Women's Institute

Grewelthorpe Women’s Institute meet on the first Thursday of each month in Grewelthorpe Village Hall. Meetings start at 7-30p.m.
There are an excellent variety of speakers throughout the year and a warm welcome is extended to any propsective members.
The group is active in outside events organised by the Federation, attending courses and taking part in various activities like quizzes and darts tournaments etc.
President is Kath Jeff, Secretary is Margaret Robinson. Contact any member for further details or just come to the next meeting.

Programme for 2019
January 3rd –, Dominoes &, Supper.
February 7th –, Easy does it. Sue Orrey-Godden Comp. a Valentine.
March 7th- GUEST NIGHT. Chocolate cookery. Comp. A spring potted plant.
April 4th. Clog Dancing. Carol Johnson. Comp. A decorated shoe.
May 2nd. History of Teddy Bears. Eliz. Edwards. Comp. A teddy bear.
May 9th. Outing to shear Wensleydale. – 6p.m.
June 3rd. Outing to Cooking Fantastic. – 7p.m.
June 6th. – Hats & Huts. Ladies of the YMCA. S. McGregor. Comp. A hat or headdress.
July 4th. – Willow weaving. Anna Cross. Comp. A woven item.
July 8th. – Outing to Boundary Mill Store. 9-30a.m. by coach.
August 1st. Crowning Glory [chimney pots]. Jackie Depelle. Comp. a decorated plant pot.
September 5th. Cape Wrath [slides]. Tony Crease. Comp. Something from Scotland.
October 3rd. AGM Social evening. Comp. Finish the sentence. The door slammed shut and suddenly;-
November 7th. 74th Birthday. ? Comp. photo of a flower.
December 5th. Xmas decorations from recycled material. K.Guy. Comp. something made from recycled material.

Answers for 2019 Water quiz.

1. As right as Rain
2. To take a Rain check
3. Its Raining cats and Dogs
4. Rain rain go away Come again another day
5. Dead in the Water
6. To sell someone down River
7. Its a drop in the Ocean
8. To be thrown in at the deep end.
9. Like Water off a duck’s back.
10. To go through fire and Water
11. Bridge over troubled Waters
12. Like a Fish out of Water
13. The lady of the Lake
14. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Ses
15. Singing in the Rain
16. Your theory won’t hold Water.
17. Bridge over the River Kwai
18. Sun before seven Rain before eleven.
19. Come hell or high Water.
20. I’ve got my sea legs.
21. Rain Man.
22. Hewers of wood and drawers of water.
23. To wet the babies head.
24. Whiskey is the water of life.
25. It’s all water under the bridge
26. To Wet ones whistle.
27. The Water Fountain.
28. By the River of Babylon.
29. He took to it like a duck to Water.
30. To keep ones head above water.
31. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
32. The Water Babies
33. He’s wet behind the ears.
34. Oceans Eleven.
35. Cry me a River.
36. Up a Lazy river by the old mill run.
37. One more river to cross.
38. The Owl and the Pussy Cat went to sea.
39. River deep Mountain High.
40. Rain drops keep falling on my head.

Thanks to everyone who supported this quiz. The winner was Mrs Walbank from Knaresborough.