Wills. 1600 - 1860

Will of John Holdsworth of Bramley Grange. Sept. 1628.
With reference to Ox Close in Kirkby Malzeard given to John Lodge and his heirs.
on condition that the yearly rents & profits be distributed between Kirkby Malzeard & Grewelthorpe poor.

In the name of God, Amen, I Christopher Jaques of Fingafield House in the township of Grewelthorpe & County of Yorkshire, yeoman, being very old and weeke of body, but of perfict mind and memory, praised bee God for the same, doe make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge this twentyfourth day of Aprill in the year of our Lord God one thousand and seven hundred. / 1700.
First I give and bequeath my soule to God my creator that gave it me hopeing for salvation through the merits of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. And my body to the earth bee decently buryed at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named.
Item. I give and bequeath one full third of all my household goods to my wife Isabell Jaques and all the rest of all goods, rights, credits, cattells and chattels whatsoever I give unto my said wife Isabel Jaques and to sonne Robert Jaques to bee disposed of and sold for and towards the payment discharge of my funeral expenses, just debts and legacys by this my Will given bequeathed.
Item. I give, bequeath and devise all my houses, lands, tenements and heriditaments whatsoever at Fingafield aforesaid in the said township of Grewelthorpe, with their appurtenances elsewhere in the County of Yorke ,unto my said beloved wife Isabel Jaques and to my sonne Robert Jaques, their heyres and assignes for ever upon speciall trust and confidence and the uses, intents and purposes hereafter mentioned, vizt: as to one full third part therof I give and order to the other two third parts, or the rest and residue of my said houses, lands, tenements and heriditaments, [ and alsoe the other said third part after my said wife’s decease] I give and order [ either by or out of the profits and income or sale of all or any part thereof ] to and for the payment of all my just debts and funeral expences and alsoe for the payeing and dischargeinge of all the legacys I herein give to my said wife and sonns [which shall rest due and above what the aforesaid two third parts of my said goods and personall estate will not amount to] as followeth:
Item. I give and bequeath to my sonne Christopher Jaques the summe of £20 besides what I owe him upon bond.
Item. I give to my sonne Peter Jaques the like summe of £20.
Item. I give to my sonne Richard Jaques the like summe of £20 and also to my sonne Robert Jaques I give the summe of £30 over and above what I owe him upon bond or otherwise, and the rest of my said houses, lands, tenements and heriditaments [ or what they or any part of them shall bee sold for] after the said payment of my said debts, legacys and funeral expenses I give and bequeath to my sonne and heyre Thomas Jaques and to his heyres and assigns for ever provided always and I hereby will, order, appoint [notwithstanding what is above or before given and bequeathed] that if my said eldest sonne Thomas Jaques will and shall within 12 months after my death pay or sufficiently secure to be paid with interest for from that time for my said legacys and all my said just debts and funeral expenses, and to my said wife her full third part of all my said houses and lands dureing her life, then hee my said sonne Thomas immediately after my doeinge to enter upon and have and to hold to him, his heyres and assignes for ever all my said houses, lands, tenements and heriditaments whatsoever at Fingafield or elsewhere and alsoe the aforesaid two full third parts of all my said goods and personall estate what they shall bee sold for by my executors.Item. I give and forgive unto all my sonnes all and every summe or summes of money whatsoever due to me for their or any lodginge, tableinge, dyett or horses or any other goods keepinge.
Item. I nominate, constitute and appoint my said wife Isabell and my said sonne Robert joint executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and years before written. Sealed, signed published and declared to bee his last Will and Testament in the presence of us:-Rd. Bayne [sworn] : George Duffield: Greg. Elsey.
Probate bond granted 1st October 1705 to Thomas Jaques of Kirkby. Yeoman, and Francis Gill, Kirkby.
An Inventory of the Goods and Chattells Moveable and Unmoveable of Christopher Jaques late Slingafield [sic] deceased. Valued and praised the 27th day of January 1704/5 by James Wilkinson, Robert Morland. Jo Malthouse and John Pickersgill as followeth:-
Inprimin his purse and apparel £3.0.0.
Item goods in the fire house. 3 little tables, 2 formes, 5 chaires, 2 long setles, 6 stooles, chests and 4 cushions. £1.10.0.
In the East Parlour. 1 trundlebed, 1 cupboard, 2 pannell chests, 1 trunck, severall sortes pewter and other implements £1.10.0.
In the North Parlour. 1 cupboard, 1 bed stead and bedding, 1 little table, some small pewter, clog chest. £1.5.0 In the West Parlour. 1 teaster bed with bedding. 1 press cupboard. 1 chare, 1 table, 1 chest, buffet stools £2.3.6d. 2 potts, 2 ketles, 4 pans £0.16.6d.3 skeeles , 2 chaires, a dozen bowls, shelves with other implements £0.10.0.
Note A skeele is a wooden pail or tub. 1 trundle bed with furniture, spinning wheel and cradle £0. 10. 01 dozen napkins, 2 table cloths, 2 paire of lin sheets with other lining £ pair of tongs, 2 reckons, 2 spitts, dripping pan, warming pan and other household hustlements £1.1.0
Note A reckon is a bar or hook in a chimney for suspending pots over the fire.Hard corne [wheat or rye] in barne and chamber £6.0.0 Oates and other grain £ cart and coup cart harrows, plough and plough geare £1.0.0.Note A coup cart is a cart or wagon with closed sides and ends. 5 cows £10.0.0 2 heifers and 4 calves £6.13.4d. 2 stears £ mares and 1 year old colt £ sheepe £6.0.0.Hay standing on the premisses £4.0.0Wooll £1.5.0.Corn growing o’th earth £2.10.0.Total £63.9s.4d.Disburst in funeral expenses £5.18s.4d.Legacies given by testators will £90.0.0.Debts owing to the testator £81.0.0.Total £176.18s.4d.
Note. Fingafield mentioned here is Tower Hill Grewelthorpe.

