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Baptisms Grewelthorpe 1762-1804.

Some of the Baptisms of Grewelthorpe children recorded in Kirkby Malzeard Parish registers. 1762-1804.
6.1.1762. TAYLOR ELIZABETH. Dau of Matthew.
12.1.1762. ACRES MARY. Dau of Joshua.
24.1.1762. GELDART ELIZABETH. Dau of Thomas.
3.6.1762. MANN MARY. Dau of Edward.
6.6.1762. JACQUES JOHN. Son of Richard.
12.8.1762. FENWICK JAMES & MARY. Twins of William.
24.12.1762. WOOD JONATHAN. Son of Jonathan.

8.1.1763. CLARKSON JEFFREY. Son of Jeffrey.
20.8.1763. TAYLOR MATTHEW. Son of Matthew.
30.10.1763. ACRES JOHN. Son of Jonathan.

18.2.1764. BUCK ELLEN. Dau of Crispin.
26.2.1764. GELDART THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
29.2.1764. WISE CHRISTOPHER. Son of Christopher.
28.6.1764. BELL HUGH. Son of William.
30.7.1764. NICHOLSON ELIZABETH. Dau of Henry.
28.8.1764. MANN MARY. Dau of Edward.
25.9.1764. HARRISON ISABEL. Dau of Christopher.

18.1.1765. OLIVER ROBERT. Son of Mary.
20.1.1765. BURNISTON JANE. Dau of George.
27.1.1765. BURNISTON ALICE. Dau of Thomas
.5.5.1765. WOOD EASTER. Dau of Jona.
18.9.1765. BUCK CRISPIN. Son of Crispin.
17.12.1765. HORSMAN MARY. Dau of Francis.

20.1.1766. TAYLOR SARAH. Dau of Matthew.
11.2.1766. MATSON THOMAS. Son of John.
25.4.1766. POTTS ELIZABETH. Dau of Thomas.
12.5.1766. WISE JANE. Dau of Christopher & Margaret.
22.6.1766. THWAITES WILLIAM. Son of John.
28.9.1766. HARRISON WILLIAM. Son of Christopher.
16.11.1766. FELL MARY. Dau of Robert.
17.12.1766. BUCK JOHN. Son of Crispin.

4.1.1767. BURNISTON GEORGE. Son of George.
1.3.1767. MANN DOROTHY. Dau of Edward.
22.3.1767. GREENHOW MARY. dau of David.
6.5.1767. OLIVER ESTHER. Illeg. dau of Mary.
31.8.1767. PICKARD JOHN. Son of William.
7.11.1767. LOFTHOUSE WILLIAM. Son of William.

19.1.1768. WISE ELIZABETH. Dau of Christopher.
17.4.1768. GELDART JOHN. Son of Thomas.
27.4.1768. POTTS MARY. Dau of Thomas.
6.9.1768. NORRIS ELIZABETH. Dau of Thomas.
23.9.1768. FAWCETT ELIZABETH. Illeg. dau of Elizabeth.
21.10.1768. GREENHOW RICHARD. Son of David.
11.12.1768. THWAITES ELIZABETH. Dau of John.

2.4.1769. NAYLOR PETER. Son of John.
9.4.1769. ASHBY SARAH. Dau of John.
26.5.1769. THWAITES EDWARD. Son of William of Dallowgill
.1.7.1769. CLARKE WILLIAM. Illeg. Son of Margaret.
7.11.1769. LOFTHOUSE ROBERT. Son of George, Dallowgill.
3.12.1769. MATSON JOHN. Son of Thomas.

1.1.1770. KAYE WILLIAM. Son of Joseph.
10.2.1770. PICKARD ANNE. Dau of William.
16.2.1770. GELDART MARY. Illeg. Dau of Mary.
5.3.1770. ACRES JOSEPH. Son of Joseph.
12.3.1770. METCALFE MARY. dau of Joseph.
28.3.1770. CLARKSON ELIZABETH. Dau of Jeffrey.
16.4.1770. GELDART GEORGE. Son of Thomas.
16.4.1770. SPENCE MARGARET. Dau of Edward.
17.6.1770. GREENHOW ELLEN. Dau of David.
8.7.1770. HUTCHINSON ANNE. Dau of John.

