Chartulary - Bramley

Chartulary of Fountains Abbey
This is a 19th Century translation from the original latin of the Chartulary of Fountains Abbey pertaining to Bramley. The Chartulary is a record of land grants and transfers.

1. GRANT by Swain de Tornet’, to the monks in free, pure, and perpetual alms, of all Bramleia which is of his purchase (mercato) with all its appurtenances. and easements, in wood, in plain, etc., by those metes and bounds by which his lord Roger de Mubrai who sold it to him confirmed [it] to them and named in his charter. This land he has given in perpetuity, free from all service and custom and everything belonging to him or his heirs, rendering two marks of silver yearly to Roger de Mubrai or his heirs for everything. Test., Roger de Mubrai, Ralph son of Aldel’,, Roger son of Geoffrey, Philip de Muntpinzun, Robert de Belscamp, Warin son of Simon, John Creuequer, Uctred and Liolf de Torp, Bernard de Rip’,, Richard de Belscamp, William son of Swain de Tornetun, and others.

2. CONFIRMATION to the monks by Pavia daughter of Swain de Thornet’,, of all Bramleia with the appurtenances, to hold in perpetuity as freely and quietly as her father’,s charter witnesses. She has quitclaimed all right and claim therein and abjured upon the book, before the wapentake of Clarau. And because she has done this of her free will the Church of Fountains has given her forty sheep. Test., Nigel de Plumt’,, Ralph son of Aldelin, Roger Malleuerer, John son of Fulco, Alexander de Wiet’,, Alan de Hamert’,, Bertram de Munket’,, Jocelin Veilleken, Geoffrey de Drom[on]deby, Thomas Oisel and Henry his associate (socius).

3. CONFIRMATION by Roger de Mubr’, to the monks of all Bramleia with the appurtenances and easements, in wood, in plain, etc., which Bramleia Swain de Tornetun bought from him. To hold in fee and inheritance from Roger and his heirs for two marks by the year. He has confirmed this Bramleia, with the appurt., etc., by the bounds which he and his good (probi} men perambulated, and has seised the said Church of Fountains as freely as Swain gave it, rendering the two marks yearly to him and his heirs. (Fo. 222”,.) Test., William de Vescy, Walter de Bolebec, Ralph de Beluair’,,. Ralph son of Aldelin, Roger son of Geoffrey, Robert Beler, Robert de Beuscamp, Philip de Muntpinzon, John de Creuequer, John de Burt’,, Robert the clerk.

4. CONFIRMATION by Roger de Mubrai to the monks of all Bramleia, by these bounds , from the monks’, fosse which begins at Musebec and goes to the great oak which is under the brow of the hillock which is below the fence (sepi) of Bramleia, and thence across (transuersus) the wood under the brow of the said hillock to the source (sursam) of a certain sike beside the road from Bramleia to Malessart, and by that sike down (dedrsum) to Kesebec and by Kesebec up to the moor, and across the moor to the bounds of John de Watt’,, and thence as John’,s bounds go, as far as Sienderhau, and thence down (deorsum) as far as Musekelda, and thence to the aforesaid fosse of the monks, which is the bound between them and Torp and Malesart. All this land with all things and easements within these bounds the monks shall have in perpetuity, free from all service, etc., for two marks yearly. Warranty. Witnesses as in the preceding charter, with the exception of John de Creuequer.

5. William de Mubray to all sons of Holy Church, present and future. Know that the dispute between me and the monks of Fountains respecting certain bounds between Thorp and Bramleia is thus settled , all the land, wood, pasture, and meadow contained within the fosse of the monks, namely that fosse which begins at a certain gill which falls into Musebec, which anciently was called Munkedic, which fosse goes to Kesebec, shall remain to the monks without claim of me or my-heirs for ever, saving my ferm of two marks yearly, which the monks are bound to render. What is left outside ‘,the fosse shall remain to me and my heirs. All other things which belong to Bramleia I have conceded to the monks and confirmed by this charter, by the full bounds contained in the charter of my grandfather, Roger de Mubray, which they have. Test., William de Leiai, Philip son of John, Robert the chamberlain, Walter Aleman, Roger de Gaintenbi, Richard Noel, Thomas Oisel, Samson the clerk, Walter his brother.

