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Leathley Family

Leathley Family. Last update Nov. 2020.

The following information has been taken from Parish Registers, School and Parish Council records, Memorial Inscriptions [M.I.] to be found in Grewelthorpe churchyard. Census records etc. Also thanks to many people who have written in. This page has generated more correspondence than any of the others. There are members of the Leathley family all over the world.

Thanks to Michael Leathley of Grewelthorpe for information about his family.
Also thanks to Zoe Devlin for data about the Masham & Warthermarske Leathleys.
Thanks to David & Jan Maxwell for information and photos of the Rev. John Leathley and his family.

Thanks to Geoff Walker for all the information he has sent. He would like to hear from anyone researching the George Leathley & Catherine Thirkill line, through Thomas & William.

To contact Geoff

Thanks to Ann King [see Beck page] for information about William Chandler Leathley and Mary Ann Dobson.
Malcolm Corbett would like to hear from anyone with information about George Leathley 1809-1892 & Henrietta Inns. as he is a direct descendant. Please contact him thro’ the Grewelthorpe web site. Thanks to Michael for the information he has added to this page.

Letter from Neil MacLennan [August 2019]
Have been looking at your site which is very informative and has enabled to me add to my family tree as I noticed that my Grampa Thomas Curson Leathley and previous generations of our family are listed. If you are interested in adding any more details I can advise that he married Edith Marie Oakey in January 1920 in Adelaide, South Australia. As far as his military service is concerned his medals show he also served in WW2, I understand that was in what would be the Australian version of the home guard. Thomas and Edith had one child, my mother Dorothy Jean Leathley who was born in Seacliff, South Australia on 12/10/1920 and served as a VAD in Burma and India during WW2, marrying my father Major John Stewart MacLennan in Cochin in 1946. Thomas died in Leeds in 1954. Edith in Aylesbury in 1978, and my mother Dorothy in Milton Keynes in 2003 – as she was a holder of the Burma Star there is a memorial tree for her and my father who passed away in 2007 in the BSA plot in the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.
Yours sincerely
Neil S MacLennan.

Message from Belma: I am doing my family tree on the Leathley side. My nan is Zena P Leathley, daughter of David Leathley. His dad was also called David and his father was Thomas who was married to Mary. Please contact me if we could be related.

Letter from June Horner in Australia sent July 2014.

I have traced my family back through to 1851 with the marriage of William Atkinson to Rachel Leathley on 26th March 1851. William was a widower 40 years old and Rachel was a spinster 27 years old. They lived at Park Place Harrogate. Rachel’s father William Leathley was a Cloth merchant and William Atkinson was also a merchant.

William Atkinson died at 45 years old leaving Rachel a Widow with six children. Rachel is my great grandmother. I am looking for relatives in Harrogate or nearby as I am travelling to Harrogate mid September this year [2014] and would like to meet up with a relative. Melbourne Australia 03 9770 9715.

If you can help June please contact her.

Can you help Sara Spenceley who writes May 2015. Please contact the site if you can help.
. I think the Michael I am related to may have moved to Florida or have lived there. He was married to a Sandra Grierson in 1968. I have traced a Michael R Leathley to Florida with a relative called Sandra Leathley. Could you post this information onto the website and see if anyone can help further. He did live around the Yorkshire area before moving to Surrey in the mid 1960’s. He worked for the company Gestetner.

If you find this item of interest or a help with your own research, or if you would like to add more information, please contact me.

Please note that this page is constantly being added to with information sent in. I have no means of checking that this information is accurate so I advise you to check, whenever possible, with original sources.

Letter from Sadie White received Jan 2013. Can you help?
Name: sadie white
E-mail: I’m tracing my family tree and am a descendant from Mildred Easingwood nee Leathley and Sidney Easingwood. Although I can gather lots of information regarding the Leathley side of my nans family, I cannot find any information regarding Emily Butler. my nans mum other than her date and place of birth&#8230,.can you help? any info will be greatly appreciated..thanks Sadie

Letter from Jennifer Wood. October 2013.

My grandmother was Gertrude Leathley and I have found your website extremely helpful with my family history research. I was amazed when I first came across it as it has so much information and is a wonderful resource.

I can supply a little bit more information which may be of interest. My grandmother married Hubert Dyson on 10th October 1909. They had 3 children and 8 grandchildren. My grandmother died on 26th March 1973 in Kenley, Purley, Surrey. My grandfather, Hubert Dyson, was born on 31st March 1884 and died on 23rd May 1947 in Redhill, Surrey. My great aunt, Marion Leathley, died in 1980 and her sister, Dorothy, died in 1979 ‘ they both died in Leeds.

The entry for William George Leathley says that he was the son of Jonah Leathley and Annie Gill, who were my great ‘grandparents. However, I wonder if this is correct. I have a family bible which belonged to Jonah which shows the names and birth dates of his 8 children, Helena, Ethel, Oliver, Gertrude, Elsie, Marion, Dorothy and Cyril James. There is no mention of William George. I also think that Jonah and Annie had 8 children, not 9 as shown in his entry. Their 5th child, Elsie, was born on April 7th 1890 and died in March 1892.
N.B. from B.Bradley. We have now proved that Wm George Leathley was the illeg. son of Martha Clark and William Leathley. born in Kirby Sigston in 1845.

I am pretty sure that Winifred Leathley would have been Ethel Winifred Talent as you suggest. Both her sons, Frank and Donald, had ‘Talent’ in their names as did her grandson, Christopher who was Donald’s son.

With many thanks for all your hard work in compiling your wonderful website.

Letter from Patricia Boddy Tharp [Jan 2014]
I am particularly interested in Esther Leathley who married William Boddy at Kirby Malzeard 30 October 1838. William Boddy was a son of Thomas and Hannah (Simpson) Boddy, Roman Catholics, who had moved from Sawley (where William and his siblings were born) to Bilton cum Harrogate about 1838.

William and Esther Boddy were enumerated in the 1841 census at Kirby Malzeard and their first two children were born there: William c 1839 and Rachel c 1841.

Esther’s father, George Leathley, Blacksmith, died 24 May 1842. I have a copy of his will. Only 7 of the 11 children were identified in the will.

Then, William, Esther, William Jr. and Rachel Boddy moved to his native Sawley where William was listed as an Ag Lab in censuses of 1851, 1861, 1871, and 1881.

Two more children were born in Sawley: George Leathley Boddy in April of 1845, who sadly died only days later and was buried 27 April 1845 in Sawley Churchyard. No tombstone to my knowledge for him or any of the William Boddys. Another son followed, also named George, who was aged 26 in the 1871 census and aged 36 in the 1881 census, Ag Lab, residing with his father.

Esther and her daughter Rachel were dressmakers in Sawley. Rachel died in Nov. 1864 and was buried in Sawley Churchyard 22 Nov 1864, aged 23. Esther Leathley Boddy died in October 1873 and was buried 1 Nov 1873 also in Sawley Churchyard.

Do not know when William Boddy (senior) died or what happened to children William and George. Did they marry and have children?

I have been researching the Boddy family for many years and am compiling a book about them. Would be delighted to hear from others who have additional information.
Sincerely, Patricia Boddy Tharp, January 2014
If you can help Patricia please contact the site.

Letter from Stephen Leathley August 2014.
Ada Leathley was my Aunt i.e. my Father’s sister, and mother to my cousins Gordon and Alan Fryer (the two children mentioned).

Agnes Leathley was my mother who died December 16th 1988 in Leeds. She had married my father Thomas Ernest Alfred Leathley as correctly noted below in 1952, the year before I was born in January 1953. My parents in fact raised 5 children and not 4 having adopted her nephew Lawrence before I was born. Lawrence was born out of wedlock in 1946 (not good at the time) and my parents adopted him. Lawrence sadly died in 2002. I was the eldest of the children born to my parents, followed by Raymond Leathley in 1955, Colin Leathley in 1959 and Russell Anthony Leathley in 1966.

My Father was raised in Armley Leeds, his family having moved from Masham a generation earlier. My paternal Grandfather was a blacksmith.

Sadie White ‘ who writes above, is the daughter of my lovely cousin Margaret (who in turn is the daughter of my father’s sister Mildred). I have a photograph of Emily Butler nee Leathley (my paternal grandmother) she may find interesting. I wrote to her at the email address shown but received no reply.
Please feel free to publish my email address together with any parts of this email you think are relevant to your site.

If you wish to contact Stephen. Contact him at

Please note that this page is constantly being added to with information sent in. I have no means of checking that this information is accurate so I advise you to check, whenever possible, with original sources.

AARON ARTHUR LEATHLEY. Born 1894 Masham. Son of Joseph & Catherine Henrietta Dickinson. 1911 A Farm Lab. for George Dennison, Bramley Grange.

