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Ascough Family

ASCOUGH FAMILY. Last updated Oct 2020

Surname: Ascough. This interesting surname is of Northern English origin, and is locational from a place so called in the North Riding of Yorkshire, such as Aiskew. Recorded as “Echescol” in the Domesday Book of 1086, and as “Aykescogh” in the 1235 Fine Court Rolls of that county, the name derives the Old Norse elements “eiki”, oak, and “skogr”, wood, hence, “oak wood”. The surname is found recorded in Middle English as “Akeskeugh”, but in the modern idiom, the variants include: Haskew, Ascough, Ayscough, Askey, Askie and Haskey. Locational surnames were developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, usually to seek work, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. There is an old-established Cumberland family descended from Sir Hugh Askew, who received the lands of the Convent of Seaton during the dissolution of the monasteries in 1542. William Ayscough (died 1450), L.L.D., was Bishop of Salisbury in 1438, and confessor to Henry V1, he was murdered at Edington, Wiltshire, after saying Mass in 1450. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Ayksaghe, which was dated 1366, in the “Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire”, during the reign of King Edward 111, known as “The Father of the Navy”, 1327 – 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. ‘ Copyright: Name Orgin Research 1980 – 2010.

Records taken from Grewelthorpe Parish Registers, Census & School records, Parish Council records & Memorial Inscriptions in Grewelthorpe churchyard.[M.I.] Also information sent by I.Davies.

Information about the Ascoughs of Nutwith Cote, Masham taken from “The History & Antiquities of Masham & Mashamshire.” dated 1865.

If you find anything helpful and of interest, or if you have any information to add, I would like to hear from you.

The information is being regularly updated so it is worth more than one visit.

Thanks to Valerie Smith for information about James & Julia Ascough [May 2019].
My g.g. grandfather, George Heyes, b. 1804 in Manchester, married Sarah Ascough b. C.1808, on 28/08/1843 in Manchester. Sarah’s father on the marriage certificate is James Ascough, a manufacturer. I have never been able to find Sarah’s baptism.
During their marriage they had several children one of whom is called James Ascough Heyes and another called Elizabeth Pullen Heyes. Pullen a strange name. After some further investigation I found a James Ascough marrying a Julia Pulleine.

Thanks to Ray Ascough for information about his Uncle Arthur Samuel Ascough. and great grandfather Samuel Ascough and his family. [May 2019].

Thanks for information from Peter Ascough the son of Eddie Ascough & Marion Houseman. Peter sent data and photos about his branch of the Ascough family. Sent Dec. 2018.

Letter from Kirsten Hardie/ Andrew Ford November 2014. Subject: Ascough. I am trying to contact someone from the Ascough family that had a relative that lived in Church St in Shildon in the past – a G Ascough. I have something that they may be interested in. Please can you help me? Many thanks. Kirsten Hardie.

If you can help Kirsten please contact them on

Letter from Trevor Kitchen. Feb 2014. I am contacting you as I found your genealogy work for Grewelthorpe during my research for a WW1 14-18 project about Sawley Village.

George Ascough Richardson is listed on a memorial in St Michael’s church Sawley as having served his country at this time. As you have a George Ascough Richardson listed I would appreciate any genealogy links to members of his family if you have any and any detail re his military service if available. My research suggests George’s parents were Robert (1849 Tholthorpe) and Margaret 1852 (nee Ascough of Sawley possibly Hebden Wood House). I have found your research helpful with regard to other names on the war memorial.

If you can help Trevor please contact the site.

We were contacted by Gail Richardson Jan. 2016. as follows.

she asks about a connection to George Ascough Richardson who is mentioned on a WW1 memorial in Sawley village. My husband is a grandson of George and we would like to contact Trevor to exchange details. Yours sincerely, Gail and Peter Richardson

Gail contacted us again in Feb 2016.

On your website Harry Stevens (March 2009) is tracing a Margaret daughter of John Rodwell Ascough. There seem to be 2 Margaret Ascoughs, one born c.1842 and the other born 1851. She sent details re. Margaret b1851. James born1828 and George born 1891. See in list below.

Thanks to Ivor Davies for his help with some of the following information.

Ivor would like to hear from any one who can help with his research into the family of Sarah Emma Ascough and particularly about her husband Arthur Bolton who went to Canada about 1913.

To contact Ivor by e mail

Thanks to the Pott & Agill study group for information about the Ascoughs of High Ash Head Farm.

Information about the Ascoughs of Pott Grange taken from Fishers History of Masham – 1865.

Information wanted about Mary Ascough who married Henry Burton. born 1804. If you can help

Harry Stevens a descendant of John Rodwell Ascough would like information about John’s wife Jane Slee’s family and also about the Richardson family.

If you can help

Elizabeth Gorbell would like more information re. William Ascough, Bishop of Salisbury who was murdered in 1450.

Ryan Temple sent the following request for information in July 2011.

I am researching my family tree and I was wondering if you had any information which could help as I am struggling to trace back the Ascough family before 1620.

My great grandmother is Charlotte Ascough (1902-1974) who married Amos Clarke Temple.

My tree goes back thought the following names Charlotte Ascough (1902 – 1974) – Amos Clarke Temple (1904 – 1985)

Christopher Ascough (1863 – ?) ‘ Elizabeth Curren (1873 – ?)
George Ascough (1830 – 1902) ‘ Mary Ann ? (1831 – ?)
Christopher Ascough (1786 ‘ 1868) ‘ Ann Horner (1799 – 1886)
John Ascough (1746 ‘ 1818) ‘ Mary Raynard (1748 ‘ 1816)
George Ascough (1702 – ?) ‘Eleanor Smothwaite (1702 ‘ ? )
George Ascough (1668 ‘ 1717) ‘ Christine ? (1675 ‘ 1699)
George Ascough (1644 ‘ 1700) ‘ Elizabeth Patterson (? – ?)
William Ascough (1620 ‘ 1702) ‘ Elynor ? (1620 ‘ 1690)

I am yet to confirm the information above as I do not have access to any BDM certificates yet, however I will be trying to obtain these soon.

Do you have any additional information about the Ascough family. I would love to know if any stories were passed down or any photographs. The only photographs I have are of Charlotte Ascough only however I imagine that there must be some of Christopher and George floating around somewhere.

Do you have any information that takes the tree back further than what I already have?

Letter from Roger Lewis from Wales – September 2011.

I have been tracing my family tree and have a Gt, Gt, Gt, Gt Grandfather – Edward Lewis born in Kippax in c1746 who married Elizabeth Ascough from Garforth at Farsley, St John. Garforth in Jan 1779. Elizabeth’s parents i believe, were John Ascough and Elizabeth (unknown) . John was born sometime around 1716.

Edward Lewis worked for customs and excise in Whitby. He and Elizabeth had at least 3 children, one of whom was also Edward, born 1788 in Whitby. Edward, the younger, became a surgeon and apothecary and lived in Sherburn in Elmet.

I am hoping next year to visit Sherburn, Whitby and Garforth, and now it looks like Grewelthorpe as well, but was wondering if any of the Ascough family still residing in the village might have any useful information about Elizabeth they could send me. It would give me a great head start to have the link ready made when i come up.

If you can help Roger please contact the site.

Ellen Jensen sent the following letter Jan 2012.

If you can help Ellen please contact this site. I have being trying to find out the history behind a silver & horn beaker I have which was presented to a Robert Ascough by members of the York Apollo Club in testimony of their respect for his valuable services as Honorary Treasurer July 15th 1833. I have not yet been able to find any information on the York Apollo Club but came across your site whilst looking. My late parents bought the beaker from a house sale in Whitby many years ago.
Kind Regards,
Elizabeth Jensen.

Thanks to Steve Ascough for allowing us access to his family tree. [June 2012].

Ascough coat of arms.

