Grewelthorpe residents have never been slow to organise a party when the nation is celebrating some great event like a royal wedding or coronation, or marking the end of conflict.

In 1887 it was Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. There were celebrations all over the country but Grewelthorpe people probably went to Masham where there was a huge event organised.In Susan Cunliffe Lister’s book “Days of Yore” she tells us that in Masham money was raised to build a fountain and on June 23rd there was a celebration laying of the foundation stone and then a procession to the Market Place. The procession was headed by the Masham Volunteer Band followed by the committee. Then came the horsemen who were very much commented on by the agricultural labourers and others in the district. Almost every hamlet and village in the district was represented in the procession. Next came children in waggons and children on foot. who cheered lustily as the procession moved along. These were followed by the order of the “Golden Fleece” whose peculiar attire was a great attraction, as were the “Millenary Sword Dancers” from Grewelthorpe. The report goes on to say that later on these Grewelthorpe sword dancers performed in the Market Place.A large tent was erected on the Market Place and tea was served to 500 children and 800 adults.

HACKFALL GALA The very first Gala in the village was The Hackfall Gala on 10th August 1853, organised by the Kirkby Malzeard Mechanics Institute Tea Party committee. It was held in the Hackfall Woods and on the adjoining field kindly lent by William Jackson. It was recorded in the Leeds Intelligencer that 2600 people were present, 1750 took tea, they actually ran out of food it was reported. £92 was raised giving a profit of £52.There had been a procession in the morning which included the large flags and insignia of the Ancient order of The Golden Fleece. The Hussar Band was stationed at Mowbray point and entertained everyone throughout the afternoon. There was dancing on the grass which went on into the evening.

The second HACKFALL GALA was held on 6th July 1855. Again organised by the Kirkby Malzeard Mechanics Institute committee. Carriages and other vehicles arrived in Grewelthorpe at 10a.m. Mr Dodsworth’s Harrogate Band performed and people danced on the grass. The Golden Fleece and Oddfellows marched in procession with flags and banners, headed by the Pateley Bridge Oddfellows Band. At 2p.m. afternoon tea was served in a marquee which had been decorated with ferns and flowers. Until past 7p.m. there was a continual stream of visitors. 1600 people being served. At 8p.m. the committee consisting of Mr A Pratt, secretary, Mr Bonwell, treasurer, Messrs Armstrong, Bonwell, R. Frankland, G. Crabtree, J. Spence, W. Tomlinson, W.G.Croft, & T.Hudson. gathered, and the vice president Rev Thomas Charles Wilson. proposed thanks to the noble owner of the Hackfall. There were other speeches and the ladies were thanked for providing the teas. The assembled visitors then left.

In July 1881 A Parochial picnic was held. It was reported in the Knaresborough Post.

In 1882 Whitsuntide was celebrated in the village, joined by children from Masham.

Reported in the Knaresborough Post.

The next event organised in Grewelthorpe village that we have records of is the celebrations for the Coronation of Edward VII in June 1902.

Firstly a committee was formed to plan the great day.
Mrs.Pickles .
The Parish Council.
Mrs Barker.
Mr H. Atlay.
Mrs Rowlandson.
Mrs P.Lofthouse.
Mrs G.Gill.
Mr David Metcalfe.
Mrs Archer.
Mr Fred Yeoman.
Mrs Atlay.
Miss Dale.
Mr Fred Pickles.
Miss Ellen Richmond.
Mr Jonah Leathley.
Misses A & S Leathley.
Miss Goldthorpe.
Misses M & S.A. Imeson.
Miss A.Coldbeck.
The committee agreed A free tea and entertainment to be given to all the inhabitants of the Township.Money to be raised by subscription.To be held in Hackfall grounds with permission of the Marquis of Ripon. [Mowbray Point field] The Marquis gave permission to hold games on his field but on the understanding there was no alcohol consumed.
Children under 15 years to be given a china mug and a medal.To meet on the village green at 1-30p.m. for the presentation and then process to the field.
The medal selected was a Maltese Cross and 114 were ordered at 26/- a gross [ £1-30p for 144].
The mayor of Ripon gave a box of chocolates to each child and to the members of the committee.
Fearby band were engaged to play for £3 and this included their conveyance.Joseph Pickles was asked to boil water for the tea and two others were paid to do the washing up.
A box of fireworks was purchased for 1 guinea [£1 –5p]2 dozen flags were ordered. An Aunt Sally game provided.
Tables were loaned from Mrs Lofthouse.
Mr Chris Ascough transported all the old people.
And no doubt a good time was had by all.

