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Atkinson family

The name first found in Northumberland & Cumberland where they had a family seat long before the Norman conquest [1066]. The name derived from Atkin or Adkin.

Details of Atkinson family from the Grewelthorpe area.

Last update. April 2021

Melanie Paulus writes July 2020
.I am a decendant of Emily Atkinson. Her parents owned a rope and twine making mill located in Glasshouses, N Yorkshire, which they purchased in 1907 from the Metcalf family and it is my understanding that it stayed in the family until 1971. My understanding is that Emily was the youngest of six children but I could be wrong. They lived in or around Leeds, Yorkshire. I do not have a firm DOD for Emily but I understand it was around 1950..
Can anyone help Melanie. Please contact the site.

Dawn Atkinson-Werchon writes March 2020.

>I am researching the Atkinsons from Yorkshire, Uk. I would very much like to make contact with any living family. My Father In Law was Thomas Albert Atkinson, born Appleton Le Moors, Yorkshire, UK, 1892 He came to Australia as a young boy and was followed by his brother George Robson. Their Parents were Thomas & Isabella Mary Holliday.

If you can help Dawn please email

Taken from Parish registers, census returns, school records and memorial inscriptions [M.I.] Grewelthorpe residents were buried in Kirkby Malzeard before St. James’s Church Grewelthorpe was built [pre 1848].

Information about the Atkinsons of Pott. Taken from Fishers History of Masham – 1865.

Thanks to Mary Kay Coker for information about Ann Atkinson b. 1836. Mary would like to know more about Thomas Atkinson b.1776 who married Ellen Richmond. If you can help please contact the site.

Mark James Atkinson is keen for information about the family of James Atkinson Born C1755 in West Tanfield who married Elizabeth Garforth of Well in 1795.

If you can help please contact us.

Letter from Bill Banbury of Canada. Can anyone help him?

I am a descendent of Atkinsons who lived in Ontario, Canada in the 1800s.

MY direct line has been traced back to a Frank Atkinson & Mary McLaren who were born ~1830. I have reference back to a Samuel & Sarah Atkinson who married in 1810.

I do not know where Samuel and Sarah married but Frank and Mary married near Guelph, Ontario. The family lived in the area from Toronto to just west of Ailsa Craig, Ontario in this time period.

I have been trying to track that back to the UK and think that they came from Yorkshire but have not been able to get documentation to verify that.

So, with a hope, I thought I would drop you a line and see if any of this would tie into the Atkinsons in your area.

My family follows from Frank and Mary to Frank Atkinson & Rebecca Symon (from Liverpool,) to William Atkinson and Margaret Ford, to Emma Edna (Jean) Atkinson & Owen Banbury, who were my grandparents.

William Atkinson took his family from Ailsa Craig to Chicago, Illinois sometime after the 1901 Canadian Census and raised there family there. William was died as the result of resisting extortionists and left his wife with a family of six ranging in age from about about 7 years old to about 19. (The oldest daughter had just married at the time of his death.) Margaret, his wife, remained in Chicago until the children were grown and then she returned to her childhood home in Carlisle, Ontario which is just a few miles east of Ailsa Craig.

Should there be a connection to any Atkinsons in your area I can provide considerable information on the family from about 1850.

Thank your for any insight and assistance you can give.

George Atkinson responded to Bill. in Oct 2012. I’m George Atkinson, also descended from Frank and Mary (McLaren) Atkinson, through their son, Frank, who married Rebecca Symons, 02 January, 1871. The marriage took place in Georgetown, Halton County, Ontario, Canada. This information is from Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927,“index, FamilySearch and from pages in a very incomplete family bible. I’m just starting my research so I’m happy to find your request for information. I stumbled on it by googling “the Atkinson family of Ailsa Craig ON”. Hoping to hear from you. George

If you can help Bill Banbury please contact the site.

Thanks to Liz Holdsworth for information about William Atkinson & Elizabeth Burton who moved from Yorkshire to New Zealand.

Message from Mary Ellen Atkinson Bertkau:March 2012. I am researching my Atkinson lineage that began with a John Atkinson born about 1818 and married a Sara(h) Boyden both from Leeds England. We have set up a tree in under Atkinson/Bertkau. I’m having trouble finding either of their parents. Can anyone help.

Thanks to June Horner from Australia who sent this letter July 2014.


I have traced my family back through to 1851 with the marriage of William Atkinson to Rachel Leathley on 26th March 1851. William was a widower 40 years old and Rachel was a spinster 27 years old. They lived at Park Place Harrogate. Rachel’s father William Leathley was a Cloth merchant and William Atkinson was also a merchant.

William Atkinson died at 45 years old leaving Rachel a Widow with six children. Rachel is my great grandmother. I am looking for relatives in Harrogate or nearby as I am travelling to Harrogate mid September this year [2014] and would like to meet up with a relative. Melbourne Australia 03 9770 9715.

If you can help June please contact the site.

Message from Kevin Atkinson August 2014.

I am after information on a Levi Atkinson who married a Sarah Starr and they had a one year old son William George they were married in The Green and then moved to Australia on the British Empire a 640 Tonne Barque that left London and transported them to Geelong,Victoria, Australia. Can you help with information or point me to who would be able to help. Thank you, Kevin.L.P.Atkinson.

Kevin writes again October 2014.

I have found a relative in Australia she has been researching the Starr side of the family and I have learnt that Levi Atkinson’s parents were a George Sidney Atkinson and a Philadelphia Vine/Atkinson if this is of any help. Thank you.

If you can help Kevin please contact him on

Letter from Alan Atkinson. November 2015. One of my ancestors was John Atkinson born c 1793, he was a Milk seller in Manchester although he was not born there. could there be some connection with the Atkinson that got charged with driving too fast.

If you can help Alan please contact the site.

Thank you to Grenville Davies for information about the Atkinsons of West Hartlepool. James Maxwell Atkinson and Francis Thomas Atkinson.

Thanks to Trevor Kitchen for following snippet. Feb 2019.

A partnership between Elizabeth Firby and George Atkinson trading as Firby & Atkinson&; cream cheese makers is dissolved Aug 1875. Both parties to continue trading as cream cheese makers independantly.

If you have found this page helpful and you have anything to add please contact us.

ALBERT ATKINSON. Bap.29.9.1844 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas [The Tailor] & Ellen of Dallowgill. Married in C1866 to Fanny Harker. [b.1845] Living in South Stainley with 2 children & 2 grand children. Albert & Fanny had 6 children. 1 died before 1911.

ALBERT WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C. June 1877 Wensley. Son of William [The Gardener] & Lizabeth Jackson. Half brother of Edwin Clare Atkinson.

ALFRED ATKINSON. Born 5 May 1872. Farmer. Married to Emily [born 1873]. Living K.Malzeard 1939.

ALFRED ATKINSON. Born 21 March 1904. Married to Margaret [born 1903]. Farmer. Living Launwith K.Malzeard 1939.

ALICE ATKINSON. Born C1847 Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Edwin. 1911 a widow living with dau Nellie Chamberlain in K.Malzeard. & son Sam Barker Atkinson.

ALICE ATKINSON. Born C. 1860 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Robert & Mary. Sister of Jane Lofthouse. In 1911 she was u/m living with her nephew Frederick Lofthouse. b.1866.