ADA LEATHLEY. Born 12.6.1911 Bramley. Died May 1995 Dewsbury. Dau of Thomas & Emily Butler. Married George Dennis Fryer.[b.1908 d.1986] married 1936 in Leeds. 2 children. [Gordon & Alan]
AGNES LEATHLEY [nee Potts]. Born 21.10.1928 Dewsbury. Died Dec.16 1988 Leeds. Married Thomas Ernest Alfred Leathley in 1952. 5 children. Lawrence [adopted] Stephen. Raymond, Colin, Russell Anthony. [see letter above].
ALICE LEATHLEY. Bap. 22.11.1868 Mickley.Buried 25.9.1875. Mickley. Dau of John [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Smithson.
ALICE LEATHLEY. Born 1899 Masham. Dau of John & Charlotte Moore. Wife of William Alfred Massey. Married 1926. In 1911 living Bedale with parents.
ALFRED LEATHLEY. Born C.1856. Bap 20.9.1857.Masham. Died 14 June 1902 in The Asylum, Wakefield. Buried 18.6.1902 Becket Cemetary, Leeds, Was epileptic. Son of John & Anne Marsden. Married Emily Gray. of Leeds 6.8.1881. Lived Cardigan St.Leeds in 1891 a Boot finisher. Alfred had a shop in Vicar Lane, Leeds which sold pianos. His dau. Lily played the piano for customers. [Ref. G.Walker] Whites Directory 1894. Leeds. Leathley & Son. 24 Lady Lane & 24 North St. Musical Instrument makers. In 1896 Alfred was sentenced to 2 years in Armley Jail for assault on his wife. He was transferred to Wakefield Asylum in 1897. He was delusional and considered a danger to others. See photo at end.
ALFRED JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 1857 Masham. Died 1924 Leeds. Buried at Armley. Shoemaker. Son of George & Henrietta Inns. Husband of Emily Inns.[b.2.8.1857-1900] Lidlington. Widower on 1901 census. 1911 Bramley living with 2 step sons.
ALFRED LEATHLEY. Born 28.4.1900 Masham. Son of John H. [Jack] Leathley & Charlotte Moore. 1911 Living Bedale. Married Elizabeth Proctor. 9.6.1936 Bedale.
ALMA LEATHLEY. Born 1.4.1923 Leyburn. Dau of Wm. Thos. & Lily May Boynton.
ANN LEATHLEY. Born 1591 Warthermarske. Buried 3.7.1635. Masham.
ANN LEATHLEY. Born C 1653 Warthermarske. Bap.12.6.1653 Masham PC. Died 1717 Ellington. Dau of Thomas & Alice Plewes.[Possibly Alice was not Ann’s Mother]. Wife of Thomas Gill. of High Ellington.Married 3.2.1677/78 Masham PC. Thomas died 1737 High Ellington.
ANN [NANCY] LEATHLEY. Born 1762 Warthermarske. Bap.15.1.1762 Masham PC. Died 2.12.1841 Healey. M.I. Buried 5.12.1841 Masham PC. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell. Wife of Thomas Wintersgill. Married 4.5.1789 Masham PC. Witnesses George Wintersgill & George Leathley [b.1757]. In 1841 living at her son Thomas’s farm at Healey.
ANN LEATHLEY. Born 28.4.1803.Masham. Bap.9.5.1803.Masham PC. Dau of Thomas & Dorothy Leeming.
ANN LEATHLEY [nee MARSDEN.] Born 1826 Masham. Died 1889 Leeds. Dau of Matthew Marsden & Elizabeth Imeson. Married John Leathley [1824-1876] in 1853. 1871 living in Leeds. Had 5 children.
ANN LEATHLEY. Born 1831 Masham. Bap.23.5.1831 Masham. Died 1891 Ripon. Dau of John & Mary. 1861 living in Thirn. 1871 in Carthorpe. Living alone. 1881 living Ripon with nephew George Harrison. In 1891 living in Ripon with nephews Alfred Thomas & John William Haithwaite. & Thomas Imeson. Occupation a coal dealer.
ANN LEATHLEY. Bap 9.10.1832. Died 2.8.1914 Ohio USA. Dau of Leonard & Mary [Smith]. Of Bramley Grange. Emigrated to Ohio USA in 1839. Married 20.3.1852 to Samuel Perry Smith. [1830-1905]. Had 5 children, 2 grand children.
ANN ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Born 1869 Laverton. Dau of Matthew & Susannah [Bainbridge] A Tailoress in Leeds in 1891.
1901 Leeds with widowed Father & sister Emma. Tailors presser.
ANNA LEATHLEY. Married Richard Cass. 26.11.1715. Masham PC. Children are Mary Cass b/d 1718. Dau. b.1724. Richard b.1727. Warthermarske.
ANNIE LEATHLEY. Bap. 21.7.1857. Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Elizabeth Jackson. In 1881 in service at Rainton, at The Mansion, Baldersby Park. In 1891 Post Office Assist. in Grewelthorpe. 1911 [a grocer] with sister Mary in Grewelthorpe. In 1939 living with Sarah Hutton. in Highfield House Grewelthorpe.
ANNIE LEATHLEY [nee Gill]. Born C. 1860. Aldfield. Died 9.6.1925.M.I. Dau of Thomas & Ann Gill [nee Foggin]. Married Jonah in 1879 in Grewelthorpe. Had 9 children. Lived Naegill, Grewelthorpe.
ARCHIBALD HUGO LEATHLEY. Born 1894 Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth Robinson. Lived Masham. Married Ethel May Drage. [b.1894 Bromley]. in 1921 in London.