Will of JOHN PICKERSGILL of Grewelthorpe 1705.
Bond for the administration of his goods granted 1st October 1705 to Sarah Pickersgill of Grewelthorpe and William Beckwith of Roomer. Yeoman.December 19th 1704.A true inventory of the goods and chattels of John Pickersgill of Grewelthorpe in the County of York, deceased, appraised by Jo. Pickersgill, Richard Burniston, Tho. Ripley and Tho. Cockbye. Inprimis his purse and apparel £2.0.0d.4 Kine and 2 Stears. £12.0.0d.
3 Whyes and 3 calfes. £6.0.10d.
Note A whye is a heifer of any age up to 3years, or until she has had a calf.
1 Mare £2.10.0d.
50 sheepe £10.0.0d.
4 webbs £2.10.0d.
2 looms and work geare. £1.10.0d.
Hay and corne £6.0.0d.
1 carte and 1 cope with geare and other sort of geare belonging £0.10s.0d.
1 hogg £0.15s.0d.
1 pannill chest, 1 round table, 1 wanded chaire, 6 pewter dishes and 6 plates with the rest of household stuffe belonging. £2.10.0d.
Note A wanded chair is a wicker chair.
Debts owing to the deceased £21.16s.6d. Total £68.2s.4d.
Debts owing by the deceased. Inprimis his funeral expences £6.0.6d
.To Oliver Beckwith. £3.5s.0d. To Mr.Lame [or Laine]. for rent. £1.15s.0d. To Charles Greeson. £5.0.0d. To Willam Moaser. £0.10s.0d. Total £16.0.0d.

Will of ELIZABETH WALKER dated 16th August 1703.
Devised £4 per annum from lands at Grewelthorpe during the term of her lease for binding apprentices, 2 poor boys born in Grewelthorpe at the discretion of her executors and the 24 men of the Parish of Kirkby Malzeard. Reciting that her aunt Catherine Grange had given to the poor of the said towns the use of £15, she directed her executors to pay yearly during the said term the interest of £10 to the poor of Grewelthorpe and the interest of £5 to Kirkby Malzeard.
In 1899 the property previously owned by Catherine Grange and Elizabeth Walker belongs to Mrs Lawrence of Studley. Parcel of land called Wallis Garth and a portion of a field called *Bucks Field.*The annual sums of £4 for apprenticeship and £1.10s for the poor of Grewelthorpe are paid to the churchwarden of Grewelthorpe and the sum of £1.5s per annum paid to the churchwarden of Kirkby Malzeard.
The children are apprenticed by the churchwardens and overseers of Grewelthorpe and entries are made in the township book of their names and times put out to apprenticeship.
In 1899 it was recorded that it is now about 5 years since a boy was apprenticed and last year no boy offered, so the sum of £3.10s was applied to a girl.When the fund in hand has been found insufficient, an advance has been made out of the poor rates and repaid out of subsequent receipts of the charity, but last year there was £8 in hand and at this time a boy is ready to be apprenticed.

