. Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby.
FRANCES DORA COLDBECK. Born 25.9.1878. Died 1909. dau of James & Mary Jane Mann. Started school 14.1.1883. Left 1890. Married Fred Simpson. in 1907. Lived Oak Stile Farm. Grewelthorpe.
FREDERICK COLDBECK. Born 25.11.1875. Grewelthorpe. Died 1941. Son of James & Mary Jane Mann. Started school 25.4.1881. Left 1891. Unmarried in 1911. Living Low Bramley with his brother Charles Herbert. Died 19.4.1941 Ripon workhouse. of epilepsy. He was buried in Grewelthorpe by his brother. His address given as Mowbray Hall Farm. Grewelthorpe.
GEORGE COLDBECK. Bap. 4.5.1697 Sowerby. Buried 23.9.1744 High Ellington, Masham. Son of John & Alice Clarke. Married [1] Mary [bur 1744] [2] Alice King. [b.1714-1789] on 2.3.1746. 2 children.
GEORGE HENRY COLDBECK. Bap. 1.6.1890 son of John Henry & Jane. John a builder. Living Ripon 1901.
GEORGE ALFRED COLDBECK. Born July 1892 Masham. Son of Alfred & Phyllis H.Warrior. Hairdressers Assist. in Masham in 1911. Died in WW1. 18 Sept 1916. Rifleman in Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Regt No. R/13906.

George Alfred Coldbeck. Killed on the Somme in WW1.

GERTRUDE COATES COLDBECK. Born C1887. Masham. Dau of William & Elizabeth Swires. Living Ellingstring 1891. A domestic servant in Harrogate in 1911.
HANNAH BURTON. Born C 1796 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Henry. had a dau Martha.
HAROLD RALPH COLDBECK. Born C. 1895 Sleningford Lodge. Son of Alfred & Phillis Harriet Warrior. Alfred was Gardener at Sleningford Park. Died 4.8.1915. Killed in Action. WW1 France & Flanders. Yorks Hussars 7th Batt.
HARRY ROBERT [or Herbert] COLDBECK. Born C. 1880 West Tanfield. Son of Ralph the joiner & Margaret.
HENRY COLDBECK. Born 1817 Foulgate Nook. Died 16 April 1881 age 64. Son of John & Susannah Burton. Married Elizabeth Esther Isabel [b.1829]. Had 6 children. John Hry. Martha Eliz. Mary. Sarah Ann. Susan. Wm. Robinson.
HENRY COLDBECK. Farmer & Cattle dealer of Grewelthorpe in 1874 filed a petition for bankruptcy. He estimated his liabilities as being £279.11s 9d. [Ref. York Herald. March 1874].
HENRY COLDBECK. Bap. 31.3.1855 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Elizabeth Nelson. of Missise.
HERBERT COLDBECK. Born 9.12.1869. son of Henry. Started school 13.11.1876. Left 1883.
In 1881 Herbert was awarded the school prize for good behaviour. {Report Richmond & Ripon chronicle March 1881}.
HERBERT EDWARD COLDBECK. Born C. 1903 Masham. Son of Alfred Burton & Mary Louisa Clarke
HORACE COLDBECK. Born 8.5.1887. Bap. 5.6.1887. Died 1955. Son of Robert & Ruth Thackray. Started school 4.7.1882. Left school 1889. A joiner in Skipton in 1911. Mar. [1.] Annie Jane Taylor.[schoolteacher] 5.9.1914 she died 1919. Mar. [2.] Julia Jackson. Horace was a foreman joiner.
HOWARD COLDBECK. Bap.14.5.1893. son of John Alfred & Freida. In 1911 A Cycle and motor mechanic in Richmond.
ISABELLA COLDBECK. Born C. 1835 Masham. Daughter of Christopher Pickersgill Coldbeck & Eleanor Forbes. Unmarried servant to John Kendall. in Grewelthorpe 1881 census. 1911 an invalid living in Grewelthorpe.
JAMES COLDBEK. Born 1825. Bap. 22.5.1825. Grewelthorpe. Son of William & Mary of Laverton. Married on 7.8.1849 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Elizabeth Nelson dau of Edison Nelson of Lumley Moor. had son James [b.1850]. Sentenced 2 months hard labour for whipping a boy in his employ in 1866.