6. To all faithful, etc., brother Adam, Abbot of Fountains, and the Convent of the same. Whereas the lord William de Mowbray formerly gave us in pure and perpetual alms that wood with the appurtenances called Bramleifall to hold in severalty, and in these (istis) times a dispute arose between the lord Roger, son of Roger de Mombray, heir of the said William, and the said Abbot respecting the eyries (aeries) of the birds of prey (que alias capiunt) in the same wood and the wild animals, and respecting other disputes raised by the said lord Roger against the Abbot until now, peace has been restored in this way: the Abbot and Convent have granted to the said lord Roger and his heirs all wild animals of the woods and what belongs to the free chace, and all birds of prey nesting in the same wood taken by any means, with right of entry and exit accordingly, the Abbot is not to raise the enclosure of the said wood or to enclose it with a wide fosse so that beasts are unable to enter, neither is the Abbot to have a forester there bearing bow and arrows. And in consideration of this, Roger quitclaims to the Abbot and his successors all claim in the soil (solo) of the said wood and in the covert of the same, saving to Roger and his heirs the said beasts and birds, with free entry and egress, to take them. Alternate seals in witness. Test., A., Abbot of Byland (Bella landa), W. Prior of Newburg’,, Angt’,o (or Augt’,o) de Ripon, Sirs (domims) Alan de Walkinham, John Ie Breton, Robert de Nunnewik, Alexander de Ledes, and many others. At Newburg’,, Friday before the feast of the blessed Ambrose the Bishop, 1283.

7. CONFIRMATION by William de Mubrai to the monks, in pure and perpetual alms, free from services, etc., of Bramleia with all the appurtenances and easements, by the full bounds as the charter of Roger de Mubrai his grandfather witnesses. Test:, Robert de Mubray the confirmor’,s brother, Richard Malebisse, Thomas de Coleuill, Robert the Chamberlain, William Grammary (grammatico), Oliver de Busci, William Russel, Gerard the bellringer (campanario )of York, Roger the clerk.

8. QUITCLAIM by William de Mubrai of the two marks which the monks were accustomed to pay yearly for their grange of Brammeleia, so that they may hold the said Brammeleia with the appurtenances in pure and perpetual alms, free from all service, etc. Test., Richard Malebisse, Thomas de Coleuill, Robert the Chamberlain, Oliver de Busci, William Grammary (grammatico), William Russel, Girard the bellringer (campanario) of York, Matthew the forester, Robert de Lue, Geoffrey de St. Albans.

9. QUITCLAIM by Roger son of Bernard de Wardunemersc to the monks of all right and claim in Bramleia and Aluescage and Pot, and in all the appurtenances. Test, Samson the clerk of Massam, Walter Siding’,, Hugh de Burtona, Adam de Suttona, Richard de Elintona.

10. QUITCLAIM by William the Chamberlain (camerarius) to the monks, of all the closes (clausa) they had in Kyrkebysciria in the year 1223, namely in Bramleia and Aluerstane and Dalehage and Swettone , and the monks have granted to him and his men of Aserleia and Maleshart common pasture in Swetton and in Karlesmor for all their own beasts, but so that outside (aliena) beasts shall not be brought into the same pasture. Test., Oliver de Buszi, Roger de Stapelton, Richard de Burton, David de Aldefeld, Richard de Hortone, and many others.

Reproduced from W. T. Lancaster (ed.), Chartulary of Fountains Abbey. Abstracts of the Charters and other documents contained in the chartulary of the Cistercian Abbey of Fountains, 2 volumes, (Leeds, 1915)