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It is the intention to use this section as a means of helping people interested in researching their family history particularly including families from Grewelthorpe.

We have access to Some baptisms from 1653 to 1950 and burials from 1653 to 1996

Also census returns for Grewelthorpe, school records, electoral registers and other records gathered over the years.

It is hoped that people will come forward with further information to add to what we already have. Also we would like you to put names on the site for information you are seeking in the hope that we can find the answer for you.

As I have made progress with this section of the Grewelthorpe Web Site a lot of people have come forward with additional information which I have added to the relevant section. As I have no way of personally checking this information, I cannot guarantee its accuracy. I therefore suggest that you check any information you take from the site with the original records if at all possible.

The articles are being continually added to so they are worth visiting more than once.

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    1. Donald Darby

      I am trying to find out any information about William Smith family living in grewethorpe.

    1. Cathy McGhee

      Clara Metcalfe
      She was born 1885 in Grewlethorpe
      her father was William
      When she got married to my grandfather Walter Harrison in 1907, William was down as a Joiner?
      They lived in Liversedge, West Yorkshire.
      She had a brother who owned one of the hotels in Harrogate.
      Does anyone know anything about the family.
      She was my paternal Grandmother
      Many thanks

    1. Lynn Butters

      William Thackray born 1848, son of John and Margaret. His first wife was Hannah Hannam born 1849. They married in 1871 and she died in 1888.He is my GG Grandfather.

    1. Brian Kealy

      Under the aisle carpet in Masham church is a much-worn floor slab. We have been able to recover some of the text but alas no dates. The stone records the burials of two women who it is presumed were related or connected to each other in some way. Their prominent position in the church suggests that they were financially and socially prominent in the community. One was the wife of William(?) R…….(?) of Spring Hall; the other the wife of William(?) Wrather of Beggars Bush or Busk. Both these farms are in Grewelthorpe, near the road to Mickley, and not far from each other. Does anyone know who lived at Spring Hall before the Wood family arrived from Scotton in the mid-1700s? In the land tax books in the early 1800s William Wrather owns his own land whereas Matthew Wood occupies land belonging to Mr Batley (on the front of Spring Hall is a stone inscribed L/IB/1708 – might that be a Batley?) Does anyone know any matrimonial connection between these two Grewlthorpe farms? Or who inhabited Spring Hall at any stage (the first letter of the name could be R)

    1. David Roberts

      Hi i have been researching my family tree for about 12 years now and one of my stumbling blocks was my my g.grandmother mary ann wood, i finally made a breakthrough this year and am almost certain that mary ann wood’s father was thomas wood from masham who married mary beck from grewelthorpe the elder sister of john beck the miller. Thomas Wood was born in c1799 Mary Beck 1803 i have found loads of information on the beck sid from your lovely site its been a fantastic help. But i am no nearer with thomas wood theres that many that fit the bill but even if i saw correct birth record i would,nt be able to tie him in unless i was certain. I know that there banns were read 28 dec 1828 4 jan and 11 jan 1829 but cant find the actual marriage date or any witnesses etc to give me a lead, Iknow they went to live in leeds after they were married as my g.grandmother mary ann was born 20 july 1830 leeds st peter as were all the following family of nine children thomas was a butter factor and moved to romanby sometime after 1851 as he appears there at spital farm in 1861 his daughter jane his also there married to james lightfoot mary wood died in 1865 romanby and thomas died nov 1868 romanby james and jane lightfoot are running spital farm in the following censuses. so if anyone can put me on to the correct wood family it could save me a lot of time ,sorry to ramble on Dave Roberts Aldbrough East Yorkshire

    1. Jodie Crowe

      I’m wondering if you can help me please.

      I have had a telephone call from an elderly gentleman in Nottinghamshire this morning – Mr Morton. Mr Morton advises me that he is a distant relative of the Browns who once farmed Chantry Farm Grewelthorpe. He has recently found a lot of memorabilia on the family dating back to the first world war. This includes books, diaries, photographs, and letters. Mr Morton is wondering if there is still anyone around from this family, and if he can get in touch with anyone that the memorabilia would mean anything to.

      Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

      I hope to hear from you soon,

      Kind regards,


    1. Nick Monaghan

      Hi, Do you know if the Beckwith Family of Grewelthorpe is connected to the Wath-Juxta-Ripon branch of the Family,and also do you know if it is correct that all branches of the Beckwith Family are descended from the De Malbisse Family?, Thanks, Very Best Wishes, Nick.

    1. Bob Bramley

      > Email:
      > Message: Hi, I am trying to trace a relative called Mary Allan who I believe was born in Bramley Grange in 1795 or 1796. However, I can’t find any birth or baptisim record of her. If she was indeed born at Bramley Grange do you know where she would most likely be baptised? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
      > Regards, Bob Bramley

    1. Lynn Boden (nee Hudson)

      Can anybody help I am seeking information about my grandparents & family.
      John Robert Hudson/Edith Mary.married 4/07/1914.
      They had 8 children all Girls.
      JR was born in 1882 and died in October,1955. Do I have any relations anywhere.???
      The children were. Madge(1916) Norah (1917) Eileen (1919) Elsie (1920) Freda (1922)(My Mother) Daisy (1925) Edith (1927) Edna (1929) (phew)
      My grandfathers mother was Ellen Hudson 1868-1928) no father registered.
      Any help at all would be appreciated.

