Women's Institute

Grewelthorpe Women’s Institute meet on the first Thursday of each month in Grewelthorpe Village Hall. Meetings start at 7-30p.m.
There are an excellent variety of speakers throughout the year and a warm welcome is extended to any propsective members.
The group is active in outside events organised by the Federation, attending courses and taking part in various activities like quizzes and darts tournaments etc.
President is Kath Jeff, Secretary is Margaret Robinson. Contact any member for further details or just come to the next meeting.

Programme for 2018
January 4th –, Dominoes &, Supper. –, comp. new year resolution
February 1st –, Antique Maps. Dr Mike Sweeting. Comp. a Valentine.
March 1st – Willow Weaving. Anna Cross. Comp. 3 flowers in an egg cup. April 5th. – History of Printing. Comp. Something of Mothers.
May 3rd. –, GUEST NIGHT. The Yorkshire vet. Julian Norton. Comp. A Toy Animal.
June 7th. – Chocolatier [demonstration]. Andrew Thwaite. Comp. An unusual button.
JUNE –, Picnic Painting outing.
July 5th. – Our House and its Contents, – Jackie Depelle. Comp. A candlestick.
August 2nd. – Pets as Therapy [PAT]. – Simon Lawrence & Harvey. Comp. A holiday photo.
September 6th – Soft Pots. – Annie Austin-Meek. Comp. A Houseplant.
October 4th. – AGM and Social evening. Comp. The most items in a matchbox.
November 1st. – 73rd Birthday. Bats of North Yorkshire. John Drewitt. Comp. Bonfire toffee.
December 6th. Crafts for Christmas. – Sue Schofield. comp. A snowman.

Answers for 2017 Sporting Chance quiz.

1. Batting on a sticky wicket.
2. The ball is in your court now.
3. He didn’t bat an eyelid
4. It’s just not cricket.
5. To dive in at the deep end.
6. Swimming against the tide.
7. To jump for joy.
8. To score an own goal.
9. To be skating on thin ice.
10. To be on the ball.
11. Camptown races.
12. The winner takes it all.
13. To jump to conclusions.
14. Ghost rider in the sky.
15. The loneliness of the long distance runner.
16. The skater’s waltz.
17. To throw in the towel.
18. To win by a nose.
19. To jump the gun.
20. To keep ones eye on the ball.
21. The human race.
22. Badminton Horse Trials.
23. I saw three ships come sailing in.
24. As blind as a bat.
25. He suffers from tennis elbow.
26. To sink or swim.
27. The sailor jumped ship.
28. Its a shot in the dark.
29. To get the ball rolling.
30. He had me jumping through hoops.
31. To throw ones hat in the ring.
32. The all England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.
33. To take his bat and ball home.
34. Anyone for tennis.
35. To give them a run for their money.
36. GOLF Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.
37. Jolly Hockey Sticks.
38. To Bowl a Maiden over.
39. I gave it my best shot.
40. Michael row the boat ashore.

Thanks to everyone who supported this quiz. The winner was Mrs Walbank from Knaresborough.