13.1.1771. WISE HANNAH. Dau of Christopher.
15.1.1771. LOFTHOUSE ELIZABETH. Dau of Tristram.
22.4.1771. KAY DAVID. Son of David.
30.6.1771. NAYLOR WILLIAM. Son of John.
20.7.1771. GELDART JOHN. Son of John.
20.7.1771. THWAITES ANNE. Dau of William.
28.7.1771. THWAITES EDWARD. Son of John.
2.9.1771. NORRIS MARY. Dau of Thomas.
30.9.1771. THWAITES MARGARET. Dau of Thomas.
21.10.1771. SEDGWICK LEONARD. Son of Leonard.
1.12.1771. FELL ISABELLA. Dau of Robert.
6.12.1771. CALVERT RICHARD. Son of John.
24.12.1771. MATSON ANNE. Dau of John.

5.1.1772. RICHMOND DAVID. Son of David.
20.1.1772. POTTS MARY. Dau of Thomas. Of Laverton.
20.1.1772. NORTON MARY. Dau of Robert.
20.1.1772. HARRISON MARY. Dau of Christopher.
9.2.1772. THIRKILL MARY. dau of George.
11.2.1772. ASHBY ANTHONY. Son of John.
16.8.1772. GREENHOW DAVID. Son of David.
23.8.1772. GRAHAM ESTHER. Illeg. Dau of Anne.
4.9.1772. METCALFE ELIZABETH. Dau of Joseph.
26.9.1772. GELDART MARY. Dau of Thomas.
18.10.1772. FAWCETT GEORGE. Illeg. Son of Elizabeth.
27.12.1772. KAYE WILLIAM. Son of Joseph.

12.1.1773. PICKARD ELLEN. Dau of William.
6.3.1773. BURNISTON JOHN. Son of Thomas.
14.5.1773. NAYLOR SARAH. Dau of John.
16.5.1773. SMITH ANN. Dau of Thomas.
18.5.1773. HOLTON PETER. Illeg. Son of Elizabeth.
30.5.1773.BONSON RICHARD. Son of Richard of Foulgate Nook.
1.6.1773. THIRKILL CHRISTOPHER. Son of George.
3.6.1773. ACRES MARGARET. Dau of Joseph.
19.6.1773. THWAITES JOHN. Son of William.
15.10.1773. MORTON MATTHEW. Son of Robert.
30.10.1773. TOMLIN JANE. Dau of Thomas.
31.10.1773. THWAITES THOMAS. Son of John.
22.12.1773. JACKSON THOMAS. Son of Christopher.
25.12.1773. WISE ANN. Dau of Christopher.

23.1.1774. MATSON BETTY. Dau of John.
6.2.1774. ROBINSON ELIZABETH. Dau of Thomas.

4.2.1775. THWAITES WILLIAM. Son of William.
26.3.1775. JACKSON THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
17.4.1775. PICKARD WILLIAM. Son of William.
20.7.1775. NAYLOR THOMAS. Son of John.
30.7.1775. SPENCE ANN. Dau of Edward.
30.7.1775. GREENHOW ELLEN. Dau of David.
5.9.1775. THIRKILL CHARLES. Son of George.
28.10.1775. THWAITES MARY. Son of John.

17.2.1776. SWALE MARGARET. Dau of Thomas.
14.3.1776. METCALFE MARY. Dau of Joseph.
7.4.1776. ROBINSON HANNAH. Dau of Thomas
.5.5.1776. SMITH JOSEPH. Son of Thomas.
14.7.1776. WALKER RALPH. Son of Joseph.
5.9.1776. HARLAND THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
30.10.1776. TOMLIN NANCY. Dau of Thomas.
3.11.1776. MANN JOHN. Son of John.

16.3.1777. KNAPTON MARY. Dau of John.
16.3.1777. RICHMOND JANE. Dau of David. of Ellershaw.
7.4.1777. FAUCETT JOANNA. lleg dau of Elizabeth.
11.5.1777. THWAITES GEORGE. Son of William.
23.6.1777. SWALES THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
27.6.1777. NORRIS THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
26.8.1777. NAYLOR ROBERT. Son of John.
26.10.1777. THIRKILL ELIZABETH. Dau of George.
Nov 1777. WISE JOHN. Son of Christopher.

8.2.1778. THWAITES CHRISTOPHER. Son of John.
15.2.1778. METCALFE JOSEPH. Son of Joseph [dec] & Mary.
21.2.1778. BAINES RICHARD. Son of John of Bramley.
7.8.1778. JACKSON CHRISTOPHER. Son of Thomas.
9.8.1778. HODGSON EDWARD. Son of John of The Hutts.
13.8.1778. ROBINSON ANN. Dau of Thomas.
27.12.1778. BRADLEY WILLIAM. Son of William of Low Bramley.

