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Harrison Family

Information taken from Grewelthorpe &, Kirkby Malzeard Parish Registers, Census, School records, Memorial Inscriptions in Churchyard [M.I.]
\nBramley Grange and Kexmoor are part of Grewelthorpe, see history section of this web site.


Thanks to Martin Briscoe for some of this information.
\nMartin would like to hear from any descendants of Edward Harrison [1820] of Grantley &, also John Hammond of Canada. See Hammond family details.

\nJennifer Treadwell would like to hear from anyone with information about Thomas Dalton Harrison [1817-1874] &, his wife Elizabeth McRobb.

\nJoyce Harrison is seeking information about the Harrisons from Winksley. I am researching the George Harrison (1821 born Winksley) family from Winksley. George Harrison married a Sarah (born 1827 Laverton) who I think might be a Clark but I can find no details of Sarah’,s parentage. Any information would be gratefully received. Most of their children, including Clark Harrison are shown on this site.

\nThanks to Alys Jones who sent information about John &, Isabella Calvert.

\nTodd Harrison sent the following request Nov. 2011.
\nSpecifically, I am interested in contacting the living Harrison’,s in the Yorkshire area to exchange additional information about Harrison family history.


Thank you
\nTodd Harrison
\n3408 Bellefonte Drive
\nLexington KY 40502
\n allen daniel is seeking information. Received Oct. 2012.
\nI am trying to find information on William Ianson Harrison and Lilie Waite they adopted a son called Cecil who married Shirly I married his daughter Brenda we are trying to find more about the adoption as we can’,t find any record of it or no birth certificate and believe they were in Grewelthorpe parish at the time.


If you can help Allen please contact him.