ABIGAIL ASCOUGH. Born 1782 East Witton. Dau of George & Mary Durham.
ALICE ASCOUGH [nee ?] Born C1867 Masham. Married to Matthew of High Ash Head Farm. She was a widow in 1911. living Dallowgill with daughter Alice.
ALICE ASCOUGH. Born 1899. dau of Matthew & Alice of High Ash Head Farm.
ANABELLA ASCOUGH. Born C.1790. Buried 5.5.1872.Kirkby Malzeard.
ANN ASCOUGH. 21.11.1678 Married J.Wettenhall. at East Witton.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C. 1724. Buried 18.10.1809. age 85. a widow.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C1729 Ellingstring. Dau of John & Ann Burrell. married John Vitty. May 1751 Masham. Lived Healey Mill Masham. They had son Thomas Vitty.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born 1766 East Witton. Dau of John & Dorothy Longstaff. Married Edward Alderson. on 3.2.1806. Masham.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C1775 High Ash Head. Ilton cum Pott. Masham. Died C1807. Married Henry Scaife. in Dec 1804 in Masham. Dau of Matthew & Margaret.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born 1776. Died 1838. Dau of George & Mary Durham.
ANN ASCOUGH [Nee MANN.] Born C.1786. Married Matthias Ascough 14.5.1814. See Mann Family details.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C. 1791. Buried 15.9.1852 Grewelthorpe Age 61. [Ref. Par.Reg.]
ANN ASCOUGH [Nee Horner]. Born C.1799 West Tanfield. Died 12.10.1886. Buried 15.10.1886. Grewelthorpe. Wife of Christopher.[Farmer] Kirkstall Leeds.
ANN ASCOUGH Bap 1805 Dau of George of Springhouse. [Ref Par Reg.]
ANN ASCOUGH Bap 1816 Mickley. Dau of Simeon [the mason] & Nancy Spence [Ref Par Reg].
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C 1821. Buried 7 Feb 1828. Dau of Matthias & Ann Mann.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born ?. Buried 9.10.1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Hunslet, Leeds.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C1832 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Christopher & Ann Horner. Married Amos Swain. of Darley in 1851. Moved to Armley. Yorkshire.

ANNE ASCOUGHWEDDING AT GREWELTHORPE. The wedding took place at St. James’s Church, Grewelthorpe, near Ripon. on Boxing Day, of Anne, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ascough, of Virginia House, Grewelthorpe, to Mr. David Scott, of Randolph Crescent, Maida Vale, London … Ref. Leeds Mercury 1935.

ANN ASCOUGH. Died Nov. 1932. Wife of Christopher James Ascough. Lived Ivy House, Grewelthorpe.
ANN ASCOUGH. Born C.1847. Died 28.11.1930. Buried 1.12.1930 Morecambe Cemetery. Dau of John Rodwell Ascough & Jane Slee. of High Ash Head Farm. Ann married [1] Edward Wilkinson. in 1873. Married [2] John William Armitage. in1882.
ANNIE ASCOUGH. Bap.21.2.1864 dau of John & Maria. Fellmonger. In 1901 Maria was widow. Annie a teacher in Barnsley.
ANNIE ASCOUGH. Born C 1885. Died 1970/71.Age 86.
ANNIE ASCOUGH [nee COLDBECK.] Wife of John Ascough. Lived Virginia House, Grewelthorpe. Mother of Lena, Eileen & Eddie.
ANNIE ASCOUGH. Born 5.9.1911. Bap 15.10.1911. dau of John & Annie. Farmer Bramley Grange. Started school 8.4.1918. Left 1925. This is probably the Ann that married David Scott. of Sunderland in January 1936.
ARABELLA ASCOUGH. Born C. 1840. dau of Christopher & Ann of Thorpe Moor.
ARABELLA ASCOUGH. Born in Ripon. A grocer. In 1851 a pauper.

Report in Yorks. Gazette May 1837.

ARTHUR ASCOUGH. Born C.1875 South Stainley. Son of John [The Corn miller] & Elizabeth Wright. Married Maria ?.from Harrogate. Living with his parents in 1901 in South Stainley.
ARTHUR SAMUEL ASCOUGH. Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Dresser. Grandson of Samuel Ascough.[Born 1851]. Arthur Samuel was a bus driver in Harrogate and lived on Wellington Square, a cul de sac off Cold Bath Rd. Harrogate. In 1934 he appeared at Knaresborough court on 2 summonses for speeding. He was fined £2. Reported in Yorkshire Post on 29 November 1934.
BARBARA ASCOUGH [Nee PEACOCK.] Born C.1820 Azerley. Wife of Matthias [The Fellmonger] of Grewelthorpe. Buried 11.10.1878 Kirkby Malzeard.
BENJAMIN PULLEIN ASCOUGH. Was the Mayor of Ripon and descended from the Pott Grange Ascoughs. Born 11.3.1810 Leeds. Son of James. In 1841 living Masham with Julia Ascough his Mother and Ann Ascough, Sister? 1841 he married Mary Auton. of Nosterfield [b.1821]
1851 Living Market Place Masham. He was a Tallow Chandler.
1861 living Fishergate Ripon with Mary and his brother James. [b.1818 Manchester]
1871 Living Sharow with Mary. He died in 1878 in Ripon district.
BRIAN ASCOUGH. Born 1736 Ellingstring. Son of John & Ann Burrell.
CAROLINE ASCOUGH. Born C.1831. dau of Matthias & Ann Mann. 1841 census. Married William James Horn of Ripon on 21 Sept 1861 at Cathedral Church Ripon. [Ref Yorks Gazette 1861].
CARRIE ASCOUGH. Born C. 1876 Grewelthorpe. Living Ridley Northumberland in 1891.
CATHERINE ASCOUGH. Born 1835 Stainley. Dau of John & Anne Kitching.
CHRISTIANA ASCOUGH. Born 1824 Hunton. Dau of John & Anne Kitching.
CHRISTIANA ASCOUGH. Born C 1865. of Laverton. Died 19.7.1915 in Ripon workhouse. Buried 27.8.1915 Dallowgill. She was a paraplegic.
CHRISTINE ASCOUGH. Born 1698 Ellingstring. Dau of George & Christine.
CHRISTOPER ASCOUGH. Born 1684. Died 1718 east Witton. Son of George & Eliz. Patterson. of Masham. had a son Thomas.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. 1692 was paid to drive a tunnel into Allen Grove Colsterdale to make a coal mine.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Lived Nutwith Cote Masham. Succeeded in 1730 by his son Thomas.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Born C1743 Masham. Died 1831 Grewelthorpe. Son of George & Eleanor Smothwaite.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Born 1774 Died 1845. Son of George & Mary Durham.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Yeoman. Will proved 12.8.1831.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Bap 25.12.1786. East Witton. Died 13.4.1868. Buried 18.4.1868. Grewelthorpe. M.I. Husband of Ann Horner. Married 25.11.1824 in Masham. Farmer. Son of John & Mary Raynard..
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Born C 1822. Died 18 May 1868. Son of Matthias & Ann Mann.
CHRISTOPHER ASCOUGH. Born 1.6.1828 Grewelthorpe. Died 25.3.1878. Buried 30.3.1878. M.I. [see photo at end]. Son of Christopher & Ann Horner. Husband of Emma Farr.[1840-1920] of Leeds. Married 22.9.1875 in Leeds. Farmer at Thorpe Moor. Grewelthorpe.
CHRISTOPHER JAMES ASCOUGH. born Jan 1878 Bap. 3.3.1878. Grewelthorpe. Son of Christopher & Emma Farr. started school 21.5.1883. Left 1889. (Mother named as Mary in school records) See obituary at end. Died June 1949. Postman. Husband of Ann Married 1904 in Ripon. Lived Ivy House, Grewelthorpe.

In 1911 census Christopher & Ann were with stepchildren Herbert & Minnie Thwaites. see Thwaites page.

Reported in Ripon Gazette October 1935. C.J.Ascough of Ivy House, married DORIS BURNS. Of Sunny Haven, Grewelthorpe. dau of Mr. Handley.