BETTY LEATHLEY. Born 1766 Warthermarske. Bap. 28.2.1766 Masham PC. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell.
BETTY LEATHLEY. Bap 25.9.1791. Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Rachel Fawell. Sister of John the Blacksmith.
BETTY LEATHLEY. Born 1925 Bramley. Dau of Jesse & Adelaide Bradbury.
BLANCHE LEATHLEY. Born b.1885. Bradford. Dau of William & Mary Ann Dobson. of Bradford. Was a Manufacturing Stationer in 1901. Married Harry Burrow. [b.1884.] in 1913 in Bradford. had son George Leathley Burrow. [b. 1915 Bradford.]
BRICE LEATHLEY. Bap 20.11.1842. Died 1912 Ohio. Son of Leonard & Mary [Smith] of Bramley Grange. Emigrated to Ohio USA in 1850. Farmer. Married [1] Mary Smithgall. in Ohio on 24.10.1875. She died in 1891. Married [2] Nancy Robbins. in Ohio. She died in 1921.
CARL EDMUND LEATHLEY. Born 8.12.1934 Bedale. Died Feb 1999 Stockport. Son of Wm.Thos. & Lily May Boynton. Married Wendy S. Leeman. in York in 1957. 2 children.
CATHERINE LEATHLEY. Born 1771 Warthermarske.Bap 5.1.1771. Masham PC. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell. Wife of John Hodgson. Married on 23.8.1793. Masham PC. Witnesses Thomas Hodgson & William Leathley.
CATHERINE LEATHLEY nee THIRKELL. Born Oct 1737 Galphay. Bap 2.10.1737 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 28.7.1783.Warthermarske. Buried 31.7.1783 Masham PC. Dau of William Thirkell & Ann Brown. Married George Leathley on 10.1.1758 in Masham. Had 11 children.
CHARLOTTE LEATHLEY. Born C. 1852. Grewelthorpe. Died 1918 Bradford. Dau of William [Blacksmith] & Mary [Chandler] A Milliner in Bradford in 1881. In 1911 In Bury with sister Isabel.
CHARLOTTE LEATHLEY [Nee Moore.]. Born 1862 Richmond. Died 1912 Bedale. Dau of Mary. Married John Henry Leathley [1862-1934].
CISSIE LEATHLEY. Born 1926 Bedale. Dau of Harry [1896] & Isabel Clarke. Married Leslie Mortimer. in 1953. 2 children.
CHRISTOPHER TALENT LEATHLEY. Born 28.9.1949 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 21.7.1974 [drowned] M.I. Son of Donald & Frances Dickinson. Naegill House.
CYRIL JAMES LEATHLEY. Born 25.7.1899. Son of Jonah & Annie Gill.[1860-1925] of Naegill End. Started Grewelthorpe school 29.6.1903. Brother of Dorothy.
DAISY LEATHLEY [nee Pratt.] Real name Hannah B. Pratt. Born 27 July 1912 Aukland, Northumberland. Buried 24.12.1996 Grewelthorpe. Wife of Frank Kenneth T.Leathley. Married Dec 1937. Youngest dau. of J.Pratt of Hunwick, Durham. Sister of Joseph Pratt.
DONALD JOHN TALENT LEATHLEY. Born 24.8.1915 Grewelthorpe. Bap. 26.12.1915. Died 29.5.1975. M.I. Son of Oliver & Ethel Winifred. Husband of Frances Dickinson. Served RAF WW2. Brother of Frank Kenneth. See gravestone at end.
DOROTHYE LEATHLEY. Bap. 2.2.1602. Buried 21.11.1603. Masham PC. Dau of George [1560-1629]. Wathermarske.
DOROTHY LEATHLEY [nee LEEMING.] Born 1768 Died 1839 Masham. Wife of Thomas Leathley 1758-1842. of Masham.
DOROTHY LEATHLEY. Born 3.10.1896. Died 1979 Leeds. Dau of Jonah & Annie Gill. of Naegill End. Started Grewelthorpe school 2.4.1900. Sister of Cyril. Remembered on the hymn board in Grewelthorpe church.
DOROTHY LEATHLEY. Born 4.1.1919 Leyburn. Dau of Wm. Thos. & Lily May Boynton.
DOROTHY LEATHLEY. Born 12 Oct. 1920 Australia. Died Milton Keynes in 2003. Dau of Thomas Curzon & Edith Oakey. She married Major John Stewart MacLennan in 1946. See letter from Neil MacLennan at top of page.
EASTER LEATHLEY. Born 2.9.1655. Warthermarske. Died Sept. 1693 Swinton. Buried 22.9.1693 Masham PC. Wife of John Ward. of Swinton. Married on 5.5.1688. Masham PC. John died 1716.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY [nee BLACKBURN.] Born 1708 Fearby. Died,Buried 8.8.1757 Masham PC.. Dau of William Blackburn & Hannah Buckle. Married 30.8.1726 Thomas of Warthermarske.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Born C1793 . Unmarried. Died 23 July 1866. Accidently killed when she fell off a haystack whilst working on it for George Wood. of Breck House Kirkby Malzeard. Buried 1.8.1866 age 73. Grewelthorpe.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Born C. 1796. Dau of George & Rachel.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Born C.1815 Grewelthorpe. Laundress.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY [nee Jackson]. Born 16.1.1822 Bedale. Died 5.7.1891 Grewelthorpe. M.I. Dau of Matthew & Mary Jackson. Sister of William, Jonah & Matthew. 1851 Milliner. Married in 1849 to George. 1891 Living in Grewelthorpe post office. Had 9 children.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Married 29.9.1820 to John Kilden. in Masham PC.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Bap. 9.8.1824.. Dau of John & Mary Dowthwaite Housekeeper for Thomas Wood. Mother of Matthew & Joseph & Tom Wood Leathley.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Born 1833 Masham Bap. 1.8.1833 Masham PC. Died 1908 Leyburn. Dau of John & Mary. Had a dau. Mary Ann in 1860. Married Robert Imeson. in 1864. Had 4 children. Ripon 1881 widowed. Charwoman. Ripon 1891/1901 Hawker.
ELIZABETH ANN LEATHLEY [nee CURSON.] Born 29.3.1845. Died 25.11.1890. Married 14.8.1872 to John Leathley the Wesleyan Minister. Dau of Thomas Curson. a Grocer & Draper from Norfolk & Ann Woodcock. See Photo at end. In 1851 lived with Grandparents Thomas & Elizabeth Curson. & Uncle John in Little Walsingham. In 1871 Eliz. was a cook for the Butcher family in Helhoughton, Norfolk. 1881 lived Shildon, Durham. Had 7 children.
ELIZABETH ANN LEATHLEY. Born. C1856 Bradford. Dau of William & Mary Chandler. Sister of Rev. John Leathley. Married AZARIAH HOLDING. In July/Sept 1887. Had 2 sons Randolph Holding born 1889. & *William Leathley Holding. born 1891. In 1911 widowed.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Bap. 13.10.1861. Mickley. Dau of John the Blacksmith & Mary Ann Smithson. In 1901 lived in Mickley with Father & Step Mother.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY [nee ROBINSON]. Born C.1864 Bramham. Dau of James Robinson & Ruth Mitchell. of Wetherby area. Married William Leathley in 1890.
ELIZABETH LEATHLEY [Nee Proctor.] Born 11.1.1908 Leyburn. Died Feb 2002. Married James Alfred 9.6.1936 in Bedale. 3 children.
ELLEN LEATHLEY [Nee Allinson.] Born 1860 Bedale. Died 1879 Bedale. Married James Leathley 1853-1881] in 1878.
ELSIE LEATHLEY. born C 1890 . buried 29.3.1892 age 23 months. Grewelthorpe.
EMMA LEATHLEY. Born C.1877 Leeds. Dau of Matthew & Susannah [Bainbridge] A Tailoress in Leeds in 1891. Married Richard Bradnick. [b.1875 Coventry] in 1902.
EMMA LEATHLEY. Born C. 1877 Hunslet. Dau of John S. Leathley Blacksmith. Living Leeds 1901. [G.Walker thinks this is the same Emma as above].
EMILY LEATHLEY [nee GRAY.] Born 1857 Leeds. Died Sep.1905 Leeds. Dau of John Gray a butcher. Had an illig. dau Ethel Gray in C1879. Married Alfred Leathley of Masham in 1881. Lived Leeds. Had 4 children.
EMILY LEATHLEY nee INNS. Born 2.8.1857 in Lidlington, Bedfordshire. Died 1900 Leeds. Dau of Thomas Inns & Susanna Hudson. Wife of Thomas Inns Leathley. Married in Bedale 1881. Widowed in 1888. Lived with Brother in law Alfred Leathley. Had 3 children to Thomas and 1 to Alfred.
EMILY LEATHLEY. Born 19.3.1863.Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Elizabeth Jackson. Came from Dame school to Grewelthorpe 5.2.1877. In 1891 a Nurse with the Robson family in Devon.
EMILY LEATHLEY [Nee Butler]. Born C.1890 Beeston, Leeds. Married Thomas Alfred [b.1885]
EMILY LEATHLEY. Born 1901 Masham Dau of John & Charlotte Moore. Married to Walter Barclay. in 1928 in Masham.
EMILY LEATHLEY. Born 1914 Bramley. Dau of Percy James & Minnie Holmes. Married Norman Knaggs. in 1939 Leeds.
ERNEST LEATHLEY. Bap.23.8.1873 Mickley. Son of John [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Smithson. 1891 in Bradford. Decorator. 1901 in Azerley a Painter.
ERNEST LEATHLEY. Born 1924 Leyburn. Son of Harry [1896] & Isabel Clarke. Married Edith Humphries. [b.1932]. 2 children.
ESTHER LEATHLEY. Bap. 28.5.1809.Kirkby Malzeard. Died Oct.1873. Buried Sawley. Dau of George & Rachel Fawell. Married on 30.10.1838 at Kirkby Malzeard to William Boddy. of Bilton cum Harrogate. Son of Thomas.
ESTHER LEATHLEY. Born 1822 Masham. Bap. 23.10.1822. Died
14.7.1829. Dau of William & Jane Snowball.
ESTHER LEATHLEY. Born 1862 Masham. Died 1887. Milliner & dressmakers apprentice in 1881. Dau of George & Isabella Graham.
ETHEL WINIFRED LEATHLEY [nee Talent]. Born 1.8.1876. Ashton under Lyne. Died 1971. Dau of John Talent & Sarah Grundy. Married to Oliver. [in C1908] [Ref. 1911 census] Information from David Bowers [descendant]. see Winifred Leathley at end. In 1939 a widow living Naegill End Grewelthorpe.
ETHEL MARY LEATHLEY. Born C. 1877 Garstang. Died 1961. Dau of John & Elizabeth Curson. 1891 at Boarding school in Southport. Married William Francis Smeall.

Ethel Mary Leathley. Age about 10yrs.