2.1.1779. HARLAND JANE. Dau of Thomas.
31.1.1779. RICHMOND JOHN. Son of Benjamin of Bramley.
26.2.1779. THOMPSON MARY. Dau of James of Ellershaw.
7.3.1779. TOMLIN JOHN. Son of Thomas.
21.3.1779. CLARKSON JANE. Dau of James.
11.4.1779. PICKARD MARIANNE. Dau of William.
6.6.1779. GRAINGER ANN. Son of Michael.
16.7.1779. SPENCE MARY. Dau of Thomas.
27.8.1779. NAYLOR GEORGE. Son of John.
24.9.1779. SWALES JOHN. Son of Thomas.
7.11.1779. IMESON JOHN. Son of Matthias.
6.12.1779. NORRIS JOHN. Son of Thomas.

11.1.1780. CLARKSON WILLIAM. Son of William.
28.2.1780. JAQUES ISABELLA. Dau of Thomas.
9.4.1780. HAMMOND CATHERINE. Dau of Robert.
16.5.1780. KNAPTON HANNAH. Dau of John.
1.7.1780. DIXON EDWARD. Son of Edward.
16.7.1780. MOOREY THOMAS & ANNE. twins of Thomas.
1.10.1780. MANN EDWARD. Son of John.

11.2.1781. THWAITES MARMADUKE. Son of William.3
0.4.1781. JACKSON URSULA. Dau of Thomas.
6.5.1781. RICHMOND ELLEN. Dau of Benjamin of Bramley.
4.6.1781. GRAINGER ELIZABETH. Dau of Michael.
9.6.1781. CLARKSON JAMES. Son of James.

3.2.1782. BARKER ELLEN. Dau of Edward of Foulgate Nook.
17.2.1782. SPENCE MARGARET. Dau of John.
5.5.1782. HARLAND ESTHER. Dau of Thomas.
25.5.1782. TOMLIN BETTY. Dau of Thomas.
20.6.1782. DIXON THOMAS. Son of Edward.
21.10.1782. ROBINSON JANE. Dau of George of Hackfall.
28.7.1782. BRADLEY ELIZABETH. Dau of William.
4.9.1782. KNAPTON PHILLIS. Dau of John.
8.12.1782. ROBINSON OLIVE. Dau of John.
8.12.1782. WATSON JOHN. Illeg. Son of Jane.

19.1.1783. BOOTH ALICE. Dau of John.
11.2.1783. ABBOTT DOROTHY. Dau of John.
13.4.1783. IMESON MARY. Dau of Matthias.
4.5.1783. MANN ANTHONY. Son of John.
13.7.1783. NAYLOR ROBERT. Son of John.
3.8.1783. MANN RICHARD. Son of Thomas.
17.8.1783. PROCTOR WILLIAM. Son of Amos. Bramley Grange.
17.10.1783. CALVERT GEORGE. Son of John. Bramley Grange.
22.10.1783. THOMPSON JOHN. Son of John. Bramley Grange.
5.11.1783. BARKER GEORGE. Son of Edward. Bramley Grange.
16.11.1783. THWAITES ELIZABETH. Dau of William. B.Grange.

6.1.1784. HODGSON LEONARD. Son of John of The Hutts.
16.1.1784. SWALES GEORGE. Son of Thomas.
14.3.1784. JACKSON CHRISTOPER. Son of Thomas.
28.3.1784. ROBINSON HANNAH. Son of George of Hackall.
8.5.1784. PICKARD JANE. Dau of William.
20.5.1784. ROBINSON MARY. Dau of John.
22.8.1784. METCALFE JOHN. Son of Thomas of Blackhill.
4.9.1784. DIXON GEORGE. Son of Edward.

13.2.1785. ROBINSON MARY. Dau of Thomas.
15.5.1785. MORTON SARAH. Dau of Robert.
22.5.1785. HARLAND ANN. Dau of Thomas.
26.6.1785. MUDD THOMAS.
10.7.1785. IMESON ELIZABETH. Dau of Matthias.
4.9.1785. CLARKSON ELIZABETH. Dau of James.
6.11.1785. MANN JANE. Dau of John.

