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People born in Grewelthorpe living elsewhere in 1891.

People born in Grewelthorpe who were living elsewhere at the time of the 1891 census.
All places are in Yorkshire unless otherwise stated.
ALLINSON WILLAM H. Born C1882 living Barningham.
ASCOUGH ANNIE. Born C. 1864 living Kirkby Malzeard.
ASCOUGH CARRIE. Born C.1876. Living Ridley Northumberland.
ASCOUGH GEORGE. Born C.1830. Living Middleton Tyas.
ASCOUGH THOMAS. Born C.1833. Living Aiskew.
ASHBY ROBERT. Born C. 1833. Living Fountains Earth.
ATKINSON JOHN. Born C. 1832. Living Upper Poppleton.
ATKINSON ELIZABETH. Born C 1848. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
ATKINSON MARY ANN. Born C.1850. Living Broughton Lancs.
ATKINSON THOMAS. Born C. 1846. Living Ripon.

BARKER JOSEPH. Born C.1849. Living Liversedge.
BARTON HELEN. Born C. 1867. Living Petter Newton.
BATTY FRED. Born C.1877. Living Laverton.
BATTY HARRIETT. Born C. 1857. Living Brightside Bierlow.
BAUL MARY. Born C. 1870. Living Ripon.
BAUL RHODA. Born C. 1871. Living Masham.
BAUL SARAH Born C. 1873. Living Wigan Lancs.
BEAK JAMES. Born C. 1826. Living Hunslet Leeds.
BECK ASCOUGH. Born C. 1857. Living Ripon.
BECK JAMES H. Born C. 1856. Living Ripon.
BENNISON MARY. Born C. 1830. Living Tudhoe Durham.
BLACKBURN JOHN. Born C. 1835. Living Tudhoe Durham.
BODDY ESTHER. Born C. 1867. Living Stockton on Tees.
BODDY WILLIAM H. Born C. 1839. Living St.Michael le Belfry.
BOLTON EMILY. Born C. 1865. Living Broughton Lancs.
BOLTON GEORGINA. Born C. 1866. Living Broughton Durham.
BOLTON HENRY. Born C.1862. Living Broughton Durham.
BOOTH HANNAH. Born C. 1827. Living Sheffield.
BRADLEY MARIA. Born C. 1838. Living Tudhoe Durham.
BRADSHAW ERNEST. Born C. 1882. Living Ecclesfield.
BRADSHAW GEORGE. Born C. 1855. Living Ecclesfield.
BRADSHAW GEORGE L. Born C.1855. Living Ecclesfield.
BRINDLEY WILLIAM. Born C.1871. Living Ecclesall Bierlow.
BROWBRIDGE ALICE. Born C. 1867. Living Worsborough.
BROWN BEATRICE M. Born C. 1884. Living Doncaster.
BURNETT THOMAS. Born C. 1869. Living Hunton.
BURRILL KATE. Born C. 1872. Living Laverton.
BURRILL WILLIAM J. Born C. 1856. Living Laverton.
BURTON GEORGE. Born C. 1862. Living Newsom.
BURTON HENRY. Born C. 1843. Living Darlington.
BURTON ROBERT. Born C. 1840. Living South Stainley.
BURTON WILLIAM. Born C. 1840. Living Carlton Miniott.
BURTON WILLIAM C. Born C. 1848. Living Bowling Yks.