ALICE EMILY ATKINSON. Born 1882. Dau of Albert & Fanny Harker.

ALICE ATKINSON. Born C. 1904 Dacre Banks. Dau of Lowther W. [Coal Dealer] & Annie. Living K.Malzeard 1911.

AMELIA ATKINSON. Born C. 1886 Manchester. Dau of Samuel & Mary Ann.

ANN ATKINSON. of Grewelthorpe. Died May 1766. She was a Quaker and was buried in the Friends burial ground at Low Ellington.

ANNE ATKINSON. of Grewelthorpe married William Leckonby. of Ripon 28.6.1687.
ANNE ATKINSON In 1693 married William Wallis jun.
ANNE ATKINSON. Buried 12.7.1697 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Mary of Raby, Grewelthorpe.

ANNE ATKINSON. Born C. 1741. Lived Mickley. Buried 7.2.1821. Ref. Kirkby Malzeard Par. Reg.

ANNIE ATKINSON [nee Firby]. Born C.1835 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Elizabeth Firby. Married to George Atkinson the cheesemaker.

ANN ATKINSON. Born 19.4.1836. Bap May 17 1836. Dau of Richard & Mary Nelson. of Low Ray Carr, Dallowgill. She left with the family for America in 1843. [Listed on passenger list from Liverpool to USA.] She married Joshua Stetson Peckham. on 15.10.1856 in Green County, Wisconsin. Richard & Mary had 8 children.

Thanks to Mary Kay Coker for this information.

ANN ATKINSON. Born C. 1817. Buried Kirkby Malzeard 19.1.1845 age 28.

ANNIE ATKINSON [nee?] Born C1852 Grewelthorpe. Married George Atkinson of Tadcaster in C1875. Living Mickley in 1911.

ANN ATKINSON. Born C. 1875 Starbeck. Dau of Thomas & Sarah. Living Sharow 1881.

ANNIE ATKINSON. Born 1876 Healey. Dau of Thomas & Mary Ann Glaves. Married L.Whitehead. of Leeds

Annie Atkinson [b1876] and her youngest daughter.

ANNIE ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Born 1885 Dau of Albert & Fanny Harker.

ARTHUR ATKINSON. Born C.1866 Copt Hewick. Son of Thomas & Sarah. Arthur a Railway porter in Ripon 1891.

ARTHUR ATKINSON. Banns read for marriage to Mary Baul. of Grewelthorpe in Oct. 1894.

ARTHUR ATKINSON. Born C. 1873 South Stainley. Son of Albert & Fanny Harker. [Ref. 1881 census].

ARTHUR ATKINSON. Born C.1897. Son of John Thomas & Lucy Baul.

ARTHUR ATKINSON. Born 5 April 1933. Son of Thomas & Annie. Living Meadow View K.Malzeard in 1939.
BEATRICE ATKINSON of Kettsmore married Timothy Bawtry of Kirkby Malzerd in 1688. [Par.Reg]

CAROLINE A. ATKINSON. Born 25 July 1925. Dau of Mary. Lived Manchester House. Later married ? Boynton.

CHARLES HENRY ATKINSON. Born 18.12.1877. Son of Samuel & Mary Ann. Came from a Manchester Boarding school to Grewelthorpe school in 1885. Left in 1886.

In Sept 1900 it was recorded in the Yorkshire Herald that Charles Atkinson a milk seller of Manchester was charged with furiously driving a trap at Grewelthorpe near Masham on 8/9/1900. It seems he was driving to the railway station to pick up a parcel. He was fined \‘1 which included costs.

CHRISTOFER ATKINSON. Buried 29.4.1654. Kirkby Malzeard. Of Grewelthorpe.

CHRISTOPHER ATKINSON. Buried 2.7.1723 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Azerley.

CHRISTOPHER ATKINSON. Bap. 10.4.1763 Sawley. [Ref IGI].

CLARICE MAUD ATKINSON. Born 14 Nov 1918. Died 1985. Dau of ?Hullah [mother] Living Ripon. in 1939 a House Parlourmaid. Married Harold F. Hooman in 1945.

CRAVEN ATKINSON. Bap. 8.1.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Buried 16.1.1848. Son of Richard [The Farmer] & Jane of Bramley Grange. Grewelthorpe.

DAVID SIMPSON ATKINSON. Born C.1896 Starbeck. Son of Herbert [engineer] & Sarah. In 1911 he was an engine cleaner with Harrogate Corporation. living in Grewelthorpe.
DONALD ATKINSON. Born 12 dec. 1893. Married to Laura M. [Born 1891]. He was a coal merchant and a road roller & Haulage contractor. Living Palace Rd Ripon in 1939.

DOROTHY ATKINSON. Born 1748. Married Christopher Spence. lived Grewelthorpe. [See Spence page].

EDWARD ATKINSON. Born Kirkby Malzeard. Married Mary Braithwait of Kirkby Malzeard on 14.7.1741 at K.Malzeard.

EDWIN ATKINSON. Born C1852 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Samuel & Hannah. Married Alice.[b.1847].

EDWIN CLARE ATKINSON. Born 1.10.1889 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William [The Gardener] & Lizabeth Jackson. of Grewelthorpe. [b. 1848.] He Died 25.12.1963. Buried 27.12.1963 Halswell, Christchurch, Canterbury. Married Josephine Percival. [b.1901] Essex. Moved to USA by 1917. A Priest. Back in UK by 1920.

ELEANOR JANE ATKINSON. Born C,1857. Dau of Matthew. Lived Darlington. Married on 19.5.1881 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Francis Suttill. [b.1848] son of Francis Suttill. of Ramsgill.

ELENOR M. ATKINSON. Born C. 1869 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Sarah. Living Sharow 1881.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Born C. 1820 Smelthouses. Dau of Thomas of Lofthouse. Married to Thomas Close. born Azerley in 1812. Had 3 children in 1816. Living Winksley with widowed Father.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON [Nee ?]. Born C. 1822 Dallowgill. A widow in 1911 living with children John & Margret.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Born C. 1843. Died 14.4.1847 age 4 in Ripon.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Born C. 1843. Dau of William the Blacksmith. Laverton. married on 27.11.1865 at Kirkby Malzeard church to William Bywater. [b.1843] son of George [Butcher] from Birstal.

ELIZABETH [LIZ] ATKINSON [Nee ?]. Born C.1848 Grewelthorpe. Married William [ the Gardener] Lived Kirkby Malzeard.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON [nee Richmond]. Born C. 1848 Kirkby Malzeard. married to Richard [b.1841] In K.Malzeard 1911. No children.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Bap. 6.6.1852 Mickley. Dau of Robert the Spinning master & Mary of Mickley.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Born C. 1855. Sister of Joseph the farmer. Living Azerley 1881.

ELIZABETH ATKINSON. Born C. 1890 Manchester. Dau of Samuel & Mary Ann.

ELIZABETH ANN ATKINSON. Died a spinster on 26 May 1930 in Knaresborough. Related to Lettie Atkinson. [Ref Yorks Post Feb 1931.]

ELLEN ATKINSON. Bap. 13.1.1765 Sawley. Married 9.9.1782. [Ref.IGI].

