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Caygill family

Information about the Caygill families living in the Grewelthorpe area of North Yorkshire.
Taken from Parish records. Census returns etc.

ALICE CAYGILL Born C1879 Mickley. Died 1950. Dau of William [stockman] & Emma London.
AMELIA BROTHERTON CAYGILL. Born C1895 Mickley. Dau of James Trenholme Caygill & Sarah Louisa Bennett. Kitchen maid at Bilton Hall in 1911. Married in 1920 to George Ernest Elsworth.
ANNIE LOUISA CAYGILL Born C 1882 Mickley. Dau of James & Elizabeth Trenholme Servant in Co. Durham in 1911
ARTHUR CAYGILL Born C1884 Mickley. Died 1927. Son of William [stockman].& Emma London.
CATHERINE CAYGILL. Born C1843 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Elizabeth of Bedale.
DENNIS CAYGILL Born 12 June 1928. Masham. Son of Fred & Mabel.
DORIS EMMA CAYGILL Born 1910 Ripon. Dau of Miles & Ruth. In 1927 a Mender.
EDWARD CAYGILL. Born C1856. Mickley. Roadman in 1911. Brother of James.
ELIZABETH CAYGILL [nee?] Born C 1823. Bedale. Widow in 1851.
ELIZABETH CAYGILL.[nee Trenholme] Born C1827 Well. Died 4 Nov 1898.Buried Mickley. Married to James. Living Mickley 1881.
ELSIE M.CAYGILL Born 13 July 1920. Dau of Fred & Mabel. In 1967 Married ?Broomfield.
FRED CAYGILL Born 12 July 1890 Kirkby Malzeard. Workins on Low Sides Farm West Tanfield in 1911. In 1939 farming in Masham married to Mabel.
HAROLD CAYGILL. Born C1901 Burneston. Son of Miles & Ruth Foote.
HENRY CAYGILL. Born C1883 Mickley. Died 1951. Son of William [stockman]. & Emma London
HILDA ALICE CAYGILL Born C 1904 Burneston. Dau of Miles & Ruth Foote. Married in 1927 to Thomas Edward Becknell in Australia.
IVY CAYGILL Born C1895 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John [Carter] & Margaret.
JANE MATILDA CAYGILL Born & Died 1875. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William & Emma London.
JAMES CAYGILL. Born C1811 Well. Died age 78 [1889] Buried Mickley. Married to Elizabeth Trenholme. Living Mickley in 1881, Farm Lab & Gardener.
JAMES TRENHOLME CAYGILL Born 1868 Mickley. Son of James & Elizabeth Trenholme. Possibly married Louisa in 1891.
JAMES Wm.CAYGILL Born C1899 Ripon. Died 1976. Australia. Son of Miles & Ruth Foote Was in RAF in 1917.Service No. 138256. Married in 1925 to Rose Ann Bonner in Australia.
JAMES ARTHUR BENNET CAYGILL Born C1909 Mickley. Son of James & Louisa.
JOHN CAYGILL Born C1863 Mickley. Died 1938. Son of James [Gardener]. & Elizabeth Trenholme. Married in 5.11.1885 to Margaret Elizabeth Harrison. In 1911 he was a carter on a gentleman’s estate. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
LILY CAYGILL. Born C1898 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John [Carter] & Margaret.
MARY CAYGILL. Born C1850 Kirkby Malzeard. dau of Elizabeth of Bedale.
MATTHEW CAYGILL of Marton le Moor 1893. Game watcher to Mr.R.C. Vyner. In 1903 he was gamekeeper for Sir Henry Meysey Thompson.
MILES CAYGILL. Born C1876 Mickley. Died 1942 Australia. .Son of William & Emma. In 1889 Miles and 4 other boys were charged with unlawfully taking fish from the River Ure at West Tanfield. [Ref. Pateley Bridge Herald]. 1911 Married to Ruth Foote. Farm Lab. living North Stainley. In 1927 Miles & Ruth, Olive & Doris sailed on SS Ballarat for Australia, Miles became a poultry farmer. Ruth died in 1954.
OLIVE CAYGILL Born C1908 Ripon. Dau of Miles & Ruth Foote In 1927 a weaver.
SARAH CAYGILL. Born C1889 Mickley. Died 1947. Dau of William [stockman]. & Emma London.
SARAH LOUISA CAYGILL. Died 2 Oct 1943. Buried Mickley.
THOMAS CAYGILL. Born C 1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Elizabeth of Bedale.
WILLIAM CAYGILL. Born C1821 Mickley. Farmer.
WILLIAM CAYGILL Born C1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1914. Son of Elizabeth of Bedale. Stockman. Married to Emma London from Kent.
WILLIAM CAYGILL. Born 5.2.1886 Mickley. Son of William [stockman]. & Emma London. Possibly a servant for Waddingtons in Littlethorpe in 1911. Married Gertrude May Salmon.
WILLIAM CAYGILL Born 9.12.1921 Ripon. Died 2004. Son of William & Gertrude. Married Mary Doreen Windmill


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