On January 1st 1821 the following memorandum was written in the Parish book kept by the churchwarden.
Memorandum of the money left by the late Mrs Walker for the benefit of Poor Apprentices. The late Mrs Walker of Grewelthorpe left by will to the Officers of the Township of Grewelthorpe. £4 yearly to be paid at Christmas for placing out Poor Boy Apprentices to Trades and has made chargeable the estate of the late Crispin Buck, who sold the estate with the encumberance upon it for ever to thy late William Aislabie esq.
The names of the fields made chargeable and the tenants now occupying.
William Jackson. Buckwith Pasture. 6 acres.
William Jackson. Wallis House Garth. 3 acres.
Jonathan Wood. in Cleaves. 5 acres.
Jonathan Wood. in Pentice Close. 2 acres.
Mr. Samuel Wrather. Stamers Syke 2 acres.

JOHN RIPLEY’S will dated 21st February 1702/3.
Land consisting of 7 acres 12 perch at Carlesmoor in Grewelthorpe is let with a cowhouse and barn to William Umpleby at yearly rent of £8. Buildings in bad repair.

The Will of RICHARD RICHMOND yeoman, of Meggate, Birstwith, Hampsthwaite. Written 07 Jan 1820, died 21 Jan 1820, and proved 30 Jan 1822 in the Peculiar Court of the Forest of Knaresborough.
Son Thomas Atkinson and his Wife Ellin Atkinson[Nee Richmond] all that Parcel of Land Called Low Raycarr and closes known as Great Holme, Long Holme, and Little Holme and that part of my allotment on Laverton Moor near Hogerston Hill on the east side of the Drift Road with the barn standing on the same.
Rachel Braithwaite, housekeeper, a chaff bed, bedstead, one buffet stool, a little table, and an annuity of £1 and choice of little dwelling house at Meggate or Low Raycarr for her natural life.
At the death of my son Thomas Atkinson and Ellin his wife Low Raycarr to go to grandson Richard Atkinson with the closes as specified above, he paying to his brother Thomas Atkinson £50 and to his sister Margaret Atkinson £40.
Grandson William Atkinson allotment on Laverton Moor as before specified, he paying his sisters Ann Atkinson and Sarah Atkinson £30.
Grandson Richard Atkinson to pay to his two sisters Ann and Sarah Atkinson £10 at death of his father and mother. Household furniture, bed, and bedding at Meggate to my three granddaughters Margaret, Ann, and Sarah Atkinson.
Son Thomas Atkinson my cart and husbandry gear. Son John Richmond all the rest and residue of my estate. Trustees/Supervisors: Anthony Lumley, Gentleman of Skelding, and George Wharton of Laverton and William Appleby of Beckmeetings, all of the parish of Kirkby Malzeard. Executor: son John Richmond.
Signed by mark though he [Richard Richmond] is known to have been literate.
Witnesses: William Hardcastle, Margaret Eubank, George Wharton. Personal estate under £20.
Appraisers: William Hardcastle, George Ridsdale, and George Wharton.
Bond: John Richmond, farmer, Laverton.*
See the Atkinson page on the genealogy pages for details of Thomas & Ellen.*

The will of Mrs Lawrence. published in The Morning Chronicle Aug 1855.
It is now ascertained that the vast landed estates of the late munificent Mrs Lawrence of Studley Park, bequeathed as follows:- The Studley & Ripon property including Fountains Abbey & Hackfall to Earl de Grey, the Hutton, Sharow & Kirkby Malzeard estates with the moors to the Earl of Ripon.
The Leicestershire estates to Sir Cornwallis Ricketts Bart, and the manor and estate of Kirkby Fleetham to H.E Waller esq.
Several large amounts left to useful public charities and for religious purposes as well as to many distant relatives and friends.

The Last Will & Testament of JOHN LEATHLEY Gentleman of Masham – 1842.

