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Binks Family

Binks is a very old family name derived from a family who lived by a stable or manger.
First found in Middlesex before the Norman conquest.

Youngest son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Binks

Details of the Binks family living in the area in and around Grewelthorpe. Information taken from census returns and parish registers.
Last update May 2020.

Letter from Catherine Meades of Cameo Family History. May 2020.
My name is Catherine Meades and I am a professional genealogist currently researching a gentleman called John Binks for a client and he has asked me to contact you on his behalf in case you or any of your readers can help.

The information we have so far is:
Name: John Binks.

Buried: 10 July 1817, Middleton-in-Teesdale.
Age at death: 51 (or possibly 57) so born around 1760-1766.
The burial record also notes that John was a batchelor and a miner.
In addition to working as a lead miner for the London (Quaker) Lead Company, this John was also a botanist of some note, identifying a number of new species in the area.
We are trying to identify when and were this John was born. He is understood to have arrived in Middleton in ca. 1795.
If this rings a bell with anyone as a story from their family history then I would be delighted to hear from them . My contact details are below.
Thank you in advance for your assistance,
Best regards


Catherine Meades DipGen QG

Cameo Family History



M: 07855 556 384

Thanks to David Kilvington for letter April 2016. and photo of Bink’s Cottage Wath.
I am a direct descendant of Thomas Binks and Sarah Ann Tennant (G Grandparents), my Grandmother was their daughter Mary Binks (05-07-1887). Mary married Arthur Kilvington in 1928.
Thomas and Sarah Ann and 13 children lived in the house in Wath (I guess not all at the same time). See pto below.

Thanks to Malcolm Hyman for details of descendants of John Binks. b. 1772 Scruton. He would like to hear from anyone with information about descendants of Thomas Binks. b. 1841 Ilton.

Thanks to Michael Binks who sent the following letter Dec 2012.
My name is Michael Binks I have been researching my family history for some years who were all from around the villages of Well, Snape, Marrick, Pickhill and West Tanfield.
I realise how fortunate I have been with the village of Well as it has great records, however for years I have been stuck with a birth of a William Binks born around 1769 he took over a farm around 1829 from an Edward Binks born around 1735 (relationship not known he not his father, possibly his uncle) I recently found a birth in Finghall which kind of fit in with why I had never been able to find him, in the village the Binks family go back another 3 or 4 generations which is great but I cant help feeling after all this time I have too easily jumped to conclusion to the problem. I came across the Grewelthorpe web site and thought it was great its a credit to everyone who has contributed to it, in the Binks section there is a thanks to Malcolm Hyman for his contributions, I would be grateful if you could pass on my info just on the off chance that he has come across the elusive William Binks. many thanks in anticipation for you help.

Thanks to Annie Wright nee Binks for information re the family of Christopher & Elizabeth Leckonby.

Message from Ian Wilson. September 2016. asking for information re Christopher & Elizabeth Leckonby family.
If you can help him please contact him thro the site.
Message: My Grandfather George Binks b1882 is one of the seven children of Christopher b1847 & Elizabeth.
Going back further is Christopher b1808 and then
John b1773. Please let me know if anyone is interested in sharing information.

If you can add to this page please contact us.
ALFRED EDWARD BINKS. Born C1884 Son of Jonathan [Blacksmith] & Fanny Woodward.

Alfred Edward Binks. [Thanks to David Kilvington for this photo].

ALFRED BINKS. Born 27 Feb 1889 Wath. Died 20 Nov 1917 in WW1 Belgium. Son of Thomas [Postman] & Sarah Ann Tennant. Commemorated on the Cambrai memorial to the missing and in St Marys church at Wath,

Alfred Binks. 1889-1917. [Thanks to David Kilvington for photo]

ANN BINKS [Nee JEFFERSON]. Born C. 1815. Died 8.8.1837 age 22. Married to John b.1809. Tanfield.
ANNIE BINKS. Born C. 1879 Fearby. Dau of Christopher & Elizabeth Leckonby.
ANNE BINKS. Born C. 1800. Dau of John & Hannah Laycock.
ARTHUR BINKS. Born C. 1880 Wath. Son of Thomas [Postman] & Sarah A.Tennant.
CHRISTOPHER BINKS. Born C. 1846. Married to Elizabeth Leckonby. of Fearby. Farmer, Living Swinton with Wathermarsk in 1891. Had 7 children.
DAVID BINKS. Lived Hackfall Mount Cottage, Grewelthorpe in 1994.

Hackfall Mount Cottage.