JAMES COLDBECK. Born 1844. died 10.11.1908. son of William & Dorothy Bunnington. Married Mary Jane Mann* in 1868. Lived at Hutts Farm. Was Parish Councillor. M.I.
JAMES JOSHUA COLDBECK. Born Dec 1843 Grewelthorpe. Died 1923 Doncaster. Son of Ralph [b.1813] & Mary Orton.[b.1812]. married [1] Jane Ann Welford. of Shildon in 1867. Married [2] Elizabeth Glover. of Doncaster in 1916. Joshua was a plumber & glazier.
JAMES COLDBECK. Bap. 29.12.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Elizabeth Nelson. of Missise, Laverton. Buried 14.12.1852 age 3. [Ref. Par.Reg.]
JAMES CHARLES COLDBECK. Bap. 21.6.1864 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Elizabeth Nelson. of Missise Laverton.
JAMES OLIVER COLDBECK. Born & Died August 1873. Grandson of Anthony & Frances. M.I.
JAMES WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born C.1879 Galphay Wood. Son of William & Elizabeth Swires. Lived Cayton Grange, South Stainley 1881 census. Ellingstring 1891.
JANE COLDBECK. Bap. 21.10.1726 Sowerby. Dau of Christopher [b.1683].
JANE COLDBECK. Bap. 5.4.1774 Littlethorpe. Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married John Hill.
JANE COLDBECK. Bap. 21.6.1788 Ripon. Dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
JANE COLDBECK. Born 1819 Foulgate Nook, Grewelthorpe. Bap. 1.1.1820. died 1899 unmarried. Dau of John & Susannah Burton.
JANE HANNAH COLDBECK. Born 2 June 1841.Maunby. Died June 1916. Chester. Dau of John & Jane Smith. Married Wm.Henry Dodsworth. in Durham on 3.12.1865.

Jane Hannah Coldbeck & William Henry Dodsworth.

JANE A. COLDBECK [nee Welford]. Born C.1846 Durham. Wife of James Joshua the plumber.
JANE COLDBECK. Born C.1854. Dallowgill. Wife of John H. Builder & Miller. Lived Ripon 1901.
JANE ANN COLDBECK. Bap 14.12.1873. dau of James Joshua & Jane Ann Welford. James a tinner. Living Batley in 1891. Married Charles Henry Booker. in 1893 at Doncaster.
JANICE MAY COLDBECK. Born 12.1.1953 Dau of William Jackson Coldbeck & Doreen May Scaife. Married ? McCormick.
JESSE CLARK COLDBECK. Born C. 1904 Masham. Died 31 Jan 1995. Dau of Alfred Burton & Mary Louisa Clarke. Married George H. Oakes in 1930.
JOHN COLDBECK. Buried 10.1.1705 Sowerby. Husband of Alice Clarke. 5 children Eliz. Christopher. Dorothy. Wm. George.
JOHN COLDBECK. Bap. 2.6.1723 Sowerby. Son of Christopher.[b1683].
JOHN COLDBECK. Bap. 24.7.1733 Sowerby. Died 1810 Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth. Had 2 children Eliz. John.
JOHN COLDBECK. Bap. 27th Feb. 1781.Swinton. Buried 26.2.1864. Grewelthorpe. Married Susannah Burton. (1785-1863). on Kirkby Malzeard. Farmed Bramley Grange. M.I. Possibly the son of Ralph Coldbeck & Ann Grindale. [unconfirmed]. Another source says he was the son of Ralph & Ann Ingleby.
JOHN COLDBECK. Born C.1808 Buried 5.12.1815 Grewelthorpe. Son of William.
JOHN COLDBECK. Born 30.1.1808 Foulgate Nook. buried 29.3.1892. son of John & Susannah Burton. Mar. Jane Smith in 1839. in Kirby Wiske.Living as a widower in Grewelthorpe with sisters Jane & Susannah in 1891.
JOHN HENRY COLDBECK. Born C 1816 Bramley. Died 16.4.1881. M.I. Son of John & Susannah Burton. Married Eliz. Esther Isabel.

Signature of John Henry Coldbeck.

