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Hammond Family

The following information has been taken from Parish Registers, Memorial Inscriptions, M.I. in Grewelthorpe Churchyard. Census & School records etc. If you find this article helpful in your research or if you have any information to add, please contact me.
Researched by Barbara Bradley. Last update Jan. 2015.

Thanks to Martin Briscoe for supplying some of the following information re.Hammonds in Grantley. Martin is keen to hear from descendants of John Hammond born C1845 in Quebec Canada. Also Edward Harrison see Harrison family details. Information wanted about Mark Hammond a soldier who it is thought was killed in Canada in 1845/6

Thanks also to Anjie Albert from Alberta Canada for some of the following information. Anjie would like to hear from descendants of Thomas Hammond born 1740 at Dallowgill.

Thanks to Barrie Sharples for some of this information.

Thanks to Laurie Rhodes for information re. William Hammond the publican & his daughter Jemima.

G. Hammond from Canada is seeking information about Elizabeth Spence[1801-1881] who married John Hammond in 1822 in Ripon.

ALBERT HAMMOND. Born in Canada son of William & Fanny Long. Married Clara Clark. Father of Allen, Claude, Elsie & Mabel.
ALBERT HAMMOND. Born 22.8.1921. Son of William & Elizabeth Ann Foster. of Holmes Farm. Started school 25.4.1927. Left age 14.
AMOS HAMMOND. Born C.1834. Grewelthorpe. An apprentice to Christopher Ascough. born Grewelthorpe a draper in Fishergate Ripon in 1851.
ANN HAMMOND. Born C.1788. Buried 16.11.1861 Dallowgill.
ANN HAMMOND. Born 3.5.1803 Grewelthorpe. Died 20.3.1885. Buried 25.3.1885. Wife of William.M.I.
ANNE HAMMOND. Born C. 1824. Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 5.7.1846 Kirkby Malzeard age 22.
ANN HAMMOND. Born C.1828 Masham. Dau of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse.
ANN HAMMOND. Dau of Thomas the Miller from Galphay Mill.Married John Kidson. Joiner from Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William Kidson. the mason. Marriage on 16.6.1851 at Kirkby Malzeard church. Witnesses were Christopher, George & Mary Hammond. [Ref. K.Mal. Par. Reg.]
ANNIE HAMMOND. Born C. 1876 Manchester. Dau of Henry & Rebe. Living Lancs.1891.
ANNIE E. HAMMOND. Born C. 1880. Laverton. Servant in 1891 in Grewelthorpe.
ANTHONY HAMMOND. Born C. 1752 Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 9.9.1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
ANTHONY HAMMOND. Born C. 1799 Staveley. Died 2.7.1876. M.I. Married to [1]Mary [1851 census] Bootmaker. [2]*Elizabeth Marsden* of Pocklington 1860 at Mickley church. Cream cheese maker.
CAROLINE HAMMOND. Born C. 1823 Grewelthorpe.
CATHERINE HAMMOND. Born C. 1757. Lived Grantley. Buried 16.7.1843 Kirkby Malzeard.
CATHERINE HAMMOND. Bap 9.4.1780 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Robert.
CATHERINE HAMMOND [nee O’SHEA]. Born C1824 Canada. Dau of John O’Shea. Married [1] Mark Hammond. Widow in 1851 in Laverton. Married [2] John Swales. on 17.6. 1854. at Kirkby Malzeard church. John was an Innkeeper. Living Grewelthorpe when he married. Witness to marriage Thomas Coldbeck. Had dau. Isabel Hammond. born in Chester. Catherine Swales was the lodgekeeper at Swinton Park.