The 2nd dau of C.J.ASCOUGH. & WINIFRED THWAITES. married JAMES S.SCOTT BURRELLS. of Birstwith at Grewelthorpe Church in June 1930.
CHRISTOPHER J.ASCOUGH. Born 2 Jan 1881. Married to Doris C. [born 1895]. A Dairy & Poultry farmer in 1939 living Ivy House. Grewelthorpe.
CHRISTOPHER JOHN BOLTON ASCOUGH. Son/ or sister of Mrs Emma Bolton. Married EMMA COATES. Dau. of Joseph Coates. of Sunderland in January 1936.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH. Born 1707. Died 1735. Dau of George & Christine of Bedale.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH 1742/01/19 K.Mal. married John Dixon curate of Bramhope {ref. Par Reg].
DOROTHY ASCOUGH. Born 1738 Ellingstring. Dau of John & Ann Burrell.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH 1770 married Richard Jaques joiner of K.Malzeard parish

DOROTHY ASCOUGH. Born 1771 Healey. dau of John & Dorothy Longstaff. married Robert Brown. 31.1.1793 Masham.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH 1779 married Edward Dixon both of K.Malzeard parish. [Par Reg].

DOROTHY ASCOUGH. Born 1810. Died 11 May 1830. Dau of Thomas & Hannah Carter.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH. Born 1830 Stainley. Dau of John & Anne Kitching.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH. Born C.1908 Starbeck. Dau of Fred & Florence. Living Carlton Minniott in 1911.
DOROTHY ASCOUGH [Nee ?]. Born 10.7.1908. Died 23.4.1985. Wife of George William. M.I. See Obit at end.
EDDIE ASCOUGH. Born 20.11.1917. Son of John & Annie. Lived Virginia House, Grewelthorpe. Started primary school 1.4.1924 after being in infants class. Left 1931. He was a joiner.
Married 1946 Marian Houseman of Primrose Cottage Grewelthorpe. See picture at end.
Marion’s parents were George Thomas Houseman, B 29 May 1878, D 24 Jan 1940 and Isobel (Brown). and they latterly lived at Hill Crest Cottage. Grewelthorpe. [Thanks to Peter Ascough for this information].

Eddie Ascough & his brother in law Barney Cross.

They had 6 children, Ellen (married Jack Walmsley, farmer at Darley), Maisie (married Ken Taylor CID at Wakefield), Thomas ,( moved to somewhere near Hull), Marion (my mother), Alice ( married Jack Binks, farmer at Mickley) and George (a welder in Leeds}.
EDWIN ASCOUGH. Of South Stainley nr Harrogate. Died in a shooting accident 15 Feb 1892. [Ref York Herald 18.2.1892]
EILEEN ASCOUGH. Born June 19 1928. Dau of John & Annie of Virginia House, Grewelthorpe. Sister of Edward. Married Barney Cross. a jockey and later a race horse trainer at Chatton Park in Northumberland.
[Thanks to Peter Ascough for this information]. See photo of Barney above.
ELEANOR ASCOUGH. Born C 1704. Died 1783 East Witton. Dau of Philip & Grace Beattie.
ELEANOR ASCOUGH. Born C1735 Ellingstring. Dau of George & Eleanor Smothwaite.
ELLENOR ASCOUGH. Born C1790 East Witton. Dau of John & Mary Raynard.
ELEANOR ASCOUGH [nee Thackray.] Born C. 1837 Eavestone. Died 15.7.1910. M.I. Wife of George. Mowbray Hall. Dau of James Thackray.
ELEANOR ASCOUGH. Bap.19.4.1878 Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Ellen Thackray. Farmer Low Grounds Farm. Started school 26.5.1884. Left 1891. Married Thomas Barker. of Aldfield. Banns read December 1899. See Barker page.
ELLEN ASCOUGH. Lived Aldfield. Had a dau Mary, Bap on 7.9.1823 at Aldfield. Father George Askew.
ELLEN ASCOUGH. Bap 23.5.1818. Masham. Died 9.9.1876 Lunterstone Dallowgill. Dau of Matthew & Mary Rodwell. Married James Cundall.[son of John] on 1.12.1838 at Kirkby Malzeard. Had 7 children.
ELLEN ASCOUGH. Born 26.6.1842 Grewelthorpe. Died March 1872. Wisconsin USA. Dau of Christopher & Ann Horner. of Thorpe Moor. Wife of William Wood Russell[1838-1872] of Kirkby Malzeard. Banns read January 1863. 4 children pre 1870.
ELLEN ASCOUGH. Born C. 1890 High Ash Head, Ilton. Dau of Matthew & Alice.
ELIZA ASCOUGH. Bap.11.7.1827 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Matthias & Ann Mann. Lived Naegill End.Grewelthorpe 1841 census. Married Thomas Imeson 13.10.1846 in Kirkby Malzeard. Witness at wedding John Ascough.

ELIZABETH ASCOUGH. Born 1671. Dau of George & Elizabeth Patterson. of Masham. Married Thomas Bell. of Leyburn. Had 3 children Elizabeth. Ann & Thomas Bell.
ELIZABETH ASCOUGH. Born 1713. Died 1800 Kirklington. Dau of George & Christine of Bedale. Married Richard Pickersgill. in Masham on 16.7.1738.
ELIZABETH ASCOUGH. Born 1727 East Witton. Dau of John & Ann Burrell.
ELIZABETH ASCOUGH [BETTY]. Born 1758 Ellingstring. Dau of John & Dorothy Longstaff. Married Francis Glew. on 4.2.1778 Masham.
ELIZABETH ASCOUGH. Bap 1810 Dau of George of Springhouse.
ELIZABETH ASCOUGH. Born 1833 Stainley. Dau of John & Anne Kitching.
ELIZABETH ASCOUGH. Born C. 1836 Azerley. A charwoman. An inmate in Ripon Workhouse in 1871.
EMMA ASCOUGH. [nee FARR.] Born 24.10.1842. Essex. Died 3.3.1920. M.I. Dau of Thomas Farr & Elizabeth. Wife of (1)Christopher. Married 22.9.1875. Leeds. Wife of (2) William Pennington. Banns read for [2] Jan 1882. 1881 census Housekeeper at The Hutts, Grewelthorpe.
EMMA ASCOUGH. Born 3.6.1877 dau of Mary. Started school 7.6.1882 Left 1892. Married * ? Bolton.* Died 1940 Hull. Mother of Ada, William & John.
ESTHER ASCOUGH. Born April 1777 Masham. Dau of Thomas & 2nd wife Jane Atkinson.
ESTHER ASCOUGH. Born Grewelthorpe. Bap 14.9.1834 Kirkby Malzeard.Dau of Christopher & Ann Horner. Sister to John (born 1828) Housekeeper in 1861. Buried 10.12.1893. age 60 Kirkby Malzeard. Married James Booth Farrar. of Mannngham in 1876.

Sue Hosford writes in April 2015.
au of
Esther Ascough Born 1834. I have Esther marrying Thomas Wintersgill on 30 Apr 1868 at St Peter’s Bradford, and then George Watson 10 Dec 1883 at Ripon Cathedral. On both marriage certificates she states her father is Christopher Ascough. A report in the York Herald 8 Nov 1880 states she is taking her brother John Ascough to court for non payment of a loan she made him. She died Sept 1913 at Ripon. [As some of this information conflicts with the original entry. It would be interesting to hear from other researchers ]

ESTHER ASCOUGH. Died 7.12.1893 in Almshouses Kirkby Malzeard. Spinster. Administration of will in London to Isabella Leake. wife of Robert Leake. Effects £85.17s.6d.