CADE JOHN. Born C.1872. Living Low Ellington.
CALVERLEY FRED A. Born C.1872. Living Newby with Mulwith.
CALVERLEY GEORGE S. Born C. 1868, Living Bishop Monkton.
CALVERLEY IDA H. Born C. 1874. Living Stranton Durham.
CALVERLEY LAURA E. Born C. 1878. Living Bishop Monkton.
CALVERT BURNETT. Born C. 1844. Living Eston.
CALVERT JOHN. Born C. 1854. Living Laverton.
CALVERT JOHN H. Born C. 1879. Living Eston.
CALVERT WILLIAM. Born C. 1852. Living Grantley.
CAMPBELL JAMES. Born C. 1811. Living Masham.
CAMPBELL WILLIAM. Born C. 1876. Living Fearby.
CAMPBELL WILLIAM. Born C. 1857. Living South Otterington.
CANN ERNEST. Born C. 1881. Living Bilton Harrogate.
CANN HANNAH. Born C. 1859. Living Bilton Harrogate.
CARLING JOHN. Born C. 1824. Living Thirn.
CARTMAN SARAH ELLEN. Born C. 1865. Living Sutton Grange.
CLOSE JAMES. Born C. 1831. Living South Stainley.
COCKBURN ANN. Born C. 1863. Living Garston.
COLDBECK JANE ANN. Born C. 1874. Living Batley.
COLDBECK ALFRED B. Born C. 1866. Living Masham.
COLDBECK JOSHUA. Born C. 1844. Living Fenwick.
COLDBECK RALPH. Born C. 1847. Living West Tanfield.
COLDBECK WILLIAM. Born C. 1838. Living Ellingstring.
COLDBECK WILLIAM A. Born C. 1875. Living Aismunderby.
COLIER WILLIAM. Born C. 1875. Living Skelden.
COOK CHRISTIANA. Born C. 1889. Living Sheffield.
COOK HENRY. Born C.1844. Living Leeds.
COOPER CHARLIE. Born C. 1882. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
CROSSLEY GERTRUDE MARY. Born C. 1879. Living Wadworth.
CUNDALL ELIZABETH. Born C. 1851. Living Laverton.
CURREN JOHN W. Born C. 1878. Living Rotherham.
CUTHBERT ROBERT D. Born C. 1873. Living Newton le Willows.
CUTTS ELIZABETH. Born C. 1849. Living Ecclesfield

DAWES EDWARD. Born C. 1839. Living Ripon.
DAWES HARRIETT. Born C. 1833. Living Sheffield.
DENSTONE RICHARD. Born C.1872. Living Worsborough.
DENTY ELIZABETH. Born C.1884. Living Ilton cum Pott.
DOUTHWAITE ELIZABETH. Born C. 1848. Living Aismunderby.
DUKE CHARLES. Born C. 1871. Living Worsborough.
DURHAM MARY. Born C. 1823. Living Masham.

EASTHORPE EMMANUEL. Born C. 1890. Living Ecclesfield.
ELLIS ANN. Born C. 1837. Living Sand Hutton.
ELLIS GEORGE WILLIAM. Born C, 1885. Living Ecclesfield.

FERBY ROBERT. Born C.1864. Living Clayton.
FIRLEY WILLIAM. Born C. 1856. Living Salford Lancs.
FLETCHER ANNIE. Born C. 1853. Living Manningham.
FOSTER ATKINSON. Born C. 1887. Living Brightside Bierlow.
FOWLER REBECCA. Born C. 1886. Living Boroughbridge.
FRANKLAND ALFRED. Born C. 1872. Living Manchester Lancs.
FRANKLAND CHARLES. Born C. 1868. Living Newton Lancs.
FRANKLAND EDWIN. Born C. 1852. Living Newton Lancs.
FRANKLAND FRANK. Born C. 1867. Living Kippax.
FRANKLAND JAMES. Born C. 1860. St.Andrews Lancs.
FRANKLAND RICHARD. Born C.1871. Living St.Andrews Lancs.
FRANKLAND TOM. Born C. 1863. Living Manchester Lancs.
FRYER HENRY. Born C. 1876. Living Hutton Conyers.
FRYER JOHN. Born C. 1869. Living Sawley.
FRYER MARGARET. Born C. 1868. Living Ripon.
FURKELL ELIZABETH. Born C. 1869. Living Ripon.

