Village Survey 1970 - 1971

In 1971 the Head Teacher, Miss M.R.Jowett, and the children of Grewelthorpe School decided to do a village survey. This was the year of the National census and they thought they would produce an interesting source of information for the benefit of future generations. So it has turned out to be, and their document shows what life in the village of Grewelthorpe was like in 1971.

Head Teacher …. Miss M.R.Jowett.
Assistant Teacher…. Mrs.M.E.Jones.
Part time teachers… Mrs.Watson. Mrs Kent. Mrs Richmond.
Managers… The Vicar. Rev. G.T.Jones. [Chairman] Mr. P Trenholme. [Foundation manager] Mr.W.Richmond. Mr. F. McWilliam. Major Gen. Sir Charles Dalton. Mr.E.Green.
Correspondent. Mr.J.W.Rawcliffe. Divisonal Education Officer.
Her Majesty’s Inspector. Miss Atkins.
County Council Inspector. Miss Imrie.
P.E. Advisor. Mr.Allinson.
Caretakers. Mr.&, Mrs. J.W.Wood.
Clerical Assistant. Mrs. L.F.Leathley.
Welfare Officer. Mr.G. Alsop.
School Transport Officers. Mr.&, Mrs G. Ventress.
Dental Officer. Mr. M.Hatton.
Health Visitor. Mrs Beer.
Medical Officer of Health. Dr.Hepple.

School Meals.
Kitchen. Mrs Drury. [Cook] Mrs McDonald. Mrs Simpson. [Assistant Cooks]
Mrs M. Stelling. [Supervisory Assistant] Mrs.B. Richardson. Mrs C. Wilson. [Dining Room Assistants]
Transport Officers. Mr. &, Mrs F.K.T.Leathley. Mr. R.Beaumont. Kirkby Malzeard.
Price of school meals. 1s. 1970 and 12p in 1971.

The West Riding classroom was re-furnished in 1971.
Interior and exterior decoration in 1971.
Number on roll. 47. Highest number on the roll was in 1934 when there were 81 pupils. Lowest number on the roll was in 1944 when there were 31 pupils.
School leavers in 1970.
To St. Aidan’s school, Harrogate. Judith Hutchinson, Amanda Wilson, Philip Trenholme.
To Ripon County Secondary school. Christine Fisher. Elizabeth Moulds.
School Leavers in 1971.
To St. Aidan’s school, Harrogate. Deborah Robertshaw. Charles Mudd. Valerie Ingleby.
To Ripon County Secondary school. Paul Richardson. Brian &, Keith Metcalfe. Stephen Jeff. Diane Lofthouse. Adrian Bean.
To Ripon Grammar School. Margaret Hall. Simon Petchey. Rosalind Frankland.

Successes. Margaret Hanby. who left in 1968 gained 7 O’Levels at G.C.E.

P.E. Uniform. Navy shorts. White T Shirt. Black pumps.
Swimming instruction started Sept. 1971 for 10 &, 11 years old at Ripon Spa Baths.
Certificates awarded. 6 elementary. 3 proficiency.
Milk. 1/3 pint to any child who wanted it. From Sept 1971, to children under 7yrs only.

School Outings.
1970. Newcastle &, Whitley Bay by bus.
London – day outing by train.
Knaresborough Zoo. Infants only.
1971. Kilburn. R.Thompson’ workshop. White Horse &, Yorkshire gliding club. York Pageant. Odean Cinema Harrogate. Conquest of Everest. Marske. Infants only.

Vicar.Rev.Gareth T.Jones.H.C.F.
Church Wardens. Mr. K. Hewitt. Mr. W. Richmond.
Sidesmen. Sir Charles Dalton. Mrs.Ellis. Mrs.Thompson.
Mr.P.Trenholme. Mr.J.Annatt. Mr.R.Harper. Mr.D.L.Hall.
Perochial Church Council. Mrs. Jones. Mr.Annatt. Sir Charles Dalton. Lady Dalton. Mrs. Annatt. Mrs. Ellis. Miss. M.R.Jowett. Mr.W. Richmond. Mr.P. Trenholme.
Miss M.W.Jowett. Mrs Thompson. Mr &, Mrs. R.Harper. Mrs Smith. Miss Inchboard. Mr &, Mrs D.L.Hall.
Organist. Miss M.R. Jowett.
Secretary &, Treasurer. Miss. M .R. Jowett.
Free Will Offering Sec. Miss M.W.Jowett.
Synod Representative. Mr.P.Trenholme.
Architect. Mr.L.Moorhouse.
Services. 1st &, 3rd Sundays of the month. 11a.m. Choral Eucharist. 2-30p.m. Children’s Church. 7p.m. Holy Communion. 2nd &, 5th Sundays of the month. 11a.m. Mattins. 2-30p.m. Children’s Church. 7p.m. Holy Communion. 4th Sunday of the month. 9a.m.Holy Communion. 2-30p.m.Family Service.
Children’s Church. 27 children attend. Teacher.- The Vicar. Organist. Miss M.W. Jowett.
Choir. 13 boys and girls attend Choral Eucharist Purple cassocks. Crucifer. 2 Acolytes.
Paintwork. Sanctuary, pale blue. Nave &, Chapel, Flame Red. Window surrounds, white.
Repairs. Extensive repairs commenced 1970. Whole roof stripped, insulated and re-slated. £1,500 Boiler House chimney demolished, roof pointed, stone crosses straightened. Cost £175