Coroner’s report in York Herald Dec 1893. J. S. Walton, coroner, held an inquest at the Queen’s Head Hotel, Kirkby Malzeard, on the body of Esther Ascough, aged 55, a spinster, residing in the Kirkby Malzeard almshouses. It appeared that deceased occupied an almshouse in company with Ellen Umpleby. Miss Ascough had only been in indilfferent health for some time, and on the morning of the 7th inst. when her companion rose about 11 a.m.. she found her lying on the bed with her clothes on, She did not speak and Ellen Umpleby went again to her about two p.m.and found her dead. A verdict of died from natural causes was returned.

E. ASCOUGH. R.Engineers. Served in WW2.
FRED ASCOUGH. Born 1883 Scriven. A Loco Railway Stoker in 1911 living in Carlton Minniott. In 1907 Married Florence of Scarborough. [b. 1877] with 2 children Dorothy & Herbert.
FREDERICK ASCOUGH. Lived Pannal Ash. Married to Annie [born C1861] died 1938 aged 77. A widow when she died. Interred Harlow Moor Cemetery Harrogate. [Ref Leeds Mercury June 1938].
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born C1644 Masham. Died 1700 East Witton.
Son of William & Elynor. Married Elizabeth Patterson. of Masham in 1664. 7 children. Father of George [b1668].
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1688. Died 1717 East Witton. Son of George & Elizabeth Patterson. Married Christine. of Bedale. They had 5 children.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born C1702. Son of George & Christine. Married Eleanor Smothwaite. in May 1734 Masham. Father of John [b.1746].
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1736 Ellingstring. Son of George & Eleanor Smothwaite. Married Frances Cotes. 30.6.1760 East Witton. Died 5.4.1808.

There is a plaque in East Witton Graveyard that says:-

Near This place lies interred the body of George Ascough of this Parish

who died 3rd April 1808 aged 82yrs.

Also Francis wife who departed this life 6th May 1803 aged 79yrs.

Also John their eldest son 10th August 1761 aged 1 week.

Also Thomas their third son 26th November 1766.

Also the remains of John & Jane Cotes. the parents of the above Francis Ascough

with several of their children.

This last tribute of affection was placed here by George Cotes Ascough their second and only surviving son of Grove House. Stanwell. County of Middlesex.

GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1747 Ellingstring. Died Nov 1836. Son of John & Ann Burrell. Married Mary Durham. June 1770 Masham. Had 9 children.
GEORGE COTES ASCOUGH. Born 1762 East Witton. Died C 1834. Son of George [b1736 & Francis Cotes.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1767.Masham. Son of Thomas & 1st wife Isobel Topham.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1768. Died 1846 Masham. Son of John & Dorothy Longstaff.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1773 Ellingstring. Died 1830 Masham. Son of George & Mary Durham.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1775 Fearby. Son of Thomas & his second wife Jane Atkinson.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1778. Bap 1779. East Witton. Son of John & Mary Raynard.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born & Died 1785 Masham. Son of Matthew & Margaret.
GEORGE ASCOUGH Husbandman 1803 Married Ann Blackburn spinster. Witness Hry Ascough. [Ref. Par Reg].
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Bap. 4.9.1811 K.Malzeard. Son of George of Springhouse, Grewelthorpe.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 1820 Died 1843. Son of Matthew & Mary Rodwell.
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born C. 1830 Grewelthorpe. Died 1902. Son of Christopher & Ann Horner. Married Mary Ann Fenwick. Living Middleton Tyas in 1891. Kirkby Fleetham in 1901. living with sister Sarah Farrar.[b.1837 Grewelthorpe].
GEORGE ASCOUGH. Bap. 2.6.1838.Masham. Died 4.1.1924. Son of John Rodwell Ascough & Jane Slee. Husband of Eleanor Thackray.[b.1839] Married 30.4.1864 in Kirkby Malzeard to dau of James Thackray. See Thackray page. Died at Lake View, Grewelthorpe. In 1881 & 1911 living at Mowbray Hall. Parish Councillor from 1896-1898.
GEORGE ASCOUGH RICHARDSON. – born 1891 at Marton-le-Moor, son of Robert Richardson and Margaret Ascough, blacksmith of Tholthorpe. Prior to WW1 he was a groom at Chatsworth House. Served in ASC during WW1. Electoral registers for 1918-20 record him living in Sawley with his mother Margaret. He was employed at Sawley Hall. Married 1921, died in 1931. listed on War Memorial at Sawley.
GEORGE WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born 9 Aug 1907. Grewelthorpe. Bap.22.9.1907. died 4.1.1975. Son of James William & Martha Beatrice. The Green.Grewelthorpe. Husband of Dorothy [born 1908]. M.I. Started school 1.4.1914. Left 1921. See obit at end for wife Dorothy. Lived Hutts Farm. Grewelthorpe. Dairy farmer.
GEORGE ROBERT ASCOUGH. Born 3.9.1915. Son of John. Started primary school 9.4.1923 after being in infants class. Left 1929.
HANNAH ASCOUGH. Born 1816. Dau of Matthew & Mary Rodwell.
HANNAH ASCOUGH. Born C1821 Hunton. Dau of John & Anne Kitching.
HENRYE ASCOUGH. Born 1664. Died 1683 East Witton. Son of George & Eliz. Patterson. of Masham.
HENRY ASCOUGH. Born C.1757. Buried 11.2.1846. Kirkby Malzeard.
HENRY ASCOUGH. Born C1757. Ellingstring. Died 1826 Ellingstring. Son of George & Eleanor Smorthwaite. married Jane of East Witton.
HENRY ASCOUGH. Born C. 1782. Buried 3.1.1848. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Mary Raynard. Married Jane Clarkson. on 17 March 1810 Masham.
HERBERT H. EMMERSON ASCOUGH. Born C. 1909. Living Carlton Miniott in 1911. Son of Fred [Railway stoker] & Florence.
ISABELLA ASCOUGH. Dau of John. Married Henry Williamson on 4 April 1738. At St Martins East Witton. She inherited Kilgram Bridge Farm from her Father in 1738.
ISABELLA ASCOUGH [nee ?]. Born C 1838. Died 22.2.1875 Ripon. Married to George Ascough [accountant]
JACK ASCOUGH Lived Virginia Cottage Grewelthorpe. See articles & Picture at bottom of page.
JAMES ASCOUGH. Born 1780 East Witton. Died 1830. Leeds. Son of George & Mary Durham. Married Julia Pullein. who died in Masham in 1857.

Grave of Julia Ascough [nee Pullein] in Masham Graveyard. Thanks to Valerie Smith for photo.
See her letter at top of page.

JAMES ASCOUGH. Born C 1818 son of Christopher & Ann Horner. Farmer.
JAMES ASCOUGH. Born 1817. Son of James & Julia Pullein. Brother of Benjamin Pullein Ascough. In 1861 living Ripon with his Brother. A joiner.
JAMES ASCOUGH. – born c.1828 at Aldbrough or Whixley (from census). Married Jane Ryecroft (born c.1824 at Sawley). Had 5 children. In 1861 the family were living at Hebden Wood House, James being an agricultural labourer.
JAMES ANTHONY ASCOUGH. Born 17 March 1937. died 6.10.1953.[Accident] Son of George & Dorothy. Brother of Elizabeth. M.I. Lived Hutts Farm Grewelthorpe. Ref Yorks Post. 8. 10 .1953.
JAMES WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born 13.9.1868 Eastby. Farmer. Died 9.12.1921.Son of George & Eleanor Thackray. M.I. Started school 9.1.1877. Left 1881. Married in C1902 to Martha Beatrice. of Healey. In 1911 had 2 children George & Thomas.

