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Calverley family

There only seems to have been one family of Calverleys in Grewelthorpe. He was a farmer at Bramley Grange, Grewelthorpe.
There was also 2 Calverley families living in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841 and I have listed them below. There were also Calverleys living in Mickley.

Letter from Bill Grayer July 2014
I am researching into Lt Peter Colverly of Lord Hopton’s Royalist Horse ‘ The English Civil War 1642-1646.
He was living in Cornwall, England in 1663. Could his name be the same as yours ‘ Colverly ‘ Calverley?
Can you help me at all?
Bill Grayer

If you can help Bill please contact the site.

William Gowland asks if the wife of George Calverley b 1837. was called Mary Jane or Mary Ann Gowland. On census returns from 1871 – 1901 she is referred to as Mary Jane. Hope this answers your query William.

Carolyn Waters believes that her G.G.G.Grandfather Walter Calverley. lived and died at Hackfall House, Grewelthorpe in the mid 1800’s. Also her G.G.Grandfather was born there about 1844. He was Frederick Clackson [Clarkson?] Calverley. He married and moved to Darlington and called his house Hackfall House. Carolyn would like to hear from anyone with information. See comments in the Memories section of this web site. See also the “Calverley Diaries” in the History section.

The following comments were sent by Pat Harden can anyone help with her research.
My 2x gt grandfather on my mother’s side was Joseph (Blackett) Calverley, son of John Calverley the carpenter and Mary (nee Brockbank). Joseph was born 22.6.1842 at Mickley and married Caroline Jane Hayr Siggs at Wigginton in 1863. In 1851 he was living at Azerley and in 1871 was at Sutton-in-the-Forest. His father, John, was born at Green Hammerton c1805. Mary Brockbank was born at Whitehaven, Cumberland c1805 and was baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Whitehaven 26.7.1807.
I wondered where the Blackett name came from – there was a famous Blackett Calverley family in the Northumberland area I think, which is a bit of a coincidence.
If you can help please contact the website.

Thanks to Ted Calverley in Canada for photos of William & Hannah Crawford. Sent Feb 2015.

The following information has been taken from census returns and school records and Parish records. Last update April 2020.

ANN CALVERLEY. Born C. 1839. Dau of John the joiner in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
ANNIE CALVERLEY. Born C 1841 Brafferton Durham. Wife of Frederick the Railway Guard. She died pre. 1881.
CAROLINE CALVERLEY. Born C. 1846 Leeds. Dau of Mary of Azerley. Housekeeper for Frederick Clarkson Calverley, her brother, in Darlington in 1881
CHARLES WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born 19.5.1865 Son of George & *Mary Jane Gowland.*of Bramley Grange. Started Grewelthorpe school 11.12.1876.
Left in 1877.
CLARA CALVERLEY. Born C. 1847 Leeds. Dau of Mary of Azerley.
CLARA CALVERLEY. Born C.1883 Bishop Monkton. Dau of George & Mary Jane of Bramley Grange.
EDMUND CALVERLEY. Born C. 1786. Buried 4.9.1864 Mickley.
EDMUND CALVERLEY. Born C.1818. Buried 9.7.1857 Mickley.
EDWARD CALVERLEY. born C1787 Died Sept 1864 [age 77]. Climbed a tree at Mickley Barras. to cut branches, fell and the cut branch fell on him. Received injuries to head from which he died.
ELEANOR CALVERLEY. Born C. 1871 Mickley. Dau of William & Ruth. Living Mickley 1891.
ELIZABETH CALVERLEY. Born C 1828. Dau of John the joiner in Kirkby Malzeard 1841.
FANNY CALVERLEY. Bap. 29.1.1854 Mickley. Dau of Henry & Sarah. Henry was a Wright.
FREDA ISABEL CALVERLEY. Born 18 July 1911 West Ham Essex. Dau of John Henry Calverley & Isabel Mary Kate Scutt. In 1934 Married James Rankin. in London.
FREDERICK CLARKSON CALVERLEY. Born C. 1844 Mickley. Died Mar 1913 in Darlington. Son of Mary the Line Reeler of Azerley. Husband of Annie of Brafferton. Railway Guard in Darlington in 1871. He was
a widower in 1881 living in Darlington. In 1901/11 He was a Railway shop store keeper living at Hackfall House in Darlington Durham.
FREDERICK GOWLAND CALVERLEY. bap 13.6.1869. Buried 24.11.1872.Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Grange.