GALE SARAH ANN. Born C.1860. Living Dishforth.
GALE WILFRED. Born C.1890. Living Dishforth.
GALES WILLIAM. Born C.1877. Living Caythorpe.
GARGRAVE ANNIE. Born C1877. Living Woodhouse
.GARGRAVE JOHN W. Born C.1880. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
GARGRAVE WILLIAM. Born C.1880. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
GILL AGNES PICKERSGILL. Born C.1834. Living Azerley.
GILL CLARE. Born C.1876. Living Studley Roger.
GILL JAMES. Born C.1876. Living Azerley.
GILL JOHN WILLIAM. Born C.1863. Living Laverton.
GILL THOMAS. Born C. 1868. Living Sutton Grange.
GOLDBECK AGNES. Born C.1872. Living Headingley.
GOTT ESTHER. Born C.1832. Living Eccleshill.
GRAHAM EDWARD. Born C1845.Westgate Northumberland.
GRAHAM GEORGE. Born C.1861. in Aismunderby Bondgate.
GREENSIT MARY. Born C.1846. Living Caythorpe.
GROVES ELLEN. Born C.1822. Living Ripon.

HAMMOND HENRY. Born C. 1835. Living Moss side Lancs.
HANLEY THOMAS. Born C.1824. Living St.Giles Durham.
HARDY MARTHA. Born C.1823. Living Ellingstring.
HARRISON JANE. Born C.1870. Living Ripon.
HARRISON THOMAS. Born C.1858. Living London.
HARRISON WILLIAM. Born C.1845.Terrington Wiganthorpe.
HAW SARAH. Born C. 1849. Living Hampsthwaite.
HEATH JOHN BODDY. Born C.1833. Living Azerley.
HICK ELIZABETH. Born C. 1828. Living Fulford York.
HIDE JANE. Born C. 1849. Living St.Peters Yorks.
HILL JOHN W. Born C. 1880. Living Aismunderby.
HINCHCLIFFE HARRY. Born C. 1886. Living Halifax.
HINCHCLIFFE LEONARD W. Born C.1884. Living Halifax.
HOBSON MARTHA. Born C.1871. Living Cheetham Lancs.
HODGSON ANN. Born C.1836. Living Scalby.
HOLLOWAY ANN. Born C.1861. Living Markington.
HOPKINSON ELIZABETH. Born C.1820. Living Attercliffe/Darnell.
HORNER JANE. Born C.1840. Living Ripon.
HOUSEMAN WILLIAM. Born C.1836. Living St. Cuthberts.
HULLAH JAMES. Born C. 1859. Living Allerthorpe.
HULLAH TOMISIN ANNIE. Born C.1868. Living Gatenby.
HULLAH WILLIAM. Born C.1861. Living Gatenby.
HUTCHINSON PETER. Born C. 1819. Living Leeds.
HUTCHINSON WILLIAM. Born C. 1817. Living Yarm

IMESON JAMES. Born C. 1847. Living Knaresborough.
INGLEBY ALBERT. Born C. 1879. Living Goldsborough.
INGLEBY ANN. Born C. 1818. Living Wortley.
INGLEBY HORACE. Born C. 1881. Living Goldsborough.

JACKSON ANNIE. Born C. 1871. Living Dorking Surrey.
JACKSON ELLEN. Born C. 1847. Living West Tanfield.
JACKSON EMILY. Born C. 1859. Living West Tanfield.
JACKSON FREDERICK. Born C.1877. Living West Witton.
JACKSON ISABELLA. Born C. 1835. Ripon workhouse.
JACKSON JOHN. Born C.1867. Living St. Andrews.
JACKSON JONAH. Born C. 1850. Living Ilkley.
JACKSON JOSEPH. Born C. 1852. Living West Witton.
JACKSON RALPH C. Born C. 1841. Living Exelby Leeming.
JACKSON THOMAS. Born C. 1826. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
JACKSON WILLIAM. Born C. 1840. Living Batley.
JACKSON WILLIAM. Born C. 1869. Living Bilton Harrogate.
JANSON MARY A. Born C.1855. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
JOHNSON ANN. Born C.1837. Living Allerthorpe.
JORDISON MARTHA. Born C. 1853. Living Sand Hutton.

