Grewelthorpe Women at work

The types of work available to women in a rural community such as Grewelthorpe was very limited.
Obviously with farming families the women from the Farmer’,s wife down had to help by working on the farm.
For unmarried girls straight from school there was little to do apart from house servants and domestic work.
Then they would probably marry and their work would be household duties and raising a large family of children.
Some unfortunate women were widowed early and they would have to seek work or re-marry. The work available for these women would be needlework, dressmaking, millinery etc. Or they would become someones housekeeper, take in laundry etc.

The census returns show us the work done by Grewelthorpe women in these hard times.

It can be seen from these records, from 1851 to 1911, that the work for women was very limited and this did not change until the 2 world wars caused a huge upheaval in our social history. In the 1st World war, 1914-1918, Most of the young men enlisted and went to fight in France.
Not many families were untouched by this mass exodus and huge changes had to be made in the workforce with women stepping in to do the work previously done by the men. In the Second world war, 1939-1945, this was even more marked and women went to work in factories, shops, secretarial work. of course women joined the armed forces as well. The work place was never the same again, no longer did girls work as housemaids and servants. When they left school there were many more opportunities for them. Public transport made it easier to tavel into towns and cities for work.

1851 CENSUS.

SARAH APPLETON. unmarried age 30?. House servant.
ARABELLA ASCOUGH. widow age 50. Former grocer.
MARY ASCOUGH. unmarried age 22. House servant.
SARAH ASCOUGH. unmarried age 15. House servant.
MARGARET ASHBY. unmarried 21. House servant.
ANN BECK. umarried age 19. House servant.
DOROTHY BECK. unmarried age 33. Dressmaker.
JANE BENSON. unmarried age 17. House servant.
ANN BLACKBURN. widow age 64. Grocer.
Ann died on 9th Oct 1867. She was 81 years old. wife of Thomas a carrier. She was reported as having been one of the first makers of cream cheese in the village. Making the cheese for over 50 years. She was much respected and buried in the churchyard.
SARAH BROWN. unmarried age 35. House servant.
ANN BURTON. unmarried age 12. House servant.
ELIZABETH BURTON. married age 37. Straw Bonnet maker.
ELIZABETH BURTON. unmarried age 16. Straw Bonnet maker.
MARY ANN CALVERT. unmarried age 17. Dressmaker.
MARIA JACKSON. unmarried age 21. Straw Bonnet maker.
ELIZABETH GELDART. widow age 79. Charwoman.
ANN GILL. unmarried age 14. House servant.
ELIZABETH IMESON. unmarried age 44. Dressmaker.
JANE IMESON. unmarried age 23. Dressmaker.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Married age 29. Milliner.
MARGARET LEEMING. unmarried age 15. House servant.
MARY METCALFE. unmarried age 25. House servant.
ELIZABETH PARNABY. widow age 50. House servant.
MARY ANN SPENCE. unmarried age 22. House servant.
ELIZABETH SWAIN. unmarried age 25. House servant.
JANE THACKRAY. unmarried age 16. House servant.
ELIZABETH THEAKSTONE. widow age 51. House servant.
MARY ANN THOMPSON. unmarried ae 19. House servant.
BETSY WATSON. age 12. House servant.
ESTHER WATSON. unmarried age ? House servant.
ELIZABETH WRIGHT. unmarried age 31. Housemaid.
18 House servants. 1 Housemaid. 1 Charwoman. 1 Milliner.
4 Dressmakers. 3 Straw Bonnet makers. 2 grocers.

