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Beck Family

Jackie Beck is seeking information about Francis Beck and his wife Mary who were living in Grewelthorpe in 1841 to 1871.
Their family Dorothy, Robert, Mary, Ann, Edward & George.
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Thanks to Ann King for information about William Beck the Farmer & his son John Beck the miller.

Message from David Beck of Leeds Sept.2011.
I am seeking information about a James Beck (Shoemaker). He is recorded as living by himself in Long Marston aged 64 in the 1851 census. The James Beck I am looking for could be my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

I contact you because there is a Charles Beck listed on your site as a (Shoe Maker)and I am wondering if James is his Father. Do you know anyone who has this James’s marriage information? Do you know if Charles had a brother by the name of William?

Grateful thanks, David Beck, Horsforth, Leeds.
If you can help David please contact the site.

Thanks to Carol Jennings [Jan 2014] for the following information about the Beck family.

Message: I hope that the following brief information is useful to those researching the Beck family tree. &gt, George Beck, the son of John Beck was born abt 1811 at Stone Beck Down. In 1842, George Beck married Mary Metcalfe, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe (1779 ‘ 1852) and Thomasin Dovenor (1782 ‘ 1824). Mary was born in 1819 at Fountains Earth and died in 1873 at Pateley Bridge. George and Mary’s children were: &gt, Ann Beck born 1843 &gt, George Beck born 1846 &gt, William Beck born 1852 &gt, Mary Ellen Beck (also known as Ann) born 1853 &gt, John Beck born 1856 &gt, Mary Ellen Beck married Joseph Simpson, a stonemason. Joseph Simpson was born in Pateley Bridge on 21 October 1854. Mary Ellen Beck and Joseph Simpson had 6 children. Their third son, Arthur Simpson, born 27 April 1879 in Pateley Bridge, was my grandfather. John Beck Simpson, born at Morton Bridge, East Morton, Yorkshire, on 27 February 1906 was my father. &gt, George Beck is buried in the family grave in the grounds of Middlesmoor Parish Church. There are many Metcalfe graves at Middlesmoor and there is still a ‘Dovenor House’ in the village. &gt, The Becks farmed at Stone Beck Down. The Simpson family were lead miners and farmers, some lived at Bewerly and others at Greenhow, Greenhow Hill and Hardcastle.

The following information taken from Census records & Parish Registers.
Updated Aug. 2016.

ALFRED BECK. Born C. 1860 Harrogate. Son of Robert & Jane.
ANN BECK. Born 1821. Dau of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
ANN BECK. Born 1831 Grewelthorpe. Died 1881 Thirsk. Dau of Francis & Mary Dixon. Married John Heward. of Pickhill [son of Richard Heward. on 5.7.1851 at Kirkby Malzeard church.
ANN BECK. Born C1834 Stonebeckdown. Died 10.12.1919. Ramsgill. Dau of Thomas & Sarah Verity.
ANN BECK. Born C. 1835 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John the miller & Elizabeth. Married John Tanfield. 29.5.1858 in Kirkby Malzeard. John [b.1832] was son of John Tanfield. of Kirkby Malzeard.
ANN BECK. Born 1841 Grewelthorpe. Buried 20.7.1841 Kirkby Malzeard.
ANN BECK. Born 1843. Dau of George & Mary Metcalfe.
ANNIE BECK. Born C. 1889 Ripon. Dau of Charles & Julia. In 1911 she was a bookkeeper for her Father.
CHARLES BECK. Born C. 1813 Grewelthorpe. Buried 17.9.1878 Mickley. Married to Mary Ascough from East Witton. Shoemaker.
CHARLES BECK. Bap. 20.12.1844 Kirby Malzeard.Son of Charles [The Shoemaker] & Mary Ascough. It is likely that this Charles died because Charles & Mary had another son Charles who was Bap. 9.9.1849 in St. James Church Grewelthorpe. This was recorded in Kirkby Malzeard’s Parish Register in December 1849. Ref. 1911 census. Charles born 1849 was a slate merchant living in Ripon. In 1876 he married Julia [b.1850] of Ripon. In 1911 they had 2 dau. living with them. They had had 8 children, 1 had died.

