Houses in 1939 Register

Houses to be found in Grewelthorpe Parish according to the 1939 register.

This register was made on the eve of World War 2. It was used to issue documents such as ration books and identity papers.

ASHLEA. Mary Jane Lofthouse born 1874.

AVENUE FARM. Robert Dunkley born 1901 and his wife Sarah.

BLACKHILL HOUSE. Benjamin Richmond born 1881 and wife Florrie.

BRAMLEY COTTAGE. Annie Richmond born 1877 and Jane Richmond.

DOVE COTTAGE. Major Walmsley born 1864 and Ellen Mellish.

ELLERSHAW. William Watson born 1892 and Effie.

FIR TREE HOUSE. Fred Batty born 1877 and Eugenie.

HACKFALL INN COTTAGE. George W. Richardson born 1915 and Blanche K.

HACKFALL MOUNT. Henry H Frankland born 1880 and Harry R. Frankland and 1 other.

HAZEL HOUSE. John E Thorpe born 1880 and E. Thorpe.

HIGH BRAMLEY. John T Hammond born 1893. and Margaret Hammond.

HILLCREST. John E Graham born 1872 and Reginald Simms.

HILLTOP FARM. Alice Ward nee Batty. born 1905.

HOOK [NOOK?] HOUSE FARM. Harold Dunkley born 1908 and Edith M. Dunkley.

LOW BRAMLEY GRANGE. Arthur e. Hutchinson born 1888 and Sarah A. Hutchinson & 1 other.

LOW BRAMLEY GRANGE. Fred Batty born 1899 and Elizabeth H. Batty. and 1 other.

PROSPECT HOUSE. Alec Chamberlain born 1908 and Palma V.A. Chamberlain & 3 others.

ROSE COTTAGE. Edgar Chapman born 1888. and Teresa Chapman.

ROSE COTTAGE. Elizabeth Coldbeck. born 1875 and Violetta A. Jackson.

SUNNYSIDE. John H. Waite born 1866. and Eleanor Waite and 2 others.

THE GREEN. George Thirkill. born 1877 and Edith Thirkill.

THE GREEN. George H Lofthouse born 1893 and Jane H. Lofthouse. and 3 others.

THE GREEN. Ada Tomlin born 1877 and Joseph E Simpson.

THE GREEN. John F Reid born 1887 and Elsie M Reid.

THE NOOK John H Kitching. born 1914. and Minnie Kitching and 1 other.

WESTFIELD COTTAGE. Edmund Calvert born 1899 and Agnes Calvert. & 4 others.

WESTFIELD HOUSE. Alf Symes born 1896. and Annie Symes and 5 other people.

WESTFIELD HOUSE. Norman Nowill born 1914 and Cecilia Ida Nowill.

WESTFIELD HOUSE. Isaac W Morley born 1898 and Sybil Morley nee Copsey & 4 others.

N.B. Not all houses in Grewelthorpe are named.

Created February 2016.