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ABIGAIL HARRISON. Married on 28.11.1797 at Kirkby Malzeard to William Nicholson. a Husbandman.
\nALICE HARRISON. Born C. 1866 in Carlton in Coverdale. Buried 3.3.1943. M.I. dau of Thomas &, Elizabeth from Masham. In 1911 living unmarried with her widowed Mother in Grewelthorpe.
\nANTHONY HARRISON. Born C. 1792. in Staveley. Bootmaker [1851C] Husband of Mary.
\nANN HARRISON. Born C. 1780. Living with Thomas &, John Harrison on 1841 census.
\nANN HARRISON. Bap. 14.1.1845 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1874 Keighley. Dau of Edward [The Innkeeper]&, Jane Thompson. Married to James Tillotson of Lancashire. Mother of Edward [1869] &, Jane [1870].
\nANN HARRISON. Bap. 13.10.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [the Blacksmith] &, Margaret. Married on 10.4.1871 at Kirkby Malzeard church to David Kilburn. [b.1849] son of James Kilburn. David was a Labourer in Bradford when he married.
\nANN HARRISON. Born C.1850. Dau of Thomas &, Jane.
\nANNIE HARRISON. Born C.1879 Ripon. Dau of Edward &, Ann I. Grainger.
\nARABELLA HARRISON. Born C. 1757. Buried 3.3.1818. Kirkby Malzeard.
\nARTHUR HARRISON. Bap. 19.7.1931 Mickley. Son of James Francis William the Gardener &, Mary Ellen.
\nCHARLES HARRISON. Born 1829 Carlton, Coverdale. Son of Henry &, Mary Ann.
\nCLARK HARRISON. Born C. 1860 Winksley. Son of George [Bobbin Turner] &, Sarah.
\nCONSTANCE AMY HARRISON. Born 7.8.1921. Bap. 22.12.1921. dau of Fred &, Sarah Mary Elizabeth. Father Police constable in Wombwell.
\nEDITH HARRISON. Born 1889 St.Helens Lancs. Dau of Henry B. &, Elizabeth Crossley.
\nEDWARD HARRISON. Born C. 1820 Grantley. Died 1880 Ripon.
\nHusband of Jane Thompson. Married 1841 Bedale.
\nEDWARD HARRISON. Born C. 1849. Buried 18.3.1849 infant. Grewelthorpe. [Ref. Par.Reg].
\nEDWARD HARRISON. Bap. 14.3.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Edward [The Butcher] &, Jane of Grewelthorpe. Husband of Ann Isabel Grainger of Bishop Monkton. Married 1878 Ripon.
\nEDWARD HARRISON. Born C. 1859. Son of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nEDWARD HARRISON. Born C.1880 Ripon. Son of Edward &, Ann I.Grainger.
\nELIZA HARRISON. Born C. 1832. Dau of Anthony &, Mary. Father a bootmaker.
\nELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C.1817 Leeds. Dau of Mary of Pateley Bridge. Living Winksley unmarried 1861.
\nELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C.1826 Horsehouse, Coverdale. Buried 18.9.1913 M.I. Wife of Thomas. 1911 a widow living with dau. Alice in Grewelthorpe.
\nELIZABETH HARRISON. Bap. 1.5.1851 Mickley. Dau of John the Flax dresser &, Jane of Mickley.
\nELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C. 1856. Dau of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C. 1862 Masham. Dau of Robert. Living Quarry House, Ilton in 1891.
\nEMILY ELIZA HARRISON. Born C1825. Buried Mickley 27.11.1915. Lived High Bank, Mickley.
\nEMILY HARRISON. Born C. 1864. Dau of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nEMMA HARRISON. Born C.1851 Monty Frystone Yorkshire. Wife of John.
\nERNEST R.W.HARRISON. Born C1850 Upton. Son of Thomas Dalton Harrison &, Elizabeth McRobb.
\nERNEST HARRISON. Born C.1877 Lancs. Son of Henry B. &, Sarah Slater.
\nETHEL M.HARRISON. Born C.1883.Bradford. dau of John &, Emma.
\nFLORENCE HARRISON. Born C. 1886 St.Helens . Lancs. Dau of Henry B &, Elizabeth Crossley.
\nFLORENCE [FLORRIE] HARRISON. Bap 19.5.1889 dau of William &, Jane Metcalfe. Farmer Bramley Grange. 1911. doing dairy work at parents farm. unmarried.
\nFRANCES ELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C.1787. Buried 8.1.1875 Mickley.
\nFRANCIS F. HARRISON.* Born C. 1851 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William [Blacksmith] &, Margaret. Married to Jane of Norton le Clay.
\nFRANCES GEORGIANA HARRISON. Born C1848 Mickley. Unmarried in 1911. Dau of Thomas Dalton Harrison [clergyman] &, Elizabeth McRobb. of Canada. Living Mickley Parsonage in 1861.
\nGEORGE HARRISON. Born C. 1748. Lived Winksley. Buried 18.5.1836 Kirkby Malzeard.
\nGEORGE FRANCIS HARRISON. Born C. 1818. Buried 28.7.1852 Mickley.
\nGEORGE HARRISON. Born C.1821 Winksley. A Bobbin Turner. married to Sarah from Laverton.
\nGEORGE HARRISON. Born C 1854. Son of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nGEORGE PRESCOTT HARRISON. Born 1884 Mickley. Buried 3.5.1884. Infant. Lived Tanfield Lodge.
\nGEORGE HARRISON. Served in WW2 in Royal Artillary. Name on church honours board.
\nHANNAH HARRISON. Born C.1859. Carlton in Coverdsale. Dau of Thomas &, Elizabeth.