Belfry pointed. £208. Churchyard wall repaired. £53.

Efforts. Fete &, Pigeon shoot on village green. Coffee evening at vicarage.
1970. Garden party at “The Hutts”. Flower festival.
1971. Garden party at “The Hutts.” Flower festival. Market stall. Carol singing [Children’s choir] Grants from Diocese –, £750.
Harvest Services. First Monday in October. Ham &, Salad supper served in school.
Confirmation. In Ripon Cathedral 1971. John Banks. Nigel Hutchinson.
Philip Trenholme. Paul Richardson. Nicholas Wilson. John Byrom. Andrew Binks. Jacqueline Frankland. Sandra Avison.
Judith Hutchinson. Rosalind Frankland. Angela Graham.
Valerie Ingleby. Jane Byrom. Amanda Wilson.

Material for new cushion covers in blue, given and made up by ladies in the village.

Ministers. Rev.H.Hawkes.&, Rev.T.Miller.
Trustees. Messrs.W.Pratt. W.Harrison. W.L.Trenholme.
J.C.Hutchinson. C.Hutchinson. R.Thirkill. G.Lofthouse. H.Fisher. H.Simpson. B.Simpson.
Sunday School Teachers. Mrs. E.Simpson. Miss.A.Batty. Mrs.C.Hutchinson. Miss.M.Hutchinson. Mr.M.Hutchinson.
Organist. Mr. George Lofthouse.
Women’s Own Meetings. Tuesday Afternoon.
Methodist Guild. Tuesday Evenings.
Services. Sundays 2p.m. and 6-30p.m.
Efforts. Summer Fair on the green. Christmas Sale in the schoolroom.
United Services with St.James’ Church. 1970 – Rogation procession round the village. 1971 – Rogation procession roud Bramley. Carol services, collections for Christian Aid.
Harvest Services. Second Sunday and following Tuesday in October. Supper after Service on the Tuesday.

Rural District Councillor. Mr.F.McWilliam.
Chairman 1970. Mr.W.Richmond.
Chairman 1971. Mr. D. Smith.
Clerk to Parish Council. Mrs. Walker of Littlethorpe. Mr.A. Stelling. Mr.D.L.Hall.

Population of Grewelthorpe Parish. 183 males. 182 Females. Total 365.

Village Shops.
Post Office &, Stores. Mr.&, Mrs. Robert Ascough. Mail delivery 7a.m. to 8a.m. Mail collection. 10-30a.m. and 4p.m.
Postage rates 1970. Letters 1st class 5d. 2nd class 4d.
Postage rates 1971 Letters 1st class 3p. 2nd class 2.5p.
Grewelthorpe Stores. Mr.&, Mrs. R.Harper.
Butcher. Mr. W.O. Goundry.
Handweavers &, Crafts. Mr. &, Mrs. McDougall.
Hackfall Inn. Mrs. P.Lewis. Residential – Dinners – Parties catered for.
Crown Hotel. Mr.G.L. Oliver.

District Nurse.Miss C.Inchboard. 1 Holmfield, Grewelthorpe.
Builder. Mr. A. Stelling. “Avoza” Grewelthorpe.
Electrician. Mr. D. L. Hall. Hill Crest. Grewelthorpe also at Masham.
Painters &, Decorators Mr. Donald Leathley. Naegill House. Mr. Eric Ashby. Cross Hills.Grewelthorpe.
Joiners &, Undertakers.George Thirkill &, Son. [Mr Raymond Thirkill]
N.F.U. Secretary.Mr. Frank Leathley. Low Moor. Grewelthorpe.
Caravan Site.Mr. &,. Mrs. T.Atkinson. Newholme. Grewelthorpe.
Mobile Shops.1. Bob’s Shop – Mr.R. Ascough. Post Office. 2. Mr. John Ashby. Kirkby Malzeard. 3. Brayshaws. Masham.
Mobile County Library.Visits Grewelthorpe every Friday.
Stop 1.The Chapel. Stop 2 Grewelthorpe Stores.