KELSEY AMOS. Born C. 1851. Living Ecclesfield.
KENDALL THOMAS. Born C.1814. Living Ripon.
KENNISON THOMAS. Born C. 1875. Living East Witton.
KENT WILLIAM. Born C.1859 Living Brightside Bierlow.
KENYON JANE. Born C.1872. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
KIDD MARY. Born C.1830. Living Melbourne Yorkshire.
KIDWELL MARY. Born C.1860. Living Scarborough.
KIDWELL SARAH. Born C. 1832. Living Scarborough.
KING JAMES. Born C.1878. Living Laverton.
KING JOHN. Born C.1876. Living Laverton.
KIRBY ELIZA. Born C.1823. Living St. Cuthberts.
KIRKLEY ESTHER. Born C.1856. Living Whitworth Durham.
KITCHING SARAH. Born C. 1838. Living Ripon.

LAKE ELIZA. Born C.184. Living Nether Hallam.
LAMSON MARY A. Born C.1840. Living Ripon.
LEATHLEY JOHN. Born C.1828. Living Azerley.
LEATHLEY JULIA. Born C.1866. Living Holbeck.
LEATHLEY MARY. Born C.1852. Living Holbeck.
LETHLEY [LEATHLEY] WILLIAM. Born C.1851. Living Middlesbro.
LEEMING JOHN. Born C.1879. Living Leeds.
LICKLEY ESTHER. Born C.1856. Living Markington.
LINDALE LOUISA. Born C.1866. Living Settrington.
LOFTHOUSE HENRY. Born C.1855. Living Manchester.
LOFTHOUSE MARY J. Born C.1873. Living Bishop Monkton.
LOMAS LUCY. Born C.1852. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
LUMLEY ANN. Born C.1862. Living High Ellington.
LUMLEY ANTHONY. Born C.1837. Living Headingley.
LUPTON HARRIETT. Born C.1870. Living Markington.

MALLABANA MARY H. Born C.1866. Living Darley Derbyshire.
MALLABY MARY. Born C.1849. Living Ellingstring.
McMASTER JOHN THOMAS. Born C.1869. Living Whitwood.
MENNELL ELIZABETH. Born C.1880. Living Clent.
MENNELL HONORIA. Born C.1875. Living Clent.
MENNELL JOHN. Born C.1872. Living Clent.
MENNELL JOHNSON. Born C.1868. Living Leeds.
METCALFE AGNES ANN. Born C.1845. Living Darlington Durham.
METCALFE ISABELLA. Born C.1839. Living Middlesborough.
METCALFE MARTHA. Born C.1837. Living Leeds.
METCALFE MARY. Born C.1843. Living Bilton Harrogate.
METCALFE MARY. Born C.1822. Living Fearby.
METCALFE WILLIAM. Born C.1839. Living Leeds.
MIDDLETON ALBERT. Born C.1866. Living Nether Hallam.
MILLS FREDERICK. Born C,1869. Living Bradford.
MONKHOUSE ANN MARY. Brn C.1855. Living Alston Cumberland.
MOORE CHARLES. Born C.1873. Living Winksley.
MOORHOUSE SARAH. Born C. 1855. Living Thornaby.
MORGAN BETSY. Born C.1847. Living Middleham.

NEWSOME HANNAH. Born C.1810. Living Clifton.
NICHOLSON EMILY. Born C. 1885. Living Swinton.
NICHOLSON FRED. Born C.1887. Living Swinton.
NICHOLSON JANE. Born C.1857. Living Hutton Conyers.
NICHOLSON PERCY. Born C.1889. Living Swinton.
NUTTALL MARGARET. Born C.1843. Living Newchurch Lancs.