\nHANNAH HARRISON. of Bramley Grange. Married Peter Carter Verity of Wathermarske, Masham. Banns read August 1882.
\nHARRY HARRISON. Bap 28.9.1859 son of Thomas Hanley Harrison &, Jane. Farmer from Halifax. Harry was a dom.gardener in Ripon 1901. Husband of Mary from Durham.
\nHARRIET HARRISON. Dau of David of Ramsgill. Married on 19.8.1852 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Hiram Watson. a Joiner from Ramsgill, son of John Watson [Joiner]. Witnesses Thomas &, Grace Watson.
\nHELEN A. JANE HARRISON. Born C. 1890 Ripon. Dau of Edward &, Ann I.Grainger.
\nHENRY HARRISON. Born 21 June 1781 Yafforth. Died 1839 Masham. Son of Thomas &, Jane Hanley. In 1811 married Ann Steward of West Tanfield.
\nHENRY HARRISON. Born C. 1805 Carlton, Coverdale. Died C. 1867 Bramley. Husband of Mary Ann of Carlton.
\nHENRY HARRISON. Born C. 1822 Kirkby Malzeard. A Sawyer. Married to Mary from Winksley.[b.1826].
\nHENRY AISLABIE HARRISON. Bap 25.4.1824 son of Robert &, Elizabeth of Lindricks.
\nHENRY HARRISON. Born C. 1831 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William &, Jane. Unmarried in 1861 in Kirkby malzeard.
\nHENRY HARRISON. Born 1837 Carlton, Coverdale. Son of Henry &, Mary Ann.
\nHENRY BARKER HARRISON. Bap.14.8.1853 Kirkby Malzeard. Cotton Twister &, Scripture reader. Son of Robert Cundall Harrison [A Jobber] &, Margaret Barker. Married [1] Sarah Slater. in 1872 in Manchester, Had 2 children Robt Levi 1872 &, Ernest 1877. Married [2] Elizabeth Crossley. 2 children. Florence 1886 &, Edith 1889 in St Helens Lancs.
\nHENRY HARRISON. Bap. 12.8.1854 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William [The Blacksmith] &, Margaret. Carter in 1891. Died 20.12.1926 in Ripon workhouse. Senile decay. Buried Ripon
\nHENRY HARRISON. Born C. 1920. Son of Thomas &, Mary of the Nook Grewelthorpe. Husband of Lena Burrill. dau of Leonard Burrill.
\nISABELL HARRISON. Bap. 27.4.1603 Ripon Cathedral. Dau of David Harrison a pauper.
\nISABEL HARRISON. Bap 25.9.1764 dau of Christopher.
\nISABELLA HARRISON [Nee CALVERT.] Born C. 1824. Skellgill. Died 1914. Dau of William &, Ann of Laverton. married John Harrison in 1846. Had 10 children.
\nJACK HARRISON. Was the leader of the Masham Bell ringers. Recalled that formerley it was the custom to ring the church bells on the eve of the September Fairs in Masham, the object being to guide by the sound of the bells, persons coming across the wide moors, which were open and unenclosed. Ref. Masham History 1865.
\nJAMES HARRISON. Born 1798 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1855 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John. Labourer &, Farmer. Married Sarah Cundall. 26.4.1823 Kirkby Malzeard. Lived Town St. K.Malzeard 1851. Had 8 children.
\nJAMES HARRISON. Born 1831 Sugar Hill, Kirkby Malzeard.
\nBuried 25.7.1852 Kirkby Malzeard. Tailors Apprentice. Son of James &, Sarah Cundall.
\nJAMES HARRISON. Bap.29.3.1846. Son of John [farmer]&, Isabella Calvert. of Dallowgill.
\nJAMES HARRISON. 1890 Farmer at North Cote, Masham. Ref. Bulmer’,s 1890 Directory.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born C1817. Buried Mickley 5.11.1891.
\nJANE HARRISON nee THOMPSON. Born C.1818 Masham. Died 1885 Ripon. Wife of Edward.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born C.1818 a widow in 1891 living in Ripon.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born C.1836 dau of Anthony &, Mary.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born C. 1839 Carlton, Coverdale. Sister of Margaret &, William.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born C.1854 Ripon. Dau of Edward &, Jane Thompson. Wife of Thomas Appleton son of John Appleton &, Ann Jobson. Mother of Jane [C1882]. John Edward [C1884]. Gladys May [1893]
\nJANE HARRISON [nee Metcalfe]. Born C.1865 Ilton. Buried 9.11.1941. Wife of William of Bramley Grange. M.I.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born C. 1870. Grewelthorpe. Living Ripon in 1891.
\nJANE ANN HARRISON. Born C1871 Easingwold. Dau of Joseph &, Hannah.
\nJANE HARRISON. Born in Durham. Married William Jackson. in 1891. Banns read at Grewelthorpe.
\nJAPHET HARRISON. Born C.1854 Winksley. Son of George [Bobbin Turner] &, Sarah.
\nJEREMIAH HARRISON. Born C 1807 Carlton, Coverdale. Husband of Martha of Coverdale.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C1734. Died 19.6.1808 Masham. Former purser in Royal Navy. Had sister Phillis.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1766. Buried 7.11.1838 Kirkby Malzeard.
\nJOHN WALKER HARRISON. Born C.1789. Buried 12.12.1857 Mickley.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1817. Buried 20.7.1842 Kirkby Malzeard.