CECIL ERNEST HAMMOND. Born 21.2.1925. Bap. 5.4.1925. Son of George Edwin & Harriet Amy Jackson. of Hackfall Farm. Started school 7.4.1930 Left in 1937. Married Betty. See Photo at end.
DAVID HAMMOND. Born in Canada son of William & Fanny Long. Married Hanna and had 2 children.
DORIS MAY HAMMOND. Born 31.5.1926. Bap.15.8.1926. Dau of George Edwin & Harriet Amy. Started school 1.6.1931. Left 1937.
EASTER HAMMOND. Born 1818. Grewelthorpe. Buried 31.3.1818.
EDGAR HAMMOND. Born 21.8.1925. Son of Henry of Ilton. Started Grewelthorpe school 28.2.1938. Left age 14.
EDWARD HAMMOND. Born 22.6.1832. Son of William & Ann,
ELIZA HAMMOND. Born C. 1839 Tadcaster. Wife of John. Living Tadcaster in 1871.
ELIZA HAMM0ND. Born 1890 Manchester. Dau of Henry & Rebe. Living Lancs.1891.
ELIZABETH HAMMOND.[Nee ?] Born C.1799. Mother of William the Publican.
ELIZABETH HAMMOND. [Nee Wincup.] Born C. 1828. Pocklington. Died 7.7.1900.M.I. Wife of Anthony. Interred at St.James’s Church, Thornton, Bradford on 10. 7. 1900.
ELIZABETH HAMMOND. Born C. 1829. Buried 5.8.1847 age 18. Lived Cowmires.
ELIZABETH HAMMOND. Born C. 1833 Masham. Dau of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse.
ELIZABETH HAMMOND. Born C.1863. Dau of George of Kirkby Malzeard. married on 27.5.1882 at Kirby Malzeard church to Joseph Baul.[b.1858] See Baul page.
ELIZABETH ANN HAMMOND. Born C.1869 or C. 1887. Died 23.7.1926.M.I. Dau of Joseph. Married on 5.1.1895 at Kirkby Malzeard church to William Edward McGlasson. [b.1870] son of Thomas.. Mother of John Richard.
ELIZABETH ANNIE HAMMOND. Born C.1900 Ilton. Dau of Henry Richard & Hannah.
ELIZA HAMMOND. Born C.1843 Tadcaster. Dau in law of William & Ann. A widow in 1881.
ELLEN HAMMOND. Born C. 1835 Masham. Dau of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse.
ELSIE HAMMOND. Born 2.4.1894. Dau of Henry Richard & Hannah. Came from Ilton to Grewelthorpe school 9.11.1903. Address c/o Mr Gall.
ELSIE MAUD HAMMOND. Born Grantley before Jan 1894. Dau of John & Harriet Nicholson.
EMELIA HAMMOND. Born C. 1889. Grewelthorpe. Dau of John Henry & Jane. Living Ripon 1901.
EMILY HAMMOND. Born C. 1851. Middlesex. Grand dau of Anthony & Elizabeth.
ENOS HAMMOND. Born C1822 Dallowgill. Shoemaker. Married to Elizabeth of Ilton. [Ref 1871 census]*ENOS HAMMOND.* Born C. 1899 Ilton. Son of Henry Richard & Hannah.
FANNY HAMMOND. Born 1848.Swetton. Buried 16.11.1851 age 3.
FRANCES HAMMOND. Born C. 1785. Buried 25.10.1849 age 64. Lived Dalton Lodge. [Ref. Par.Reg.]*FREDERICK HAMMOND.* Born C. 1825.Grewelthorpe. Husband of Elizabeth of Darlington. Living Startforth Yorkshire in 1861/71.
FRED EDGAR HAMMOND. Born C. 1880 Grantley. Son of John & Mary Jane Harrison.
GEORGE HAMMOND. Born 1862 in Canada. Son of William & Fanny Long. Married Elizabeth Burch. Children.Gertrude, Roy, William, Lloyd, Evelyn, Mildred, Kenneth.
GEORGE EDWIN HAMMOND. Born 20.6.1891. Bap. 1.8.1891. Son of Richard & Sarah Clew. of Hackfall Farm. Husband of Harriet Amy [nee Jackson]. b 1894 Scotton. Started school 3.9.1895. Married 1923 St. Pauls Healey.