Women’s Institute. Held 1st Thursday of the month in the school.
President. Lady Dalton.
Vice President. Mrs. Davidson.
Secretaries. Mrs.Woolley. &, Mrs.Robinson.
Treasurers. Mrs.Lofthouse. &, Mrs. Worsdale.
Committee. Mrs. Annatt. Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Calvert. Mrs. Kitchen. Mrs. McWilliam. Mrs.Robertshaw.

Over 60’s Club.
Held every Alternate Wednesday in school 4-6p.m.

Chairman. Mr. F. McWilliam.
Secretary. Mr. E. Calvert.
Treasurer. Mrs.P.Ashby.
Outings to. Swaledale. Ryedale. Bilsdale. Morecambe. WhitleyBay &, Wharfedale.Bridlington. Southport. Bowes Museum.

Drama Group.
Founded 1956.
President. Rev.G.T.Jones.
Vice President. Mr. P. Trenholme.
Secretary. Mrs.B. Raw.
Treasurer. Mrs. Freda Thompson.
Committee. Mrs. Jones. Miss.M.W.Jowett.
Mr. R. Whitehead. Mr.J.Todd. Mr.T.Jones. Mr. D.Leathley.
Stage Managers. Mr.J. Lumley. Mr. M.Lumley. Mr. R.Raw. Mr. A.Porteous.
Prompt. Mrs. Susan Annatt.
Publicity. Miss.J. Hawley.
Properties. Mrs.K.Todd. Mrs. R. Lumley.
Catering. Mrs. C. Wilson.
Playing Members. Rev. G .T.Jones. Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. B. Raw. Miss M.W. Jowett. Miss.A.Annatt. Mr.J. Todd. Mr.D.Leathley. Mr.R. Whitehead. Miss. J.Hawley. Mr.P.Trenholme. Mrs.A. Richmond. Mrs.Georgina Harper. Mr.Timothy Jones.

Productions in Masham Town Hall. 1970 “Wanted, One Body”. “Wild Goose Chase”. 1971. “Running Riot”. “Tons of Money”.

Young Wives.
Meetings 3rd Wednesday each month. Inaugerated 1968. It is presided over each year by 2 different members. Talks ranging from Decimal currency and local government to health visiting, lampshade making, make-up, immigrants and pottery painting.

Thursday Club. Meetings second Thursday of the month at thevicarage. A get together for ladies of the village. Hostess. Mrs. Mary E. Jones.
Further Education.
Dressmaking class – Mondays 9p.m. in school.

Junior Red Cross.
Meetings – Fridays, school.
Leaders. Mrs. S. Annatt and Miss A.Annatt.

Women’s Hour.
Meetings every Tuesday afternoon in Methodist Church.
Methodist Guild.
Meetings every Tuesday evening in the Methodist Church.

Dr. J. B. Holroyd. Kirkby Malzeard.
Dr. N. Holroyd. Kirkby Malzeard.
Dr. G. R. Dobbs. Masham.
Dr.Burton. Ripon.
Dr.Brown. Ripon.
Dr.Ridout. Ripon.
Dr.Lee. Ripon.

Ripon to Hawes. Service 127.
5 buses a day. Extra bus on Saturday.
Fares 1970. 1s.4d. 1971. 13p. single journey.

Mr. &, Mrs Harold Hall. left The Stores after 30 years.
Mr.&, Mrs. Robin Harper. took over the shop in Feb.1971.
Mr &, Mrs.McDougal. transformed the building at Falcon House, formerly Fernleigh, into a Handicraft shop and Handweaving shed. Opened Easter 1971.
Mr.Philip Worsdale. of Glen Farm killed in his car on the way from Ripon, by an Army vehicle which ran out of control down Breckamore.
Village name plates erected.
Nine ornamental trees planted.
Footpath signs erected.
Pond partially cleaned out by the army.
Miss Alison Annatt. won the Duke of Edinburgh’s gold medal.
Miss Eileen Chapman. went to New Zealand to visit relatives.
Comprehensive Education scheme in Ripon, rejected.
Col. Sir Malcolm Stoddard Scott. elected Member of Parliament for Ripon.