ETHEL LEATHLEY. Born 30.9.1881. Dau of Jonah. Started Grewelthorpe school 28.3.1887. Married Ernest Donald Wood. [b.1884 Easingwold] in 1908 at Grewelthorpe.
ETHEL LEATHLEY. Born 1894 Masham. Dau of John & Charlotte Moore. Married Harry Wright. in 1926 in Masham.
FRANCES LEATHLEY. Born Oct 1774.Warthermarske. Bap. 19.10.1774. Died 1774. Buried 20.10.1774. Masham PC. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell.
FRANCES LEATHLEY. Born C.1838. Buried Mickley 16.7.1904.
FRANK KENNETH TALENT LEATHLEY. Born 17 Oct.1909, Grewelthorpe. Eldest son of Oliver & Ethel Winifred. Married HANNAH B. a.k.a.DAISY, PRATT. Of Hunwick. In Dec. 1936/7. at Lough Lea Methodist Church Hunwick. A house painter & decorator. Parish clerk. Living Naegill End Grewelthorpe in 1939.
FREDERICK LEATHLEY. Born 1857 Masham. Bap. 20.9.1857. Died 1910 Bolton. Living Leeds 1881. Bolton 1861. Frame builder 1871. Engine fitter 1881. Son of John & Anne Marsden. Husband of Sarah Robinson. married 1876 Leeds Reg.Office. Had 9 children.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 1540 Warthermarske. Died 1624 Warthermarske. Buried 12.1.1624 Masham PC.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 1560 Warthermarske. Buried 12.7.1629 Masham. Lived Grewelthorpe in 1593 along with brothers Leonard & William. His wife died Nov. 1628.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Bap.15.5.1633 Masham. Buried 12.7.1648.Masham Son of Thomas & Alice Plewes.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born Nov. 1731.Warthermarske. Bap 20.11.1731. Masham PC. Died Feb 1820 Warthermarske. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Blackburn. Yeoman. Estate £450. Married Catherine Thirkell. 10.1.1758. Masham PC. had 11 children. Left his house and property to his youngest son John. Left £120 to eldest son Thomas, £5 to son George, he had received his portion earlier. Daughter Nancy received £100. Son William received £80. Had previously received part of his portion. Daughter Elizabeth received £160. Daughter Catherine received £5. Received portion earlier.

GEORGE LEATHLEY. Bap. 10.3.1760 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 24.5.1842. Buried Kirkby Malzeard 27.5.1842. Son of George & Catherine Thirkell. Married 18.5.1789 to Rachel Fawell of Hauxwell. Had 11 children. George was a Blacksmith.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Bap. 26.6.1799.Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1853. Son of George & Rachel Fawell. Lived Town St. Kirkby Malzeard as Blacksmith. Husband of Jane.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born C. 1801. Buried 8.8.1853 aged 52. Kirkby Malzeard. {Ref. Par.Reg.]
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 2.1.1809 Masham. Died 1892. Masham. Son of Thomas & Dorothy Leeming. In 1841 George was a butcher in Masham. Married Henrietta Inns.[1818-1886] in 1842 in Masham. 1851 onwards he was a Labourer. Widowed in 1891. Had 7 children.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 20.8.1822.Grewelthorpe. Died 1.4.1899.M.I. Son of John & Mary Dowthwaite. married Elizabeth Jackson. of Bedale in 1849. 1891 Blacksmith & Postmaster in Grewelthorpe. Had 9 children.

Researcher Trevor Kitchen found the following document which is a sworn statement from George showing the relatives of Jane Blackburn of Grewelthorpe who died a spinster on 1st Nov. 1890 age 82.
Included is a sworn statement made by George Leathley aged 68 years, dated 12th Feb 1891. (Statement required by solicitor to confirm relationship of beneficiaries of estate)

George states that he has known Jane for 30 years and her relatives include the following :-

Sister Maria Tomlin (Deceased) (Census records support this) Spouse Thomas Tomlin b. 1810 Nephew Mark Tomlin Tailor Grewelthorpe Nephew Robert Tomlin Carpenter Manchester Nephew Samuel Tomlin Tailor Grewelthorpe

Sister Mary Lofthouse (Deceased) Mary Ann Blackburn m. Andrew Lofthouse 22 Feb 1838

Sister Margaret Jackson, married Henry Jackson Grocer

Niece Maria Fast Santa Barbara California Nephew John Lofthouse Rochester New York State

GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 1825 Masham. Bap.30.10.1825. Died 1884.Masham. Son of William & Jane Snowball. George a Tailor. Married Isabella Graham. [b.1825 Colsterdale] on 1.9.1857. Had 5 children.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 1836 Ellington. Bap. 23.10.1836. Died 1836/7. Son of John & Mary.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 1837 Masham. Bap. 24.9.1837. Masham PC. Died 1902 Ripon. Son of John & Mary. George a Master Tailor. Lived in Ripon. Married Eliza Pawson. in 1863. had 5 children.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Bap 14.4.1839. Son of Leonard & Mary Smith of Bramley Grange. Emigrated to Ohio USA. Married [1]. Sarah Ann Rust. [1839 – 1878] in Ohio 1860. Married [2]. Mary E.Kelly. [1843-1925] in Ohio [marriage date unknown] George was a Farmer.
GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 1856 Masham. Died 1926 Bedale. Son of George & Henrietta Inns. 1901 George a Plumber. Living in Masham with sister Hannah & cousin Thomas.
GEORGE HAROLD LEATHLEY. Born 28.10.1890 Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth Robinson.. Married Annie Agnes Gaskell. in August 1914 at Burnley. Enlisted 19.6.1915 at Manchester as a Sapper No.440415 with Royal Engineers [London Electrical Engineers] Height 5£8. Weight 140.4lbs. Occupation. Tailor with his Father in Masham. He suffered from asthma. Discharged 24.3.1919 after being hospitalised. [Ref. Military Record – G.Walker]
GERALD REDVERS LEATHLEY. Born 1900 Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth Robinson.. Married Brenda Margaret Cawkill of Hull. Married in Harrogate 1946. [Ref. Harrogate Herald 1946.]
GERTRUDE LEATHLEY. Born 19.10.1886. Died 26.3.1973 Surrey. Dau of Jonah & Annie Gill. Started Grewelthorpe school 14.9.1891. Married Hubert Dyson. Oct. 10th 1909. They had 3 children.[see Jennifer Wood letter at top].
GILBERT LEATHLEY. Born 1925 Bramley. Died 1927 Bramley. Son of Percy James & Minnie Holmes.
GRAHAM N. LEATHLEY. Born 26 July 1933. Living Rose Cottage Grewelthorpe in 1939.
HANNAH LEATHLEY. Born Oct 1774 Warthermarske. Bap 19.10.1774. Masham PC. Died Nov 1774. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell.
HANNAH LEATHLEY. Born C1727 Warthermarske. Bap.30.9.1727 Masham PC. Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Blackburn.
HANNAH LEATHLEY. Born 1792 Masham. Bap 29.3.1792. Buried 18.4.1795.Masham PC. Dau of Thomas & Dorothy Leeming.
HANNAH LEATHLEY. Born 1845 Masham. Died 1907. Bedale. Dau of George & Henrietta Inns. 1901 in Masham with brother George & cousin Thomas.