JOHN HARRISON. Bap. 25.2.1821 Aldfield. Son f Robert &, Elizabeth of Lindricks.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born c1823 Laverton. Son of James &, Sarah Cundall.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Son of George a miller at Darley. John was a Miller also. He married Ann Wilkinson. of Galphay, dau of Thomas, on 26.12.1840 at Kirkby Malzeard.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C.1824 Masham. buried 28.3.1882. from Kirkby Malzeard.
\nJOHN HARRISON. 1822 [directory]Blacksmith in Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1838 in K.Malzeard. Father of Joseph the Blacksmith.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1824. Lived Stainmore. Buried 17.9.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1824 at Masham. Farmer Spring Hall Grewelthorpe.

\nReport in Yorkshire Gazette June 1854.
\nAt a recent Sheep Fair in Ripon, Mr John Harrison of Spring Hall, Grewelthorpe, exhibited 6 shearling wethers –, a crop between the Shropshire down and a Cotswold tup. The average weight was about 28lbs per quarter. The finest which was slaughtered by Mr Wood of Kirkby Malzeard, weighed over 30lbs per quarter.

\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1826. Grantley. Died 1899/1900.Son of John [Farmer] &, Mary. Married Isabella Calvert. [b.1824- d.1914] on 5.3.1846 at Ripon Registry Office. They had 10 children. Lived Grantley.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C.1839 Winksley. Bobbin Turner. Son of Joseph [stonemason] &, mary.
\nJOHN CUNDALL HARRISON. Born 1841 Stainmoor, Kirkby Malzeard. Died/ Buried 12.2.1870 Kirkby Malzeard. Wesleyan Minister. Son of James &, Sarah Cundall. Married Mary Eliza Tanfield. on 8.8.1866 Ripon Meth. Church.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Bap. 30.11.1845 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William [The Blacksmith] &, Margaret. Blacksmith in Kirkby Malzeard 1891.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Bap.21.3.1847. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Edward [The Publican] &, Jane. of Grewelthorpe. Husband of Emma.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1852. Son of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1852. Son of Thomas &, Jane.
\nJOHN HARRISON. Born C. 1854 Winksley. Son of George [Bobbin Turner] &, Sarah.
\nJOHN HERBERT HARRISON. Bap. 30.7.1855 Kirkby Malzeard. Cloth Worker. Son of Robert [The jobber] &, Margaret.
\nJOHN E.HARRISON. Born C. 1884 Bradford. Son of John &, Emma.
\nJOSEPH HARRISON. Born C.1800 Pateley Bridge. Stonemason. married to Mary born Grewelthorpe 1808.
\nJOSEPH HARRISON. 1822[directory] Blacksmith in Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1860 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of John the Blacksmith.
\nJOSEPH HARRISON. Bap. 2.8.1825 Aldfield. Son of Robert &, Elizabeth.
\nJOSEPH HARRISON. Born 1837 Stainmoor. Died 1883-91. Son of James &, Sarah Cundall. Cattle dealer and later Tailor. Married Hannah. 2 children Sarah 1870 &, Jane 1871. After marriage lived at Nags Head Inn Easingwold.
\nJOSEPH HARRISON. Born C.1851 Winksley. Son of George [Bobbin Turner] &, Sarah.
\nJOSEPH HARRISON. Born C1890 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Francis [blacksmith] &, Jane.
\nKATHLEEN BEATRICE HARRISON. Bap 19.10.1919 dau of Fred &, Sarah Mary Eliz. Police Insp. Barnsley.
\nLENA HARRISON [nee BURRILL]. Born C.1926. Buried 9.10.1964. Dau. of Leonard Burrill. Wife of Henry. Lived The Nook.Grewelthorpe. M.I.
\nLILIAN HARRISON. Born C1888 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Francis [blacksmith] &, Jane.
\nLUCE HARRISON. Buried 29.1.1732 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William of Mickley.
\nMAGGIE ELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C.1863 dau of William the Blacksmith. Married on 5.12.1885 at Kirkby Malzeard church to John Caygill. [b.1862] son of James Caygill. Gardener.
\nMARGARET HARRISON. Born C. 1767. Lived Willow House. Buried 16.3.1820. Ref. Kirkby Malzeard Par. reg.
\nMARGARET HARRISON [Nee ?]. Born C.1823 Kirkby Malzeard. Widowed in 1891. She was Mistress of Blacksmith business. 2 of her sons were Blacksmiths.
\nMARGARET HARRISON. Born C.1836 Carlton, Covedale. Sister of William &, Jane.