1970. Jonathan Robertshaw.
Mark Ashby.
Beverley Craggs.
Darren Bullough.
John Marsden.
Elaine Banks.
Margaret Helen Smith.
Andrea Louise Bain.

MARRIAGES. Mr. M. Robinson &, Miss M.Thompson. [at Healey] Mr. John Bunyan &, Miss Anne Goundry. Mr. C. Dunne &, Miss Linda I’anson.

DIAMOND WEDDING. Mr.&, Mrs J. Ascough, Virginia House, Grewelthorpe.

DEATHS. Mrs.Rose Ritson. age 91 Rev. T.H. Jones. age 86 Mrs Daisy Brown. age 79 Mr.Russell Goss. age 56 Mrs.Theresa Chapman. age 81 Mr.Albert Gregg. age 91 Mr.Philip Worsdale. age 23 Mr.Herbert Simpson. age 64 Mrs. Elizabeth Coldbeck. age 95 Mrs.Mabel Nicholson. age 65 Mrs.Annie Ascough. age 86 Mrs. Winifred Leathley. age 95


Mark Ashby. John Marsden. Beverley Craggs. Mark Stelling. Elaine Banks. Darren Bullough.


Mr. John Dalton &, Miss Amelia Stanley Pryce. Miss Gwen Ryder &, Mr.Keith Herrington. Miss Mary Worsdale &, Mr.Trevor Jackson. Miss Margaret Hutchinson &, Mr.Michael McDonald. Mr.Christopher Leathley &, Miss Sheila Middlemiss.


Mr. &, Mrs. R. Harper. The Stores. From Luton. Mrs Cooper &, Mrs Harper [senior]. OakCottage. From Harrogate. Mr.&, Mrs. E. Simpson. Fir tree. From Healey. Mr &, Mrs Bean. Hackfall Cottage.From Billingham. Mr.&, Mrs. Dawson. The Mount. Mr. &, Mrs Annatt. Highfield. From Abergavenny. Mr.&, Miss Gregg. Danesmead. From Mickley. Mr &, Mrs McDougal. Falcon House.From S.America. Mr &, Mrs. Greenwood. Cross Hills.From Starbeck. Mr &, Mrs. Lidgertwood. Holmside.From Kirklington. Mr &, Mrs. Stein. [R.A.F.]Edgefield.Bramley.From Lincoln. Mr &, Mrs.Swainston. 5, Holmfield.From Nottingham.


Mr. &, Mrs.Harold Hall. To Ripon.
Mr &, Mrs.Norman H. Brown. To New Zealand.
Mr &, Mrs. McIlldowie.
Mr.&, Mrs. Mudd. To Northallerton.
Mr. &, Mrs. Davidson. To Ripon.
Group Captain &, Mrs. Hodgson. To Burnt Yates.
Mr.&, Mrs. Maitland Smith. To Bedale.
Mr.&, Mrs. Moulds. To Thirsk.
Mr &, Mrs. Harold Rider. To Harrogate.
Mr &, Mrs Brian Bain. To Kirkby Malzeard.
Mr &, Mrs Stein. [RAF] To Leuchars, Scotland.


Allandale. Ilton Road. £3,000.
Hackfall Mount. Withdrawn at £2,500.


Butter 4/- per lb.
Flour 1/9d –, 1/11 per 3lbs.
Tea 1/6d –, 2/-
Bacon 4/- per lb.
Sugar 1/8d per 2lbs.
Stork Margarine 7.5d per half pound.
Bread approx. 1/3d per 2lb loaf.


1. Postal Strike.
2. Electricity Strike.
3.Decimalisation. Disappearance of Half crowns and half pennies. Gradual disappearance of 3d bits, pennies, and ten shilling notes. 1/- pieces became 5p. Florins became 10p.
New coins were 2p: 1p: 1/2p: 50p.
4. General election. Conservative government. Edward Heath made Prime Minister.
5. I.R.A. acive in Northern Ireland. Shooting, bombing etc. in Belfast &, Londenderry. British troops drafted in to keep order. 43 soldiers killed.
6. War in Vietnam.
7. War between India &, Pakistan. Birth of new state, Bangladesh.
8. Rolls Royce bankrupt.
9. Daily Sketch newspaper disappeared.
10. Eruption of Mount Etna.
11. Rhodesian talks. Mr Ian Smith and Sir Alec Douglas Home.
12. Common Market entry ballot.
13. Princess Ann made sportswoman of the year.
14. Local Government reorganisation scheme.
15. Census. Population of Britain 56 million.
16. Threat of miners strike in January.

The end of village survey for 1970-1971.