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Close family

Details of the Close family that lived in the Grewelthorpe area.

ALFRED GELDART CLOSE. Born C 1865 Galphay. Died 1925. Son of James [Carpenter] & Elizabeth Geldart.
ANNIE CLOSE. Born C 1854 Kirkby Malzeard.
ANTHONY CLOSE. born C 1765. Father of Anthony the grocer, born 1806.
ANTHONY CLOSE. Born C 1806. Son of Anthony. Married to Hannah. Grocer.
ANTHONY CLOSE. Born C 1831. Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Anthony the grocer & Hannah.
ANTHONY CLOSE. Born C 1866 Winklsey. Died 24 Nov. 1936. Son of James [Carpenter] & Elizabeth.
CHARLES HERBERT CLOSE. Born C 1898 Bielby. Son of George & Sarah Ann. Horseman on Carr House Farm, Doncaster. Served in WW1. KOYLI.
EDITH A.CLOSE. Born C 1883. Azerley. Dau of William & Mary the grocer.
ELIZA CLOSE. Born 1823 Masham. Dau of George & Esther. School mistress in 1851. in Staffs.
ELIZABETH M. CLOSE. Born C1832 Masham. Dau of George & Esther. Sister to Eliza [school mistress]
ELIZABETH MARY CLOSE. Born C 1884 Great Boughton. Dau of George & Sarah Ann.
FLORENCE ANNIE CLOSE. Born C 1878 Knayton. Dau of George & Sarah Ann.
FRANCES CLOSE. Born 1830 Masham. Dau of George & Esther.
FRED CLOSE. Born 24 July 1872 Winksley. Son of James & Elizabeth Geldart. Married to Caroline Carter. in 1909 in Knaresborough.
GEORGE CLOSE. Born C 1821. Schoolmaster in Kirkby Malzeard in 1841.
GEORGE CLOSE. Born 5 April C1855 Kirkby Malzeard. Married in C1878 to Sarah Ann of Thornton le Moor. Living Pocklington 1891. Living Blaxton 1911. In 1919 at High Ellers Farm. Doncaster. In 1939 retired to Rose Cottage High Ellers Farm, Doncaster.
GEORGE CLOSE. Born 1884 Killinghall. Son of James & Mary.
GEORGE THOMAS CLOSE. Born C. 1881 Holme on Spalding. Son of George & Sarah Ann.
GERTRUDE EMILY CLOSE. Born C. 1886 Aughton. Dau of George & Sarah Ann.
HENRIETTA JANE CLOSE. Born C 1897. Dau of George & Sarah Ann. A school mistress.
HERBERT CLOSE. Born C 1881 Winksley. Son of James & Elizabeth.
HERBERT CLOSE. Born C 1880 Winksley. Son of James & Jane.
JAMES CLOSE. Born C 1836 Azerley. Died 1922. A carpenter living in Winksley in 1871. Married to Elizabeth Geldart. of Grewelthorpe. Living Grovedale Farm Grewelthorpe in 1891. A Farmer.
JAMES CLOSE. Born C1831 Grewelthorpe. Married to Mary of Bishop Thornton. Widowed Living South Stainley in 1891.
JAMES CLOSE. Born C 1836 Galphay. Married to Jane of Grewelthorpe. Living Brearton in 1901.
JAMES CLOSE. Born C 1860 Winksley. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth.
JAMES CLOSE. Born C 1876 Burnt Yates. Son of James & Mary.
JANE CLOSE. Born C 1846 Laverton. Servant in Masham in 1871.
JANE CLOSE. Born C 1858 Winksley. Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth.
JOHN CLOSE. Born C 1826 Masham. Married to Caroline Fosbrooke. of Nottingham. Schoolmaster in Staffordshire.
JOHN THOMAS CLOSE. Born C 1863 winksley. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth.
JOHN WILLIAM CLOSE. Born C1871 Felliscliffe. Son of James & Mary. A Groom in 1891.
JOHN MYERS CLOSE. Born C 1878 Kirkby Malzeard. Only Son of Moses & Mary Ann.
MARGARET HANNAH CLOSE. Born C 1869 Winksley. Died 1943. Huddersfield. Dau of James [Carpenter] & Elizabeth. Married William Michael Walker. of Grewelthorpe. They had son William Henry Walker.
MARY JANE CLOSE. Born C 1865 Leeds. Dau of James & Mary.
MATILDA CLOSE. Born 1822 Masham. Dau of George & Esther.
MOSES CLOSE. Born C 1840 Kirkby Malzeard. Son of Anthony & Hannah. Married to Mary Ann of Pateley Bridge in 1877.
REBECCA ELEANOR CLOSE. Born C. 1889 Aughton.
ROBERT ARTHUR CLOSE. Born C 1879 Burnt Yates. Son of James & Mary
ROBERT W.M.CLOSE. Son of Rev. A.W.M.Close of Hutton Magna. 1917 Lieut. Close married Katherine Maud Strother. of Killinghall.

Wedding of Robert & Katherine 1917.

SAMUEL CLOSE. Born C 1836 Kirkby Malzeard. Died 1962. Son of William & Mary the grocer. born 1855. Living Galphay in 1911.
In 1895 Mary Close, grocer of Galphay was fined 6d + costs of 7/6d for allowing her horse to stray unattended in Galphay village. Ref. Pateley Bridge Newspaper 1895.
SARAH ISABELLA CLOSE. Born 1861 Leeds. Dau of James & Mary.
SARAH ANN CLOSE. Born C1868 Felliscliffe. Dau of James & Mary.
THOMAS CLOSE. Born C 1813 Azerley. Married to Elizabeth of Smelthouse. Living Winksley in 1871.
THOMAS JAMES CLOSE. Born C 1871. Winksley. Died 1942. Son of James & Elizabeth. Married Annetta Beatrice Boynton Lee.
WILLIAM CLOSE. Born C 1863 Galphay. Died 1941. Son of James [Carpenter] & Elizabeth.
WILLIAM ARTHUR CLOSE. Born C 1861 Tanfield. A widower Living Bramley Grange Grewelthorpe in 1911.
WILLIAM ERNEST CLOSE. Born 1892 Hagg Bridge Pocklington. Son of George & Sarah Ann. Married Janet. In 1939 he was a tractor driver on High Ellers Farm Doncaster. Living Red Cottage.

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