The next celebration was the Coronation of George 5th and Queen Mary on June 13th 1911
The committee was made up of:-
Mrs F. Pickles.
Mrs Barker.
Mrs James Coldbeck:
Mrs Hutton: Mrs Gill:
Mrs Pickles: Mr.George Thirkill:
Miss Leathley:
Mrs Thirkill:
Mrs Taylor:
Mrs Sayer:
Miss Alice Richmond:
Miss Ellen Richmond:
Mrs Parker:
Mrs Atlay:
Miss Dale:
Mrs Lofthouse:
Miss Gowing:
Mrs Richmond.
General Charles Dalton chaired the committee.
Mugs and goblets and medals to be presented to the children.
Tea to be provided for all the schoolchildren.
Funds to be raised by subscription.
Mr Hewitt would collect money from Bramley Grange,
Mr Jonah Leathley would collect from Oak Style,
The Verity’s, The Hutts, Glen Cottage, Camp Farm and Wapping.
Mr Taylor to collect from Mrs Talent’s to the Chapel and Cross Hills.
P.Lofthouse and Wm. Jowett to collect from the Chapel to Highfield and
W.Thompson to collect from Low Side.
The grand sum of £14.00 had been collected by the 11th May.
The celebrations were held in Mowbray Point Field and Hackfall.

The Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth took place on 12th May 1937.
Once again the village celebrated with a Gala and a decorated bicycle competition.
The bicycles paraded down the village main street.
The Festivities were held in Thorpe’s yard which was the land next to the Mill.
It now provides car parking area for the houses which replace the mill.

The judges which include Mr Reid the school headmaster survey the bikes.
Thanks to Maurice Harland and Margaret Marshall for these photos.

The End of World War 2.

After the Victory of the Second World War, many communities had victory celebrations in their villages.In June 1946 Grewelthorpe celebrated with a fancy dress gala, children’s sports and tea. Children paraded down the village street to the green in their fancy dress costumes and they were judged by Major and Mrs. Hinton.
Mrs Reid presented the prizes to Ann Wood 1st in the prettiest class as a dutch girl.
2nd. Patricia Brown as Mary, Mary.
3rd.Caroline Smith as Red Riding Hood.
Most original class.
1st Averil Chamberlain as a G.I. Bride.
2nd David Gaunt as Red Tape.
3rd. Richard Chapman as a Wasp.
Comic class.
1st Ivan Chamberlain as Old King Cole.
2nd. Roy Chamberlain as a Scarecrow. 3rd Brian Bain as a Golliwog.
The sports were held in a field kindly lent by Mr.R.Frankland. The men of the village hall committee took charge. This was followed by a free tea given to every parishioner, held in the school and served by members of the Women’s Institute.
This was followed by the adults fancy dress competition which caused a great deal of amusement. Again Major Hinton judged.
Prettiest. 1st Mrs Gaunt & Mrs Taylor as Bride & Groom.
2nd Mrs Ellis an Indian woman. Most original class. 1st Miss Goss as The Vicarage Lawn. 2nd Miss M. Harrison as Victory but still cleaning up. 3rd Mrs Smith as Grandma Buggins.
In the comic class 1st. M. Harland and D.Lofthouse as Victory Baby.
2nd J. Wood as Old Mother Riley.
A very successful social was held in the school in the evening and £22 was raised for the Village Hall fund. Supper was served by the ladies of the Village Hall committee.

