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Walker family.

Details of the Walker family in the Grewelthorpe area.

Research started June 2014. Latest update May 2015.

Letter from Jo Jolliffe October 2014. and photos of Walker family May 2015.
I am a descendant of the Walkers from Grewethorpe and I see you have been researching them quite recently.

My grandfather was William Henry Walker, AKA Harry Walker b 1891 in Grewethorpe, who was a tram driver in Huddersfield, as was his father, William (Billy) Walker (who was married to Margaret Hannah Close).

William (Harry) never returned from WW!, and we never knew what happened to him. Possibly a deserter. I have posted a message on just in case …, well who knows!
I have done further research about the Walkers, and maybe I can add to your website when I get the chance.

However, I also write about Albert Whitfield who was Harry’,s first cousin, the child of William Walker’,s sister (Emma I think). He was born in Sessay but by age 2 he lived in Grewelthorpe and in the 1901 census was living with the Walkers.
Albert died on Feb 8th 1916 in France. Although he was not born in Grewelthorpe he lived there as part of the Walker family through his childhood. I wonder if he could be remembered on the memorial?
I currently live in the Middle East but hope to visit Grewelthorpe before too long.
Thanks again for your great work.
Jo Jolliffe

=If you can help Jo with information particularly about Harry who went missing in WW1. Please contact the site.

ANN WALKER. Born C1841 Kirkby Malzeard. In 1861 a servant in Ripon.
ANNIE ELIZABETH WALKER. Born 26 .7. 1856 Constable Burton. Died 7 July 1942 Leyburn. Dau of Thomas &, Mary Bell.

Annie Elizabeth Walker aged 14.

DOROTHY MARY WALKER. Born 1901 Masham. Dau of James &, Elizabeth. In 1911 in Harrogate.
EMMA WALKER. Born C1866 Spennithorne. Dau of Thomas &, Mary Bell.

Emma Walker.

EMMA WALKER. Born C1879. Died C1950. Dau of William &, Margaret Hannah Close. Married Fred Williams.
EMMA WALKER. Born C1892 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William [train driver] &, Margaret. In 1911 she was a ring twister in a cotton mill in Huddersfield.
FRANCIS WALKER. In 1822. occupied all the freehold estate known as Newlands. Grewelthorpe.
FRED WALKER. Born C 1902 Masham. Son of James &, Elizabeth. In 1911 in Harrogate.
GERTRUDE WALKER. Born C1894 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William [train driver] &, Margaret Hannah Close. In 1911 she was a winder in a cotton mill in Huddersfield.
HARRY WALKER. born WILLIAM HENRY. Born C 1891 Grewelthorpe. Son of William Michael [train/tram driver] &, Margaret Hannah Close.. In 1911 he was living in Huddersfield &, he was a brass moulder. Went missing in WW1. Married Ellen Cantwell of Bradford in 1914.
HETTY WALKER. Born C1899 Kirkby Malzeard. Grand daughter of Edward &, Ann Wood.
JAMES WALKER. Born C1877 Masham. Married in 1899 to Elizabeth of Ripon. In 1911 living Harrogate.
JANE WALKER. Born C1847 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John &, Hannah.
JANE WALKER. Born 1862 Spennithorne. Dau of Thomas &, Mary Bell. Married Ernest Alfred Whitfield of Kirby Underdale in 1890.

Jane Walker b. 1862.

JOHN WALKER. Born C1812 Ellingstring. Railway clerk in 1861 in Sharow. Married to Ann of Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHN WALKER. Born C1817 Sawley. Married to Hannah of Lunedale. Living Killerby, Ingleton in 1871.
JOHN WALKER. Born C1843 Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Elizabeth of Grewelthorpe. In 1911 he was a teacher of music in Durham. They had been married 36 years.
LIZZIE WALKER. Born C1896. Dau of William [train driver] &, Margaret. In 1911 she was a weaver in Huddersfield.
MARGARET HANNAH WALKER [nee Close]. Born 1868 Ripon. Died Dec 1943 Huddersfield. Married William Walker in 1889 in Ripon. Dau of James &, Elizabeth Close [nee Geldart].
MARJORIE WALKER. Born C 1903. Dau of William [train driver] &, Margaret.
MARY H. WALKER. Born C1859 Finghall. Dau of Thomas the Bailiff &, Mary Bell. Unmarried in 1901.

Mary H. Walker. Age 12.

MARY WALKER. Born C1908 Starbeck. Dau of James &, Elizabeth.
RACHEL WALKER. Born c1864. Dau of Thomas &, Mary Bell.

Rachel Walker.

RALPH WALKER. Born C1788 Masham. Grandfather of George Crabtree. [Ref. 1861 Census].
THOMAS WALKER. Born C1833 Finghall, Possibly died 1912. Married C 1856 to Mary Bell of Hawkswell. In 1911 Farm Bailiff in Kirkby Malzeard. a widower. In 1901 living with 2 grandsons William H. Walker &, Albert Whitfield
[see letter from Jo Jolliffe]

Thomas Walker b1833…,…,…,..Thomas &, Mary Walker.

TOM WALKER. Born C 1903 Grewelthorpe. Son of James &, Elizabeth. In 1911 in Harrogate.
WILLIAM WALKER. Born C1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Nephew of William &, Catherine Richmond.
WILLIAM MICHAEL WALKER. Born C1869 Leyburn. Possibly died 1951. Son of Thomas &, Mary Bell. He was a train/tram driver. Married in 1889 to Margaret Hannah Close. of Winksley. In 1911 living Huddersfield. they had had 7 children, 2 had died.

William Walker tram driver.

WILLIAM HENRY WALKER. Born 1891 Grewelthorpe, see under Harry.
WILLIAM WALKER. Born C1899 Masham. Son of James &, Elizabeth. In 1911 living Harrogate.

The Walker family. Thanks to Jo Jolliffe for picture.
The family of Thomas &, Mary Bell.– Back Row, Annie (14), Second Row, Eleanor (10), Thomas (38), Mary [Bell] (44), Mary (12), Third Row, Rachel (6), William (2), Front Row, Jane (8), Emma (4). Location Harmby Moor about 1870.