Grewelthorpe Gala Day. 2007

Grewelthorpe was blessed with a fine day for its Gala on 15th July. Thanks to the organising committee and all those who helped make it a fun packed day.

The John Thorpe Cup for a puppet made by under 16’s was won by Jose Simpson.

The fancy dress competition had the theme “A character from a book”
Under 6’s. 1st – Lion, Witch &, Wardrobe. Johnny Smart &, Ellie Brown.
2nd. –, Noddy. – Hugh Todd.
3rd. Red Riding Hood &, Big bad Wolf. – Malachai &, Oona Wicks.
1st. Minnie Mouse – B Rizos. 2nd. Captain Jack Sparrow – Max Withermoon.
3rd Dorothy – Josie Simpson.

The Geoff Grimsditch Trophy. A photograph “Why I love my village”
1st Peter Beresford. 2nd Ellie Brown. 3rd Liz Witton.

Pet Show.
1st Guinea Pigs “Patch &, Squeak” owned by Sophie Rizos.
2nd. Racing Pigeons “Basil &, Manuel” owned by Josh Beresford.
3rd. Chincilla “Dusty” owned by Jenny Rose.

Shopping Trolley. Guess the value. £58.75 won by Kate Lancaster.

Weight of the Tup. 85kg. Won by Nicky Todd.

Name the Teddy. Rupert. Won by Peter Fettes.

Treasure Hunt. Won by Jodie Frankland.

Box of Goodies. Won by Patrick Moon.

Guess the number of sweets in the jar. Won by Jack Hubbard.

Pats Cow Pat. Prize meal for 2 at Crown Inn. Won by Ian Lonie.

Tug of War. Between “Born &, Bred” &, “Offcumdens”. Offcumdens winners.

Egg Throwing. Won by Jack Pullen &, John Birch.

Children’s Race results.
Toddlers Race. 1st Cameron Hill. 2nd Jasmin Ambler. 3rd Ellie Wain.
Sack Race.
Girls 5-7yrs. 1st Rose Baldwin. 2nd Sophie Rizos. 3rd Eve Ianson.
Boys 5-7yrs. 1st Cameron Hill. 2nd Angus Ianson.
Girls 8-11yrs. 1st Abbie Manning. 2nd Becky Rizos. 3rd Megan Rodgers.
Boys 8-11yrs. 1st Jerrod Baldwin. 2nd John Gaunt. 3rd Paul Conner.
Girls 12-16yrs. 1st Charlotte Broadley. &, Hannah Hickingbotham.
Boys 12-16yrs. 1st Josh Beresford. 2nd Marrius Stackhouse. 3rd Harry Pullen.

Egg &, Spoon Race.
Girls 5-7yrs. 1st Sophie Rizos. 2nd Rose Baldwin. 3rd Stella Simpson.
Boys 5-7yrs. 1st Cameron Hill. &, Malachai Wicks.
Girls 8-11yrs. 1st Katie Libera. 2nd Jessica Skriven. 3rd.Abbie Manning.
Boys 8-11yrs. 1st John Gaunt. 2nd Jerrod Baldwin. 3rd Jack Hubbard.
Girls 12-16yrs. 1st Abbie Nesom. 2nd Hannah Hickingbotham 3rd Charlotte Broadley.
Boys 12-16yrs. 1st Anthony Nesom. 2nd Steven Lee. 3rd John Wall.

Girls 5-7yrs. 1st Rose Baldwin. 2nd Jenny Rose. 3rd. Sophie Rizos &, Stella Simpson.
Boys 5-7yrs. 1st Cameron Hill.
Girls 8-11yrs. 1st Abbie Manning. 2nd Lauren Welbourne. 3rd Lauren Lofthouse.
Boys 8-11yrs. 1st Jack Hubbard. 2nd Jarrod Baldwin. 3rd John Gaunt.
Girls 12-16yrs. 1st Hannah Hickingbotham. 2nd Charlotte Broadley. 3rd Abbie Nesom.
Boys 12-16yrs. 1st Josh Beresford. 2nd Lewis Wall. 3rd. Marius Stackhouse.
Mens. 1st Peter Beresford. 2nd Heath. 3rd Richard Connor.
Grewelthorpe Gala day report continued.

3 Legged Race.

Girls 5-7yrs. 1st Sophie Rizos &, Rose Baldwin. 2nd Jenny Rose &, Stella Simpson.
Girls 8-11yrs. 1st Alicia Beresford &, Freya Rose. 2nd Abbie Manning &, Alex Walker. 3rd, Amy Welbourne &, Georgina Snowden.

Mixed Open. 1st Abbie Nesom &, Abbie Manning. 2nd Charlotte Broadley &, Hannah Hickingbotham. 3rd Jarrod Baldwin &, Jack Rose.

Slow Bike Race.
1st Josh Beresford. 2nd James Dixon. 3rd Alex Nesom.

Football Tournament. Won by Anthony Nesom’s team.

The day finished off with a Barbecue on the village green. Entertained by music from Harry Pullen and
Friends. Glorious sunshine and good company.
Photographs of all the events can be found on this site.