In June 1953 the country celebrated the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The event in Grewelthorpe took a tremendous amount of organising with meetings held almost weekly from February to June.
The first was a Public meeting called by the Parish Council on 26th February. 33 people attended.
Election of officers.
Secretary Mr. E. Ascough.
Treasurer Mrs. J. Thompson [Freda].
Chairman Mr Harrison.
Committee of 8 men and 8 women
.Mrs A.Chamberlain.
Mrs Goss.
Mrs. Frank Leathley.
Mrs Utley.
Mrs E. Ellis [Doris].
Mrs W. Richardson.
Mrs H. Harrison.
Mrs E. Simpson.
Mr T. Harrison.
Mr. H. Harrison.
Mr. Chamberlain.
Mr. G. Ascough.
Mr. W. Richmond.
Mr. T. Houseman.
Mr. J. Wood.
Mr. J.E. Thorpe.
It was agreed that funds would be raised by public subscription.
A house to house collection would be made by the following:-
Mr Price. Bramley.
Mrs Richmond. The Hutts.
Mrs Simpson. Thorpe House district
.Miss A Chamberlain. Ripon Road.
Mrs Thompson, Mrs Leathley & Miss Hargreaves. The Village.
Other funds would be raised by holding whist drives and socials.
The Secretary announced that £5 had already been raised by the Ladies Dancing Team.
Mr Hall proposed that there should be a public tea.
A fancy dress for children and adults. Judges to be invited. Mrs Sherborne or GC & Mrs Hodgson of Highfield. There would be sports for the children.
Crockery would be obtained from The Hutts and The Chapel if permission given.
Tables and forms may be available from The Hackfall Inn, The Hutts, The Chapel & Mr. Frost. of Kirkby.
The first fund raising event would be a Beetle Drive and social in the school on 20th March.
A raffle would be organised by the Ladies committee and Refreshments served by the ladies included sandwiches, jellies and ice cream.
It was thought that a marquee would be essential on Coronation day in case it was wet or cold.
Mrs Thompson agreed to enquire off Messrs.Clapham of Bedale and Mr A.Stelling said he would enquire at Ripon Camp.
The first committee meeting was held the very next night on February 27th.
Present.Mr. Trenholme.
Mrs Thompson.
Miss Jowett.
Mrs Goss.
Mrs F. Leathley.
Mr & Mrs Chamberlain.
Mrs Utley.
Mrs Ellis.
Mrs Simpson.
Mr T. Harrison.
Mr H. Harrison.
Mr. G. Ascough.
Mr. W. Richmond.
Mr.Thorpe elected Vice Chairman.
Mr. J. Wood.
All the marquees had been booked at Claphams of Bedale.
Mr Stelling was told to enquire again at Ripon Camp after March 3rd.
If a marquee is not available Mr Thorpe kindly offered his yard under the trees for the tea if it is a fine day.
An account to be opened at the Yorkshire Penny Bank.
Permission would be sought from the Inspector of Police to do a house to house collection.
Mrs Goss would print posters giving information about the collection.
Each householder would be asked to decorate their house.
Committee meeting March 4th. 16 people present.
People would be given the option of recording their donations in a book or using envelopes.
Mr H.Holland donated 10/- [50p] to be spent on groceries to be raffled.
This brought in £4 7s 6d which was given to the treasurer along with the £5 from dancing team.
Mr H. Harrison suggested that a TV set could be installed in the school for people to watch the ceremony. But on enquiry all TV’s had been booked up.
Committee meeting March 16th 17 present.
Mr Trenholme offered his buildings in the absence of a marquee and this was accepted.
The house to house collection raised £35.1s.9d. to date.
The committee of the Crockery fund gave £5 to the Coronation fund.
Prizes for the best decorated house would be 1st – £1 : 2nd – 10/- : 3rd. – 5/- :
Mrs Thompson agreed to enquire at the food office whether extra rations of fats and sugar would be available apart from the household allocation.This was because of the food rationing still in place after World War II.
The following arrangements were made for the social on March 20th.
Men to handle the prizes. Ladies refreshments.
Games. Master of Ceremonies Mr Harrison, Mr. Wood, Mr Trenholme. & Mr.Thorpe.
Doorkeepers Mr Thorpe and Mr Chamberlain.
Pianist. Mrs Marsden also Mrs Thompson and Mrs Thorpe.
Milk. Promised by Mr. W. Richmond. Tea Promised by Mr.Trenholme.
This event made £9.7s.0d for the fund.
At a public meeting on 23rd March , 40 people attended and the Treasurer announced that £58.8s.9d had been raised.
It was proposed to buy 60lbs of cooked ham from the Co-op, this would be put down on Mrs. Thompson’s account and the discount earned would be added to the fund. 4 tongues, 2 each from the 2 village butchers. 60 sliced loaves for sandwiches. £15 would be spent on cakes and pastries.
Everyone agreed it would be nice to have a dance and a whist drive in the evening. Mr Parks of High Skellgate, Ripon would be asked to provide the music by radiogram.