1861 Census.

ESTHER ASCOUGH. unmarried age 26. Housekeeper.
ANN BLACKBURN. widow age 74. Grocer & Farmer.
JANE BLACKBURN. unmarried age 51. Former cook.
JANE BOLTON. unmarried age 35. Housekeeper.
ELIZABETH BURTON. unmarried age 26. Dairymaid.
MARY CALVERT. Widow age 45. Farmer.
RUTH CALVERT. Unmarried age 19 Housekeeper.
MARY CARLING. unmarried age 15. Maid of all work.
ISABELLA CARTWRIGHT. Widow age 84. Retired publican.
HANNAH COLDBECK. married age 34. Schoolmistress.
MARY DAWES. unmarried age 17. Dairymaid.
MARIA FRYER. unmarried age 37. House servant.
EIZABETH GARGRAVE. widow age 41. Charwoman.
ELIZABETH GELDART. unmarried age 63. House servant.
ELIZABETH GRAHAM. unmarried age 14. Dairymaid.
MAR ELIZABETH HAMMOND. unmarried age 16. Ladiesmaid.
BELL JACKSON. unmarried age 25. House servant.
ELIZABETH JACKSON. unmarried age 15. Straw Bonnet maker.
ELIZABETH B. KENDRAY. unmarried age 32. Dressmaker.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. unmarried age 36. House servant.
CATHARINE LONGSTAFF. Married age 33. Dressmaker.
ELIZABETH MOORE. unmarried age 19. Dairymaid.
BEATRICE PALLISER. widow age 50. Housekeeper.
ELIZABETH PENNINGTON. unmarried age 16. Dairymaid.
ELIZABETH RAYNER. unmarried age 14. House servant.
SARAH RICHARDSON. unmarried age 23. House servant.
MARY RICHMOND. unmarried age 16. Dairymaid.
JANE RIDSDALE. unmarried age 16. Maid of all work.
CATHARINE SWALES. Widow age 37. Agricultural labourer.
MARY ANN THOMPSON. unmarried age 29. House servant.
ANN URWIN. unmarried age 19. Housekeeper.
ELIZABETH WADE. unmarried age 22. Housekeeper.
NANCY WADE. unmarried age 20. Dairymaid.
FRANCES WARD. unmarried age 38. House keeper.
AGNES PICKERSGILL WATSON. unmarried age 27. Housekeeper.
FRANCES WEBSTER. unmarried age 25. House servant.
ISABELLA WEBSTER. unmarried age 19 House servant.
HANNAH WOOD. unmarried age 20. dairymaid.
MARY WOOD. unmarried age 14. House servant.
MARGARET WRIGHT. Widow age 79. Housekeeper.
10 House servants. 8 Housekeepers. 1 Ladiesmaid. 2 Maids of all work. 1 Charwoman. 8 Dairymaids. 1 Schoolmistress. 2 Farmers.
1 Ag. Labourer. 1 Grocer. 1 Cook. 1 Publican.
1 Straw Bonnet maker.

1871 Census.

MARY ASCOUGH. unmarried age 43. Housekeeper.
DOROTHY BECK. unmarried age 53. Dressmaker.
MARTHA JANE BECKWITH. unmarried age 17. Dressmaker.
HANNAH BENSON. unmarried age 17. General servant.
HANNAH BRAITHWAITE. Married age 54. Dressmaker.
MARY ANNE DAWES. unmarried age 57. Straw Plaiter.
ELIZABETH IMESON. Widow age 44. Charwoman.
ANNIE FIRBY. unmarried age 19. Assistant to cream cheese maker.
ELIZABETH FIRBY. unmarried age 46. Housekeeper.
ANNE GARGRAVE. unmarried age 19. Dressmaker.
ELIZABETH GARGRAVE. Widow age 51. Housekeeper.
EMILY HAMMOND. unmarried age 20. General servant.
JANE INGRAM. age 19. Dairymaid.
ANN JACKSON. Widow age 74. Housekeeper.
ELIZABETH JACKSON. unmarried age 25. Straw Bonnet maker.
SARAH JACKSON. unmarried age 15. Housekeeper.
ELIZABETH KENDRAY. unmarried age 42. Dressmaker.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. unmarried age 45. Housekeeper.
JANE LOFTHOUSE. Assistant in grocers shop.
ANN LONSDALE. unmarried age 60. Housekeeper.
FRANCES MANN. widow age 65. Retired farmer.
HANNAH METCALFE. unmarried age 44. Dressmaker.
POLLY METCALFE. unmarried age 17. Dressmaker.
JANE MOOREY. unmarried age 22. Housekeeper.
SARAH RICHARDSON. unmarried age 33. Housekeeper.
SUSANNAH ROBSON. married age 30. Straw plaiter.
ANN ROE. unmarried age 60. Housekeeper.
MARY RUSHWORTH. unmarried age 22. Schoolmistress.
ELIZABETH SAYERS. unmarried age 22. House servant.
MARY ANN THOMPSON. unmarried age 39. Housekeeper.
SARAH TOWLER. unmarried age 38. Straw Plaiter.
FRANCES WARD. unmarried age 56. Housekeeper.
12 Housekeepers. 3 servants. 4 straw plaiters & bonnet makers.
1 schoolmistress. 7 Dressmakers. 1 Assist. grocer. 1 Dairymaid.
1 Charwoman. 1 assist. cheese maker. 1 retired farmer.