    1. Linda Rowley

      I have posted on your excellent website before re Isabella Pickersgill born c1800 Grewelthorpe or Kirkby Malzeard. You now mention that Carol Metcalfe has info re an Isabella Pickersgill & I wonder if you could put me in touch to see if it’s the same Isabella. As well as being the sister of George Pickersgill mentioned, I think she may also be the sister of my 3 x Great Grandfather, John Pickersgill, who was born at East Witton. John & his 1st & 2nd wife are buried at St. Alkelda’s & St. Mary’s, Middleham. Isabella & her two illegitimate children are also buried at Middleham.
      Any info would be much appreciated.
      If the graves are of any interest to you I can email photos of these graves.

    1. Terry Launders

      My name is Terry Launders and I interested in tracing any family history concerning John Thomas Launders who was born in Grewelthorpe c 1873 to Thomas and Christina Launders.Any family background would be most appreciated.

      Kind regards

      Terry Launders

    1. Margaret Pemberton

      My great-great-great grandfather Thomas Thorpe was born Masham 1771. His parents are given as Anne Gregg and Thomas Thorpe of Grewelthorpe. Any info on the Gregg family and the Thorpes of Grewelthorpe would be very welcome.

    1. I.G. Williamson

      Although I am only on the fringes of this research, the following will be of interest:my ancestor Christopher Williamson of Ellingstring married Jennett Pickersgill on 17th Nov.1612 at St.Mary’s Masham. Also Henry Williamson married Isabella Ascough (who inherited from her father John Ascough Kilgram Bridge Farm in 1738) on 4th April 1738 at St. Martin’s East Witton.

    1. Barbara Phillips

      John Banks Lee, trustee in 1860 of the Wesleyan Chapel in Grewelthorpe, wife Elizabeth, had moved to Ripon by 1871. In 1861 in Grewelthorpe he was assisting his uncle William Rayner in his wholesale straw bonnet business. He was a local preacher in the Wesleyan circuit and Mayor of Ripon five times.

    1. Barbara Phillips

      James Spence born Grewelthorpe 1812, youngest of a family of seven. Parents Thomas Spence and Betty Matson married at KM 1795. Other children were 1795 Mary, 1799 John, 1801 George, 1803 Thomas, 1805 William, 1808 Elizabeth, 1810 Jane. Thomas Spence born 1803 lived and died in Grewelthorpe, he was a publican, wife of Ann. Thomas died in 1865.

    1. Barbara Phillips

      For Frances Hoffnan looking for information about James Spence. He is an ancestor of my husband so I can supply information. Surprised to hear Dorothy Spence had issue, we have her marrying Mark Steel in 1857 when she was about 45. Had she had a baby before this? Or have we got the wrong marriage? Where was the child when Dorothy remarried in 1870?

    1. Sylvia Gill

      Knowles-Gill: My g.g.g.grandfather was William Knowles b1806 who married Mary from Grewelthorpe. They had 3 children: Hannah 1831, Ann 1835 & William 1807, all born in Sharow. It is possible that Mary’s maiden name was Branfoot, but I have no evidence for this. Is anyone else researching this family?

    1. beverly dagless nee florey

      hi am beverly lokking for the following people #elizabeth imson born ? and married matthew marsden. john leathley and ann marsden, thomas mudd, can anyone help me please. am from leeds west yorkshire

    1. Daniel

      Hi, I am researching the Wright family, although you don’t seem to have a Wright family on your list. I’m trying to find the surname of Joseph Wright’s first wife. He was married to a Jane and they had three children that I know of, Joseph b.1857, Robert b.1859 and Mary b.1854. Can anyone help please.

    1. Vicki Jackson

      Hi fellow researchers, I have some information on the Jacksons of Grewelthorpe which was taken from Northallerton records office if any Jacksons want to contact me, I will see if I can assist at all. I thought I would just give people out there a huge spelling/transcription error for people who moved out of Grewelthorpe, in the 1800’s a few census forms state Gruelthorpe and have been translated as Trusthorpe!! hope this helps

    1. Patricia Anne Woodford

      Jowett or Firth connections ?
      Herbert Jowett ,Father to
      Florence Jane Jowett my Grand mother
      married Harry Firth.
      Annie Jowett my Gt Aunt married Mr Pearson?

    1. Kurt Etchingham


      I submitted an inquiry about the Taylor family of Grewelthorpe in June 2011. Your reply was most helpful. Thank you.

      I am now seeking information about another person that may also have a connection to Grewelthorpe. Elizabeth Rushforth (b. about 1803) appears is the 1851 and 1861 census in Nottinghamshire and her birthplace is listed as “Gruelthorpe”. I believe this is a misspelling of Grewelthorpe. I also believe that Elizabeth Rushforth is somehow connected to the Taylor family I inquired about previously, but I don’t as yet know how. Are there any records connecting Elizabeth Rushforth to Grewelthorpe or is there a Rushforth family from this area?

      Thank you yet again for your help.