JOHN ALFRED COLDBECK. Bap. 26.7.1854. Kirkby Malzeard. son of Charles & Hannah B. Atkinson. of Grewelthorpe. J.A. was a Motor mechanic. In 1890 he Married Freida a German. [b.1870]. In 1911 A Coachman, Chauffeur to a doctor. living Richmond. John & Frieda had had 3 children.
JOHN HENRY COLDBECK. Bap. 27.10.1857 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Esther Isabel. of Grewelthorpe.
JOHN THOMAS COLDBECK. Bap. 23.12.1857 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Elizabeth of Missise.
JOHN COLDBECK. Son of Edwin & Elizabeth/Isabel Ann Garrett. Husband of Isabel Hall. Father of Nora Coldbeck.
JONATHAN HENRY COLDBECK. Born C, 1858.Grewelthorpe. Died 1934 Ripon. Son of Henry & Elizabeth. Married at St. Peter’s Church Dallowgill on Dec 29 1884 to Jane Barker. Daughter of George Barker of Dallowgill.. John was a builder and corn miller living in Grewelthorpe 1891, Ripon 1901. [Marriage ref. Knaresbro Post 1884.]
JOSHUA COLDBECK. Born C.1844 Grewelthorpe. Husband of Jane A. of Durham. Plumber living Fenwick, Doncaster 1891 & 1901.
JOSHUA COLDBECK. Bap 18.2.1875, buried 6.3.1875. son of James Joshua & Jane Ann.
JUNE COLDBECK. Born Jan 1820. Dau of John & Susannah Burton.
KENNETH COLDBECK. Son of Charles Albert Coldbeck. see letter from Lynda Divers above.
LAWRENCE COLDBECK. Born 22.4.1890. Bap 23.4.1890. Son of Robert & Ruth Thackray. Lived Hutts lane. Started school 23.4.1895.Left 1904. In 1911 he was a shop assistant in Ripon. Mar. Agnes Barry. in 1926. aeroplane mechanic in WW1. Shop owner. Lived Leeds.
LAWRENCE COLDBECK. Born 24.8.1903.Grewelthorpe. Died 7.2.1995. Son of Charles Albert Coldbeck & Eva Ashby see letter from Lynda Divers above. He married Pamela Mary 1955.
LEONARD COLDBECK. Bap.30.6.1856 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Elizabeth Neson. of Missise.
LESLEY ANN COLDBECK. Born 25.2.1945. Daughter of William Jackson Coldbeck & Doreen May Scaife. Married ? Wood.
LYDIA ANN COLDBECK. Born 18.1.1877. Died 1953. dau of James & Mary Jane Mann. Started school 19.6.1882. Left 1891.
MARGARET COLDBECK. Bap. 25.11.1774 Ripon. Buried 23.12.1774. Dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
MARGARET COLDBECK. Born C. 1845 East Witton. Wife of Ralph the joiner.
MARGARET COLDBECK. Bap. 20.1.1861 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg dau of Thomas Coldbeck & Catherine Swales. of Grewelthorpe.
MARIA LOUISA COLDBECK. [NEE Clark.]. Born C1874 Masham. 2nd wife of Alfred Burton Coldbeck. married 1899.
MARTHA ELIZABETH COLDBECK. Bap.17.2.1861.Kirkby Malzeard. Died 16.9.1878. dau of Henry & Elizabeth Esther Isabel. M.I. of Grewelthorpe.
MARY COLDBECK. Bap. 25.12.1775 Littlethorpe. Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married John Ingleby.
MARY COLDBECK. Bap. 17.1.1778 Ripon. Buried 23.12.1783 Ripon. dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
MARY COLDBECK. Bap. 6.8.1787 Ripon. Dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
MARY DAWSON COLDBECK. Born C1777. Step Dau of Ralph Coldbeck. Dau of Ann Grindale. and Thomas Dawson. Married John Ingleby. On 12.11.1803 Had a son Daniel who married Elizabeth Wintersgill. from Masham in 1829.
MARY COLDBECK [nee Wells]. Married Robert Coldbeck the butcher of Grewelthorpe. Grandmother of Amy Jackson. see 1891 census.
MARY JANE COLDBECK nee MANN. Born C. 1846. died 1900. Wife of James. Lived Hutts Farm. Grewelthorpe.
