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Lost Hackfall Paintings

In October 1877 a &#8220,A Fete for the benefit of the Grewelthorpe Benefice Augmentation Fund” was held near the Banqueting Hall in Hackfall.
Albert Kinsley an up and coming landscape artist exhibited paintings of Hackfall in the Banqueting Hall.

We must not omit to mention the beautiful oil paintings of Hackfall scenery, which alone were well worthy of inspection, suspended in the refreshment room – the work of Mr A. Kinsley, a rising artist, and friend of the schoolmaster, Mr Midgely, and which added greatly to the show. The Ripon Gazette, 25/10/1877

Where are those paintings now?
Are they hanging on someone’s wall unrecognised?
If you have any idea where they are now please do let us know.