Churchmen of Grewelthorpe

1847: Rev.C.W. Dalton.
1877: Rev. W.H. Oxley.
1882: Rev. F.T. Kruckenberg. [see Genealogy section].
1889: Rev. A.G. Edwards.
1894: Rev.J.M. Lister.
1897: Rev. F.Hewitt.
1914: Rev. W.G. Howard.
1919: Rev. J.H.S. Griffiths.
1922: Rev. I.H. Boon.
1945: Rev. W.A.R. Goss.
1956: Rev. G.T. Jones.

Area Rectors.
1982: Rev. Peter Garner.
1988: Rev. Albert Atkinson.
1992: Rev.Tony Keddie.
2003: Rev. Robert Sellers.

Methodist Ministers.
2004: Rev. Elizabeth Clark
2006: Rev. David Richardson.

Personal details.
Rev. Wiiliam Allan Rooke Goss. Born C1884. Died 1956.
Was educated at Bury Grammar school. He was later in the services of the National Provincial Bank and remained for 34 years, retiring at Rotherham. in 1927. He then studied at Ridley Hall, Cambridge and later became curate at Holbeck. Before coming to Grewelthorpe he was vicar of St.Matthews Camp Road, Leeds. He played a very active role in village life and stood for the rural district Council elections in 1946.