DINAH BINKS. Born C. 1850 Masham. Died 1912. Dau of John [b.1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married Robert Mallaby. in 1882.
DORIS BINKS. Born 25 Sept 1912. Living South View Bedale in 1939.
ELIZABETH BINKS. Born C. 1805. Dau of John & Hannah Laycock.
ELLEN BINKS [NEE ?]. Born C. 1817 Mickley Azerley. Married to William the woodman.
EMILY BINKS. Born C. 1895. Dau of James & Eleanor Nicholson.
ESTHER BINKS. Born 2 Sept. 1704 Masham. Dau of John & Esther. Quakers. [Ref. RG6/1447]
ETHEL BINKS. Born C. 1879 Wath. Dau of Thomas [Postman] & Sarah Ann Tennant.
FRED BINKS. Born C. 1882 Wath. Son of Thomas [Postman[ & Sarah Ann Tennant.
GEORGE BINKS. Born C. 1853 Died 1895 Durham. Son of John [b1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married Mary Jane King. in 1877. in Gateshead.
GEORGE BINKS. Born c 1882 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Christopher & Elizabeth Leckonby.
GEORGE H.BINKS. Born 29 July 1893. Married to Sarah [born 1905.] He was a Grocer, Shopkeeper in Church St. Bedale. Sarah married again to ? Catt.
GEORGE A. BINKS. Born 17 July 1917. Grocer’s wagon driver living Snape Bedale in 1939.
HANNAH BINKS [Nee LAYCOCK]. Born pre 1790. Married John Binks at Kirklington on 6.8.1797. Buried 24.3.1821 West Tanfield.
HANNAH BINKS. Born C. 1815. Dau of John & Hannah Laycock.
HANNAH BINKS. Born C. 1832 Tanfield.
HANNAH BINKS. Born C. 1857 Ilton. dau of John [b1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married John Hutchinson. in 1876.
HARRY BINKS. Born C. 1886. Son of Jonathan [Blacksmith] & Fanny Woodward.
HARRY BINKS. Born 10 Dec.1905. Living Manor Farm Mickley in 1939. Unmarried Farmer.
HILDA BINKS. Born 13 Sept. 1912. Living Snape Bedale in 1939.
JAMES BINKS. Born C. 1860 Ilton. Died 1941. Son of John [b1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married to [1] Hannah Kipling. of Bishop Thornton. Had 1 son John. Blacksmith in Ilton in 1891. Married [2] Eleanor Nicholson.
JANE BINKS. Born C. 1807. Dau of John & Hannah Laycock.
JOHN BINKS. Buried 5 July 1775 at Finghall. Married [1] Mary Janson. at Catterick on 24 Jan 1724/25. She died 19 Feb 1746/47. Married [2] Mary Handy. at Finghall on 13 Dec. 1748.
JOHN BINKS. Born born 23.3.1772. Bap 5.4.1772 Scruton. Buried 30.5.1854 Masham. Son of Matthew & Mary Harlon. Widower in 1851 with son John [b1811].
JOHN BINKS. Born c. 1802 Buried 4.12.1870 Grewelthorpe. Unmarried. Ag. Labourer.
JOHN BINKS. Bap. 23.4.1809 Tanfield. Buried 29.4.1887. Healey. Son of John [b.1765] & Hannah Laycock. Married [1] Ann Jefferson. on 18.4.1835. [2] On 23.11.1840 married Mary Hardacre. of Masham.
JOHN BINKS. Bap. 24.2.1836 Masham. Son of John & Ann Jefferson.
JOHN BINKS. Born C 1873 Fearby. Buried 31.5.1956 Grewelthorpe. Son of Christopher & Elizabeth Leckonby. servant in Ilton in 1891. Married Mary Ann Thornton. of Keighley. M.I. Farmed Faulgate Nook. Bramley Grewelthorpe.
JOHN J.BINKS. Born 17 August 1878. Farm Labourer married to Jane [born 1879].
JOHN BINKS. Born C. 1883 Ilton. Son of James [Blacksmith] & Hannah.
JOHN BINKS. Born C. 1917. Buried 24.2.1981 Grewelthorpe. Son of John & Mary Ann Thornton. M.I. Husband of Lily Binnington. [died 1988] Farmed Faulgate Nook. Bramley Grewelthorpe.
JONATHAN BINKS. Born C. 1855 Ilton. Died 1927. Son of John [b1811] & Mary Hardacre. married Fanny Woodward. Blacksmith in Ilton. Then later postmaster at Swinton.

Jonathan Binks and family.