MARY COLDBECK. Born 4.4.1864.Grewelthorpe. Bap. 24.4.1864 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Henry & Elizabeth Esther Isabel. Started school 14.11.1876. Left 1877.
MARY ANN COLDBECK [nee ?] Born C. 1866 Harrogate. A widow in 1911 living with *John Lee. in Grewelthorpe.
MARY ANN COLDBECK. Born 1868 Grewelthorpe. Dau of James Joshua & Jane Ann Welford.
MARY [or MARIA] L. COLDBECK. Born C 1874. Masham. Wife of Alfred Burton.
MAY B.P. COLDBECK. Born C.1900 Masham. Dau of Alfred & Maria Louisa Clark.
NORA COLDBECK. dau of John Coldbeck & Isabel Hall. Married Frank Robertshaw. at Crook, Co.Durham.
PERCY COLDBECK. Bap 29.4.1900 died as infant. Son of Robert & Ruth Thackray.
PHYLLIS HARRIET COLDBECK [nee WARRIOR.] Born 1864. Bap. 25.5.1868 Tanfield. Buried 23.12.1896. Dau of Thomas Warrior & Mary Barker. 1st Wife of Alfred Burton Coldbeck of Grewelthorpe. Phillis died of heart disease & asthma bronchitis.
RALPH COLDBECK. Bap.4.7.1744 Sowerby. Died 10.7.1809 Sykes Hse. Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth. Married [1] Ann Ingleby. on 24.11.1767 in Ripon. He had 2 wives and 9 children. Eliz. Ann. Jane. Mary. Wm. John. Ralph. Ann. Frances. See Will at end. Married [2] Ann Grindale Dawson. a widow at Swinton on 25.8.1780. She had been married to Thos. Dawson. of Masham on 27.1.1772.
RALPH COLDBECK. Bap. 15.9.1782. Swinton. Buried 23.8.1858. Masham. Son of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married Ann Pickersgill. [1784-1849]. on 29.10.1808 in Masham.
RALPH COLDBECK. Born C.1813 Son of Ralph[1782-1858] & Ann Pickersgill.[1784-1849].
RALPH COLDBECK. Born C.1815 Masham. In 1841 he was a druggist. Married to Mary. Had 2 children Sarah & Robert. Widower in Grewelthorpe 1881 census. He was a castrator.
RALPH COLDBECK. Born C. 1846 Grewelthorpe. Husband of Sarah A [b1855] of Wetherby. Innkeeper at The Yorkshire Hussar Inn, Ripon in 1901.
RALPH COLDBECK. Born C. 1847 Grewelthorpe. Joiner. Husband of Margaret of East Witton. Living West Tanfield 1881. Possibly Son of Ralph & Mary.
RALPH COLDBECK. Born C. 1879 Balne Yorkshire. Son of Joshua & Jane Ann Welford.. Living Fenwick, Doncaster 1891.
RALPH COLDBECK. Husband of Ann Grindale. Married 1772. parents of Mary Ingleby nee Coldbeck. Will made 1808. Owned property in Masham.
ROBERT COLDBECK. Born C 1811. Died 7.2.1892. buried 10.2.1892. Son of John & Susannah Burton. Married Mary Wells. from Nosterfield. Robert was a butcher. grandparents of Amy Jackson. dau of Maria. When he died [1892] he was a retired builder. He left £137 in his will.
ROBERT COLDBECK. Born C 1841. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Ralf & Mary
ROBERT COLDBECK. Bap. 15.7.1860, Died 27.1.1939 son of Charles & Hannah Beaumont Atkinson. Married C1884 to[1.] Ruth Thackray. [2.] Elizabeth Spence. Robert was a painter. M.I. Living Spring Hse. Grewelthorpe in 1891. Lime Tree House, Grewelthorpe in 1911. In 1939 living Rose Cottage, Grewelthorpe. In his will he left £163.4s.9d. Ruth & Robert had 6 children, 1 died.
ROBERT COLDBECK. Born C.1865 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas & Mary Ann.
ROBERT WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born 1871 Grewelthorpe. Son of James Joshua & Jane Ann Welford. Married Bertha of Swinton in 1895.
ROBERT SWIRES COLDBECK. Born 17.10.1873. Galphay Wood. Son of William & Elizabeth Swires. Lived Cayton Grange. South Stainley 1881. Came to Grewelthorpe 5.11.1882.Left 1883. Living Warren House, Ellingstring in 1891.