\nMARGARET HARRISON. Born C1848. Dau of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nMARGARET HARRISON. Born 1857 Kirkby Malzeard.Cotton weaver. Dau of Robert Cundall Harrison &, Margaret Barker. Lived Oldham in 1881.
\nMARGARET ELIZABETH FRANKLAND HARRISON. Bap. 18.10.1863 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [Blacksmith] &, Margaret of Kirkby Malzeard.
\nMARGARET HARRISON. Dau of Thomas of The Nook, Grewelthorpe. Sister of William &, Henry Harrison.
\nMARGARET HARRISON. Youngest dau. of Thomas of Ivy House, Grewelthorpe. Married Brian W. Stockill. of Markington on 16 May 1958.
\nMARIA HARRISON. Born C1831. Dau of Joseph the Blacksmith. Married on 5.6.1854 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Henry Wood. son of William Wood [Besom maker].
\nMARIA HARRISON. Born C. 1844 Carlton, Coverdale. Dau of Henry &, Mary Ann.
\nMARIA HARRISON. Born 1859 Kirkby Malzeard. Cotton weaver. Dau of Robert Cundall harrison &, Margaret Barker. Lived Oldham 1881.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C. 1764. Buried 10.4.1850 age 86 Kirkby Malzeard. [Ref. Par.Reg.]
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C. 1787 Pateley Bridge. pauper in Winksley in 1861. with daughter Elizabeth.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C. 1799. Wife of Anthony the Bootmaker.
\nMARY ANN HARRISON. Born 1807 Coverdale. Died after 1871. Wife of Henry born C. 1805.
\nMARY HARRISON. Bap. 21.4.1822 Aldfield. Dau of Robert &, Elizabeth of Lindricks.
\nMARY HARRISON. Dau of Joseph the Blacksmith of Kirkby Malzeard. She married John Pickersgill. son of Simon of Galphay. on 1.10.1842 at Kirkby Malzeard. Witness Henry Harrison.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C. 1834 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James &, Sarah Cundall. Bonnett Maker, Town St. K.Malzeard in 1851.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C. 1837. in Coverdale. Wife of Matthias. Farmer Kexmoor.
\nMARY JANE HARRISON. Born C. 1843 Grantley. Dau of Edward &, Jane. Wife of John Hammond of Canada. see Hammond page.
\nMARY ELIZA HARRISON [Nee Tanfield]. Born 1843 dau of John Tanfield &, Rebecca Cundall. Married John Cundall Harrison in 1866.
\nMARY HARRISON. Bap. 15.8.1846 at Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas [The Yeoman] &, Jane of Grewelthorpe.
\nMARY HARRISON. Bap. 13.7.1856 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [The Blacksmith] &, Margaret.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C.1858 Winksley. Dau of George [Bobbin Maker] &, Sarah.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C.1860 Durham. Wife of Harry the Gardener. Living Ripon 1901.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C. 1862. Dau of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nMARY ELIZABETH HARRISON [nee?] Born 1876. Wife of Richard. Lived Cross Hills Grewelthorpe. Died Warren Lane Galphay age 76 on 7 Feb 1952.
\nMARY HARRISON. Born C.1893. Buried 4.12.1961. Wife of Thomas. lived Ivy House, Grewelthorpe. M.I.
\nMARY OLIVE HARRISON. Bap 14.9.1913 dau of Fred &, Sarah Mary Elizabeth. Police constable Bingley.
\nMATTHIAS HARRISON. Born 1837 in Coverdale. Son of William &, Alice. Husband of Mary. Farmer Kexmoor. Lived Gill Head Farm, Swinton 1901. In 1911 a widower living in Grewelthorpe with housekeeper Emma Purnill.
\nMILLICENT HARRISON. Born C. 1900. Wathermarske. Dau of William &, Louise.
\nPHILLIS HARRISON. Born C1732. Died 23.4.1800 Masham. Sister of John b.1734.
\nREBECCA HARRISON. Born 1829 Stainmoor.Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of James &, Sarah Cundall. Servant Park St. Ripon in 1851.
\nRICHARD HARRISON. Born C1818 Coverdale. Farmer at Low Sowermire, Healey. Married to Hannah of Healey. [Ref 1871 census].
\nRICHARD HARRISON. Born 1868 Grewelthorpe. Son of Matthias &, Mary. Farmer at Kexmoor.
\nROBERT HARRISON. Bap 24.10.1819 Aldfield. son of Robert &, Elizabeth of Lindricks.
\nROBERT PRESCOTT HARRISON. Born C.1822. Buried 6.10.1887. Lived High Bank Mickley.
\nROBERT CUNDALL HARRISON. Born 1827 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1870 Kirkby Malzeard. Cattle dealer &, Jobber. Son of James &, Sarah Cundall.
\nROBERT HARRISON. Born 1834. Son of William &, Alice. Brother of Matthias.
\nROBERT LEVI HARRISON. Born C.1872 Lancs. Son of Henry Barker Harrison &, Sarah Slater.
\nROBERT WILLIAM HARRISON. Born C.1918. Buried 27.11.1985. M.I.