HAROLD LEATHLEY. Born 13.8.1920 Bedale. Died March 1994 Beverley. Son of Wm. Thos. & Lily May Boynton.
HARRY LEATHLEY. Born 1896 Masham. Son of Joseph & Catherine Henrietta Dickinson [Kate].
HARRY LEATHLEY. Born 1896 Masham. Died June 1990 Claro. Son of Jack Leathley & Charlotte Moore. Married Isobel Clark. on 24.5.1924. in Leyburn.
HAZEL LEATHLEY. Born 24.10.1919 Bramley. Died April 2000 Leeds. Dau of Thomas & Emily Butler. Married James W.Johnson. in Leeds in 1940. 1 daughter Ann.
HELENA LEATHLEY. Born C.1870 Grewelthorpe. Buried 28.1.1875 age 5. Dau of George & Elizabeth Jackson.
HELENA LEATHLEY. Born 26.1.1880 Grewelthorpe. Dau of Jonah & Annie Gill. Married Frederick John Julian [b.1851 Eriswell Suffolk.] 0n 18 Oct 1905 in Grewelthorpe church. In 1911 Lived in Leeds. had 2 children.
HENRIETTA LEATHLEY nee INNS. Born C1818. Bedfordshire. Died 1886 Masham. Wife of George b.1809. Dau of William Inns & Elizabeth Kirk. Had 7 children.
HERBERT LEATHLEY. Born C1861. Buried Mickley 10.1.1946.
HERBERT LEATHLEY. Born 10 Aug. 1870. Bap. 9.10.1870 Mickley. Son of John [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Smithson. 1891 a Carvers assistant in Mickley. In 1901/11 a Wood Carrier. 1911 with widowed Father & sister Rose in Mickley. In 1939 a wood carver living with sister Rose in Galphay.
HENRIETTA [HETTIE] LEATHLEY. Born 1888 Masham. Dau of Jack & Charlotte Moore. Grand dau of Mary Moore.[b.C1818]. Sister of William. In 1901 in Lancashire. 1911 in Bedale. Married James Walker. of Fearby in 1914.
HENRY LEATHLEY. Born 19.1.1928 Bedale. Died Aug. 1995 Claro. Son of Harry [1896] & Isabel Clarke.
HUBERT E. LEATHLEY. Born 12 Feb 1928. Living Rose Cottage Grewelthorpe in 1939.
HUDSON LEATHLEY. Born C1863 Masham. Son of Alfred [bC1861] In 1911 living with his Father & brother in Leeds. He was a shoeing smith.
ISABELLA LEATHLEY. Born C. 1849 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Mary Chandler. Sister of Elizabeth Ann & Rev. John. Unmarried 1901 living Tottington Lancashire. Hosiery shopkeeper.
In 1911 in Bury Lancs. with sister Charlotte.
JAMES LEATHLEY. Born 1853 Masham. Died 1881.Masham. Son of George & Henrietta Inns. James was a House Painter in Masham. Married Ellen Allinson. [1860-1879] in 1878. Had 1 son William b. 1877.
JAMES LEATHLEY. Born 1853 Masham. Died 1881 Bedale. Son of George & Henrietta Inns.
JAMES LEATHLEY. Born C1882 Masham. Son of Alfred [bC1861] In 1911 a shoeing smith with his Father & Brother in Leeds.
JAMES [JIM] ALFRED LEATHLEY. Born 28.4.1900.Masham Son of John & Charlotte Moore. [see Alfred Leathley].
JAMES LEATHLEY. Born 1905 Masham. Son of John & Charlotte Moore.
JAMES LEATHLEY. Born & Died 1915 Bramley. Son of Percy James & Minnie Holmes.
JAMES H.LEATHLEY. Born 1923 Bramley. Son of Percy James & Minnie Holmes.
JAMES PERCY LEATHLEY. Born 1.2.1927 Bramley. Died Nov. 1989 Leeds. Son of Percy James & Minnie Holmes. Married Margaret E. Hewitt. in 1952 Leeds.
JAINE LEATHLEY. Born 1612 Warthermarske. Wife of Thomas Wintersgill. Married Fearby 2.9.1628. Masham PC. Thomas died Dec.1629. had 2 children.
JANE LEATHLEY nee SNOWBALL. Bap 22.3.1792 Sinnington. Died 1849 Masham. Dau of Christopher Snowball & Jane Hornby. Married William Leathley 1790-1871 Masham on 9.10.1820 in Masham PC. Had 4 children.
JANE LEATHLEY. Born C. 1804 Grantley. Died 1870. Dau of William. Wife of George. Living Kirkby Malzeard 1851. Had 2 children with George. Married [2] John Fryer. on 15.1.1857 at Kirkby Malzeard church. John was a widower from Biggin Grange, son of John Fryer.
JANE LEATHLEY. Bap. 7.5.1848. Dau of Leonard & Mary [Smith] of Bramley Grange.
Emigrated to Ohio USA. On 1860 census. Married *Levi Richson on 3.1.1867. had 1 dau.
JANE LEATHLEY. Born C.1847 Grewelthorpe. Dau of William & Mary. 1881 Married Thomas Tyson. [1836-1906] in Bradford. 1911 census. Widowed in Tynemouth. Had 1 child.
JANE LEATHLEY. Born 1853 Masham. Bap 14.11.1855. Died 1905 Leeds. Dau of John & Anne Marsden. Wife of Samuel Longfellow. Married 1875 at St.Stephens, Burmantofts, Leeds. Had 2 children.
JEAN LEATHLEY. Born C. 1923. Lived Ripon & Masham. Died 26.6.2008 in Northallerton Nursing Home. Wife of David.
JENNETT LEATHLEY. Bap. 17.10.1613 Masham. Dau of Frances Leathley.
JENNETT LEATHLEY. Born 1590 Warthermarske. Wife of John Atkinson.[b.1600] Masham. Married 1.11.1617 Masham PC. John died 1631 in Ilton. Jennett died 1634 Warthermarske. Buried 7.11.1634 Masham PC. had 3 children.
JESSE HUDSON LEATHLEY. Born 1883 Masham. Son of Thomas Inns Leathley & Emily Inns. 1891.Living with uncle Alfred Leathley & Mother Emily. 1901 servant with Atkinsons in Masham. Husband of Adelaide Bradbury. Married 1924 in Bramley.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 23.6.1659 Warthermarske. Bap 26.6.1659. Died Oct. 1680. Buried 21.10.1680.Masham PC. Son of Thomas.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born C.1768.Warthermarske. Bap. 10.6.1768. Died 31.5.1843. Buried 3.6.1843 Masham PC. Son of George & Catherine Thirkell. Gentleman of Masham. Married 10.7.1827 Kirkby Malzeard to Mary Goodyear. of Kirkby Malzeard. 1841 census living College Lane, Masham. Had property at Wathermarske leased to Robert & Thos.Theakston.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Bap.7.3.1790. Grewelthorpe. Buried 2.8.1878 Grewelthorpe. age 88. Blacksmith & Farmer. Son of George & Rachel. Married Mary Dowthwaite. of Ripon. on 28.9.1816 at Kirkby Malzeard. Had 8 children.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 1795 Masham. Bap.22.11.1795. Died 1864 Leyburn. Son of Thomas & Dorothy Leeming. 1831-33 a Stonemason. Later a Husbandman. Married Mary.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 1824 Masham. Bap 18.1.1824. Masham PC. Died 1876, drowned in River Ure. Inquest 19th May. Son of William & Jane Snowball. John was a Joiner. Married Anne Marsden. 1853 Bedale Reg. Office.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Bap. 17.12.1826..Grewelthorpe. Buried 20.12.1921 Mickley. Son of John & Mary Dowthwaite. Became a Blacksmith. Married [1] Mary Ann Smithson. [1837-1873] Married [2] Frances Parnaby. [1837-1904] in 1881. Living Mickley in 1891.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Bap. 7.5.1837. Son of Leonard & Mary Smith. Bramley Grange. Nephew of John Jackson & Ann [nee Leathley]. Emigrated to Ohio USA. Farmer. Married to Harriet [b. 1828 England d.1925 Ohio] Had 10 children.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 16.8.1844. Bap. 30.8.1844 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 20.3.1909 Bradford. Son of William [the Blacksmith] & Mary of Grewelthorpe. Wesleyan Minister. Married Elizabeth Ann Curson. on 14.8.1872 in Walsingham, Norfolk. See report on funeral below.
Married Eleanor Ferens. [2nd wife] in 1902. see photo.

JOHN MATTHEW LEATHLEY. Born C1846. Grewelthorpe. Shoeing Blacksmith in Leeds in 1901. Widower. see Matthew Leathley below.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 21.3.1859 .Bap.8.5.1859. Died 10.9.1910. Son of George & Elizabeth Jackson.. Blacksmith 1881 census. Rural postman 1901.
JOHN WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 1860 Masham. Bap12.8.1860. Died 1894 . Son of John & Anne Marsden.
JOHN HENRY LEATHLEY. Born 1862 Masham. Died 1934 Bedale. Son of George & Henrietta Inns.
JOHN HENRY LEATHLEY. Born 27.1.1863. Bap 8.3.1863. Mickley. Buried Mickley 12.11.1894. Son of John the Blacksmith & Mary Ann Smithson. of Mickley. Came from Tanfield school to Grewelthorpe 15.1.1877. Left in 1878.
JOHN H.[JACK] LEATHLEY. Born 1863 Masham. Died 1934 Bedale. Son of George & Henrietta Inns. Husband of Charlotte Moore. of Tunstall. Jack was Gen Lab & Pig killer in 1901. Became a Tailor in 1936. in Masham. Had 9 children.
JOHN ROBERT LEATHLEY. Born C1865. Died 20 March 1885 Ripon. [Ref Knaresbro Post].
JOHN HERBERT LEATHLEY. Born 1881 Shildon. Aukland. Son of Rev. John Leathley & Elizabeth Ann Curson. Brother of Joseph William & Thomas.

John Herbert Leathley age about 15yrs in this photo.
Engineers apprentice 1901. Living with Uncle Thomas Tyson. & Jane Leathley.

JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 1892 Masham. Son of Joseph & Catherine Ann Dickinson [Kate.].
JOHN [JACK] GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 8.2.1892 Masham. Son of John H.[Jack] & Charlotte Moore. Married Lilian Bade. [b. 9.8.1894 Middlesborough] in 1916 in Middlesborough.had 2 children. In June 1918 he was recruited into the Durham Light Infantry., aged 25. Classed as a Farm horseman, living at Low Burton, Masham. Army No. 497746.
JOHN EDWARD LEATHLEY. Born 9 AUG. 1918 Bedale. Son of John George [Jack] & Lilian Bade. Married Sarah A.Kelly. in 1943 in Middlesborough.
JOHN LEATHLEY. Born 1910 Died 4.5.1965. Son of Joseph William & Sarah Collins. Married Lucy Thornton Shaw. his cousin. Daughter Jan. See gravestone at end.