    1. sadie white

      I’m tracing my family tree and am a descendant from Mildred Easingwood nee Leathley and Sidney Easingwood. Although I can gather lots of information regarding the Leathley side of my nans family, I cannot find any information regarding Emily Butler, my nans mum other than her date and place of birth….can u help? any info will be greatly appreciated..thanks Sadie

    1. allen daniel

      trying to find information on william ianson harrison and lilie waite they adopted a son called cecil who married shirly i married his daughter brenda we are trying to find more about the adoption as we cant find any record of it or no birth certificate and beleive they were in grewlethorpe parish at the time

    1. Hayden Rawson

      I am trying to gain information about Isabella Oliver, daughter of John Oliver of Grewelthorpe. We believe that Isabella was born 1720-1735. I would greatly appreciate any information about Isabella or her family or any direction on where I might find such. Kind regards, Hayden

    1. Jane Teskey

      I would love to share with anyone My husband is Mark Teskey son of Mary Frances Isabell Imeson
      Birth 31 MAR 1919 in RR # 1 Staples, Ontario, Canada ,Death 4 JAN 2003 in Alvinston, Ontario, Canada . who was Daughter of James EthelBert Imeson Birth 20 FEB 1883 in Mersea Township, Essex, Canada, Death 11 JAN 1959 in Lot 20, Con 10 Mersea Twp. Essex Co. Ontario, Canada who was
      Son of Christopher John Imeson Birth 10 MAR 1855 in Mersea Twp., Essex County, Ontario, Canada, Death 23 MAR 1925 in Mersea Twp., Essex County, Ontario, Canada father was Joseph Imeson
      Birth 10 APR 1825 in London’s Lane, Yorkshire, England, Death 16 APR 1911 in Con. 10 Mersea Twp . Essex Co. Ontario who was Son of Jonathan Imeson Birth 7 NOV 1787 in Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Death AFT 1842 in Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine, USA. He was the son of Matthias Imeson Birth 26 Mar 1750 in Kirkby-Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Death 18 Apr 1812 in Kirkby Malzeard, Grewelthorpe, Yorkshire, England. I see Ken Imeson has Jonathan Imeson having 13 children I have 16 so I love you to write me to help me find my mistake please

    1. L. Rowley

      I’m trying to trace Pickersgill ancestors. In particular, Isabella Pickersgill born c1800 Kirby Malzeard or Grewelthorpe. I wondered if her baptism was in your records to find out who her parents were.
      Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Ann Fitzpatrick

      I am trying to trace information about my great grandmother Elizabeth Spence born 1842 in England. Her parents were Christopher John Spence and Elizabeth Christiana Davidson, who I believed married on 26.01.1837. If you have any information that would help me I would be greatful

      To contact Ann email ""
    1. susan richmond

      We are looking for any information about Joseph Richmond born in England about 1889 and died in the U.S. – California in 1966.

      His parents were Isabella Thompson and Richard Richmond (Lancashire).

      Richard’s parents were Francis Richmond and Ellen Croskell.

      The story is that after Joseph came to the U.S. he married briefly and had a son named Jerold Arthur Richmond born

      1917 in Montana, USA. He disappeared shortly after.

      Thank You,

      Susan Richmond

    1. H Hunwick...

      Can anyone add earlier information to my family tree
      Christopher Jackson 1827 married 1857 Died 1915
      Father/Christopher Jackson & Mother/Ann Middleton
      Wife Ellen Grange Born 1833 Father/Joseph Grange
      Died 1928 Christchurch New Zealand 95yrs
      Emigrated to NZ Jan 19th 1888 to Otago (port Chalmers) Dunedin NZ (Church of England minister)?
      Children:- Joseph Jackson B 1857/married 1878 Ann Elizabeth Lofthouse
      Ann Born 1861 married 1882 John William Dobby
      Sarah Born 1863 died age 18 months old,
      Jane Born 1865 married James Close,
      Christopher B 1867(my grandfather & Grandmother), Married 1894 Ada Pepper
      Elizabeth Born 1869 married Thomas Gedge
      Henry(Harry) Born 1871 Single died 1910 NZ,
      Mary B 1874 married Thomas Morgan,
      John(Jack) William B 1876 married Annie Louisa Auton (Cem. Qld .Australia)

    1. Deon Morlock

      Does anyone know of a GOOD researcher who would do research in Northallerton and perhaps Sheepscar Library in Leeds? I do not live in Yorkshire, so would be happy to pay someone who is very good.

    1. Brian Brown

      I have a family reference to a William Lofthouse, born 1866 in Pendleton, Lancs. It is thought there is some connection to the Lofthouse Colliery but I find this doubtful.

      Do you have any information regarding this Mr Lofthouse please?

      Best wishes

      Brian Brown

    1. Ann King

      Dear Jackie
      I don’t know if you have this information now – you did post your message on the Grewelthorpe website 4 years ago!

      Your line is my line! I am descended from Francis’s parents too – they are my 4 x great grandparents. I had not realised that they had a son called Francis, but thanks to your message I have found him.

      Francis Beck son of James Beck was baptised in Kirkby Malzeard on 29 March 1789. His parents James Beck and Jane (nee West) were married on 25 June 1769 in Kirkby Malzeard. Francis was the 9th of their children, and there may be a few more – I will have to check in the Kirkby Malzeard register. I only knew of Francis when I read your message.

      Kirkby Malzeard was the parish church for Grewelthorpe until about 1846 when a church was built in Grewelthorpe itself. it might be worth looking for early graves in Kirkby Malzeard churchyard – but many of them are very difficult to read because they have been eroded by time and the weather.

      Do get in touch if you want to compare nores on the Becks.