ELLEN ATKINSON.[Richmond?] Born C1771 Dallowgill. Widow in 1851.

This is Ellen Richmond. [Bap 23.3.1777] dau of Richard Richmond & Jane Bearpark of Dallowgill. who married Thomas Atkinson.

ELLEN ATKINSON. Born C. 1822 Grantley. Wife of Thomas the Tailor. She was a widow and a pauper in 1851 at Low Ray Carr Laverton, with 4 children in Laverton. She Married William Ingleson. between 1851 & 1861 and moved to Fewston and then Bradford. ELLEN ATKINSON. Born C1846 Stonebeckdown.

ELLEN ATKINSON. Born C. 1901 Starbeck. Dau of Herbert [engineer] & Sarah. Living Grewelthorpe in 1911.

ELLEN ATKINSON. Born 6 Feb. 1931. Dau of Thomas & Annie. Living Meadow View K.Malzeard in 1939.
Later married ? Knowles.

ELSIE ATKINSON. Born C1905 Dacre Banks. Dau of Lowther W.[Coal dealer] & Annie.

EMILY ATKINSON [NEE?] Born c1865 Glasshouses. Married to Thomas [quarryman]. Possibly Died 1899.
EMILY ATKINSON. Born C1887 Glasshouses. Domestic servant in Glasshouses in 1901.
ESTHER ATKINSON [nee DIBB]. Born C.1827 Weeton. Dau of Sarah Dibb of Harewood. Wife of John of Grewelthorpe. Living Leeds 1871.
ESTHER ATKINSON Born C1839 Masham. Died July 1895. Lancashire. Dau of Robert & Elizabeth. Married in 1865 to Robert Pate.
ETHEL A. ATKINSON. Born C.1884 Manchester. Dau of Samuel & Mary Ann.

ETHEL ATKINSON. Bo1rn C.1879 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [The Gardener] & Lizabeth Jackson. Half sister to Edwin Clare Atkinson.

ETHEL ATKINSON. Born C1907 Masham. Dau of Robert & Mary.

FRANCES ATKINSON. Bap. 29.8.1655 Kirkby Malzeard. Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Marge of Grewelthorpe.

FRANCIS ATKINSON. Made a will 23.11.1675. Grewelthorpe.

FRANCIS THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C1849 Masham. Died 28 July 1925. west Hartlepool. Son of James of Spennithorn & Elizabeth of Bedale. Married to Elizabeth of Masham C1869. In 1911 he was a coal trimmer at docks. in West Hartlepool. His will was administered by James William Atkinson. He left \‘426.

FRANCES M. ATKINSON. Born 22 May 1906. Dau of Albert & Emily. Dairymaid. Married ? Greenhow. after 1939.

FRANK ATKINSON. Born C.1887 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Edwin & Alice. Working as a horseman for George Ascough at Mowbray Hall in 1911.

FREDERICK ATKINSON. Born C.1881 Manchester. Son of Samuel & Mary Ann.

FRED ATKINSON. Born C1910 Masham. Son of Robert & Mary.

GEORGE H. ATKINSON. Born C. 1816 Staveley. A Bobbin Turner. married Ann of Hawes. [b.1819]. Living Winksley 1861.

GEORGE ATKINSON. Born C. 1839 Grewelthorpe. Railway clerk. widower in 1901 living Shildon, Durham. 1911 a boarder in Harrogate.
GEORGE ATKINSON. Born C 1841. Died May 1936 Masham. Buried 21st May 1936 Masham Church aged 85. {Ref. Leeds Mercury 1936].

GEORGE ATKINSON. Born C. 1853 Tadcaster.. Son of Mary Atkinson of Harrogate. Farmer and cheese maker living Grewelthorpe in 1881/1891/1901. Married to Annie Firby. dau. of Elizabeth Firby. of Grewelthorpe. Annie died 1932 age 81 and was buried at Grewelthorpe. Annie’s brother William Firby also died in 1932. buried in Salford.

GEORGE H. ATKINSON. Born C. 1854. Son of George H. [Bobbin Turner] & Ann.

GEORGE ATKINSON. Farmer at Grange Farm Azerley 1901 census. Married to Sarah.

GEORGE ATKINSON. Born 25 Aug. 1907. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Lowther W. & Annie. A Motor driver. Living Ripon in 1939.

GLADYS ATKINSON. Born C.1894 Starbeck. dau of Herbert [engineer] & Sarah. 1911 living Grewelthorpe.

HARRY ATKINSON. Born 25 Sept. 1909. Joiner. Married to Mabel. Living Ripon in 1939.

HANNAH ATKINSON [nee Mason]. Born C. 1823 Cumberland. Dau of Martha Mason. b.1794. Married to Richard Atkinson of Westmoreland. Living Winksley 1861.

HANNAH ATKINSON. Born C. 1860 Winksley. Dau of Richard & Hannah Mason. Living Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.

HELLEN ATKINSON. Bap. 19.6.1692. Kirkby Malzeard. Grewelthope. Dau of John.

HENRY ATKINSON. 1890 Blacksmith in Park Street Masham. Ref. Bulmers Directory.

HERBERT ATKINSON. Born C. 1869 Shaw Mills. He was an Electrical Engineer for Harrogate Corporation. Married to Sarah from Harrogate. In 1911 living Grewelthorpe with 4 children.

HILDA ATKINSON. Born C.1898 Starbeck. Dau of Herbert [engineer] & Sarah. Living in Grewelthorpe 1911.

ISABEL ATKINSON. Born C. 1874 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [the Gardener] & Lizabeth Jackson. Half sister to Edwin Clare Atkinson.

ISABELLA CRAVEN ATKINSON. Bap. 25.12.1845 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard & Jane.

IVY ATKINSON. Born 17 April 1918. Dau of John [varnish worker] & Lucy Baul. Married ? Mckillop in 1966.

JAMES ATKINSON. Born 30 October 1768 West Tanfield. Died 1866 Hemsworth. Son of Edward & Hannah Newby. Married Elizabeth Garforth about 1795.

JAMES ATKINSON. Born C1814 Spennithorn. Married To Elizabeth of Bedale.

JAMES MAXWELL ATKINSON. Born C1837 Masham. Died 4th Nov.1912. Married in C1864 to Mary Jane of Lincolnshire. In 1911 he was a retired gentleman living at Malvern House, West Hartlepool. he had been a grocer. He died a wealthy man. Mary Jane died 12 July 1911 aged 80yrs.

JAMES ATKINSON. Born C.1857 Winksley. Son of George H. [Bobbin Turner] & Ann.

JAMES ATKINSON. Born C1908 Masham. Son of Robert & Mary.

JANE ATKINSON of Galphay. In 1697 married William Annekin of Galphay. [Par Reg].
JANE ATKINSON. Born C. 1767. Buried 30.4.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. [Par.Reg].

JANE ATKINSON. Born C. 1808. Grewelthorpe. Buried 1.2.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.

JANE ATKINSON Widow married in 1838 to John Barker widower. Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref Par.Reg]

JANE ATKINSON. Born C. 1837. Buried 5.9.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.

JANE ATKINSON. Born C. 1837. Dau of Samuel. Married on 19.6.1865 Kirkby Malzeard church to William Burton. [b.1838] son of Robert Burton. of Winksley.