RUTH COLDBECK. [Nee THACKRAY.] Wife of Robert. Died 24.10.1917. M.I. Living Spring Hse, Grewelthorpe in 1891.
SARAH ANN COLDBECK. Bap. 13.2.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James & Elizabeth Nelson. of Missise.
SARAH ANN COLDBECK. 1890 An Ironmonger in Masham. Ref Bulmer’s 1890 Directory.
SARAH COLDBECK. Born C. 1855 Wetherby.Wife of Ralph the Innkeeper. Living Ripon 1901.
SARAH ANN COLDBECK. Born 4.4.1866. Dau of Henry & Elizabeth E.I. Started school 13.11.1876. Left 1879.
SIMON COLDBECK. Born 1756. Buried 9.2.1803 Ellington, Masham. Son of George & Alice King.
STEPHEN JOSEPH COLDBECK. Born C. 1909 Masham. Died 27.12.1987. Son of Alfred Burton & Mary Louisa Clarke.
SUSAN COLDBECK. Born 12.1.1868. Died 26.3.1882. Dau of Henry & Elizabeth E.I. School monitor.
SUSAN COLDBECK. Born 14.11.1884.Grewelthorpe. Dau of John Henry & Jane. Started school 6.8.1889. Left in 1893. Living Ripon 1901. In 1911 she was a lady’s help in Cleckheaton.
SUSANNAH COLDBECK. Bap. 2.3.1782 Ripon. Buried 21.2.1852. Ripon. Dau of William & Elizabeth Prince.
SUSANNAH COLDBECK.[nee BURTON.] Born C.1785. Married 30.7.1807 K.Malzeard. Buried 19.12.1863. Wife of John. Lived Bramley Grange. M.I.
SUSANNAH COLDBECK. Bap.17.11.1830. Dau of John & Susannah Burton. Died Liverpool u/mar 1899.
SUSANNAH COLDBECK. Bap. 29.3.1862 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Thomas & Marianne of Newlands.
THOMAS COLDBECK. Born 1821. Bap. 13.1.1821. son of John & Susannah Burton. Married Mary Ann Pickles. 13.4.1861. Thomas was the Father of Margaret Swales. with Catherine O’Shea. of Ireland. Margaret was illegitimate. She is buried in Masham. [Ref. Martin Briscoe]
THOMAS COLDBECK. Born C.1826 Grewelthorpe. Farmer Ringbeck 1881. Married to Mary Ann ? [b.1836] Ripon.
WILFRID LAWRENCE COLDBECK. Born 25.3.1901. Son of William Robinson Coldbeck. Married Martha Hambleton. [born 16.2.1904] at Hunslet Wesleyan Chapel on 27.10.1928. Had a daughter Cynthia Coldbeck.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Bap. 31.5.1692 Sowerby. Died 1761 Littlethorpe. Son of John & Alice Clarke. William married Elizabeth. Had 5 children. John. Wm. Christopher. Ralph. Wm.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born 10.9.1736 Sowerby. Buried 8.6.1744 Sowerby. Son of William & Elizabeth.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Bap. 9.6.1747 Sowerby. Died 17.4.1806 Ripon. Buried 22.4.1806. Son of William & Elizabeth. Married on 5.11.1772 to Elizabeth Prince. [1747-1818].
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born 1778 Littlethorpe. Died 16.5.1873 Littlethorpe. Buried K.Malzeard. Son of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married [1] 11.2.1804 Masham. Sarah Theakston. [b.1776 bur. 17.8.1814 Grewelthorpe].Married [2]*Mary Hutchinson.*[b.1789 Allerthorpe- 1855 K.Malzeard] Lived Missise Laverton in 1851. Widower in 1861.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born C. 1784. Married Sarah Theakstone. born C1776. Witness Ralph Coldbeck.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born 5.6.1809 Foulgate Nook.Died 22.3.1885. son of John & Susannah Burton. Married Dorothy Bunnington. of Burton Leonard. In 1837. Farmer of 115 acres. M.I.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Was a trustee of the Grewelthorpe Methodist Chapel in 1860.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born 1838. Son of William & Dorothy.Married Elizabeth Swires. from Sutton Grange. 2.2.1873. Lived Cayton Grange, South Stainley in 1881. Lived Warren House, Ellingstring in 1891. with 5 children & his Mother.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Bap. 5.7.1851 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Elizabeth Nelson. of Missise.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born C. 1860. Son of Ellenore of Mossmire House Ilton. In 1891 he was a coach maker.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Bap. 6.9.1863 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas & Ann of Newlands.