FREDERICK ARTHUR CALVERLEY. Born 3.11.1872 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Grange. Started Grewelthorpe school 12.5.1879. Left in 1880. In 1881 the family were living at Burton Leonard. He became a gardener at Newby Hall in 1891 and on an estate in Addingham Surrey in 1901. In 1902 he married Rebecca from Worth, Sussex. In 1911 in Thornton Heath, Surrey, They had 1 dau Sarah born 1903 in Surrey. and he was a domestic gardener.
FREDERICK WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born 21.5.1872 Darlington. Died 8.11.1946 Ipswich Suffolk. Son of Frederick Clarkson Calverley & Annie. A fitters apprentice in Darlington in 1891. In 1901 he was crew on HMS Gleaner in Kent. Engine room Aftificer.
Married Kate Kenealy Bastard. on 22.10.1901 Gravesend Kent. Had 7 children. Fredk. Walker Calverley 1902. Kitty Eileen 1903. Mary Isabel 1906. Magdalen Primrose 1907. Wm. Alfred 1910. Ivor S. 1911. Walter Reginald 1919.
GEORGE CALVERLEY. Born C. 1837 Knaresborough. Married Mary Jane Gowland. from Burton Leonard. A Farmer at Bramley Grange Grewelthorpe in 1871. Burton Leonard in 1881. Bishop Monkton 1891.
GEORGE CALVERLEY Farmer from Grewelthorpe summoned for an assault on Mary Kane of Ripon his servant. She dropped charges but summonsed him for wages due to her. This was settled and the case was dropped. [Ref Knaresborough Post 1871].
GEORGE SIDNEY CALVERLEY. Born 6.5.1867. Bap 13.6.1869 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Grange.
Started at Grewelthorpe school 11.12.1876 left in 1880. Family lived in Burton Leonard 1881, Bishop Monkton 1891. He was a Drapers Assistant.
HANNAH CALVERLEY [nee Crawford]. Born 5.5.1827 Sussex. Died 2.5.1904 Ontario Canada. Dau of Henry Crawford & Hannah Maria Lahr. Married William Calverley of Mickley.

Hannah Calverley [nee Crawford] See photo of William below.