1881 Census.

EMMA ASCOUGH. widow age 39. Housekeeper.
AMELIA BARKER. unmarried age 20. Domestic servant.
ELIZABETH BAUL. widow age 70. Farmer retired.
JANE BLACKBURN. unmarried age 70. Farmer & Grocer. retired.
ELIZABETH BRAITHWAITE. unmarried age 15. General servant.
FRANCES BROTHERTON. unmarried age 15. Kitchenmaid.
MARGARET BROTHERTON. unmarried age 20. Waiting maid.
ELLEN CALVERT. age 12. domestic servant.
MARY JANE CALVERT. age 21. Housemaid.
ELIZABETH CAYGILL. unmarried age 16. Domestic servant.
ISABELLA COLDBECK. unmarried age 46. House servant.
ELIZABETH DOUTHWAITE. unmarried age 36. General Servant.
LOUISA ANN EDWARDS. unmarried 37. Farmers wife assistant.
ANN ELLIS. unmarried age 77. Lodging House keeper. retired.
ELIZABETH FIRB Y. unmarried age 56. Cream cheese maker.
EDITH GOODMAN. unmarried age 23. Dressmaker.
SARAH HARDCASTLE. unmarried age 17. Domestic servant.
ELIZABETH ANN HAYNES. unmarried age 15. Domestic servant.
ELIZABETH IMESON. widow age 53. Charwoman.
JANE IMESON. unmarried age 21. Dressmaker.
MARY JANE JAMES. unmarried age 19. Domestic servant.
ANN JACKSON. unmarried age 32. Housekeeper.
JULIA LEATHLEY. unmarried age 15. Pupil teacher.
MARY LEATHLEY. unmarried age 29. Schoolmistress.
SARAH E.J.LEATHLEY. unmarried age 20. Housemaid.
FRANCES MANN. widow age 74. Retired farmer.
HANNAH METCALFE. unmarried age 54. Dressmaker.
MARY METCALFE. unmarried age 25. Dressmaker.
HANNAH MOORE. unmarried age 23. Domestic servant.
MARGARET NELSON. widow age 46. Grocer shopkeeper.
MARGARET RENDER. unmarried age 13. General servant.
REBECCA ROBSON. unmarried age 17. General servant.
ELIZABETH B. THACKRAY. married age 52. Dressmaker.
LIZZIE THWAITES. unmarried age 19. Dressmaker.
MARGARET WRIGHT. widow age 54. Innkeeper.
MARGARET A. WRIGHT. unmarried age 17. Milliner.
16 House servants. 2 Housekeepers. 1 Charwoman. 1 Milliner. 1 Innkeeper. 1 Lodging House keeper. 1 schoolmistress. 1 pupil teacher. 6 dressmakers. 3 retired farmers. 2 grocers. 1 cream cheese maker. 1 farm assistant.