      Best wishes


    1. Ann Simpson

      I am researching my family tree and wondered if anyone may have some information about an Mary Emma Forbes that married a Robert Burton at Masham Church in 1881. Mary Emmas father was a coachbuilder at Masham. Robert was a farmer and they lived at Woodhouse Farm, Winksley. Thanks Ann Simpson

    1. Carol Firth

      > Message: Hi Does anyone know if Elizabeth Barker/Hart who married widdower John Walker, who had a daughter named Edith was the mother or stepmother of Edith.
      > Edith married John Thomas Simpson Ripon 15-10-1910?
      > Edith had a daughter named Freda who married Winston Taylor. They had a daughter, famous writer Barbara Taylor Bradford. She mentions Ripon in her book A Woman of Substance and also names the heroine’s mother in the story Elizabeth Hart. I believe I may be related to Elizabeth through the Harts. Does anone know which Hart Elizabeth was married to and where he came from?

    1. I am doing some research on the Simpson Family in Harrogate. David Simpson Atkinson was the son of Sarah Atkinson, nee Simpson, who in turn was the daughter of David Simpson, thrice Mayor of Harrogate. David Simpson was a builder who developed the Duchy Estate in Harrogate and Laid the foundation stone of the Royal Hall. Her grandfather was James Simpson, again a local builder, Improvement Commissioner, and twice Mayor after Incorporation in 1881. Both were prominent and well respected aldermen and freemasons.


    1. Carol Firth

      Hi Denise. I too am related to Thomas Spence and James Spence and I believe someone called Lambert. If you have any info I would love to hear it.
      Carol Firth.

    1. Carol Firth

      For the attention of Carol Hart, I was interested when I read your name Carol as my name was Carol Hart before I married. I have tried to trace the Hart family but had little success as I believe that my great grandad was a foundling baby in Leeds. My fathers name was George Edward Hart. He was a motor mechanic in Leeds. He died in 1951. He married twice. I believe his first two children to wife number 1 were a girl and a boy named Malcom. My father was born in 1900.
      If you have any info I would love to recieve it. Many thanks Carol Firth.

    1. Carol Firth

      I believe my great great grandad was James Spence born 1812 who married Sarah Lambert and that my great grandad was James son of the above born 1849
      My grandad was Thomas Spence born 1883 who married Sarah Ellen Goodyear Britton Shackleton in Leeds in 1906. I believe that at one time James junior was banished to Ireland for covorting around ripon at high speeds in his trap. I would like to know more about this. Also I would like to know more about a relative named Spence who owned a timber mill and was lord mayor at one time. I think he was either a great great grandad or great great uncle of mine.
      Does anyone remember a Lily Coates, I believe she ran a pub in Ripon, who I believe was a great aunt of mine. Thank you

    1. Carol hart

      Could anyone help with any information or pictures of Henry Burton and mary ascough, I am their 4 x great granddaughter.I don`t live close enough to visit myself, but would be grateful if anyone knows if there is a gravestone for them?

      C hart

    1. june howels

      Nicola, I have just studied my old maps and located Thorpe Grange just outside of Grewelthorpe. As it was normal to abbreviate addresses it is possible that John of Thorpe could be connected with this. Please contact me if you wish at as I am doing the same line.

    1. june howels

      I too have a problem with the word “Thorpe”
      inasmuch that my ancester Joseph Pickersgill says that he was born at Thorpemore – I believe that this must be an abbreviation for Grewelthorpe. Although in Kirby Malzeard P.R’s at least two other entries refer to Thorpe Moor!

    1. Ann King

      Hello Jackie

      I have only just seen your 2008 message asking for any information about Francis Beck and family. Although I visit the Grewelthorpe site regularly, i don’t always look at all the messages. I expect you have been sent this information already, but in case you have not:

      The National Burial Index (on CD-Rom)has the following burials at St James Church, Grewelthorpe which I think may be the ones you were looking for in 2008:

      Francis Beck buried 5 July 1872, aged 83
      Mary Beck buried 10 January 1875, aged 81

      Best wishes


    1. Nicola Simpson

      I am researching the Pickersgill family as well. I have traced back as far as John Pickersgill who I believe married Sarah Beckwith in Kirkby Malzeard in 1701. He baptised two children, Charles in 1701 and John in 1704. On both baptism records he is listed as “John of Thorpe”. He died in Grewelthorpe in 1704. Can anyone tell me if Thorpe is a different place to Grewelthorpe (there are other baptisms recorded as “of Grewelthorpe” on the same day)? And does anyone else have any information on this family?