SAMUEL HARRISON. Born C. 1830 Winksley. Bobbin Turner. married to Elizabeth born Kirkby Malzeard in 1833. Living at Queenshead Inn, Winksley in 1861.
\nSAMUEL HARRISON. Born 1832 Carlton, Coverdale. Son of Henry &, Mary Ann.
\nSARAH HARRISON. Born C. 1846 Winksley. Dau of Joseph [stonemason] &, Mary.
\nSARAH ELIZABETH HARRISON. Born 1870 Easingwold. Dau of Joseph &, Hannah.
\nSARAH MARY ELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C.1885.Buried 11.11.1930. M.I. Wife of Fred.
\nSOPHIA HARRISON. Bap. 2.4.1848 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William [The Blacksmith] &, Margaret.
\nSUSAN ELIZABETH HARRISON. Born C.1821. Buried 25.6.1874 Mickley.
\nTHOMAS HARISON. Bap. 16.12.1602 Ripon Cathedral Son of George of Grantley.
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Born C. 1811 at Sutton under Whitestone Cliff. Husband of Jane. Farmer Grewelthorpe. possibly the same Thomas as the following entry.
\nTHOMAS HANLEY HARRISON. Born C.1812. Yeoman of Grewelthorpe. Buried 8.3.1879 Mickley. Son of Henry &, Ann Steward. Married Jane Pickard. of Grewelthorpe, dau of William Pickard. a Carpenter in Grewelthorpe. on 4.1.1844 at Kirkby Malzeard church.
\nTHOMAS DALTON HARRISON. Born C.1817 Aldborough. Buried 26.2.1874 Mickley. He was a clergyman. Married Elizabeth McRobb [or MacRobb]. She was Canadian. orphaned and raised by Sir Robert Barrie &, Lady Julia Ingilby. Had dau. Frances G. &, sons Ernest R.W.Harrison &, Cecil D. Harrison.
\nIn 1867 he was elected chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture in Ripon. at a meeting held in the Unicorn Hotel. [The Leeds Mercury 1867]
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Born C.1826 Carlton in Coverdale. Buried 30.9.1904. M.I. Husband of Elizabeth.
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Bap 22.12.1839 Sugar Hill Kirkby Malzeard. Died/Buried 30.7.1840 Stainmoor, Kirkby Malzeard. Son of James &, Sarah Cundall.
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Born C.1856. Son of Thomas &, Jane.
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Born C. 1857. Greweltorpe. Buried 15.2.1879. son of Thomas &, Elizabeth. M.I. Bramley Grange.
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Born C.1858. Grewelthorpe. A servant in London in 1891.
\nTHOMAS HARRISON. Born 18.6.1893. Buried 16.7.1954. son of William &, Jane Metcalfe. of Bramley Grange. Started school 25.8.1879.Left 1880.1911 doing farm work on parents farm. unmarried. Husband of Mary. Lived Ivy House. Grewelthorpe. M.I. See Obit at end.
\nWALTER HARRISON. Born C. 1867. Son of John [Farmer]&, Isabella Calvert.
\nWALTER HARRISON. Born C. 1892 Fryer Ings. Farm Lab. in 1911 working for John Barker. at Mallaby House, Dallowgill.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Married in 1707 at Kirkby Malzeard to * Mary Atkinson.* of Hartwith.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Bap 28.9.1766. Grewelthorpe.Son of Christopher.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C1794. Died 1862. Married to Jane [b.1801] of Borobridge. In 1861 according to census Wm. was too infirm to work.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Bap. 6.4.1817 Aldfield. Son of Robert &, Elizabeth of Lindricks.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C. 1823 Kirkby Malzeard. Blacksmith Kirkby Malzeard in 1861. married to Margaret b.1822.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C. 1838 Carlton, Coverdale. Brother of Margaret &, Jane.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C. 1842 Winksley. Bobbin Turner. Son of Joseph [stonemason] &, Mary.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Bap. 8.3.1845 at Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Thomas [The Yeoman] &, Jane of Grewelthorpe. Husband of Mary. Living Terrington with Wiganthorpe in 1891.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C. 1849. Son of John [Farmer] &, Isabella Calvert.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born 1861 Armley. Son of Matthias &, Mary. Farmer at Kexmoor. Married to Louise of Masham. Lived Gill Head Farm, Swinton in 1901.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C.1863 Carlton in Coverale. Buried 9.9.1917. M.I. Son of Thomas &, Elizabeth. Husband of Jane Metcalfe. Married C 1887. Lived Bramley Grange. In 1911 had 3 children 1 of which had died. See photo of grave at end.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C.1867 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of ? &, Margaret. Blacksmith in 1891 in Kirkby Malzeard.
\nWILLIAM H. HARRISON. Born C1886 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Francis [Blacksmith] &, Jane.
\nWILLIAM IANSON HARRISON. Son of R.Harrison of Braithwaite Hall, Galphay. Married Lily Waite. of Crosshills Grewelthorpe on 18th May 1929.
\nWILLIAM HARRISON. Born C. 1920. Brother of Henry &, Margaret Harrison. Son of Thomas &, Mary of The Nook, Grewelthorpe.