JANE ATKINSON. Born C.1840 North Stainley. Dau of Robert & Mary. Married to Robert Lofthouse. on 10.3.1862 at Kirkby Malzeard church. Robert was a Tailor from Leeds. [b.1838] son of Robert Lofthouse.

JENNIE ATKINSON. Born C.1889 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Edwin & Alice.

JESSE ATKINSON. Born C. 1860 Azerley. Cab Driver. In 1883 Married Mary [b.1860] of Warwickshire. Living in York in 1911 with wife & 4 children all born in York.

JOHANNA ELIZA ATKINSON. Bap. 5.4.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard & jane of Fingerfield, Grewelthorpe.

JOHN ATKINSON of Watlass. In 1691 married Elizabeth Browne of Galphay.

JOHN ATKINSON. Bap. 4.7.1696. Kirkby Malzeard. Grewelthorpe. Son of John.

JOHN ATKINSON. Bap.10.4.1774 Galphay Wood. [Ref IGI].

JOHN ATKINSON. Born C. 1830 Grewelthorpe. Husband of Esther Dibb. of Weeton. Signalman in Leeds 1871.

JOHN WILLIAM ATKINSON. Son of John Harland Atkinson. Tradesman in Kirkby Malzeard. John Wm. was a grocer in K.Malzeard. He married Ann Lye. on 19.12.1849 in Kirkby Malzeard. Ann’s Father, Thomas Lye, was a shopkeeper.

JOHN ATKINSON. Born C.1832 Grewelthorpe. Railway Station master husband of Jane Ann of York. 1891 Living Upper Poppleton. 1911 widower with sister Sarah Travis. in Leeds.

JOHN C. ATKINSON. Born 27 July 1834 Dallowgill. Died Oct 1910 Nebraska. He was a farmer and an author. Married Mary [Polly] Rebecca Peckham in 1861 in Canada. The spirit of her life is expressed in a verse of a poem written on her sixtieth birthday by her husband, J. C. Atkinson:

But while we live let’s be alive

To needs of fellow man,

And in each instance work and strive

To do the best we can.

John C. Atkinson. Front page of book by John, titled The Stray Thoughts of a Lifetime.

The verse reads When’ere you look upon this face You look upon a friend. Who in you’re memory wants a place. And wants it to the end. Followed by his signature.

JOHN ATKINSON. Bap.20.9.1846 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas [the Tailor] & Ellen.

JOHN WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C. 1847.Bradford. Son of Elizabeth [Nee?] of Dallowgill. Married in 1848 to Phyllis of Bishop Thornton. Living Lincoln 1911.

JOHN ATKINSON. Bap. 14.8.1853 Mickley. Son of Thomas the mechanic & Emma of Mickley. In 1861 living Osmotherley.

JOHN THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap. 18.12.1855 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Samuel & Hannah.

JOHN ATKINSON. Born C. 1872 Littlethorpe. Son of Thomas & Sarah. Living Sharow 1881.

JOHN THOMAS ATKINSON. Born 19 Sept 1871. Died Dec 1949. Married Lucy Baul. of Grewelthorpe in Sept. 1896. A Varnish Worker in Ripon in 1901. Living Ure bank Top Ripon 1939.

The Ripon Varnish works.

JOHN WALKER ATKINSON. Bap.22.5.1881 Grewelthorpe. Son of Samuel & Annie. Father a slater in Leeds.

JONATHAN ATKINSON. Bap 17.2.1850.Mickley. Son of Robert the mechanic & Mary of Mickley.

JOSEPH ATKINSON. Born 1804 Roundhill, Yorkshire. Died 1885 Leyburn. Son of Thomas & Ann Appleby. Married in 1847 to Ann Styan. of Masham.

JOSEPH ATKINSON. Born C. 1852. Unmarried Farmer in 1881. Azerley.

JOSEPH ATKINSON. Born C1882 Low Ellington. Died Feb 1976 Canada. Son of Thomas & Mary Ann Glaves. In 1901 he was a blacksmith in Northallerton. Married in 1911 to Mary Ann Hepworth. of Canada.

LILY ATKINSON. Born 1884 Low Ellington. Dau of Thomas & Mary Ann Glaves, Married George Landers. of Masham.

LOWTHER WHITEHEAD ATKINSON. Born 20 Sept. 1879. Burnsal. Farmer & Coal dealer in K.Malzeard in 1911. Married in 1901 to Annie of Dacre. [b.1876]. 5 children in 1911. A widower in 1939 living North View House, Kirkby Malzeard.

LUCY ATKINSON [Nee Baul]. Born 25 April 1876 Dau of William Baul & Martha Close.[See Baul page]. married John Thomas Atkinson. [Varnish worker].
LUCY ATKINSON. Born 28 Feb 1912. Dau of John Thomas [varnish worker] & Lucy Baul. In 1939 she was a laundry maid. Married ? Mawer.

LUCY ATKINSON. Born 19 June 1912. Dau of Lowther W. & Annie. Living with Father in 1939.

*MABEL ATKINSON [NEE?] Born 9 Jan 1910. Married to Harry the joiner. Living Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.

MARGARET ATKINSON. Of Pott. 1518. The Abbott of Fountains indented to her & her son Richard all that part of the Grange and lodge called Pott. They had to deliver 13stones & 4lbs of cheese and 6stones & 8lbs butter to the monastery every year.

MARGARET ATKINSON. Born C. 1857 Bishop Thornton. Aunt of Lowther Whitehead Atkinson. Unmarried in Kirkby Malzeard in 1911.

MARGRET ATKINSON. Born C. 1870 Grantley. Dau of Elizabeth of Dallowgill. Married to ? Baines. had son George Frederick Baines. b.1899. Living Lincoln 1911.

MARIE ATKINSON. Buried 9.7.1657 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Christopher of The Hutts, Grewelthorpe.

MARMADUKE ATKINSON. C1618. Son of Margaret of Pott. Brother of Richard.

MARTHA ATKINSON. Bap. 5.7.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Samuel & Hannah.

MARY ATKINSON. Widow of Grewelthorpe buried 23.8.1699. Kirkby Malzeard.

MARY ATKINSON. Buried 15.6.1731 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John of Grewelthorpe.

MARY ATKINSON. Born C. 1765. Buried Kirkby Malzeard 15.12.1819.

MARY ATKINSON. Bap. 16.7.1769 Sawley. [Ref.IGI].

MARY ATKINSON. Born C1798 Kirkby Malzeard. married Jonathan Peacock. Lived Grewelthorpe.
MARY ATKINSON. Born 1813 Masham. Died 3.8.1884 Beverley. Married in 1838 James Metcalfe of Grewelthorpe.
MARY ATKINSON. Born C.1815. Buried Mickley 16.7.1895.

MARY ATKINSON spinster. In 1839 married George Thirkill widower. Both of K/mal. [Par Reg].

MARY ATKINSON. Born 1826. Dau of Thomas. Married on 30.5.1857 in Kirkby Malzeard to Thomas Wood. [b.1832 Durham] son of Henry Wood.

MARY ATKINSON. Born C. 1844 Mickley. Buried 28.1.1846 age 2.