    1. Larry Dunn

      According to information on Coldbeck history on it seems Ralph Coldbeck married Ann Ingleby at Ripon on 24 Nov, 1767 and their daughter Elizabeth was “Baptized . 4.1.1769 Littlethorpe (Ripon) Dau of Ralph & Ann Ingleby. Married Dec. 1789 Masham to George Gumdill. Later living with John Beckwith. of Masham.” I assume that Ann (Ingleby) died leaving Ralph a widower. He remarries Ann (Grindale) Dawson a widow at Swinton on 25 Aug, 1780. Ann Grindale married Thomas Dawson at Masham on 27 Jan 1772 and her first two children were Jane (1772) and Mary (1775) born in Ripon. I don’t have the date of Thomas Dawson’s death. So the remaining five children of Ralph Coldbeck were with Ann (Grindale) which exlains the 12 year gap between Elizabeth (Ingleby) Coldbeck and John Coldbeck Bap. 27th Feb. 1781 at Swinton.
      Mary (Dawson) Coldbeck aged 26 married on Nov 12th 1803 John Ingleby ploughmaker aged 24 at Masham. (Parish Records) According to the Ingleby family history, “John Ingleby born C.1781. Carpenter & Plough maker, lived Ilton cum Pott, married Mary. b.1781. Mary died in Pateley Bridge”. These ages are incorrect as John would have been born c 1779 if he was 24 at his marriage in 1803 and his wife Mary would have been born in 1777 if she were 26 at the time of her marriage. So Mary (Dawson) Coldbeck was unrelated by blood to her elder sister Elizabeth (Ingleby) both having different parents.
      I am trying to establish a connection between John Ingleby of Kirkby Malzeard and Masham to the Ingleby line at Pateley Bridge. I don’t know if Ann Ingleby of Littlethorpe (Ripon), Ralph Coldbeck’s first wife, is related to the Ingleby line at Pateley Bridge. I also don’t see a connection between Mary (Coldbeck) Ingleby and Pateley Bridge, so why would she die there. According to the 1851 census:
      Living Dwelling 29, Ilton Cum Pott, Bedale District, Healey St. Paul parish, , Yorkshire, England
      John Ingleby, male, head, age 76, born 1777 Kirkby Malzeard, occ.- ploughmaker
      Mary Ingleby, female, wife, age 76, born 1775 Ripon
      Thomas Ingleby, male, brother, age 76, born 1775 Kirkby Malzeard, occ- pauper (formerly fellmonger)
      Ann Ingleby, female, g-daughter, age 13, born 1838 Kirkby Malzeard, scholar
      According to the death register John Ingleby died iin 1857 Bedale, Yorkshire- North Riding at approximately 78 years of age if he was really born in 1779 for the 1851 census. I have no date for Mary Ingleby’s death. But it is a long way from Pateley Bridge to Masham (about 20 miles south-west) and Bedale is about 8 miles north of Masham. Ripon is about twenty miles south-east of Masham.
      If anyone knows of a connection between John Ingleby of Kirkby Malzeard and the Ingleby line at Pateley Bridge I would appreciate finding out. There is a Beckwith connection to the Ingleby’s of Pateley Bridge as Thomas Ingleby married Jane Beckwith in 1779 at Kirkby Malzeard. The Beckwith family is from around Grewelthorpe remember. They had two sons named John, one born 1780 and dying 1783 and another born 1783 with no known death date. Could it be the John Ingleby of Kirkby Malzeard born around 1780 is the same John Ingleby born in 1783 at Pateley Bridge?

    1. June Howell

      In the P.R’s of Kirby Malzeard I located the birth of my ancestor Joseph Pickersgill baptised 1803 son of George of Grewelthorpe. I also located the marriage of a Mary Metcalf to a George Pickersgill which took place in 1799. Joseph married Ellen Hood of Baldersby at Helperby and had their two first children Bt. there. Mary 1833 and George 1835. The family then moved to Dewsbury where on the 1851 census Joseph said that he was born at Ploverhill, Thorpemore. As the Metcalf’s lived at Ploverhill Farm Galphay I am assuming that it could be there. Does any one know about this family?

    1. Warren Campbell-Trotter

      Researching the Trotter family who lived in Masham in the late 1870’s and early 1880’s. My great grandfather Henry Trotter (b 1846)married Julia Annie Grainge who was born in Grewelthorpe in 1851 and her parents before were also local.

      My family now lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and the family has been in NZ since around 1900. I’m only just beginning to find out my ancestry and it’s fascinating, but being so far away, progress is slow. I have been fortunate to get some great help from someone who lives in Luton and she believes we are 4th cousins, and our first common link was great great great grandfather William Trotter born 1754 in Hutton Magna.

      Anyway – if anyone knows anything of the Grainge family and especially any interconnections with the Trotter family of Masham, i would love to hear from you.

      Warren Campbell-Trotter
      Christchurch, NZ

    1. Kurt Etchingham

      Seeking information about William Taylor from Grewelthorpe. His gravestone (which stands in St George’s Fields, Leeds) reads: “To the memory of William Taylor, Born at Grewelthorpe, Died at Leeds, May 24th 1873, in his 80th year.”

      Either his father or a brother, we believe, was named Matthew. We think his mother’s given name was either Sarah or Elizabeth, but that’s not confirmed. He was a joiner by trade.

      We’re seeking any information— facts, hints, suggestions— about his family and antecedents from Grewelthorpe. We’d also be happy to share what we know of his descendents, should anyone have an interest.
      Thank you.

    1. Ann Simpson

      Hello Barbara. I have seen on the Goundry geneology section a message from a Paul Andell enquiring about an Hannah Goundry, i was wondering if you have an e mail address for him, as i cant get the link to contact him. Kind Regards Ann Simpson, 01765 607264

    1. Joan Lee

      Have you any information about the Parnaby family? I am trying to find out where they arrived from befor they lived in Sawley from 1700.


      Althouth trying to trace my Barker ancestery, I have been sent the following information from a collaborative member on the site I use because we do have an Ingleby in the family.

      I am informed that there was a John Ingleby born 1809 in Kirkby Malzeard who married an Alice ? and who had the following children betwen 1837 – 1849.

      Hannah 1837, Harriet 1841, Annas 1842, Willis 1845, Alice 1847 and Eliza 1849.

      I am not sure if this will assist anyone but you never know. However, if there is anyone out there who can help me with my Barker/Cundall connections (Dallowgill, Kirkby Malzeard,Grewelthorpe, Knott Farm)and surrounding area, I would be very grateful to hear from them.