GLADYS MAE HAMMOND. Born 14.6.1901. in Canada. Dau of James & Henrietta Elizabeth Carm. Married Peter Pollock in 1924. Great Grandmother of Anjie Albert. see contact address above.
GLADYS A. HAMMOND. Born 22.8.1920. Dau of William & Elizabeth Ann Foster. of Holmes Farm. Started school 2.4.1928. Left age 14.
HANNAH HAMMOND. Born 1873. Durham.Wife of Henry Richard.
HENRY HAMMOND. Born C. 1830. Son of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse.
HENRY HAMMOND. Born 28.4.1834. Son of William & Ann.
HENRY HAMMOND. Born C. 1835. Grewelthorpe. Husband of Rebe of Cornwall. Living Lancs.1891. Brother of Thomas (1861 census).
HENRY RICHARD HAMMOND. Born C.1870. Moorheads. Son of Enos [shoemaker] & Elizabeth. Husband of Hannah. Lived Ilton in 1901.
HENRY HAMMOND. Born C1870 in Canada. Son of William & Fanny Long. Unmarried. Photographer.
ISABEL HAMMOND. Born in Chester. Dau of Mark & Catherine O’Shea.
ISABEL HAMMOND. Born before Sep 1869. Grantley. Dau of John & Mary Jane Harrison.
ISABELLA HAMMOND. Born C. 1827. Buried 22.12.1847 Grewelthorpe age 20.
ISABELLA HAMMOND. Dau of Thomas the shoemaker in Grewelthorpe. Married on 21.9.1852 at Kirkby Malzeard to George Firby. of Grewelthorpe. son of Robert Firby.
ISABELLA HAMMOND. Born C1836. Died 9.10.1857. Dau of James & Sarah. Step daughter of William Allison. M.I. St.Marys Church, Masham.
JAMES HAMMOND. Born 13.6.1838. Son of William & Ann.
JAMES HAMMOND. Born C. 1841 Grewelthorpe. Buried 3.2.1842 Kirkby Malzeard.
JAMES HAMMOND. Born 1860’s or 70’s in Canada. Son of William & Fanny Long. Married [1]Anne Boulter. Father of Alice & Mary. Married [2] Henrietta Elizabeth Carm. Father of Gladys Mae.
JAMES WILLIAM HAMMOND. Born C1873 Grantley. Son of John & Mary Jane Harrison.
JAMES HAMMOND. Born C.1900 Bridge Hewick.Son of John & Harriet Nicholson.
JANE HAMMOND. Born C. 1760. Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 31.7 1840 Kirkby Malzeard.
JANE HAMMOND. Bap. 26.9.1790 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Anthony.
JANE HAMMOND. Born C.1812. Darlington. Wife of William of Grewelthorpe. Living with dau Margaret in Salford Lancs. in 1881.
JANE HAMMOND. Born C.1835 Masham. Dau of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse.
JANE HAMMOND. Born C. 1836 Grewelthorpe. A visitor in Aiskew in 1861.
JANE ANN HAMMOND. Born 13.1.1842. Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Ann. Wife of Robert Tomlin. the Joiner. Married 25.4.1864 at Wesley Chapel, Ripon. Sister of John Hammond. Living Tadcaster in 1861. Mother of Anne Maria born C. 1865 in Manchester. (1871 census)
JANE HAMMOND. Born in 1860’s in Canada. Dau of William & Fanny Long. Married Henry Case.
JEMIMA ELIZABETH HAMMOND. Bap. 29.5.1853 Kirkby Malzeard. dau of William [The Publican] & Jane. of Stock Wath. Married William Kidson. in 1878 in Manchester. Emigrated to New Zealand shortly after. There is a record that William Kidson & his wife and child sailed aboard SS Wakatipu to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 20 Oct. 1881. There is a possibility that this is Wm & Jemima but it is not proved.