DOROTHY BECK. Born C. 1818 Grewelthorpe. Unmarried dressmaker in 1871. Dau of Francis & Mary.
EDWARD BECK. Born C. 1834 Grewelthorpe. Hostler in Ripon in 1851.
ELEANOR BECK. Bap. 9.11.1845 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John [the Miller/Innkeeper] & Elizabeth.
ELIZABETH BECK. Born C. 1727. Lived Galphay. Buried 28.7.1818.
ELIZABETH BECK. Born C. 1746. Lived Bramley Grange. Buried 5.5.1820. Ref. Kirkby Malzeard Par. Reg.
ELIZABETH BECK [Nee Metcalfe]. Born 1782. Died 1830. Married to William the Farmer on 19.7.1802. Had 11 children.
ELIZABETH BECK. Married on 10.6.1799 at Kirkby Malzead to Charles Pickersgill. a Husbandman.
ELIZABETH BECK [Nee Chandler]. Bap 16.4.1809 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 20.2.1868. Dau of Henry Chandler & Ann Wood. Elizabeth had a dau. Alice who was brought up as Alice Beck. but was married as Alice Chandler. in 1855 to John Brown.
ELIZABETH BECK. Born C. 1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John the Miller/Innkeeper & Elizabeth Chandler.
ELLEN BECK. Born C1797 Stonebeckdown. Dau of John & Ann Stott.
ELLEN BECK. Born 1816. Dau of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
ERNEST BECK. Born C. 1884 Ripon. Joiner /Carpenter. Son of Charles & Julia.
ESTHER BECK. Born 1825. Dau of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
ESTHER BECK [nee?]. Born C. 1856 Borrowby. Wife of James the joiner.
ETHEL BECK. Born C. 1881 Ripon Dau of James & Esther. In 1911 it was recorded that she had gone abroad.
FRANCIS BECK. Born 29.3.1789 Laverton. Son of James & Jane West. Ag Lab. Husband of Mary Dixon. [b.1793] of Grewelthorpe. Lived Hackfall Gate, Grewelthorpe. Buried 5 July 1872 age 83 Grewelthorpe.

FREDERICK BECK. Bap. 21.7.1861 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg. son of Mary of Kirkby Malzeard.
GEORGE BECK. Born C1810. Stonebeckdown. Died C1886 Lofthouse. Buried Middlesmoor. Son of John & Ann Stott. Married Mary Metcalf. in 1842.
GEORGE BECK. Born C. 1812. Buried 4.12.1848. Kirkby Malzeard [Ref. P.Reg] Lived Burniston.
GEORGE BECK. Born 1824 Grewelthorpe. Son of Francis & Mary. Unmarried in 1881. General Labourer.
GEORGE BECK. Born 1846. Son of George & Mary Metcalfe.
HANNAH BECK. Married in April 1708 at Kirkby Malzeard to William Plant.
HANNAH BECK. Born C 1848 Stonebeckdown. Died 27.7.1911. Dau of Thomas & Ann Stott.
HAROLD BECK. Born C. 1882 Ripon. Son of James & Esther. In 1911 a Joiner.
HARRY BECK. Born C.1882 Ripon. Son of Peter Ascough & Sarah.
HERBERT JOHN PERKS BECK. Born C.1899 Sowerby, Thirsk. Son of James [Joiner] & Esther.
HILDA BECK. Born C. 1883 Ripon. dau of Charles & Julia.
IDA BECK. Born C.1886 Ripon. Dau of Peter Ascough & Sarah.
JAMES BECK. Married Jane West. on 25.6.1769. at Kirkby Malzeard. Had sons William & Francis.
JAMES BECK. Born C. 1775. Buried 4.10.1849 Kirkby Malzeard [Par. Reg].
JAMES BECK. Born C. 1794. Lived Laverton. Buried 4.6.1839 Kirkby Malzeard.
JAMES BECK. Born 1809. Died 1810. Son of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
JAMES BECK. Born 1811. Son of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
JAMES BECK. Born C. 1826 Grewelthorpe. Cab Horse Keeper in Hunslet in 1891. Married to Martha [b1840] from Leeds.
JAMES HARDCASTLE BECK. Born C.1856 Grewelthorpe. Joiner & Cabinet maker in Ripon 1891. In 1880 he married Esther [b.1856]of Borrowby. They had 6 children. In 1911 living Thirsk.