Grave of James William Ascough in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

JANE ASCOUGH. Bap 1733 Dau of Phillip of Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. Par Reg.]
JANE ASCOUGH. Born 1745 Ellingstring. Dau of John & Ann Burrell.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born C1773 Healey. Died 1800. Fearby. Dau of John & Dorothy Longstaff. married Matthew Terry. on 9.11.1794 Masham.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born C.1776. Buried 19.4.1840.Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe. Possibly the dau of John & Mary Raynard
JANE ASCOUGH. Bap 1795 Dau of Robert of Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. Par Reg.]
JANE ASCOUGH. Born C.1800. Buried 28.3.1836. Kirkby Malzeard.
JANE ASCOUGH [Nee Slee]. Born C.1803. Died 28.10.1892. Married John Rodwell Ascough. Lived at High Ash Head Farm.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born C. 1837 Masham. 1851 in Leyburn Workhouse.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born 1842. Buried 19.4 1843. Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Bagwith.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born 1847. .Died as infant. Buried 2.5.1847.
JANE ASCOUGH. Bap 23.1.1847 Mickley. Buried 2.3.1847. Dau of John & Mary of Mickley.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born 1847 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Mary Westwick.
JANE ASCOUGH. Born C. 1848. Buried 21.12.1853. Mickley.
JANE ASCOUGH IMESON. Born 1854. died 19 June 1931 at Sutton Grange Masham. Interred at St Mary’s Church Masham on 22 June 1931. [Ref. Leeds Mercury newspaper 1931]. Probate to Father Robert Imeson. Mother was Mary Ascough.
JO. ASCOUGH. Bap. 28.12.1694. Son of Thomas of East Witton.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born 1704 Masham. Son of George & Christine. Married Ann Burrell. in Jan 1726. in East Witton.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Lived Nutwith Cote. Masham. Eldest son of Thomas Ascough. Married 1742 Catherine Bartlett. [Bap. 23.12.1704]
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C1731 East Witton. Died 1808 Healey. Son of John & Ann Burrell. married Dorothy Longstaff. [b1738 d1804]
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C. 1747. Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 11.2.1818. Son of George & Eleanor Smothwaite. Married Mary Raynard. 31.12.1774 Masham.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Collier in Colsterdale in early 1700’s.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Of Ripon. Married Mary Spence the widow of Anthony Dawson. of Azerley. in 1700’s.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Bap 19.12.1743 Died 4.2.1774. No issue. Son of John Ascough & Catherine Bartlett. Lived Nutwith Cote, Masham. Succeeded by brother Thomas.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born 1746. Died 1818. Grewelthorpe. Married Mary Raynard.[1748-1816]. Father of Matthias & Christopher.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born & Died 1761. East Witton. Son of George & Francis Cotes.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C1765 Healey. Died 1796. Son of John & Dorothy Longstaff. Married Hannah Heppell. on 18.3.1792 Masham.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born 1770 Ellingstring. Son of George & Mary Durham. Married Anna Smorthit. May 1794 Masham.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C1774 High Ash Head, Ilton cum Pott. Masham. Died Dec 1862 Richmond. Son of Matthew & Margaret.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C1793 Masham. Died Jan 1867 Ripon. Son of John & Hannah Heppell. Married [1] 1820 Anne Kitching of West Tanfield. Married [2] 1838 Mary Westwick. of Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN RODWELL ASCOUGH. Born C.1810 Spennithorne. Bap 21.10.1810. Died 7.1.1885. Buried 10.1.1885. Healey. A Labourer. Husband of Jane Slee. Married 17.5.1832. East Witton. Died at High Ash Head Farm, Ilton.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Bap 1.4.1825 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 13.3.1869. Buried 17.3.1869.Grewelthorpe.M.I. Son of Matthias & Ann Mann. Brother of Maria. Fellmonger. Husband of Maria.[1842-1907]. 2 children pre 1869.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born 1827 Hunton. Died March 1888 Guisborough. Son of John & Anne Kitching. Married Isabella Ward. in 1855 in Guisborough.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Bap.15.4.1827 Grewelthorpe. Son of Christopher & Ann Horner. 1871 Farmer & Corn miller. Married Elizabeth Wright 1866 in Ripon. Banns read Oct 1866. 3 children pre 1874. Living Newton Grange. South Stainley in 1901. In 1873 shown as owning 6acres 2 roods 10 perch estimated rental £35. [ref. Return of owners of land 1873].
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C1832 West Tanfield. Married to Maria of Tanfield. Innkeeper in 1891.

Report in York Herald 31 August 1874.

JOHN ASCOUGH. Bap 17.4.1834. Masham born Ellingstring. Died 13.11.1880 a butcher in Middlesborough. Son of John Rodwell & Jane Slee. Brother of Margaret, Mary Jane & Thomas of Kexmoor. Husband of Mary Matson married 25.4.1863 Kirkby Malzeard. Mary [b. 1828] Dau of James Matson. of Laverton.
JOHN PEACOCK ASCOUGH. Born C. 1842. Son of Matthias & Barbara Peacock. Father Fellmonger at Azerley. Married Mary.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Bap.9.5.1869. Died 7.8.1873. Buried 9.8.1873. Grewelthorpe. Son of John & Maria. see grave at end.
JOHN AMBLER PEACOCK ASCOUGH. Born 1873. Buried 24.5.1875.
In 1880 John Ascough was fined for gambling and playing pitch & Toss on a Sunday in Ripon. [Ref Knaresborough Post 30 Oct 1880].
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C1881 Bishop Thornton. Son of Samuel of Mickley and Mary.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born C. 1887 High Ash Head. Son of Matthew & Alice. Unmarried Farm servant in 1911 working for Thomas Verity. in Grewelthorpe.
JOHN ASCOUGH. Born March 31 1883. Died age 91 [year unknown] buried G/T churchyard. Bap 12.8.1883. Son of George & Margaret. Low Ground. Grandson of George & Eleanor. Mowbray Hall. Grewelthorpe. Started school 27.8.1888. left for work 1896. Married Annie Coldbeck. [born 1886 on Dec. 7th 1910. in St James Church Grewelthorpe. Father of Lena, Eileen & Eddie. Lived Virginia House, Grewelthorpe. This is the Jack Ascough shown below celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife. . In 1911 John & Annie were living with Annie’s Grandparents William & Jane Thackray at Bramley Grange.
JULIA ASCOUGH. Born C. 1780. Living Masham 1841 with Benjamin Pullein Ascough & Ann. Possibly her children.
LENA ASCOUGH. Born 27.8.1913. Bap.28.9.1913. dau of John & Annie Coldbeck. Farmer. Bramley Grange. Started school 12.4.1920. Left 1927. Married John Wood. of Dallowgill. A dressmaker.
LEWIS ASCOUGH. Bap. 17.12.1856 Mickley. Son of John & Mary Westwick.

Reported Knaresborough Post Sept 1875.
Louis Ascough Labourer of Mickley was charged with assaulting Mary Halpin wife of John of Mickley.
on 28 August 1875. He was fined £2.10s for fighting.

LUKE ASCOUGH. Born 1733 Ellingstring. Died July 1806. parents John & Ann Burrell.
MAGGIE ASCOUGH. Bap.1.2.1894. Buried 7.2.1894. Dau of Margaret. Mowbray Hall.
MARIA ASCOUGH. Born C.1842. Kirkby Malzeard. Died 28.1.1907. wife of John. M.I.
MARIA ASCOUGH. Bap.10.10.1830. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Matthias & Ann Mann. 1851 census. Buried 23.6.1861. Kirkby Malzeard. Living Grewelthorpe in 1841.
MARIA ASCOUGH. Born C.1863 Aiskew. Dau of Thomas the Gardener. Living Aiskew in 1901.
MARGARET ASCOUGH. Born 1784 High Ash Head. Ilton cum Pott. Masham. Died 1809. Dau of Matthew & Margaret. Married Joseph Brooks. in 1807 in Masham.
MARGARET ASCOUGH. Born C 1842. Died 1881. Skipton. Ellingstring. Dau of John Rodwell Ascough & Jane Slee. Married Robert Richardson. Blacksmith of Tholthorpe. Had 10 children. Margaret’s dau. Jane Ann Richardson married William Stevens. in 1912.
MARGARET ASCOUGH. Born 1851 at Hebdon Wood House (from census), daughter of James Ascough and Jane Rycroft. Married Robert Richardson blacksmith of Tholthorpe. Had 11 children, 3 sons became blacksmiths. She worked in the forge alongside Robert and ‘could shoe a horse as well as any man’. Following Roberts death in 1909 she moved to Markington with her youngest child, Charles a blacksmith. Electoral registers for 1918-20 record her living in Sawley with son George Ascough Richardson. She died in 1932.