MARY ANN ATKINSON. Born C.1850 Grewelthorpe. Wife of Samuel. Living Manchester 1891.

MARY JANE ATKINSON. Bap.27.4.1850 Kirkby Malzeard Grewelthorpe. Dau of Thomas & Ellen. of Fingerfield.

MARY A. ATKINSON. Born C. 1852 Winksley. Dau of George H. [Bobbin Turner] & Ann.

MARY ATKINSON. Born C.1855 Studley. Dau of Robert & Mary. Servant in Kirkby Malzeard in 1891.

MARY ATKINSON. Born C. 1858 Winksley. Dau of Richard & Hannah Mason.

MARY ANN ATKINSON. Bap. 5.4.1858 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James [The Sawyer] & Elizabeth. of Galphay.

MARY ELLEN ATKINSON. Born 1870. Died 1965. Dau of Albert & Fanny Harker. Married William Parker. [1869-1957]. Gamekeeper in South Stainley. Had dau. Edith Parker.[1896-1986]. and a son Edward Parker. [b.1895]

MARY JANE ATKINSON. Born 1.9.1879. Dau of Samuel & Mary Ann. Came from a Manchester Boarding school to Grewelthorpe school in 1885. Left in 1886.

MARY ATKINSON. Born C1881 Low Ellington. Dau of Thomas & Mary Ann Glaves.

MARY ANNIE ATKINSON. Youngest dau. of Fred Atkinson. of Masham. Married Francis Kitchener Hollinshead. of Ripon in 1939/40.

MARY ATKINSON [NEE?]. Born 30 April 1893. Dairy Farmer Widow at Manchester House Dallowgill in 1939.

MATTHEW S. ATKINSON. Born C.1847 Durham. Bobbin Turner. Son of George H [Bobbin Turner] & Ann. Living Winksley 1861.

NELLIE ATKINSON. Born C.1884 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Edwin & Alice. Married C1906 to ? Chamberlain. Living K.Malzeard in 1911. with 3 children * & Mother & Brother.

ORLANDO ATKINSON. Born C1840 Laverton. Died 1.6.1929. Son of William & Elizabeth. Married in 1867 to Martha Suttill. of Ramsgill in Ripon. Brother of Thomas & William. He was a carpenter.

PATRICIA ATKINSON. Born 9 July 1922. Dau of Donald [coal merchant] & Laura. She was a bookkeeper in 1939. Living Palace Rd. Ripon.
PETER ATKINSON. Bap. 23.9.1787 Winksley. [Ref.IGI].

PHILLIS ATKINSON. Bap. 25.7.1864 Mickley. Dau of Thomas & Emma. Living Selby.

ROBERT ATKINSON. Born 22 June 1915. Son of Albert & Emily. An invalid.

RICHARD ATKINSON. c1500. Held a tenement at Pott called Nether Ashhead. Various closes of pasture known as, Ing Close, Netherside, New Close, Arnagill Close, Cow close: Calf close, Skell funte yate, Stirk close, Tuppe Close and common pasture on the moors.

RICHARD ATKINSON. Born C. 1769. Buried 15.11.1843 Kirkby Malzeard.

RICHARD ATKINSON. Born C. 1817 Ilton. Living Wills Hill Ilton a June 1915. Son of widower in 1891.

RICHARD ATKINSON. Born C.1821 Westmoreland. Bobbin Turner. married to Hannah Mason. born Cumberland in 1823.

Living Winksley 1861. with 4 children and Mother in law.

RICHARD ATKINSON Listed on Kirkby Malzeard 1835 Polling list living at Straw House near Ripon.

RICHARD ATKINSON. Born C. 1840 Ripon. Son of Thomas & Mary. Living Kirkby Malzeard 1881.

RICHARD ATKINSON. Born C.1841. Son of Robert. Richard was a joiner in Bradford when he married Elizabeth Richmond. [b.1845] dau of William Richmond. They wed on 8.6.1868 at Kirkby Malzeard church. Still in K.Malzeard in 1911. No children.

RICHARD ATKINSON. Born C. 1841 Ripon. Son of Samuel & Hannah. Living Kirkby Malzeard 1861. In C1886 Married Elizabeth of K.Malzeard. No children.

RICHARD ATKINSON. 1863 Farmer at Fingerfield Grewelthorpe. Trustee to the new chapel at Dallowgill. [Ref. Dallowgill web site].

RICHARD HENRY ATKINSON. Born C. 1886 Sharow. Son of Thomas & Sarah. Living Scotton 1901.

RICHARD GRAHAM ATKINSON. Born C.1890 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Edwin & Alice. Farm Lab. in 1911 with Albert Coldbeck.

RICHARD ATKINSON Born 1894.Kirkby Malzeard. In 1924 he travelled back to Alberta Canada saying he was returning home. He was unmarried and had a brother Samuel.

ROBERT ATKINSON Born c1811 Masham. Living College Lane. Married to Elizabeth from East Witton. He was a Wheewright.
ROBERT ATKINSON. Born C. 1813 Kirkby Malzeard. Married Mary [b.1818] of Killinghall. Retired farmer living with 2 daughters in 1891 in K.Malzeard.

ROBERT ATKINSON. Born C1847 Farndale. He was a rope maker in 1911. Living In Masham with his relative George Baker.

ROBERT ATKINSON. Bap. 27.5.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Could be Son of Thomas & Mary of Bridge Hewick or Thomas & Ellen of Fingerfield, Grewelthorpe. In 1871 Robert was working as a Linen draper’s assistant at the huge department store called William Tarn & Co in Lambeth London.

According to a report by Robin Sharman this store was a Linen drapers, silk mercers, boys & ladies outfitters, boot makers, carpet warehouse, iron monger, bedding, bedsteads and general cabinet furniture manufacturers. The property was at 165-173 Newington, Causeway, London SE17, near the Elephant & Castle. It was a kind of department store employing a large number of staff, many of whom were accommodated in a hostel or dormitories provided by their employer. Most of these young people were single except for the widowed assistant housekeeper. She must have had a very difficult policing job!!

Wm Tarn & Co store.

ROBERT ATKINSON. Born C. 1859 Winksley. Son of George H. [Bobbin Turner] & Ann.

ROBERT ATKINSON. 1890 A Joiner in Masham. ref. Bulmers Directory.

ROBERT ATKINSON. Born C. 1882 Sharow. Son of Thomas & Sarah. Living Scotton 1901.

RUTH ATKINSON. Born C 1840 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Richard. A housemaid in Leeds in 1861.

SAMUEL ATKINSON. Born C. 1809 Kirkby Malzeard. farmer. married to Hannah of Killinghall.

SAMUEL ATKINSON. Born C. 1842 Ripon. Joiner. Husband of Margaritt of Grewelthorpe. Living Cheetham Lancs. 1871.

SAMUEL ATKINSON. Born C.1843 Kirkby Malzeard. Husband of Mary Ann of Grewelthorpe. Farmer. Lived Salford, Manchester 1891.

SAMUEL BARKER ATKINSON. Born 10 July 1883 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Edwin & Alice. Living with sister Nellie in 1911. Unmarried General Lab. in 1939

SARAH ATKINSON. Bap. 18.11.1744 Sawley. Died 26.2.1759. [Ref.IGI.]