1891 Census.

HANNAH BAUL. married age 57. Farm Assistant.
LUCY BAUL. age 15 Farm assistant.
ISABELLA COLDBECK. unmarried age 56. Housekeeper.
ALICE HANNAH DALE unmarried age 30. School teacher.
KATHERINE DALE. unmarried age 26. School teacher.
ELLEN FRYER. unmarried age 20. Dressmaker.
ELIZA GOLDTHORPE. Widow age 39. Housekeeper.
JANE HARRISON. unmarried age 21. General servant.
SELINA HIGHLEY. unmarried age 50. Housekeeper.
JANE HOLDSWORTH. Married age 33. Dressmaker.
FANNY HUNT. unmarried age 18. House & Parlourmaid.
SARAH HUTTON. unmarried age 55. Housekeeper.
ELIZABETH IMESON. widow age 64. Charwoman.
LAURA INGRAM. unmarried age 22. School teacher/governess.
JANE KIPLNG. Widow age 38. Innkeeper.
ANNIE LEATHLEY. Unmarried age 33. Post office assistant.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. unmarried age 66. Laundress.
SARAH E.J.LEATHLEY. Uumarried age 30. Dressmaker.
ELLEN METCALFE. Unmarried age 22. Domestic servant.
MARY ANN MYERS. unmarried age 15. General servant.
ANN PEARSON. unmarried age 21. Housekeeper.
AGNES SMITH. unmarried age 21 Cook & dom. servant.
ELIZABETH THACKRAY. Widow age 62. Dressmaker.
MARY A.THACKRAY. unmarried age 42. Domestic servant.
MARY JANE WOODWARD. unmarried age 16. General servant.
2 Farm assistants. 6 Domestic/general assistants. 1 Cook. 5 House keepers. 1 Parlourmaid. 1 Charwoman. 1 Laundress. 4 dressmakers. 3 school teachers.
1 Innkeeper. 1 Post office assistant.
1901 Census.
MARY ANNIE ALLINSON. unmarried age 16. general servant.
SARAH AUNGIERS. Married age 26. Schoolmistress.
MAGGIE BANKS. unmarried age 16. general servant.
ELIZA BINKS. unmarried age 17. Domestic servant.
ALICE DALE. unmarried age 40. Schoolteacher.
MARY DUNNINGTON. Married age 28. General servant.
GRACE ELLIOTT. unmarried age 35. Housekeeper.
ANN GLEW. widow age 75. Farmer.
ELIZA GOLDTHORPE. widow age 59. Housekeeper.
SARAH HUTTON. unmarried age 65. Housekeeper.
MARY IDLE. widow age 57. Domestic servant.
AGNES KINGWELL. Married age 33. Housekeeper.
ANNIE LEATHLEY. unmarried age 43. Assistant Post mistress
MARY LEATHLEY. unmarried age 49. Postmistress.
EDITH LOFTHOUSE. unmarried age 21. Dressmaker.
LAURA METCALFE. unmarried age 19. Domestic servant.
MARY JANE MORLEY. Married age 33. Publican.
MARY RITSON. widow age 61. Farmer.
SARAH E. SAYER. unmarried age 60. Housekeepr.
GRACE SMORTHWAITE. unmarried age 43. Housekeeper.
ANN MARIA TAYLOR. Married age 36. Shopkeeper/grocer.
MARTHA WOOD. unmarried age 16. General servant.
7 domestic & general servants. 6 Housekeepers. 2 schoolteachers.
2 Farmers. 2 Post office workers. 1 dressmaker. 1 Publican. 1 shopkeeper.

1911 census.