WILLIAM ROBINSON COLDBECK. Born 1.12.1869 Bap 5.12.1869. Died Jan.1950 Hunslet. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Esther Isabel. Married 26.11.1892 in Ripon Cathedral to Augusta Lupton. of Easingwold. William was a Goods Porter.
WILLIAM COLDBECK. Born 28.10.1870 Son of Henry & Elizabeth E.I. Started school 13.11.1876. Left 1882.
WILLIAM ANTHONY COLDBECK. Born 3.11.1874. died 1900. son of James & Mary Jane Mann. Started school 5.4.1880. M.I. Living Asmunderby with Bondgate in 1891.
WILLIAM JESSE COLDBECK. Born 9.4.1892. Bap. 14.8.1892. Son of Robert & Ruth Thackray. of Hutts Lane. Started school 28.6.1897. In 1911 he was a grocer’s apprentice. Later lived in Middlesborough. Married Mary Jackson. in 1915. William was a grocer. In 1919 William was an executor of the will of Annie Jane the wife of Horace Coldbeck.. At this time he was a warehouseman.
WILLIAM JACKSON COLDBECK. Son of William J.Coldbeck who lived in Cotteringham near Hull in 1943. Grandson of Robert Coldbeck of Grewelthorpe. Awarded the DFM in 1941 as a pilot officer. Married Doreen May Scaife. of Ormesby in November 1943. See “War time in the Grewelthorpe area” in History section. See letter from daughter Lesley Wood at top of page.

WILL OF RALPH COLDBECK 1744-1809. Ralph died in 1809 leaving “Goods & Chattels and Credits” not exceeding £450. He made his will in 1808 when he was 64 years old.He left his wife Ann a financial legacy of 3guineas a year plus the interest on a lump sum of £60 for life. Also the rent from the letting of a house which Ralph owned in Masham, this rent to be paid to her half yearly, the executor was Ralph his 3rd son. and he must make good any deficiency in the amount. He also stipulates that she is allowed to stay in a room in the family house rent and tax free, but if his son William, who was to inherit the house, feels that they cannot live together, the executor is to find her a small decent house to live in and he to pay the rent for her, and all taxes, so that she may live rent free.He also left his wife “A bedstead, bed with hangings, blankets, sheets & pillows and quilt and all belongings to it, and to take the choice of my beds, except the best bed.” Also 2 chairs, a tea table and other necessary furniture as she may think fit for her 1 room. She is to be found 1 bushel of good wheat once a month, and also 3 horse cart load of coals from the North or County Durham every year. These to be brought to her “free of all expense.” A memo to the will instructs the executor to give Ann 3 more chairs, 1 of them the easy armed chair that she sits in.The will goes on to leave legacies of money and or property to his other children [except John who is not mentioned at all]. The amounts vary between £40 and £80. “£30 is left to Frances Coldbeck natural daughter of my daughter Ann Hill. – to be paid to her when she arrives at the age of 21years, and the interest to be applied for her learning at school to read, write knit and sew.” Frances was 3 years old at this time.Ralph’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth, had married George Gumdill a grocer in Masham, and they had 5 children. At the time that the will was written when the youngest child was 7yrs old. Elizabeth was living with John Beckwith. in a house in Masham which was owned by her Father. This is the house whose rent Ann is to receive after his death. The 5 children are named in the will and left £5 each. All other pecuniary legacies are to be paid 12 months after Ralph’s death except “I give to my son-in-law George Gumdill one shilling to be paid to him immediately after my decease.“This report is taken from an item in “The Ripon Historian Vol.4. No2. April 1999”. Thanks to S.Coldbeck from Surrey.Thanks to Edwin Rooks for submitting it here.

Grave of Albert Edward Coldbeck in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

Doris Ellis [nee Coldbeck] with husband Eddy. 1992.

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