SARAH ATKINSON. Bap. 8.11.1767 Sawley. Married 24.11.1788. [Ref.IGI].

SARAH A ATKINSON. Born C. 1854 Winksley. Dau of Richard & Hannah Mason.

SARAH JANE ATKINSON. Born C.1879 Bilton Harrogate. Dau of Thomas & Sarah. Living Ripon 1891.

SARAH EFFIE ATKINSON. Born 1886 Low Ellington. Dau of Thomas & Mary Ann Glaves.

STANLEY W. ATKINSON. Born 30 July 1901 Dacre Banks. Son of Lowther W. [coal dealer] & Annie. Living K.Malzeard 1911. Married to Edna born 1911. In 1939 living Hillside Kirkby Malzeard. Coal & Haulage driver.

SYDNEY ATKINSON. Born C. 1903 Dacre Banks. Son of Lowther W. [Coal dealer] & Annie. Living K.Malzeard 1911.

SYDNEY ATKINSON. Born 24 Aug. 1930. Son of Mary of Manchester House.

THOMAS ATKINSON In 1697 married Mary Wood of Hartwith. [Par Reg].

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born 1758 Masham. Died 1848 Roundhill, Masham. Married Ann Appleby.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1776. Buried 10.6.1849 Dallowgill.

Married Ellen Richmond. and lived at Low Ray Carr, Dallowgill.

Thomas was the Father of Ellen, Richard who (married Mary Nelson and left for USA in 1843), Margaret (married Thomas Denison of Burton Leonard), William [the Blacksmith] (married Mary Hebden), Ann, Thomas [the Tailor], Sarah, and John.

This is the will of Richard Richmond. The Father of Ellen Atkinson [Nee Richmond]. In which he leaves Low Ray Carr to Thomas & Ellen.

Low Ray Carr. Dallowgill. modern photo.

RICHMOND, Richard yeoman, of Meggate, Birstwith, Hampsthwaite. Written 07 Jan 1820, died 21 Jan 1820, and proved 30 Jan 1822 in the Peculiar Court of the Forest of Knaresborough. Son Thomas Atkinson and his Wife Ellin Atkinson all that Parcel of Land Called Low Raycarr and closes known as Great Holme, Long Holme, and Little Holme and that part of my allotment on Laverton Moor near Hogerston Hill on the east side of the Drift Road with the barn standing on the same. Rachel Braithwaite, housekeeper, a chaff bed, bedstead, one buffet stool, a little table, and an annuity of L1 and choice of little dwelling house at Meggate or Low Raycarr for her natural life. At the death of my son Thomas Atkinson and Ellin his wife Low Raycarr to go to grandson Richard Atkinson with the closes as specified above, he paying to his brother Thomas Atkinson L50 and to his sister Margaret Atkinson L40. Grandson William Atkinson allotment on Laverton Moor as before specified, he paying his sisters Ann Atkinson and Sarah Atkinson L30. Grandson Richard Atkinson to pay to his two sisters Ann and Sarah Atkinson L10 at death of his father and mother. Household furniture, bed, and bedding at Meggate to my three granddaughters Margaret, Ann, and Sarah Atkinson. Son Thomas Atkinson my cart and husbandry gear. Son John Richmond all the rest and residue of my estate. Trustees/Supervisors: Anthony Lumley, Gentleman of Skelding, and George Wharton of Laverton and William Appleby of Beckmeetings, all of the parish of Kirkby Malzeard. Executor: son John Richmond. Signed by mark though he is known to have been literate. Witnesses: William Hardcastle, Margaret Eubank, George Wharton. Personal estate under L20. Appraisers: William Hardcastle, George Ridsdale, and George Wharton. Bond: John Richmond, farmer, Laverton.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap. 11.3.1776 Galphay Wood. [Ref IGI].

THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap. 14.8.1791 Winksley. [Ref.IGI].

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1784 Lofthouse. Widower in Winksley in 1861.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1816. Buried 8.1.1849 Dallowgill. Married to Ellen of Grantley. Tailor.

So far as I can tell from census and probate records, Thomas [the Tailor] Atkinson had sons (Alfred, Albert, John, Thomas) born between 1842 and 1848. The widow Ellen (b ca 1822 Grantley) remarried to a William Ingleson and was living in Bradford in 1881.

See the will of Thomas Atkinson of Roundhill Farm, Dallowgill on the Dallowgill web site.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Lived at Roundhill Farm in 1823. Worked part time on an outcrop of coal at Arnagill.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1801 Kirkby Malzeard. Husband of Mary of Bridge Hewick.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Of Fingerfield Grewelthorpe married on 12 May 1860 Mary Yeats. of Carr House Azerley. {Ref. Yorks Gazette May 1860}.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1840 Masham. Married Mary Spence. of Ramsgill. Lived Stot Fold Ilton in 1891.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C.1846 Grewelthorpe. Son of Thomas & Mary of Bridge Hewick. Husband of Sarah of Burnsall. Widower in 1891 in Magdalene Row Ripon with 4 children.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap. 25.1.1846 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas & Ellen of Fingerfield, Grewelthorpe. He married Mary Yeates. of Carr house, Azerley on 14 May 1860 at Register Office, Ripon. [Ref. Yorkshire Gazette 1860].

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born 23.3.1848 Healey. Died 1936. Masham. Son of Joseph & Ann Styan. Married to Mary Ann Glaves. of Swinton.

Grave of Thomas & Mary Ann in Masham Churchyard.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap 17.12.1848 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas [the Tailor] & Ellen.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1849 K.Malzeard. Widower in 1911. Living with 3 children in Bradford. A Timber yard Lab.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1850. Buried 17.7.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. Par.Reg].

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C1854 Shaw Mills. Married to Emily. Quarryman in Pateley Bridge area.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1856 Winksley. Son of Richard & Hannah Mason.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap. 1.4.1857 Mickley. Son of Robert the Spinning master & Mary of Mickley.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Bap. 11.7.1858 Mickley. Son of Thomas the mechanic & Emma of Mickley.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born 31 Aug. 1868. Married to Margaret [Born 1874]. Retired engineer turner. In Ripon 1939.

THOMAS ATKINSON. 1890 A Cowkeeper in Masham. Ref. Bulmers Directory.

THOMAS CRAVEN ATKINSON. Born C. 1887 K.Malzeard. Married in 1909 to Anne Catherine [b.1881] of Manchester. Living Skelton on Ure in 1911 a Shoeing Smith.

THOMAS F. ATKINSON. Born 26 March 1887. Married to Annie [born 1892] General Labourer living Meadow View Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C. 1889 Masham. Son of Thomas & Mary Spence. Living Stot Fold Ilton in 1891.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born 29 March 1889. Dairy Farmer married to Mary A. [born 1889]. Living Low Missies Laverton in 1939.

THOMAS H.ATKINSON. Born 1890 Bishopside. Son of Thomas [quarryman] & Emily.

THOMAS W. ATKINSON. Born May 1908. Farmer. Married Margaret born 1911. Living Holme Farm Kirkby Malzeard in 1939.