It was suggested that perhaps a bus shelter could be built as a commemoration of the Coronation.
The next fund raising effort would be a jumble sale and auction on 28th March with tea & biscuits.
To commence at 2p.m. Bring & Buy stall. Raffle a box of chocolates.
The next meeting on 30th March was told the jumble sale had made £13.12s.9d.and that the fund now stood at £82.18s.6d.
More plans were made for the teas. 6 × 5lb slab cakes and 6 x Madeira slab cakes to be ordered from Mrs Hall.
Approx cost £7.10s.0d
£4 would be spent on assorted pastries from the Co-op. 5lbs tea ordered from Mr. Price. And also the sugar and margarine allowance.
The next fund raising event was to be a Social and whist drive for 12 hands. On April 10th.
Prizes offered by Mr T. Harrison: Mrs. Thompson: Mr. Houseman: Mrs Ellis: Mrs.Simpson:Mr Thorpe: Mrs Goss and Miss Jowett.
This event raised another £7.2s.8d.
The next effort would be a large Whist Drive with an auction and a raffle.
To be held on 1st May.
Mrs Chapman would make a cake to be raffled for 6d a ticket.
This event raised £15. 18s. 2d Bringing the total raised now to £105. 19s. 4d. Mrs Goss offered to make posters advertising the Coronation Day celebrations.
The programme for the day decided.
See poster.Coronation Poster“Event Poster click on the thumbnail for a larger image”
At a meeting on 4th May it was agreed to spend £20 on prizes with the bigger proportion going to the children. 30 people attended the next meeting on 18th May.
It was announced that the following rationed foods had been allocated:
-2lbs lard, 3 lbs butter: 4lbs margarine and 12lbs sugar.
4 ladies agreed to make pastry with the lard.
Out of 6 who offered these 4 were selected :-Mrs.Wood: Mrs Ellis, Mrs Lofthouse and Mrs Brockbank.
We must assume that these ladies were the best pastry makers in the village.
They would each be given half pound of lard.
The R.A.O.B made a donation of £1.6s to the fund.
Crockery was collected from the village, 63 cups from the Hutts, 50 cups from the W.I. and 50 cups from the Chapel.
It was agreed to charge visitors to the village 3/6d for their tea.
The school headmistress asked if the school could have a new flag bought out of the funds.
As the only flag in the village belonged to the school it benefitted everybody.
Mr Price had ordered 10 dozen ice creams at 4d each. [2p]. Mr Trenholme would order 8 gallons of milk from the dairy.
Mrs Hall would supply 1 drum salt, 8oz. Mustard: 3 bottles of HP sauce: 3 bottles of tomato sauce, and 3 bottles of piccalilli.
The Hutts would supply teaspoons.
10 ladies offered tablecloths and Mrs Lofthouse would provide dishcloths.
The bowls for washing up came from Mrs Goss and Miss Jowett.
Mrs Hall would provide Quix washing up liquid.
No small detail was forgotten by this hard working committee.
A rota was worked out of helpers for the teas.
At the next and final meeting on 29th May it was decided to hold the dance on the Green in front of Mr. Wood’s house.
He gave permission for the wireless [radio] to be plugged into his house.
Mrs Lofthouse offered the use of her piano for the National Anthem.
It was therefore decided to hold the service in front of her house.
Everything was ready now for the big day June 3rd 1953.
Despite the rain on Coronation Day most of the programme was carried out.
Festivities were opened by a short service on the green conducted by the vicar.
Prize winners of the children’s fancy dress were
Under 5’s. 1st Peter I’Anson 2nd. David Harrison. 3rd Yvonne Ward. 4th Winsome Dunkley.
6-11yrs. 1st Linda Ryder. 2nd Sylvia Almond. 3rd Anthea Banks. 4th Marianne Richardson.
Original 1st Ann Ward. 2nd. Ivan Chamberlain. 3rd. Gillian Hawkin. 4th. Richard Tomlinson.
Comical. 1st. Myra Dunkley. 2nd June Dunkley. 3rd Raymond Banks. 4th Pauline Haithwaite.
12-14yrs. 1st Brenda Richardson. 2nd Ann Andrew.
Tea was served for all in buildings at South View by permission of Mr. & Mrs. B.Trenholme. In the evening the adult fancy dress parade was judged in the school.
Prize winners were:-Prettiest. 1st Mrs. F.Leathley. 2nd.Miss M.Wood and Miss M. Trenholme. 3rd Mrs.Green.
Original. 1st Miss C.Dick. 2nd Mrs E. Ellis. 3rd Mrs H.I’Anson 4th Miss A.Chamberlain.
Comical. 1st. Mr.D. Lofthouse & Mr.C. Wilson. 2nd Mrs Goss. 3rd Mrs Calvert & Mrs Wilson. 4th Mr. J. Wood.
The fancy dress parade was followed by a display of folk dancing by the ladies dancing team, with accordian music by Mr. F. I’Anson.
The Ladies Folk Dancing team in school.
The competition for the best decorated house resulted.1st Mrs Lofthouse. 2nd Mr.Harland. 3rd Mrs Chamberlain 4th Mr.T.Harrison.