Published this 25th Day of May in the year of 1842.
I give and devise unto my nephew John Leathley. of Grewelthorpe all that usage and dwelling house also all those closes or parcels of land situate, lying and being at Warthermarsk in that Parish of Masham aforesaid and now the occupation of Robert Theakstone and Thomas Theakstone. to hold the same premises with their apportionments unto and to ..?.. use of my nephew that ..?.. saw John Leathley. his heirs and assigns for ever I give and bequeath unto my nephew William Leathley. his executors, administrators and assigns the legacy or sum of £100.
I give & Bequeath unto my nephew John Leathley. of Masham his executors, administrators and assigns, the legacy or sum of £100. I also give & bequeath unto my nephew Edward Leathley and his executors, admins and assigns the legacy or sum of £100 to be paid to them respectively 6 calendar months after my decease. I also give & bequeath unto all and singular my nephews & nieces [or wives?] part and except my nephew William Leathley., my nephew John Leathley. of Masham & My nephew Edward Leathley. as aforesaid which shall be living at the time of my decease the legacy or sum of £50 a price to be paid to them respectively 6 calendar months next after my decease and as to the Rest Residue & Remainder of my real & personal estate of what nature or ..?.. soever I give and bequeath unto my nephew John Leathley. of Grewelthorpe aforesaid his heirs, eecutors, admins & assigns as and for his absolute use and benefit subject & charged & chargeable with the payment of all my just debts, funeral & testamentary expenses and the charges of proving this my will & I appoint my nephew the said John Leathley. of Grewelthorpe sole executor of this my will & I exempt my said executor from liability for losses arrising without his own wilful default and authorise him to retain and allow to himself all expenses ..?.. to that trusts of this my will & lastly I hereby revoke all former will or wills by me at any time heretofore made & I do declare this to be my last will & testament.

Advertisement from Calvert’s solicitor Masham in response to the will of Samuel Wrather In 1855. YORKSHIRE GAZETTEFEB. 3rd 1855.
Begs to announce that in the month of March next he [Mr. Lee] will sell by auction [by the direction of the trustees of the will of Samuel Wrather.] all that valuable freehold farm called Bush Farm. near Grewelthorpe. Consisting of Farm House – excellent farm buildings and 133 acres of good freehold and tithe free land in a ring fence of which 60acres are grass, 70acres tillage, and 3 acres thriving plantations and now occupied by Thomas Auton. The farm is 6 miles from Ripon and 1/4 mile from Hackfall. and contains several very eligible sites for a mansion house.Also a freehold Farmhouse & Homestead with suitable outbuildings and 50 acres of arable, meadow, pasture & woodland known as Glen Cottage in the occupation of William Varo. Situate 1 mile from Grewelthorpe & 3 miles from Masham.Together with valuable freehold premises situate in Park Street Masham comprising 2 dwelling houses and a drapers shop. Well situated for business purposes in good repair and occupied by Mr. C. Lambert. & Mr. W.Dixon.
Also 5 cottages and a quantity of grassland behind same occupied by respectable tenants.

Will of WILLIAM HAMMOND. Farmer of Grewelthorpe. Died 18th April 1881.

Trustees. William Smorfitt of Delfridge House, Darley. Charles Lee. of Bramley Grange, Grewelthorpe. Thomas Imeson. of Spring House, Grewelthorpe.
Left to Smorfitt, Lee & Imeson their heirs and associtions all his messes, lands, tenements and heres of whatever tenure and he bequeathed to them all his personal estate upon trust to let from year to year and manage his messes, lands & Tenements and heres and to pay to his wife [ANN] the clear net rents and profits from all his messes, lands & tenements and heres during her life and on her decease upon trust to sell all his said messes etc. together or in parcels by pub lic auction or private contract and to apply the proceeds as therein mentioned. And the testator applied the trees for the time being of his will to give effectual receipts for money paid by purchasers and others which receipts should discharge the persons taking the sme from liability to see the application of the money thereby expressed to be received.ANN HAMMOND. Died 20.3.1885.
The above named trustees put the Mill up for sale by public auction on 9th June 1885 at which sale John Richmond. Gentleman of Killinghall was the highest bidder at £320.


JOHN RIPLEY’S Charity. 1899
8 acres of land with small house and outbuildings devised upwards of 100 years ago for the poor of Kirkby Malzeard and Grewelthorpe.Samuel Wrather of Masham. Trustee by descent from his Grandfather.
In the occupation of Leonard Umpleby a yearly tenant paying £9.6s per year. 7 years ago the land was valued at £10 per annum but the tenant complained that it was too high and a deduction was made.
Mr Wrather receives the rent and pays half to the minister and churchwardens of Kirkby Malzeard for the poor of that township and distributes the other half among the people of Grewelthorpe. Selected by himself with the assistance of a person well acquainted with the township. In sums from 2s to 6s [10p to 30p] but without preference of such as received no parochial relief.
In Grewelthorpe local trustees distribute the money in the school on or about the same day. In 1865 sums varying from 2/6d [25p] to £1 were distributed among 36 persons.