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Banks family

Banks family in Grewelthorpe. and surrounding area.

AGNES BANKS. Born 1816 Aysgarth. Dau of William & Ann Tennant.
AMBROSE BANKS. Born C1847. Married Jane Harriet Ezart,
AMBROSE BANKS. Born July 1907. Died April 1915. Son of William Ambrose & Henrietta Hobson.
ANN BANKS. Born 1812. Died Dec 1886. Dau of William & Ann Tennant.
ANNIE MARY BANKS. Born 11.Jan 1881. Masham. Died Jan 1958. Dau of John & Elizabeth Swales. Married Arthur Henry Wright. A painter & decorator in Harrogate.
CHARLES BANKS. Born 10.Jan 1884 Masham. Died Oct 1971. Son of John & Elizabeth Swales. Married in 1916 to Ada Terry. He was a British Legion Club Steward.
DOROTHY MARY BANKS. Born 15 June 1893 Masham. Died June 1986. Dau of John & Elizabeth Swales. Married in 1940 to Harry Lockwood.
ELIZABETH BANKS. Born 1814 Aysgarth. Dau of William & Ann Tennant.
ELIZABETH D.BANKS. [nee Swales] Born 12 April 1854. Married to John. A widow living Millgate Masham in 1939.
ELLEN BANKS. Born C1883 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John & Martha Ryder..
FLORENCE EVELYN BANKS. Born 14 June 1909.York. Died May 1996. Dau of Wm.Ambrose & Henrietta Hobson.* Married Bethel Gaunt. in 1936.
GEORGE BANKS. Born C1887 Ilton. Son of John & Martha Ryder.
HAMMOND BANKS. Born Jan 1858 Carlton. Died 18.7.1928. Son of William & Mary Hammond. Married Elizabeth Mawer. in 1883.
JOHN BANKS. Born 24.12.1824. West Burton. Died Oct 1906. Son of William & Ann Tennant.
JOHN BANKS. Born 1852 Masham. Died 10 Feb 1924. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Williamson. Married to Elizabeth Swales.
JOHN BANKS. Born 17.1.1858 Carlton Highside. Died 27.6.1929. Son of John & Isabella Tunstall. Married to Martha Ryder. Living Healey in 1891.
JOHN AMBROSE BANKS. Born Feb 7 1956. Died 12.10.2014. Married 1985 to Sarah F. I’Anson.

Grave of John Ambrose Banks in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

JOSEPH BANKS. Married on 20.11.1716 to Mary Fell. in Grewelthorpe.
KENNETH JOHN BANKS. Born 1899 Masham. Died Jan 1994. Son of John & Elizabeth Swales. Married Phyllis Herron. in 1924.
MAGGIE BANKS. Born 23.9.1884. Ellington. Died 1954. Dau of John & Martha Ryder. Married Peter Barker. in 1906. a farmer from Grewelthorpe. In 1939 lived Masham.
MERCY BANKS. Born 1882. Ilton. Dau of John & Martha Ryder.
ROSE ANNE BANKS. Born 8.4.1860 Carlton Highside. Dau of John & Isabella Tunstall.
SUSANNAH BANKS. Born 1807 Stokesly. Married Thomas Lee and lived in Grewelthorpe in 1851. Thomas was a damask linen manufacturer. She Died 1855.
THOMAS BANKS. Born 1806 Masham. Died April 1873. Bedale. Son of William & Ann Tennant.
THOMAS HENRY BANKS. Born 1877 Masham. Died July 1957. Son of John & Elizabeth Swales. Married in 1905 to Emily Wealthy Teagle Howell. of London.
WILLIAM BANKS. Born 1786 Aysgarth. Married to Ann Tennant.
WILLIAM AMBROSE BANKS. Born 8.3.1872 York. Died Dec 1956. Son of Ambrose & Jane Harriet Ezart.
Married in 1898 to Henrietta Hobson.
WILLIAM BANKS. Born 1819 Aysgarth. Son of William & Ann Tennant. Married in 1842 to Mary Hammond.


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