LEDA BINKS. Born C. 1881 Tanfield. Dau of Ch ristopher & Elizabeth Leckonby.
LILY BINKS [NEE ?]. Born C.1924. Buried 18.7.1988 Grewelthorpe. Wife of John.
MADGE BINKS. Born 23 Feb 1897. A domestic living Bedale in 1939.
MARGARET BINKS. Born 1902. Sister to Thomas [born 1876] and John [1878]. Living Church St. Bedale in 1939.
MARY BINKS. Born C. 1773. Buried 15.12.1847 Grewelthorpe.
MARY BINKS. Born C. 1798. Dau of John & Hannah Laycock.
MARY BINKS [nee ?]. Born C. 1816 Ilton. A grocer. Living Ilton 1891 a widow. had granddaughter Elizabeth Wood [b1873].This is possibly Mary Hardacre. wife of John. if so she was buried 1.9.1898 Healey.
MARY ANN . Born C. 1848 Masham. Died Dec. 1909. Grewelthorpe. Dau of John [b.1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married John Wood. of Grewelthorpe. on 4.2.1869. Had 5 children.
MARY JANE BINKS. Born 1871. Died 1874. Dau of Matthew & Ann Thackwray.
MARY ANN BINKS [Nee Thornton]. Born C. 1874. Buried 9.5.1947 Grewelthorpe. M.I. Wife of John of Bramley.
MARY JANE BINKS. Born C. 1885 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Christopher & Elizabeth Leckonby.
MARY BINKS. Born C. 1888 Wath. Dau of Thomas [Postman] & Sarah Ann Tennant. Married Arthur Kilvington in 1928.
MATTHEW [MATTHIAS] BINKS. BAP 17 March 1750/51. Buried 2.4.1824 at St. Andrews Finghall. Son of John Binks & Mary Handy. Husbandman. Married Mary Harlon. on 26.8.1771. Scruton. Mary Buried 7.5.1814 Finghall. Age poss. 72?

MATTHEW BINKS. Born C. 1803. Son of John & Hannah Laycock.
MATTHEW BINKS. Born C. 1843 Masham. Son of John [b1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married Ann Thackwray in 1870 they had 4 children.
NICHOLAS BINKS. Born 1847 ? Ilton Buried 1847 Masham. Son of John & Mary Hardacre.
NORMAN BINKS. Born 9 Oct 1897. Son of James & Eleanor Nicholson. Married to Lillie [born 1897]. He was a Permanent way labourer in 1939 Living Ilton.
PENELOPE BINKS. Born 19 Feb 1766 Masham. Dau of John & Esther. Quakers. [Ref. RG 6/1447].
RALPH W. BINKS. Born 3 Oct.1912. Butcher & Smallholder living South View Bedale in 1939.
SARAH ANN BINKS [nee Tennant]. Born 24 May 1847 Ilton cum Pott. Dau of Sarah. Married Thomas Binks on 1.12.1864. at Healey.
SOPHIA BINKS. Born C. 1874 Wath. Dau of Thomas [Postman] & Sarah Ann Tennant.
THOMAS BINKS. Twin of Stephen. Born 1761 [Poss 12th Jan] Masham. Sons of John & Esther. Quakers.

THOMAS BINKS. Born 1841 Masham. Poss. Bap. 6.6.1841 Ilton cum Pott. Son of John [b1809] & Mary Hardacre. Married 1.12.1864 to Sarah Ann Tennant. at Healey. Postman, Lived in Wath. They had 13 children.
Binks Cottage Wath. Possibly with Thomas & Sarah. see David Kilvington letter at top of page.

THOMAS BINKS. Born 26 .2.1869 Wath. Died 25 July 1943 in Hull. Married to Alice Walker. of Sheffield.
THOMAS A.BINKS. Born 16 June 1876. Brother of John [born 1878] and Margaret [born 1902]. All living Church St. Bedale in 1939.
THOMAS BINKS. Born 23 March 1904. Public works labourer. Living West End House, Snape Bedale. in 1939.
WALTER BINKS. Born C. 1885 Wath. Killed in action 22 July 1917 WW1 .Son of Thomas [Postman] & Sarah Ann Tennant. Commemorated on the Arras memorial and also in St Marys church Wath.

Walter Binks 1885-1917. [Thanks to David Kilvington for photo].

WILLIAM BINKS. Born C1805 Grewelthorpe. Buried 21.9.1887 Grewelthorpe. Woodman Married to Ellen Imeson.
WILLIAM BINKS. Born C. 1811. Son of John & Hannah Laycock.
WILLIAM BINKS. Bap. 25.7.1837.Masham. Died 31.8.1837.Ilton. Son of John & Ann Jefferson.
WILLIAM BINKS. Born C. 1844 Grewelthorpe. Son of William & Ellen Imeson William was a woodman living in Hackfall Cottage.
WILLIAM BINKS. Born C. 1845 Masham. Son of John [b1811] & Mary Hardacre. Married Elizabeth Hannah Hutchinson. in 1869. They had 7 children.