The next celebrations in the village were for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II held on June 7th 1977.
The programme for the event was 2p.m. Procession and Fancy Dress. Organised by Mrs Lofthouse.
3p.m. Children’s Sports and side shows. Organised by Mr Hearn.
4-30p.m. Presentation of mugs and prizes.
4-30p.m. to 6p.m. Teas. Organised by Mrs Atkinson.
6p.m. It’s a Knockout Organised by Mr.Leathley.
8-30p.m. Barbecue followed by a bonfire. Organised by Mr.Annatt.
Mrs Atkinson put out a request for scones, cakes, & buns.
Mr Annatt asked for brushwood, clippings and empty cartons for the bonfire.
The Jubilee committee wanted to make the day a celebration for the entire village to remember, especially the children.
They set a target of £100 to be collected in a house to house collection. This would take place in the 3rd week of March.
It was then hoped the day would be free to everyone.
This day was a huge success and it spawned the Grewelthorpe Sports Association which is still running in 2016 and is responsible for organising many village activities including the annual gala and bonfire celebrations.

29th July 1981 saw the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

Once again the village celebrated with a Gala on the village green, teas for everyone, sports and side shows.
Mugs and medals were presented to all the children by Sir Charles and Lady Dalton from The Hutts.

Caroline Bradley receives her mug and medal from Lady Dalton.

In May 1995 the whole nation celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the end of the War in Europe. known as V.E.Day. [Victory in Europe Day]
Grewelthorpe once again took the opportunity to party.The organising was done by the Grewelthorpe Sports Association, assisted by the Grewelthorpe branch of the British Legion , the Parish Council , the school and the W.I. and took the same format as previous celebrations.

The children were presented with mugs by Major General Peter Bradley and his wife Peggy who lived in the village.
There was a competition for the best decorated house, won by Geoff and Pam Grimsditch.

The school children sang war time songs accompanied on the piano by their teacher Mrs Christine Lofthouse.
An exhibition of war time memorabilia and children’s paintings was staged in the chapel schoolroom by the school teachers.
There was a fancy dress competition won by Daniel Wilson [childrens class] and Anita Binks [adults] They both received a £2 peace coin in a presentation pack.

Teas were provided by the W.I. and they were served on the village green.
Mr Mike Dawson entertained the crowd on his piano accordian.
In the evening a dance organised by Ian Bradley and Bill Wise of the Masham Town Hall Association was held in Masham Town Hall to the music of a 17 piece band called Echo 42. It was a great success. The proceeds from this was sent to the Royal British Legion poppy appeal.