Trevor Kitchen has met Margaret’s grandson Brian Richardson and he writes:- [April 2018]
From the contact a meeting was arranged in Sawley Church where I was
astounded to meet Magaret’s gson Brian Richardson b.1926 and Brian’s
wife, son Peter and gson Thomas. What a privilege to meet the family of
one of my research targets.

MARGARET ASCOUGH. Born C.1867 Eastby in Skipton. Dau of George & Eleanor. Lowground. Started school 9.1.1877 Left 1879 for Dallowgill.
MARGARET ASCOUGH. Banns read for marriage to John Lancaster a widower of Grewelthorpe. March 1895.
MARGERY ASCOUGH. Born 1713 Kirkby Malzeard. Married William Morland. 2.7.1737. Died 1738.
MARIA ASCOUGH. Born C. 1842 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1907. Grave at Grewelthorpe. see picture at end. Married to John the Fellmonger. In 1901 living Barnsley with 2 dau. Annie & Mary. They were teachers, Maria was a widow & Principal of a private school in Barnsley.
MARIA ASCOUGH. Born C.1863 Aiskew. Dau of Thomas [The Gardener].
MARTHA ASCOUGH. Born C. 1831. Ellingstring. Dau of George & Eleanor.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born 1680. Dau of George & Eliz. Patterson. of Masham.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born 1694. Dau of George & Christine of Bedale.
MARY ASCOUGH. Bap.20 Feb 1748 Dau of Samuel of Grewelthorpe. {ref. K.Malzeard Parish Reg}
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C1750. Dau of George & Eleanor Smorthwaite. Married Thomas Imeson. on 20.11.1784 Masham.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born 1760 Ellingstring. Died 1784 Healey. Dau of John & Dorothy Longstaff.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C.1765. Buried 29.11.1842. Kirkby Malzeard.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C. 1781. Buried 13.2.1843. Lived Grewelthorpe.
MARY ASCOUGH. Bap 1789 Dau of Robert of Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref Par. Reg].
MARY ASCOUGH. Bap 1807 Dau of George of Springhouse.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C.1808 Grewelthorpe. Wife of Henry Burton the shoemaker. Widow after 1855.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C. 1814 East Witton. Dau of Nancy. Wife of Charles Beck. the shoemaker from Grewelthorpe.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C.1815. Buried 12.7.1843. Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Grewelthorpe. This could be the dau of Matthias the fellmonger & Ann Mann Bap in 1815.[Ref K.Mal Par Reg.]
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C1820 Ellingstring. Married Robert Imeson. of Masham. Had dau. Jane Ascough Imeson.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C. 1825. Buried 8.12.1847. Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Thorpe Moor. dau of Christopher & Ann Horner.
MARY ASCOUGH. Born C 1829. Stainley. U/m in 1851. Servant at Tanfield. Dau of John & Ann Kitching.
MARY ASCOUGH[Nee ?]. Lived 13 Westgate Ripon. Widow. Died 16.2.1895. Left £2824.15s.6d.
MARY ASCOUGH. born 22.11.1864. Dau of Jane. Lowground. started school 22.1.1877 left 1878.
MARY ASCOUGH. Bap. 25.11.1866 dau of John & Maria. Fellmonger. In 1901 Mary was a teacher in Barnsley with her sister Annie & widowed Mother.
MARY JANE ASCOUGH. Bap. 7.7.1842 Masham. Born High Ash Head, Ilton. Dau of John Rodwell & Jane Slee. Living Grewelthorpe 1861.
MARY JANE ASCOUGH. Born 22.11.1864. Kexmoor. Died 26.9.1922. dau of George & Eleanor Thackray. Lake View, Grewelthorpe. M.I. Living Mowbray Hall with widowed Father in 1911.
MARY JANE ASCOUGH. Bap.5.11.1872. Buried 6.11.1872 dau of John Peacock Ascough & Mary.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. Born 1740. Died 12.7.1809. Married Margaret [1744-1824] Son of John & Ann Burrell. Lived at Ash Head Masham.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. Bap 29.10.1779 Masham. Died 1823 Masham. Son of Matthew & Margaret. Married Mary Rodwell. on 5.12.1810 at Kirkby Malzeard. Parents of Matthew & Ellen. Lived High Ash Head Farm Masham.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. BornC.1798. Buried 23.2.1877.Healey.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. Born C. 1813. Buried 10.5.1886.Healey. Son of Matthew & Mary Rodwell.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. Born C 1831. Buried 4.4.1908 Dallowgill. Late of Moorheads, Healey.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. Born C.1841 son of John Rodwell Ascough & Jane Slee. Married Alice [b.C.1867] Lived High Ash Head Farm.
MATTHEW ASCOUGH. Born C.1893. Died as infant. Buried 28.3.1893. Healey.
MATTHIAS ASCOUGH. Bap.26.2.1783. East Witton. Died 1.6.1853. Buried 24.6.1853. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Mary Raynard. Married Ann Mann 14.5.1814. Matthias a fellmonger. Lived Naegill End, Grewelthorpe. In his will dated 25.10.1849 he left his house, yard, garden and outbuildings in Grewelthorpe, his furniture, plate, linen, china and household effects and £20 per annum for life to his wife Ann. he left the stock in trade, money etc. His land and properties at Ellingstring to son John and son in law Thomas Imeson. See photo of grave at end.

Naegill,Grewelthorpe the home of Matthias & Ann. in 1800’s

MATTHIAS ASCOUGH. Bap. 27.10.1816. Kirkby Malzeard. Died 3.7.1878 by own hand. Buried 6.7.1878. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Matthias & Ann Mann. Husband of Barbara Peacock. A Fellmonger.

His will proved by Jonathan Peacock. Farmer of Swetton in Dallowgill. Estate under £450.

Report in the Leeds Times on 5.5.1877.

“Yesterday week a determined attempt at suicide was made at Grewelthorpe near Ripon. by Matthias Ascough – Fellmonger. Ascough had been in a low state of mind for some time and on Friday morning he was found hanging by the neck. He was immediately cut down and thoroughly resuscitated.”

Report in Leeds mercury July 1878.

The village of Grewelthorpe which is well known for the manufacture of cream cheese, was thrown into a state of excitement yesterday morning in consequence of Mr Matthias Ascough., fellmonger, a respectable inhabitant having committed suicide by hanging himself in a wool warehouse on his premises, shortly before 10 o’clock in the morning. It appears he made a similar attempt some months ago, but appeared to have recovered, and no apprehension was entertained of his repeating the attempt. He was 61 years of age and leaves a wife and grown up family to lament him.