    1. Allan Donat

      I am a descendant of George Metcalfe & Mary Imseson. I have Jonathon Imeson’s parents as Matthais Imeson & Hannah Wood.

    1. wilson

      dougills lived at Dougill House PB and had a quarry. Haxbys still in Hampsthwaite area, may be a good idea to find and contect them.

    1. Joyce Harrison

      I am researching the Harrison (1821 born Winksley) family from Winksley. George Harrison married a Sarah (born 1827 Laverton) who I think might be a Clark but I can find no details of Sarah’s parentage. Any information would be gratefully received. Most of their children, including Clark Harrison are shown on this site.
      Please contact me at

    1. geoff ruddy

      I am related via my mothers, Allinson, side of the family via Edward Allinson 1791, son of Robert 1767, William 1738, William 1707. Would love to connect to any other person researching the Allinson line to share informatiion

      To contact Geoff email
    1. Jennifer Treadwell

      I am interested in Thomas Dalton Harrison, born Aldborough 1817 died 1874, he was a clergyman in the Yorks area all his life from what I have found.

      I would love to know if there are any descendants or family members alive today. I know that one a son died at 32 years old, and his daughter
      Frances was a spinster, but he did have another son called Ernest R. W. Harrison, but I can’t find out anything about him!

      Thomas’ wife was called Elizabeth McRobb or MacRobb – she was the adopted daughter of my much loved 4 x Great Grandfather, Admiral Sir Robert Barrie,
      she was raised by him and his wife Lady Julia Ingilby from a very young age as her parents had died in Canada, they were great friends of the Barrie’s who lived
      out there during that time as Robert was the commissioner for the British Fleet in Canada. Lizzie, as she was affectionately known came back to England with the
      Barrie’s and lived her life here until her death.

      I have been trying to find Lizzie for 4 years on census returns etc, I have copies of family writings where she was mentioned with much love, but I could not find
      her due to misspelling, I eventually found a thread, when I found her with her Barrie sisters, in Miss Christies School, Sloane Street, Chelsea in the 1841 census.

      My interest is purely to find any living relatives to Lizzie out there who may not of known of the amazing life she led, and I do hope to maybe learn new things about
      her too.

      Yours truly,

      Jennifer Treadwell

    1. Susan Thorpe

      I am trying to find information relating to the THORPE family who lived in Grewelthorpe. I know that a Thomas Thorpe was baptised on 14th June 1772, his father Edward on September 9th 1739 & his father also named Edward on 9th November 1706. Does anyone have any further information relating to the family. In particular I am interested in knowing if Thomas had a brother by the name of Joseph or William.
      Thank you
      Susan Thorpe

      Contact Susan on
    1. Kenzie Love

      I’m looking for ancestors of my grandfather, William Frederick Buckle, who was born in Montreal, Canada in 1919. I believe he may be a descendant of the William Frederick Buckle listed on this site who was born in 1864. Any info on this would be much appreciated.



    1. patricia waller

      Dawson Family.The following born in Grewelthorpe; My 3x grandfather Charles July 1736. 4x grandfather Charles July 1711.5x grandfather Thomas not sure of the date presuming 1690ish. I am trying to trace the marraiges & deaths of the above + any previous generation I know nothing of. As previously mention in the posts does one have to book to view records?. would love to hear from anyone researching the same family & share notes

    1. Jenni Corner

      I don't know anything about the John Spence who lived in your area but Robert Spence was born in your area in 1784 and his son John Foster Spence was also a Mayor but in North Shields. I’d be interested if anyone know more about him

    1. Fern McKenzie

      My name is Fern (Jackson) McKenzie and I am researching my Jackson family tree. I am the great-great granddaughter of William Jackson. He was born in 1792, at Penrith. He was educated at Oxford, and left for Canada in the early 1800’s. He was fortunate enough to receive some legacies, and returned to England to collect them.(1847) I read a copy of a letter received by him from his cousin, W Robson, informing of the death of his uncle. He spent most of his life in Canada, and as a matter of fact, I grew up in the home that he built when he came to Canada. I am unaware of the date of his death, or where he is buried. Does anybody know his death date and where the burial site is….. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help…….Kindest regards, Fern McKenzie Contact

    1. Jim Jackson

      My name is Jim Jackson and I live in North Lincolnshire. I am currently researching my family tree and have traced back my family name to Masham.

      Unfortunately for me, none of my Jacksons appear on your website.
      The furthest back I can get with certainty is to my Great Great Great Grandfather John Jackson (born abt 1800), a Butcher of Silver Street. I also have his marriage certificate giving his father as John Jackson, a Farmer, and a witness of Jane Jackson. I have a Baptism record of a John Jackson in 1801 with John & Jane as parents so I’m confident as to his parentage. Farmer John & Jane appear to have had nine boys from the same Baptism records but I cannot be sure that they are the same John & Jane in each case!

      If you can help me in any way progressing my research I’d be most grateful and likewise, if my findings are of interest I’d be happy to share.

    1. Stewart R Rawson

      Researching my family line, William Rawson, b. 1794 Kirby Malzeard and Elizabeth Spence, b. 1799 Kirby Malzeard. Pleased to share or gather any information.

    1. Phil Jackson

      I noted your web page on the Thirkill family. I am related through Thirkill Dougill, born 1796 died 1845 at Pateley Bridge who married Mary Kidd.

      I note you had his parents as Haxby Dougill and Elizabeth Thirkill.