Report in Northern Echo. Jan 1870. James Beck was summoned for allowing drunkenness in house on Jan 19th Found guilty. fined £2 + 11/6 costs.

JANE BECK. Born 1818. Dau of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
JANE BECK. Born C. 1842 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John the Miller/Innkeeper & Elizabeth. Married on 5.5.1866 at Kirkby Malzeard church to John Lumley. [b.1843] son of Samuel Lumley. a woodsorter. John was a Painter in Ripon.
JANE BECK. Born C1848 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Charles & Mary Ascough. Housemaid in Ripon 1871.
JOHN BECK. Born C1755 Middlesmoor. Died March 1817. Son of Robert & Mary Burrell.*of Leighton. Married *Ann Stott. in 1794.
JOHN BECK. Born C 1796. Stonebeckdown. Married to Jane of Fountains Earth. Farmer at Grindstone Hill. in 1861.
JOHN BECK. Born C.1805 Grewelthorpe. Died 1886. Son of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe. Corn Miller at Kirkby Malzeard Mill in 1851. Innkeeper at Manor House Inn, Kirkby Malzeard in 1881. Married Elizabeth Chandler. of Grewelthorpe. He was a widower in 1881. Grandfather of Harry Moor. B.1869 K.Malzeard.
Report in Leeds Mercury in 1844. The valuable freehold Corn Mill at K/Malzeard now occupied by John Beck together with the machinery therein, the dwelling house, cottage, drying kiln, stables, yard and plantation immediately adjoining the mill. on the west side of the road leading from K/Mal to Grewelthorpe. also the mill race and stream of water which supplies the mill and land known as Mill Ing & Mill Green, the latter which has been brought into a high state of cultivation, and is now in the occupation of Mr Beck. Also a close of the most excellent Sward land called Mill Barrows. separated only from the other property by Kirkby Beck , and now occupied by Christopher Malthouse. The whole containing between 8 & 9 acres.

JOHN BECK. Born C1836 Stonebeckdown. Died 24.3.1892. Son of Thomas & Ann Stott. married to Elizabeth of East Witton.
JOHN BECK. Born C. 1839 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John the Miller/Innkeeper & Elizabeth. Unmarried Tailor in 1881.
JOHN BECK. Born C. 1843. Buried 18.12.1843 Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN BECK. Born 1856. Son of George & Mary Metcalfe.
JOHN BECK. Born C. 1885 Ripon. Slater. Son of Charles & Jula.
JOHN BECK Died 6.12.1872 Nosterfield. Had son Charles. John was a carpenter. [Ref. Knaresboro Post 1873].