MATTHIAS ASCOUGH. In 1835 He voted as a whig for Lord Viscount Morpeth [Pateley Bridge]
MATTHIAS PEACOCK ASCOUGH. Bap.12.12.1852 at Kirkby Malzeard. Died 13.3.1862. Buried 16.3.1862. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Matthias [The Fellmonger]& Barbara Peacock.
MATTHIAS ASCOUGH. Bap 8.4.1863.Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Matthias [Fellmonger] & Barbara Peacock. of Grewelthorpe. Grandson of Matthias & Ann Mann. Started school 2.1.1877. Left 1878 for Masham Grammar school.
PETER ASCOUGH. Born C.1807. Died 21.11.1861. Lived Low Ellington. M.I. St Marys Church, Masham. In 1843 married Edith Lightfoot. who died Pickhill 30.9.1890 age 77years. Sister of William Lightfoot. [1851census]. See photo of grave at end.
PETER ASCOUGH. Born 1811. Son of Thomas & Hannah Carter.
PETER ASCOUGH. Born 1841 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Mary Westwick.
PHILIP ASCOUGH. Born C1647 East Witton. Son of William & Elynor. Married Grace Beattie. of Coverham in Nov 1703 East Witton. Died 1717.
NANCY ASCOUGH. Born C 1787 in East Witton. Died 1869 Kirkby Malzeard. Mother of Mary. Mother in law of Charles Beck. 1851 census. Buried 30.3.1869 age 81. Kirkby Malzeard.
POLLY ASCOUGH Bap 1791 Dau of Robert of Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. Par.Reg]
RICHARD ASCOUGH. 1690’s was a coal miner in Colsterdale. he was appointed the “Common Viewer” to oversee the work of the other colliers. He was later sacked as a troublemaker.
RICHARD ASCOUGH. Son of Richard the collier. He worked in the coal mines at Fearby. He travelled to Newcastle in 1712 to recruit men to work on the Denby & High Engine Pit in Colsterdale. He came back with 3 men & 2 boys.
RICHARD ASCOUGH. Born C. 1861. Kexmoor. Son of George & Eleanor.
ROBERT ASCOUGH. Twice Lord Mayor of York. 1580 & 1593. Also MP for York. Descended from Ascoughs of Pott Grange.
ROBERT ASCOUGH SIR. Twice Lord Mayor of York. 1606 & 1617. Also MP for York. Descended from Pott Grange Ascoughs.
ROBERT ASCOUGH. Landlord of Queens Head, Kirkby Malzeard in 1822. Ref. Baines Directory
ROBERT ASCOUGH. Bap.1749 son of Thomas. Buried 16.1.1829.Kirkby Malzeard.
ROBERT GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born 5.2.1915. Bap.24.10.1915. Died 17.9.1969. Son of James William & Martha Beatrice. Farmer. Husband of Joyce. Father of Susan. Lived 41 Kirby Rd. Ripon.
ROBERT ASCOUGH. Born 20 Aug. 1925. A Farm worker in Ripon in 1939.
RONALD ASCOUGH. Born C1919. Reported in Yorkshire Evening Post Feb. 1943. Corporal Ronald Ascough [24] of Ripon. was found guilty at Belfast on a charge of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 3 years penal servitude. Ascough was the driver of a vehicle which knocked down 2 men on Christmas Eve.
SAMUEL ASCOUGH. Bap 1743 Son of Samuel of Swetton. [Ref K/Mal Par Reg].
SAMUEL ASCOUGH. Bap. 25.5.1851 Mickley. Died 1906. Son of John & Mary Westwick. Married Mary Scruton. C1875. He was a publican. of Dove Inn Monkton Moor. [Ref. Knaresborough Post Jan 1876].
SAMUEL ASCOUGH. Born C1878 Bishop Monkton. Son of Samuel of Mickley & Mary. Gardener & Nurseryman.
Reported in Yorks Post 1941,
Samuel Ascough [65} Gardener of Wellington Square Harrogate was fined £5 in Leeds yesterday for being in charge of a motor cycle while under the influence of drink.

Reported in Knaresborough Post Jan. 1898.
Samuel Ascough Parish Councillor in Pannal. Near Harrogate.

SARAH ASCOUGH. Born 1676. Dau of George & Eliz. Patterson. of Masham. Married ? from Leyburn and had a dau. Sarah. in 1707.
SARAH ASCOUGH. Born C1808. Dau of James Ascough. [Manufacturer]. Married George Heyes. on 28.8.1843 in Manchester. George was a plumber & a widower.
SARAH ASCOUGH. Bap 1836 dau of Christopher & Ann Horner. Farmer on Grewelthorpe Moor. Married James Booth Farrar. on 28.6.1876 in Bradford. Widow living with brother George 1901 in Kirkby Fleetham. In 1911 Sarah was housekeeper at Avenue Farm, Northallerton.
SARAH EMMA ASCOUGH. Born 26.5.1876 Grewelthorpe. Bap.9.6.1876. Died 28.12.1939.Hull. Buried 1.1.1940. Grewelthorpe. Dau of Christopher & Emma Farr. Farmer Thorpe Moor. 1881 census Emma [mother] was housekeeper at The Hutts, Grewelthorpe. Sarah Emma married Arthur Bolton of Watlass on 31.1.1905 in Grewelthorpe. Mother of CHRISTOPHER JOHN ASCOUGH BOLTON. Born 25.1.1911. & ADA BOLTON.
see note at end re. Arthur Bolton.
SIMEON ASCOUGH. Born 23.6.1787. Buried 30.3.1830. Kirkby Malzeard. Married Nancy Spence. 26.10.1810 at East Witton.
SYMOND ASCOUGH. Born 1666. Son/Dau of George & Elizabeth Patterson.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. 1488 He held a mediety of Pott Grange until 1488.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Sheriff of York 1592-1593. Descended from Ascoughs of Pott Grange.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born ? son of Christopher [b1684]. married Catherine Bartlett. in Masham in 1742. Lived Nutwith Cote Masham. A gentleman of Masham.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born C. 1736. Buried Kirkby Malzeard 23.11.1817.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 5.1.1744/5. Died 1786. No issue. Son of John Ascough & Catherine Bartlett. Married Catherine Fleming. in 1772. Lived Nutwith Cote, Masham.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 1748 Ellingstring. Son of George & Eleanor Smorthwaite. married [1] Isobel Topham. on 22.12.1766 Masham. [2] Jane Atkinson. on 4.4.1774 Masham. Isobel Lived Grimsgill House, Masham.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 1776 East Witton. Son of John & Mary Raynard
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 1777. Died 30.12.1786. Son of George & Mary Durham.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 1778 High Ash Head. Ilton cum Pott. Masham. Died C1830 Grewelthorpe. Son of Matthew & Margaret.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born C 1779 Healey. Died 3.4.1848. Son of John & Dorothy Longstaff. Married Hannah Carter. in 1804 in Masham.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born C 1783. Died 1836.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Had an allotment in the Grewelthorpe Enclosure Award, 1782, at Pit Hills, Hutts Rd, Low Moor. 18acres. 1 rood.16perch.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Bap. 9.7.1795 Ellingstring. Son of Henry & Jane. Farmer. Had daughter Jane who married John Edon [corn factor] of Langthorpe. on 20th May 1848. {Ref. York Herald 24 May 1848}
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 1806. Died 13 Jan 1844. Leyburn. Son of Thomas & Hannah Carter.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Bap 17.1.1819 in Grewelthorpe. Died 1.12.1878.Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Matthias & Ann. Fellmonger. Thos was unmarried in 1861.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born C. 1833 Grewelthorpe. Living Aiskew in 1891/1901. Gardener. with his dau. Maria [B.1863].

Reported Knaresborough Post Nov. 1889.
Thomas Ascough Gardener for Captain Lascelles of Aiskew was involved in a fight in Aiskew on a Saturday night. He was set upon by 3 men and thrown into the gutter. Beaten about the head and body.

THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born 1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John & Mary Westwick. Living in Lincolnshire in 1901.
THOMAS ASCOUGH. Born C. 1847 Masham. Brother of John of Kexmoor. son of John Rodwell Ascough & Jane Slee. of High Ash Head Farm.
THOMAS EDWIN ASCOUGH.[Tweddie]. Born Grewelthorpe. Bap.18.12.1908.Died 25.10.1913. Son of James William & Martha Beatrice. The Green, Grewelthorpe. M.I.
TIMOTHY ASCOUGH. Born 1839 Mickley. Died 1873. Son of John & Mary Westwick.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born in Pott Grange near Masham. He became the Bishop of Salisbury and was murdered by the mob In Jack Cade’s rebellion on 29.6.1450.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Of Pott Grange was keeper of the Abbots of Fountains cattle.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born 1620 Emsall. Married Elynor of Masham. Father of George.[b1644]. Died April 1702 East Witton.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born C1777 High Ash Head. Ilton cum Pott, Masham. Died 1789. Son of Matthew & Margaret.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born C.1844. Son of John Rodwell Ascough & Jane Slee. Lived at High Ash Head Farm.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born C1861. Began his working life as a Clerk for the N.Eastern Railways at Melmerby. Then he became Chief booking clerk at Masham , then Otley then Ilkley. He became station master at Marsh Lane Leeds. Then Station Master at Starbeck. He finished his life as District Inspector. He died in 1914. from a throat infection. [Ref. Leeds Mercury March 1914].
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Born 1786 East Witton. Son of George & Mary Durham.
WILLIAM ASCOUGH. Bap 1804 Son of George of High Bramley. [Ref. K.Mal Par Reg.]