Photo of Jemima Hammond. Thanks to Laurie Rhodes for photo.

JOHN HAMMOND. In 1667 he was the lessee of Gollinglith mine in Colsterdale. He paid a rent of £100 per annum.
JOHN HAMMOND. Lived Cowmires. Galphay. Son of Thomas & Jane Candall. Married in 1772 to Elizabeth Barker. of Appleton le Street. [b.1754 d.1833].
JOHN HAMMOND. Born 1765 Dallowgill son of Thomas. Father of William.
JOHN HAMMOND. Born C. 1781. Lived Cowmires. Buried 12.7.1840 Kirkby Malzeard. On Poll Book 1837 as owning Cowmires Farm.
JOHN HAMMOND. Buried 17.10.1789 Grewelthorpe. Son of Anthony.
JOHN HAMMOND Born C. 1799 Knaresborough. Died 1879 Darlington. Son of Matthew & Ellen Duffield. John married Elizabeth Spence. see Spence page.
JOHN HAMMOND. Born C. 1813. Lived Galphay Mill. Buried 14.8.1849 age 36. [Ref.Par.Reg.]
JOHN HAMMOND. Born 17.2. 1827.Grewelthorpe. Son of William & Ann. Husband of Eliza [born 1839] Living Tadcaster in 1861/71. Brother of Jane.
JOHN HAMMOND. Bap. 15.2.1831 Aldfield. Son of William & Christine.
JOHN HAMMOND. Born C 1845 Quebec Canada. Died in Low Grantley Yorkshire. Son of John & Catherine O’Shea. Husband of Mary Jane Harrison. (See Harrison family details)
JOHN HAMMOND. Bap. 26.8.1849 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William [The Publican] & Jane. Of Stock Wath. Married Anna [bC.1853] Manchester. Grocer’s Assistant in 1881.
JOHN WILLIAM HAMMOND. Bap. 19.4.1853 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of William & Sarah of Syke House.
JOHN HAMMOND. Born Grantley. Died 15.9. 1869. Son of John & Mary Jane Harrison.
JOHN EDWARD HARRISON HAMMOND. Born 20.12.1870 Grantley. Son of John & Mary Jane Harrison. Married 1892 Ripon. Husband of Harriet Nicholson. of Hutton Conyers. dau of John Nicholson. & Ann Horner. JOHN HAMMOND. Born C. 1870 Harrogate. Grandson of Thomas & Margaret of Aldfield. Living with Thomas in Azerley in 1881.
JOHN HAMMOND. Born C. 1879 Manchester. Son of John [The Grocer] & Anna.
JOHN THOMAS HAMMOND. Born 31.5.1893. Died 14.8.1974. M.I. Son of Richard & Sarah Clew. In 1911 he was a grocer’s apprentice. Started school 24.5.1898. Described as 5ft 6inches. Blue eyes. He enlisted in 1915 and served in WW1 in France. He was wounded. His war record states that he was engaged in an attack at Guillemont, France. Going over the top at night he received gun shot wounds in shoulder and forearm. He was treated in hospital in France and later at Chester Royal Infirmary. He was transported to England aboard H.S. St. Patrick. He received the Victory Medal with Blue Chevron. Posted to Agricultural Coy. in 1917 and then to Labour Centre Ripon in 1919. Married Margaret Foster. Lived High Cleugh, Ripon. Died intestate leaving £14,756 gross.
JOHN RICHARD HAMMOND. Born C. 1917. Died 29.3.1960. M.I. Son of William & Elizabeth Ann.
JOSEPH HAMMOND. Born C. 1824. Buried 9.5.1870 Dallowgill. Lived Greygarth. Dallowgill.
LAURA HAMMOND. Born C. 1868. Startforth. Dau of Frederick & Elizabeth.
MARGARET HAMMOND. Bap. 2.2.1845 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William [The Publican] & Jane. A Dressmaker in Salford 1881.
MARGARET HAMMOND. Born 27.8.1844. Bap. 29.9.1847. Died agParish e 7yrs. Dau of William & Ann of Beggars Bush. Margaret was Baptised in Grewelthorpe church but the record was put into Kirkby Malzeard Register.
MARGARET HAMMOND. Bap. 7.10.1855 Dallowgill. Dau of William & Sarah.
MARGARET HAMMOND. Born C. 1860 Killinghall. Dau of Thomas & Margaret. Married George Neave. from Lincolnshire.
MARGARET HAMMOND [Nee Foster]. Born C. 1883. Died 7.2.1968. M.I. Daughter of Mr & Mrs C.Foster. Wife of John Thomas. They farmed at Bramley. Later lived at High Cleugh Ripon.
MARGARET HAMMOND. Born in Canada dau.of William & Fanny Long. Married Arthur Lee. No children.
MARK HAMMOND. It is possible that he was born in Grewelthorpe in 1821. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth. He was a soldier in 68th Regt. in Canada in 1844. He married Catherine O’Shea. Mark died before 1851.
MARK TOMLIN HAMMOND. Born C. 1829. Buried 1.10.1847 age 18. in Grewelthorpe.
MARMADUKE HAMMOND. Born C1735. Died 12.9.1810. Lived Towler Hill, Masham. M.I. St. Marys Church, Masham. See photo of grave at end.
MARY ELIZABETH HAMMOND. Born 29.8.1844. Bap. 28.9.1844. Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Ann of Bush Farm. Ladies Maid 1861. Married William Smorfitt of Fewston on 30 Jan 1869. [Ref. Kentish Gazette Jan 1869].