JONATHAN BECK. Lived Laverton. Buried 6.8.1728 Kirkby Malzeard.
JULIA BECK [nee ?]. Born C. 1850 Ripon. Wife of Charles the slater.
MABEL BECK. Born C. 1890 Ripon. Dau of James & Esther.
MARIA BECK. Born C. 1858 Harrogate. Dau of Robert & Jane.
MARK BECK. Born C1807 West Hse. Stonebeckdown. Died C1885 Keighley. Son of John & Ann Stott.
MARY BECK. Lived Missise. Buried 19.4.1730 Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of Thomas.
MARY BECK. Born C. 1765. Buried 21.3.1847 Dallowgill. age 82.
MARY BECK [Nee Dumvill]. Born 1789. 2nd wife of William the Farmer. Married 13.5.1833 Kirkby Malzeard.
*MARY BECK [nee ?] Born C. 1794 Grewelthorpe. Wife of Francis. Lived at Hackfall Gate, Grewelthorpe. Buried 10 Jan 1875 age 81. Grewelthorpe.
MARY BECK. Daughter of Francis of Grewelthorpe married Mr John Swales a tanner from Leeds on September 20th 1857. {Ref. Bradford Observer 1857}.
MARY BECK. Born 1803. Dau of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe. Possibly married Thomas Wood [not confirmed]. She was the sister of John the miller.
MARY BECK [nee ASCOUGH]. Born C. 1814 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Nancy Ascough. Wife of Charles the shoemaker.
MARY BECK. Born C1814. Buried at Mickley 25.7.1892.
MARY BECK. Born C. 1841 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John the Miller/Innkeeper & Elizabeth Chandler. Married William Hill. coachman on 29.8.1876 at St Olave’s Church, Marygate, York. Lived in Penrith and later in London.
MARY BECK. Bap. 7.6.1851 Kirkby Malzeard. Illeg. dau of Ann & John Heward. Grewelthorpe. Living Ripon 1871.
MARY ELLEN BECK [aka ANN]. Born 1853. Dau of George & Mary Metcalfe. Married Joseph Simpson. Stonemason from Pateley Bridge. on 21 Oct 1854. They had 6 children. [see letter from C. Jennings at top of page.]
MATTHEW WOOD BECK. Bap.28.7.1847 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John [The Miller] & Elizabeth.
PETER ASCOUGH BECK. Born C.1857 Grewelthorpe. Tailor in Ripon 1891. Husband of Sarah of Hutton Conyers. Uncle of Mary Baines. [see Bain page]
ROBERT BECK. Born C 1770. Lived Laverton. Died 16.8.1859 in Ripon workhouse. Married to Mary. ROBERT BECK.* Born C1805 Stonebeckdown. Unmarried farmer in 1861. Brother of Simon. Son of John & Ann Stott.
ROBERT BECK. Born C. 1820 Grewelthorpe. Ag. Lab at Bogs Lane Farm, Harrogate in 1861. Husband of Jane of Masham.
ROWLAND BECK. Born 28.4.1886 Ripon. Son of James & Esther. Carpenter & Draughtsman. He emigrated to Canada and lived in Ontario. On 7th October 1914 he married Annie Myrtle Smart in Hamilton, Ontario. He and his wife appear on the US 1930 census living in Wyandotte district 1058 in Michigan. There were no children listed. They went to the US in 1925. No information on death of either.
Thanks to Bill Bowden for this information.

Letter from Stephanie May 2015.
Comment: I am living in the house that Rowland Beck and his wife Annie M Beck built and lived in. The house is in Wyandotte, Michigan, USA. He is buried in Ferndale Cemetery, Riverview, Michigan. He passed away April, 1934

SARAH BECK. Born 1813. Dau of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
SARAH ANN BECK. Bap. 14.6.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Buried 15.11.1872 Mickley. Dau of Charles [The Shoemaker] & Mary Ascough.
SIMON BECK. Born C 1817 Stonebeckdown. Brother of Robert.
THOMAS BECK. Born C. 1765. Buried Kirkby Malzeard 18.6.1819.
THOMAS BECK. Buried 21.11.1802 Grewelthorpe. Son of William of Foulgate Nook, Grewelthorpe.
THOMAS BECK. Born C1802 Stonebeckdown. Died 4.12.1865. Son of John & Ann Stott. A Farmer at West House. Married Sarah Verity. of Stonebeckdown. on 31.10.1833. at Middlesmoor.
THOMAS BECK. Born C. 1807. Lived Intack Kirkby Malzeard. Buried 10.10.1819. Son of William & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
THOMAS BECK. Born C. 1837 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John the MIller/Innkeeper & Elizabeth.
THOMAS BECK. Born C 1839 Stonebeckdown. Died 20.6.1916. at Lofthouse. Son of Thomas & Ann Stott.
THOMAS BECK. Born C. 1860 Harrogate. Son of Robert & Jane.
WILL BECK. Lived Laverton. Buried 26.4.1733 Kirkby Malzeard.
WILLIAM BECK. Born 1776. Bap. 31.3.1776 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James & Jane West. Lived 1801 Foulgate Nook, Grewelthorpe. 1811 Warren Lane K.Malzeard. 1841/51 Laverton. Farmer. Married [1] Elizabeth Metcalfe. on 19,7,1802. They had 11 children. Father of John the Miller/Innkeeper. Married [2] Mary Dumvill. Possibly a widow. [b.1789] on 13.5.1833 at Kirkby Malzeard. Witnesses Robert & Esther Ellis.
WILLIAM BECK. Born C. 1839 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John the Miller/Innkeeper & Elizabeth.
WILLIAM BECK. Born 1852. Son of George & Mary Metcalfe.

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