HENRY CALVERLEY. Born C. 1831. Buried 18.11.1855 Mickley.
IDA H CALVERLEY. Born C.1878 Grewelthorpe. 1891 Draper’s Apprentice in Stranton. Durham.
IRENE LAURA CALVERLEY. Born 1916 Essex. Died in London 1974. Dau of John Henry & Isabel Scutt.
ISABELLA CALVERLEY. Born C. 1797. Buried 21.11.1873 Mickley.
ISABEL MARY KATE CALVERLEY [Nee Scutt]. Born C1884. Dau of Frederick William Scutt. a Harness Maker of Stretford. Married John Henry Calverley on 31.10.1902 in Stretford. [see cert. at end].
JANE CALVERLEY. BornC. 1814. Buried Mickley 13.11.1900. Laundress.
JOHN CALVERLEY. Born C 1806. Possibly married to Mary a grocer in Kirkby Malzeard. John was a joiner in K.Mal. in 1841.
Possibly the John who was buried 30.12.1862 in Mickley.
JOHN CALVERLEY. Born C. 1832. Son of John the joiner in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
JOHN CALVERLEY. Born C. 1838 Mickley. Buried Mickley 29.7.1918. Carpenter. Brother of William the carpenter. Living together in 1891. In 1911 living with sister Ruth.
JOHN HENRY CALVERLEY. Bap. 20.2.1876 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Grange. A drapers apprentice in Stanton, Durham in 1891. A Drapers Assistant in Knightsbridge, London in 1901.Married [1] Marion Colthup. of Essex in 1907. Married [2] Isabel Mary Kate Scutt. of Essex on 31.10.1909 in Stretford. [See cert. at end.]
JOSEPH CALVERLEY. Born 3.12.1870. Bap. 3.9.1871 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Grange. Started at Grewelthorpe school 19.3.1877. Left 1880.
JOSEPH H. CALVERLEY. Born C. 1897. Died 1940 Australia. Lived Batley Yorkshiire before emigrating in 1936 to be a designer manager of a woollen mill. He had worked John Atkinson & Sons, Sowerby Bridge and previously he had been with Hirsts ,woollen manufacturers Batley. He was musical and played the double bass.
KATE KENEALY CALVERLEY [Nee Bastard]. Born 3.6.1879 Sheerness, Kent. Dau of Alfred Bastard & Emma Ruff. Married Frederick William Calverley of Darlington.
LAURA E. CALVERLEY. Born 1878 Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Grange. In 1901 she was a servant in Harrogate.
LUCY JANE CALVERLEY. Bap. 10.1.1847 Mickley. Dau of John & Mary.
MARGARET CALVERLEY. Born C. 1837. Dau of John the joiner in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
MARGARET CALVERLEY. Born C 1844 Sawley. Died 1868. Lancashire. Dau of Robert & Hannah. Sister to Richard.
MARTHA CALVERLEY. Bap. 28.12.1856 Mickley. Dau of Edward the Blacksmith & Jane.
MARY CALVERLEY. Born C.1805. Buried 1.12.1881 Mickley.
MARY CALVERLEY. Born C. 1813 Winksley. She was a Line Reeler in Azerley in 1851. with 3 children. Possibly the Mary Ann Calverley. who was buried 9.3.1877 in Mickley.
MARY CALVERLEY. Born C. 1834. Dau of John the joiner in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
MARY JANE CALVERLEY. Born C.1839 Burton Leonard. Wife of George of Knaresborough.
MARY ANNIE CALVERLEY. Born C. 1876 Skinningrove. Dau of Frederick C. & Annie. Housekeeper for her family in Darlington in 1891.
RICHARD CALVERLEY. Born C 1840 Sawley. Son of Robert & Hannah. In 1861 he was a powerloom cotton weaver in 1861 in Lancashire.
RICHARD CALVERLEY. Born C1881 Burton Leonard. Son of George & Mary Jane of Bramley Grange.
RUTH CALVERLEY Born C.1834 Lincolnshire. Buried Mickley 9.12.1912 Wife of William the Carpenter from Mickley. In 1911 living with brother John.
SIDNEY CALVERLEY. Born C.1868 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Mary Jane Gowland. of Bramley Gange. Living Burton Leonard in 1881.
THOMAS CALVERLEY. Born C.1797. Buried 23.12.1873 Mickley.
VINCENT CALVERLEY. Born C. 1880. Longwood. Yorkshire. Died April 1934. Son of John & Mary. Married to Clara Blanche Whiteley. in 1905. Had dau. Esme.
Manager and Director of John Robson Ltd. Engineers of Shipley. Yorkshire.
WALTER CALVERLEY. Born C. 1821. Son of William the carpenter. Walter was a joiner in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
WALTER CALVERLEY. Born C. 1875 Skinningrove. Son of Frederick Clarkson Calverley & Annie. A Pattern makers apprentice in Darlington in 1891.
WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born C. 1751. Lived Mickley. Buried 8.8.1837 Kirkby Malzeard.
WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born C.1784. Buried 15.6.1856 Mickley.
WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born C1786. Carpenter in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born April 1822 Mickley. Died 11.2.1908 Ontario Canada. Son of William & Mary. Married Hannah Crawford. of Sussex on 3.3.1873. in Yorkville Ontario Canada. Father of 15 children. 2 of his children were called Azerley & Mickley presumably after his home in UK.

William Calverley 1822-1908. See photo of Hannah above.

WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born C.1829. Buried 29.8.1848 Mickley.
WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born C 1830. Son of John the joiner in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
WILLIAM CALVERLEY. Born C. 1836 Mickley. Buried Mickley 6.12.1909. Husband of Ruth of Lincolnshire. Carpenter. Living Mickley 1891.

Calverley Old Hall in Calverley. The Manor House of the Calverley family.

William Calverley 1822 – 1908. who emigrated to Canada.
Photo credited to Orillia Public Library Canada.

Marriage certificate for John Henry Calverley.

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