THOMAS ATKINSON. Born C1900. Son of John Thomas & Lucy Baul. of Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. C1496. Held one part of the Grange of Pott. Mashamshire.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Will proved 20.6.1604. Yeoman of Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Buried 29.10.1653. Son of Christopher of The Hutts, Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. 12 Jan 1656 Mentioned on an indenture for Grewelthorpe Mill. A Fellmonger. Married to Mary.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Child buried 1.2.1683. Kirkby Malzeard. Of Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON In 1688 married Hellen Gudgeon both of K.Malzeard. [Par Reg.]

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Adult buried 28.11.1691. Kirkby Mazeard. Of Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Buried 10.1.1729 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Buried 12.4.1754 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C1791 Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Elizabeth of Masham. Farmer at Stott Fold. Ilton cum Pott. Father of Orlando.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born 1821 Redmire. Son of William. Married Elizabeth Horner. [b.1820]of Laverton on 30.12.1837 at Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. K.M.Par.Reg.]

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Bap 30.12.1830 Healey. Son of George ATKINSON and Rose Cherry was born in the hamlet that he and his family called Gownleyfoot in 1830. Married Elizabeth Burton. [see Burton page].

The following data is from Liz Holdsworth using information sent to her from New Zealand.

In 1841 William is found living at Pasture End Cottage in Healey cum Sutton with his parents, 6 brothers and 1 sister, his first name is recorded as Wm. Having visited the next door cottage to Pasture End (now known as No 1 Gollinglith Foot) it is difficult to imagine where they all slept with only 2 bedrooms, one of which is very small. However there was a large barn with an upper floor so maybe some of the boys slept there.

In 1851 I found William difficult to locate, however I believe he is found living at Spring Hall, Grewelthorpe and working as a servant/farm labourer, the farm is owned by a John Harrison.

For a long time after this I did not know what happened to William until we received copies of letters, written by William and his son, from a source in the USA. William had been writing to his brothers in the US from New Zealand. With this information I sought help from people in New Zealand and they helped me locate William information about William and his family. According to the following record freely available on the web site of Cambridge Museum, New Zealand.

“In 1857 he went to Australia, engaging in gold mining there, and later, in Otago, New Zealand. He revisited England in 1869, married Elizabeth Burton and returned to New Zealand on the \‘Aboukir’, landing at Auckland in the next October. He came to Cambridge the following Christmas, driving through in a dray, and settling at Pukerimu. His family, all born at Pukerimu were George Henry 1872, William Jnr, Robert and Elizabeth 1875. William died 24 November 1905 age 75 and Elizabeth died 15 January 1924 age 86. They are buried at the Pukerimu Cemetery except for William Junior.”

19 Dec 1857 a William ATKINSON aged 29 landed in Melbourne Australia, ship the King of Algeria, departure port Liverpool. This may be the record of William arriving in Australia however I do not have definitive proof of this.

Looking for the ship Aboukir landing in Auckland in October 1870, it would appear from the following report found on it arrived in Sept 1870.

“The fine ship Aboukir, under the command of Captain Langlands, arrived in Harbor from London yesterday afternoon, after a very fair passage of 96 days. Besides a full general cargo the Aboukir brings 73 passengers, who have all apparently arrived in excellent health, and one and all of them speak in very favourable terms of the kindness and attention shown to them during the passage by Captain Langlands. There was one birth dining the voyage. The following report of the passage has been kindly supplied to us by Captain Linglands:- Left London on June 1st, and Gravesend on the 2nd. Experienced light winds and fogs down the Channel. On the 5th took final departure from Start Point, and had moderate N.E. trades to the Equator, which was crossed on July 1st in 25 W, picked up the S.E. trades in 5 N: they continued light, taking the vessel to 28 S. Passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope in 44 S. on July 26 (55 days out from Gravesend). After losing the S.E. trades, experienced light westerly winds, with heavy seas, during which the ship laboured heavily, shipping large quantities of water, the ship going down to 45o S. From thence to Tasmania had a continuation of northerly winds. Passed Tasmania on August 20 – 8O days out. Owing to the northerly winds the vessel was carried to within two days’ sail of Otago. From thence to the Three Kings strong S.E. gales, with high mountainous seas, were experienced, during which the ship had to be hove-to several times. Passed the Three Kings on Thursday last. On the coast light airs and calm prevailed till arrival.”

Searching the passenger lists for the Aboukir there is a William and Elizabeth Atkins reported as arriving on the Aboukir in Auckland on Sept 6th 1870. I believe this to be William and Elizabeth ATKINSON as I have been unable to find any other evidence of this couple arriving in New Zealand in 1870. According to a letter written by William ATKINSON Junior to the family in Texas USA, their life was not initially easy.

To Joseph ATKINSON, Burnet Texas

Dated 23 Nov 1898


Tues 23/11/98

Dear Uncle

I now take up my pen to write the first letter which I suppose you have ever had from any of us here in Waikato, and I trust it will not be the last, hoping this will find you well as it leaves us all at present. Having obtained both yours and Uncle Bate\‘s address from Aunt Verity by last mail I thought I would just send you a few lines and tell you a little about NEW ZEALAND the Paradise of the world. As you perhaps know we live in about the centre of the North Island of NEW ZEALAND on the bank of the beautiful Waikato River. Our nearest village is Cambridge a small town of under 1000 inhabitants, which is surrounded by a beautiful agricultral district all nicely settled and studded with nice homesteads and farms ranging from 100 acres to 500 acres of land. Of course there are some big sheep and cattle runs back where the land get poorer & which is useless unless in large blocks. Father has 100 acres where we live & 70 a 1/4 of a mile away all first class land worth on an average from 8 to 10 pounds an acre or as you would say over there from 40 to 50 dollars. It is close on 30 years since Mother & Father landed in Auchland & bought the farm we now have. There were no fences round it then, and it was covered with fern & ti-tree scrub and nothing but and old hut to live in. I have heard them say they had with the settlers to all stop together at one place at night for fear the natives who were very savage would attack them if they scattered about all over the district. Anyhow those times are all passed now and instead of a wilderness it is now close by settled. The Waikato is a great dairying district, there being about 29 or 30 butter & cheese factories in it all together. We are milking nearly 30 cows and supplying between 70 & 80 gallons of ? each to one of the butter factories on an average about three-pence a gallon for it all the year round. Father is still hale and hearty although one of his feet troubles him a good deal through the blood not circulating through it properly. He has had to struggle with bad times and various losses but he has kept on his feet thorough all and I think the farm he now has is as good as any in the district supplied with every convenience in the shape farm implements, outbuildings, etc. I have just asked him if you are married, and he says you are, so I suppose I will have some American cousins. If so please try and persuade them to write and keep up a correspondence with us here. I have 1 sister, Elizabeth, aged 23, 2 brothers, George Henry 26, and Robert 21 next December, and myself who is 22. We are all on the farm but I suppose some of us will be getting married and shifting elsewhere. We will perhaps send Bate a letter next mail and if you happen to be writing to him you could tell him so. You will no doubt have received intelligence of uncle Octavius\‘s sudden death which was a great shock to us all. Mother has also lost a sister & a brother & a brother in law. We are forwarding you a paper with this letter which I hope you will receive safe. Please write back soon and let us know what you are doing, what the climate is like, whether the late War affected you or not. We used to get some wonderful accounts of it here in the papers. I must now draw to a close with love to all hoping you will excuse this scribble.