PARKIN ELIZABETH. Born C.1847. Living West Ham. Essex.
PARNABY EDWARD. Born C.1837. Living Laverton.
PARNABY JANE. Born C.1857. Living Sawley.
PATTISON GERTRUDE. Born C.1890. Living Laverton.
PATTON ELIZABETH. Born C.1890. Living Bishopside.
PAYLOR WILLIAM. Born C.1807. Living Hutton Cranswick.
PEACOCK JANE. Born C.1855. Living Laverton.
PEACOCK JONATHAN. Born C.1878. Living Laverton.
PICKARD ALFRED JAMES. Born C.1866. Living Potter Newton.
PICKARD MARY. Born C. 1865. Living Potter Newton.
PICKLES CHARLES. Born C.1842. Living North Meols. Lancs.
PICKLES GEORGE. Born C. 1855. Living Killinghall.
PICKLES JONATHAN. Born C. 1851. Living Skeldon.
PICKLES MARY. Born C.1841. Living Hutton Conyers.
PICKLES POLLY. Born C.1873. Living North Meols. Lancs.
PICKLES ROBERT. Born C.1851. Living Horsforth.
PICKERSGILL JOSEPH. Born C.1876. Living Azerley.
PICKERSGILL MARGARET. Born C.1846. Living Mddlesborough.
POWELL JOHN. Born C.1839. Living Aismunderby / Bondgate.

RAWSON JOHN. Born C.1854. Living Bingley.
REED HERBERT. Born C.1879. Living Newington London.
REED MARGARET. Born C.1880. Living Newington London.
RENNISON ANNIE. Born C.1873. Living Ripon.
RENNISON WILLIAM. Born C.1872. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
RICHMOND DAVID. Born C.1842. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
RICHMOND DAVID. Born C.1841. Living Ripon.
RICHMOND ELIZABETH. Born C.1854. Living Bilton /Harrogate.
RICHMOND JOHN T. Born C.1856. Living Ilkley.
RICHMOND MARY. Born C.1864. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
RICHMOND THOMAS. Born C.1820. Living Laverton.
ROBSON ROBERT. Born C.1854. Living Masham.
RUMFORD FRANCES. Born C.1843. Living Middleham.

SHARP WILLIAM A. Born C.1883. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
SHEPHERD ESTHER. Born C.1851. Living Northowram.
SLY JANE. Born C.1847. Living Newby Wiske.
SMEETON MARTHA. Born C.1862. Living Ripon.
SMITH JAMES. Born C.1869. Living Lower Dunsforth.
SMITH WILLIAM H. Born C.1871. Living Wigan Lancs.
SMITH WILLIAM. Born C.1870. Living Ecclesfield.
SMORFITH MARY A. Born C.1850. Living Menwith with Darley.
SPENCE BESSY. Born C.1816. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
SPENCE GEORGE. Born C.1854. Living Masham.
SPENCE JOHN. Born C.1859. Living Bilton with Harrogate.
SPENCE JOHN. Born C.1839. Living Sharow.
SPENCE THOMAS. Born C.1843. Living Ripon.
SPENCE WILLIAM. Born C.1808. Living Pickhill.
STARR AMBROSE. Born C.1868. Living Nether Hallam.
STEDMAN CARRY. Born C.1872. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
STUART ELIZABETH. Born C.1843. Living North Stainley.
SULLIVAN MAGGIE. Born C.1885. Living Brightside Bierlow.
SUTCLIFFE JAMES E. Born C.1882. Living Otley.
SWAIN ANN. Born C. 1832. Living Armley.
SWAIN ELIZABETH. Born C.1852. Living Armley.
SWALES MARY. Born C.1829. Living Holbeck.
SWENDON MARY. Born C.1843. Living Great Smeaton.