MARY HAMMOND. Born in 1850’s in Canada Dau of William & Fanny Long. Married Henry Becker. No children.
MARY HAMMOND. Born C1856 Ilton. Dau of Enos [shoemaker] & Elizabeth.
MARY HAMMOND. Born before Apr. 1866 Grantley. Dau of John & Mary Jane Harrison.
MARY HAMMOND. Born C. 1889 Manchester. Dau of Henry & Rebe. Living Lancs.1891.
MILES HAMMOND. Born C. 1854 Bridge Hewick. Son of Thomas & Margaret. Unmarried in 1881 in Azerley.
NELLIE HAMMOND. Born in Canada dau of William & Fanny Long. Married |*William F. Dumphey.* Mother of Russell & another son.
PEGGY HAMMOND. Bap. 31.1.1786 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Anthony.
REBE HAMMOND. Born C. 1842. Cornwall. Wife of Henry.
RICHARD HAMMOND. Born 12.6.1846. Masham Died 1874. Son of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse. Husband of Hannah Medd. of Leeds.
RICHARD HAMMOND. Born C. 1862. Dallowgill. Died 1909. M.I. Son of William. Married on 24.11.1886 at Kirkby Malzeard church to Sarah Glew.[b.1866] dau of William Glew. Lived Hackfall Cottage. Grewelthorpe.
RICHARD HAMMOND. Born 14.9.1898. Died 13.4.1909. M.I. Son of Richard & Sarah Clew. of Hackfall Farm. Grewelthorpe. Started school 8.6.1903.
ROBERT HAMMOND Lived Bowes Farm Dallowgill. Married in 1812 to Mary Heslington of Masham.
ROBERT HAMMOND. Born in 1850’s in Canada. Son of William & Fanny Long. Married Elizabeth Wilson. No children.
SARAH ANN HAMMOND. Born C. 1822. Buried 10.3.1869 Dallowgill. Lived Dalton Lodge, Dallowgill.
SARAH HAMMOND [nee CLEW.] Born C.1866 Fearby. Died 2.7.1923. M.I. Dau of William Clew. Wife of Richard. Widow in 1911. Living Hackfall Cottage, Grewelthorpe.
SARAH ANN HAMMOND. Born 1.6.1889. Bap. 15.6.1889. Son of Richard & Sarah Clew. of Hackfall Farm. Grewelthorpe. Started school 12.6.1894. Living at Hackfall Farm cottage with widowed Mother in 1911.
STEPHEN W. HAMMOND. Born C. 1866.Startforth. Son of Frederick & Elizabeth.
THOMAS HAMMOND. of Wind Hall, Kexmoor. Married Jane Candall. [b1703 d.1776] in 1739 in Masham.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born C. 1740 Wind Hall Dallowgill. Father of John.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born C. 1777. Lived Dallowgill. Buried 25.3.1843 Kirkby Malzeard.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born C.1799. Husband of Helen Lofthouse. of Masham. Lived Masham.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Named in UK Poll Book of 1837 as owning Galphay Mill and land .
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born C. 1824 Galphay. Married to Margaret born Aldfield in 1841. Farmed at Cow Mires, Azerley. Widowed in 1881. Farmed in Aldfield in 1891.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born C.1837. Grewelthorpe.Husband of Ann of West Tanfield. Brother of Henry. Living West Tanfield in 1861.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born C.1841 Masham. Son of Thomas & Helen Lofthouse.
THOMAS HAMMOND. Born in Canada son of William & Fanny Long. Married [1] Jennie Dewey. Father of Vaughan & Eunice. Married [2] Grace Eldridge. Father of Henry, Thomas & Mary.
WILLIAM HAMMOND. Born C. 1803 Ellingstring. Died 15.4.1881. Buried 19.4.1881. Husband of Ann. M.I. married 1823. They had 8 children. Owned Grewelthorpe Mill.
WILLIAM HAMMOND. Born C.1815 Grewelthorpe. Son of ? & Elizabeth. A Publican & Farmer. Married Jane [b.C1811]
WILLIAM HAMMOND. Born 30.4.1829. Son of William & Ann. Married Frances [Fanny] Long. [born 30.6.1834]of Woodhouse, Norfolk. Ontario. Canada.
WILLIAM H.HAMMOND. Born in 1850’s in Canada. Son of William & Fanny Long. Married Edith Bridge. Father of Myrtle & Kate.
WILLIAM A. HAMMOND. Born C.1878 Salford. Son of John [Grocer]& Anna.
WILLIAM HAMMOND. Born C. 1887.Laverton. Died 26.7.1965. M.I. Son of Richard & Sarah Clew. Living Hackfall Cottage, Grewelthorpe in 1911 with widowed Mother. Husband of Elizabeth Ann Foster. married 1914.
WILLIAM HAMMOND. Born 1.9.1887. Son of William. Started Grewelthorpe school 12.9.1892. Left 1899.

Grave of Marmaduke Hammond. 1735-1810. Lived at Towler Hill. Grave at St. Marys Churchyard Masham.

Cecil Ernest Hammond. Born 1925. Photo 2008.

Betty Hammond wife of Cecil Ernest Hammond.Thanks to Barrie Sharples.