JOHN ALLAN LEATHLEY. Born 6.2.1926 Leyburn. Died May 2003 York. Son of Wm.Thos. & Lily May Boynton.
JONAH LEATHLEY. Born 1854. Bap.3.9.1854. Died 28.6.1922. M.I. Son of George & Elizabeth Jackson.*Married *Annie Gill. of Grewelthorpe in 1879. Nephew of William Jackson. Jonah was enumerator for Grewelthorpe in 1901 census. He was a House painter & paperhanger. had 9 children. 1 died. 1911 living Naegill End, Grewelthorpe with wife & 2 of his children.
JONATHAN LEATHLEY. Born 1859 Masham. Bap 20.9.1859. Possibly died in 1897 Holbeck. Masham PC. Son of John & Anne Marsden. Occupation. 1881. Boot finisher. Brother of Alfred.
JOSEPH HENRY LEATHLEY. Bap.19.3.1849 Grewelthorpe. Killed 16.1.1878. Accident on railway in Leeds. Son of Elizabeth Leathley. Grandson of John & Mary Douthwaite.
JOSEPH LEATHLEY. Born 1865 Masham. Son of George & Isabella. Tailors apprentice. Married Catherine Henrietta Dickinson [Kate.]. in 1891. Had 3 children.
JOSEPH HENRY LEATHLEY. Born C.1879 Leeds. Son of Matthew & Susannah Bainbridge.
JOSEPH WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 23.6.1880 Shildon. Son of John Leathley & Elizabeth Ann Curson. Married Sarah Collins. on 10.10.1907 in Whitley Bay, Tynemouth.

Joseph age about 16yrs in this photo.
He moved to London where he was a senior engineer involved in London’s sewerage system. Had a son John born 1910.

JULIA LEATHLEY. Born 25.8.1865.Grewelthorpe.Dau of George & Elizabeth Jackson. Started Grewelthorpe school 13.11.1876. Became a pupil teacher in 1881. Living Holbeck Leeds in 1891. She was Head Teacher age 49 when she married Herbert Chicken. [b.1886 Easington, Durham] on 28.7.1915 in Grewelthorpe. Herbert was a school teacher.
LAWRENCE LEATHLEY. Born 1913 Bramley. Died 1914 Bramley. Son of Percy James & Minnie Holmes.
LENA LEATHLEY. Born 26.1.1880. Dau of Jonah. Started Grewelthorpe school 23.2.1885. Left in 1892. see Helena above.
LENA FRANCES LEATHLEY [nee Dickinson]. Born 1923. Died 14.11.2000 Grewelthorpe. Married to Donald John Leathley [1915-1975]. See gravestone picture at end.

LEONARD LEADLEY [Poss. Leathley]. Resident in Grewelthorpe in 1672. [Claro Wapentake Hearthtax]. Son of George [1540-1624].
LEONARD LEATHLEY. Born 17.1.1798 Kirkby Malzeard. Bap.21.7.1798 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rachel Fawell. Married 5.9.1824 married Mary Smith. at Kirkby Malzeard. Became a Farmer of Bramley Grange, Grewelthorpe. Emigrated to Ohio USA.
LEONARD LEATHLEY. Bap 28.5.1826. Died 1845 Leeds. Son of Leonard & Mary Smith.
LILLIAN LEATHLEY. Born 1920 Bramley. Dau of Percy James & Minnie Holmes.
LILIAN LEATHLEY. Born 22.5.1922 Middlesborough. Dau of John Geo. [Jack] & Lilian Bade. Married William Henry F.Grimes.[1925-1996] In Middlesborough in 1949. 3 children.
LILY HARRISON LEATHLEY. Born 1875 Sheffield. Dau of Matthew & Susannah Bainbridge. A Milliner in Leeds in 1891. Married Tom Rowell. [b.1877 Leeds] in Leeds in 1897.
LILY MAY LEATHLEY [Nee Boynton]. Born 1892 Ripon. Died 1967 Naburn. Married William Thos. Leathley in Bedale in 1916.
LUCY LEATHLEY. Born C. 1828. Buried 16.10.1846 Kirkby Malzeard aged 18.
MABEL ANNIE LEATHLEY. Born 5.2.1878. Garstang. Dau of John & Elizabeth Curson.

Photo of Mabel Annie taken about 1887.

Married Walter Shaw. on 9.7.1902. in Bradford. Had following children. Theodore Leathley Shaw, 1903. Walter Shaw, John Shaw, Harold Shaw died WW2. Mary Shaw, Lucy Thornton Shaw. 1917.
MARION LEATHLEY. Born 30.4.1892. Died 1980 Leeds. Dau of Jonah & Annie Gill. of Naegill End. Started Grewelthorpe school 27.8.1895. Left age 14 in 1906. Name on hymn board in Grewelthorpe church.
MARYE LEATHLEY. Born 1593 Warthermarske. Married Anthonye Thwaites.[b. 1592[ on 9.8.1612 Masham PC. Had 3 children.
MARY LEATHLEY. Born C1729 Warthermarske. Bap. 28.8.1729 Masham PC. Died 1789. Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Blackburn. Married John Hutchinson. 20.11.1755 Masham PC. Witnesses George & Hannah Leathley.
MARY LEATHLEY. Born 1772 Warthermarske. Bap.9.8.1772 Masham PC. Died 1789. Buried 5.7.1789 Masham PC. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell.
MARY LEATHLEY. Bap 4.6.1797 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of George & Rachel Fawell.
MARY LEATHLEY [nee Dowthwaite]. Born C.1801 Ripon. Died 1863. Wife of John the Blacksmith Married in 1816. Had 8 children.
MARY LEATHLEY [nee Chandler]. Born 15.6.1815 Grewelthorpe.[Ann King records Mary as being Bap. 7.7.1814.] Died 1891. Dau of Henry Chandler & Ann Wood. Wife of William the Blacksmith .Married in 1841 at Masham. Had 8 children. Mary was sister of Elizabeth Chandler [see Beck family page].
MARY LEATHLEY. Bap. 16.8.1829. Dau of John & Mary. Married Joseph Harrison. [b.1828-1907] in 1849. Had 7 children.
MARY LEATHLEY. Bap. 8.2.1835. Dau of Leonard & Mary Smith.
MARY ANN LEATHLEY [nee Smithson]. Born C1837. Sharow. Buried 6.9.1873. Mickley. Dau of Henry & Elizabeth Smithson. Wife of John the Blacksmith.Lived Azerley 1871 census. Had 7 children.
MARY LEATHLEY. Born C.1839 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1893. Dau of George & Jane.
MARY LEATHLEY. Born C.1843. Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William & Mary Chandler. Married Joseph Hicks. [b.1841 Liskeard] in Bradford in 1866. Aunt of Mabel A. Leathley. [1901] 1911 in Bradford.
MARY LEATHLEY. Born C. 1851 Grewelthorpe. Bap.2.11.1851. Dau of George & Elizabeth Jackson. Schoolmistress 1881.Postmistress in 1901 census. Living with sister Annie in Grewelthorpe in 1911. Both unmarried.
MARY LEATHLEY [nee Dobson]. Born C1858 Bradford. Wife of William Leathley of Bradford. Dau of William & Jane Dobson [nee Whitfield.] 1871 Occ. Straw Bonnet maker. 1881 Occ. Milliner. 1901 Occ. Steam hat maker at home. Lived Bradford. Had 2 children.
MARY JANE LEATHLEY. Born 1860 Masham. Dau of George & Isabella. 1881 Occupation Milliner & dressmaker.
MARY ANN LEATHLEY. Bap. 11.9.1864.Mickley. Dau of John [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Smithson.
MATTHEW LEATHLEY. Bap. 18.7.1845. Died 4.1.1910 of Acute Pneumonia in Leeds. Son of Elizabeth Leathley. Grewelthorpe. Grandson of John & Mary. Married Susannah Bainbridge. of Hutton Rudby. at Darnall, Sheffield.on 25.7.1868. From 1871/91 Occ. Blacksmith in Leeds. 1901 Occ. Shoeing Smith.
MAUDE ELIZABETH LEATHLEY. Born 11.1.1875 Widnes. dau of Rev. John Leathley & Elizabeth Curson. Died 9.4.1966 in Folkestone. 1901 Occ. Assistant School Mistress at a girls boarding school in Colwyn Bay. Wales.

Photo of Maude Elizabeth taken about 1887 age about 12yrs.