Report in York Herald August 1879.

At Ripon City Court. William Ascough, cab proprietor, Grewelthorpe. was charged by Inspector Sinclair of the RSPCA with working a horse whilst in an unfit state at Ripon. He was fined 5s with 12/6d costs.

WILLIAM MANN ASCOUGH. Bap.18.5.1860. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Matthias & Barbara Peacock. Fellmonger at Grewelthorpe.

Report in York Herald April 1856.

Robert E Ascough [on right] with his brother in law Eric Ashby. Bob died in 2004.

Bob was Chairman of the Grewelthorpe branch of the Royal British Legion for many years.

See British Legion history page.

Bob and his wife (Marion Ashby) ran the Post Office while I lived in Grewelthorpe. He also used to have a mobile shop which my brother and I would help to re-stock. [Thanks to Peter Ascough for this information]


Thanks to Grenville Davies for the following report.

GEORGE ASCOUGH. Born C. 1893. Died 1910.

As reported in Northern Daily Mail.

West Hartlepool.

12 april 1910 BOY’S FAREWELL NOTE. ____________________


Indications of what seems to be a suicide at the Teesmouth were discovered last night. A jacket on which had been placed a lump of slag was found on the slag wall on the north bank of the river, and in a pocket was a letter, in which the writer intimated his intention of drowning himself. the letter, which was rather a lengthy one, was signed George Ascough, and it transpired that a youth of that name, whose parents resided in Studley Road, West Hartlepool, was missing. Ascough was about 17 years of age. further enquiries show that yesterday morning a youth of about that age was seen sitting on the slag wall writing. the man who saw him asked him what he was doing, and the lad replied that he was “having a rest”. this man, moreover, identified the jacket the lad to whom he spoke was wearing. the body of the youth was found this morning at the north gare by Henry Storer.

The report of the inquest is a full one and a quarter column in depth of a broadsheet page and too much to reproduce here, but the verdict is recorded as “of unsound mind”.
There was no death notice in the paper.


Died 28.12.1939.Aged 63 years.

The death occurred at Hull following an operation, of Mrs. Emma Bolton. at the age of 63. Mrs Bolton gave up her home in Grewelthorpe, of which she was a native, four years ago, to live with her daughter in Hull. She is survived by a daughter and two sons. The interment took place at Grewelthorpe on New Years Day.The service at St.James’s Church was taken by the vicar the Rev. I.H.Boon, and the chief mourners were Miss Ada Bolton (daughter), Mr William Bolton & Mr.John Bolton (sons). Mr.C.J.Ascough (brother). and many others.


Died June 1949. Aged 71 years.

Christopher Ascough lived in Grewelthorpe all his life. He was sidesman at St. James Church, Grewelthorpe and in his younger days a member of the church choir. For many years he was postman for Grewelthorpe and Bramley district. He was highly respected and his kindly and genial disposition made him a friend of all. The day before his death Mr.Ascough was working as usual on his farm. He leaves a widow.


Died 23.4.1985. Aged 76.

As reported in Ripon Gazette dated 17th May 1985.

Dorothy Ascough was known as a bright and cheerful person by her friends. She was born in Ripon. and moved to Hackfall House, Grewelthorpe. She went into service as a cook for Major General Sir Charles Dalton and his family. She married their tenant farmer George Ascough and eventually they went to live on a smallholding at Mickley. her husband died in 1975 and she moved to Ripon where her health began to deteriorate. Maj. Gen Sir Charles Dalton of The Hutts, Grewelthorpe remembered Mrs Ascough as a good wife and Mother who was hardworking and helpful and who had had more than her share of misfortune and sadness but faced up to all her troubles courageously. She leaves a daughter Elizabeth and 3 grandchildren, Andrew, Christine & Peter.

Grave of Peter Ascough 1807-1861 and Edith 1813-1890. In St Marys Churchyard, Masham.

Grave of Mary Jane Ascough in Grewelthorpe Churchyard.

Mr & Mrs.Jack Ascough. celebrated their diamond wedding in Grewelthorpe. The Over 60’s club gave them a party and the Chairman Mr F. McWilliam presented them with a copy of their wedding certificate. The original was lost when the Best Man at their wedding took it after the service, he died soon afterwards and the couple never received their certificate. It is possible that this is John Ascough who died aged 91. see above.

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A Yorkshire Evening News newspaper report in December 1948 gives an interview with Mr & Mrs Jack Ascough. of Virginia Cottage, Grewelthorpe.
Mr & Mrs Jack Ascough of Virginia Cottage recall the joys of driving into Ripon in the trap on market days.

And they can remember the long hard winters. Carts would bog in 6ft drifts of snow. For 16 weeks said Jack, I’ve seen the roads blocked. Horses would be let out of the shafts, and villagers would plod their way back home on foot. In Summer time Stage Coaches ran from the White Hart in Harrogate to the Hackfall Inn, Grewelthorpe. It was a bonnie sight to see these 4 in hands come spanking round the curves, said Mr Ascough. Dappled greys, a lot of them with harness glittering and steaming at the flanks. and what a noise said Mrs Ascough, you could hear the music of the horns halfway to Ripon, and the shouting of the outriders, and the children would be waiting in the village, interrupted Jack, the passengers would throw down pennies into the street. Mrs Ascough remembered, Before the fair was done away with, there was a woman called Fanny Thompson she came to Grewelthorpe from Leeds. She brought a shooting gallery, She had a caravan and she smoked a little black pipe. She set up her stall in front of the Crown, and she would pop in and out to have a glass. Jack recalled his Grandma went into Ripon every Martinmas to hire fresh servants for the farm, that’s where the Farmers hired their labour for the coming year, that’s where they sealed their bargains with the men. That’s where the God’s pennies were given out. Just think, said Jack, the wages they had then, A boy, first year was paid £5. Each year he got a little more. If he was steady and did well, when he had grown to manhood, and could thatch and plough, look after cattle, milk and reap and sow, why then he got the princely sum of £16 a year.

My Grandad was a farmer, Mrs Ascough said, when flying first came out there was a rumour that a plane was going to pass this way, He left the house early in the morning, he took food and climbed the hill, He sat up there all day but nothing came. He died and never saw an aeroplane.

Wedding of Eddie Ascough & Marian Houseman 1946.

Entrance to one of the Colsterdale coal mines where the Ascough men worked in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Photo taken by Tom Knapp and used here under a creative commons licence.

Grave of Christopher Ascough [1828-1878] & Emma.

Grave of John Ascough [1825-1869] & Maria & son Jon. in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

Grave of Matthias Ascough [b1808] & Ann Mann & son Christopher in Kirkby Makzeard churchyard.

November 1861 Report in Yorkshire Gazette.

On Saturday last, young woman called Ascough, left Harrogate by train, at which place she had been living during the past year. She went on her way to Grewelthorpe, near Ripon, and had got her wages, about £12, in her pocket, as she thought quite secure. When she reached Ripon Station she had occasion to put her hand into her pocket then found it had been cut and her money stolen. She had no idea where the robbery had been effected, but she recollected having sat near a man in the railway carriage, and when she got out he remained and went north. No direct suspicion attached to any particular person, consequently no part of her hard earned wages have been recovered.