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Grainge [Grange] family

Details of the Grainge families which lived in the Grewelthorpe area, taken from the census records.


Last update July 2013.

\nLetter from Pam Rogers. July 2013.
\nThank you for your very interesting site. I am particularly interested in the Grange family as Esther Grange was my maternal g.g. grandmother and I would like to make a correction to your info.
\nEsther Grange was born on January 31 1839at Coldstonesfold, father George Grange, mother Mary MacKrill.
\nShe is listed correctly in the 1841 census and in the 1851 census her age should be 12 but the ‘1’ has been crossed through.
\nEsther was living at Glasshouses Hippings when she married John Dawson on February 20 1860 at Pateley Bridge. John Dawson was born in Millom Cumberland and at the time of the marriage was a miner living in Greenhow.
\nBest regards
\nPam Rogers in Oz.
\nThanks Pam I have amended the site. Barbara.


ANN GRAINGE [Nee Baul]. Bap.21.5.1809 Galphay. Died 27.4.1886 Bramley Grange. MI In Grewelthorpe. See picture of grave at end. Dau of William Baul &, Sarah Close. [see Baul page].Wife of John the farmer Married 1.11.1834. Witnesses Wm Baul &, Mary Merryweather.
\nEDWIN GEORGE GRAINGE. Born C.1841 Dallowgill. Died Dec 1909. Son of John &, Ann Baul. Married Zillah Lofthouse. of Laverton. Edwin was a preacher.
\nERNEST GRAINGE. Born C. 1877 Manchester. Grandson of John the Farmer. Probably the son of John b. 1843.
\nESTHER GRAINGE. Born 31.1.1839 Coldstonesfold. Lived Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of George &, Mary Mackrill. of Pateley Bridge. Married John Dawson. a miner from Cumberland. on 20.2.1860.
\nGEORGE GRAINGE. Born C1809. Lead miner. Living Moor heads Stonebeckdown in 1841. 1851 married to Dinah. of Pateley Bridge.
\nJOHN GRAINGE. Born C1808 Dishforth. Died 22.7.1893 Grewelthorpe M.I. Married to Ann Baul. of Galphay. Farmer of 62 acres in 1851 at Bramley Grewelthorpe. He was a widower in 1891.
\nJOHN GRAINGE. Born C. 1843 Dallowgill . Died Jan 1904. Son of John &, Ann Baul. He was a widower in 1891. In 1901 he was married to Martha Wedgewood. of Marton.
\nGrave of John Grainge 1843-1904.

\nJOHN GRAINGE. Born C. 1833 Kirkby Malzeard. Married to Mary of Shropshire. He was a Shepherd.
\nJULIA ANN GRAINGE. Born C. 1850 Dallowgill. Dau of John &, Ann Baul. Married Henry Trotter. of Masham.
\nWarren Campbell Trotter in New Zealand tells us that
\nHenry &, Julia had 9 children, one of whom was his grandfather Charles Henry Trotter, born 1879 in Masham.
\nHe went to New Zealand around 1900 and began the family tree there.


LAVINIA GRAINGE. Born C. 1836 Dallowgill. Dau of John &, Ann Baul. Remained unmarried. Living Grewelthorpe 1911.
\nLEONARD GRAINGE. Born 1670 Dallowgill. Son of Thomas. Married Margaret Pailer. in 1696. in Kirkby Malzeard.
\nLEONARD GRAINGER. Born 1698 Dallowgill. Died Feb 1784 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Leonard &, Margaret Pailer.
\nLUCE GRAINGE. Born 1696 Lofthouse. Died Dec.1792 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Leonard &, Margaret Pailer.
\nMARGARET GRAINGE. Born 1696 Lofthouse. Died 1723 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of Leonard &, Margaret Pailer. In 1718 Married Jonathan Spence. of Middlesmoor.
\nMARIA GRAINGE. Born C. 1838 Dallowgill. Died 1885. Dau of John &, Ann Baul. Married Richard Knowles. in July 1873. Had 2 children.
\nMARTHA GRAINGE. Born C1857 Marton. Visiting Lavinia in Grewelthorpe in 1911.
\nTHOMAS GRAINGE. Born 1635 Laverton. Died 1749 Laverton.
\nZILLAH GRAINGE. [Nee Lofthouse] Born C. 1838 Laverton. Dau of Michael &, Ann Lofthouse. [see Lofthouse page].Wife of Edwin the preacher.


IN 1881/91 SARAH ANN TROTTER. of Masham was living with John &, Ann. She was their niece.

\nThe grave of Ann &, John Grange of Grewelthorpe.