Married Richard Smailes. in Mannargudi. South India on 7.12.1907. Witness at marriages of Joseph William Leathley 1907 & Mabel Annie leathley 1902. See photo at end.
MAUD LEATHLEY. Born 1918 Bramley. Dau of Percy James & Minnie Holmes. Married James R.R.L.Wright. 1941 in Leeds.
MAURICE LEATHLEY. Born 1890 Masham. Died 1901. Son of Alfred John & Emily.
MAY DOBSON LEATHLEY. Born C.1883 Bradford. Dau of William & Mary Ann Dobson. of Bradford. May was a Shorthand typist in 1901.
MILDRED LEATHLEY. Born 1916 Bramley. Died 1.9.2008. |Dau of Thomas & Emily Butler. married Sidney Easingwood [b.1912] in 1938 Leeds. 1 dau. Margaret.
NANCY LEATHLEY. Dau of George [1731-1820] & Catherine Thirkill. Married Thomas Wintersgill. Ref. George’s will.
NATHAN LEATHLEY. Bap 25.4.1802.Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rachel Fawell. Possibly died 1804.
NATHAN LEATHLEY. Bap. 24.1.1835. Buried 2.6.1863 age 28. Grewelthorpe. Son of John & Mary. 1851 Occ. Drapers errand boy in Ripon.
NATHAN LEATHLEY. Bap. 31.8.1845. Son of Leonard & Mary Smith of Bramley Grange. Emigrated to Ohio USA. Married Mary Emaline Fitzpatrick.[1850-1920] in Ohio. 1880 Occ. Teamster. had 5 children.
OLIVER LEATHLEY. Born 5.6.1883. Died 14.5.1929 Grewelthorpe. Son of Jonah & Annie. Started Grewelthorpe school 12.6.1888. Left village 1896. Lived Lake House, Grewelthorpe. Paper hanger’s assist.1901 census.
Married Ethel Winifred Talent. [b.1876] Ashton. in 1907 in Grewelthorpe. See picture of grave at end.
PATRICK LEATHLEY. Born 1930 Masham. Son of Harry & Isobel Clarke.
PERCY CURSON LEATHLEY. Born 30.7.1873. Died 31.5.1875. Buried 4.6.1875. Son of Rev. John & Elizabeth Ann Curson. Brother of Eliz. Maude, Ethel, Joseph, Thomas & John.
PERCY JAMES LEATHLEY. Born 1881 Lidlington, Bedfordshire. Son of Thomas Inns Leathley & Emily Inns. was brought up by his Uncle/Step Father Alfred. Known as James after 1891. In 1901 was a Shoeing Smith in Leeds. 1911 in Bramley. Married Minnie Holmes. in 1912 in Bramley.
PERCY LEATHLEY. Born 26.10.1916 Bedale. Died Aug. 1994 York. Son of Wm. Thos & Lily May Boynton.

RACHEL LEATHLEY [nee Fawell]. Born C.1771. Lived Grewelthorpe. Buried 24.10.1841 Kirkby Malzeard. Wife of George.
REGINALD LEATHLEY. Born 17.4.1915 Southport. Son of George Harold & Annie Agnes Gaskell.
RICHARD LEATHLEY. Born 1917 Bramley. Son of Percy James & Minnie Holmes.
ROBERT LEATHLEY. Bap 24.8.1636. Masham PC. Buried 9.8.1695. Masham. Son of Thomas & Alice Plewes. Married Jane Milner. of Ilton 4.2.1668 at Masham. Jane Buried 6.10.1705 Masham.
ROSE MARTHA LEATHLEY. Born 3 Feb 1867. Bap. 28.4.1867 Mickley. Buried Mickley 29.1.1947. Dau of John [Blacksmith] & Mary Ann Smithson. Living North View. Galphay in 1939.
ROWLAND GRAHAM LEATHLEY. Born 1898 Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth Robinson.
SARAH LEATHLEY. Born 1776 Warthermarske. Bap 15.6.1776 Masham PC Buried 13.2.1777 Masham PC. Dau of George & Catherine Thirkell.
SARAH LEATHLEY. Bap.14.6.1795 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of George & Rachel Fawell. Married William Tebb. of Azerley. December 1839 in Ripon Cathedral. [Ref. Leeds Mercury Dec 1839].
SARAH LEATHLEY. Bap. 4.9.1817 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of John the Blacksmith & Mary Douthwaite. Sister of William the Blacksmith. Married William Hayton. a widower of Melbourne. on 30.3.1846 In Thornton Parish. See cert. at end.
SARAH LEATHLEY. Bap 24.10.1830. Dau of Leonard & Mary Smith. Emigrated to Ohio USA.
SARAH ANN LEATHLEY. Born C. 1842 Kirkby Malzeard. Dau of William & Mary Chandler. Married John Swain Heap.[1840-1915] in 1867. Lived Bradford, Had 10 children.
SARAH ELIZABETH JACKSON LEATHLEY. Bap. 21.4.1861 Grewelthorpe. Dau of George & Elizabeth. Unmarried housemaid for Vicar W.H.Oxley in 1881. Married 1.1.1908 Grewelthorpe to John Hutton.[1837-1910] He was aged 70.
SARAH LEATHLEY nee [COLLINS]. Born C. 1877 Dau of Edward & Elizabeth Collins [nee Lambert]. of Whitley Bay. Wife of Joseph William Leathley. Married on 10.10.1907.
SUSANNAH LEATHLEY [nee BAINBRIDGE]. Born C. 1842. Hutton Rudby. Died 27.5.1891 Leeds. Wife of Matthew Leathley. had 4 children.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born Sept. 1604 Warthermarske. Bap. 2.9.1604. Masham PC. Buried 19.2.1659. Son of George. Married Alice Plewes. 30.11.1631. Masham PC. Alice buried 16.2.1644 Masham PC.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born July 1639 Warthermarske. Bap.14.7.1639. Masham PC. Died May 1709. Buried 23.5.1709 Masham PC. Son of Thomas & Alice Plewes. Married Mary Buried 24.11.1726.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born 1718 Warthermarske. Died 1726 Swinton. Buried 30.9.1726 Masham PC. Son of Thomas & Sarah.
Sarah died 1718. [prob.childbirth]
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Died 1732 Wathermarske. Buried Masham. Son of Thomas & Mary Leathley. Married [1] Sarah. She died 1718 Warthermarske. Married [2] Elizabeth Blackburn. 30.8.1726. Elizabeth born 1708 Fearby. Died 1757 Warthermarske.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born Nov.1758 Warthermarske. Bap 20.11.1758 Masham PC. Died Feb.1842.Buried 18.2.1842 Masham PC. Son of George & Catherine Thirkell. Married Dorothy Leeming. 1.3.1790 in Masham PC. Thomas was a Shoemaker.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born 1799 Masham. Died, Buried 21.5.1802. Son of Thomas & Dorothy Leeming.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Bap 27.3.1806. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rachel Fawell.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Bap 23.9.1821 Masham. Died 1901 Masham.Son of William & Jane Snowball. In 1841/51 he was a Woolcomber. In 1881 an Indoor farm servant.
THOMAS LEATHLEY. Bap. 18.12.1831.Died before 1871. Son of John & Mary. 1851 Occ. Draper. Grocer, Journeyman. Married Annie Jackson.[1828-1900] in 1855. in Helmsley. 1861 Scarborough. Asst. Provisions merchant.
THOMAS INNS LEATHLEY. Born 1848 Masham. Died 1888 Masham. Son of George & Henrietta Inns. In 1881 he was a master Blacksmith. Married Emily Inns. from Bedfordshire, in 1881 in Bedale. Had 3 children. Living Kirkby Malzeard in 1881.

Report in York Herald. 5 May 1888

THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born C. 1860 Grewelthorpe. Son of Elizabeth. Gen.Labourer. Geoff Walker thinks this is Thomas Wood Leathley born 1869.
TOM WOOD LEATHLEY. Born 1869. Son of Thomas Wood & Elizabeth Leathley. See 1871 census Grewelthorpe. Later Elizabeth Wood. [1881] Possibly the Thomas who was buried at Grewelthorpe 9.3.1892 age 23.
THOMAS CURZON LEATHLEY. Born 6.4.1879. Garstang. Died 1954 Leeds. son of Rev. John Leathley & Elizabeth Curzon. He married Edith Marie Oakey in Jan. 1920. in Adelaide South Australia. They had one dau. Dorothy. born 12 Oct 1920.

Thomas C. Leathley photo taken about 1896.
Was witness at wedding of Joseph Wm. Leathley & Sarah Collins. 1907. See military record at end of this page. See letter from Neil MacLennan at top of page.