      I an trying to track the parents of both Haxby and Elizabeth but not clear on your web page? Do you have any detail about the parents of either Haxby or Elizabeth?

      Many thanks

      Phil Jackson

      Thirkill Dougill’s grandson, John, moved to Darlington and then migrated to Australia in1882. Unfortunately many of the Dougills that migrated or were born here died with only 1 daugther and John surviving the first 20 years in Australia.My grand mother was Esther Annie Dougill.

    1. john tennyson

      i am trying to trace my mother who was betty wright who was a domestic servant at primrose cottage grewelthorpe in 1938.can anyone help.thks

    1. Catherine Swales Ali

      I am trying to find out what happened to Thomas Swales born 1770 in Grewelthorpe. His parents were Francis Swales born 1744 in Crayke and mary Knowlson born 1744

      To contact Catherine email
    1. Mary Randles

      My grandmother, Mary Cresswell had an illegitimate son, Albert on 27th June 1926 at Cross Hills, Dallowgill. I have traced a birth certificate for him, which gives his father as John Bayles, a shepherd of Cross Hills, Dallowgill. John was a widower, with two children from his marriage, John George and Mary Jane Bayles. Mary Jane married William Burrill who was born on 7/11/1908 at Dallowgill. William’s father was Peter Leonard Burrill, shown on the marriage certificate, he was deceased at the time of the marriage on 18th February 1939.
      I don’t know any more about John George Bayles, other than he was born in 1915 in Weardale where the family were living.I’m interested in finding out if there are any relatives of Mary Jane or John George in the area, or can anyone help with any more information, I’d be really grateful for anything, no matter how small!
      Also does anyone know if there is a headstone for John Bayles at St Peter in Dallowgill as that’s where he is buried.

    1. Ann King

      I have found your Grewelthorpe family history page fascinating and extremely useful. Can I perhaps give something back by offering the following additions?

      You mention ‘John (Beck) the miller & Elizabeth’ – these are my great great grandparents. John’s wife, Elizabeth, was born Elizabeth Chandler in 1809.

      Elizabeth Chandler was the second of 5 children born to Henry Chandler and his wife Ann Wood, who were married in Kirkby Malzeard on 22 Nov 1806. Their 5 children, all born at Springhall Farm, Grewelthorpe, I believe, are:

      Ann Chandler bap. 15 October 1807, Kirkby Malzeard
      Elizabeth Chandler bap. 16 April 1809, Kirkby Malzeard. She died on 20 February 1868, of apoplexy.
      Jane Chandler bap. 24 May 1812, Kirkby Malzeard
      Mary Chandler bap. 7 Jul 1814, Kirkby Malzeard. She married William Leathley (b. 1819, Kirkby Malzeard) in 1841, and they had 7 children between 1842 and 1856, the last one was born in Bradford, the earlier ones in Kirkby Malzeard or Grewelthorpe.
      Henry Chandler bap. 2 May 1819, Kirkby Malzeard

      Elizabeth Chandler gave birth to a daughter, Alice, who was baptised in West Tanfield on 18 December 1836. I have not found John and Elizabeth’s marriage, but since Alice was baptised as Alice Chandler, I guess John and Elizabeth were not married until 1836. Alice is listed in censuses as Alice Beck, so was clearly brought up as John Beck’s daughter. However, when she was married to John Brown in 1855, it was as Alice Chandler . So it is probable that her father was someone other than John Beck.

      My great grandmother was Mary Beck b. 1841 in Kirkby Malzeard, daughter of John Beck and Elizabeth Chandler (you have her listed). She married William Hill, a coachman, on 29 August 1876 in St Olave’s Church, Marygate, York. After the marriage they went to live in Greystoke, Penrith, where my grandmother, Elizabeth Hill was born on 7 November 1878, and then by 1881 they were living in London, where their son, William Hill, was born in Peckham on 11 May 1886.

      I hope this may be of use to someone.

      If you can help, my email is
    1. Heather Rogers

      Burrill family.

      This is an incredibly long shot. I’m working on some verbal family history, that so far I haven’t been able to varify. Maybe some of the story will ring a bell….or not.

      My grandfather John Dent born 1900 had a total of 3 illigitimate children prior to marrying my grandmother. He lived in Cundall and Winksley, and the births of the children appear to have been registered in Ripon.

      The story goes that he got the neighbouring farm girl pregnant, according to Free BMD and Irene C Burrill was born in 1926, which would be about the correct timing. A living relative thinks the parents took the daughter and her child to Scotland where she married a Robertson. She also believes the child was called Irene but can’t remember the mother’s name. Grandad later went on to have another daughter called Irene and a son called John, then my dad also called John.

      After starting this genealogy journey I’ve been surprized by some skeletons.

      Please contact me if you can help.