From your loving nephew & cousin


Note the address:

William ATKINSON Junr.


Liz received the following information re New Zealand electoral rolls in an e-mail from an Elaine Mullins in New Zealand. Using Google maps Pukerimu lies approx 5.8 km to the South West of Cambridge in the Northern Island whilst Pukekura lies about 6 km to the South East of the town. The town of Hamilton lies about 23 km to the North West.


William, farmer of freehold lots 29 and 30 Pukekura at Pukerimu

1894 and 1896

William, Pukerimu, farmer residential

1897 ditto plus

George Henry farmer residential near Cambridge West

Elizabeth Domestic duties ditto


Elizabeth at Pukerimu, domestic duties

Robert ditto ditto

William ditto ditto

Elizabeth near Cambridge West, Domestic duties

George Henry ditto Farmer


William Pukerimu farmer

Elizabeth ditto dom duties

Elizabeth near Cambridge West, dom duties

George Henry ditto farmer


Elizabeth at Pukerimu dom duties

Elizabeth ditto spinster

George Henry at Pukerimu, farmer

Robert at Pukekura, farmer

William and William Junior at Pukerimu, farmers (as William born 1830 had died by this time, is this his son and grandson?)


Elizabeth at Pukerimu, widow

Elizabeth ditto spinster

George Henry ditto farmer

Robert of Leamingtom, farmer

All of their children died without issue except William ATKINSON junior.

Letter from Amanda van Gorp (granddaughter of Gwendoline Atkinson of Pukerimu).
[April 2018]

Hi, I am descended from the Pukerimu Atkinsons here in New Zealand.
There seems to be a belief that only one of the Pukerimu brothers William Atkinson b 1876, d1953. continued the line here in NZ, with his siblings not having families. But my family history has us descended from William’s brother, Robert 1877 – 1931. I’ve not had a chance to read through all of the information on your page yet (it’s a real treasure trove), but I am keen to find out if this is an error in my tree or if we are some ‘lost line’.
The William and Elizabeth that Liz Holdsworth refers to in her correspondence are in my tree as William and Hannah (who went by the name Elizabeth and she is buried under this name). They are my great, great uncle and aunt, with William’s brother Robert being my great grandfather. Sadly Robert is believed to have committed suicide, (his son discovering his body). His wife died after just 8 years of marriage (cancer I think) and it’s said Robert never recovered from the loss. He was a much loved father though. One of his daughters (a favourite great aunt of mine) died a spinster some years ago and is buried with her parents at the Pukerimu Cemetery. If I can validate the connections, this will hopefully provide more information to add to your page.
Kindest regards, Amanda van Gorp (granddaughter of Gwendoline Atkinson of Pukerimu).

WILLIAM J. ATKINSON. Born C. 1845. Son of George H.[Bobbin Turner] & Ann. William was a Bobbin Turner in Winksley in 1861.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C. 1849 Redmire. Gardener. Son of William [Gardener] married on 19.12.1885 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Lizabeth Jackson. of Grewelthorpe. see Jackson page. Living Mill Bank, Gardener’s Lodge, Kirkby Malzeard 1891.

1901 Gildersome.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Bap 6.6.1851 Mickley. Son of Robert the Spinning master & Mary in Mickley.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C.1858. Buried 17.8.1879 Mickley.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C 1862 Ilton cum Pott. In 1881 Grocers Apprentice for Henry Trotter in Silver Street Masham.

WILLIE ATKINSON. Born C. 1876 South Stainley. Son of Albert & Fanny Harker. [Ref. 1881 census].

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born 8 April 1878 Low Ellington. Died march 1960. Son of Thomas & Mary Ann Glaves. Married Mary Ellen Brown. [born 29.4.1874] of Masham in 1901. In 1939 he was a small holder at Brook Farm, Low Ellington, Masham.

WILLIAM CLAUD ATKINSON. Bap. 5.10.1879 Grewelthorpe. Son of Samuel & Annie. Father a slater in Leeds.

WILLIAM ATKINSON. Born C. 1884 Masham. Son of Thomas & Mary Spence. Living Stot Fold, Ilton in 1891.
WILLIAM THOMAS STYAN ATKINSON Born Nov 1st 1886. Masham. Son of William & Laura. A Prospector. Served in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force. 1915. He was 5ft 10”. Fair hair blue eyes. Address Oakland House Masham. Later in 1915 he was discharged so he could so he could join the new army.
WILLIAM ATKINSON. 1890 Vet in Masham. Ref. Bulmers Directory.

WILLIAM H. ATKINSON. Born 12 Dec. 1905. Unmarried in 1939. A travelling timberleader.

Several Atkinsons long after the Reformation remained Roman Catholics. On 8.4.1618 Richard Atkinson. and his wife Agnes., Magaret Atkinson and her son Marmaduke were severally presented in the Peculiar Court Masham for standing excommunicate in not appearing to answer their Recusancy.

Researched by B.Bradley . Last update April 2021..

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    1. Melanie Paulus

      I am a decendant of Emily Atkinson. Her parents owned a rope and twine making mill located in Glasshouses, N Yorkshire, which they purchased in 1907 from the Metcalf family and it is my understanding that it stayed in the family until 1971. My understanding is that Emily was the youngest of six children but I could be wrong. They lived in or around Leeds, Yorkshire. I do not have a firm DOD for Emily but I understand it was around 1950.

    1. Elizabeth Wendy Holynski

      My great grandfather is John Jonah Atkinson who lived in Leeds Yorkshire and some of his family went to Canada but we are not sure who.This might be your Yorkshire connection ?

    1. Dawn Atkinson-Werchon

      I am researching the Atkinsons from Yorkshire, Uk. I would very much like to make contact with any living family. My Father In Law was Thomas Albert Atkinson, born Appleton Le Moors, Yorkshire, UK, 1892 He came to Australia as a young boy and was followed by his brother George Robson. Their Parents were Thomas & Isabella Mary Holliday.

    1. Lauren Michelle Frazier

      I’m looking for information on George Atkinson (b. 1802, d. Goronly Foot 4/23/1877) married to Rosey (unsure of maiden name, born 1802, Thornton Steward, d. Grewelthorpe 12/23/1886.) They lived in Gollinglith Foot (Gownley’ Foot) in Yorkshire. They had at least two boys, Tommy, and Joseph (my direct descendant). Joseph moved to the States, and fathered William Bateman Atkinson, who fathered Clara Mae Atkinson Moore, who gave birth to my Grandfather Jimmy Moore. If you have any information about these Atkinson’ I’d love to hear from you.

    1. carol metcalfe

      I am trying to contact Mary Kay Coker from usa but I have lost her email address. Please could you put me in touch with her again?

    1. Hilda Vega

      I am looking for information on my third great uncle. His brother was George Atkinson. Three brothers, George, William and Thomas boarded a Whaling Ship in England. They were planning to stay together but separated…Thomas went to Canada, Willliam (james) went to Wisconsin and George came to Brownsville Texas and Matamoros Mex. Please email me if you have any information. I already have some on William, and George. I have nothing for Thomas. If story sounds familiar email me please. George (1817-1890), William (1813-1888), Thomas abt. 1818. Thanks

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