31.1.1786. OILRID ANN. dau of Robert.
31.1.1786. HAMMOND PEGGY. Dau of Anthony.
25.2.1786. MANN THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
9.4.1786. ROBINSON GEORGE. Son of George of Hackfall.
30.4.1786. PROCTOR MARY. Dau of William of Blackhill Hse.
2.5.1786. BARKER EDWARD. Son of Edward. of Foulgate Nook.
23.5.1786. PROCTOR JOHN. Dau of Amos of Bramley.
18.6.1786. DIXON MARY. Dau of Edward.
13.8.1786. THOMPSON JANE. Dau of James.
3.12.1786. LEEMING ELIZABETH. Dau of William.

9.1.1787. MANN WILLIAM & MARY. Twins of John.
11.2.1787. MORTON JOHN. Son of Robert.
15.4.1787. RICHMOND LEONARD. Son of William of Ellershaw.
29.4.1787. SWALES ANN. Dau of Thomas.
1.7.1787. KNAPTON ANN. Dau of John.
29.7.1787. CLARK JANE. Illeg dau of Ann of Blackhill Hse.
9.9.1787. METCALFE EDWARD. Son of Thomas.
30.9.1787. ROBINSON GRACE. Dau of John.
7.11.1787. IMESON JONATHAN. Son of Matthias.
25.12.1787. JACKSON MARY. Dau of Thomas.

10.2.1788.METCALFE THOMAS. Son of Thomas Bramley Grange.
29.2.1788. TOMLIN MARY. Dau of Thomas.
16.3.1788. THORPE ANNE. Dau of George.
15.6.1788. METCALFE MATTHEW. Son of Geo. Well Hse Blackhill.
22.6.1788. PROCTOR THOMAS. Son of Amos. Bramley Grange.
4.9.1788. HARLAND WILLIAM. Son of Thomas.
24.9.1788. PROCTOR GEORGE. Son of William. Blackhill Hse.
5.10.1788. PICKERSGILL WILLIAM. Son of William.
30.11.1788. MORTON ROBERT. Son of Robert.
5.12.1788. DIXON JOHN. Son of Edward.

8.3.1789. TAYLOR WILLIAM. Son of Matthew.
23.5.1789. GELDART ELIZABETH. Dau of John.
12.7.1789. SWALE EDWARD. Son of Thomas.
14.7.1789. JACKSON THOMAS. Son of William of Hackfall.
17.7.1789. ALLANSON MARY. Dau of John.
15.8.1789. ROBINSON THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
24.10.1789. HODGSON ELIZABETH. Dau of Edward of Foulgate Nook.
8.11.1789. RIDER GEORGE. Son of Joseph of Bramley Grange.

11.3.1790. ASHBRIDGE MARY. Dau of Robert.
11.3.1790. LEATHLEY JOHN. Son of George.
9.5.1790. BURNISTON THOMAS. Illeg. Son of Betty.
22.8.1790. KNAPTON EDITH. Dau of John.
4.9.1790. WINTERSGILL JOHN. Son of William.
26.9.1790. HAMMOND JANE. Dau of Anthony.
3.11.1790. PICKERSGILL MARY. Dau of George.

7.1.1791. MANN ANN. Dau of Thomas.
7.1.1791. THORPE GEORGE. Son of George.
6.3.1791. DIXON ROBERT. Son of Edward.
8.3.1791. JACKSON ANNE. Dau of William of Hackfall.
10.4.1791. METCALFE GEORGE. Son of Thomas of Bramley Gr.
10.4.1791. IMESON MATTHIAS. Son of Matthias.
14.5.1791. DALE GEORGE. Son of George.
4.9.1791. ALLANSON ISABEL. Dau of John.
5.9.1791. THWAITES JANE. Dau of William.
11.9.1791. RIDER SUSANNA. Dau of Joseph.
25.9.1791. LEATHLEY BETTY. Dau of George.
9.10.1791. METCALFE ANTHONY. Son of Thomas.
10.10.1791. ASHBRIDGE ROBERT. Son of Robert.

27.1.1792. PROCTOR AMOS & CHRISTOPHER. Twins of Amos.
29.1.1792. JACKSON DAVID. Son of David of Ellershaw.
26.2.1792. HARLAND MARY. Dau of Thomas.
29.3.1792. ROBINSON THOMAS. Son of Thomas.
8.4.1792. PROCTOR SARAH. Dau of William of Blackhill Hse.
15.4.1792. GELDART ELEANOR. Dau of John.
29.4.1792. HODGSON EDWARD. Son of Edward of Foulgate Nook.
30.7.1797. WELLS WILLIAM. Son of William.
7.7.1799. WELLS ANN. Dau of William.
1.7.1804. WELLS THOMAS. Son of William.To be contined…….