THOMAS ALFRED LEATHLEY. Born 1885 Masham. Died between 1939-1945. Son of Thomas Inns Leathley & Emily Inns. Step son of Alfred John Leathley. 1901 Occ. Machine Moulder. 1909 Married Emily Butler. [b. 1889 Beeston]. in Leeds on 18.12..1909. Had 4 children.
THOMAS ERNEST ALFRED LEATHLEY. Born 25.12.1917 Armley Leeds. Died Jan 2001. Son of Thomas Alfred & Emily Butler. Married Agnes Potts. in Leeds in 1952.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Lived Grewelthorpe 1593. along with brothers Leonard & George. Son of George Leathley [1540-1624].
WILL LEATHLEY. Lived Grewelthorpe in 1638. when there was an indenture between him and Ric. Bayne of Bramley.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 1764 Warthermarske. Bap 17.3.1764 Masham PC. Son of George & Catherine Thirkell.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 1790 Masham. Bap 19.11.1790 Masham PC. Died 1871 . Occupation Master shoemaker. Son of Thomas & Dorothy Leeming. Married Jane Snowball. 9.10.1820 Masham PC. In 1871 he was an inmate in Bedale Union Workhouse. He probably died there.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Bap.8.4.1804 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of George & Rachel Fawell.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Bap. 24.10.1819.Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1891 age 71. Son of John & Mary Douthwaite. Married Mary Chandler. of Spring Hall in 1841. Sarah Leathley witness at marriage. Lived Grewelthorpe. Blacksmith in 1851. Living Bradford, Master Blacksmith. 1881. Also a Wesleyan Local Preacher. Had 8 children.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Bap 21.10.1827. Son of Leonard & Mary Smith. 1851 Occ. Coachman. in Ripon. 1853 Married Sarah Benson. [b. 1830 Ripon]. Emigrated to Ohio USA. Had 2 children.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 17.12.1849. Bap. 20.1.1850. Died 27.7.1896. Buried 31.7.1896. M.I. Son of George [The Blacksmith] & Elizabeth. Painter in 1871/81. Reported in York Herald June 1881. William was fined 12s for being drunk in the Kings Head, Fearby. In 1891 he was living Middlesbro as a Painter. with a family from Galphay & Grewelthorpe. William was the Father of Wm George Leathley. Williams death was registered by Martha Clark the Mother of Wm. George Leathley.
WILLIAM JESSE LEATHLEY. Born 1850 Masham. Died 1871 [age 20] Masham. Son of George & Henrietta Inns.
WILLIAM CHANDLER LEATHLEY. Born C. 1854. Bradford. Son of William[Blacksmith] & Mary Chandler. was a Hairdresser in Bradford in 1881. Hairdresser & Tobacconist in 1891. Commercial Traveller [Ironmongery] in 1901. Married to Mary Ann Dobson. Bradford 1881. 2 Children May Dobson Leathley [1883] & Blanche.1885.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 1858 Masham. Occupation Tailor journeyman. Son of George & Isabella. Married Elizabeth Robinson. in 1890. 1901 Occ Tailor, Woollen Draper & Boot Dealer. Had 6 children.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. 1890 Parish Clerk & Sexton for Masham. ref. Bulmers Dirctory.
WILLIAM LEATHLEY. Born 1878 Swinton. Died 1888 Bedale district. Son of James Leathley & Ellen Allinson. Ellen died before 1881. It is possible she died in childbirth?
WILLIAM THOMAS LEATHLEY. Born 3.9.1889 Masham. Died 1966 Bulmer. Son of John H. [Jack] Leathley & Charlotte Moore. Married Lily May Boynton. [b. 1892 Ripon]in Masham in 1916.
WILLIAM GEORGE LEATHLEY. Born 7.9.1895. Killed 1.7.1916 2nd Lieut. 8th Batt. Somerset L.I. WW1 Somme. M.I. mentioned on war memorial Grewelthorpe churchyard. Son of William who died 1896. . His Mother was Martha Clark he was born in Kirkby Sigston. Started Grewelthorpe school 5.4.1900. Nephew of Mary the Postmistress. [see Jennifer Wood letter at top] William lived with his maiden aunts in Grewelthorpe.
Any information about Martha Clark would be most welcome.
WILLIAM KENNETH LEATHLEY. Born 23 Sept 1896 Masham. Son of William & Elizabeth Robinson. Married to Lucy born 1894. Living Harrogate 1939.
WILLIAM E.LEATHLEY. Born 23.11.1929 Bedale. son of Wm.Thos & Lily May Boynton.
WINIFRED LEATHLEY. Died in Grewelthorpe aged 95. Possibly Ethel Winifred Talent wife of Oliver. If so she was born 1876 died 1971. Grave in Grewelthorpe churchyard shows death as 27.10.1971.

Leathley grave in Grewelthorpe Churchyard. Shows Ethel Winifred, Oliver & Christopher Talent Leathley.

An abbreviated Report on funeral of John Leathley 1844-1909.

The remains of the late Rev. John Leathley, superintendent minister at Union Street Wesleyan Chapel, Rochdale. who died at his residence 47 Falinge Rd. on Sat. morning [20.3.1909]were interred at Undercliffe Cemetery Bradford on Wed. afternoon.[24.3.1909]. When the cortege left his residence most of the houses in Falinge Rd & Sheriff St. had drawn blinds. At the chapel a large congregation had assembled and the front of the pulpit and the communion were draped in black. An impressive address was given by Rev. Leathley’s friend the Rev. Joseph Robinson. They had met as students in Richmond college 40 years previously. he described his friend as “good as gold and true as steel, as a friend he was frank, faithful, affable, sincere, confiding and utterly trustworthy.”
He added “He was trustful and cheerful and hopeful, he was a man of prayer. &#8212, He lived in prayer and made everything a subject of prayer.” He went on “He loved little children, and many of the children of this town and others would that day mourn the loss of a most cheerful and sympathetic friend.”
As a preacher his method was always truly evangelical. he delivered his message with a magnificence which reached every part of the largest building, and that voice stood him in excellent stead. he had preached in the open air to thousands of people, and held them spellbound by his far reaching voice.
John Leathley as a husband was most devoted, most affectionate and ardent in his attention to his beloved wife. As a Father he was fond, loving, generous and judicious. His eldest daughter was engaged in mission work in the Far East.
After the service the procession went to Rochdale railway station. A large group walked before the hearse and 15 carriages came after. On arriving at the station the majority of those taking part in the procession went on to the platform to witness the departure of the mourners and others, and just prior to the train steaming out of the station, the choir sang “Rock of Ages”. The scene was a very affecting one.
On arrival at Bradford the mourners and various representatives and deputations who had made the journey were met by other relatives and friends. In all 18 coaches were required. A service was held at Eastbrook Hall, Bradford. which place was a chapel when John Leathley was a young man. The proceedings ended with committal at Undercliffe Cemetery.

Thanks for this report from David Maxwell.

The marriage of Maude Elizabeth Leathley & Richard Smailes in 1907 in India.

See the History section of this site with information about the war memorial in Grewelthorpe.

Elizabeth Ann Leathley nee Curson.Born 1845. Wife of Rev.John Leathley.

Alfred Leathley 1855-1902.
Wakefield Asylum Photo of 1897.

Wakefield Asylum. opened in 1818 closed 1965.

Thomas Curson LEATHLEY. His war record.

Regimental number 2187.
Religion Methodist.
Occupation Painter.
Address Kirkcaldy, South Australia.
Marital status Single.
Age at embarkation 31.
Next of kin Mother, Mrs Eleanor Leathley, Fernlea, Ben Rhydding, Yorkshire, England. [Eleanor was his step mother]
Enlistment date 8 March 1915.
Rank on enlistment Private.
Unit name 10th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement.
AWM Embarkation Roll number 23/27/2.
Embarkation details Unit embarked from Adelaide, South Australia, on board HMAT A30 Borda on 23 June 1915.
Rank from Nominal Roll Sergeant.
Unit from Nominal Roll 10th Battalion.
Recommendations (Medals and Awards) Military Medal.

Recommendation date: 13 July 1918.

Fate. Returned to Australia 31 March 1919.
Medals Military Medal.

During an operation near Merris on June 28th 1918, Sgt LEATHLEY performed excellent patrol work. When identification was required immediately before the advance of the Battalion he with four of his platoon moved out on patrol and by skilfully manoeuvring was able to surround an enemy post. Sgt. LEATHLEY with two men rushed the post, captured one of the enemy and killed 2 who tried to escape. Later he led his platoon to the attack and by good leadership captured his objective and personally supervised the consolidation. His work throughout was excellent and greatly helped in making the operation a success.’
Source: Commonwealth Gazette’ No. 23.
Date: 12 February 1919.

Other details War service: Egypt, Gallipoli, Western Front.

Medals: Military Medal, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal.

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Grave of Donald & Frances Leathley in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

A young Donald Leathley.

Frances Leathley nee Dickinson.

Grave of Frank Kenneth Talent & Daisy Leathley in Grewelthorpe Churchyard.

Grave of John Leathley & Lucy in Grewelthorpe churchyard.

Marriage Sarah Leathley & William Hayton. 30 March 1846.

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