THACKERY THOMAS. Born C.1865. Living Lindley.
THACKRAY ANNIE. Born C.1881. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THACKRAY ELIZABETH. Born C.1878. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THACKRAY FREDERICK. Born C.1870. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THACKRAY GEORGE. Born C.1868. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THACKRAY JANE. Born C.1887. Living Hutton Conyers.
THACKRAY JOHN. Born C.1881. Living Hutton Conyers.
THACKRAY JOHN. Born C.1873. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THACKRAY LAURA ANN. Born C.1880. Living Hutton Conyers.
THACKRAY MAGGIE. Born C.1883. Living Hutton Conyers.
THACKRAY MARY. Born C.1884. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THACKRAY RICHARD. Born C.1885. Living Hutton Conyers.
THACKRAY ROBERT. Born C.1845. Living Hutton Conyers.
THACKRAY ROBERT. Born C.1886. Living Hutton Conyers.
THIRKILL MARY. Born C.1844. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THOMAS MARY A. Born C.1842. Living Halifax.
THOMPSON MARY. Born C.1826. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
THORPE JOHN. Born C.1846. Living Sheffield.
TOMLIN ARTHUR. Born C. 1867. Living Gorton
TOMLIN ROBERT.* Born C.1840. Living Gorton.
TOMLINSON JANE. Born C.1852. Living Cheetham.
TOMLINSON JOHN. Born C.1880. Living Bishop Thornton.
TOMLINSON MARK. Born C.1883. Living Bishop Thornton.
TOMLINSON MARY. Born C.1839. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
TOPHAM ELLEN. Born C.1861. Living Azerley.
TOPHAM MARY ANN. Born C.1865. Living Crakehall.
TYSON JANE. Born C.1846. Living Whitley Northumberland.

UMPLEBY LENNARD. Born C.1851. Living Kirkby Malzeard.

WALKER ELLEN A. Born C.1872. Living Much Woolton. Lancs.
WALKER MARGARET. Born C.1846. Living Hutton le Hole.
WARREN JANE. Born C.1848. Living Ripon.
WATSON AGNES. Born C.1847. Living Elland with Greetland.
WATSON CHRISTOPHER. Born C.1830. Living Kirkby Malzeard.
WATSON ESTHER. Born C.1835. Living Ripon.
WELLS CHARLES. Born C.1856. Living Leeds.
WHITTAKER MARTHA A. Born C.1839. Living Newchurch Lancs.
WHYBELL ANNIE. Born C.1861. Living Studley Roger.
WHYBELL ELIZABETH. Born C.1832. Living Studly Roger.
WILKINSON GEORGE. Born C. 1840. Living Shilden Durham.
WILSON SARAH. Born C. 1855. Living Masham.
WILSON SARAH A. Born C. 1866. Living Seacroft.
WINTERSGILL MARY. Born C.1848. Living Masham.
WOOD ELIZABETH. Born C.1862. Living Great Smeaton.
WOOD GEORGE. Born C.1835. Living Beckingham Notts.
WOOD JAMES. Born C.1818. Living Shafton.
WOOD JAMES CHRIS TULLY. Born C.1885. Kirkby Underdale.
WOOD LAWRENCE BERTRAM. Born C.1879. Living K.Underdale.
WOOD MARGARET. Born C.1873. Living Ripon.
WOOD THOMAS. Born C.1855. Living Darlington.
WOOD WILLIAM. Born C.1870. Living Thirsk.
WOOD WILLIAM HAROLD. Brn C.1882. Living Kirkby Underdale.
WORLEY ETHEL. Born C.1885. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
WORLEY OLIVER. Born C.1887. Living Attercliffe cum Darnall.
WRIGHT ANNIE. Born C.1867. Living Thirsk.
WRIGHT ELLINSWORTH. Born C.1875. Living Thorpe le Willows.
WRIGHT JOSEPH. Born C.1858. Living Asenby.
WRIGHT WILLIAM. Born C.1877. Living Carlton Miniott.
WRIGHT WILLIAM. Born C.1871. Living Thirkleby.

Researched by B.Bradley. July 2008.