    1. Peter Thornber

      I am trying to trace back from my Great Great Grandfather who is shewn on the 1851 Census as aged 59 having been born at Grewelthorpe.
      i should be grateful for any information. For example, was there a branch of the Swale family settled at Grewelthorpe?
      With thanks.
      Peter Thornber[ ]

    1. Brenda Pullan

      I am the Great Grand Dau of John I’Anson [born 1840] in Kirkby Malzeard. He was the son of William Ianson & Mary Carling. William born in Masham 1814, married in Bedale. Corn miller in Kirkby Malzeard.
      I would like to hear from anyone else researching this line of the family. Please contact me at

    1. Barbara Paling

      Charles Rhodes, Labourer, son of Thomas, a shoemaker, married Esther Wrather, servant, daughter of James Wather of Fearby on December 7th 1867 in Grewelthorpe. Both were resident in Grewelthorpe at the time of their marriage.
      I have information on Esther’s life and family but would appreciate anyone who can help with information on Charles.
      Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Brenda Pullan ( I'Anson)

      Hi My Great Grandfather John I’Anson was born in Kirkby Malzeard in 1840,his father William was in service at a big house nearby the owner was the Crompton lightbulb owners, and William met his wife working there , then he worked as a cornmiller in Kirkby Malzeard where his children were born 1840s. could anyone actually tell me exactly where the cornmill is or was . Thanks

    1. I have recently started researching the history of the Harland family. I know of a couple of ancestors being from Patrick Brompton and at the weekend, whilst visiting the church yard there, came across a gravestone of Robert Harland from Grewelthorpe. Unfortunately wear on the stone surface had removed the date but from his wife Agnes’s age (1789-1847) I estimate his dates to be in the region of (1789-1822). Does anyone know of any Harland’s of Grewelthorpe?

    1. Eunice Wilson

      I am looking for the descendants of George THIRKILL and his siblings. Their name is on the big bell in St Andrews Church, Kirkby Malzeard. I am also looking for the Kirkby Malzeard branch of the family which moved to Middlesborough. Also interested in the Thirkills from Hull.
      Please contact me on or thro this web site.

    1. Harry Stevens

      I believe my great grandmother was Margaret Ascough daughter of John Rodwell and Jane Slee. Margaret married Robert Richardson a master blacksmith. I am seeking any information on the Richardson family or more on the Slee family
      Your site is absolutely awesome
      Many thanks

      To contact Harry please see the Ascough page.
    1. Phillip Hall

      My Great Grandfather was Benjamin LOFTHOUSE ELLIS son of William J Ellis (b.Leeds 1837) and Isabella LOFTHOUSE (b.1840 Horsehouse Coverdale).I am trying to establish who was William J Ellis’ father was, as I only have the information that he was living with his Grandfather John, in East Witton. Any help would be gratefully received.
      To contact Phillip. E mail

    1. Denise

      I am seeking information about my 5 times Great Grandfather Thomas Spence, alias Tom Crudd, nicknamed Old Boots as he worked as a boot boy in the Unicorn Hotel, Ripon. He was married twice and I think his son was a shoemaker. Any help appreciated. Contact thro’ the Spence family page in the genealogy section.

    1. Marian Robson

      I am trying to trace descendants of Frederick Gale born 1892ish son of Robert and Sarah (nee Robson) of Grewelthorpe I believe he married Sarah Bryson 1918 in Tynemouth but later moved to Gainford, Darlington. Also any information on Lousia Gale b 1900 granddaughter of Robert and Sarah.

      To contact Marian

      ROSE HAYS would like to contact Peter Cockrill about the Spence family in Grewelthorpe. If you read this Peter please contact the web site.

    1. J.tennyson

      my mother betty wright was in service and in 1938 lived at primrose cottage you know who lived at that address

    1. S. Stothers

      My ancestor Ann Imeson b. 1814 d. of Jonathan Imeson and Mary Siddallmarried William Gaines b. 1810 religion Methodist. Their first three children were born in England – Jane, Ann and Hannah. My files are complete on the Imeson line but I have no record of a Gaines family.

      I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information about William Gaines. Thank you

      Shirley Stothers (London Ontario Canada

    1. Mark Andrew

      I have found a Maggie THWAITS June 2 1883 Grewelthorpe who married Robert Henry PREST of Kirkby Malzeard She died 1952

    1. Ken Imeson

      My family starts with Jonathan Imeson born abt 1787 at Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England who married Mary Siddall born abt 1786. Their son, Joseph Imeson, born 1825 died in 1911 in Mersea Twsp in Eseex Co, Ontario Canada. He was one of 13 children. Not all came to Canada. Is there still relatives in Grewelthorpe, England area?

    1. Alf Barlow

      I am trying to trace my great Great Grandfathers history, his name was John William Frankland born 1858 in Grewelethorpe his parents were Richard Frankland and Eleanor Wood. I think that John left home when his father remaried Maria Jackson, he came to Manchester about 1877 where he opened a Butchers Shop. there are still a few of his desendants ,with the name Frankland, living in Salford. Hope this helps to up date your Grewelthorpe history.

    1. Jackie Beck

      I’ve been researching my family tree and found that my great great great grandfather came from grewelthorpe a Francis Beck in the 1841 census he is aged 50 and his wife Mary 45 ( maiden name ? )have 5 children Dorothy ( who I have seen on the grewelthorpe working women aged 33 and 53 unmarried) also Robert my (great great grandfather ) who on the 1851 census is living in Knaresborough aged 30 unmarried and then in 1861 he is married to Jane and living at Bogs lane farm,
      Mary born in 1828 ?
      Ann in 1851 is still in grewelthorpe unmarried aged 19 and a house servant after that ?
      Edward the youngest born in 1835?
      We visited grewelthorpe at the weekend and went round the church graveyard but could not find a headstone with Francis Beck on.
      We also noticed a Methodist church but no grave yard ?
      I noticed on your web site that you have birth and burial records do I have to make a appointment to see these ?
      I would very much appreciate any help or information any one has.
      J Beck (Skipton N yorks )