SARAH JANE ALLAN. Age 19. Domestic servant.
ANN ASCOUGH. Age 54, Household duties.
MARY JANE ASCOUGH. u/m age 46 Dairywork.
HANNAH ASHBY. Age 46. Housework.
GLADYS ATKINSON. Single Age 17. Housekeeper.
SARAH ATKINSON. Married Age 44. Housework.
MARY ATLAY. Age 52. Household duties.
LETITIA BARKER. Widow. Age 43. Farmers widow.
EMMA BELLAMY. Age 50. Married. Assist. Publican.
KATE BELLERBY. Single age 19. Dressmaker.
ANN BOLLAND. Age 33. Housework.
EMMA BOLTON. age 33. Helper on Farm.
MARGARET CASH. Married age 44. Famers wife.
ALICE HANNAH DALE. Age 50. Supplementary teacher.
ELIZABETH DALE. Age 49. Household duties.
ANNIE FOSTER. Married Age 44 Housework.
JANE FOSTER. Single 28 Housework & Dairywork.
NELLIE FRANKLAND. married Age 24. Assistant Butcher.
WINIFRED GILL. Age 19. Shop Assistant.
A GLEW. Age 46. Assistant on farm.
MARY GRUNDY. Age 37. Housekeeper.
SARAH HAMMOND. Widow age 44. Farmer.
SARAH ANN HAMMOND. u/m age 21 Farm worker.
ALICE ELLEN HARDCASTLE. Single age 21. Helper in house.
HARRIET HARDCASTLE. age 39. Household duties.
MARY ELLEN HARDCASTLE. Age 33. Housekeeper.
HILDA HENSON. Single. Age 18. Domestic general servant.
ELIZABETH HESLINGTON. Married Age 48. Innkeeper.
LUCY HESLINGTON. Single age 19. Waitress in Inn.
BESSIE HUSON. Age 26. Cook.
ALICE I’ANSON. Age 36. Household duties.
MARY ETHEL INESON. age 26. Housekeeper.
JANE HANNAH JACKSON. Single.Age 23. Helper housework.
LILY JACKSON. Age 21 Domestic housemaid.
MARTHA JACKSON. Age 58 Housework.
MARGARET JAMES. Age 28. Parlourmaid.
ELEANOR JANE LANCASTER. u/m age 15. Dairy work.
ANNIE LEATHLEY. Age 53. Grocer.
ANNIE LEATHLEY. Age 51. Household duties.
E.W.LEATHLEY. Age 34. Household duties.
MARY LEATHLEY. Age 59. Sub postmistress.
ANN AMELIA LOFTHOUSE. Age 20. Dressmaker.
MARGARET ISABEL MAcDOUGAL. Age 27. Domestic nurse.
BERTHA MALTHOUSE. Age 27. Housework.
ELIZABETH MARWOOD. Age 46. Domestic servant.
ELIZABETH MITCHELL. Married age 41 Farmers wife.
ANN MOORE. Age 32. Housework.
BARBARA ELIZABETH MOOREY. Widow Age 48. Dressmaker.
EMMA PARNELL. Age 73. Housekeeper.
H. PARKER. Age 56. Household duties & on grassland.
LUCY PICKLES. Age 38. Housework.
ELLEN RICHMOND. Age 68. Help in house.
ELIZABETH RICHMOND. Age 56. Help in house.
JANE RICHMOND. Age 26. Assistant Housekeeper.
SARAH ELIZABETH SAYER. Age 70. Household work.
SUSSANAH SAYER. Age 54. Household work.
GRACE SMARTHITT. Age 54. Domestic Housekeeper.
MARY ANNIE SMITH. Age 33. Housemaid.
ELIZABETH SPENCER Age 23. Domestic servant.
MARY SPOONER. Age 18. Undernurse.
SARAH TALEN. age 67. Housekeeper.
ELEANOR THACKRAY. Single. Age 21. Assistant waiting on.
ELIZABETH THOMPSON. Married age 44. Farmers wife.
LILY THOMPSON. u/m age 23 Farm worker.
AMELIA THWAITES. Age 25. Housekeeper.
E.L.TOMLIN. Single Age 34. Assistant draper.
FRANCES TOMLIN. Married. Age 74. Draper.
ELLEN WAITE. Age 39. Housework.
IVY WAITE. Single age 16. Help with housework.
ELLEN WALMSLEY. Age 40. Assistant farmer.
MAUD ALICE MARY WHITE. Age 21. Governess.