In June 2002 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee. Once again an event not to be overlooked.
In Grewelthorpe, St.James’s Church and The Sports Association both decided to organise events to celebrate the occasion.
The Church celebration was to be called “50 Years to Remember”The Committee included Lynette Barnes [Chairman] Elizabeth Witton [Secretary] John Shardlow [Treasurer] also Barbara Bradley, Kath Jeff, Jean Trenholme, Pam Grimsditch, Sheila Horsford, Jenny Bullough, Jean Bailey, Mr & Mrs Holden, Judy Leathley, Ann Clarke & Ruby Silcock.
It was agreed to decorate the church with memorabilia and flowers to depict five decades of the Queen’s reign.
The committee split into pairs and chose a decade to work on.
Kath Jeff & Liz Witton – 1950’s Pam Grimsditch and Sheila Horsford – 1960’s.
Barbara Bradley, Jenny Bullough & Ann Clarke – 1970’s. Jean Bailey & Jean Trenholme –1980
Ruby Silcock & Judy Leathley – 1990’s.
Flower arrangers were Judy Leathley, Barbara Bradley, Sheila Horsford, Kath Jeff, Ann Clarke, Mary Jowett & Lynette Barnes.
Judy Leathley would buy the flowers thro’ her shop.
A preview evening would be held on Friday 31st May with wine and savouries. Cost £2.50p.
Liz & Colin Witton would show slides of the village celebrations for the Silver Jubilee 1977 and the school centenary and Royal Wedding 1981. A film of the school celebrations had been found at school and this would be shown. This last proved so popular repeat showings had to be staged.
The Sports Association donated £200 towards the cost.
A plant stall would be held in churchyard.
Work started on May 29th setting up the exhibitions.
Flowers were arranged on Thursday & Friday.
The Friday night preview was a great success.
The exhibition was open to the public from Saturday through Tuesday and there was a steady stream of interested people in church.
An open air church service was organised by Grewelthorpe Methodist Chapel held on the village green on Sunday June 2nd. Followed by afternoon teas in the chapel.
The Sports Association organised a Gala on the village green for Monday June 3rd 2002 which had been declared a public holiday. Committee. Peter Lofthouse. Andrea Lofthouse. Ian Horsford. Kate Pullan. Pat Grice. Judy Brennand. Judith & Peter Beresford. Catherine Furmidge.
Starting at 2p.m. with the childrens fancy dress – Theme – “Kings & Queens”1st Alicia Beresford. 2nd Charlie I’Anson. 3rd Leon Hickingbotham, 4th Hannah Hickingbotham.
A competition for 5-8yr olds. A picture of my village. Won by Abbie Manning, 2nd Charlotte Broadley,
A competition for 8-12yr olds. A story about my village. Winner. Emily Broadley.
A Photographic competition – The Geoff Grimsditch Trophy. 1st Peter Beresford. 2nd Joint Stuart & Ross Molloy and Sue & Keith Metcalfe.
Cherry Stone spitting competition. 1st under 9’s James Dixon 10ft. 1st Under 15’s Nathan Neasom -21ft
1st Adults Will I’Anson – 35ft . 5inches.
There were childrens races, boat rides on the pond, and teas served at 4p.m.In the evening, starting at 7p.m. a Barbecue was held on the village green. Everyone brought their own food and drink. This was so successful that it became an annual event after the village Gala.

In 2012 Queen Elizabeth 2nd celebrated her Diamond Anniversary – 60 years on the throne. Once again Grewelthorpe celebrated with an agenda very similar to the one for the Golden Jubilee. Teas on the green, races and games, fancy dress and egg throwing. Mugs presented to the children. A barbecue at night. A sheep trail was throughout the village and proved very popular.
Photos can be found elsewhere on this site.
Prizes provided by Black Sheep Brewery.

Ann Clark Presenting mugs to children.

This brings the village celebrations up to date.
Does anyone still have a mug or a medal, photographs or any other information about any of these events.