\nObituary of Thomas Harrison. 1893-1954.
\nReported in Ripon Gazette July 1954.
\nThe death occurred last week of Mr. Thomas Harrison. of Ivy House, Grewelthorpe. late of The Nook, Bramley Grange.
\nAged 61, Mr Harrison was the only son of the late Mr &, Mrs W.Harrison, of Bramley Grange.
\nHe retired to Grewelthorpe about 3 years ago after farming at The Nook. He took an active part in the life of the village and will be much missed, especially at the Methodist Church, where he was a trustee and a Society steward. He was a member of the Kirkby Malzeard branch of the National Farmers Union, the War Agricultural Executive Committee [Ripon District] and Grewelthorpe Parish Council.
\nThe funeral which was largely attended took place at Grewelthorpe Methodist Church on Tuesday [16.7.1954]. Rev T.W.Ellenor conducted the service, assisted by Pastor Hymer. Mr George Lofthouse. was organist.
\nChief mourners were:-
\nMrs Harrison [widow].
\nMr &, Mrs W,Harrison [son &, Dau in law].
\nMr &, Mrs H.Harrison [son &, dau in law].
\nMisses Doreen &, Margaret Harrison. [Daughters].
\nMrs B.Richmond [sister.
\nMr &, Mrs H. I’,Anson &, Mrs Mackey. [Nieces].
\nMr T.H.Richmond [nephew] &, Mrs Richmond.



Grave of William &, Jane Harrison in Grewelthorpe Churchyard.


\nWedding of Sapper H.Harrison [RE] and ACWI F.Lodge.[WAAF] in Grewelthorpe 1944.

\nResearched by B. Bradley